Chapter 166 – 167

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Chapter 166 – The End of the Invasion of Suzu’s City Hall


『Reign finished』

My smartphone displays that short and simple line. Finally, on the 44th day since the beginning of the attack, Suzu’s City Hall has fallen into my hands.

The number of lost bloodkin totals to 21, the losses of regular subordinates numbers more than 8,000, and lastly, I’ve lost a precious combat asset as mainstay of Rina’s team ― Guy.

On the other hand, the gains are 28.26 km² land, 15,056 human residents, and six humans who’ve become my bloodkin, starting with Kotetsu. According to Kotetsu, only 80,000 humans with no will to combat are left in the prefecture’s north. My goal, the unification of the prefecture’s north, is close at hand.

On the next day, I moved the humans who had been sheltered in the 87th sector to the human land adjoining my Domain, executed 《Reign》 with my recovered CP, and took them in as residents.



“Now then, I wonder what to do about this…?”

I’m racking my brain inside my own room. It’s clear what has the highest priority. ――It’s the 《Reign》 of Suzu City. Suzu has a size of 247.2 km². 84.8 km² have already been turned into my Domain through 《Reign》. There’s 162.4 km² left. In short, I need another six runs of 《Reign》 at the very least.

I need my full CP to enact 《Reign》, and since my CP won’t recover during the three hours of 《Reign》, the recovery time per 《Reign》 will be 13 hours at the minimum. If I take the shortest route, I can unify the prefecture’s north within 78 hours. However, in that case I won’t be able to use any CP on anything else for a full three days.

Currently I’m in dire need of CP. The cause is the number of residents which has skyrocketed to more than 23,000 people. Given the procured goods during the 《Reigns》, any food issues…are covered for more than three months, even including the provisions for my subordinates. Turning it around, I’ve only got food for three months.

Simple food such as rice, meat, and bread can be covered by Item Creation, but if it comes to providing for more than 50,000 people, including my subordinates, my CP will run dry right away from just doing that. Going by what Kotetsu has told me, it looks like plenty of emergency rations have been stored in Suzu, but if the number of residents grows by another 80,000, it’s plain as day that even this plentiful amount of food…will run out.

In addition, I also need to provide housing for 25,000 people. What a pain…

For an instant, the idea to turn the 80,000 humans into experience points…has crossed my mind, but as far as I’ve heard from Kotetsu, the humans inside Suzu are mostly inexperienced at combat ― level 1 humans. They boast of big numbers, but I doubt I can expect much of them in regards to experience points.

Above all, numbers are power. In a world that might shift towards a rivalry between local warlords from now on, I have to bolster my domestic affairs if I consider the upcoming battles against enemy Demon Kings and humans. It looks like it’s indispensable to pull off an evolution into a 『Country』.

“The solution is self-sufficiency. And ― the independence of the residents, I suppose.”

The CP needed to protect the residents, the CP spent on 《Reign》, and the CP used to strengthen my combat forces…my CP has increased unbelievably when compared to my early days as Demon King, but the management of my CP is as tough as ever.



After worrying about it for a while, I finally decided to get the opinions of my subordinates. The subordinates I called over to get counsel are Kanon, Yataro, and Kotetsu.

The created subordinates are basically yes-men. I doubt I’ll be able to get any useful advice out of them. I also called Rina a long standing comrade and someone with an ordinary common sense, but she implicitly recommended Kotetsu to me by saying, “You have personnel with more expertise in that field than me.” As far as I could judge from Takaharu, Sarah, and Saburou’s past Domains, they aren’t suited for domestic affairs. I also thought about possibly asking for Hibiki’s advice as he’s an excellent subordinate, if you exclude his peculiar fetishes, but…since he gave me some cryptic reply along the line of “Master…understood! Your lowly servant Hibiki shall bet his life on this…! I swear to become a good chair for you during the meeting――”, I decided to discard that notion on the spot.

“Thus I’d like to hear your opinions about the future administration of the Domain.”

I check the faces of the three in front of me in sequence.

“I’ve participated after having been told by Rina to do so, but…even if you ask me about the administration of your Domain, I don’t really know what you mean.” First Kotetsu shows his disapproval over being invited.

“What I want to know from you, Kotetsu, are the basics of livelihood for the residents ― the humans.”

“Basics of livelihood, you ask?”

“Correct. Right now we’ve got 23,148 residents. And as for the 15,056 humans that became residents yesterday, they’re living in a sector prepared as a stopgap measure.”

“I see.”

“Allowing them to lead a lazy life in the Domain won’t be good for their mental health. And above all, I personally don’t desire any residents lacking productivity.” I explain to Kotetsu while carefully choosing my words.

“So, what do you ― Shion-sama, want to actually tell me?”

“I’d like you three to give me your opinion based on what you’re going to hear from me next.”



Kotetsu and Kanon nod their heads.

“So you’re going to build a country at long last, huh?” Yataro stabs at the core of the matter I had hidden deep in my heart while smiling.

“Let me first tell you: I can also forcibly tie down the residents through orders. However, even if I treat them like slaves in such a way, my country will never grow.”

For the first time I consciously voice out the word country.

“First we have to guarantee a basic livelihood for the residents. Next, we’re going to pursue productivity. Any objections to this idea?”

“Hoh…it’s certainly as Rina said, even if you’re all called Demon Kings, there are wide differences between each of you. I have no objections.”

“Me neither.”

“That Shion-san…the Shion-san who didn’t even prepare food for his subordinates when we met for the first time has…uuhh…I’m deeply moved. Of course I’m fully on board with this.”

In response to my opinion, Kotetsu and Yataro flash cunning smiles, whereas Kanon giggles happily.


Chapter 167 – Towards the Unification of the Prefecture’s North ①


“First up is the land given to the residents as the foundation for their lives. What do you think? How much will be necessary?”

Currently I have freed up two floors in one of Hakui’s sectors ― an area of 28.26 km² x 2 = 56.52 km² ― as residential area for those who became my residents before the invasion of Suzu. I have assigned three floors, an area of 84.78 km², as living space for the humans that became my residents during the invasion of Suzu.

“Is it alright for me to ask something?” Kanon raises a hand, asking for permission to speak.

“What’s up?”

“It’s about the land you intend to use as residential area for the residents…is it okay to consider it to be for the 23,000 people who are your residents right now? Or, would it be better to think of it as land that’s going to include the 80,000 people planned to become your residents, who are currently taking refuge in Suzu City? Moreover…are you planning to keep increasing the number of residents in the future?”

Considering it’s Kanon, it’s a rather smart question.

“You may think of it as land for 120,000 people, in other words the 103,000 including those sheltered in Suzu City, plus some extras. After we turn the humans in Suzu into residents, there won’t be any other drastic increase of residents for a while, I think.”

“Hmm? Why?” Kotetsu reacts towards my reply.

“Why, you ask…? You mean the basis to set the number at 120,000?”

“No! I mean afterwards! Why won’t the number of residents increase for a while? Are you going to abstain from invasions…? Or ― do you plan to go with a militaristic approach of slaughtering all humans?”

“What would you do if I chose the latter?” I answer the question with a question while showing an evil-spirited smile.

“T-That’s…I-I’m…your…subordinate, Shion-sama… For the people that became your residents…for the monsters that became my comrades…and above all, for the sake of protecting my family…I guess I won’t have a choice but to bow my head…” Kotetsu squeezes out a reply.

“If possible, I’d like you to include my name in that list of targets you ought to protect…” With a wry smile, I continue, “Returning to the topic, the answer to your question is that either of the two is wrong. However, it’s a fact that it’s more likely for the latter option to become reality.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let me ask the other way around…Kotetsu, would you have surrendered to me if Rina hadn’t been with me?”

“T-That’s…” Kotetsu reveals an agonized expression in response to my question.

“And that’s your answer. This time you, as a linchpin of the hostile forces, were faced with your family member being my subordinate by coincidence. Kotetsu, you surrendered because of Rina, and because you surrendered, many other humans also surrendered. Moreover, as a result of many humans surrendering ― even more humans surrendered.”

“It’s really great that Rina-san became our comrade, isn’t it?” Kanon carefreely comments.

“This chain isn’t over yet. The humans taking refuge in Suzu City haven’t had any will to fight from the outset, and because the group around Kotetsu surrendered, the 《Reigns》 will likely proceed smoothly. It means, this time we were simply lucky. You think the humans living in Kanezawa, for example, would go along with my recommendation for surrender? Do you believe that the people of the Toyama prefecture will likely submit? You think…anyway, you get my point, I think.”

“I see. …I understood.” Kotetsu indicates his comprehension as I finish my explanation with a smile.

“So, back on topic, how much do you think will be necessary as land given to 120,000 residents?” Forcing the conversation back on track, I look at the sole former human present in this place, Kotetsu.

“120,000, huh…? If it’s just for living, around 20% of Suzu City’s area should do, I’d say.”

“Suzu City’s size is approximately 250 km², right? 20% would be around 50 km², hmm.” The former teacher Yataro draws the conclusion from Kotetsu’s answer.

“Just for living, eh…? How about if we also include uses other than that?”

“It depends on the use. Shion-sama, how much are you going to request from the humans ― residents?”

I guess I have to first decide on what I will have the residents do before deciding on the land to be allotted to them.

“Let’s see…”

I ponder about the tasks to be assigned to the residents.

“Apart from the indispensable farmwork to guarantee self-sufficiency…defense and invasions for those capable of fighting. Those possessing special manufacturing skills will work in production. Also, because depending on Alchemy for everything won’t work ― construction and industry. Did I miss anything?”

“You say industry, but that’s a wide field. How far do you want to go with that?” Yataro inquires.

“For example, being able to build a car if the materials are available?”

Various machines are present in human civilization. I can drive a car, and I somehow understand the basics of its mechanism. However, if I were told to build one…I’d immediately wave the white flag. This isn’t limited to cars either. Same can be said about electrical appliances. Refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners, PCs…I know how to use all of them, but I haven’t the slightest idea how to build them.

“It might be possible…if we have people possessing the necessary knowledge.”

“I think we can single those out later.”

Even when I have special abilities close to cheating such as 《Domain Creation》 and 《Item Creation》…building a country from scratch is a tall order.

“Leaving out the first and last floor of all, I’d suggest assigning one full sector as residential area, one as farm area, and one as industrial zone, while connecting all of them with 【Transfer Arrays】. How about that?”

“Those sectors will be the ones obtained through 《Reign》, right?”

Sectors stolen from humanity through 《Reign》, and sectors stolen from Demon Kings have different sizes.


“In…other words…currently the floors per sector number 18…so, 16 x 28.26 km² = 452.16 km². Since the farm and industrial areas are going to have the same sizes, it’s going to become a fairly extensive plot of land.” Kanon tells us the precise numbers, using the calculator app on her smartphone.

Being told the numbers, and considering it’s more than 100,000 people, I had already expected that it’d be a quite big chunk of land, but…

“If I use 《Reign》 on all of Suzu, the number of safe sectors will increase significantly. I guess, I’ll prepare the same amount of land for the monsters as well.”

Since it’d be a waste to leave land unused, I chose to splurge a bit on it.

“Is it okay for me to entrust the screening of the residents’ tasks to you two, Kotetsu, Yataro?”

“Uh huh.”

“You’re quite the slavedriver…very well.”

Kotetsu nods faithfully, and Yataro also agrees, albeit smiling bitterly.

“The next topic on the agenda is――” I inform the three of the next issue at hand.



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