Chapter 164 – 165

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Chapter 164 – Invasion of Suzu’s City Hall ㉑


Nine hours since the beginning of the attack on Suzu’s City Hall. The time is 3 a.m.

According to the information I looked up on the net…the sun will rise at 6:12 a.m. in Suzu today. Sunrise equals a weakening of a part of my subordinates, including me. Assuming I’m going to launch 《Reign》…now would be the only chance left.

I confirm the states of all battlefields on my smartphone as a final check. I’ve secured a path of retreat for the humans willing to submit. The suppression of the area around the city hall and the adjoining facilities within the wall is finished. The raid of the five-storied city hall has proceeded up to the third floor. The number of surviving humans is 10,000 people by my estimation.

It’ll be impossible to wipe them all out within three hours if not a single one is willing to surrender. Well, in the first place, there would be no need to bother with 《Reign》 if I was going to annihilate them without allowing any surrender.

If more than 70% of the survivors are willing to submit, it’ll set my victory in stone. If it’s less than 50%…the chance for success probably won’t go beyond 50%.

Now then, I wonder, how’s the dice going to roll?

I begin the preparations for 《Reign》.



―― Our 《Reign》 is going to start from now on. All hands, it’s the final spurt ― stay sharp!

I encourage my subordinates by informing them of the crunch time.


I close my eyes, hold out my right hand towards the ground, and chant.

The ground trembles, and at the tip of my right hand forms a black vortex with a diameter of around 30 cm, as if swallowing the space around it. The usual array of messages streams down across the display on my smartphone.

『You have started 《Reign》』

『《Reign》 has been announced to the hostile entities within its effective range』

『Please remove all hostile entities in range within 180 minutes』

『Alert! Hostile forces confirmed within the effective range. Please eliminate them at once.』

『Display map of effective range? 【YES】 【NO】

I tap 【YES】.


I frown after seeing the map showing the area in a radius of 5 km around me as it’s displayed on my phone. The precise numbers are unclear, but…at a glance, the ratio of humans, who have lost their fighting spirit, in other words, the number of yellow dots, is less than 20%. The number of red dots – humans – is roughly three times the number of blue dots – my subordinates.

At this rate, the chance for 《Reign》 to succeed will be exceedingly low. I take out my megaphone, and invite the humans to surrender.

“To the humans holing up in Suzu’s City Hall ― the outcome is already decided! If you want to waste your lives pointlessly…you’re free to fight to the bitter end! However, those wishing to survive and start a new life…are to lay down their weapons, and gather at the plaza in front of the municipal office! To my loyal subjects: I forbid you to harm the humans who show their will to surrender by disarming themselves!”

I deliberately let the humans hear the message to my subordinates.

Well then…how much is the situation going to change due to this?

I peek at the smartphone’s screen while embracing a mix of hope and anxiety.


The percentage of yellow dots has drastically increased. It’s just a cursory view, but their numbers now exceed the number of red dots – I’d say it’s around 60% of all the humans? Comparing the numbers of the blue and red dots…the red dots are still slightly predominating, but…it’s a number we can deal with easily.

――All forces! Ignore the humans who have thrown down their weapons! Invade! Invade all the way into the city hall!

Receiving my order, the bloodthirst of my subordinates spikes as they resume their attack. The humans who turned into yellow dots start to rush for the plaza, trying to get there as fast as possible.


This is…?

――Izayoi! Move in front of the first floor’s entrance!

I call back Izayoi, a valuable combat asset fighting at the forefront, to the front of the municipal office. After confirming that Izayoi moved over, I handed out my next order.

――Have the humans coming out of the building form an orderly line!

“To the humans escaping to the plaza through the front entrance: Go outside the municipal office one person after the other. The entrance area is a non-combat area. Form up a line, and don’t push! Don’t run! Don’t talk! …It’s manners even a child can observe. Please adhere to these rules.” I instruct the humans to queue up through my megaphone.

I make sure that the yellow dots keep moving to the plaza one at a time.

――Izayoi! The human that came out just now is an enemy! Advice him to surrender once. If they resist ―― kill them.

On my smartphone I can see how several red dots – enemies, are moving towards the front entrance, blending into the huge number of yellow dots. The reason why I called Izayoi over is to get rid of all hostile elements trying to slip among the submissive humans.

“The human over there, do you have a moment?”

“――!? 《Fire…”

The human called to halt by Izayoi tries to chant a spell as he turns around, but he perishes on the tip of Izayoi’s spear that penetrated his torso. Afterwards, Izayoi continued to silently get rid of the hostile entities that have joined at a rate of around one in every hundred submissive humans.



Currently my combat forces are split in two parts. The main force is advancing the invasion of the municipal office…the former Demon Kings, Setanta, the bloodkin belonging to Rina’s team but not Rina herself, and 3,000 subordinates. Another unit is mopping up the humans scattered in the vicinity of the municipal office…Chloe’s team and 1,000 subordinates.

All hostile humans must be eliminated three hours after the start of 《Reign》…at 6:05 a.m. If we miss even a single one, 《Reign》 will fail.

I hurl instructions at my subordinates as needed while checking with my smartphone, and during the times all is following its proper course, I continue to recommend surrender through the megaphone.

4:30 a.m. Time left: 1 hour and 35 minutes.

The main force has reached the fifth floor of the municipal office. The number of humans secluding in the office…is less than 2,000 by my estimation. The number of hostile humans scattered all over the office is around 100. Believing in the strength of my subordinates, I keep urging the humans to submit.


Chapter 165 – Invasion of Suzu’s City Hall ㉒


~ Leila’s PoV ~


5:05 a.m.

――One hour left! The remaining enemy forces number 1,500!

The beautiful voice of my Great Creator ― Shion-sama, echoes directly in my mind.

“Iron! Kureha! Red! Flora! We’re going to bring victory to Shion-sama!”



“Sure thing!”


Normally…it’s Rina’s duty to encourage us. However, Rina is on standby upon Shion-sama’s decree. We have lived together through dangerous situations for a long time. We know each other’s behavior down to a tee.

During melees like this one, Iron pulls the enemies…and Guy cuts through them as vanguard. However, Guy isn’t with us anymore… Disobeying Shion-sama’s order…he covered for Rina…and perished…

What a stupid guy…why did he hasten to his death…? Your contribution towards Shion-sama…has been far from enough to call it quits at this point, you know?

I overlap Guy’s figure with the beast king rampaging at the front line ― Takaharu. Well, although I say that I overlap them…Takaharu probably exceeds Guy in all abilities. It’s frustrating, but the former Demon Kings are stronger than us. Even with the bloodkin having the same duty of serving as tanks…the pervert called Hibiki is surpassing Iron. Same with the bloodkin handling magic…Sarah is much better than Flora. Lastly, even among the bloodkin using magic and weapons at the same time…Saburou is above me.

The abilities of the former Demon Kings are stronger than ours as beings created by Shion-sama. I don’t want to admit that, but ―― it’s reality. However, we cannot afford to give up! Our worship of Shion-sama is much stronger than theirs! We can be useful for Shion-sama!

We’re devoting our everything to Shion-sama!

――《Ice Bullet》!

I shoot an ice bullet at a human trying to swing down his sword at the beast king.

“Oh? Thanks, dhampir missy.”

The beast king casually thanks me without even knowing of my feelings.



~ Takaharu’s PoV ~

5:30 a.m.

――35 minutes left until 《Reign》 finishes! The remaining enemy forces are less than 500!

Da voice of Shion has traces of impatience as it reverberates in my head.

“Dude, it ain’t such a big deal. Once we kill da trash on da roof, we’ll be all done!”

All enemies inside da municipal office’ve been cleaned up. Da folks hidin’ in da rooms deeper inside da fifth floor were all lamers who couldn’t choose whether to fight or surrender. As soon as they saw us, they threw their weapons ‘way and opted to surrender.

“Last spurt! You lot, keep goin’!”


Da subordinates reply to my words with an energetic yell.

“Pupupu, Taka-chi…are you, like, puttin’ on airs as a leader, or something?”

“Hah? Did ya say somethin’?”

“Yeah! Let’s give it our all! That’s all I said.”

“You lyin’ bitch!”

“I ain’t no bitch! I’m a beautiful maiden!”

“Ahaha! I’m going ahead! See ya~!”

Using da chance of me quarrelin’ with dat shitty elf, Setanta heads up the stairs to da roof.

“AH! Fuckin’ brat! Wait you lil’ shit!”

I chase after Setanta who’s tryin’ to steal a march on me. Once I throw open da door to da roof, I’m bein’ awaited by humans holdin’ up their weapons with frantic looks.

“Bah, what a cramped place…”

Da roof got da size of a gym, but…with close to 500 humans holdin’ da fort there, two thirds of da space is occupied.

“Fiiiiiiirree! Fire! Fire! ――Fireeee!”

Once some old, fat guys madly with messed up hair screams, the humans all let loose arrows of their bows.

“Shitty brat, get back.”

“I’m not a shitty brat, okay? I’m Setanta, you know?”

Setanta withdraws behind me while cursin’.


“Sure! ――《Wind Shield》!”

The arrows shot at me are blocked by Sarah’s wind shield.

“What’s wrong? Dat’s all ya’ve got?”

“Shiiit! What are you doing!? Kill them! Slaughter all the evil monsters!” The fat geezer yells with bloodshot eyes when I smile during a break in da arrow shootin’.

“Bring it on! I’ll play with ya!”


Just when I’m about to charge at the enemy with my adrenaline pumpin’ at full power ―― I’m restrained by a voice from behind.

“Hah? What’s it?”

I glare at da one holdin’ me back ― Hibiki.

“Your look of contempt towards me is dreamy, but…Takaharu-san? Have you forgotten about master’s decree?”

“Huh? Shion’s order, ya say?”

“We are to first offer them a peaceful surrender.” Hibiki remonstrates me with a gentlemanly attitude.

“Kyahaha! Hibiki-chi…nothing but underpants and bunny ears on your head…how very gentlemanly! That’s way too hilarious!” Sarah’s vulgar laughter totally spoils da tense atmosphere.

However, acting as if he hadn’t heard Sarah’s laughter, Hibiki calls out to da humans in a gentlemanly manner, “Listen, all of you humans, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m the slave of our great lord ― Shion-sama…ahem…Shion-sama’s bloodkin, Hibiki Shion. Allow me to pass on the kind words of our lord to all of you.”

Hibiki somehow manages to keep talking even after forcibly changing his words in the middle of it.

“If you offer your surrender, we shall guarantee your lives and a safe livelihood. Many of your comrades have already chosen the path of surrender. Don’t you think that it’d be a wonderful option to walk through life together with them once again?” Hibiki addresses the humans with a friendly smile.

“Shut up! Shut uuuuuuppp! As if anyone would yield to you shitty monsters!”

“Yeah! Don’t take us lightly! I’ll have you allow me to take…revenge for my son!”

“…Kill. Kill…kill…kill…kill!!”

When da fat guy refuses Hibiki’s offer, two humans with eyes as bloodshot as his charge our way while holding their weapons overhead.

――Setanta! Kill the prefectural governor!
――Saburou! Kill the man on the left!
――Takaharu! You kill the man on the right!

“Okaaay! ――《Wind Chase》!

“Very well!”

“Sure thing.”

Setanta clads himself in wind and dashes towards da old guy with da messed up hair ― da prefectural governor. Saburou readies his rapier, and assaults da approaching man on da left. I also get ready for da guy on da right.

“Kill! Coexistence with monsters is impossible! The future of humans is――”

“Ahaa! Uncle, you’re annoying. ――《Crescent Moon Slash》!”

Da spear swung down by Setanta bisects da governor who prattles ’round while sendin’ his spit flyin’.

“Magnificence and elegance! A thunderclap turned into a gale! Burn mine secret technique…into your memory ――《Thousand Thrusts》!”

Receivin’ the thrusts unleashed by Saburou with such a speed dat afterimages remain, his target bites da dust.

“Come on!”

I punch da guts of da guy, who’s swung his sword down at me, with 《Demolishing Fist》, and then finish off da crumblin’ guy with a roundhouse kick of both my legs against his mug ―― 《Twin Dragon Kick》.

“Now then, are there any other people wishing to die ~pyon?”

――I told you that pyon is forbidden, didn’t I?

Hibiki addresses da humans once more with a kind smile while drenched in cold sweat.

――It’s over! Don’t be negligent on watching those guys until the time limit!

Da answer towards Hibiki’s question doesn’t come outta the mouth of da humans, but…is passed on by Shion.



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