Chapter 168 – 169

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Chapter 168 – Towards the Unification of the Prefecture’s North ②


“The next topic is ― ensuring our current stock of goods.”

Goods – so to say, food and materials used for construction and similar, can be produced with 《Item Creation》, and there’s also the goods we confiscated until now. But, the confiscated goods will run out sooner or later, and 《Item Creation》 isn’t free either.

“Kotetsu, are there any places around this area left where food might be stored?”

“Besides Okunoto, you mean?” 1

“I’d prefer a region with no humans.”

“In that case…” Kotetsu points at several locations on the map of Suzu City spread out in front of us.

“I see.”

――Takaharu, Sarah! Come to me!

After a short wait, the two show up.


“He~re! What’s the matter?” In contrast to Takaharu’s sullen mood, Sarah bursts with energy.

“Take several goblins capable of driving trucks, and fetch the food from the locations marked on this map.”

“Hah? We’ve still got plenty of food, no?”

“Taka-cchi, you an idiot…like obviously? We’ve got more humans now!”

“Huh? Who ya callin’ idiot?”

Takaharu and Sarah start their usual bantering.

“Anyway, I leave it to you.”

“Wait! If you’re going there anyway, can I ask you to pick up seed rice as well?”

Just getting involved with these two is already a waste of time. I try to throw the two noisy squabblers out of the room, but Kotetsu calls out to them.

“Seed rice…? Da hell’s dat?”

“Hah! I know it! Rice-plants, right?”

“Rice-plants? It okay to rip out all da ones growin’ in da paddies then?”

“Watch it, young man! Don’t say such rude things! Show some appreciation to the farmers who have been growing the rice you’re――”

“Whatever, I’m off.”


The two scurry away as soon as Yataro starts to lecture them.


――Hibiki! Chloe! Leyla! Come to me!

“Master, you called?”

“Chloe has answered your summons!”

“Please forgive me for being late.”

Chloe and Layla show up alongside Hibiki who’s wearing a collar he apparently picked up somewhere.

“You three, take Red, Noire, Rouge, and all the remaining goblins capable of driving trucks…and gather raw materials from all kinds of places such as factories, houses, and mines.”

“W-With this pervert?”

“We can accomplish your esteemed order with just the two of us!”

“Aww, those words and your scornful looks…not bad, really not bad.” Hibiki smiles cheerfully at Chloe and Leyla who are both obviously against working with him.

“If it’s just you two, you won’t be able to judge what’s needed, right? Are you going to disobey my order?”

“N-No…something so outrageous…”

“I shall certainly…carry out your order, Master.”

“Master…could you also scold――”

――Go and do as ordered!

I drove out all three at once before Hibiki could say anything that should be left unsaid.

“We should be able to supplement our current stock of goods with this, but…I suppose we have to prepare a proper foundation for living in regards to the future.”

I barrage the 【House】 button on my smartphone, each time alchemizing a new one for 5 CP.



In the end I’ve made 2,000 houses for the 15,056 humans who’ve become my new residents.


“What is it?”

Kanon calls out to me just as I finished my house creation.

“The houses you gave the residents cost 5 CP each, right?”


“What’s your current maximum CP?”


Currently I’m ruling over 213 sectors, resulting in my maximum CP having become 22,800.

“In that case… you recover 2280 CP per hour, don’t you?”

“That’s how it is.”

“Then, even if you create a few more houses…”

The 10,000 CP for the 2,000 houses is no small amount, but I’ve still got leeway in my CP.

“One house for 7~8 people is more than enough, no?”

“Well, I agree that one house per person would be too much, but…won’t the residents be happier if you increase the number of houses a bit more?”

“Very likely.”


“But…then the residents will be satisfied with it. What do you think is going to happen if I’m the one resolving everything with my powers as Demon King?”

“――! Ah, I got it!”

“My real wish is that they’d at least prepare the houses they want to live in by themselves. My residents can’t leave my Domain, so I will provide building materials and urgent housing.”

《Item Creation》 and 《Domain Creation》 is what you’d call a divine act. By just using my smartphone, I can alchemize housing, food, weapons, and all kinds of goods, and create mountains, rivers, forests, and other nature. It’s not some kind of miniature-garden-styled game, but as long as I take some time…I can probably create an ideal space inside my Domain. However, that bears no meaning ―― it’d make growing the number of residents and founding a nation obsolete.

That’s why I want the residents to get self-dependent.



Five days later.

The results of the groups around Takaharu, Sarah, and Hibiki, who have been busy procuring goods all over the place, are superb. They didn’t confiscate only food and building materials, but also many mysterious machines, which they found at abandoned factories. Though it’s not said yet that we’ll be able to reuse them.

Moreover, I’ve added another five new sectors through 《Reign》. The human land remaining in the prefecture’s north has dwindled down to just the center of Suzu where many humans, who lack the will to fight, have taken refuge.

The next day would be the one where I would finally accomplish my long long-standing desire of the prefecture’s north’s unification.


Chapter 169 – Unification of the Prefecture’s North


“Can you try your luck, Kotetsu?”

“Yeah. A persuasion by me…might avoid pointless blood-spilling.”

As a result of a counsel, it’s been decided that Kotetsu will recommend the surrender instead of me.

“You have one hour. If there’s any hostile humans left after an hour――”

“Yeah, I got it.” Kotetsu nods obediently.

“Well then, we’re going to start 《Reign》 from now on!”

The places where the humans of Suzu are taking refuge are guesthouses and inns, many of which have been built alongside the coast. Currently those facilities are surrounded by 4,000 of my subordinates.


I silently chant with closed eyes as I hold out my right hand towards the ground. The ground trembles, and a black vortex forms at the tip of my right hand, with a diameter of around 30 cm, as if swallowing the space around it. The usual array of messages streams down across the display on my smartphone.

『You have started 《Reign》』

『《Reign》 has been announced to the hostile entities within its effective range』

『Please remove all hostile entities in range within 180 minutes』

『Alert! Hostile forces confirmed within the effective range. Please eliminate them at once.』

『Display map of effective range? 【YES】 【NO】

I tap 【YES】. In response, the smartphone displays 50% of the whole being yellow dots ― those willing to surrender, 30% of the whole being white dots ― those who are Neutral, and the remaining 20% as red dots ― hostile elements.

“How is it?”

“20% ― roughly 16,000 people are labeled as hostile.”

“W-What did you say!?” Kotetsu openly reveals his surprise after hearing my reply.

“Well, they might not actually be hostile…it’s 20% who haven’t surrendered yet.”

Surrendering and not being hostile isn’t necessarily the same. Humans who watch the situation, uncertain what to choose, are regarded as hostile as well.

“This means…”

“That it depends on you whether a peaceful capitulation is possible. It’s your turn, go for it.” I smile as I put some pressure on Kotetsu while handing him the 【Megaphone】.

“All of you! Are you listening? I am ― Sayama Kotetsu!” Kotetsu’s voice roars across the vicinity through the megaphone. “Right now, for certain reasons…I have become Shion-sama’s ― Demon King Shion’s subordinate.”

I can hear the humans stirring from the inns and guesthouses lining up in front of me.

“Demon King Shion…isn’t what all of you think! It’s not just me who has surrendered to him either! Everyone who has come under Demon King Shion, including me, is sound and healthy! That’s why, please! All of you…please consider surrendering! I want to live together with all of you…! I-I don’t want to fight against you, who are from the same area…!” Kotetsu’s spirited yelling fills the area.

I check the outcome of Kotetsu’s recommendation with a sidelong glance on my smartphone. Hmm…around 2,000 people have been moved by Kotetsu’s speech, huh? It’s unfortunate, but it looks like Kotetsu’s spirit isn’t reaching the humans.

The humans sheltered in Suzu have lost their will to fight, right? In other words, the red dots aren’t hostile humans, but undecided bystanders. In that case I think I’ll suggest a slightly more effective method.

――Kotetsu, can you hear me? Tell the humans what I’m going to tell you next.

Kotetsu looks at me with a puzzled expression.

“…To all of you! Those willing to surrender, drop your weapons and come to me. I promise you that the surrenderers won’t be harmed in any way, in my honor and Demon King Shion’s name.” Kotetsu’s way of speaking is somewhat awkward, but he’s faithfully passed on my words.

Now then…how are they going to move?

“Shion-sama…there’s one thing I’d like to request.”

“What is it?”

Kotetsu calls out and approaches me, “Could I have you pull back all your subordinates?”

I carefully consider the meaning behind Kotetsu’s request, and reply, “Understood. But, I can’t move, so I’ll stay here.”

“Hmm? In that case, your safety…”

“Shion, Grandfather! I will stay behind as Shion’s guard!” Rina offers her help to Kotetsu who’s looking perplexed.

“Rina, if hostile humans should come…”

“I’m well aware.”

Rina braces herself and tightly grasps her beloved sword in response to my question.

“Okay then. I’m in your hands.”

――All subordinates besides Rina and Kotetsu are to withdraw to the Domain at once!

“――!? S-Shion-sama!? That’s too dangerous!”

“Master, that order is…”

“Master, can’t you at least allow this lowly servant to stay at your side as a humble meat shield?”

――No objections are allowed! Retreat!

I order my subordinates once again, putting a strong will behind it.

“Now then, my subordinates retreated, right?” I call out to Kotetsu after confirming the retreat.

“You have my gratitude.” Kotetsu bows, and holds up the 【Megaphone】 once more. “Everyone! You’ve seen it, right? The monsters surrounding you have withdrawn! This is my…no, Shion-sama’s display of good will! I don’t have any weapons on me either! Please, those willing to surrender, come in front of me!” Holding the megaphone in his right, Kotetsu widely spreads his left hand, probably to appeal being unarmed, as he addresses the humans.

Going by the results, Kotetsu’s plan succeeded in the end. Once I look at my smartphone’s map, I see many humans starting to move this way.

“T-Truly…a-are you r-really going to guarantee our safety…?” One person at the head of the group heading this way asks Kotetsu timidly.

“Of course. We will guarantee the safety of anyone who surrendered!” With a face full of confidence, Kotetsu reassuringly answers the anxious human.

“I’m sorry about receiving you in such a no-man’s land, but…please sit down here, and wait for another two and a half hours for the time being.” I say to the humans who are standing around, not knowing what to do.


“He’s Demon King Shion. Getting close to him is forbidden!” Kotetsu reprimands and hurls a stabbing glare at the trembling human pointing at me.

It’s working, it’s working…uh-oh.

“Rina!” I call over Rina, showing her my smartphone’s display.

“…Got it.”

Rina’s face stiffens up as she tightly clenches Dáinsleif, and then she walks towards four red dots – hostile humans – among the yellow dots shown on my smartphone.

“Rina, what’s wrong?” Kotetsu asks his granddaughter, having noticed her state.

“…They’re red.” Rina replied with a feebly, almost fading, voice.

“Which ones?”

Rina points her sword at four humans in response.

“You guys over there! Can you hear me!? Yeah, you!” Kotetsu’s enraged shouting thunders across the surroundings.


“Eh? Huh? Eh? I-I…”

Bathed by Kotetsu’s wrath, the humans in question tremble in fear.

“You bastards, what did you come here for!?”

“Um…mm, to surrender…”

“Is that really your intention!? Do you really wish to surrender to Demon King Shion from the bottom of your heart!? How about it!? Answer! Look into my eyes and say it!”

Kotetsu draws close to the four quivering humans.

Mmh? I check the dots displayed on the smartphone.

――Kotetsu, those guys have stopped being red. It’s fine now.

“…Understood.” Kotetsu returns to her former spot, still looking sour.

Three hours after the beginning of 《Reign》.

Kotetsu’s angry yelling filled the area many times over, but in the end the 《Reign》 succeeded without any bloodshed. The outcome is me having gained 87,984 residents ― and the completion of the prefecture’s north’s unification.



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Translation Notes:

  1. Okunoto is located at the northern tip of Ishikawa’s Noto Peninsula

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