A question to all of you!

Heyas folks,

So today I wanted to get going translating my third series choice World Teacher which is another series being stalled for eternity by chapter releases in the 2-3 months range. But look there, the translator over there posted a week ago he is almost done with the next chapter. Unfortunately his PC froze a day ago though, taking part of his translation with it. But well .. he should be releasing soon … I think? … I hope?

Thus I gave up on that idea and checked out the alternative: Hachi-nan. Another great series struck by disappearing translators and/or slowpokes. And guess what … the translator over there announced a day or 2 ago he was working on the next chapter but his PC got blue screened and took his draft of the chapter with it.

Well, yea … right … I know … PCs do happen to freeze regularly. Even while typing this text I had about 3 reboots going … NOT!

Anyways, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place as I didn’t know what to do. Screw them and translate whatever I feel like? Wait and see what happens next? Or just pick a different series?

And then I was enlightened … if you can’t decide  … JUST ASK YOUR READERS!

And so here we are. I offer thee four choices to pick from:

  • World Teacher: I would take it up from Chapter 16 as supposedly chapter 15 will be released soon. You can check the series here.
  • Hachi-nan: I would just translate away from Chapter 31 ignoring whatever the other Translator claims to have done or not. Have a lookie here.
  • Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai: That series is stalled currently as the translation team stopped all life signs. Furthermore the series itsself is finished at 101 chapters since May this year. Well check it out here.
  • Black Summoner: A series which has no translator at all yet. It seemed rather interesting and it was ranked highly on Sousetska so I just translated the Synopsis and Chapter 1 of the series so you can have a look. Check out Chapter 1 here.

After deciding, please cast your vote below. The poll will run for 1 day. Comments are welcome.

Oh another note I forgot to mention:
Even if Black Summoner is chosen as series, I will still release Chapter 2 towards Sunday/Monday as promised for the next release date. Treat Chapter 1 as one off Teaser to help on the series selection. ^^



  1. i will vote for black summoner, while i want to read Hachinan and World teacher they still have Translator it just they isnt clearly saying they dropped the project yet, but in the end everything up to you who doing actual Translation

    • Same vote and reasoning for me too.

    • I am fine with all 4 options otherwise I wouldn’t have put them up in the first place anyways. 🙂
      As reader though I find it a shame, that two great series are kind of sinking down in the mud of oblivion.
      That was the reason for proposing those two even while knowing they got translators. 🙂

      • “sinking to the mud” eh can be said true more over hachinan, as for world teacher with it’s “TL Drama” i think slow translation not really matter right now, as far as Translator not yet dropped it

        • Well, let’s leave it at that, I guess. I only read through the comments today when I was considering which series to go with, so I wouldn’t be able to comment on any drama anyways.

          On another note I forgot to mention:

          Even if Black Summoner is chosen as series, I will still release Chapter 2 towards Sunday/Monday as promised for the next release date. Treat Chapter 1 as one off Teaser to help on the series selection. ^^ (updated in post as well)

          Well I am off to translate Nidoume Chapter 7, thus happy voting and discussing. I will check in later again.

          • hahaha actually i beg for forgiveness for my little rant above, as for release everything up to you who TLed chapter i grateful enough to you for spend your precious time to TLed WN for us(reader)

    • hachi-nan translator has dropped the project. sad. please take the baton an run toward new glory.

  2. I still haven’t checked out the Black summoner, so I’ll cast my vote a bit later, but it’s most likely either Seiju no Kuni or that one, since the one translating Hachi-nan seems to still be working on it and I just finished reading a new chapter of World Teacher. So just like the comments before, it would be nice to increase the number of series translated, even if others are slow.
    In the end, it’s just nice to have ~something~ translated, for we are hungry beasts. Well, having the other 2 faster is nice too, so it’s a tough choice between more or faster stuff.

  3. Not sure if you’ve missed it, but World Teacher already has a secondary translator:
    Omega Harem Translations.(https://www.mangaupdates.com/releases.html?search=118007&stype=series)

    He has during the last 20 days released chapter 1 through 8.

    Personally I’d much prefer you stick with your two current ones and increase the tempo on those. But I’m funny like that. No matter what you choose, thanks for your awesome work! 🙂

    • Well. I pondered this as well before starting to translate, whether to power through one series or spread the love on several.
      You can find arguments for both approaches. But in the end the reader within me decided for the variety of having several series that I like being continued instead of focussing on only one.

      I didn’t see Omega picking up the series. That’s very good news as he/she is a very active translator. 😀

      On another note for those of you, who like to be kept up to date….. 50% of Nidoume Chapter 7 done … 8k Characters … that is one holy beast to slay xD … but well worth the time! 😀

      Release time will be Tuesday at 8 pm GMT (if the automatic release works as intended … I wanna test that feature. ^^)

  4. Does anyone know how to get an email when there is a new post. I know that other wordpress websites have a way to follow but i cant find one on here.

  5. Mate please i beg of your good will and guts to my humble and greedy wish. To be frank i dont know the series world teacher but know im hooked with the silly and complex blend of hachinan that is the same damn feeling of watchin Gáme of thrones and eating a bowl of ramen . Or play final fantásy xv demó ducasse in my ps4 drinkin a good old parr Scotch. Its funny series underrrated that nos is just dropped or in slow death translantion in any case its good to have you take note. So hope you take account of my sloppy comment , my deepest apologíes for the bastard grammar in the language of shakespeare and hemmingway im a bit Drunk . First post in a translantor blog in my life. 2 son in the work and tomorrow to work damn . Btw thanx . Happy father day anyway

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