Chapter 61 – 65

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Chapter 61: Truth, Mirror ※


Owes me? Wondering what he could mean I continue putting my clothes on.

I put the high-class clothes in my item box.

Then, I sit down on the soft-looking sofa and listen again.


“You owe me?”

“That’s right.”


I can’t think of a reason why…


“I don’t remember…please tell me.”

“Fumu. Before Shuya went to the dinner party, didn’t I mention Kuna and 【Thorny Tail】?”


“You, didn’t she try to trick and kill you?”


I was discovered? Seen through?



“In my work… I deal with various races, negotiate with nobles. Can’t I easily see through someone’s lies?”


It jii-san is crafty. It seems he figured it out…

The title of guild master isn’t for show.

Being able to see a person’s heart, their intentions, is it some type of judgment skill?

I should have been acting naturally, but perhaps that was seen through. Pupils will dilate, fingers may twitch… expressions can change, is it an ability acquired through experience.


Or, is it because of the circumstantial evidence?

I cover my body with fighting moji once more, then smile and look at the jii-san.


“…So, huh?”


I say shortly, trying to convey pressure from my behavior.


I prepare myself.

My sharp gaze is directed at Carban-jii.

Carban hastily shakes his head.


“No, wait, wait- don’t be the gun. Hear me out. Kuna and I had a connection. On the surface, Kuna was a beautiful person who contributed to the guild, but in reality… she was actually one of the leaders of the dark guild, 【Thorny Tail】.”


I’m aware of that, but I make a gesture as if I was unaware.

My expression loosens, and I mutter.


“【Thorny Tail】, huh…”


Carban-jii really looks the part of the guild master, lighting a cigarette with dignified composure. Puffing a cloud of white smoke, he continues talking.


“…That’s right. When setting up the magic formations leading to labyrinths, instead of bargaining a price she asked for collateral…they were small at first, but then the conditions became increasingly difficult. It was no longer money and magic stones, it turned into intervening and concessions for the dark guilds, requesting investigations… is beyond the power of the guild. Also, when I objected to the contents of the requests, I was threatened on top of the already unreasonable demands… we had quite a hard time.”


She was able to threaten the guild master?

Kuna was likely using underhanded measures.


That being the case…

Since I killed Kuna, is it okay if I reveal her being a demonic being?

From seeing the jii-san’s behavior, I can decide what to say…


“…A threat? However, considering it was you, how could that happen? And then, can the adventurer’s guild actually cooperate with someone from the dark guilds?”


I ask with a doubtful expression.


“I understand, but it happening my mistake. And then, I don’t usually mind if I cross the dark guilds. Connection dark guilds spy and thief guilds is a necessary evil. However, it became a desperate situation for a different reason… Originally, there was only one metastasis formation in 【Hector】.”

“One? There are three now?”

“Yeah. That’s right, you don’t seem to know, so I’ll tell you. Establishing a magic formation costs a vast sum of money. Ma, because the Marquess cooperated with building the magic formation, I was able to secure the funds, but some events occurred…”


Then Carban-jii takes a deep puff from his pipe with an angry glare in his eye, with a snort white smoke pours out of his nose. The way the smoke is coiling out makes it look like he is wearing it.


“…That was a cruel event. I tried to talk to Benji of the magic guild about adding another magic formation. However, I didn’t expect that all the members of the guild along with Benji would be killed by that man. Using the extraordinary magic that built this castle wall…”


Is this about Zoru Gustave?


A shadow appears on Carban-jii’s face.

His wrinkles seem to increase in number.


“With that, the only magician in 【Hector】 with the space time attribute became Kuna. I don’t know how, but Kuna had a skill that allowed her to move magic formations, the large number of magic stone was a bargain price. She pressed those large milky breasts on me and appealed.”


So that’s what happened. Part of him is an ero-jii.

So they came to an agreement.


“I see.”

“Fumu. Even if I called in an outside magician and resisted Kuna’s charm, the magician’s guild has its own hurdles. Because the person who killed several magicians from the magician’s guild came from a noble family, the incident became a large problem. So, there was no place to request one of the rare magicians with the space-time attribute to come to Hector. Besides, no magician wanted to come to a city where the members of the magic guild were slaughtered.”


That would be unreasonable.


“Requesting a magician to establish a magic formation wasn’t possible. If we produced magic stones like labyrinth city, the story might have been different… anyhow, Kuna was chosen, and I commissioned her. Naturally, I knew she was a leader of a dark guild, but it was also a matter of urgency for the Marquess. …So the events I described before unfolded. I regret this as well.”


I have a feeling that some parts were left out.

It’s possible that Kuna was the demonic being Zoru Gustave mentioned, making this her aim from the beginning. Kuna was the fixer in the shadows.

Kuna seemed to have betrayed Sabido, on the surface, no, in the shadows too, this is confusing. Anyway, it means the woman was full of connections.


“…Can I continue?”

“Ah, continue.”

“And then. The other day, during the war between the ants and dragons, the Marquess ended up at the guild. The labyrinth collapsed, and adventurers were angry over how many died, a disturbance was raised when the Marquess carried out the Evil Dragon King subjugation. During the chaos I got a report that Kuna died, the headquarters of the Present firm and 【Thorny Tail】 was attacked, and the monsters they caught were released into the streets, one surprising report came in after another.”


The Marquess mentioned it too. They would be even more surprised if they knew it was me and a member of another dark guild that crushed 【Thorny Tail】…


“While investigating quietly, Shuya’s name appeared. You formed a party with Kuna and went into the dungeon? And, surprisingly, the one who returned was Shuya. When I asked the receptionist-san in charge, I was told Kuna was killed by a monster, isn’t that what you said?”


That receptionist-san was afraid of me…

I was a bit suspicious.


“…That’s right. Receptionist-san was beastwoman.”


Carban takes a puff from his pipe, nodding while releasing a puff of smoke.

It’s strange, I can’t smell smoke from the pipe. The smell is slightly sweet, a scent like perfume.


“Judging by Kuna’ abilities that not realistic, further more, it’s impossible. When I inquired, I thought Shuya was a member of a dark guild, that an assassin had disguised himself as an adventurer. I figured it was an issue of conflict between the dark guilds, so I avoided probing too deep.”

“Wait a minute. Am I not a member of a dark guild?”


I naturally bring up. Hurriedly denying.

For a moment, Carban scrutinizes me.


“…I understand. Ma, I’ll tell you. The adventurer’s guild has a noninterference rule because of the trouble… however, you took on the urgent request like a real adventurer, handling it efficiently. When I heard this from my daughter, it turned out you were the reason the urgent request succeeded.”


That’s accurate.


“N~, I did what was needed. Eris worked hard as well. Her instructions were very clear.”

“Umu, umu. That’s right. Hearing the story from Eris, I was surprised. In the end, also participating in the Evil Dragon King subjugation. And, having the ability to even subdue the Evil Dragon King. If you were a member of a dark guild, you never would have participated. I thought it was strange. Like that, I decided to ask about the main reason the Marquess had for the dinner party.”


Since he knows that much about Kuna, I should be able to tell him the truth.


“Carban-jii. What you said is true. Incidentally, if I were to say I killed Kuna, would I have to suffer some form of punishment?”

“No, rather, I want to give you money. Marquess-sama might get angry. The price of setting up the magic formation is difficult.”


Carban-jii said lightly.

I see, then it’s fine.


“In that case, I can be honest. I did kill Kuna.”

“Like I thought, that cuts the gordian knot (TL: Means “solve or remove a problem directly or forcefully, rejecting gentler or more indirect methods.”). Then, I really am in your debt-”


The jii-san put on a happy face and repeats himself.


“Oto, the debt has already been discussed, since Carban-jii is the guild mast, he should know about it. Kuna was a ‘demonic being,’ not a human. Kuna had trapped me, so I was only able to return by killing her.”



Carban was starting to refill his pipe but suddenly leans forward in surprise.




Him standing up so suddenly surprised Rollo.

Rollo jumps on the chest.

What is it? Her red eyes turn into question marks.


Aside from that, the attitude of the old man.


“…is it that surprising?”

“Wait a minute…”


Pointing a finger between his eyebrows, the jii-san sits in his chair like he became dizzy.

Is everything all right…


“…Are you okay?”

“U, umu. It’s hard to believe. However…no, that smile and figure…all those lies, when I think about it… besides, her strange magic…”


How should I say it… this jii-san, he saw through me but couldn’t figure out Kuna.

Did he do something ero with Kuna?

Ma, she was good at hiding herself, those eyes, because she was boasting about the power of her magic eyes, he must have been tricked by them.


“…Ma, even if you can’t believe it, you should have though Kuna was killed by an assassin from another dark guild.”


In fact, an assassin named “Karii” already infiltrated, it seemed to have been a mission.


“Fumu… that’s right. However, when it comes to Kuna’s death, no, even without comparing, Shuya, when the thief guild spread information about you, do you think you caught the notice of the dark guild?”

“Ah, that’s right. Just after killing Kuna, a group from a dark guild came into contact immediately.”


Carban-jii nods.


“I see, that makes sense. Are you being careful? Ma, it’s none of my business… however, if that’s the case, a witness at 【Thorny Tail】 headquarters saw 【Shadow Wing】 outside… or, it could have been 【Blood Elves】, the biggest power in this city. Otherwise, 【Bell of Twilight】, 【Owl Fang】, 【Moon Ruin】…”


Carban mutters, lost in thought.

Judging by the guild master’s behavior, he doesn’t seem to be sharing information with the Marquess. Judging what Marquess Chardonnay said on the platform in Vaisu, I thought the humans were on the side of the nobles…


It seems there is an appealing difference from the guild.

Hector may be another story.

However, are the dark guilds an existence like the mafia in the country?

The police and administers of justice in Hector are probably the Blue Iron Knight corps…


“…Na, does the country do anything to suppress the dark guilds?”

“Bu, hahahaha, you suddenly said such a childish thing?”


Carban bursts into laughter.

His muscles shake as he laughs, his wrinkles crinkle, and he continues talking with a smile.


“Such a thing is impossible. You could say it is absolutely impossible. Big and small, there are hundreds of dark guilds, publicly they are excellent trading companies, connected with wealthy merchants. Aren’t the dark guild also serving the country? It is an aspect of the public order. The thief guild is also intertwined, so everything is closely connected. There are members of the dark guild playing the part of adventurers like Kuna…”


So that’s how it is.

They are part of the social infrastructure.

Ma, in this world there are gods, magic, spirits, magic wogan dolls, the border between worlds.

The dark society is certainly complicated, the underworld…it can’t be imagined…


“…Although I say that, it isn’t given up entirely? The country purges criminal groups like the 【Shadow Wing Brigade】, Fishian pirates too are always killed. However, things don’t go as expected. The adventurer’s guild also has power, it is used. Ma, the guild changes city to city, so this doesn’t cover everyone.”


It changes depending on the area.


“…It’s complicated. However, what about the Blue Iron Knight corps stationed in the city?”

“You seem to misunderstand, the Blue Iron escort corps and the Blue Iron third cavalry corps cooperate and protect peace and order, but only in the area which can be done. Magic Drug selling, magic drug production, smuggling of prohibited goods, Illegal slavery, robbery, kidnapping, murder, when spies are found during patrols they are executed on the spot. Like that, criminals are caught every day in the city, executions and slave merchants are located in the square.”


Soldier company? Which reminds me, there was an office-like place in each part of the city.

But, the extent of their influence…


“I see. I’ve learned a lot. Carban-jii. I will return to my inn. Rollo, let’s go.”

“Nn, Nya.”

“N, I see. Understood.”


Rollo jumps down from the chest again.

She climbs agilely into my black hood.


Like that, I leave the guild and return to inn nearby.

The cheap inn that looks like an apartment complex.


The room is the same as before, it’s small…


Because the mirror occupies the only space next to the bed, the room always feels like it has become smaller.


Rollo doesn’t seem to care about how small the room is, jumping on the bed.

She climbs from there to the mirror and turns her crimson eyes to the top of it.


Should I take this opportunity to look for a good inn?

I also want to put the mirror somewhere it won’t stand out the much. It’s unfortunate, or, I could leave Hector and go to a different city.


While considering such a thing, I relax and take off my jacket.

N~, before I sleep, I’ll check Status.


Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 22

Title: Transcended One

Race: Rusivault

Battle Occupation:Dark Magic Spearman:Chain User

Physical Strength 19.3→20.0 Agility 20.1→20.8 Stamina 18.3→19.1 Mana 23.3→24.3 Dexterity 18.2→19.2 Soul 23.8→24.6 Luck 11.0→11.2

Condition: Calm


Skill Status.


Acquired Skills:<Throwing>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>:<Hidden Body>:<Night Vision>:<Smell Secretion Technique>:<Bloody Chain Feast>:<Thrusting>:<Meditation>:<Magic Beast Riding>:<Life Magic>:<Guidance Moji>:<Fighting Moji>:<Magic Thought Guidance Hand>:<Fairy Moji>:<Summoning Magic>:<Ancient Magic>:<Crest Magic>:<Dark Drill>:<Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear>:<Language Magic>


Permanent Skills:<Power of True Ancestor>:<Natural Demon Ability>:<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Soul Sucking>:<Undead Ability>:<Darkness Adaptation>:<Blood Magic>:<Head of Household>:<Super Light Brain Buff Intuition>:<Fighting Moji Knowledge>:<Guidance Moji Knowledge>:<Spear Sparring>:<Thought Guidance Chain>:<Magic Crest Construction>


Extra Skills:<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>


My abilities improved considerably.

The series of battle with the dragons, and then finally killing the ancient dragon at the end.


I touch the title.

※Title:※Transcended One※


Contracting a Divine Beast and bilking an Ancient Dragon. Surpassing a person.

<Divine Beast Riding> is Possible.


All ability growth revised.


Divine Beast riding, there aren’t any changes in Rollo.

If Rollodinu regains her true power, I might be able to ride her.


If I ride Rollo’s present Black Panther form, I will only crush her.

Riding her is impossible.

Other than that, let’s go to the Dwarf brother’s tomorrow.

Aside from armor, I need to acquire a new spear, my skill with the sword is still low.


Ancient Dragon, equipment made from the Evil Dragon King, I should be able to make armor…






The next day, I get up around morning.


When I get up, Rollo also begins to uncurl herself. After a yawn, she stretches her back.


She looks comfortable.


The very cat-like behavior of stretching.

One by one, she shows cute gestures.

I am now healed by the cat, but it is still too early for the Dwarf brother’s shop to be open, so I have some spare time.


Should I start with a portal?

I stopped after the other day’s exploration.

Preparation complete, I look back at Rollo.


“Rollo, get on my shoulder, this time I’m going to do some reconnaissance. Can you be quiet?”



Rollo immediately jumps onto my shoulder.

And, from the item box, I pull out the twenty-four sided Zohedron Trap.

I trace the third sign and activate it again.


On the other side of the portal, the same room from the other day appears.

The room of the woman with worn out clothes.


The woman is sleeping.


Flowers are set up around the mirror for some reason…


Is this because I opened the gate so many times?

Actually, during the week before leaving on the Evil Dragon King subjugation, I opened the third and fourth gate to kill time, peeking through.


Since she’s asleep, is now my chance?

I will explore a little, then come back immediately.

-Yosh, time to go.


I enter the gate.

The room is quiet, only the sound of someone sleeping.


Immediately, I activate presence detection.

Then, <Hidden Body> and <Night Vision.>


-Good, no sign of her stirring.

Other than this woman’s magic essence, I can feel more outside the room.


When I try to leave the room slowly, the Zohedron Trap separates from the Parades mirror and flies over.

The many sides sphere orbits my head again.

I catch the globe, with the sphere in hand I can activate gate magic anytime, I open the sleeping woman’s door and slip out.


When I walk into the boarded hallway, there is a flight of stairs leading up.

There are corridors to the left and right, and there seem to be some small rooms similar to the room I came out of.

To the right is a dead end and to the left is a large door.


Every room has a magic essence reaction.


I creep up the stairs and come out in a place like a stage. In the middle of the stage is an altar where a clergyman or father would preach.


I advance toward the altar.

Is this a chapel, a small church? Seats lined up under the step to the left.

Quietly, I come down from the edge of the altar, walking in the middle on a carpet between the chairs.

It’s snug, but the tightness isn’t enough to make one fell claustrophobic.


I think there is no second floor.

Room earlier was underground, so that is likely how it is.


Two wooden doors are seen ahead of the carpet. That should lead outside.

A box for donations is on either side of the door.

…For now, I’ll go outside.

It is possible to go outside without being discovered.


So, I cancel <Hidden Body.> -There is no magic essence sign.

I would like to use Pheromone Touch, but I hold back.


I look around.

An earthen road leads left and right. Tall stalks of a corn-like plant grow in fields, blocking my view.




Rollo seems curious in the tall plants, but I move my arm o stop her.


“Rollo, for now, stay on my shoulder so I can withdraw immediately.”


Hearing my words, Rollo understands.

Should I follow the dirt road heading right for a while?


-Oh? In the distance there seem to be small houses.

It is early morning, the light becomes a sign.

This seems to be a small farming area.


My exploration switch is stimulated.

…Without walking into the fields, I turn left at an intersection and advance.

I can see small houses. I follow the path going uphill. Continuing to climb.


Light leaks out from a house uphill.


There is nothing like a signboard.

A poor farmer lives in a poor house.

The house is made of mud and straw in between a lattice of beams.


From inside the house, I can detect from magic essence signs.

Excuse me. Saying that I suddenly intrude.

It’s doubtful because I plan to immediately dive into the gate…


First of all, next time I explore past the third gate, I will need to have my spear with me as my primary weapon.




Because a gate is going to open, I walk around to the back of the house.

The house is enclosed by a wooden fence. I walk around to the back and activate the gate after confirming no one is around.


Stepping into the gate- without incident. I return to my small room in Hector.


I immediately activate the fourth gate.

It’s a little dim, the rocky stretch where the witch Sazihali appeared.

No one is there. The witch has probably gone somewhere.




After I stealthily look around again, I activate the gate again.


Immediately, I turn on the fifth gate.

Complete darkness. No, the color of the soil…


The mirror seems to be buried in dirt and sand.


I cancel it and trace the sixth symbol, activating it.

This one is the same.

In the end, I look up to the tenth, but they are all buried underground.


I start the eleventh, hoping it won’t be the same.

Oh, it worked.


The scene reflected in the gate looks like some kind of warehouse.

There is a lot of old looking and new looking furniture.

A crest of a snake and green rose is displayed in several places.

The only source of light is the illumination from the mirror.

The dust clinging to the old furniture is white.


There seems to be no sign of life here. I cancel and move on.


I activate the twelfth.


Oh, the view is suddenly breathtaking.

Moreover, the sky spreads out, and it is a place like an empty island.




A white marble-like stone is spread out, and in the distance, there is a line of pillars made from the same material. In the middle of the pillars is something life a coffin.

The marble reflects the moonlight, creating a unique fantasy feeling.


There is no wall, in the sky to the left the cotton-like clouds are floating.

It creates the impression of ruins floating amongst the clouds.

Machu Pichu? Rapyu○?

For a while, I remember a nostalgic music as I watch the drifting clouds.


No golem flying in the sky appears.

There’s nothing to do, so I move on.


On the other side of the thirteenth gate is a long corridor


The Paredes mirror is in the corner of the hallway.

A red carpet covers the floor and to the right is a big curtain covering a window.


The arched ceiling is made of gray stone.

It is difficult to see on the folded yellow-green curtain, but there seem to be lines marking out symbols.


This is absolutely a rich house.

A noble, wealthy merchant, I can’t be certain, but this hallway seems appropriate for either position.

Along the corridor, there is the handle to a large door.

There is no one here, but it feels like someone could walk by at any moment.

If I wait a while a maid will probably show up, I’m confident a cute girl will appear.


While having strange fantasies, I look around a little…

There’s nothing to see. I decided to check the next.


I activate the fourteenth.

On the other side of the gate is snow.


There is only a little bit of snow accumulated.

It seems to be a forest, there are blocks of black stone.

They seems to be a staircase.

It difficult to see because of the snow, but the outline of the black stones looks artificial.


It looks like this used to be a stone fort.


This place looks cold, it might be a fortress of the Northen countries.

I don’t see any footprints, there are no signs of monsters or people.


I cancel the portal.


Activating the fifteenth. A sheet a spray splashes on the other side of the mirror.

The mirror is near a cascading waterfall.

Around the slanting cliff, a dim sky is visible.


It’s a beautiful view.


A beautiful flower growing by the cliff sways in the wind.

N~, good, the moonlight is beautiful.

The view is fantastic. I want to see this all the time.


My favorite views is this and the one on the island.

However, I need to look at the next gate. I cancel the gate-


The sixteenth was a shallow sea. The wreckage of a ship spreads out.


This is on a ship?


The mirror seems to have been on a cargo ship which ran aground.

It feels like it is close to an island.

Dazzling sunlight plays across the sea floor like a jewel.


Tricorne, it feels like one of the Caribbean pirates wearing one of the hats will appear.

How far away is this place? To the south, perhaps to the east. It might be in the west.

I might be able to swim in the sea if I try. When I have spare time, I’ll go swimming.


It looks like there might be a sandy beach nearby.

If it’s possible, I’d like to share a romantic kiss with a girl on a sandy beach.

And then, and then, wearing a shell swimsuit… ahaha – haha-like, chasing while laughing…Gufu. (TL: The laughter was in English characters.)


Haa, I’m an idiot. Yui, Quiche, separating with them was painful, now my head has become funny. (TL: Shuya is love sick.) No, it might be because I got hit in the head by the Evil Dragon King’s tail.


Now then, time to end my pointless delusions.


I cancel the gate and trace the next symbol.


The gate starts up.


The seventeenth place looks like a warehouse.

It has a strong light source, different from the eleventh.


Hanging from the wall is a sword and shield with the intricate design of a dragon carved into them.

Metal boxes are organized neatly on the floor.

An iron mannequin is to the left and a mask, armor, and luxurious clothes are set.


And, something on the right stands out.


Internals organs like the heart are wriggling in black frames.

There are human sized hearts, but also larger ones. The things like capillaries around the heart have been overturned.

It’s strange, and sorta disgusting.


Still, there is an empty socket where it appears a heart is needed.


However, what is this space?

A private warehouse?

The source of light in the room is the ceiling, is someone there?


For the time being. I stare at the gate in front of me.

N~, there’s no sign of anyone coming. Times seems to stop.

I dismiss the gate.


The eighteenth is another warehouse.

However, like the eleventh, it is dark. Right in front, there is something like a black box, so it is probably a treasure storehouse. So, I dismiss it.


The nineteenth to twenty-third gates are dirt and sand.


I trace the twenty-fourth symbol, and it changes from red to green…

After all, the gate doesn’t activate.


Now then, now that I have quickly checked several gates, I know there are several I cannot use.

I still found several safe gates though, so it’s okay.


The priority is low so I will explore some of the gates when I have time.


However, there are a lot of mirrors buried underground.

What will happen if I enter that ground…will I be destroyed if the pressure is too much?

But in my case, since my body heals I might be able to survive…


Think about it, doing so would certainly be painful.

However, if I was unable to move… being buried for centuries would cause me to undergo mummification.

I will literally be mummified with no blood…


However, this mirror, I’d like to collect several of them.


In the future, if I can collect several on scattered mirrors, I can buy a house in each of the famous cities and place a Paredes mirror in each one. I can easily travel back and forth using the Paredes mirror. It is restricted by its size, but the cost of transportation disappears so I could make a large profit through trading.


Should I resign as an adventurer and become a wealthy merchant?

Establishing You New Life in a Different World: Method VI The final sale decision.


I remember the ○Sakae game I loved in my previous world.

After I say so, being an adventurer is carefree.

As for moving mirrors, it would be good to secure a place where I could keep one.

I was kind of joking, but I will find a location in this area.


Will I was doing all this, it became close to noon.

As for inspecting the other side of the gates, I will do that another time.


I’m also a little hungry. It’ll be noon soon, I should go to Zaga and Bon’s store after eating breakfast.



Chapter 62: Happy Purchase, Happy Shopping


In the alley full of restaurants there should be a good place to eat.


“Rollo, let’s go find some good food.”



Rollo only replies with a purr.

However, she quickly takes up her spot on my shoulder.


Rollo and I leave the inn behind.

I walk down the street with the bar Cherry works in.

There seem to be a lot of stores which close at noon.

Lunch time should be good for profits…

Ma, thinking with a Japanese mindset is probably inappropriate.


The gambling district appears I don’t go there.

Should I walk to the market?

Despite the time, various things are being sold there.


As I wander down the street and through the shops, I manage to find somewhere to eat.

It’s a simple street stall consisting of a curtain stretched over a thin wooden frame.

A flat curtain covers the top in place of a roof.


As a substitute for a menu, there is a black board. On the blackboard is written only food served in a pot.


I walk over.

My tasty food research committee is confident that this is a well-known hidden-shop.

Customers, merchants, and adventurers are sitting on stools, steam rises from an iron pot placed on a small table, the hot juices from the iron pot is soaked into the vegetables in wooden bowls, the vegetables heaped in the bowls are being eaten with great gusto.


It looks yummy…


Gulping down a mouthful of saliva, I sit on one of the stools and order food.

The dish is the same as what the other customers are eating.

A brown liquid simmers in the iron pan, and there is a small wooden bowl.

Various vegetables are served in the hot pot.


The steam floats up, stimulating my appetite.


The onion-type juice is a reddish-yellow.

Or, is there a pork or poultry bullion?

Vegetables like paprika and white leaves are piled up.

There’s also a blue lettuce-like vegetable. A slim root like burdock.


Ah, it’s too tempting.

Immediately, I distribute the vegetables and soup in the wooden bowl.

…Chop sticks would make this easier, but there are only two wooden spoons.


I should make my own at some point…


Starting with the soup, I bring the bowl to my lips and drink the brown vegetable broth.

Ah, it’s hot. However, it’s yummy. The taste of Chinese cabbage spreads over my tongue.

The eat the vegetables with the soup. These vegetables are crisp and easy to chew.

Then, does the soup taste like meat? When I think so, I see there is a large bone at the bottom of the pot, buried under the vegetables.


I see. So that’s why the broth tastes this way.

I bite into the meat steeped in the juices.

The meat is so tender that it practically melts in my mouth. Oh, wow, this meat is fantastic.

The texture of the meat is like chicken, similar to a chicken wing, is this the aged magic beast or the sauce?

Well, it’s fine either way. It’s tasty and cheap.

Fuhahaha, my delicious food committee hit the jackpot.

This shop was a good find.


I also give some to Rollo.

There’s no more of the wing meat…

I devour it.


On this occasion. I order multiple dishes.


The waitress is shocked, but the silverware for the food is thrown in as a bonus, she smiles and delivers the dishes.

The iron pans carried out disappear one after another, the sales clerk looks at me with strange eyes…

However, I continue storing my food in the item box without letting it bother me.


I finish my business and leave the shop.

Passing through the market, I head to Zaga and Bon’s.


The Dwarf shop is around the corner.

When I turn the corner, I see Bonn.

His kappa hair is swaying as he runs.

I shouldn’t have been seen yet, but he’s already noticed Rollo and me.

Smiling, Bonn energetically shouts the usual phrase.


“Enchant, Enchant, Enchant!”

“Nya, nya, nya.”


This is what happens every time.

Rollo and Bonn begin their strange conversation.

…It has the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

Is Bonn actually communicating with Rollo…


Someone, interpret it!


Shouting that in my heart, I greet him.


“…Bonn, long time no see. I’m going to go talk with Zaga.”



Bonn replies with a thumbs up.

Umu. He’s brimming with energy.


While Rollo and Bonn banter back and forth, I turn the corner and walk to the shop.

When I am about the enter the shop, Zaga appears.

Zaga is wearing a wife-beater, making his beard and chest hair stand out.


“Oh, Shuya. Here to look at armor?”

“Yeah. The spear I’ve been using broke. Also, I’m sorry…the armor you put so much work into, it kinda, I can wear it, but it’s all ruined… so, would you make something using materials from the Evil Dragon King?”


When I say Evil Dragon King, Zaga is shocked.


“-Buha… The Evil Dragon King? That means… Shuya, I heard that aside from the commander of the griffon corps who killed the dragon king, there were a few adventurers?”

“That’s right. I also received this ring.”


Saying so, I show him the ring the Marquess gave me.


“Oooooooh, the purple scale, this indeed came from the stomach of a dragon. It’s not much, but it can work as a magic defense. …*Gulp*… It’s beautifully carved, the craftsmanship is astonishing. The inside also has the Marquess family’s crest, and Dragon Killer carved on it. …It’s elegant. It may not have much affected as a magic item, but it was still made by a magic Goldsmith with exceptional talent. You should treasure it. …Take it back.”


Zaga has become unusually excited.

His eyes have an unusual excitement, his desire for the ring is visible.


However, there were words carved on the inside?


“…Understood. I’ll treasure it. I’ll wear it.”


Zaga smiles and crosses his arms.


“-Well then, the materials of the Evil Dragon King is worthy of a master blacksmith, will you allow us to play with it?”

“Ah, that’s what I want.”


Hearing my words, Zaga’s tough guy appears collapses, and he nods several times.

He strokes his beard several times, then starts to talk.


“…Is that so. Shuya, thank you. -Bon, was he lucky? A dragon. Moreover, an ancient dragon.”


“Bon, your skill is going to be necessary. Let’s do our best.”



Zaga and Bonn seem excited, holding each other’s hands and shaking them up and down.


“Then, where are the materials?”

“Ah, they’re cumbersome and big, so I’ll take them out now. Open.”


In the area in front of Zaga and Bonn’s store- I activate the item box.

Then, with a thump, I take out the Burdock’s head.



“Nuo, Oooh… this is the Evil Dragon King? Amazing. What beautiful purple scales. These are definitely the scales of an ancient dragon. Its fangs are spectacular. …However, if it’s compared to this. That crimson horn and the blue dragon eyes are truly unique. Also, connected to the brain stem…shouldn’t there be a huge magic stone?”


His eyes, brain? The dragon magic stone?


“N? I didn’t think of that…”

“Let alone a magic stone, its value will be beyond a magic gem, it will be incredible.”


Judging by this reaction, it must be incredibly valuable.


-At the back.


“The eyes alone are worth fifty pieces of white gold coin. The whiskers are twice that, however, it really is the dragon magic stone in its head…the value is enough to make the War God Vaisu and Totogudius, King of the Tenth Layer of Hell get along.”

“…Nii-san is right. The head of the ancient dragon exists.”


Speaking is a lecturing tone with the voice of a child, the twins of the S ranked clan 【Ice Mausoleum of Blue Waters】.



“Bon, get behind me, Shuya, are these acquaintances?”


Cautious of the two who suddenly appeared, Zaga holds his hammer in both hands to protect Bonn.


Nevertheless, why didn’t I feel a magic essence until the voice sounded?

After hiding their form, their magic essence disappeared too?


“…Acquaintance? I only know them. So, you followed me while hiding yourselves?”



Rollo calls out in greeting.

And, she doesn’t get down from my shoulder.

She stares at the twins calmly.


“That’s right. The black cat… amazing, and cute.”

“Yeah. It’s as you said.”


The voices of the twins are different.

They sound cold…


“…Such a thing is irrelevant. Having gone so far, what do you want from me?”


I say wearily.


“The dragon’s eyes, we want them.”




I push storage and immediately store the Evil Dragon King’s head away.


“Ah, it’s gone.”

“It really is an item box.”


They say carelessly. I become even more cautious.


“You intend to take the dragon’s head?”


Hearing me, the twins exchange a look and burst into laughter.


“No, it’s different.”

“We want to talk to you about buying the blue eyes of the ancient dragon.”


Oh…I over reacted.

Really, these blue eyed kids are strange.


“…Say that first. Otherwise, there will be a weird tension.”



This time they act like children and lower their heads…

I saw them during the dinner, the emblem of their white heads their wriggling blood vessels stand out, it even continue on the back of their neck.


It is something like a blood limit? It might be a curse.


I don’t mention the strange marks, I do ask about their eyes.


“…So you want the eyes?”


“That’s right. The eyes should be small when taken out. One is enough. We can pay fifty white gold coins.”


That is small?


“Nn~, I don’t understand the market price. What kind of effect do the eyes have?”

“I know. The price the twins gave you is good, the price is between forty-five and fifty-five white gold coins. Blue eyes of an ancient dragon are the most valuable, they have an effect on both water and ice type. Moreover, since they contain the magic of the water system, if a little mana is poured in, it can produce a strong water attribute magic. The eyes are a unique magic jewel.”


Zaga explains.


“That’s right. I can pay this.”

“Yeah. The price is right.”


Hou, even S rank will pay according to the market price.

Maybe I should sell one.


“…Understood. I’ll sell one.”

“Yay, really?”


“Nii-san, thank goodness.”

“Inah, take out the money.”


One of the twin says, and a chest with a white pattern is removed and opened.

Then, a jingle of white coins.


O~i, don’t throw your money around so carelessly.

There is also a white gold coin one size larger than the others.

Also, a long sword with a chipped blade and a magic jewel, I’ve seen it somewhere before…The mysterious human face pot.


The last one was seen.

Is the small bag an item pouch?


“Twins, wait a minute. Put your money and things away… Zaga, how long will it take to remove the eyeball from the head?”

“Nn~, one eye should take about ten minutes?”


That’s fast.


“I, I see. That’s quick, understood. Then, I apologize, but could you remove one of the eyes?”

“Ah, it’s not a problem. Good. Well then, come inside the shop, there is a workshop.”

“Understood. Is it okay for the twins to come?”


One nods and begins talking.


“My name is Allen, Ina is my younger sister. We aren’t twins.”

“I got it. I’m Shuya, Shuya Kagari. Call me Shuya. The black cat is called Rollodinu. Then, Inah, Allen, let’s carry out the deal in Zaga’s shop.”

“Okay. I’ll be in your care, Shuya.”

“It’s fine. Shuya, thank you.”



Bonn finally calls out.

Stretching out a hand, he gives a thumbs up.


Thumbs up.

…No one reacts.


No, Rollo punches the air with her paw.

Because she reacted cutely, I slipped a little.


Like that, I am lead through the shop to the warehouse like a workshop.


“Shuya, take it out here.”


Got it, such a big space should be enough.


“Got it, open.”


The ancient dragon head appears quickly.


“Yosh, I’ll get started. You guys, it’s going to be bright, so be careful. Bon, use light enchant.”



When Zaga tells Bonn, he puts on sunglasses to protect his eyes. He puts on special leather gloves that emit bright white light.


Magic glasses as well as leather gloves.

Then, a chisel that shines like gold is removed from his waist and handed to Bonn.


Bonn calls out “Enchant” repeatedly.

A dense aura of mana floats around his body, and an ecstatic expression is on his face, white light comes from both his eyes.

A floating crest appears, then the crest floats to the back of his arms.


Bonn laughs and approaches Zaga. The tools in Zaga’s hands are both releasing mana.


Releasing mana- Zaga’s tools blaze brighter.


Amazing, an enormous amount of mana is overflowing from Bonn.

So much that I can feel its weight.

As expected of Bonn.

The twins are also surprised, their eyes widen and mouths drop open, staring openly.


Zaga, using the shining chisel, dig out the area around the eye.

The mana released while working is strange.

…After around ten minutes, it seems like the mana permeating the chisel is dissolving the area around the blue eye, Zaga works carefully under the dazzling light.


Zaga removes the blue eye.


The eye sends out a blue light.

The removed eye becomes small.


Really small. It surprised me.

The white of the eye is gone, only the colored part is there, and it fits in the palm of my hand.

Then, Inah smiles and approaches with an item pouch.


“Here’s your money.”

“Alright, I’ll count it.”


There are fifty-five gold coins.

I put them in the item box.


“The transaction complete, you can have the blue dragon eye.”

“Yay, Inah!”

“Hai, Nii-san.”


When the twins have the blue eye in their hands, their faces light up with smiles.


“Good. However, during the Evil Dragon King subjugation, Inah and Allen released such a powerful ice magic, is the dragon eye really necessary?”

“Yes. You can’t be satisfied with that. Our attribute is water. We want the full water system. This eye of an ancient dragon, with its magic reinforcement, you can defeat the ten wicked images.”

“That’s right. The eyes of this old dragon, with their effect, a strong magic can be released from the eyes without an aria. A powerful magic beyond magic jewels can be released.”


The twins smile as they answer.


Are the “Ten Wicked Images” the thing I have?

Ma, there is probably a reason to fight these guys.


“I see…”


Such a thing, attribute, I’m water attribute too.

That means by using the blue eye, I can release water magic?

Gufufu, I’ll keep the second one for myself.


“N? Shuya, what is it?”

“N, nothing. I had a pleasant thought…Zaga, can I order a weapon and armor made from this material?”

“Ah, of course. It’s possible.”


Then, the twins talked.


“Shuya, our business is finished here. May we meet in the future.”

“Bye bye-”


A magic formation appears under the twins and expands.

The magic formation moves and their forms become thin, gradually disappearing.





Surprising. Rollo jumps at the after image.

-Rollo lands on the ground. She sniffs around the area for any strange smells. I look toward the doorway.


The smell still seems to be here.


“An invisibility spell. They appear to be high leveled magicians.”




“…At any rate, S rank adventurers. The name of their clan is 【Ice Mausoleum of Blue Waters】. Are those children some kind of grave keepers?”

“Hou, they really are highly ranked. I’ve heard that name somewhere.”


Zaga thinks for a moment and strokes his beard.


“However, this is my first time seeing that magic. Being able to disappear like that…”

“It is an excellent magician who can use that. Apart from that, who kind of weapon and armor do you want?”


I wonder if it’s possible.

However, the optical camouflage was deep blue.

It looks kind of futuristic, it reminds me of Ghost in The Shell.

Also, The Invisible Man. …I’m getting ero ideas.


“Oi, did you hear me?”


Zaga stares at me.


“Aah, sorry. For the spear, it would be ideal if it was the same weight as black tanza spear I usually use. As for the armor, I would like it to be mobile like last time as well. There’s a helmet too. The wrist of my left-hand needs to be open still, there should be a hole there. If you feel like it, a pair gauntlets too…then, since there’s no helmet I would like a hooded jacket, knives, and a belt to put them in.”


I show Zaga my left wrist, and gesture with my hands.


“…Understood. The spear first. Although you said spear, there are various options this time around. If I use that whole crimson horn, using the bones of the ancient dragon I can make an incredibly strong shaft.”



Zaga continues to explain excitedly.


“Working the magic stone will be difficult, if I think of a halberd, using the crimson horn should work. The crimson horn is hard but also has a strange softness. It is also incredibly sharp and possesses the fire attribute. It should make a matchless halberd. I can use the back end of the dragon magic stone to make it a cane. This is the hardest part. It’s able to transmit magic really well still. By the way, how is the power of the blue eye?”


A considerable weapon seems to be completed.


“…So a spear cane. Good, the form is ideal. However, is the dragon magic stone harder than common metal?”

“Umu. It is normally very hard to shape. …Its hardness is superior to chitajarmid ore, famous for its hardness.”


It seems like tungsten or titanium?


“…Then, it will take some time.”

“Isn’t that normal? However, isn’t this head fantastic material?”


Zaga responds with a laugh.


“Ah, that’s right.”

“Then it’s fine. Its teeth are usable too, and the scales can be removed. And won’t Bonn be helping? It will be done remarkably quick. Its use is luxurious, but does it really matter?”



Bonn smiles confidently.

I respond with a strange smile too.


With a smile, I begin to talk while nodding.


“…Zaga and Bonn are the best, so it’s good.”




Zaga’s shoulders shake a little.

Tears collect in Bonn’s eyes.



“Don’t you understand this is such a wonderful thing! It is the simple happiness of a craftsman… Yosh, wait a moment.”


Zaga collects spear weapons and brings them to me.

Halberd, Lance, Pike, Trident, Long Stake, Sickle, he continues bringing out common long spears and a variety of spear weapons.


“Choose from these which length and weight are sufficient. I’ll use it as a reference.”


Zaga is pushing me to choose one, full of excitement.




I choose properly, swinging them around.

All of the spears feel too light.

After all, the black tanza spear was heavy.

The one with the best balance is the ax spear.

The halberd shines with a silver color.

The speak head has an ax attached, and there is a butt attached to the end.


“The weight of this almost exactly right.”

“Hou, the halberd made of jellium. It looks like silver, but that’s wrong. This is called silver crystal steel. It is often mistaken for silver magic steel. It’s famous for being produced in large quantities from the jellium monster.”


Silver Crystal Steel?

It seems to be different from common silver.

Ma, silver would be too soft.


“…There’s such a monster.”

“That right. So would you like the new weapon to have a spear tip and ax blade?”


The joy of a new weapon…


“Yeah. That will work.”


Zaga scratches on parchment with a pen.

Taking down notes.

He has already entered craftsman mode.

He’s become sharp eyed, the hard expression on his face makes him look cool.

His thick dwarf eye brows are scrunched up.


“…Then, a full set of armor, it’ll use plenty of bone and scales from the ancient dragon. Including Bonn’s enchantments, it should be finished quickly. The mantle, I may be able to acquire a special coating from an acquaintance if I sell the scale.”



Leave it to Bonn. He jumps with his short legs as if to say that.

As if he heard music with a good beat, he begins dancing on the spot stretching both his hands out.


Rollo seems unable to resist the strange rhythm and jumps off my shoulder, moving the Bonn’s feet.

Jumping and dancing together.


They create a strange view…


Encha, Enchant ♪ Haha, Enchant ♪

He seems to be saying.

…I’ll leave Bonn and Rollo alone.


“…The armor and overcoat will be great.”


Without minding the dancing, I think about the armor and accidentally speak frankly.


“No, it’s not. A magic tailor can use dragon whiskers to create the highest quality clothing, incredible clothes can be made…but I make awful clothing. So I have to sell the scales and buy the material for the mantle.”


Zaga apologizes. It’s a matter of his pride as a craftsman.

It’s enough for me to follow up.


“…I see I entrust Zaga’s judgment as a craftsman and merchant when it comes to producing materials and buying and selling.”


I speak carefully, communicating my trust in him.

Zaga’s eyes widen, and his expression softens somewhat.


“…Ouyo. Trusting. Really, quaking at my age…”


Then, he ultimately enters work mode.


“The fangs can be processed into the halberd blade, no, the crimson horn can be used…after all, what matters is the strength…”


Zaga draws a picture while muttering.

He works fast…


“…How long will it take?”

“Around ten days.”




“Understood. Ah, until then will you lend me this halberd?”


Returning to my regular manner, I point at the halberd.


“Ah, take it.”

“Then, what will the price of the new armor and weapons be?”

“One large gold coin I’d like to say, if the material sells, I will make a lot of money. So, I don’t need to price it now. Besides, the weapon, the armor made from the scales, a lot will be left over. I will sell a little so that should cover the cost?”


A lot of money. I can’t completely imagine it.


“Understood. It ‘d be nice if you didn’t sell the blue eye. Anything else is fine.”

“Hahahaha, what are you talking about? I don’t mind. All business, ‘Happy Buying, Happy Selling.’”



Zaga’s generous behavior, he says a moto I don’t understand.

Bonn also goes next to Zaga and begins preparations. He cries out in a happy voice.


Hm, I’ll leave them to it.



“Rollo, let’s go back.”

“Nn, Nyao.”


Rollo purrs.


She seems disappointed about leaving.

With such a Rollo, I leave Zaga and Bonn’s shop.


As I walk, I look at the condition of the silver halberd I borrowed.

The sharpness of the tip…it looks really good.

-I wave the halberd around, slashing down.


Now then, what to do next?


Should I go to Holkerbam with the withered great tree that the Marquess’ subordinate mentioned?

There, I might find a clue about “Genju’s Sake Ball of Light” for Rollo.


However, before I go, I need to wait for the items I ordered to be finished.


Ten days until the gear is finished.


What to do.

Should I explore the gates again?


I’d like to be the same adventurer class as Shisho, should I accept a request to raise my rank?



Chapter 63: Peru Hekarain Corridor


I’ll go to the guild today.


First, I touch my storage.

The usual display window appears.


I put the silver crystal halberd in the item box.

I click on the person mark in the upper window.


The window changes and the deformed alien screen appears.


The black tanza spear use to be registered in the upper right, but its name has disappeared.

The broken tanza spear was lost during the Evil Dragon King subjugation and since it didn’t return to the item box this much is natural.


I register the silver crystal halberd in the blank on the right.

Equip Silver Crystal Halberd in right hand? Y/N


I select Y.


Yosh, it’s registered.

With this, I can take out the halberd instantly.

I dismiss the window and go directly to the adventurer’s guild.


I enter the guild and walk to the place where the boards are lined up.


I’m getting a fresh start as a C rank.

I should be able to handle these requests until I get the new equipment from the Dwarf Brothers.


I’ll spend some time looking for the right request.

I look over the boards the adventurers are lined up in front of.


Oh, this request. The time period is just right.






Client: Pisard Trading Company

Request Contents: B Rank Request, Search the Peru Hekarain Labyrinth and collect jellium bones.

Application period: The last fifteen days of spring. Departing this afternoon.

Subjugation Targets: Main Goblins, Orc, Jelliumbon.

Habitat: Peru Hekarain Corridor

Reward: 15 gold coins.

Subjugation Evidence: Goblin Ear, Orc Ear, Jellium bone.

Precautions: In the Corridor Labyrinth, traps require attention as well. Jellium bones appear inside the labyrinth. Defeating them is difficult, so bring someone with a magic skill or priest type.

Note: Please gather in front of “Sukaue Pub” if you’re accepting the request. Furthermore, High Ranking clan 【Aria’s Wanderer】 will be participating as a leader. The purpose is to collect Jellium bones, each person is expected to collect five kilos.

Any more collected will be a special bonus. Also, if any black kotobuki grass or ririumu crystal is obtained, I will buy it at a high price.

Furthermore, an Orc Ear is a silver coin, and a Goblin ear is five large copper coins.






Forty-five days of the Taurus of spring… How many days is that now?

Until now, I haven’t paid too much attention to the dates…


There is a huge calendar posted near the reception desk.


I’ll look at it.


…Today seems to be forty-five days.

The last day of the request. I still have time. Let’s take this.


“Rollo, let’s take this one.”



Rollo stares at the request paper.

She can’t read it…Following her gaze, the edge of parchment is torn and shaking…


I see.


She wants to play, smiling at Rollo, I take one of the wooden tallies from below the board and bring it to the reception desk.

The big-breast receptionist-san who has always taken care of me isn’t there, so I go to the beastwoman with dog ears.


“This request.”


I hand over the tally and my card together.


“Hai. Then, place your hand on the crystal.”



The request is accepted smoothly.

I need to ask about where the meeting point is.


“Excuse me. Where is the Sukaue bar?”

“It’s across the street. On the other side of Babon shop.”

“The other side. Thanks.”


Oh. It was on the other side of the street.

Right in front of me. I retrieve my adventurer’s card and leave the guild.


I check the card while walking with Rollo.

The request is long, but I’m not worried.


I have plenty of food store, and there is also warm soup in the item box.


I make the halberd appear in my right hand and lean it against my shoulder.

I cross the street and arrive a Babon’s.


There should be a bar behind it.

I check my card first.


Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 22

Title: Dragon Killer

Race: Human

Occupation: Rank C Adventurer

Clan: None

Battle Occupation: Spear Officer : Chain User

Completed Requests: 9


My completed requests number nine. Ooh, I have a title now.

I also got the right from the Marquess, alongside the rumors…


Now then…


In front of Babon’s, instead of going in I walk along the right side of the building.

There is a space in the alley with a building appropriate for a pub.

Adventurers are standing around so this must be the place.


I make my way in that direction.


“Taking the request?”


The one who calls out is a Dwarf with the bearings of a warrior.

He is wearing a Norman Helm from the middle ages, the kind that covers the nose. His hair is in braids all the way to his side burns and collected into bunches with metal fittings. He has a jaw protector called a beaver hanging from his neck.

The Japanese version of a face guard.


I can’t remember what its name is.

Although I say that, the weapons and armor in this world don’t necessarily have the same names.


I can’t make out the Dwarf’s face because of the helmet, but his browns eyes are striking.

His body is clothed in chain mail, the ax hanging from his hip contains mana, and his left-hand holds a round steel shield.

The Dwarf seems to be an experienced soldier.


I ask.


“…That’s right. This is the last day, but is it okay?”

“It’s fine. Did you accept the request in the guild?”


That’s right.


“I did.”

“You’re kind of close to the deadline, aren’t you? It’ll be the noon deadline soon. We probably can’t hear it from here, but the church bells should be ringing soon.”


After saying so, the Dwarf shields his eyes with his hand and looks up at the sky.


I watch the sky too.

Rollo also looks at the sky, similarly drawn in.


The sun is at its zenith.

The Dwarf looks back and speaks.


“…That’s the bell. Then, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Shuya Kagari. Just call me Shuya. C rank adventurer. The one at my feet is Rollodinu. Call her Rollo. She’s my Familiar.”


The Dwarf looks at Rollo and nods.


“A spear and a familiar. We’ll be working together. Shuya. I’m a Dwarf. (TL: Something formal greeting preceded by “Dwarf”) I’m Igu, B ranked adventurer (TL: Author getting lazy on the names.). No need to be so formal.”


Once Igu and I greet each other, the other adventurers assemble.


“Yo, Igu, a new adventurer?”


The one who speaks is a tiger beastman with a long neck.


“Ou, that’s right.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Shuya.”


The tiger beastman and Igu seem to know one another.


“I’m Albert Cheida. I’m B rank, like Igu. I’m from the Fujiku Federation, you already know my tribe name, we’ll be working together from here on. You seem to be a spearman? Your armor is beat up, but I can feel the aura you give off.”


The tiger beast-man’s realistic nose twitches.


Ma, I smile politely.


“Uhh, there’s such an aura?”

“Nn, Nya.”


When I ask, Rollo calls out from my feet.

Is she curious in the tiger beastman’s face?

She’s staring at Albert’s face.


Ma, it’s life like. It looks like the combination of a human and a tiger.


Azora was a rabbit beastwoman, but his face was still closer to human, but this tiger beastman is closer to an animal.

Brown and white hair mixed with ochre, the white whiskers on either side of his nose are very tiger-like.


Despite that, he speaks the same language…


“…That’s right. I have the unique “smell sense” of scouts. I can pick up the smell of a person with a strong aura. I’m not much use in battle though. I’m better suited to searching for enemies and disarming traps. I specialize in daggers and this bow.”


Then, Igu interrupts.


“Agaaaiin. That sense? Isn’t that the sense that’s only useful in one way?”


The Dwarf makes an indecent hand gesture and teases Albert.


“Honestly, however, I, unfortunately, can’t retort…” (TL: I didn’t mean to do this, but now it’s captain kirkified.)

“Hahaha, that’s right. You’re the razor beastman responsible for impregnating barmaids.”


Heh, Razor. Is the tiger beastman race called Razor?


“That’s a lie, nothing but a rumor. I only enjoy conversation.”

“Hou, at the bar the other day, Eyo was talking about it. ‘Rumor says, Ai-chan, is very beautiful,’ did you go out with her?”

“Uoo, Eyo… huh, why, Igu hearing such a story.”


While such a silly conversation is developing, a woman wearing the robe, seeming to be the leader, speaks up.


“Everyone, it’s time to leave soon, please gather.”




Igu finishes his conversation with Albert and walks over to where they’re being called.

I follow along.

It seems several people have taken the same request.

The woman wearing a priest-like hat steps forward.


“I am Sokura Torutsetta. The leader of the adventurer clan, 【Aria’s Wanderer】. For this request I will act as the leader. As written on the request form, the goal is obtained Jellium bones. When fighting the Jelliums, please leave weakening them with magic to me.”


Igu raises his ax in greeting.


“Understood. My ax will crush the enemy into fish paste.”


He declares forcefully.


“Hai. I have high hopes for you, Igu-san. Then, everyone, keep in mind that a Jellium’s head is its weakness. Furthermore, you will also be fighting goblins and orcs. For those, I will leave it up to your judgment. And then, a prayer before we transfer. It’s expected the assemble again. Then, let’s go register at the guild as a party.”


Those in the area nod to what Sokura-san said and begin to walk towards the guild.


I’ve heard of 【Aria’s Wanderer】.


THe members all wear uniforms.

That robe, it’s made from a special material. Magic characters are embroidered in black and reddish-brown, imbued with mana.

Because the collar of the robe is lower cut I can easily see her chest. (TL: There he is.)

A normal sized pair of hills. The appearance is a little bold, like a priest.

Under the long skirt is a long hakama.


Only Sokura-san, the leader, has a slightly different appearance, wearing a yellow and red band like a muffler around her neck.

Her eyes are green. She has a babyish face and a small nose.

The woman looks cute.

The blood vessels in her thin hand are visible as it holds on to a large staff.

The staff is designed to look like two intertwining snakes.


While I’m checking out Sokura-san, she speaks.


“Excuse me. Are you Shuya-san, the Spearman?”


Nn? She knows my name?


“Hai. I am.”

“I was right, the black cat on your shoulder is right, but your armor was ragged, so I wasn’t sure.”


Ara? This, what is she talking about?




Seeming unconfident, Sokura bows and responds.


“Sorry, that was abrupt. I saw you during the Evil Dragon King battle. I was doing support in the back, so I remember well the role 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】 and Shuya-san played.”

“Oh, that time.”

“Yes, also, Shuya-san is one of the ‘Dragon Killers,’ only he is a solo adventurer, none of the clans have a “Spearman” that powerful? Competition has been going.”


Eeh, such a thing?

I did decline Crimson Tiger’s invitation…


“Haha, such a thing…”

“Nn, Nya.”


Rollo puts on an encouraging face and slaps my shoulder with a paw.


“Hai, that’s right. That’s our aim, too.”


“I’m joking. However, you live well during the Evil Dragon King subjugation.”


She says jokingly with a serious face. Then returns to normal.


“Haha, it was quite a fierce battle. I was on the brink and fought hard.”


She nods, convinced by my words, the answers with a sinking face.


“Yes, it was a hard-fought battle. Many of my companions died…”

“…My condolences. I was able to meet Azora and her magic beast…”


-The image of Pau and Azora dying.

Sokura-san seems to notice the change in my expression and puts a smile back on, continuing the conversation.


“…Well then, we’ll end this dark line of conversation and return to the request. You can speak casually. We’re an A ranked clan, but all of our members are rear guards.”

“I understand. I’m confident in my spear, so leave it to me.”

“Hai, well then, let’s go.”



As the leader, Sokura-san goes through the procedures at the guild.

She writes down the party name as Aria’s Wanderer and registers.


From the transfer point in front of the guild, everyone metastasizes together.


We arrive in a large underground corridor.

The place the magic formation is place is a wide circle.

It looks like it used to be a quarry.


Statues of different gods are lined up along the walls.

There are ascending stairs at the back.

While I am looking around restlessly, Sokura raises her voice.


“Well then, everyone. Please wait a moment. This is necessary to return safely.”


Sokura-san says in a quiet tone.

She walks towards a goddess statue along the wall.


Some people are kneeling down and praying before the goddess statue.

It’s not only priest and shrine maidens, but there are also knights and adventurers praying.

So it’s the same in this labyrinth?


I can’t hear from here, but Sokura-san begins chanting.

I hear an unfamiliar language magic.

The other members or Aria Wanderer do the same.


After chanting, they bring their hands together like Christians and pray.

A few minutes later, they return.

I’m curious, so I try asking about it.



“Yeah, that’s right. It’s a prayer to Aria, the goddess of love. Even though it may look like this, there is no need to waver in the labyrinth.”


Oh? What?


“No times to waiver?”

“Yes. All the members of 【Aria’s Wanderer】 have the skill <Reincarnation>, so we can rest easy.”


Hoo, a spell and a skill at the same time…

Ooh, therefore, the statues of the gods are placed at the beginning of the labyrinths.

Is this a benefit if you believe in one of the pantheons.


Should I pray for good luck with women? Hehe.


“”Thank you, Aria, Goddess of Love!!”


As if sensing my impure motive, such a cry comes up from behind making me jump.

It came from two of the clan members of 【Aria’s Wanderer】 behind Sokuro.

Sokuro-san continues talking.


“Everyone, the protective magic is raised on everyone.”


She raises her large staff.


“…Goddess Aria. With my mana’s cornerstone, bestow a safeguard- 《Shield of Aria》”


As soon as the spell is cast, the staff’s two snakes start to wriggle.

Two pairs of shining eyes, an illusion of a pale goddess appears over Sokura.

When the chant ends, the snakes return to their original shape.



Somehow…it looked similar to the goddess statue.


Including me, a pale shield floats around the heads of Sokura’s party members, it disappears when it sinks into everyone’s bodies.


There is a feeling when the magic takes hold.

It feels like a force field…

A pale layer under armor and clothes, it floats on the surface of the skin.


This is awesome.


I don’t completely understand the scale of this kind of magic, but 【Aria’s Wanderer】, and Sokura-san in particular, truly are high ranking adventurers.

However, The goddess Aria, it is difficult to accept the idea of adventurers fighting monsters with the goddess of love, like a oxymoron?


A simple question comes to mind.


“Sokura-san, I have a question, do you mind?”

“Hai. What is it?”

“Why do you worship the goddess of love by fighting?”


Sokura answers my ignorant question with a doting expression.


“That…I do know the teaching of Aria-kami. The famous prophet Raze said ‘because there is love, there is war.’ Raze-sama roamed while teaching Aria-kami’s faith before finding sacred Cordelia, following such doctrine, those of us who become priests of Aria-kami wander everywhere, spreading the word. The teachings of Aria-kami are to fight. Therefore, it’s natural for people to fight monsters and vice versa-”


The sermon I didn’t need continued.

I saw the name Raze in a book before.

…I advance in the labyrinth while the conversation that sounds like religious brainwashing continues.


Like that, Sokura leads while preaching, and begins searching the corridor.


Fitting for the “Great” in great corridor, the underground corridors are so big that giant trees could grow here. They were supposedly dug out by ancient Dwarfs, although who and for what reason hasn’t been explained, the only thing known is that the corridors stretch all way to 【Labyrinth City Pernette】.


So, it seems to be related to the name Peru Heka Rain.


We continue through the underground corridors.


There is a geometric pattern on the stone wall, releasing white and purple light, providing a faint source of light.

There are a few dark areas, but there is light coming from stones shaped like plants so it is possible to advance.


Some traps with ejecting stone spears and rolling rocks are discovered, but Albert plays an active roll. The traps are all dismantled.


Like that, it is quickly the third day.


Most of the monsters appearing are goblins.

The adventurers easily wipe out the goblins.


The third day passes.


Dismantling traps, killing monsters, we advance deeper into the labyrinth.

Thus, Sokura gives the party instructions.


We are to take a break.


Food time.


I move to a corner and remove fresh soup from the item box.

I eat rice together with Rollo, a big stupid grin on my face.


While I am like that,


“Shuya, always…don’t eat in secret.”

“Moreover, you have an item box… every single time it smells so good.”

“I’m only able to eat hard bread, salted meat, and dry vegetables.”


Igu and Albert, unable to stand their meals, bemoan their discomfort.


It’s become a little awkward, I should share some…


“My bad. You want a little?”

“Oh, really?”

“Shuya, you’re a good person, let’s be friends.”

“Well, I-I want a little soup too…”


Ara, even Sokura wants some.

Ma, it’s fine. I still have plenty of food. I start taking some out.


“Ah, good. I’ll take some out now.”


Like that, I occasionally share some food during meal time.


The meal ends, and for several hours Igu removes his helmet and lies down.

Rollo, curious, creeps up on Igu.


“What’s wrong, kitty?”


Igu shakes his dreadlocks and looks at Rollo.

The metal fitting binding his hair make a tinging sound.




Rollo seems focused on Igu face, no, on his hair. She moves her face close to the metal fitting and sniffs them.


Ah, if you’re going to do that- her face.

Flehmen response. (TL: Felines have an olfactory organ on the roof of their mouth, so they’ll sometimes bear their fangs so it can get a better smell.)


“-Bu, fuhaha, Igu, the cat says you smell bad.”


Albert laughs, spiting out the tea he was drinking.


“Wh- what, this black cat, it’s being mean.”

“Nn, Nyaon.”


Although it smells, Rollo takes another sniff.

Again, she shows the same face.




I laugh too.


“Fuun, everyone is laughing, even if this hair stinks I won’t cut it…”


Igu stops talking.

As if to say sorry, Rollo licks the dwarf’s hand.


“…Kitty, you like me?”


“Fuun, kawaii.”


Igu’s mood improves and he begins to play with Rollo.

Like this, we become friendlier with the adventurers.


The hunting team advances.



Chapter 64: Jellium Bone


The fourth and fifth day pass.

As we advance deeper into the labyrinth, we reach the point where we encounter Orcs.


This is my first time seeing and Orc.

It has a pig face. It has the characteristic nose and large lower lip.

The fangs stick out from its mouth.


They seem to be a variant Goblin, slightly larger than normal ones.


They wear armor and fight with weapons.

They seem to be more intelligent than goblins, hiding before attacking in groups.


However, I have presence detection.

Presence detection discovers the Orcs’ magic essence first, and I alert everyone.

So, we advance without receiving the surprise attack by the Orcs.


“This is nice, I can take it easy thanks to Shuya.”


Alberto says while scratching his beast nose.

He flicks snot of Igu and laughs. (TL: Ugh, gross.)


There is now a magic essence behind a pillar in front of us

I think it’s an Orc.

With the silver shining halberd in one hand, I advance carefully.


I make eye contact with Rollodinu.

Rollo takes on her panther form and goes around the back of the pillar.

She chases out the hidden Orc.


Surprised by Rollodinu’s sudden appearance, the Orc shouts and runs out from behind the pillar.



I run and release a <Thrust> with the silver halberd at the escaping Orc.

The Orc has a chest plate made of steel, but the spear head of the halberd pierces through, deep into its chest.


Blood flows down the shaft of the silvery halberd.



“-As expected. You can collect the ear.”


Igu says so and approaches the Orc I killed, cutting off its ear as evidence.


“Hyu~, fast. I didn’t have the chance to act again. Isn’t Shuya’s perception abnormal? His detection ability surpasses my race’s ‘odor perception.’”


Albert leans his head the side and whistles, praising my presence detection while approaching with his dagger drawn.


“Ah, I have an ability similar to that, but, Albert… I think more orcs are hiding. There are a lot of stone pillars…”


Once I get his attention, Albert looks to the front.


“You’re right…be careful.”


The stone pillars scarcely dot the corridor. The wind blowing through creates an atmosphere of ancient underground ruins.


Oh, there’s another reaction.

Albert seems to have noticed the orc too, readying his weapon.

His tiger face is focused and his nose twitches.

The sharpness of his eyes carries the savagery of a beast.


He is staring in the direction where presence detection discovered a magic essence.


Heh, this is the odor detection skill.

Albert uses the packed physique of a tiger beastman, quietly approaching the pillar’s shadow.

His footsteps are silent. Incredibly nimble… Oh, Albert bends his head to avoid something, then jumps like a ballerina. (TL: That mental image.)


An arrow. The arrow strikes the ground where Albert was standing.

The orc has a bow.

However, Albert is a beastman. The superior light warrior. His movement to avoid the arrow was smooth and natural. It was fast too.


-Then, Albert suddenly raises a strange cry.

He makes the sound intentionally, running behind the pillar.




Then, the orc scream is heard.

It seems that Igu cut it off and they killed it.

Albert appears to have intentionally attracted the archer’s attention.


Igu collects the orc ear and returns.


“There we go, take it.”


Albert laughs and says to Igu.


“Fuun, of course. Albert. You’re a regular ‘pig killer.’”

“Pretty much. I tried to adjust the timing for Igu o-san.”


This tiger beastman and dwarf seem to have worked together before.

They have a mutual understanding.


“Not half bad.”

“Oh, Shuya, since that’s the case is there any reason to come?”

“That’s right. We’re the only vanguards, everyone behind us are magic users.”


We continue advancing along the aisle of stone pillars.


From the sixth day forward, it becomes nothing but Orcs.

At first, there were encounters of two or three, but it evolved into full battles over time.

Orc ears pile up.

They seem to be roaming patrols of orcs, this is probably their territory.


There are still interspaced sources of light in the stone corridor, so it’s still possible to see, but there are times when there is no light.

I have night vision, so I don’t have to worry about it, but Sokura has the magic users create spheres of light.


So now, because we’re advancing in the dark, the rear guard is sending the spheres of light to illuminate the way ahead.

Thereupon, the guiding light spheres show a scene different from before.


-A large hole, no, it’s more like a cliff.


The ground has collapsed, and the passage in front of us is enveloped in a shroud of darkness.

Albert runs ahead and investigates around the large hole.


“…As you can see, the right of the hole is a cliff, if you fall you will surely die.”

“I see, we’ll have to detour then?”


Igu looks to Sokura, seeking instructions.

Sokura thinks for a moment then speaks.


“Nn!, that’s right. Albert-san, is there a different way?”

“Wait a minute.”


Albert goes to the left ledge, walking lightly.

Stretching his head over the edge, he looks down the hole.


“…Oh, it’s the same. Here. The stone wall has been carved out and reinforced with wooden boards.”

“Oh, you found something.”


Igu runs towards Albert.


“Then, everyone, the path is narrow, but we’ll go this way.”


Igu also checked, there seems to be a way.

I move to the left edge with everyone and look below.

The left wall is carved out, creating a path.

There’s also a ladder built in, so Albert climbs down it.


The board and stone path is reinforced with rope.

The deep hole is pitch black, the bottom is hidden from sight, so the right side is dangerous.


I wouldn’t like to walk on the right side.


“It’s alright.” (TL: This feels like a trap.)


Albert went down first to ensure it was safe.

The ground of carved out stone seems to be sturdy.


“Then, we’ll advance.”


Sokura speaks up.


Everyone nods and climbs down the ladder.

Albert leads the group along the small path.


From the carved out path on the left, the right side of the abysmal hole spreads out in darkness.

The dark right side of the hole is dotted with lights far away.


The wooden boards creak with each step taken.

They’re reinforced…But I still feel uneasy.


“…There are torches…”


Albert also sees the distant lights.

Those distant lights could be expected considering there was a path carved here.


I can understand how enormous the labyrinth is.

I look away and continue down the path.


Then, there is a reaction from presence detection.

A fight on this narrow path.


“There are multiple orcs ahead. They’ve noticed us!”


Albert shouts a warning and fires his bow.

An Orc finds an arrow in its eye and screams, clutching its face, before knocking into a companion and tumbling into the darkness with them.


“The Vanguard will hold here.”


Igu says with a daring smile.

With the hatchet in his right hand and the round shield in his left, he dives into the crowd of orcs.


Rollo follows with me.


“Rollo, be careful of the cliff. Don’t fall, okay?”



Rollo responds with a purr.


Igu is fighting on the left side.

Then, I go to that side〜


It can’t be helped, I’ll take over the dangerous right side.

It’s narrow, so I can’t swing the halberd here.


-I concentrate on piercing.


I move carefully with the gaping void on my right. I go the help.

Rollo uses her small body to distract the orcs.

Also, she thrust her bone swords at the orcs, creating openings.


An Orc distracted by his pained foot finds a spear head in his throat.


“Igu, leave the right side.”

“Fine, but don’t fall.”


He understands.

As Igu advises, I am wary of the drop on my right.

The fall over the cliff edge is shrouded in darkness.


After all, I’ve already experienced that once-


Being careful as not to fall, I knock the Orcs into the pit.


Rollo stabs and entangles orcs’ feet, disrupting their movements.


I can hear Sokura chanting in the background, probably some kind of support magic.


I don’t worry about it use the halberd’s range.

With the large ax blade, I’m cutting off the orc’s feet and pulling them down, stabbing them in the neck, striking overhead, easily slaughtering the orcs.


Oh? Suddenly light wraps my body like silk.

I can also hear a whizzing sound.


It’s a support magic, but I don’t think much has changed.

However, it seems to affect the other body guards.

The speed Albert and Igu are slaughtering the orcs has increased.


They advance while scattering orcs. The number of orcs continues to decrease.

Before long, we reach the end of the narrow stone passage.

We were able to handle all the orcs while staying on the path.


We immediately climb the ladder in front of us.

The frozen corpses of the pig people litter the path we crossed, their weapons and armor scattered.


“It kinda stinks…”

“Year, however, they’re subjugation evidence, Shuya, let’s cut their ears.”


Albert and Igu remove the orc ears while looking dissatisfied.




I help too.


It’s wasteful, but we don’t collect the weapons and armor of the orcs.

Both their size and quality make them worth very little.

It’s worth some money because they’re made of iron, but the reward for the quest is gold, and the baggage is limited.

Igu explained it; “It’s normal for the largest luggage to be food.”


I could probably collect them all with the item box, but it has a capacity, so I refrain.


After collecting the ears for subjugation evidence, the corpses are rolled into the pit. We walk towards the ladder on the stone wall.


“It seems to end here. Let’s climb.”


“Let’s go.”


The corridor continues at the top of the ladder.


“Nn, I thought it would be a similar corridor…”


Albert says while looking at the passage.


I’m looking further ahead as well.

It’s true. It’s the same stone as the corridor, but it’s become wider.

It shouldn’t be a perspective trick.


“…I understand. Let’s advance carefully.”



Everyone nods at Sokura’s reassuring words.

Thus, everyone advances into the open space cautiously, their heads on a swivel.


Oh, there’s a magic essence reaction.

And the sound of lots of swords.

When I look in the direction of the sound, I can see orcs fight with white glass humanoids.


“Oi, Jellium bones and orcs are fighting, I hate big orcs.”


While speaking, Albert prepares his bow.

An arrow is removed in preparation to attack.


That’s a Jellium bone? It’s different than what I expected.

I thought they would be similar to the boiling knights.


Instead, they look like a science fiction doll made of glass and crystal.


“We’ll let them weaken the Jellium bones. Kill the orcs first.”


Sokura gives commands.

Three of the nearby Aria’s Wanderer clan members raise their staff weapons.



“Got it.”



The vanguards respond shortly.


Albert fires his bow and Igu shouts while kicking off the ground with his short legs.

Rollo and I follow Igu and aim for the Orc on the right.


As she runs, Rollo’s form expands.

However, this is the form of a small wild cat, giving preference to mobility.

She extends a feeler, entangling the foot of the orc fighting the Jellium bone, Rollo must have noticed where I was looking because she goes for the orc I am going for.


There is no escape for the Orc.


“Rollo, nice.” (TL: Nice is in katakana.)


The orc hits the feeler Rollo has wrapped around its foot with its weapon, but the feeler doesn’t break.

I gift my ax blade to the hunched over orc.


The orc’s nose is destroyed, its face split in half.

After Rollo sees that I killed it, she moves to the next orc.


Everyone is killed.


The orcs react to our sudden appearance, but the Jellium bones don’t seem bothered.

Like a machine gone out of control, it continues attacking, swinging its long thin board-like arms.


While avoiding the glass arms, I go for a strong looking one wielding an ax.


The orc’s head, chest, hands, and feet and all armored so it’s defensive ability is high.

Thus, I aim for the unarmored parts of its body.

Looking for the gaps in its armor, I thrust the halberd, but the large orc shifts a little, preventing a fatal wound.


The large orc lifts the ax with both hands.

The continuous thrusts of the halberd are blocked, but the orc begins to show signs of fatigue, no longer to keep up.


The orc is panting like a pig.


I don’t let the opening pass.

I am for the join of the orc’s muscular arm and pulverize its elbow.

Then, it is quickly killed.

The ferrule of the halberd slams into the left side of the orc’s stomach.




The armor was dented, so the damaged passed through.

The orc recoils in pain.

-Then I swing the silver ax up.

The large orc raises its left arm to block the attack.



Drawing an orbit from the feint, the halberd slashes lower, cutting into the knee.

The leg is sliced clean through, but it feels different than the black spear, I get a feeling from the cut.

Furthermore, I twist the blood coated halberd and bring the butt end up between its legs.


The long metal shaft draws a vertical line, crushing the orc down.

The one-legged orc falls on its back.


I take that opportunity to jump- moving to crush the orc’s head.

I cover the distance with fighting moji enhanced legs.

The orc’s metal helmet gives and I hear its skull collapse. My foot print is left behind.


While standing over the dead orc, I see a fight to my left.


Igu’s powerful figure. Using his ax and round shield, Igu is toying with the orcs.

That dwarf. The short figure of Igu.


However, it looks like a scene from a movie.


He moves like one of the Spartan soldiers repelling a million man army in a canyon with three-hundred people. (TL: Author said Ancient Greek Spartans, but the Spartans weren’t Greek.)


The movie re-enacting the war of Thermopylae.


Looking at Igu’s shield, the ellipse part is cut.

-Stopping the attack with his shield, Igu responds with his ax.

This time he delivers a left hook with his shield, straight into an orc’s face, finishing it with his ax.


His style is simple, yet none of his movements are wasted.

Like that, orcs are being killed one after another.


Alberto is attacking an restraining orc from the back with his bow.

He aims for head shots.

Though, the orcs block the arrows many times, demonstrating their intelligence…they are kept in check, making it easier for Igu to fight.


At that moment, I see a curtain of pale flames from behind striking the enemies.


Oooh. Amazing.


The flickering curtain of flames covers the orcs.

The moment the oiling pig bodies of the orcs touch the blue flames- they light up like torches.

Just like that, the fire spreads from their pig heads over their bodies.


Ready made roast pork.

The smell of burning flesh…doesn’t it smell good?

They seem to be weak to fire.


“Serupi, Kyurupi, good job!”



Sokura praises her clan members.

The clan members are taciturn, not speaking very much, as expect of A ranks.


When the orc’s bodies turn brown in the flames, a pale light falls on Igu’s body.

Igu is cut in several places, but they recover to the point of being scars where ever the soft light is absorbed.


The magic not only attacks enemies but heals an ally’s injuries.


While I admire such a convenient magic, I catch sight of Rollo’s fight.


Stabbing with her bone sword, not over looking openings, aiming for vitals, after weakening the orc she goes for its neck, tearing off chunks of flesh with her claws and teeth.


A few moments later, the orcs are wiped out.


All that remains are the three Jelliums bones.

That moment, Sokura shouts from the back.


“We’ll weaken the Jellium bones with magic! Draw their attention. They’ll stop moving when their brain is destroyed, please help!”

“Understood. Let’s do this goooooooraaaaaa!”


It seems Igu is going to act as the decoy.

-He raises a war cry.


Finally, I hear Sokura begin the chant…


This howl, it seems to be an aggro pull.

The three Jellium bones all focus on Igu.


Their aggro is all drawn in at once. (TL: Author doesn’t say aggro pull, a more accurate translation would be hostility, but it doesn’t translate well, and “aggro” fits Spear Master’s theme.)

Now that they are focused on Igu and I can get a good look at them, they have angular edges like machines.


With a question floating in my head, the barrage on Igu begins to increase.


One of the Jellium bone’s swipes its board arm down.

After that, several white thorns jut out.


Igu uses his round shield to repel the thorns. Loud clangs ring out.

While Igu is repelling the projectiles, the Jellium bones approach with creaking steps.

The thick arm board swings down at Igu.


The three humanoid glass machines try to crush Igu from above and each side.


Igu dodges one attack and blocks the other two with his shield and ax.

He is able to defend against the combined attacks of the heavy glass humanoids.

I follow Igu up by releasing a <thrust> at the back of a glass humanoid.


However, with a big dong, it was repelled.

There is only a little hole in the back of the glass.


It looks like glass, but as expected of Jelliums. They’re hard.

It seems this halberd is made of the same metal.


A red effect then hangs over the body of the Jellium bone.

It seems to be magic.


“-They’re weakened. Do it now. Destroy their heads-”


After Sokura speaks, Albert immediately fires arrows.

The sound of gusting wind follows the arrows.

When the arrow head meets the jellium, its head shatters.


One after another, arrows pierce the Jellium bones’ heads. The three machine like Jellium bones stop moving once their heads are destroyed.

Then, its form starts the collapse, its limbs separating one after another.


“Hyuhoi. Did I do good this time?”


Albert’s tiger nose twitches and he puts on a bragging face.


“Kakaka, good job.”


Laughing but looking angry, Igu reacts in a way difficult to understand.

The wrecked remains of the glass humanoids are what interests me most.


This glass like bone, there is a good amount.”

“That’s right. It is probably more than five kilos.”


Igu is talking with me.


“Hahaha, it’s a massive amount. The contents of the request are filled with this. Let’s collect it and return to the metastasis formation.”


Sokura, out of breath from running over, speaks.


“Understood. Let’s return.”


So, everyone gathers to collect the contents of the request, then we return down the route we took, killing monsters along the way.


I thought we could use magic to return quickly, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


According to Sokura, when the skill is used, you’re able to use the goddess statue like a beacon, guiding the way back. She says with exaggeration.


In the end, we return by foot according to her instructions.

I could return directly with the gate, but I adjust my pace to stay with everyone.

Even if I return quickly, the equipment I requested isn’t finished yet, besides, working as a party in the field I’ve been able to see these adventurers are sincere, I would like to see it through to the end.



As Sokura said before, they seem to understand what path to take, without taking detours, after ten days, eleven days in total, we return to the metastasis formation.


No one died on this trip, so everyone is happy they could return.


The request was also a great success. There will also be a bonus for the reward.

Including the gold coin bonus, each person should receive twenty-seven gold coins. Plus, twenty-six silver coins and five large copper coins. I put them all in the item box.


Everyone with smiling faces disperses to party.


Igu and Albert head straight for the pub.

Sokura and the other members of Aria’s Wanderer want to gather as a clan and head to the same bar.


Sokura asks if I truly don’t want to enter their clan?

I was invited with a smile, but I politely rejected.


However, while taking a break, after diving into the labyrinth for eleven days, wiping away the grime with a damp cloth, but not taking a bath, it should be fine. I probably smell.


Ma, Sokura is wearing perfume.

Suddenly going straight to the bar…it’s fine.


It’s the impression of a veteran adventurer.


While contemplating, I look at Rollo.

She looks back at me with her lovely crimson eyes.


-We’ll bath when we return.




Hearing the voice of my heart, Rollo purrs.


“Rollo, we stink, should we bath?”

“Nn, Nyan.”


Rollo raises a spoiled sound and jumps.

She returns to her regular place and rubs her head against my cheek.


It seems Rollo is asking for a bath.

The lovely feeling of her whiskers… with a smile, I kiss her small head.


The smell of an animal, it’s cute.

I return to the cheap inn while flirting with Rollo.



Chapter 65: New Weapon and Armor, I, Become Purple Knight


Today I go to the Dwarf Brother’s store.

More than ten days have passed, so my equipment should be finished now.

The equipment is made of the material from the Evil Dragon King.


I’m excited to see what kind of equipment it will be.


One could say I feel naked right now.


I summon the brilliant silver halberd I borrowed and leave the inn with Rollo on my shoulder.


I pass through alleys and small side streets.

When I pass one area-oh? Magic essence.


I detect a presence behind me.

Judging by the movements of the magic essence…I can expect them to be skilled.

Even when I change the speed I walk, the presence behind me remains at a fixed distance.


I’ve refined the sensitivity of presence detection recently so I can sense finer details.


A dark guild? Or one of the Marquess’ spies?”

Or maybe a vampire hunter?


Ma, if it’s an ordinary spy, I’ll just leave them alone.

I’ll hurry to the store where my things are waiting.


Like that, I turn the corner to the dwarfs’ store and am welcomed by Bonn running over.



“N, Nya.”


Rollo cries out.

Jumping from my shoulder, she runs to meet Bonn.


Again, such a strange world…

However, like before Bonn seems to know when we’re approaching.

Perhaps, does he have an ability like presence detection?

But from the black cat and the innocent face, I can’t imagine that.


But, maybe?


The enchanting magic Bonn used the other day was fantastic.

His eyes shone, the mana overflowing from his body.


While thinking about Bonn, I walk towards the store.

Thereupon, one carriage is stopped in front of the shop.


A luxurious carriage with an armored horse.

Men are carrying the tools and heavy materials of the smith out of the shops and into the cart.

Going by their leather clothes, are they manservants?


Are Zaga and Bonn moving?


“Bon, Rollo, let’s go to the store.”




Inside the store is a wooden crate with a magic formation carved into it, the materials of the smith are piled up around the shop.


They seem to be in the middle of moving.

The door inside the disordered shop opens.

Zaga comes out.


“Yo, Shuya. The equipment you prepared is ready.”

“Oh, Zaga. Show me.”


…I’m excited.


“Got it. Get a hold of your excitement and wait a moment. Bon, stop playing with Rollo and help.”



Oh? The word stopped mid-way?

There seems to be a subtle difference from “Enchant.”


Bonn runs after Zaga.


After I wait, Zaga and Bonn return holding baggage to their chest.

Various items are placed on the big desk.


Interested in what’s happening, Rollo begins to move at my feet.


Looking up curiously, she sniffs up and down… Keeping her eyes of the two dwarfs. Seeming to want to touch the new items, she jumps on the desk. She brings her nose close to the new items, inspecting them.


Are you curious about their smell?

This time, she prods with the pad of her foot.


“Rollo, don’t touch yet.”


For now, I’m careful.




Rollo purrs while looking at me, then withdraws her paw.


She sits with feet together, motionless.

She curious, but she’s enduring.


At any rate, this is the new spear.

…The spear is a halberd.


I can tell that the equipment made from the Evil Dragon God is excellent.


Its color is mostly purple, and it’s beautiful.

The spear head and the butt, both have attachments to make them weapons.


The flat ax-like blade also comes to a point like a spear.

The large ax blade shines red and releases mana.

The sharp looking spear head is also red, but the pointed end is somewhat black.


It looks heavy.


Looking at this halberd, it appears similar to Sangokushi’s weapon. (TL: I think this halberd is the kind made from two separate blades, the spear, and the ax blade, but I’m not sure.)

The powerful general wielding eighteen kilos of halberd.

The long metal purple bar holds the ax blades and sharp spear point.

In the middle is a partial hand grip.


The grip is black. It’s probably the leather of a monster.

Also, there are metals fittings for a harness that can be removed.

It was made diligently.


The butt end of the spear is a little different.

There is a large rectangular blue crystal.

Its four corners are enclosed by purple scales like teeth.


The contrasting purple and blue are beautiful.


The blue gem sticks out from the enclosing purple scales, shining with a bluer light.

This part with an enclosed crystal is clearly a staff.

And, to the end of the red ax blade, the mana from the blue crystal can be felt.


“…Amazing, amazing, Zaga, this spear.”

“…will you name this magic spear cane Burdock?”

“That feels right. I will probably go with that.”


I immediately respond.

Without delay, I try using this magic spear cane, Burdock.


I place the borrowed silver jellium halberd on the ground and wrap my hand around the magic spear cane on the table.


Ah, this, as soon as I held it, I somehow understood.

This is my primary weapon.

I move the spear up and down, getting a feel for it. -Weight, balance, everything is perfect.


Rollo follows the movement of the spear head, her small head bobbing.


“-It feels good. The point of the red halberd looks sharp, and the blade on its side is large. The long purple metal bar is surrounded by a grip. And, on the butt end is the large green crystal. Everything is amazing.”

“Good, good. You like it.”


Zaga looks excited, showing a pleased expression.


Hehe, such an incredible weapon.

A smile invades my face.


“-I am extremely pleased. It’s because of Zaga and Bonn as well as the material.”

“Gahaha, you flatter us.”


Zaga laughs.

Moving the magic spear cane, the metal catches the light coming through a window, and I see the pattern like the ripple of the sword.


“…This large red blade also looks sharp.”

“Umu. As you can see, the large blade uses part of the red horn. It will produce a fire attribute attack if hit. However, the most brutal part is the rectangular blue dragon magic stone on the butt end.”


Zaga’s eyes are sharp, he points to the back end and explains.




Surely, it’s blue. This large crystal.


“That’s right. If you inject mana into the crystal, water attribute magic can be released, stronger than a magic gem. However, even greater than the magic is the hardness of the crystal and its flexibility. If someone uses the crystal as a mace, it will be an even more brutal weapon.”


Hmmmm. Zaga said it’s brutal, but it looks beautiful.


“Filth will also be removed if mana is injected, so maintaining the blade is unnecessary. Furthermore, its strength has increased because of Bonn’s enchantment, so you won’t have to worry.”


Oooooh, what a convenient function.

All right, all right, all right. After hearing that, the tension increases.


“…Wao, really. This anticipation is incredible. Now I want to test it.”

“Wait, wait, don’t be so rushed. Besides, you haven’t seen the armor and overcoat?”


Zaga seems pleased by my reaction, smirking while he talks.


“N, Enchanto…”


Bonn nods his head and pats his belly as if to say “Calm down, youngster,” patting me on the back.


This, it feels like Bonn-kun is advising me.

Ma, I won’t think about it.


“…That’s right,, I want to put it on. First is this purple scale mail with the striking design of a dragon. The gauntlets also look good. The purple thigh armor is also reliable. The purple boots connect perfectly with the shins. These grieves. The light gray overcoat is also subdued.”


Like that, I take off the ragged armor I’m wearing, remove the arm guard and cuirass I’ve been wearing for so long, and install the new items.


“Ooh, it’s suitable, like a purple knight.”



It seems I’ve become a purple knight.

It fits around the hips. As expected of Zaga and Bonn.


They made the armor from the commander ant, so I already recognized their mastery, but this made evaluate them in an entirely different light.


It is truly beautifully made.

The bones of the ancient dragon are used in the curve of the chest and other places, making it sturdy.

It’s probably closer to full armor than scale mail.

On the left side of the chest, there is an engraving of a purple dragon, drawn in a dark purple possessing the luster of the halberd, outlined in silver.


The material of the evil dragon king was used as a lining, it feels soft like rubber.

There is a hole around the left wrist, and the purple armor on the back of the hands is good.


Moreover, they resemble thimble gloves.

I can open and close my hand with no discomfort.


This, doesn’t it fire you up? I want to make a pose.


The simple construction of the right vambrace.

From from right wrist to the shoulder it exposed the skin… But I think it will be good.


On the other hand, the scaly armor on the left arm is characteristic.


The hole where the chain ejects looks like the mouth of a dragon.

The tail of a purple dragon curls up my arms to cover my left shoulder.


Solid shaping.


Not only the appearance was taken into consideration, like the vambrace, but it also has a guard that takes range of motion into account.

To make such a thing in around only ten days, they are overflowing with ability.

There is a leather belt around the back, I adjust it to make sure it is around the hips.


A part of the left is also worn. The overlapping purple steel curraiss.

The purple scales were used abundantly.

The ankles to the toes are also well armored.


“The scales and bones of the evil dragon king are used, so its strength is foremost. You should also try wearing the belt on the back and this overcoat.”



The overcoat is gray, but in the light there is a slight purple sheen.

An emblem resembling a cross and book is embroidered on the chest.


I wear the gray overcoat. I run my fingers over the smooth cloth.

I tug one of the corners deliberately.

Despite its appearance, the cloth is durable, and it also feels nice.


The interior also feels cool for some reason.

There’s also a hood behind my neck, it’s designed in such a way that the hood is striped with ashy purple.


The gray overcoat wraps around so it can cover everything.

And, finally the chest belt.

I rotate it from the right shoulder of the overcoat to the chest.

The belt is fastened at a slant.

Knives can be stored here, and there is a large number of square pockets.


Small items can be kept in these pockets.

The bag substitutes for a backpack, and there are metal fittings where the weapons can be attached.


I probably have the appearance of a veteran adventurer now.


“Fumu. Won’t travelers be able to see you’re not a person to mess with?”




Rollo raises a voice too, gets down from the table and rubs her head on my purple boot.


Since it’s a new item, is she attaching her smell to it?

When I’m looking at such a Rollo, Zaga opens his mouth.


“The specially made cloth the overcoat is made from used a special silver thread extracted from the viscous liquid of silver voruku. Along with a special thread and advanced sewing techniques, a lot of time and effort went into making that. It has physical and magic resistance. And then, did you notice that the inside is cool?”


It seems to be.


“Certainly, it is cool. Is this magic?”

“That’s correct. It’s thanks to wind and water magic. It’s connected to the black embroidery on the chest. That emblem is the crest of the god of wisdom’s blessing. The origin seems to be modeled after Iliad-kami’s saintly corpse fabric, ma, this is a replica since it used wind and water magic, but the effect is still considerable for the person who wears it. Using Bonn’s unique enchanting, powdered dragon scales were infused into the fabric. It feels like cloth, but its defense is higher than the maximum grade of metal armor.”


Hoaaa, amazing.

I don’t know what silver voruku is, but it sounds good.

And the cooling magic is perfect.


“…Iya, this is extraordinary. Feeling cool while wearing armor will be good.”

“Right? In fact, the most expensive one including the defense is the overcoat. I got it from a large trading company, but I’m glad you’re satisfied too.”

“Or course. I’m completely satisfied.”

“And then, so it doesn’t get in the way during a fight, the overcoat can slit open and be pulled back. Although, that will make the defense in the front fall.”


I see, it’s not a soft rubber rail (TL: Beats me), I move to fold up the cloth.

I don’t think rubber is used, but it is made cleverly.

It’s completed here by the fabric and embroidery. The craftsman who made this is another expert.


“Lastly, there is the blue ancient dragon eye and the scales of the ancient dragon number several hundred. Parts of the teeth were used and sharpened into daggers. The long fangs were made into simple long swords. There are multiple small fangs, but their lengths all made different daggers. I also sold some of the dragon whiskers, but some are left over. As for the meat, tongue, uvula, cheekbones, jawbone, ears, and the portion of sales sold, they came to ten white gold coins and thirteen large gold coins.”


Oh, wow, large gold coins.

Moreover, large gold coins are worth are worth a hundred with gold coins.

Thirteen of them, fantastic.


It’s such an amount, but captain Cecily refused the reward.

Honor over money, the hero who chose her duty.

If it’s like that, I can understand her bitter expression at the dinner party.

Her pride is strong enough to refuse a reward from the Marquess.

Though she isn’t convinced, she’ll continue being called the hero of the evil dragon subjugation.


However, maa…


“…That’s an enormous amount of money.

“Yeah, I was able to sell the tongue, jawbone, and ears. However, the one that sold the highest was the ancient dragon whiskers. It’s something that isn’t typically sold on the market. I talked with underground auction about it. It seems to be a unique item. An acquaintance who works at a large trading firm told me. From what I hear, even if the market prices fall this will still be the price.”


The staff of a large trading firm? I heard him mention a large trading firm before…

Zaga has a good acquaintance.

Maa, the craftsman who makes such an article…

Frankly, they should have good connections.


“…That’s surprising, however, for everything and anything, thank you.”

“Iya, iya, to have a non-noble customer like Shuya, it’s my pleasure.”


Zaga laughs unusually.


“I see, however, so much money…”

“Fumu. However, top rank adventurers working with large trading companies will handle more. Ma, it shouldn’t be strange for Shuya to become rich. There are still some scales and fangs yet to be sold.”


Saying that I take a look at the gold coins and the fangs and scales.


“…The remainder isn’t actually that much. Zaga, Bonn, thank you. You can even sell the raw materials for proper equipment.”

“…Don’t thank us so many times. We’re the ones who want to express our gratitude. For such great material, not even 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 could produce something so amazing. You let us dwarf brothers handle it. Shuya, thank you. Besides…weren’t our gains also considerable?”

“Haha, that’s right, we both benefited.”


We both smile and laugh.


“Ah, there’s something else we’d like to request.”



Bonn says as if to communicate “That’s right.”


I smile back at Bonn.

And, after placing the scales, fangs, and gold coins in the item box, I remember the carriage stopped in front of the shop.


“…That reminds me, there’s a wagon out front, are you going somewhere?”

“We’re going to move to 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 and join a dwarf clan there. We’re able to afford it thanks to Shuya. Our work should increase in【Pernette】. However, the main reason is that we want more excitement. The materials from the ancient dragon stirred mine and Bonn’s heart. So, we’re thinking of making our name for ourselves in 【Pernette】 where there is better material.”


Is that so…

Ora, getting excited. It’s like the Monkey King, trembling with excitement.

It’s natural for craftsmen.


“Starting anew. Congratulations. So you’re heading to Pernette right away?”

“Ah, our work here is over. It’s still going to take a little time. Also, I was waiting for Shuya.”



Bonn answers enthusiastically.


“That’s right. …perhaps, I might go to labyrinth city Pernette one day.”

“Hou, as expected. We’ll give you a discount when you come to our store.”

“Haha, I’ll look for you then. I’m looking forward to your success.”

“Gahahahaha, I’ll be waiting.”


Zaga smiles and shakes his mustache.


“Well then, I’ll go. Rollo, let’s go.”

“Ou, see ya.”

“Enchanto, Enchanto!”


Zaga casually raises a hand, Bonn raises both his arms and pumps them.

I understand he is saying Bye-bye.


After waving back, I leave the dwarf’s store.


Now then, I’ve got my new equipment…

Should I resume traveling with popobumu?

Or should I use the third gate to contact the local people there?


I will return to the Inn first and then decide.



The shadow follows me still. I don’t worry and hurry to the inn.

All the way to the inn, I feel the magic essence following behind me.

Keeping a fixed distance, no contact is made.

As expected, when I return to the inn, the presence disappeared, but…


Ma, I won’t worry about it.


I place the magic spear cane Burdock in the item box.

I have to register it so I can summon it whenever I want.


First, I take out one copper coin and press storage.

First of all, I place the magic spear in the item box. (TL: Author writes Magic Spear Staff every time, but I’m going to use Magic Spear because it sounds better.)

Next, I press the person symbol.


As always, the outline of a deformed alien is displayed in the window.


The magic sword Bitou is shown in my left hand, in my right hand is a blank space.

I press the blank, and the magic spear Burdock is displayed.

Right away, I register Burdock in the blank for the right hand.

Equip Magic Spear Burdock in Right Hand? Y / N


Of course, I select Y.


I close the window and summon the magic spear.

-Summoned in an instant, the magic spear settles in my right hand.


Perfect. For a moment, I dismiss the weapon.

Now then, should I go to Holkerbam or investigate the gate locations?


I’ll decide with a coin toss. (TL: Okay, so I did translate that right.) Heads is Holkerbam. Tails, gates.


I flip the coin and grab it out of the air.

When my hand opens, the coin is showing tales.


So, I decide gate first.

The lady who lives in the underground church, I will try to contact the locals.


Traveling to Holkerbam is postponed.


I take out the Zohedron Trap.

I trace the third symbol and activate the gate.


The scene on the other side of the gate appears, and the woman is changing her clothes.

When the woman notices the light coming from the mirror, she quickly grabs the front of her dress, covering her small breasts.


She corrects her clothes and arranges her hair, then approaches the mirror and bows.

Like that, she brings her hands together and begins to pray.


I think I surprised her…

I’ll go through the mirror.




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