Chapter 56 – 60

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Chapter 56: Third Griffon Corps Commanding Officer


-A drake.


This one breathes fire.


It seems Quiche is advancing to the front.


Seeming cautious of the breath, She keeps the big shield in her left hand and gradually advances.


The Drake is distracted by Quiche approaching from the front.


I sneak around and aim for the Drake foot.


Rollo also seems to understand my intention and quickly moves to the back-left Drake’s foot.


“Do not let it use its breath-“


I run and shout out a command to everyone in a loud voice.


And, I use the black spear on the Drake’s right foot. The black blade slices through the Drake’s scale making an intense sound and I get to feeling of tough flesh.


Rollo also stabs her bone sword into a soft looking spot between the Drake’s claws.


At that time, my body becomes light.


A white fog is wrapped around my body.


I became faster? Is this support magic?


Rollo also has something like a white wind wrapped around her.


Yosh, since I became fast, I should kill it quickly.


The four feet of the Drake. Sharp claws are growing out of its forefeet.


So, that it cannot use its claws I release of <thrust> at the forefoot as I run, the black spear pierces through the green flesh and multiple holes are created.


A large amount of green blood spurts out from the wound.




The Drake screams in pain and attacks with its forefoot, attacking with the foot that is not being attacked from the side.


I crouch to avoid it and dash.


I slide towards the right side of the Drake’s stomach.


-The Drake’s claw attack passes overhead and is easily avoided.


I stand up immediately and eject <Chain>.


The aim of the chain is not the stomach right in front of me, it draws an arc as it goes around to the attack its back.


When I get the feeling of it properly sticking in its back. I use it similar to rappelling up a building, and pull on the chain to confirm the hold.


The chain seems to have anchored in the flesh and will not come out.


-This is sufficient.


I stab the black spear into the abdomen of the Drake in front of me. I hold the black spear tightly as green blood streams down the handle.


That moment- I retract the chain into the ‘Chain Mark’ on my left hand, and my body moves quickly. I soar low like Tarzan.


The black spear is pierced into the stomach, so as it moves a great wound is cut into the Drake’s stomach.




The screams of the Drake beat against my ears.


I dismiss the chain and land on the other side.


When I pull out the black spear that split the Drake’s stomach, the Drake’s blood and entrails are scattered. It comes towards me but the white mist repels the blood, so I am not bathed in the victim’s blood.


At that time, I angle the black spear down and go around the left side of the dragon then swing the spear.


There is a response like the Achilles tendon being severed.


The Drake’s movements have become dull; its body is moving unsteadily.


Looks like it will die soon.


I lower the black spear in front of me and take in my surroundings.




Then, Rollo returns to sitting on my shoulder.


Ara, as always but it’s different.

The left foot of the Drake gives out and it collapses.


My right shoulder has the pauldron made from carapace and metal.


I have the pauldron attached to my shoulder so it seems Rollo has become confused.


This appearance is cute too.


“Rollo, are you okay?”




She only answers with a rumbling sound.


However, she seems to be okay.


Rollo uses her feelers, extending them out to my clavicle and arm to support herself.


The end of the feelers turn into something like a sucker.


While we are having such a conversation, the worn-out Drake is still alive.


“-I will give it the finishing blow!”


Quiche’s powerful voice rings out.


Quiche also seems to have a white fog around her.


The magic seems to increase a person’s speed.


That, are you not going to use your long sword?


Uha, she punched it and delivers a shield bash.


With a *buuun* she powerfully slams down the shield in her left hand.


Having its jaw shattered the drake’s head is thrown back.


Quiche’s attack continues and from her shield comes a beating.


To the exposed neck of the drake, she extends her long sword out strait, making use of her own height.


Without a sound, the long sword in Quiche’s right hand pierces through the neck of the Drake.


Blood gushes from the neck like a shower.


The drake is completely silent.


Or should I say, isn’t that shield stronger that the sword? The blow from the shield was that intense, giving me this impression.


Thereupon, Azora trots over with her rabbit ears swaying.


Her ears are cute, but since he constitution is round, so it is powerful.


“Haa, haa… Shuya-san and Quiche-san are amazing. To defeat it before Pau had a chance to attack.”


The sacred beast Pau has weapons on its paws like steel claws, so as it walks by the corpse it makes loud clicking sounds.


“This magic, was you?”


Quiche looks to Azora and asks.


“Yes. The divine protection of the wind is speed, it improves evasion. Wind’s Quickness is the language magic.”


“I see. It improves evasion speed. That was why the single blow from the shield was so powerful.”


Quiche checks her body and looks her shield up and down.


I see, this is my first time witnessing support magic.


I will thank Azora.


“I felt my speed increase too. Thank you. Azora.”




Rollo gives her thanks as well.


“Fufu, it’s only natural. Right?”


Azora turns a smile to Rollo and winks.


It is powerful for a different reason.


“…As for us, shall we hurry to that exploding place?”


Quiche raises her sword and looks at the figure of a griffon flying off in the sky.






When we approach the site of the explosion, all around are scattered weapons, screams, and battle cries mixed together with the sound of a chaotic battle.


“This is melee.”


“Let’s work together and not get separated.”




There are dragon monsters, adventurers and those from the blue iron knight, countless adventurers jumbled together, all in one fierce battle.


A battle is raging in the sky between the griffon corps and wyverns.


Quiche, Azora and I are on such an intense battle field but we work together.


As an impromptu party, we steadily defeat dragons in the chaotic fight.


In the middle of such a fierce battle-


That happens.


The ground in front rises.


On top of a large square rock platform an unknown large dragon appears. The unknown large dragon, has three separate heads, its pale scaled body is larger than a drake’s and is smashing the soldiers near it underfoot, the three heads move in a rampage as if covering the entire ground.


The blue knights are being devastated.


It feels like a giant version of the two headed sonic bang.


Perhaps, is that the Evil Dragon King?


“That, Daedalus-“


It seems to be different, Quiche recognizes it.


“That dragon, it is called Daedalus, and it has three heads.”


“-You two people, make room-“


While such a destructive sonic bang approaches, Quiche and I are talking, and Azora speaks up in exasperation.




The white bear Pau raises a deep voice along with Azora.


“Such an Azora, didn’t Pau defeat a drake by itself?”


“That’s right, but-“


Azora tries to reject it in the middle.


The three headed Daedalus releases a booming roar.


I thought it was a roar, but a booming shock wave is released from the three mouths.


When the shock waves hit the armored soldiers, they are blown away like rag dolls.


I am unsure whether it is good or not, but I do not understand the pressure of the shock wave, the attention of the battle all turns to this fight.


At once, the griffon corps seems to rush in as reinforcements.


Several cavalry flying through the sky approach the three headed Daedalus at an awful speed.


“As for us, should we go subdue that Daedalus?”


“I think so.”


“Aah, me too. However…”




“Quiche-san, is something wrong?”


“Iya, it’s nothing, we’ll understand if we try.”


Such a vague Quiche begins running.


What is it? Ma, I will go.


Following behind her, Azora starts running with me.


There are several knights from the griffon unit fighting when we get there, no, the three headed Daedalus is being played with.


A knight on a griffon fires magic, repeatedly doing a hit and run attack, avoiding the dragon’s claws.


The three headed Daedalus is pushed back.


The soldiers of the blue armored knight are reforming their ranks under cover of the griffon corps.


Bowmen and magic users are forming a row, firing at the Daedalus.


The Daedalus immediately reacts to the attacks.


The left head turns to the sky with a jerk and opens its mouth, exposing its sharp teeth- and roars.


The roar is like a shock wave barrier; a transparent film balloons out in the air to protect the three heads.


The shock film barrier protects against long-distance attacks.


-There is something making a nose dive toward the Daedalus.


Just now, that was a griffon.


A griffon with a dark green knight on its back is nose-diving.


The knight jumps off the plummeting griffon.


With a large two-handed sword held over his head he drops from the sky.


Amazing, like a green meteor.


The three headed Daedalus cannot react.


The dark green night easily passes through the shock film, and directly hits the base of the dragon’s throat with the long sword.


The neck collapses with the one strike and the heads are torn off and sent flying through the air.


A single strong blow using speed and gravity.


The necks attached to the heads are still wriggling as blood seeps out.


Blue blood falls over people like rain, the severed heads of the dragon also fall from the sky.


-The attack of the griffon corps continues.


One after another, knights jump off their griffon.


The new knight holds a long-sword smaller than the knight from earlier.


N? Is there a faint red light coming from the sword blade?


-I look with magic observing eye.


After all, that long sword is abnormal.


A light of dense mana is coming from the sword blade.


That weapon has a feeling like my magic sword Bitou.


A smooth slash from the magic sword.


A thick red straight cut, without the dragon’s head reacting, it slips down across the red line.


The dragon’s neck is severed like a hot knife through butter.


Unbelievable sharpness, there was no recoil.


The single blow from before was comparable to a “wave of rock,” but the single blow from the magic sword was as smooth as “wave of willow.”


There is no recoil, but when there is a magic sword and such amazing skill, a cut will be made like that.


From the magic sword wound, blood gushes out several seconds later.


The special movements of the knights continue.


Each arrival signals a blow, there is no interval.


The knights with their large swords cut through the necks of the three headed Daedalus and then run past its side.


The knight with the magic sword runs over too and jumps up and slashes the neck of the head that released the shock wave.


Once again, the third neck is easily cut.


The large body of the Daedalus with its three severed heads collapses backwards and pale blood spurts out.


The knights of the griffon unit that jumped down to attack the Daedalus are forced to fight normally.




“They did it!”




Each member of the blue armored knights raises a cheer for their help.


Then, the knight who cut off two of the three heads removes their helmet.


-Wow. Then, the woman who rode the griffon appears.


The face of the woman from the platform appears.


Upon noticing the female knight, the soldiers still fighting the dragons begin to get excited.


Such soldiers,


“Everyone, we’re in the middle of a battle, but listen up, I am the commanding officer of dragon rider post of the third army corps, my name is Cecily Fadasso! Just now I defeated the Daedalus that slaughtered so many soldiers!”


The female knight shouts loudly to raise moral.




The soldiers respond.


Cecily continues talking.


“With this force the dragon will be wiped out! All of you, each person’s actions determines the battlefield! Go straight to the home of the Evil Dragon King!”




“Let’s gooooo!”


“Me too!”




Cecily’s voice echoes across the battlefield as if carried by magic.


Most of the soldiers are still fighting the dragons, but there are still several who raise their voices.


After Cecily Fadasso finished raising moral, her griffon drops from the sky in search of its master.


Cecily jumps lightly onto the back of the gliding griffon, and returns to the sky.


The griffon commander seems to be switching to offering air support.


“Quiche started to say something, what was it?”


“That’s right. The warriors of the griffon corps are a match for a thousand men. They are famous in Osberia.”


“The griffons are amazing. So cool.”




Pau raises an upset sound to Azora’s statement.


“It’s fine. Pau is number one.”


She rubs the white bears head and cheeks while talking in a gentle tone to soothe it.


Azora is a magic beast tamer.


To fly in the air, she might be able to contract a griffon as a secondary beast.


With such an impression, the chaotic battle draws to a close.


The many dragon classes are slaughtered one after another by the adventurers and soldiers.


“…They seem able to handle cleaning up the remaining dragons.”


“Commander Cecily raised their spirits. My chest also became hot.”


Quiche’s visor is down so I cannot make out her expression, but her voice sounds heated.


As she says, the blue iron knights and adventurers along with us are wiping out the dragons that appear.


Mt. Burdock is climbed and a few days pass.


As our temporary party fights the dragons our cooperation gradually improves. Eating and sleeping together, we take turns doing watch and a relationship of mutual trust is built.


Of course, Quiche and I have sex repeatedly. I apologize to Azora, but she is not bothered. So, with a rough snort Quiche and I do not hold back.


During the meals over the several days in the mountains, I discover that Azora has an accessory like a rabbit tail attached to her lower back.


I am curious so I try asking about it.


“Azora, what is that thing that looks like a ‘tail” hanging at your waist?”


“It’s a good luck charm. A rabbit tail. It is made from the collected hair of a virgin. In my home of Rabbitmen, it is a luck charm famous in Conrad Village for ‘evading death.’”


The hair is from a virgin’s tail? I try to break in down in my head.


However, I want to reserve myself with Azora.




“Ah~, do you believe?”


“Nya, nya.”


There, Rollo has approached Azora’s waist and begun playing with the tail.


“Kora~, Rollo-chan. That’s not good, what about I take Rollo-chan’s tail.”


Azora grabs Rollo’s tail and pulls it up and down, left and right, playing with it.


“Nn, Nya, nya, nyaa.”


Rollo does not seem to like having her tail caught, so she stops playing with the rabbit tail and runs away from Azora.


Azora chases after her, laughing.


She really loves Rollo.


There is a “carved magic beast seal” on the back of her right hand, thanks to that she can understand the feeling of a beast well.


Azora’s face is stern, but her long ears are cute.


I carelessly stare of Azora’s head.


To be honest, her face is plain, but her personality is cute. I feel friendship.


I would be happy if I took such a woman as a bride.


While having such thoughts, it becomes night.


The next day, our temporary party subjugates the dragons without injury.


We are approaching a gorge halfway up the mountain.


The number of dragons in the area has gradually been increasing so the battles are growing more intense.


The dead soldiers and adventurers are increasing.


However, the soldiers and adventurers are able to go through the small canyon because of their large casualties,


Finally, we arrive in the area where the Evil Dragon King is said to live.


“Around here.”




“Everyone is a little tense.”


However, the Evil Dragon King is nowhere to be seen.


The blue iron knights and adventurers start making preparation to camp the knight.


A bonfire is prepared and soldiers run about busily.


Luggage is removed from wagons and dozens of tents are set up.


An explanation is given by the leader of the knights to the adventurers.


We are told the knights will be taking command tomorrow morning, they will be performing a large-scale search of the area for the Evil Dragon King.


Saying such a thing, we take a break here as well.


We spread out our campsite on the ground and wait for tomorrow.



Chapter 57: Fierce Battle ・ The Dragon King’s Fight to the Death



During the break, I suddenly sense magic essence.


What? Uheh, it’s huge, a huge mass of magic essence is coming-

T-that, s-so laaaaaaarge.

Covering the whole camp, a huge dragon appears.

The ax horn of its read head shines with an unusual light. Its twin blue eyes are like that of a bird of prey, releasing a furious cold gaze.


Its massive body is covered in overlapping purple scales, the size of two, no three, wyverns.

The Evil Dragon King Burdock is bigger that Daedalus.


“Quiche, Azora, it’s here.”


Even as I call out my warning, the Evil Dragon King raises the hooked claws of its fore feet and smash the soldiers, carts, and tents instantly.

It straightens its back and opens its mouth, exposing its sharp fangs, then released a thunderous roar.


-The roaring thump splits the air, causing vibrations.


The Evil Dragon King finishes roaring and falls back onto its feet, then rushes forward. Cracks spread out on the ground where the large claws grow.

The Evil Dragon King’s speed is supernormal. An iron blue knight rushing to meet it has his body quickly cut through.

Its thick claws pierce through the metal breastplate, puncturing out the back.


The Evil Dragon King lifts the knight’s body high as if presenting its trophy. Blood unceasingly flows from the knight body into the bonfire below, sparks rising.

Furthermore, the dead knight is thrown at a cart, hitting the soldiers in the area.

The Evil Dragon King opens its mouth wide to sneer.


The large uvula in the back of its throat is visible. (TL: That dangly thing in the back of your mouth.)

It thought it was going to roar again, but…

Power is accumulating in its mouth? That moment, a phosphorescent light like a glowing furnace appears inside. The phosphorescence grows in the front of its mouth, becoming an enormous blazing globe.


Tail Beast Globe. Massive fireballs are repeatedly shot.


“Dragon, the Evil Dragon King is heeeeeeeere.” “It’s attacking!” “Uaaaaaaaaah!” “Fireball!” “Hiiaaa” “It’s huuuge!”


The consecutive fireballs turn the campgrounds into a sea of flames.

All of the adventurers and blue armored knights scream and try to run away.

The Evil Dragon King’s raid has thrown them into utter chaos.


The griffon corps turn to counterattack, but the Evil Dragon King is indifferent, continue to cut down the adventurers and soldiers with a sweep of its enormous tail.


-Here it comes.


Too fast, Quiche sets up her shield.

Azora gets behind Pau.


With Rollo on my shoulder, I eject <chain> in the other direction and escape.

The huge tail catches a massive number of adventurers including Quiche.




I try to call out, but I am too late…

There, the light of a magic formation appears below the Evil Dragon King-


That is the paralysis magic from Lushell, from crimson tiger.

The Evil Dragon King is caught by the light, its movements frozen. The adventurers take this as an opening and attack the Evil Dragon King together.


Sarah is there. I see Butch too.

Each is working on their own foot of the Evil Dragon King, attacking, using hit and run tactics.

Explosive flames, creating a deep bass sound, wrap around the Evil Dragon King.

The griffon unit in the sky releases an advance fire explosion magic, similar to carpet bombing.


In the meantime, I look for Quiche.


“Oi, Quiche! Where are you!”


There is only the debris and dead bodies created by the Evil Dragon King, I cannot find Quiche.

Azora rushes over on the back of her white bear.




I stop talking, shaking my head side to side.


“Is that so…”


For now, the Evil Dragon King needs to be dealt with.

Shit, shit, I continue being silent, filled with anger. I look to Rollo and nod.

Rollo extends her feelers and gets down from my shoulder.


Then, when I try to plunge into attack the Evil Dragon King.


“-Please wait. I’ll cast magic.”


Azora stops me.

That magic?




I nod

-I pay attention to Azora.


Azora’s long white rabbit ears twitch.

Her long white eyelashes stand out, and her brown eyes focus.

She is concentrating.

An aria is spun from her full red lips.


“Spirit of Wind, Road of Wing. Take my mana as payment for clothing of wind…cast 《Racing Wind》!”


Thing clouds rise around Azora.

The clouds spiral around into a white fog, drifting around me.


It also appears around Rollo.

This is the speed and evasion increase magic.

Nevertheless, this is the first time I hear a language magic aria spoken by another person.


“Thanks, I’m going now.”

“Yes, Pau and I will go too.”



The white bear extends its steel claws and opens its mouth in an almost laughing manner.

This is the feeling of being ready for war.

Although the Evil Dragon King has taken countless magic attacks from the griffon corps, blue iron knights, soldiers, and adventurers, its scales are undamaged.


Only one magic has worked, the paralyzing magic from Crimson Tiger’s Tempest’s Lushell.

However, its movements are only temporarily halted.

When the Evil Dragon King recovers from the paralysis, it counters attacks with an angry roar.

The Evil Dragon King extends several sharp claws from its feet.

When I move to attack the forefoot, the massive talon is swung through the sky.


It strikes down the Griffon Corps flying in the air.

Each of those hooked claws is like a longsword.

I wait for the right timing to attack, then strike the Evil Dragon King’s foot- I feel a hardness I have yet to experience.


This is way too hard.


The scales of the ancient dragon boast an extreme hardness.

Roll extends a feel to attack with a bone sword too, but it is easily repelled.


It was even repelled by the carapace of the armored ant. This is only natural.

It is certainly stronger than the armored ant, this…is it tungsten?

However, I won’t give up. I I strike Evil Dragon King Burdock’s scale over and over- but the only result is the hard sound and a numb arm.

The tanza spear is totally ineffective- it’s too hard.


Pau is also attacked the other foot with his steel claws, but they have no effect, only scattering purple sparks.


The back of the Evil Dragon King, its lower abdomen?

Making up my mind, I use fighting moji enhanced legs to cut the distance between myself and its abdomen.

At the base of the tail, I release <Thrusting> at the Evil Dragon King’s ass. (TL: Taking a hint Hajime, now the Evil Dragon King is going to turn into a masochist.)


-But, there is only that hard sensation again.

-It failed completely.

Besides, seriously? The tanza spear tip is bent.

Like that, the black tanza spear that takes pride in its strength…


Shit, here, I will hit it with by strongest skill consecutively!


-I active <Dark Drill – Magic Spear Break>

I use <Dark Drill> with the metal bar of the black spear, bending it further.

Tsk, it’s no good?

Then, when I think that, the summoned Break Spear Grand Pulse black spear cuts deeply through the purple scales into the abdomen.

Purple blood gushed out, spurting out from the purple flesh.


OOOOOooooo, fantastic, it worked!

Purple blood spouts like a shower.




Rollo turns to such a me and raises an unusual cry for attention, after crashing into me, she extends a feeler to the right and moves away.


What happened? Oh, crap-

Once I noticed, I receive a counter attack from the Evil Dragon King’s massive tail.


I try to deflect it with my spear, but the tanza rod is completely bent and sent flying from my hands.

I receive the impact too and am tossed away.

Knocked back into the debris, I somersault repeatedly.


Pieces of metal and scraps of wood tear through my back as I tumble backward. The scroll I didn’t use is knocked from my chest.


-I active <Magic Though Guidance Hand> midway.

I wrap my body with distorted mana hand to support it and eject <chain> gradually slowing until I come to a stop.


I-iteeeeeeeee, it hurts, it hurts. Mother of god, it hurts.

After such a long time, I am bleeding from everywhere on my body.

My new armor is severely damaged, and there is a hole in it too.


My foot is twisted, my waist is bent in an odd direction, ribs, arm, my foot might also be broken…

Pull out the chips of wood and metal stuck in my body.


Regeneration will probably take time.


…Time is precious. Fuu…

I return my gaze to the Evil Dragon King who attacked with its tail.

It is the scene of Pau who has killed three Drakes swinging its claws at the Evil Dragon King.

The attack utilizing all of Pau’s weight scrapes of the scales of the Evil Dragon King. The attack is followed by a terrible impact.

The steel claw equipped nails ceaselessly attack.


Every time the steel nail collide with the purple scales, purple sparks are scattered.


The thick upper right rake- what, surreal.

Igniting Fang?

However, the amusing impression I got disappear immediately.


It has no effect on the Evil Dragon King. None whatsoever.

The white bear’s attack doesn’t connect.

Then, Azora’s attack joins in.

She stabs with the long spear in her right hand, but it is similarly deflected by the scales. The Evil Dragon King turns its crimson horns toward Azora and extends its neck like a tortoise from its shell.


“Azora- run away.”


I voice doesn’t carry.

-Pau collides with Azora to protect her.

While helping Pau, Azora is knocked to the side, the “lucky rabbit tail” that was attached to her waist flies through the sky.

The white bear bites the Evil Dragon King’s crimson horn, stopping its attack with its mouth.

Amazing, the difference in physique is more than twice.

However, while it seemed it prevented the Evil Dragon King’s attack…smoke rises from the bear’s mouth.

Pau lets out a roar of agony and writhes.


Dangerous, dangerous.

Before long, the mouth of the white bear is burnt, and the gray head of the upper body begins to burn.

The blue eyes of the Evil Dragon King glow,.

As if treading on garbage, a long claw is stuck out.


The claw like a longsword pierces through the white bear’s body.


The white bear turns red… the Evil Dragon King moves to toss the body aside, and the white bear is torn apart.

The body of the bear is cut in half, separated to the left and right.

Azora stands up, then stares at Pau without screaming.


That opening is fatal.


“Azora, get away!!”


However, my voice doesn’t reach her.

My foot is bent, my wounds aren’t healed, but I don’t care.


I activate <Cerebral Demon Speed>-


Blood flows out, and terrible pain racks my body, but I run.



For all that- the Evil Dragon King roars shortly.

It turns its blue eyes to the sky.

Like that, I look toward the Evil Dragon King, it is slower than my usual trump, I still attain and abnormal speed.


The massive figure that crawls on the ground.


Three seconds pass-


Azora is right in front of me- I stretch out my arm.

The moment I see Azora’s vacant eyes- the Evil Dragon King claws pass right in front.


Azora’s neck is severed.

Her head with its long ears is sent flying through the air…


The Evil Dragon King doesn’t seem to have even seen Azora, it was aiming to kill a griffon flying by.

The Griffon and its rider fall out from the sky.


-I was too late.




Seriously? Azora…ugh.

My stomach churns. I’m going to be sick.

Some part of me still seems to be human.


It was only for a little while, but the death of the companion I fought alongside, who I became friends with, it sickens me.

Even when I killed people, I never felt something like this. Witnessing the death of a close friend seems to be a different matter entirely.

Once I notice, the adventurers and blue knights in the area have decreased, the griffon corps has too.

I pick up the rabbit tail Azora dropped, then immediately take distance from the Evil Dragon King.


This, I don’t have the freedom to indulge in sentiment.

The smell of blood and taste of bile in my mouth is strong.


Rollo returns to me at a run.

She is uninjured. It seems she was able to evade the Evil Dragon King’s attack.

Sorry. She threw herself at me earlier to help me.

I was heavy though, so it didn’t work…


This fellow should know that my body is undead, but she still tried to help. She didn’t need to go so far.


To that extent, my partner is reliable.

Strong. That shitty Dragon King.

With the shitty Evil Dragon King as their opponent, the Griffon Corps is doing its best.


Should I see what their condition is?


They should withdraw soon, but the griffon unit around Cecily does not seem to be.

Since they are attacked from the Evil Dragon King from the sky, the are able to withdraw repeatedly.


The ground force…

They’re withdrawing… it was not possible.

The ground unit seems unable to escape.

The Evil Dragon King’s claws and tail prevent them from retreating.


Also, the raid cannot escape.

Well, the damned Evil Dragon King seems to be intelligent.

I remember the words of the Witch Sazihali.


She said that Burdock’s character should be “ferocious, bold, and greedy.”

Adventurers, proud of their strength, die like garbage.


It seems that the members of Crimson Tiger have lost no one.

There is also the short magic messenger duo at the back.

There it seems the ax-wielding dwarf from the dragon subjugation urgent request is still alive.

Somehow or other, the adventurers in that area are working together.

A voice sounds from soldiers on the other side of the adventurers.


“-Garnet Burogain, the first person to retreat gets a sword in the back! Only charge! Everyone, the pride of the blue iron knights, remember your training! Follow me, Sharp Ogre Party! Haaeeeeeeeee!!”


Seeming to hear the words that almost certainly triggers a death flag, the Evil Dragon King Burdock turns its head and faces the blue iron knights.

Its eyes move and catch sight of the group of soldiers.

Even though the entire group sees the Evil Dragon King’s movement, they charge forward, undaunted.


Each extends their own weapon, confronting the villainous Dragon King.

The Evil Dragon King opens its mouth towards the charging soldiers and roars.

-Its roar makes the air vibrate.

The roar becomes high-pitched, causing the soldiers to bleed from their ears, fall to one knee, and hold their heads, unable to move.


The magic seems to be damaging their ear drums and their minds.

Then, the Evil Dragon King’s blue eyes shine.

Twin blue ray of light shoot from its eyes.

The blue beams hit the incapacitated soldiers.

One after another, the soldier’s freeze, turned into statues of ice.


Then, the Evil Dragon King sweeps out with its forefoot-


The scaled and taloned foot hit the frozen soldiers. They shatter, turning it pieces of frozen meat, scattered around the area.

They are dying like ants being crushed by an elephant.

One of the soldiers killed was commander Garnet.


Upon such a gruesome scene, a straight light burns from the ground.

-The comrade’s magic.

It is Lushell’s magic.

The magic formation spreads, trying to capture the Evil Dragon King in a cage of light.

Once again, his movements are sealed.


It has no offensive abilities, but this magic is the strongest force present on the battlefield.


Taking the opening, several men from the griffon cops dive together.

The Knights are delivering the falling sword attack that decapitated Daedalus.

Only the griffon corps and some adventurers are participating…however, the scene the griffon corps weaves is cool.


“As expected, the green meteor warriors.”


One of the nearby surviving soldiers says absentmindedly.

It has the feeling of a nickname for a skill.


The blow using a giant sword and gravity.

However, the Griffon knight’s attack that decapitated the three-headed Daedalus has no effect on the ancient dragon.

They manage to damage the scales, but it is superficial. It does not go so far as creating a wound.


The Griffon Corps can’t do anything either…the moment I think that.

The next knight’s attack is different.


-The knight with a magic longsword.


After all, it’s Cecily Fadasso.

That single attack, penetrates the Evil Dragon King’s scales, cutting into purple flesh.

Fresh purple blood scatters around.




The adventurers and soldiers who see the attack land raise a courageous shout!

The soldiers and adventurers with their moral raised are running up to attack.


Ou, it’s that dwarf.

I forgot his name.


The scales on the left side of the Evil Dragon King’s body are cut through by his ax, splashing purple blood.

The dwarf with the dragon killing ax. It should have a special effect on dragons.

Then, two thick spiral icicles slam into the Evil Dragon King’s wings.

The Evil Dragon King’s wings are frozen, the parts hit directly turn white and snowstorm rages.


I look around for the person who used the icicle magic.

The two icicles are connected to a giant ice tree in the air, so I follow its branches.

At the base of massive ice tree are two children.

Was that powerful magic used by the short duo?

King class, maybe emperor class, I don’t understand the scale, but the magic stands out.


Sarah’s enlarged red arm grasping her huge sword attack the frozen parts of the Evil Dragon King for the first time.

The frozen parts are significantly damaged, the scales are destroyed, and purple flesh is exposed.

The frozen sections break with the sound of shattering glass.


The Evil Dragon King does not cry out in pain.

Even after receiving such a matchless attack, it seems indifferent.


Strong. In one word.

I look at such an Evil Dragon King, then look to Rollo and speak.


“Rollo, do you understand me? I am going to attack my own from now on, so hold back and focus on evasion.”



Roll answers lightly and takes her distance.


I activate a magic formation.

If it’s that ancient magic, it might work.

I focus mana on my finger and begin constructing the formation.

This is only the basics, so I don’t change it much.


I fiddle with the magic formation while I hurry, making sure I don’t make any mistakes as I transcribe it.

The foundation of the black mass magic formation is completed.


-Evil Dragon King, take this!


“《Dark Bullet》!!”


I shout to activate it.

My mana is absorbed by the magic formation, and a distorted black lump appears.


The black mass flies directly for the Evil Dragon King.

However, the Dragon King swings its head toward to the lump, brandishing its crimson horn.

The crimson horn hits the black lump…my ancient magic, it was bisected in a matter of seconds.




I pull myself together and eject <chain> in the Evil Dragon King’s direction.

I move the chain diagonally so that it creates a slight arc.


Shit, I aimed for its head, but the dragon avoided it.

It can’t be helped, I aim for its large back.

The chain could not finish off the Evil Dragon King, but the tip pierces its back.

I feel the chain strike the scales and judge that it reached the flesh.


Alright, a blade is ineffective, but like with the armored ant, my special <chain> gets through.

I have no choice but to use the magic directly. I shout stubbornly.


I activate <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> and make the magic sword Bitou appear in my left hand.


“Oi, shit head, Evil Dragooooooooon.”


I cry, infusing my voice with anger.

I retract the chain into the mark on my hand, quickly jumping on the Evil Dragon King’s back.


Everyone, all the adventurers and griffon knights there look at me with a dumbfounded expression.


Without minding the confused looks, I swing the magic sword at the purple scales.

I switch to two hands and swing- with a hard clang, the sword bounces off. Shit is hard, whatever, over and over again, strengthening my arms with Fighting Moji, everyone, Quiche, you killed everyoooone, dick! I attack with the magic sword Bitou out of fury.


However, the scales are unyielding…

The sword is different than the spear, I have no special skill like <Dark Drill – Magic Spear Break>…

It can’t be used with the sword.

The paralysis magic ends while I am doing this, the Evil Dragon King begins to move.


The adventurers all scatter at once.

I don’t care, I keep attacking with the magic sword, supported by the embedded chain.


I activate the distorted mana hand of <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.


I attack with the invisible fist at the same time, but the purple scales only make a creaking sound, so it is entirely ineffective.

I continue such an attack.

The Evil Dragon King seems to have noticed I was on its back.

Moreover- it turns its head around, opens its mouth and bites.

Gee, its back?

-Such a soft neck.

The large mouth of the Evil Dragon King approaches, I am eaten in one gulp.


I am chewed on by the foul smelling, crooked teeth.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS HURT, OUCH, FUCK, SHIT, GODDAMN, MOTHER FUCKIN DRAGON. (TL: He just says “ouch” over and over in the raws, but that doesn’t communicate how much it should hurt, so I did this.)


I will have my revenge you shit.

I stab the magic sword in the Evil Dragon King’s mouth, piercing its tongue.

It’s soft here.

However, teeth have pierced my body all over, blood gushes everywhere.


The pain is excruciating, but the Evil Dragon King seems to be in pain too, it is groaning and shaking its head.

It keeps chewing on my body, using its tongue full of holes that gush blood, it forces me into its throat.


I am rolled up in a tongue coated in saliva and swallowed.

Even after being chewed up and swallowed, I do not let go of the magic sword.

Even as blood gushes out from my body, I endure the pain.


I “cannot die” for my “body does not die.”


“Don’t you know I’m undead!!”


With a mighty shout- I bring down the magic sword.

I continue cutting into the esophagus.


Hahaha, I mince up his insides.

I am carried to the stomach as I cut, brought by contracting muscles.

I burst into its belly.

Boiling, rumbling, the sound of something dissolving.

Inside its stomach is an acid swamp.

There is a pungent scorching smell, likely the strong gastric acids reaching my nose.

At the bottom of its swamp of stomach acid is bits of flesh, bone, iron, chips of wood and other debris.


Is that the smell of melting flesh?


“Oops, my foot, iaaa, that hurts!”


The magic shoes I got from Zoru’s home are completely melted.

The pain of my foot being burned runs through my whole body.

I put my hand in the stomach acid.

Iteee, it’s too painful, my foot is being dissolved too, I don’t like it.

My blood is gushing out in a state of continuous regeneration.


My body is bathed is gastric acid, my new armor filled with holes is tattered…only Shisho’s jacket and the part with Bonn’s enchantment are intact.


My body is undead, but this is too dangerous, I am full of holes from head to toe, the gastric acid is melting the flesh on my hands, I can see white bones.

However, but my body is regenerating quickly as well.

I am recovering with large amounts of blood are gushing out.

My entire body aches…but this is my best chance.

The pain is excruciating… but I can endure.


Incidentally, can the Evil Dragon King take pain too?


With a wicked smile, I activate a certain skill.


-<Blood Chain Feast>


The copious amounts of blood pouring from my body shift, turning into bloody chains.

I release the blood chain skill will my entire body, then float in the middle of the dragon’s stomach. With arms and legs extended, the innumerable blood chains lengthen like needles of a hedgehog.

Extending in all directions, the blood chains pierce through the Evil Dragon King’s stomach into other parts of its body, leaving gaping wounds.


-I destroy its stomach.


-In an instant, I decimate the Evil Dragon King’s stomach.

Outside the Evil Dragon King begins to scream.


“How’s that, Evil Dragon King, doesn’t it hurt!! You, you shit!”


I cry out from inside its stomach.


The smiling faces of Azora and Quiche float by.

Kind Azora, transparent Quiche.

-I’m sorry, if I was eaten sooner…

If I were lucky enough to be eaten at the start, the result would have been different.

However, even if I wallow in self-pity, they won’t return.

Saying so, the Evil Dragon King. My companions, I will take revenge on the one who harmed my favorite woman.




The stomach is completely destroyed by the innumerable blood chains.

The mass of blood chain that pierced through the stomach tear through the dragon’s internal organs like a virus eroding away at its flesh.

Holding the magic sword Bitou, I cut through the ruptured stomach, aiming in the direction of the chest. Even with my mouth, I bite, swallowing the purple flesh and blood.


Thus, my health is completely restored.

The blood chains disappear. However, the massive damage caused by the blood chains to the Evil Dragon King’s internal organs will be fatal.

Furthermore, I find its heart.

I thrust the magic sword into the heart, purple blood gushes out.

While gulping down the blood, I thrust my head at the dragon king’s heart and directly eat it.


Puaaaa, the blue boils up.


※ Pikon ※ Title: Ancient Dragon Eater Acquired※

※ Title: ※ Ancient Dragon-Eater and Divine Beast Contractor※ Integration ※

※ Title: ※ Transcended One ※ Title Acquired


Oh, I got a title.

Should I make my way out now?

After eating the heart, I properly cut my way towards the esophagus.


When I reach the throat, I activate <Magic Thought Guidance Hand.>

I use the distorted mana hand as a foothold by grasping the purple flesh. With <chain> and the magic sword Bitou I rise.


There, with a DOON, a massive rolling occurs with the sound.


Shaking- nuooooo.


I quickly eject <chain> into the esophagus and hang from it.

It seems the evil dragon king has fallen down. There is a vibration.

Without minding it, I climb up.

The movements of the muscles have completely stopped, it should be dead now.

Climbing towards to lips, I force open its mouth full of sharp teeth.




There is a female knight in front of me, holding a sword.

This, I’m shocked enough to open my mouth, is this the knight captain of the Griffon Corps, Cecily Fadasso?


A roaring cheer begins then.




Covered in blood, I try to stand up.


“Hero of the dragon subjugation.”

“Griffon Corps, Bonzai-”


“Cecily Fadasso is a hero, she cut down the Evil Dragon King!”


The surviving soldiers in the area crowd around the female knight.

That, did I kill it? I am surrounded by roaring cheer of joy.

The knight woman does not seem to be interested in the celebration, she only stares at me.


I watch in utter amazement.

Then, Rollo runs up.


“Nya, nyaaa.”


Rollo is unexpectedly joyful, she walks up to me and rubs her head on my foot.

She climbs to my shoulder, then extends a feeler to my cheek.

She conveys these feelings.


『Worried』 『Stinky』 『Happy』 『Knew it』 『Happy』 『Play』 『Knew it』(TL: When Rollo says “Knew it” the kanji mean she believed it, had faith in Shuya. I simplified this to “Knew it” to flow better.)


Rollo is licking my cheek wholeheartedly.


“Haha, I get it, Rollo. That tickles.”

“Did you kill it?”


While I’m playing with Rollo, the captain Knight pushes several spectators aside and speaks.

When I try to answer the female knight-




Oh, Sarah from Crimson Tiger.

She’s hugging me.


“Sarah, what’s wrong?”

“Of course something is wrong, I watch Shuya cry out and attack, get eaten…”


Sarah has tears in her eyes.

But, it’s fine. I hug her tight.

The smell of sweat. My nose is filled with the smell of a woman.


“That’s right. Shuya-san. I was worried. I saw you eaten and thought you died, then you came out of the Evil Dragon King’s mouth.”


While I am enjoying Sarah’s smell, Lushell appears with a worried expression.


“I thought you were dead.”


Belize appears.

While she is laughing, she crosses her arms under her chest swelling under the red armor.


“Aah, me too.”


Butch also survived.

The muscle man is safe.

Quiche is Quiche alive…


“Sarah, did you see Quiche?”

“Quiche? Aah, you were will that elf, the heavy knight. It seems she has been severely injured, but she should live with recovery magic.”


Ooh, she lived.


“Thank god…”


Even she lived…it really is good.

Suddenly, I start to cry.


“…Nee, when the griffon corps killed the Evil Dragon King, there was sound…”


I look around while wiping my tears.

It’s noisier than it was earlier.


“Yeah,…it can’t be helped.”

“The real slayer is Shuya…but, oh dear, these soldiers…these adventurers fighting here until the end, I understand it.”


Sarah praises.

Ma, while hugging Sarah’s body, it must have felt painful.


“…Ah, that’s right. However, everyone deserves credit…”



Chapter 58: Dragon Killers



Quiche is safe in a tent that has become the place for treatment.
She is missing half her armor and wearing thin leather clothes.
Her face is still scratched, but she seems to be okay.
She smiles as soon as her eyes fall on me.

We high-five on the spot, then hold each other.
Quiche’s face looks cheerful.

“Shuya, it’s over…thank you.”

Quiche’s eyes fill with tears while she talks.
The Evil Dragon King was Quiche’s enemy.

“Ah, I know.”
“Azora and the white bear?”

Quiche doesn’t know yet…

“-They’re dead.”

I shake my head, answering briefly.

“…Unfortunate. However, she was probably satisfied since her final opponent was the Evil Dragon King.”
“She probably was. Then, this, I want Quiche to have this memento, it’s her lucky rabbit tail.”

Saying so, I give her the charm that has turned dark brown, no longer fluffy and white.
I managed to survive, so it must be good luck.
Azora died the moment she was separated from it…
I’m an undead, so it won’t help me.

“This. It’s the charm Azora had. I’m not one for superstitions, but I’ll take it.”

Quiche accepts it.
It’s hard to say, but it needs to be said.

“…Just before Azora died, she dropped it. So, it might actually be effective?”
“That’s rather unlucky…but, already, I won’t need it.”
“I’m thinking about taking a break from being an adventurer, for a while.”

Is it because of the shock?
However, her expression looks healthy.

“A holiday, huh. In Hector?”
“Uya, I won’t return with everyone. I want to drop in at Hino village. Besides, the Evil Dragon King has been killed. I want to go back to my home, build a grave, report that the thing that killed my family has been defeated…to everyone.”

Her home was destroyed by the Evil Dragon King.
She said before that she wanted to rebuild the village.

“I see. I’ll miss you…”
“…Me too, Sh-Shuya.”

Quiche voice is muffled, it sounds like “don’t say such a thing,” I shake my head.
One, two tears stream down cheeks. Crying. I pull Quiche’s head close and stroke her beautiful green hair.

Her beautiful long ears,

“Quiche, it’s fine.”

Quiche nods quietly. Then, she looks up at my face.
Like that, I snatch away her lips.
Don’t cry. I put that feeling into the kiss.
The deep kiss lasts for a brief moment.


The kiss ends.
It was a deep kiss, a parting one.

“Fufu, Shuya, I swore to the morning star Saideiru that I wouldn’t take a lover, but I like you.”

Morning star saideiru?

“I like you too.”

Her light green hair sways in the wind.
Surely, we aren’t lovers. The strategies of love are not twisting and constraining.

“…Shuya is my friend. I’m leaving.”

It seems like this is difficult for her…
Without saying anything, I turn my back on the woman I love and leave.
A friend, but my mind is brimming with the memories of her as my lover, whispering sweet nothings…the words die in my throat.
Quiche is tall, but…I’ve completely lost sight of her. The cord of a new backpack cuts into my shoulder. The knapsack is jam-packed. Is my treasure over there?
I think about something unimportant, trying to distract myself from the loneliness filling my chest.




…One day later.

News of the Evil Dragon King Subjugation’s success arrives in 【Fort City Hector】
The main topic is the hero of the subjugation.
That person’s name is not mine…
Their name is Cecily Fadasso, the female captain of the Griffon Corps.

-So. The stories vary, I should have insisted from the start that I was the one who defeated it…
When I went wild inside of the Evil Dragon King’s stomach, the adventurers, Cecily, and the griffon corps saw Burdock act erratically, so the start delivering a sequence of powerful attacks.

The moment I was devouring the Dragon King’s heart, Cecily Fadasso delivered an attack.
The surviving soldiers and knights assumed it was Cecily.
There is a portion of people who know I am the one who killed the Evil Dragon King.
The adventurers who fought until the end were confused when they saw my actions, but rumors about the “hero of the Dragon subjugation” had already begun to spread. Once the story disseminated through the city, it was too late to claim that I killed the dragon.

In the face of the rumors, the truth about the Evil Dragon King subjugation has been swallowed up, turning into quiet ramblings.
However, after two or three days passed, the value of such adventurers is rising as well.
A new title is attributed to the adventurer clans who participated until the end, the group of heroes who helped subjugate the dragon, they came to be called the Dragon Killers.
The popularity of other clans like 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】 will spread quickly.

On the other hand, the administrator of the city, that Marquess is trying to use the popularity of Cecily Fadasso as the “Dragon Subjugation Hero,”was attempting to give Cecily material from the Evil Dragon King as the original reward promised.

However, for some reason, Cecily has vehemently refused.

“That person said, I was just a diversion.”
“I will take nothing.”

Somehow or other, she refused.
And then, Cecily nominated me.

Insisting to the Marquess that I, a D ranked adventurer, defeated the Evil Dragon King, she declines the reward.
It must be her pride that made her do it, no matter what the Marquess said, she took on an obstinate attitude and refused the change her opinion.
Normally, a mere officer would never do such a thing, but according to what I heard, Cecily and the Marquess have had a relationship since they were young.
It took on the form of the Marquess’ earlier compromise, taking into consideration Cecily’s obstinacy, the name of the adventurers who participated in the Evil Dragon King Subjugation were changed as a group.
Again, a place was prepared to make a grand announcement and hand over the reward.

Or should I say, a Marquess will be a Marquess?
With that said, in regards to the reward material, I was told: “please think about.”
I am given time to think so I can make changes later without restrictions.
The talk is because of the Marquess.
Ma, no matter the world, it’s the usual case of government bureaucracy.
Though, Cecily has no such ambitions.
To give up the Evil Dragon King’s materials, such a massive wealth…

Is this the nobility of a knight?

After such events, the Dragon Killing adventurers and the eminent clans such as 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】 and 【Ice Mausoleum of Blue Waters】will receive their formal reward for subjugating the Evil Dragon King.
I am being chosen as a solo participant to receive my award.
In the end, all the adventurers are sharing the material from the subjugation.

I thought the meeting to share the reward would be prolonged, but…
The conversation finishes after several minutes.

Sarah, the leader of 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】, took the lead of the meeting since her clan played such an active role.

‘The one who killed the Evil Dragon King is Shuya.”

So, it was decided that I would choose first.
The other adventurers are first class. They understood without a word.
I was in the middle of the fight, so everyone seems to have understood

They obediently jump on the bandwagon.
I’m curious about the crimson horn, so I choose Burdock’s head.

“I want the head.”

The moment I say that- I hear a “tsk” from the gathered adventurers.

I think it came from the S-Ranked twins of 【Ice Mausoleum of Blue Waters】
Judging by their response, those two seem to have wanted the head…
Ma, even if it bothers me, the fact that I killed it doesn’t change.

Immediately, the Evil Dragon King’s right hand, left hand, upper body, lower body, hind legs, and tail are all distributed.
However, it seems it will take seven days to dismantle the Evil Dragon King’s body.
By the way, I tried to put its body inside the item box, but it failed.

The item box seems to have a size restriction.
It was unable to enter.
Once assigning ownership of the material is over, the meeting quickly dissolves.

“It’ll be busy from here on out.”
“What large commercial firm are you going to sell the materials to?”
“We’re from a firm, have an exclusive contract with a blacksmith, and need to request a tailor.”

Adventurers have such conversations.
However, I already ate the Evil Dragon King’s heart, and the stomach and organs are wrecked. I said nothing to the clan who claimed the upper body.

I apologize in my heart.

Then, Sarah talks.

“Shuya, what are you going to do?”
“I’m not sure yet, for now, I think I will take it to an acquaintance’s place.”
“Hm… We’ll be selling a lot of the materials to a large commercial firm.”
“Captain, I want a vacation.”
“Lushell, we’ll talk about it later.”
“Well then, I’ll be off. Everyone, we’ll meet again somewhere.”

Sarah’s smile disappears, but it can’t be helped.
They have their own way of life.

I bow slightly and take my leave.

Now then, I have no primary weapon anywhere, so what will I do.




Over the seven days I take my time and buy the daily necessities I need, I summon the Dark Hellbone Knights in the vacant lot, train with them using Fairy Moji and the magic sword, spend time wandering around the city and doing take on any requests as an adventurer.

During the Evil Dragon King fight, my primary weapon, the black tanza spear, was destroyed, and I lost all the contents of my backpack.
I stored my money in the item box, so that isn’t a problem, but that’s not the only thing…it’s the situation that I have no rewards from the Evil Dragon King Subjugation.

Because of this, I’ll store things other than small coins in the item box from now on.
Now then, the Evil Dragon King’s material should have been transported by now, so I head in the direction of the main street.

People are gathering on the street.
I wait a moment for the crowd to disperse and see that the Evil Dragon King material is being transported.

It’s already evening. Finally.
A line of large carts arrives in Hector.

People are gathering on both sides of the street to look the Dragon King’s corpse.
Carrying Rollo on my shoulder, I join the line of spectators.

“Ooooooh, such large purple scales. Amazing.”
“Is that the Evil Dragon King?”
“That’s right. It looks unexpectedly small, all cut up like that.”
“Iya you’re right. It has a cute foot like a Wyvern.”
“Did you see the claws?”
“Aah, they were able to kill something so big.”

That’s right. That’s right.
While I mix with the crowd, one of the onlookers nods in understanding.
People’s voiced are filled with admiration, they’re all excited.
Rollo watches the scene with me.

With the throng of people gathered, stalls are being set up along the road.
For a while, I walk around the street stands to enjoy the festive atmosphere.
When evening falls, and the sky turns dark, there is light.
Not only the light of torches but also magic light is many places.

I blend in with everyone.
Using the ring, I create a sphere of light.

Countless sources of light float up and fill the night sky.
The size, shape, and intensities are all different.
Like that, a swarm of mysterious fireflies seems to appear in the sky above downtown.
The night view overlooking Japan from a skyscraper is beautiful, but this doesn’t lose out to it.
This real-time fantastic neon view.
I make sure I engrave it in my memory.
Enjoying the night view, the moment I am going to the guild with a smile on my face-

“Oi, you, aren’t you the man who was with Quiche?”

The person who calls out from the crowd is an Elf man.

“N? Who are you?”

Who is this…

“I am Quiche Bakunda’s fiancé, Ra-”
“Oooiiya, that has nothing to do with me…”

Then, I remember.
This is the man who was following Quiche.
Lazu with the horse face. The tattoo of the bee is imprinted on his face.

“You, you’re a rude man. Please wait, were you together with Quiche for a long time the other day? It may be wrong to ask, but I don’t care right now. Ever since the deal with the Evil Dragon King, Quiche, I haven’t been able to find Quiche, was she killed in the subjugation?”

Annoying, this guy talks fast…

“Quiche is alive. Then-”
“Is that so, she’s alive. Then, please wait, I still have something to discuss.”

Something to discuss? Not with me.
I’ll ignore him…
I try to sneak into the crowd and get lost…

“Ano, still with me?”
“There is. The other day you stayed in a bar with Quiche for a long time, I cannot allow Quiche to keep bad company.”

Did he follow? And, bad company?

“You’re persistent, the only bad company here is you.”

Ah, crap, I spoke carelessly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Do your eyes not work?”

…What did his mouth just say?
A grimacing, detestable man.
I guess I should speak openly.

“Quiche is my friend and companion, the other day Quiche ‘clearly’ did no want to associate with you, Lazu, what did Quiche tell you?”

I raise my voice.

“That was said. Do you understand my love? Are able to comprehend it?”

This guy, despite his horse face, has taken on a nihilistic expression.
He has a face of triumph.
This Elf is way too full of himself…

“…I cannot understand your puny feelings.”

I tell him with a little laugh.

“Shit, what is effeminate, the gap between you, a black-eyed, impertinent shit face, and Quiche and I is an impassable gap! Besides, you speak with the habit of an uneducated adventurer, it is evident that Quiche and I love each other the most. You’re an unnecessary distraction-”

For a long time, he prattles on about how superior he is compared to me.
In an instant, I cover my whole body in fighting moji, then deliver a knife-hand blow to Lazu’s footing.

“-If I get in the way, are you going to kill me? If you want to keep being so excessively rude…”

The point of my hand is embedded in the ground, creating an empty hole.


Furthermore, Rollo has become angered and entangles Lazu’s feet in her feelers, tripping him.


Fallen on his rear, the horse-faced Elf has become afraid.
I approach the long-faced Lazu, meet his eyes with a calm smile.

“It is good that you love people without permission. However, do not get Quiche involved in your self-satisfying delusions of love. A one-sided oppressive love is worth the same as shit. Going mad with love to satisfy your own desires. From now on, you will give up on Quiche and chase after a different woman.”

Rollo raises a cute, angry voice, and slaps Lazu with a paw.


With a frightened expression, Lazu speaks in a muffled voice.
Troublesome, I need to make him understand my words.

“Oi, change yourself on the contrary. Chasing after a woman who insists she doesn’t like you, even if she refuses you every time, without listening, you persistently stick around no matter how many times she turns her back. Besides, you’re even threatening to raise your hand against the woman’s friend. Pardon me- what do you think is going to happen?”
“…It, it’s very bad.”

I spoke openly, did it work?

“You’re doing the same thing.”
“…Ah, I-I such a thing…”

Lazu blinks as if suddenly waking up, shedding tears as he looks at me.
I’ll emphasize it here.

“-You should understand. Now, you won’t trouble me or pursue Quiche, correct? You got it?”

Lazu nod repeatedly.

He seems to understand now.
This guy is unexpectedly good at understanding. Umu.

“Is that so, then, disappear quickly. If you trouble Quiche again, I will use the sword hand from earlier to destroy you so badly that it makes your horse face look cute.”

Saying so, I turn on my heel.
Rollo also, after growling threateningly at Lazu, follows after me.

Good grief…this splendid night scene is spoiled now,
I’ll quickly forget about it and head to the guild…

I enter the guild and head to the reception desk.
There is the usual beautiful oppai receptionist.
Upon seeing her, my mood suddenly approves.
Immediately, I talk to the lovely oppai-san.

“This is the non=search area reclamation mission success, right? You’ll be C-rank now.”
“Thank you.”

Thus, I am promoted the adventurer rank C.

I receive the reward properly.
Incidentally, I sell all the tusks, claws, and dragon scales I collected along the way… (TL: All the stuff he harvested from corpses on the way to Burdock.)
I sell them dirt-cheap.
That’s why everyone left them without collecting them.
Ma, this is normal. When everyone is selling them, it’s only natural for the market price to fall.
When it finally comes to the matter of collecting the Evil Dragon King’s head, I am shown to the back of the guild.

It was dismantled, but the Evil Dragon King’s head is huge.
So, I receive in a special place at the back of the guild.
The width of the Dragon King’s head is seven or ten meters.
I’m worried about if this will fit in the item box, but dismiss the needless anxiety.
As expected, while the whole body of the Dragon King is impossible, its head is manageable.

“Yosh, it fits.”
“That item box is amazing. To hold something that size…after all, you’re the only solo adventurer amongst the Dragon Killers.”

That, it seems the nickname include me…

“Haha, yeah. I’ll go, then.”
“Hai, again, come to me anytime.”

Anytime, huh.
Oppai receptionist san’s eyes are different than usual.
An expression a respect and interest is visible.

However, I have not heard her name yet…
When I consider asking oppai receptionist-san’s name and making a pass at her, an old voice calls out.

“Shuya-san, wait.”

I look back. There is an old man, appropriate for the voice.
His beard comes to a sharp point.
The person is wearing a blue overcoat I have seen before.
From what I hear, this person is the big shot of a guild master.

His name is Carban Fafunade.
Fafunade…he asks.
When I try to remember, I am told to come with him for a private conversation and am led to a different room.

It seems to be the guild master’s room, bookshelves line the walls, a sofa is lined up with a big desk.
On the desk are thick books, a few of the titles are New World Criticism, Coexistence With Demonic Beings, Hades and the Ten Levels of Hell, Boundary of Hades and Hell, and Kaikou City.

I am asked to sit in a chair with a soft seat and am immediately under a barrage of passionate questions by the Carban-san.
Carban begins to smoke, and fumes drift around me.
And then, starting with a light compliment, he tells me the story his daughter, Eris, said to him, then asks where did I come from. Am I really human? Among other things, what about the black cat…

The rapid succession of investigative questions follows one after another.
When I start to withdraw, Carban-shi begins praising me.

Do I know the name “thorny tail?”
The name “Kuna?”

I reply that I know Kuna, and give the same story I gave the receptionist-san about her dying.
This Carban-Oji takes on a manner appropriate for a guild master, his eyes are sharp but his expression half gentle.

The contents of the conversation change from there.
At this point, Rollo begins to enter my hood to sleep.
Carban Oji-san says tonight there is a celebration for the Evil Dragon King subjugation and a party at the Marquess’ house.

I have been summoned to attend.

This oji says…
He says “You should have been told beforehand.”

It seems I was chosen in a hurry.

“We’ve had to rush to find people.”

“Sorry,” he apologizes.
The conversation develops into a frank discussion from there.

A messenger from the Marquess arrives then, so I am told to wait here since his presence is demanded.

“Can’t I refuse it?”


“What did you say? The top class cooking of Hector is a direct reward?”

Uh, is a high class a delicious meal?
However, isn’t the Marquess that woman?
Of course, I remember…
Honestly, I’m tempted by the food.
The chance to eat the world’s top class food doesn’t happen very often.

…I’ll go.

“I understand. I’ll go. However, won’t you look after Rollo?”

Rollo returns from napping in my hood when she hears her name. He looks at me questioningly.

“Understood. I’ll look after her.”
“Nnn, nya.”

Rollo gets up with a purr.
What do you think? She jumps down from my shoulder to the armchair Carbon-jii is sitting in.
She licks the right side of the old man’s wrinkled face, then begins to explore the room.

She jumps from the armchair to the desk.
She moves to the next box and jumps again.
She climbs up a cabinet to sniff the ceiling, then drops back to the corner of a desk.

“Such a feeling…Rollo is smart, so until I return here. And then…”

When I say I have no clothing suitable for attending, the old man immediately lends me some.

“You should wear this.”
“Has everything been prepared?”
“Funn, it can’t be helped. The size of the clothes is close, but you can wear it for now.”

Good grief, shouldn’t you check on it?
I compare its size to my body.
Without saying anything, I remove my clothes and answer properly.

“…Hai, hai.”

I remove my leather clothes and don the new bilaud type clothing. (TL: This ( is what appears when I search ブリオー, I’m also partial to the idea of Shuya running around in the female version.(
I had to throw away the leather clothing I was wearing when I was eaten by the Evil Dragon King. Its teeth and stomach acid did a number on them.
The black tiger leather jack that Shisho gave me is tattered and full of holes too, but I can still wear it, so I haven’t thrown it away yet. Compared to the leather clothes I can still wear it for a while.

The clothes I borrow are similar to a tuxedo, but the tailcoat is slightly different.
On the shoulders are epaulets like the accessories attached to naval uniforms. (TL: This(

Everything from the underwear to the tie, to the cuff links and shoes, are all of the highest quality.
The color of the cloth doesn’t stand out too much, but the image of the suit is appropriate for the first mansion in Ginza. (TL: Gina is a shopping district in Tokyo.

While I wait in the guild master’s room in such refined clothing, on of the receptionist-sans comes to tell us a luxurious carriage arrives in front of the guild,

When I try to go outside,

“Wait, a little bit of perfume is appropriate, how about it?”
“I don’t need it, in the end, I’m still an adventurer. Getting dressed up is good enough.”
“Is that so.”

I leave Rollo with the guild’s old man, then exit the guild.
Once I board the noble’s carriage, it starts to move in the direction of the Marquess’ house.
I stay silent in the jolting carriage and all too soon arrive in front of the Marquess’ house.
At last, meeting that noble woman.
Ma, in addition to nobles, it seems the Knights, the griffon corps, and some adventurers are coming…
When I descend from the carriage, a maid approaches.
She is a beautiful blond woman. It seems this maid will guide me.

I follow the maid as she advances.
From the large doorway, a red carpet extends down the corridor.
I am guided through the corridor, past the open double doors.

“Please come to this room.”

The maid lowers her head and returns to the hallway.
Yosh, I’ll go in.

It is a wide luxurious space. A large hall for the reception.
Nobles dressed in gaudy clothing are gathered.

Waah, it feels like I don’t belong here.
I turn my eyes to the ceiling to gloss over that feeling.

The ceiling is tall.
There is a large square chandelier made from crystals there.

It is lit brightly, providing light for the room.
The chandelier is mostly giving off white light, but there are hints of seven other colors in the center of the crystals.
Amazing. When I look with magic observing eye, I can see the mana is being released from the crystals
The crystals are special.
Is the strong repeating light from the prism…
I am momentarily reminded of a kaleidoscope. It looks like a work of art.
The beautiful colors are lighting up a talk upon which various dishes are lined up.

“…Looks tasty.”

I mutter.
When I am seen, several dandy nobles begin whispering to one another.

Are they expecting me to act like a noble?
Ridiculous, without minding such a thing, I approach the line of appetizing dishes.

Therefore, I have come here today.
It appears to be set up in a buffet format.
There are roasted ham and an asparagus-like vegetable.
It is a feast of colorful vegetable inside of a large skewered chicken.
Cuts of sirloin steaks are piled attractively with a yellow-green sauce on the side.

I find a mass of scrambled eggs as well.

-I eat.

Wait, wait…
Oooh, there’s an ingredient similar to caviar.
Everything looks so good.
With a plate in one hand, I heap food on top.

-Immediately, I put the plate down, and bring the sirloin to my mouth.

Nnn, oooh, so tender, delicious. Yummy.
Meaty, tender, flavor, the sauce interact beautifully.
I seem to be eating a rich French food.
The guy who made this must be an iron chef.

There is also an unknown dish on the table…
While eating the food on my plate, I people watch.
The dressed up noblemen and ladies seem to be enjoying the food.
They are talking with a plate and glass in each hand, like a buffet party.

Nobles continue to enter the room.

“Oh, isn’t that Shuya?”

Eh? I though they was nobles, but it’s the members of crimson tiger all dressed up in fine clothes.

Moreover, Sarah looks breathtaking…

A costume of flames. It matches her hair.
Her fighting appearance is attractive, but this dressed up figure is nice too.
After all, she looks pretty if her style is outstanding.
The red fur on her feet matches the red heels she is wearing.
The shoe’s design in splendid too.
It looks like flames are wrapping around like a snake, creating the image of a beautiful woman dressed in gauzy flames.

“…Sarah. I’m surprised. You’re beautiful. Those red clothes look excellent on you.”

I breathe through my nose a little, the simple statement making me excited.

“Haha, thanks.”
“Captain, you’re showing an uncharacteristic smile.”

The Elven bow user, Belize, is wearing a dress too.

“After all Belize, aren’t you checking out the jewel displayed on your chest?”
“Belize, to Captain. Don’t fight here.”

Lushell intervenes, or should I say, Lushell, Belize, and Sarah are all beautiful women.
With her Egyptian makeup and the attitude of an ojou-sama.
The clothing and makeup give her the appearance of a blue bird.
Also, Lushell’s chest…
The clothes are slightly transparent, I can see a blue bra…

As for Belize, is she the like the famous performing sisters? She is gorgeous to the extent that I want to insert a tsutsukomi.
The jewel in the middle of her chest is beautiful too, speaking frankly, her breasts have far more destructive power than the gem. The fabric of her dress becomes thinner the closer it comes to her feet, it has a sweetness that could pass in a modern day fashion show…

“Shuya. You look like your enraptured, your eyes are too obvious.”

The words come from the other member of crimson tiger, Butch-shi.
Butch-shi is also wearing high-quality clothing appropriate for the setting.
He is dressed in a deep black tail coat, but the strong muscles, characteristic of beastmen, are still apparent. His red beard is tidied up on his Hamadryad face, and a coolness appropriate for a man stands out.

“…Ah, sorry. I meant, shouldn’t Butch’s look be mentioned too?”
“Nn, that, that’s…

Butch’s face and ears redden.
It seems the tough muscled beastman doesn’t want to be looked at…
While I am having a pleasant chat with the crimson tiger group, all the adventurers call by the Marquess have begun to gather.
The female magic user with the battle slaves, the ax dwarf from the dragon subjugation, the soldier corps, and the hair beast soldiers have appeared.

However, it becomes a slight uproar.



Chapter 59: Dinner Party


“Oi, oi, did you bring a slave?”

“Even if you participated in the subjugation, bringing as slave to a place like this…”

“Lower than beasts, shitty slaves…”

“-Untouchables, this is why I have adventurers.”

“Really. To give a seat to a slave.”


The female magic user slave master ignores the conversation of the distant nobles. Her long brown hair flutters behind her as she walks around the circle. She appears dignified.

Her face has an air of propriety. Her etiquette isn’t bad, I eat while walking around the crowd.


The magic user woman’s eyes have black makeup around them. Her eyes are chestnut brown.

Her cheeks are tinged red, bringing out the pink tones of her skin.

She resembles a famous Japanese model. Her clothing is a brown magician’s robe.


While I watch her, behind her is a pair of short people.

The children who unleashed the showy ice magic during the subjugation.


The S rank twins 【Ice Mausoleum of Blue Waters】.


They look like children…

Both of them have thin white hair resembling a Buddhist monk.

There is a spiral design stretching from their necks to their heads and appears to extend to their scalps.

They look like sand art, each of the small lines contains mana.


Strange. Notably, their green eyes seem devoid of humanity.


Following the mysterious twins, Cecily and an ikemen from the griffon unit show up.


Their green uniforms have stiff collars.

They also have shoulder straps and aiguillettes.

As expected, they are picturesque.


“It’s the heroine!”

“The hero of the Griffon corps.”

“That’s the hero of the Dragon subjugation…”


“Kya, Cecily-sama!”


A group of people appears, surrounding Cecily.

Seeing this, an unpleasant expression is apparent on her face.


“I…that’s not…”


Cecily tries to say something, but the ball is already rolling.


Oh my, Cecily-sama. No need to be modest.”


Due to the rumor of the “dragon subjugation” spreading, it can no longer be helped.

I felt sorry for her upon seeing this, but give priority to the delicious meal.


And then, Marquess Chardonnay finally appears.


Unlike Chardonnay’s hair style from before the subjugation, her hair is now in a vertical roll with pink ribbons to highlight the blond color.

Her clothing is clearly distinct from the other nobles. Her dress is made from sheer snowy silk and accented with pink embroidery.

Now that Chardonnay has entered, everyone’s attention is on her.


Behind on the side of Chardonnay are the always macho white-haired old soldier and the maid-like beastwoman.


Chardonnay’s servants accompany her to Cecily.

My curiosity is peaked, do I approach the spectators.


“As expected of Cecily Fadasso of the Griffon Corps. Called the ‘Hero of the Dragon Subjugation,” are you jealous of the popularity?”


Everyone pays attention as the Marquess talks to Cecily with a smile.

The nobles surrounding Cecily bow to the Marquess and take a distance from Cecily.


“Marquess, your Excellence…to what do I owe this honor?”

“Please don’t get angry, Cecily. Can it not be helped? Haven’t you only reported one since you returned? Besides, all the adventurers you wanted to invite are here, you were eager to meet that D rank adventurer, right? Ah, they should have been promoted to C rank now.”


N? Isn’t that me?


“I see. Excuse, but thank for taking care of my personal request.”

“Fufu, it’s fine. Considering our past relationship, let’s dispense with the pleasantries today and talk like we did in the past.”


The Marquess says with a beautiful smile.


“Ha, however, this an an official celebratory dinner and awarding ceremony.”

“It’s fine. It really is fine after the success of the Dragon subjugation. You’re safe too. But, you not receiving a reward is troubling me…”


In response to the Marquess’ words, Cecily has an unpleasant expression.


“You Excellence. I…”

“Fufu, Cecily, raise your head. Let’s forget about the ‘obedience’ for now and enjoy ourselves.”

“Yes, thank you. Ah…”



Then, I make eye contact with the smiling Cecily.


“-Chardonnay-sama, we’ll talk again. Then-”


Cecily abandons the Marquess and runs towards me.

Ooooi, it that okay?

Tsukkomiing in my heart, I swallow the meat in my mouth.


-I wanted to meet you. You name is Shuya Kagari? Now, I can finally apologize…”


I’ll be darned, she’s apologizing all of a sudden.


“Eh, yeah. I’m Shuya. No, no, don’t worry about it. I got my reward from the guild.”

“Is, is that so. Still…”


She seems to be depressed by the fame.

She is prideful and straightforward …

Even if you accept it, I don’t mind.


Ma, ‘I killed the Evil Dragon King. Hahaha.’ in an ostentatious way.

Since she didn’t say it like that, I have a good impression of her.




No matter what I say, this “beautiful woman” won’t accept any of the evil dragon king’s materials are a reward.

This soldier-san is way too cool.

I also don’t think it’s any of your business…

I feel like lightening the burden on her heart.


“…It’s fine. I will understand it if it is the strong, beautiful griffon commander who is adored by the people. And I said earlier, I got enough rewards, I can eat delicious food today too, so please don’t mind it.”


I tried to paraphrase to the person in front of me, but it can’t be helped if an unrefined adventurer does it.

Ma, I expressed myself as politely a possible, but will it be okay?


“…I see. You saying so helps me. But, saying I’m beautiful…”


Cecily seems unused to being praised, causing her cheeks to redden.


“-Some nerve, making advances on Captain?”



The ikemen suddenly interrupts, complaining.


“Sheridan, stop.”


Cecily tries to stop him, but ikemen-san still steps in.

This ikemen, he is the one who duel wielded and severed Daedalus’ neck. He resembles the actor from fight club.


“…I was only frank about my impression of her?”


With a flat face I return to speaking informally. However I am more concerned about the gaze of Chardonnay who is behind the young man from the griffon corps.

The Marquess is staring at me.

Moreover, as soon as we make eye contact, Chardonnay’s eyes widen, and her mouth opens.

A shocked expression is evident.

Chardonnay speaks to the white haired old man waiting behind her, then to the beastwoman maid, she turns to whisper to her.


Judging by this reaction, it would be that she has recognized me?

Leaving out the matter of 【Fadyke】, was I just called an ordinary adventurer…


The old soldier listens to Chardonnay, he lowers his head, the swishes his mantle as he moves to follow and protect her.

Plus, the old soldier’s eyes are sharp. He is openly glaring at me.

The Marquess’ beastwoman maid-servant is glaring at me too, her arms are held up in a fighting pose.


I pay no attention to the ikemen going on about his pet theory.

It’s unfortunate for him, but I chimed in properly and answered

For a while now, I haven’t looked away from the Marquess.


With the two people following her, Chardonnay walks to the center of the room.




There, the master of ceremony and the uniformed servants greet Chardonnay.

In a few words, the conversation is repeated to the servants.


After the servant leaves with a message, Chardonnay pulls herself together, relaxes her guard towards me, and turns to the surroundings with a smile.


Taking a step forward.

Then, cymbals sound and everyone’s attention is focused on Chardonnay.

Chardonnay begins to talk.


“-Everyone Thank you all for gathering for today’s dinner party. This time we a celebrating the success of the Evil Dragon King subjugation. The Blue Iron Knight, all of the Griffon corps and adventurers, you all worked hard-”


Chardonnay lowers her head lightly.

The violin begins to play.


“As a token of appreciation, also as an apology for the reward, this is a reward for the adventurer clans attending here. As proof of your contributions in the Evil Dragon King subjugation, I would like to present a ring made with the material of the Evil Dragon King and a single white gold coin. And then, because a special reward was prepared for our hero of the Griffon corps, Cecily, don’t miss it later…fufu. Then, after this, don’t restrain yourself and enjoy your meal.”


Finished with her short speech, Chardonnay attendants in various places lower their heads, and music begins to play when she claps her hands.


Those attending the party give a standing ovation.

The ikemen who has been speaking harshly respond to the Marquess’ words as well and begin to clap.


Music flowing with a profound and quiet elegance starts to play, signaling the start of the real party

Chardonnay is observing the conduct of the surrounding nobles.


And, she looks at me again.

Our eyes meet.

The corners of Chardonnay’s lips lift, and she laughs, and covering her mouth with a white fan she says something to the old soldier.

The old soldier nods and lowers his head, making eye contact with Marquess Chardonnay, he nods once more.

The old soldier separates from the Marques and approaches me.

On the other hand, Marquess Chardonnay’s beastwoman maid-servant disappears into a back room.


For a moment, I become anxious…

That moment the ikemen of the Griffon Corps steps in front of me.


“-Oi, did you hear me?”

“Ah, aah, be done with it. I didn’t hear you.”

“Oh, really?”


The Griffon Corps youth becomes angry and drops the glass in his hands, breaking it.

However- I ignore him.

I’m not that worried about this man, my focus is entirely on Chardonnay now.


“Kora, Sheridan. You’re troubling Shuya.”


Cecily calls the man by his name and scolds him.

She makes him pick up the broken glass on the floor.

Without minding such a thing, I continue enjoying the food on my plate.

After Chardonnay’s old soldier sees the conflict is settled, he approaches.

The old soldier in white armor stands out.

The soldier jii-san is honest, he speaks after bowing to me.


“You are Shuya Kagari, the adventurer who just advanced to C rank? That Spearman?”


The way he says that has an implication.

Everything has already been discovered, so I admit it.

I speak after swallowing the last of the meat.


“That’s right.”

“Her Excellency is calling. Please follow me.”


After all, I’ve been requested.

With this development, it must be about Fadyke…

Damn it.


“…Another room?”



Is it a trap? I should be cautious.


“I understand.”


I’m worried, but I get over it.

I don’t know what the Marquess is planning.

I am led by the old soldier from the hall into another room.

I am guided to a big square room.


There is something like a big circular fireplace in the center.

Instead of coals, there are bluish-purple rectangular crystals.

Pale violet flames dance in the furnace, illuminating the room.

The shade has a strange sense of modesty.


And, the pervasive scent of flowers and honey makes me feel refreshed.

My nose is filled with the smell.

While I’m enjoying the smell, Chardonnay appears with the self-possessed atmosphere of a Marquess.


However, next to her in the Marquess’ beastwoman maid, glaring at me…

The white haired old soldier moves to take up his place to the rear of Chardonnay.

Then, Chardonnay begins to speak.


“You are the Spearman and the black cat who was at that place then, correct?”


I- then, remember my first encounter with Chardonnay.


Chardonnay’s expression now is beautiful and modest, when she looked at me before…her eyes were as if she were staring down at someone who was total garbage.


-I will not forget the expression of contempt this person gave me.


“…Now that, that time?”


I speak, forgetting about etiquette.

Impudent, I expose my feelings, feigning ignorance.

My heart is surprisingly delicate.

The insult from so long ago has caused me to bear a grudge.


Also, this is a private room.

Even if I take a firm stand, there is no else here aside from the Marquess.

Seeing how I speak to the Marquess, the beastwoman maid’s face twitches.


She can’t seem to stand my rude manner.

The beastwoman maid gathers mana in her feet.


-Hee, you’re going to attack?


On the ends of both her hands, the maid has claw-like weapons attached.

Actually, with a *kakin* sound the steel claws seemed to jump out from the cover on the back of her hands. (Basically, she’s Wolverine.)


-The beastwoman turns her claws to me kicks off the ground with a shout.




Raises a strange shout, she extends each hand to deliver a punch with the claws extending from her knuckles, aiming for my chest.


The claw jab.

-I retreat backward.

I sway slightly back and forth, continuously dodging.


‘Kiki, stop.”


Because of her subordinate’s action, Chardonnay shouts sternly.


“-Ha, however, this smell, this is definitely the right man. And, the way he treats ojo-sama is unacceptable.”


The beastwoman maid is unwilling.

The claws are withdrawn, and she retreats.


The beastwoman retreats, and immediately the old soldier who guided me here moves.


Cautious of me, he advances.

He begins to speak after stretching out an arm in front of Marquess Chardonnay to protect her.


“-Kiki is correct. He is too impudent. What he said to your Excellency. Shuya, please answer seriously.”


The old soldier throws reproachful words at me.

Being cautious, even though the one who was attacked despite being unarmed was me…


Ma, how should I answer? After all, it’s probably time.


“…You mean the ruins of the mansion outside 【Fadyke】?”

“As expected.”


The beastwoman reacts quickly. She keeps glaring at me.


“-Kiki said something about ‘smell.’ I’ve also understood ever since I saw him…is the report from your subordinate, Seme, not finished?”


Chardonnay turns to the beast woman and communicates with her eyes to not move.

After all, they remember me.


“Ha, excuse me, your Excellency. After the Evil Dragon King subjugation, I’ve been busy in 【Hector】…”

“Hun, Seme is the captain of the 【Counter Espionage】unit…it looks like we’re going to have to have a ‘talk’ again.”


Chardonnay waves a thin arm, and the slender white feather fan whacks the old soldier’s guarding arm.

The captain of the 【Counter Espionage】 organization is called Seme? (TL: Seme means shark.)


“Ha, however…”


The white haired old soldier looks at me with an embarrassed expression unbefitting his appearance.

It must be the Marquess’ classified information.


“Good. Tell Shuya-san too.”


They’re going to tell me?



Chapter 60: Precious Clue


The old soldier glares at me as he begins to speak.


“Then, monsters started to suddenly appear in the city in large numbers. Many rare monsters were seen. While the monsters were being suppressed, one of the major dark guilds was destroyed, then a territorial dispute between the dark guild intensified. Thus, mixing in with the adventurer crowd, the ‘Spearman’ disappeared…”


The Marquess nods at the old soldier’s words.

I let the monsters escape from the underground cages I found after exploring Kuna’s home, it seems I invited even more confusion.


“-Ahuh. Ma, I understand. In addition to the dragon attack on the Vallaida Insect Shrine, he was involved with the Evil Dragon King subjugation. And, the sudden appearance of numerous monsters was a surprise. The office of the Present magic beast company was also the location of the dark guild, 【Thorny Tail】, so surely it was a clash between dark guilds. Furthermore, Kuna, an executive of Thorny Tail, died in the labyrinth. Still, as for utility value…therefore, Shark should be busy?”


The Marquess opens and closes the white feather fan in her hand.

Again, she points with the tip of the folding fan.

Does she not know that Kuna was in the labyrinth with me?

Unless they aren’t in communication with the Guild Master…


“Hai. Behind the scene, the 【Shadow Wing Brigade】was affected too…”

“That’s so. Also, there was news of trouble between the dark guilds in the entertainment district… the disparity in this information is inevitable. Shark will have to work hard in the future.”

“Ha, thank you.”


Surprisingly open. They are telling me this information on purpose?


“Nevertheless… you are called Shuya-san?”


She is asking now.


“That’s correct. But, this is Marquess-sama.”

“Be careful how you speak, human. Your attitude toward ojo-sama is too insolent.”


Kiki glares at me some more.

Again, she points those claw weapons at me.


“Kiki. You shouldn’t get angry. I’m not bothered by it. Shuya-san is that ‘Spearman’ from back then, those were the ‘Top Three of Nebulous’ who Hewso raised from a young age, he has that much strength.”



The beastwoman calms down and bows to the Marquess, lowering her voice.


“Therefore, as a precaution against attacking ojo-sama…”


Chardonnay gives Kiki a sidelong glance and sigh before talking again.


“Mou, it’s already understood. However, he avoided Kiki’s attacks easily, this person’s strength is genuine. Besides, if what Cecily said about the Evil Dragon King subjugation is true, he is 【Hector’s】 benefactor. Thus, as the Marquess of Osberia and the head of the Anaheim household, is he, not my benefactor as well? Therefore, you aren’t allowed to point weapons at him.”


Chardonnay makes a flamboyant gesture.

She looks good when she scolds her subordinate.

Finally, placing both hands on her chest.




Kiki says to her master and her ears flop.

You said I’m your benefactor?

It feels like this is being forced on me…

Ma, however, I was also immature.


“Wait. I was also rude. Sorry. If etiquette is necessary on this occasion, then I will act accordingly. However, is it alright now?”

“Fufufu, certainly, this is a private room. However, to protect Kiki after she pointed her weapon at you, you are kind?”


Chardonnay laughs happily.


“Not at all. Thus, I want to be straightforward, are you trying to silence me?”

“No, no, I have no such plan. I already understand that it isn’t possible. The pursuit by Hewso’s 【Shadow’s Right Hand】 didn’t seem to work… if possible, I would like you to be discreet about Fadyke, I want to remain silent, however… apart from that, as for me, Shuya-san. I want your ability.”


Keep the princess thing a secret. Jargon? This is easy to understand.

I will keep quiet, as requested.

However, she wants to scout me? That’s impossible.


“Ah, that secret, I’ve already forgotten about it, so rest assured. And then, becoming your subordinate is impossible.”

“Na, ojo-sama is inviting you.”


Hearing me decline, the beastwoman gets angry again. She seems to have a low boiling point.

Again, her voice has a Haidalla like note to it.


“…That was fast. You need no time to consider it?”


Chardonnay exchanged a meaningful look with the beastwoman and says so.


“Ah, I also decline the invitation to join an adventurer clan. Right now, I have a goal in mind.”

“Really…might I ask about your goal?”


Nnn, is talking about it fine? I guess I’ll try asking about it.


“Fine. Have you heard of Genju’s Sake Ball of Light, or the Orb of Wisdom?”

“I don’t think I have. Kiki, Shark. Tell us if you know.”

“Ha, I don’t know.”


The beastwoman responds immediately.

The white-haired old soldier is nodding.


He seems to know something.


“…You Excellency, I have heard of them. It’s a nursery-tale concerning the gods. The stories vary… things like the World Tree growing to hide the ‘Glowing Fruit.’ Arotoshu, the god of life, protects the “Liquor of the Sacred Gem,” growing in the tree. Sateyura, the god of plants, has supposedly blessed the ‘Liquor of the Sacred Gem,’ and it is said that power can be obtained by drinking it.


Ooh…this old guy named Shark. (TL: Okay, apparently the old man is the one named Seme/Shark.)

As expected of the leader of the Marquess’ counterespionage organization【Onibun】. (TL: Roughly translates to Ogre’s Ears.”

I learned several things. His worldly appearance isn’t just for show.


His words are heavy.

When I saw him before he was using a two handed sword, but now he only has a one handed sword at his waist.


I look with magic observing eye…

Mana is concentrated in his abdomen as well as in his hands and feet.

He seems capable of using fighting moji, but his true strength is unknown.


“Shark, is that true?”

“It might be. …After all, it is a fairy tale. In the center of 【Mage Steel City Holkerbam】, there is the remain of the magnificent tree said to be entrusted by the Dryad Spirit Holker, who the city is said to be named after. The tree has withered and died now, but there may be some connection.”


Ooh, seriously? The tree died…this is important information.

It’s in Holkerbam, I think that is the next city.


“And then there are many mysterious items exhibited in the ‘underground action’ of 【Labyrinth City Pernette】…”


The underground auction, too?

With this much information appearing, I am becoming interested.


“Holkerbam is an ancient city, as old as the ancient the Great Bephallitsu Empire, and ancient Elven battlefield, marshland, Ishiba (TL: 石場 means “Stone Space” I think this might mean cave, but I’m not sure), mines, forests, plains, all surround the city in zones…ah, I think something happened three years ago?”

“Hai. There was political upheaval, the feudal lord changed.”

“Speaking of Holkerbam, the beautiful milk stones the floor of my mansion is made of comes from Holkerbam. The city’s territory is small, but masonry, carpentry, and iron working are prosperous, there are a lot of cabinet makers, so it really is enviable. Also, the magic steel can only be gathered from the dragonflies around the city. I also want it for my city. Ah, it’s tempting… actually, I think the feudal lord is a strange count who has very few followers. Bullying him…”


The Marquess is letting some of her true intent slip out.

Destroying her furniture like beauty, looking like she swallowed a bug, her undisguised ambition is leaking.


“…Your Excellency, that feudal lord, there is rumor about the ‘white tanuki.’”

“Really huh, then Maccabaeus Trading Company’s chairman Eribolu?”



The Marques nods.


“Such a thing, is it related to the political overthrow? But, the white tanuki, after all, isn’t he just an upstart merchant involved in the maritime trade?”

“Who might it be, not only the leader of the navy faction but also Minister of the Navy, Marquis Langley, he seems to have a connection with multiple noble factions in addition to the Eribolu. His under the table business is on a significant scale too, certainly, although that is how he’s known, he is also recognized by the name Yazu Akira (TL: 八頭輝). Even with your Excellency’s military power fighting with him is like ‘playing with fire.’”


The Marquess is a little shaken by Shark’s words.


“…Hm, nobles connections. Since Shark says so, I’ll give up on meddling. -By the way, Shuya-san. Returning to our conversation, I have some interest in the ‘underground auction.’”


She’s interested in it…


“Well, I am looking…”

“Ara, excuse me. However, it seems a fascinating thing. Don’t you think the auction will be different than something sponsored by the kingdom, in the old days I remember Hewso mentioned that he participated every year…”


Chardonnay says to the old soldier questioningly.


“Yes but, dangerous things are also exhibited, because of that the dark guilds are often related. It is hard to attend in 【Labyrinth City Pernette】. I cannot recommend it.”

“But, with my power isn’t it possible?”

“Hai, however, the auction opens during the harsh winter during new years. There are various events happening in the city during new years, so attending is impossible.”

“…How boring. But, Shuya-san is looking for such an item.”


They say such a thing.

The dwarf I helped, the story about Henkai, the talk with the witch of Sazihali, and this white-haired soldier named Shark, I was able to learn quite a few things.


The underground auction has come up multiple times.

I will remember the 【Magic Steel City Holkerbem】.

So when I search for the sanctuary of Sateyura-kami and the withered great tree…


N? That reminds me…


God, sanctuary, Shisho told me about the places with a lot of child spirits, debonchitchi.

Speaking of the place where the debonchitchi appear…

The place where Shisho trained me, the giant tree in the forest.

Perhaps, is it related?


But, there was no precious orb on the great tree…

Nn~I don’t know.


“…Shuya-san. Is something wrong?”

“No, I just heard something helpful from Shark-san. I was lost in thought.”

“Is that so, I’m glad it could be useful.”


Chardonnay smiles.

Yosh, with this information I was able to get a lead. Hopefully I will be able to unravel this clue.


“Un. Well then, is that all the business you have with me? Is it okay for me to return now? I haven’t had my fill of delicious food yet.”

“Ah, that’s no good. I need to give you this reward.”


Chardonnay picks up a drawstring bag and a white ring, then approaches.


“-You Excellency, you are going to deliver it personally?”


“It’s fine. This one has no hostility with me. Right?”


Chardonnay looks up at me with a charming smile.

Her hand extends from sleeves edged with enticing embroidery, handing the drawstring bag and ring to me.


This reward, is it the one she announced would be handed to everyone earlier?

I receive to ring and pouch.

There is a white gold coin in the bag. The inside of the bag is soft.

A small amount of luxurious cloth has been used.


Honestly, I am grateful for the money.

I am unsure of where I can sell the evil dragon king’s materials at a high price.

Also, to be polite, even I with my perverse nature must bow in gratitude.

To this beauty, I show thanks for my reward.

Ma, this may also be the Marquess’ way of apologizing.

She gave me a valuable lead, and I also received money. I will obediently change my behavior.

Nevertheless, this ring is well made.

It is shaped like a purple dragon.

A pair of blue eyes is depicted accurately.

I really am wonderfully made.


I stand up straight and with politeness in mind, I speak.


“…Surely, thank you. However, this is brilliant made.”

“It should be. I had a magic Goldsmith make it personally.”


Happy at being praised, the Marquess shows a smile.


“My goodness… it may be presumptuous, but I will use this ring habitually.”

“Eeh, making such a thing is expensive. However, after receiving it, you humbled yourself so suddenly. May I ask why?”


Upon seeing the sudden change in my attitude, Chardonnay asks worriedly.


“It’s to show my thanks for the reward.”

“Are? The way you speak to me has become pleasant?”

“Ojo-sama? Is that okay…”

“Mou, Kiki. I understand. But you know, the man who speaks in such a curt way is suddenly gone.”

“That’s a matter of course. Your Excellence.”


The white haired old soldier has a somewhat angry expression, rebuking Chardonnay.


“Mou, the two of you are nagging me. Shuya-san, let’s return to the hall with the food. There is also the reward for Cecily. Also I will personally show you some delicious dishes.”


I lower my head obediently.


“Ha, I understand.”


After Chardonnay says so, she guides me to the hall.

Turning back, Kiki and Shark are showing me scary faces.


I return a slight smile.

Chardonnay who has returned to the hall calls for Cecily and claps her hands.

Thereupon, a large cage is carried in.


Uha, Ah…that is Cecily’s reward.

Everyone is looking at what is in the cage, causing a stir.

Inside the cage is a young golden griffon.

Is that the griffon from before? It might be.

It must be the Griffon that was amongst the monsters I released.


Did the mother griffon escape?


“Well then, Cecily, I award you this Griffon, Hector territory, and the Flame Medal.”

“You Excellence…”


A maid in a calico apron carries an important looking medal.

The medal is handed to Cecily.


“A little while I ago I happened to acquire this rare species. Cecily? Would you receive this rare species of golden griffon?”


Cecily floats a troubled face, looking at the Marquess.

The Marquess… she has had a gentle expression until now, but suddenly her expression becomes slightly angry.


“I-I understand. I accept them.”


Oh, Cecily seems to have lost to the pressure of the Marquess.

In the battle of Marquess VS Female Knight, the Marquess has been declared the victor.

Everyone sees this. This could be considered as saving the Marquess’ face.


“Good, fufu, sasa, well then, please carry it-”


Then, again, the cage is grasped and carried away.

After that, the Marquess’ mood becomes high and speaks to me.

She seems to want to brag about the cooking.

She points out various dishes.


There is a large baked mountain bird that smells good. Like that, from the labyrinth, the culinary academy, the Kingdom’s gourmet food part has various items. Because of the cooperation with suppliers, the ingredients are fresh… people chatter with one another.

Aside from the Marquess, some Ojo-samas are talking about the happily.


Or should I say, I, from such an introduction, want to eat?

I cannot say that to the Marquess, so I force a smile and accompany her properly.


At such a time, a noble with an icy mustache speaks to the Marquess.


“Oh my, oh my, Chardonnay-sama, you are quite vigorous today.”

“Maa, Lord Fleudo Bauken.” (TL: His name is Lord Fleudo Adventure.”

“The other day you purchased ancient Rainbow’s Morning fabric right away for a dress?”

“I made use of it, truly it is a wonderful material, no?”


Chardonnay says so and displays the hem of her dress.

The part she points out shimmers like a rainbow.

Heh, like fabric is like white now, and it reacts to mana…


“Hai, it’s excellent. …Something which experiences the dangerous passage at the southern ocean also pays off.”

“…Excellent, you returned safely. If I am not mistaken, you were accompanied by a large fleet numbering more than fifty, but I heard only five ships returned?”


The old man called Fleudo Bauken’s face turns aside, begins to talk about a painful memory.


“…So then. The monsters and climate are so that it is great for pirates, because we hid the whereabouts of our exploration party, almost all of the ships sinking…it was a truly savage voyage. However, we discover another land called Aesir’s Illusion Dynasty, I am proud to have brought such quality items to Osberia Kingdom.”

“Eh, wonderful, something wonderful was brought to me. However, I heard that in the Royal Capital King Luke greeted Lord Fluedo Bauken personally.”

“Hai. I was extremely moved at that time…”


As the conversation between nobles continued, I was saved.

Time to skedaddle.


“Well then, you Excellence.” I’ll take me leave.”


Speaking briefly, I bow slightly.

Hurrying I leave the seat.


The Marquess said something, but I pretended not to hear.


Immediately, the old noble begins to speak to Chardonnay again, so I easily escape.


Now then, time to relax and eat.

It is my first time having such luxury cuisine.

Let me see, something has had my eye for a while now…

Wait, this, judging by its legs, is it cooked frog legs?


Is it a rare luxury? It might be tasty…


Ma, I’ll try it. I take a piece.

I bring the cooked frog leg to my mouth.

The meat is firm, crunch.

Ooh, the meat is unexpectedly juicy.

It’s a delicacy, bit the flavor is rich and tasty.

The frog’s breast meat is marinated in ginger sauce and has a different dry surface, again, there is a new sensation on my tongue.


It’s hard to hate the frog style.


I want to give some to Rollo, too.

Ah, that’s right. I have the item box.


Taking an empty plate from a table, I pile up tasty looking dishes.


With the plate piled full of food, I quickly move to the edge of the hall.

I touch the bracelet and activate the item box.

I quickly store away the plate full of food.


Yosh. I worked.

Now then, I am satisfied with what I have eaten, I also received my reward.

It is time to go soon.


I leave the party from the edge of the hall.

I walk briskly down the red carpeted corridor. I exit the mansion.

There are dozens of carriages parked around, so I board the front most one and take it to the guild.


When I arrive at the guild, I go directly to the guild master’s room.


“-Ou, that was fast. You’re back.”


Carban is writing at his desk.

The pen is his hand is patterned.

The material looks like ivory.


“Eeh, the party is still going, but I already ate and receive my reward.”



Reacting to my voice, Rollo who was lying on the chest looks up and calls out.

She jumps up and clings to me.


Haha, she licks my face.

Making delighted sounds, this girl is cute.


“Yosh, yosh.”


I say while lifting Rollo.


“Rollo, I brought you a souvenir. Sit down there and wait.”



Understanding what I said, Rollo sits down on the desk with her feet together.

A color of expectation is visible in her crimson eyes.


Haha, appealing with such cute eyes, with a smile on my face I remove the dish from the item box.


“Rollo, you eat this.”

“Nya, Nyo-”


Rollo begins to eat the food from the dinner part with impressive gusto.


“Hou, is that an item box?”


“I have one too. Look.”


Carban-jii shows his item box that has a feeling of not being too rare.

A square of an uneven thick pouch. A staff is stuck in and out of it.


“The pouch, is it from Labyrinth city?”

“I was told it came from Labyrinth city, but I bought it from an acquaintance’s company. Apart from that, did the Marquess have anything to say?”

“She was trying to employ me.”

“Haha, sounds like Chardonnay-sama.”


“What? Ma, there’s an adventurer like that.”


While we’re talking, Rollo has finally finished eating her food.

So fast…


“Well then, I will go back. Ah, I’ll return these clothes.


I say so and move the change out of the fancy clothes.


“That is my present to you.”


Once I am butt-nekked, I hear those words.


“-Oh? Is that okay?”


He is giving it to me but for now, I put on my new leather clothes.

My armor is tattered, but I put it on.


“Please consider this as a reward from me for the Evil Dragon Subjugation, after all, don’t I also own Shuya?”


N? He owes me?




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