Chapter 51 – 55

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Chapter 51: Delta Zone of Captivation


The clan and party leaders gather in a circle, Eris’s voice echoes from the middle.

“King-san of 【Kokudara】, Kyou-san of 【Heaven Sword】, Ameri-san of 【Haym’s Defence】, Garnanfu-san of 【War God】, Shisea-san of 【Faidato Alliance】, Sarah of 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】. And I am Eris of the 【Eight Maidens】. The leaders of each clan and party should be gathered here.”

The leaders have strong expressions.

Wherein, my eyes fall on the shins of a Dwarf wrapped in green leggings.

“And, that guy?”

The Dwarf questions Eris and everybody’s eyes fall on me at the same time.

“This one is Shuya-san. He is participating solo, but he is the ‘spearman” who played an active role in the fight earlier. He is a considerable fighting force, so I am having him participate in this strategy meeting.”

Then, noise rises from the surroundings.

“That~ spearman.”

“He was a solo participator?”

“…Spear, huh?”

The nearby leaders are all commenting, staring at me, nodding to one another and whispering.

“Gohhon. Then, isn’t it fine? Another time, as an officer of the guild, shall I advance the discussion?”

When Eris talks the uproar immediately settles and the area falls quiet.

Even the air quiets.

“…Then, I will advance the conversation. Thanks to everyone, we were able to exterminate the dragons and ants that showed up around the metastasis formation. Still, there are enemies remaining. As you all know, they are the large dragons, wyverns, and the imperial ants. They are formidable enemies, but we must remove them. So, after this, I would like the enter the central area to suppress them, what are everyone’s thoughts?”

A person with the appearance of a soldier quickly reacts to what Eris said.

“【Koudara】 only consists of vanguards, we are a desired obstacle.”

“【Heaven Sword】 are vanguards too, I agree with this opinion. I think it will become easier for the rear defenders if there is an obstacle. The strategy will be based off Eris’s instructions.”

Next, someone wearing the robes of a magic user speaks.

“Yes. We of 【Faidato Alliance】 are mostly magic users, so we agree things will be easier if the vanguards are an obstacle. There are long distance attacks to deal with when fighting wyverns and imperial ants, so it’s frightening… I have faith in the vanguard.”

“-Most of us in 【War God】 are vanguards. If I am going to do a suicide attack with my ax to kill dragons, I want to aim for wyverns.”

The one covering the magic user’s timid remark is the short Dwarf.

He has a heavy looking ax and several tattoos on his face.

It makes me think of a Scandinavian smorgasbord of tattoos. (TL: This is what the RAWS say. I guarantee this translation. It just doesn’t make sense.)[ED: Weird but “of tattoos”}

New, a woman with a bow steps forward to talk.
“【Haym’s Defense】 is a ranged type, not only bows, but we have two magic users that can use recovery magic, so we would still like a vanguard.”

“You could probably say that 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】is a balanced model. There had better be a vanguard, the wyverns and imperial guards cannot get to the back. Their movements need to be sealed and each one killed.”

Finally, Sarah of the crimson tigers finishes talking.

“Isn’t that right? As expected, the B rank clan 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】 is the forerunner, the other clans and parties will provide support. Focus on attacking a single one from the rear. How about something like that?”

Eris has begun to compile a conclusion.

Is it an advantage if there is an obstacle?

You could use the carapaces of the big armored ants rolling about.

Should I mention it…

“Ano~, it that okay?”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

Eris allows me to talk with a smile.

I nod and share my idea.

“As for an obstacle, we could use the carapaces of the armored ants, couldn’t they become a simple bulkhead?”

“Ah, that’s right. But…”

“Hahaha, lad. It’s a good thought, but they’re incredibly heavy and require multiple people to move. And there aren’t any carts?”

The smorgasbord oyaji Dwarf crosses his arms and laughs.
“Then, someone can return to the guild using the metastasis formation, invite people, and bring a cart?”

One of the clan leaders suggests that, but I take this opportunity to be frank.

“-That’s not necessary. I can move them, so should I take care of the ones in this area first?”

I say so, touch my bracelet and push “storage.”

I put the carapace of one of the nearby ants into the item box.

Ma, even without the item box I carry them easily enough.


“Heh, the start can be opened with this.”

“So that means, this guy plays an active part at the tower and labyrinth city?”

“Well now, that’s an unusual thing.”

While everyone is in shock- I store all the scattered carapaces in the item box.

“Is that an item box?”

Eris is surprised as she edges closer to me.

“That’s right.”

I answer simply.

“I knew it.”

“So you really are from labyrinth city?”

“If it’s the labyrinth, do you have any connections to the six top clans?”

“How about that, I hear it was relatively easy to obtain one in labyrinth city…”

“Moreover, that spear man must have studied under one of the eight spear King Gods.”

“…Surely, Akyurei Achilles is the fifth of spear King Gods, I heard there were many followers of the seventh spear king god Rico Madoricos in the area.”

Each leader says such a thing.

I am curious about the one called Akyurei Achilles, is that really Shisho? And then, an item box seems to be rare in this area.

Eris who has come near me talks in a low voice.

“So Shuya-san was an adventurer from 【Labyrinth City】…”

“No, I think this came from 【Labyrinth City】, but I myself have never been to 【Labyrinth City】.”

“Is that so. My father has, but doesn’t have one.”

Eris has such a complaint and is staring at my bracelet with *jiiiiii* eyes.

I ignore such eyes and talk.

“All of the carapaces are right in here.”

“Eeh, yes. Then, I will leave the matter of the carapaces to Shuya-san. For now, may I ask you to ‘establish between the center and the front?’”

“Yes. Roger.”

Then, Eris turns to look at everyone.

“Then, with the strategy meeting, everyone will take a break here. As soon as it becomes light, we will carry out the strategy we just discussed. The vanguard will focus around the attack of 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】. I would like a preemptive attack to focus on one wyvern or imperial ant. The night watch is left up to the individual clans. Then, this meeting is concluded.”

Everyone nods to Eris’s words and raises their agreement.


“Let’s do our best.”


“Tomorrow, then.”

“However, he may have hidden ability, but are you okay with entrusting it to that spearman?”

“Well. Let’s rest for now.”

The adventurers gather around the metastasis formation, sharing their thoughts, and begin to rest.

They seem to be assuming the carapaces will be taken care of as it was ordered.

When I start to move, one of the members of crimson tigers calls out to me.

“Shuya, aren’t you clever to use those heavy carapaces as an obstacle. You rest soon too; it seems we’ll be able to take it easy when we fight the wyverns and imperial ants.”

“It was chance. I’m glad I could help everyone.”

“However, Shuya is carrying an item box.”

“Is me having one not good?”

This is upsetting. I put on such a face as I talk.

Sarah shaves her head and denies it.

“No, no, that’s not what I mean. It’s just a rare item in this area.”

“Does Sarah not have one?”

“I don’t. I have yet to go to labyrinth city or the heaven’s tower.”

It is difficult to obtain here, the item boxes that are sold.

“I see.”

“But, it’s great, that magic bracelet. Shuya-san. I’ll get one sometime too.”

Lushell looks at my bracelet wistfully.

“I understand Lushell’s desire. You can probably buy it with the gold labyrinth city produces, this city is quite good, to appear on the market…it’s bad for the captain, but I might like Shuya.”

Belize says such things with a bewitching smile…

“-What, Belize. It’s no good with Shuya.”

“Fufu, it’s a contest captain…”

Sarah is glaring at Belize with her cat ears dyed red. Belize smiles and looks back at Sarah.

They started fighting. Their eyes meet and there is a flash of light between them, oi, this reaction will cause me trouble.

“Captain and Belize are both useless. -Isn’t Shuya-san disappointed~ ne~? Shuya-san.”

Saying so, Lushell grabs my arm and holds it against her body.

“Lushell? Aah, why are you touching him, what do you mean ‘ne?’”

“Ah, the captain got mad.”

“Lushell works fast. -Shuya-kun~, this request, once it’s finished…ne?”

“Nya, nyaa.”

Belize as well, grabs my other arm and presses it into her voluptuous chest.

The smell good, a citrusy perfume.

Breath is being puffed against my ear…

Rollo seems to also want to get involved in the skinship, she nestles close to my foot, rubbing her head against me…

I-is this the thing called moteki? Harem? (TL: Moteki is the period of time when a man suddenly becomes popular with women.)

This is really dangerous, even though we are in the middle of a request.

“…E~to. You both feel amazing but please back away. I still have things left to do.”



Ah, sorry, I did not want to force you

“It’s as Shuya says. Really, you two, come here.”

“That’s right, you’re getting to excited. The captain is getting mad! However, it’s probably because of Shuya…”

Sarah drops her fists on Lushell and Belize’s heads and drags them away.

Butch was shouting his complaints next to Sarah, but along the way started to glare at me…

But I didn’t do anything?

I got to feel their breasts…

“Haha, that’s great.”

Then, Eris laughs and talks.

“Ah, I need to finish. You saw something strange.”

“No, no, I understand stand Lushell and Belize’s feelings so…cough. Well then, shall we go? To move the carapaces.”

Eris’s big eyes are swimming, she faked a cough…

Nn, you understand their feelings?

Does that mean you will press your breasts into me?

Is it different? She might be too nervous, so she is sending her good will?

I see, in the end, the moteki has arrived.

But, I am on a request right now. Without getting caught up, I need to work.

Or perhaps, would Eris like to come with me to set up the carapaces?

“…Eris, are you taking a break?”

“I should be as well…”

I should be the same too.

I will decline.

“No, doing this alone is easier. Good.”

“It’s a dangerous area, will you be okay?”

Eris tilts her head to the side.

“Un. Apart from that, even if I say rest, this a nest of ants. I have no idea when we’ll be attacked by the remaining ants and dragons. So, it’s better for the captain to stay.”

“Sure…I guess, ne. I understand. Please be careful while you build the obstacle.”

She agrees.

“Aah, I’ll be fine. I will head to the metastasis formation, the wyverns and imperial ants fighting in the danger zone are well hidden.”

“Yes. I’m expecting this.”


“Nn, nyao.”

Rollo cries out and jumps onto my shoulder.

Like that, with Rollo on my shoulder I head to the area where the intense fight between the wyverns and imperial ants is taking place.

It is important not to get involved, so with <Hidden Body> active I remove the carapaces from storage and arrange them.

Arranging the carapaces is surprisingly easy, and I can return to the front of the metastasis formation.

Adventurers are resting around the metastasis formation.

Sitting in the open space is Eris, she seems to notice me and calls out.

“Shuya-san, good…”

The nuance of being sure I am safe.

Was she worried?

I try to respond with a smile.

“I’m back. Everything is set up. The wyverns and imperial ants are absorbed in their war; it was easy since they paid no attention to me.”

“Is that so. As one would expect, huh. Thank you very much for your hard work.”

When Eris is talking to me, Sarah walks away from the side of a camp fire and I see her hurriedly approaching me.

“…Shuya. Welcome back, do you want to rest together?”

Sarah is inviting me.

I’ll be bothering you.

“Ah, I’ll take you up on that. Then, I will see you tomorrow, Eris-san.”


Eris has a disappointed expression. Weren’t we finished?


Rollo calls out in a low voice from my shoulder.

I accompany Sarah to the camp fire that crimson tiger is sleeping around.

“You, using those big carapaces, you already finished constructing the obstacle?”

When I sit down near the fire, Butch talks to me.

“Un. I used hidden body to be safe, but I may have been fine without using it, they didn’t care about me.”

“Hyu~, you can scout?”

Butch-san whistles.

Scout? A skill specialized in reconnaissance, or a battle occupation…

“…No, it’s not that far.”

“I see, I see. Here, drink.”

Butch-san’s face is flushed. He looks drunk.

“Haa, I’ll have some…”

“Hahaha, don’t hold yourself back.”

I take a wooden cup.

I drink a little.

It really is liquor. Taking the opportunity, I remove some jerky from my pocket.

“Kora, baka Butch. You don’t have to get drunk because it’s a break?”

Belize says so as she eats something that looks like bread.

“What, I’ve only drank a little.”

Butch bends an arm and flexes, making his well-developed biceps swell, showing a glass overflowing with sake.

“Butch, the only thing you’ve had in that glass today is liquor.”

“Eeeh, captain…”

Butch seems to like liquor.

“Butch, aren’t the captain orders absolute? Shuya-san as well, please be careful not to drink too much.”

Lushell is sitting with her knees bent against her chest and her Egyptian make-upped face is smiling. (TL: The actual term here is 体育座り)

Still, but, they are seriously concerned.

Under the robe, I can see some black panties and seductive thighs. So, what is it called, the absolute domain, the absolute space there… (TL: The space between the top of the knee socks and the hem of a skirt…

“…Aah, I’ll only have this much.”

I am fixated for a moment. No, it is because the stretched panties committee is at war, it is natural, I turn my eyes away as I look in a different direction.

In the trial inside my head, reason wins out.

“Nnn, nya.”

With an expression of victory inside my head- Rollo calls out from my shoulder and takes my half eaten jerky.

Aah, she is still fast.

It can’t be helped if she feels hungry.

“Rollo, do you want more?”

Rollo swings her tail back and forth.

“Rollo-chan. Answering with her tail.”

“It seems so…”

“Haha, Rollo seems to have become hungry. By the way, Shuya. I want to ask seriously…”

Sarah’s cute cat ear twitch with a *piku* and she comes closer.

Her eyes are serious.

Is it about tomorrow’s strategy?

“What is it?”

“This is sudden, but will you join our clan?”

It was different, this is an invitation.

“…Still, this is sudden.”

Clan. N~

“Are, ma, the captain is inviting you personally. This is rare. She seems to like Shuya-san considerably.”

“Maa, I understand that the captain has be thinking about it. His ability as a spearman is reliable. Us soldier type beastmen are attracted by raw power.”

Butch-shi praises me as well.

“I’d also like it if you joined crimson tiger. I can aim at any time…”

Belize’s remarks and smile are scary. It feels bewitching…

Being aimed at. I would like to be hit with those breasts. [ED:…..]

“Belize, aiming, and those eyes are scary~”

“Ara? Lushell, did it become a strange smile?”

“Eeh? Butch, did I make a strange face?”

“Iya, you don’t have such a face? I’ve been able to see your underwear for a while, though.”

Lushell quickly covers her butt with her robe.

“Aahm Butch! Ero Butch.”

“Chi, chigee”

Ero Butch-sensei.

I will never blame you.

“-Haha, or should I say, shut up! I won’t be able to hear Shuya’s answer.”

N~, now…

“…That’s right. Even though we get along well…I have to decline.”



Lushell and Belize have surprised reactions.

Sarah did not seem to think I would decline either.

“Is that so…would you tell me why?”

“It’s simple. There are times when I am impulsive. And then, I want to act freely right now.”

“…Is that so. This is disappointing.”

As Sarah said, he ears lay down and her face sinks.

As for me, I think it is good to spend time with such beautiful women.

However, to be honest, some of these beautiful women’s smiles are scary.

The name of the disease is Kuna shock. The reason is the freakish Kuna shock.

I am only being half serious, but my promise with Rollo is my first reason, checking the other gate points is another, and I would like to take the year lightly. I cannot be free if I enter a clan.

It would be better for me to remain solo.

“…To decline to captain’s invitation.”

Butch-san mutters.

“-This is really disappointing.”

Belize-san breasts shake as she stands up.

She has a grin.

But, her eyes look a little damp.

She approaches me quickly, and wraps around my arm.

“I’m sorry you won’t enter the clan…please stay by my side today-“


“What are you doing?”

Sarah and Lushell raise angry voices.

“Oi, what are you doing so close to him.”

“That’s right. Really, I always have to be on guard…”

Sarah and Lushell have irritated tones.

The two people with puffed cheeks are suddenly behind Belize.

They grab Belize by both arms and drag her back to the fire.

“Ahaha, I’m not finished. Belize is an assertive one.”

Butch-san seems to be a little drunk.

Laughing without getting angry.


Like this, I spend the night wrapped in some kind of happy strain.

-However, this is an ant nest. It is normal for ants to swarm forth past midnight.

So, such a ridiculous feeling of strain fades, and Rollo and I continue fighting the long armed ants that appear alongside crimson tiger.



Chapter 52: Wyvern Battle


The morning sun rises,

“It’s morning~. Everyone. The preparations are ready.”

Eris’s high-pitched voice rings out.

The sleepy adventurers quickly gather without complaining.

“Well then-everyone. We are going to kill the last of the dragons and ants. The strategy is as we discussed yesterday. As for decisions in the middle of battle, I leave the directions to each clan leader. As for the rear, individual instructions aren’t needed, correct?”




“Let’s do this thang.” (TL: I did this on purpose.) [ED:…. I almost changed it… I was super tempted.]

The leaders of the adventurers raise spirited voices.

“Yes, then, let’s go.”

The magic users and bow users of the rear guard follow to the place behind the obstacle.

I can see Sarah and Butch at the head of the vanguard.

They slip through the obstacle with quick movements and run.

Their target is not the imperial ants; it seems to be the Wyverns on this side.

A little later, I can make out the figures of Lushell and Belize.

As discussed, Crimson Tiger’s Tempest are the ones acting as the advance guard.

The moment that Sarah and Butch head to attack the wyvern.

-Lushell releases paralysis magic, invoking it below the wyvern.

Bands of light come from the magic formation and seize the legs and body of the wyvern.

The remaining wyverns seem to understand their companion was attacked by adventurers and all stop moving simultaneously.

However, the fierce battle between the wyverns and imperial ants does not stop.

The wyvern that has its movements sealed by the attack of the adventurers ignores the imperial ants.

The imperial ants continue their furious assault on the wyverns.

Us adventurers are cooperating with the imperial ants.

Profiting from the fight, we succeed in separating only one of the wyverns.

There, Belize fires an arrow from her bow at the sealed wyvern.

They skillfully stick into the strong scales.

Are those specially made?

When I am interested in the bow and arrows Belize is using, the vanguards belonging to the adventurer clans all attack the wyvern together.

Without being seen, I blend in with them.

I make eye contact with Rollo and nod.

Rollo and I begin attacking alongside the assault.

Swords, hammers, axes, spears, arrows and magic. Multiple attacks fly about in a jumble.

The hard dark green scales of the wyvern are easily destroyed by the intense attack of the adventurers, green pieces of flesh are flying about.

I aim for a place where the scales have been damaged and green blood flows out, then fire consecutive <Thrusts> while conscious of the twist.

The black spear pierces deep into the green flesh, when the tip of the black blade reaches beyond the muscle and reaches the bones of the feet, I can feel the collision.

Rollo also attacks the wyvern, gouging out green flesh with her claws and tearing it away with her fangs.

Eating the meat, she takes some distance and extends her feeler bone sword into the leg and abdomen creating a conspicuous wound.

Then, the panther form of Rollo takes a bold action.

Instead of the feeler going straight ahead as always, instead, it draws an arc and the feeler bone sword stabs directly into the dragon’s wing film. Rollo retracts her feelers and pulls her panther form onto the dragon’s wing.

Oooh, isn’t that amazing?

She succeeds in boarding the large dragon’s wing.

Rollodinu moves towards to wyvern’s back in her panther form, biting the membrane and setting her hooked claws into it,

That membrane seems to be soft.

Rollo stabs her bone sword into a gap in the scales of the wyvern’s back and stabilizes herself.

She runs across the dragon’s back inflicting cuts across its wings.

The wyvern’s movements are sealed by the magic and can do nothing.

As usual, she really is a divine beast.

However, the lower part of its body can move.

At the back of the wyvern, the dwarf with the conspicuous tattooed face attacks the tail with his ax and a dull sound rings out.

The scales are scattered and the meat sliced.

-The long tail is removed steadily.

Oh, that last movement seems to have been some kind of skill.

The Dwarf’s body spins lengthwise and the large ax blade descends.

A single great blow of the ax cuts through the bone of the tail, severing it, and green blood gushes out soaking the Dwarf’s face.

There is so much blood that the dwarf is knocked over.

The pointed bone tip of the lizard-like severed tail twitches irregularly. Something indistinguishable from poison foams up from it like green blood.

At that time, Sarah’s limbs and her grasped cutlasses become gigantic.

Long red hair grows in the streams from her limbs and her muscles swell.

Using her enlarged limbs and swords, with an abnormal movement she follows through with the big swords and two thick sword flashes are created.

A silver line seems to cut through space.

The two large sword flashes easily sever the thick foot of the injured wyvern.

What amazing power… This power is at a different level than the other day, is it Sarah’s finisher?

I saw the red hair change and become enlarged, but this, is this the reason the clan is called crimson tiger?

The wyvern only has one leg.

However, Lushell’s magic seems to end and the wyvern begins to move-

Even if the wyvern only has one leg it opens its one undamaged wing to keep its balance, and creates a light shock wave around it.

The adventurers on its left are blown back by the wind.

At the same time the wyvern quickly wriggles its neck and bites in the direction of a faltering adventurer.

A soldier with his shield at the front is bitten by the wyvern and his upper body is gone in an instant.

-The sound of flesh being torn.

-A scream from one of his female comrades.

However, the wyvern with its wing spread loses its balance and falls to the ground.

The wyvern’s sudden counterattack ends there.

As expected, it seems hopeless with its one leg and damaged wing.

-A chance.

I aim for the head of such a wyvern.

I envelope my whole body in Fighting Moji, kick the ground strongly and perform a twisting jump.

The wyvern’s head comes into view.

One of its three eyes catches sight of me too late.

My body revolves. Then, using the physical ability of the Rusivault Vampire lineage and all the strength of my fighting moji enhancement, I bring down the black spear.

The moment the black spear collides with its skull, a light shock waves explodes.

The wyvern’s skull collapses.

The feeling of the black spear penetrating its brain is transmitted through the rod to my hand.

The eyes and scales on the wyvern’s head go flying and a scale cuts my cheek causing two stream of blood to flow down my cheek, but I ignore it.

The wound heals immediately.

The fatal blow seems to have sparked a united attack against the dragon and all the adventurers hit the wyvern directly.

The wyvern is already dead though…

Stabbing, slashing, damaging, smashing, burning, burning, it becomes a state of perfect overkill.

The wyvern becomes little more than dragon meat.

However, the four-remaining wyverns all immediately react once it dies.

Ignoring the imperial ants, they all turn their gigantic heads to the adventurers together and open their maws, exposing their crooked teeth.


A howling roar.

The wyverns seem to be angry.

Eh, from the dragons’ mouths, bubbling green water!?

-Breath attack. Its hue is the shade of dish detergent. It feels dangerous.

The adventurers, including myself, are taken by surprise because the attack has no preparation other than the roar.

I urgently eject <chain> behind me.

I drive the chain into the ground near the obstacle at the back.


I make the chain retract into my left hand and pull my body towards the obstacle, a movement that exceeds a long player jump. I move through the air as if flying.

I fall to hide behind the obstacle.

Rollo also stabs her bone sword into the ground far away and retracts it like the power cord of a vacuum cleaner. (TL: Yes, the author actually wrote this.) The feeler pulls the panther body through air in a spin.

She kind of looks like a flying squirrel, it is a little cute, but the situation is not appropriate for that.

“Everyone- retreat to the obstacle!”

“Withdraw-back to the obstacle!”


Eris screams, the leaders of each clan yell, every clan member that reacts too late will take the poisonous breath head on.

The power of the poisonous breath is terrible.

Those bathed in it, their faces melt, their bones are exposed, their arms dissolve and their chests turn into gaping holes.

-A scene of shrieking agony is created.

However, there are a lot of dexterous adventurers that did not retreat.

Not to mention the members of crimson tiger, multiple adventurers escape from range of the breath attack at the last-second.

Immediately, an aurora of recovery magic falls over the heads of those suffering from poison burns.

The adventurers can somehow still fight, though it could be said they are in a state of confusion.

However, there is no pursuit from the wyverns.

What’s wrong? When I am wondering, the wyverns are attacked by the imperial ants.

The intense attack of the imperial ants against the wyverns runs into them all at once.

The imperial guard ants, as expected, they really are A+ rank.

The huge imperial ants use their six big legs skillfully, and one by one blow the wyverns away in a different direction. The wyverns are scattered and retreat while scattering venom.

One wyvern remains without being blown off, the number of imperial ants is three.

The remaining wyvern receives the concentrated attack of the three imperial ants.

Its wings are held, the base of its neck bitten, and its legs chewed on. The eighteen hooked claws of the imperial ants cut through the wyvern’s scales, tearing its flesh.

The blown off wyverns return to help their companion, but…the balanced has collapsed and will not be restored.

The imperial ants have the upper hand.

The giant ants are crushing the wyvern while the pink hair around their necks scatters.

The final wyvern is going to fly away, but something like a pink thread is released from their mouths to prevent the dragon from escaping.

One of the imperial ants is entwining the wyvern with pink threads.

The thick ant legs scratch the entwined wyvern.

The wyvern tries to put up a final resistance, but it is entwined even further by the pink thread and can barely move. The wyvern that is entwined by the pink thread is dragged like that.

-A few words of the highlights.

As expected of skilled adventurers, I as well, although we are only watching the fight between the dragons and giant ants.

There a woman’s voice, Eris’ voice sounds-

“Everyone, prepare to fight the giant imperial ants! However, for now, we will retreat to the metastasis formation-“

“Roger.” “Yes.” “Un.” “Ou.”

Everyone answers and goes into action.

“Eris, we will stay until the end. We will guard the rear.”

“Yes, we will rely on you, crimson tiger-“

I will stay as well.


Rollo’s purring comes from my shoulder.

Tilting her head to the side as if to say; Are you not returning with the adventurers?

“Hora, Crimson tiger is staying, isn’t it better for us to stay as well.”


She extends a feeler to my cheeks.

When the paw pads on her feelers touch my cheek, Rollo conveys her feelings.

『Waiting』 『Hunting』 『Fun』 『Playing』

“Haha, it’s fun?”

You compare hunting to play, do you?

I cannot think of a clan with so many elegant women, I gather myself and go to announce myself to the members of crimson tiger.

On the contrary, the three giant imperial ants seem uninterested in the actions of the adventurers including me, and are dragging one of the wyverns into the hole.

Aw, this is disappointing.

The giant imperial ants seem to have finished their business after exterminating the wyvern flock.

“We prepared a little, but they retreated. There’s no signs of dragons either…”

Sarah says while surveying the left and right.

“Yes. The wyverns that flew into the sky have disappeared.”

Lushell is attaching her large staff to her back while looking up in the sky to confirm it.

“Captain, is the request complete with this?”

Butch’s cat ears that do not suit his muscular body both twitch, and he straps his broadax to his back.

“It seems so.”

“Good. It seems we don’t have to fight the giant imperial ants. In fact, I have very few adamantine arrows left, so this is good.”

Belize also returns her long bow to her back, and places the arrows with an orange arrow head into her quiver.

I look too, and put away the black spear.

“Now then, I guess we’ll return.”

“Un. Let’s go to where Eris is.”

Sarah starts running in the direction that the adventurers withdrew.

All of Crimson Tiger follows, running slightly behind.

I put Rollo on my shoulder and follow too.

“Eris-san, the imperial ants retreated. The wyverns were defeated and the dragons seem to have disappeared.”

“Oh really? Well then, shall we return to the guild and bring a cart? We can quickly collect the corpses of the ants and dragons that way. There are this many corpses. It is before the evil dragon king subjugation too, so we can expect the price of the materials. We can expect extra.”

Eris talks while make a gesture with her index finger and thumb indicating money.

That symbol seems to be universal.


“Fighting was worth it.”


“Hurray! It ended surprisingly early.”

“Ou, we’ll have a party tonight!”

The shouts of the adventurers shows their joy for the request being completed.

Some of them are lamenting the death of a companion, that group does not express their joy…

In this way, the urgent request is completed safely.

The materials of all the corpses are bought and extra gold is given as a reward.

In the reward bag handed by receptionist-san there are ten extra gold coins, totaling Forty-five, so there are four white gold coins and five gold coins inside.

“Well then.”

I greet receptionist-san briefly and leave, tossing the bag of gold coins into the item box.

I head to the exit to leave the guild.



“Aren’t you being cold? Leaving by yourself so quickly.”

The source of the voice is Sarah.

The other members of Crimson Tiger’s Tempest approach as well.

“So the captain says.”

“That’s right.”

“Shuya, it can’t be stopped if it comes to this…”


Butch-shi looks embarrassed.

“Shuya, quit the ‘san’ already. Butch is fine.”

“Got it, Butch. I planned to head back…”

Sarah cuts in,

“-Maa, maa, Shuya. Don’t hurry. Aren’t we comrades in arms? After this, we intend to go drink at a bar, how about it?”

Honestly, I would like to drink with beautiful women.

However, the invitation seems noisy so I will pass.

“…I’m thankful for the invitation, but unfortunately I have to decline. Sorry.”

“Che, then, I wanted to invite you to the clan again…”

“Doesn’t it seem to be captain? But, isn’t Shuya-san unlikely to waver?”

“It can’t be helped. Captain, we have a different way of life. You should give up.”

Saying so, Belize removes part of the armor on her chest.

She exposes her upper chest more and approaches me with her jiggling melons.

Ku, this is dangerous, more dangerous than the wyvern.

Still, if I am to be eaten by a huge breast monster…[ED:Stfu already.]

“It’s been a long time since I saw captain’s ears fall down…”

Butch seems to be worried about Sarah and is not paying attention to Belize.

“Belize…it’s no good?”

Sarah’s tone is quiet, but she talks to Belize in a way that suggest she is holding back her anger.

Hou, relief or regret, my feelings are complicated…

I ignore it since a small fight has risen between Sarah and Belize.

I wanted a taste of the sensation of the voluptuous melons, but I will leave it.

I lift one hand and wave it.

“…Then well, everyone. If we meet again on a different request, please be kind to me. See ya-“

I bid farewell and leave the guild quickly.



Chapter 53: Witch of Sedia Wasteland ※


I return to the inn, intending to take a bath.

When I wash my body, Rollo jumps into the hot water as well, so I wash her black fur until it is pretty.

After washing briefly, I lean my back against the edge of the tub.

The hot water is relaxing…

First, I will check my Status.

Status Window
Name: Shuya Kagari Title: Divine Beast Contractor
Age: 22 Race: Rusivault
Battle Occupation:

Dark Magic Spearman: Chain User

Condition: Relaxed
Physical Strength

19.2 →19.3

Agility 20.0 → 20.1
Stamina 18.2 →18.3 Mana 23.2 → 23.3
Dexterity 18.11→18.2 Spirit 23.7 → 23.8
Luck 11.0

Such a thing, I grew a little.

Then, I dismiss my status.

The Mirror of Paredes is in front of me…there should be 24 of them in this world.

I will look for them, little by little.

However, one is in the corner of this room.

This room has no door so won’t someone passing by eventually notice the mirror?

Ma, this is fine. Yosh, I will try out the gate magic.

I get out of the tub and wipe my wet body down before getting into my leather clothes.

First of all, I touch the bracelet and remove the zohedron trap from the item box.

I hold the twenty-four sided zohedron trap in my palm. I rotate it and look at the different faces.

Quite beautiful. Should I trace this second and third side? Or, should I go for it and trace twenty-four symbols?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. (TL: Japanese saying, I couldn’t help but translate it like this. The English equivalent is “don’t know it till you’ve tried it.”)

I will touch the twenty-fourth face first.

I trace the groove with a finger and it changes from red to green.

Oh? Even once the entire symbol is green, the gate magic does not activate…

As a test, I trace all the red symbols on the face.

At that moment, like the other day, the flashing sphere folds in on itself.

The mirror in the room shines and the scene in front of the mirror is reflected in the gate.

In other words, my form moved.

When I pass through the gate as a test- I return to the room and land with the bed in front of me.

Like the last time the twenty-four sided zohedron trap is set in the top of the mirror, it separates on its own and floats through the air.

Again, it begins to orbit around my head.

The symbol on the face can be used normally. So, that means…

Are there not twenty-four mirrors? Or can it not be used now?

Is it not usable because the mirror and sphere have not met some condition?

As another test, I trace the “one” symbol and activate the gate.

Without entering the gate, I leave it alone for five minutes, then ten minutes, without entering.

-I reach out a hand to the shining gate.

My hand does not come out of the mirror. My hand does not stick out of the mirror so something like dimensional kill is not possible. (TL: Reference? I think our equivalent is playing with portals.)

Even after thirty minutes have passed, the gate magic does not disappear.

Can it not be canceled this way? I put my hand in the light of the gate and try to will “dismiss gate magic.”

Then, the light of the gate instantly stops and the twenty-four sided zohedron trap appears in my hand.

Heeh, so I can cancel it this way.

Yosh, next I will trace the second face.

Ooh, the gate activates normally.

I can see the other side through the light…

There, un…

It is under water. Is it the bottom of the sea?

It seems like the sandy bottom of an ocean, fish…

Still, it does not seem to be too deep. I can see sunlight.

I will postpone this one. I thrust out my hand…and activate the cancellation.

I catch the rotating zohedron trap in my hand and then trace the symbol on the third face.

The third side activated normally too.

The scene on the other side of the gate causes me to stare in surprise for a moment.

A woman, a naked blond changing into her clothes.

When that woman noticed the light of the mirror, she covers herself with gray rag clothes, then begins to touch the mirror despite being scared.

…I cannot go through this one.

She is joining her hands in prayer towards the mirror.

No, lady, don’t mistake me for some God.

However, the clothes in front of this child’s chest, several places are torn…

The woman seems to be called by someone and leaves the room after stepping away from the mirror and putting her shabby clothes on.

The range I can see makes me think the room is small.

There is a bed on the right, and further to the right is the wooden door the woman left through.

In the left corner is a wardrobe and a small desk.

There is a wreath above the desk and there is also a small bookshelf.

It is a simple image of a modest life style.

Now then, I have checked this gate, so should I check it another time…

I cancel it.

Next, I trace the fourth symbol.

This gate is different from the other one.

The scene I see is brown earth and bare rocks.

Moreover, on the ground there is scattered a countless number of ruined arms and jewelry.

The sunlight is illuminating the jewels beautifully, and the various articles on the ground look like wonderful treasures.

Even so, it shows signs of a battle field, even if it does look like a gold mine.

However, what is this unnatural gold mine?

Suddenly, it vibrates and is all blown away in an instant-

That surprised me.

And, suddenly the only thing that occupies the gate is the color of a great eye.

Uhaa, huge, it is an amphibian eye.

Dragon, is it the eye of a dragon? The area around the eye is dark red, its blinking is also big…

After it blinks the dragon took some distance from the mirror, this time the dragon’s entire head is in view and it opens its mouth and its dark red tongue envelopes the gate.

Did it lick the mirror?

Sticky juices are covering it…

The dragon seems to have gotten tired of licking and vanishes in an instant.

However, this time a brave woman, no, an old looking woman appears in front.

-She is staring in this direction.

The old woman is wearing a special helmet.

There is a red jewel in the middle of the forehead, covered by an ornamental dragon.

The frame around the jewel extends out the to the sides and tapers to two points, hidden behind her hair like a head-band.

The frame makes it seem like a crown.

Her hair is black but tinged with red.

The contrasting black and red stands out and the hair flowing down her back sways in the wind.

She is wearing a decorative red armor that covers her entire body all the way to her toes, it looks like a sweat suit, a costume type armor.

Moreover, the narrow feminine silhouette is captivating, I follow the curving outline of her body.

Her body seems to be youthful, but her face is that of an old woman, full of wrinkles… unbalanced.

As for information about the woman on the other side of the gate, I can see her one-sidedly, and I cannot feel any bit magic essence either.

N~. this is bothering me.

To go through this gate, this strange old woman, I would like to meet this dragon-baba.

I check on my throwing knifes and small weapons.

“Rollo, I think I’m going to go check this place out now.”

She claps my shoulder with one paw. Signalling her agreement.

With a smile and a nod, I summon the black spear into my right hand and pass through the gate.

“Oya, maa…this is surprising.”

The moment I pass through the gate, the old woman reacts with a transparent voice that conveys her experience.

“Thanks…I surprised you?”

“Aah, it was really surprising, I have lived several thousands of years, yet this is the first time this mirror has shined. You suddenly appeared to, just what are you”

“Iya, even if you ask what I’m called…I am just a humble spearman.”

I check things out while speaking so lightly, and observe this old lady with magic observing eye.

A strong and dazzling magic essence is rising from her whole body.

I do not know whether it is fighting moji, or if it is just the magic essence quickly circulating through her body.

“Hou… those “eyes” you’re using? Hyahyahya.”

The old woman shows mana in her eyes and her eyes change to being slit.

The color is bordered by dark red, a strange triangular magic formation pattern is visible.

This old woman, she really is the dragon from before…

“Aren’t your eyes strange too? Are you a dragon?”

“Aah. That’s right. However, I’m not a common dragon. My formal name is ‘Haiesoshesoto Dragonia” of the dragon race. However, it has been a long time and I am called the ‘Witch of the Sedia Wasteland’ by the neighboring countries.”

Witch of the Sedia Wasteland?

The witch of a wasteland…this is the first time I have heard of this.

“…Is that so. Then let me introduce myself. I am Shuya Kagari, the one of my shoulder is Rollodinu.”

“Is that so. A strange partnership, aren’t eyes of the beast with the appearance of a cat not common like Shuya Kagari?”


-Her various judgements seem good.

Iya, is she able to tell with those eyes?

During the conversation, the zohedron trap separates from the mirror and returns to drifting. It begins the orbit my head as usual.

I casually grab the sphere. I put it in my chest pocket.

“…Hou, isn’t that a strange technique or magic tool…”

“Pardon me, may I ask your name?”

“Ah, of course, I guess I will introduce myself as well. My name is Sazihali. My old name is the witch Sazihali.”

“Is that so. Sazihali-san.

I bow slighty in response.

“Hyahyahya, you are interesting. With this response, after all, you are not a human from the neighboring 【Aherne Country】 or 【Zerubia Empire】. They would normally respond with violence upon seeing me.”

Sazihali-san folds her arms and reaches one hand to her jaw. While placing her fingertip of her beautiful red lips, she talks with a smile.

“Eeh, that’s right. I have no idea where the Sedia wastelands are, and I have never heard of countries called 【Aherne】 or 【Zerubia】. Then, have you heard of the Maheim mountain range?”

“Maheim mountain range. That should be where Aruditto lived. That is an extremely distant place…it is a mountain range to the south east; did you metastasize from there?”


The Maheim mountain range is the far southeast place which is far from 【Hector】 and 【Mount Burdock】, so this 【Sedia Wasteland】 is far off to the northwest?

“…Eeh, something like that.”

Sazihali’s words become sharp when she hears my words.

“Hou, then isn’t Shuya a talented magic user with the space-time attribute? Did you come to ‘hunt’ me like the other humans?”

Sazihali talks with a suddenly cold tone.

This nuance, is traveling such a far distance with the space-time attribute impossible?

However, hunting?

“…No, no, it’s different. As for hunting, are you being aimed at?”

The witch Sazihali’s eyes open wide at my question.

The ends of her scale-like eyebrows move in surprise.

“…I have lived for a long time. Still, this is astonishing. Explaining it, I am viewed as the natural enemy and target of the humans, a mortal enemy, isn’t it because I took the form of a dragon for a long time? I am targeted by 【Aherne】 and 【Zerubia.】. It’s natural, but I indiscriminately lay waste to the surroundings, eating monsters and humans alike.”

Uha, I thought it was fine since I could talk to her like a human, but is she actually frenzied?

Is it the same for the Evil Dragon King?

“It was such a thing…”

“Because of that, what kind of reason did Shuya come here, is it not to hunt me?”

“I had no reason, I was simply curious, that’s the reason.”

“Oho, is that so. You had no business…kukuku.”

“Is something wrong?”

“Iya, na, it has been a long time since I have talked to someone like Shuya. Even if you see the form of this dragon-baba, you have a pleasant attitude without flinching.”

It‘ is really fun. Shouldn’t I ask in this situation?

“That’s right. Then, since it’s fun, may I ask you a question?”

“Aah, it’s fine. Don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Well then, what is the difference between an Ancient Dragon and a High Dragon, and have you ever heard of the evil dragon king?”

“That’s simple. An ancient dragon is generic name for old dragons that belong to the strongest class, aside for ‘high dragons.’ Their character is ‘fierce and greedy with a daring personally’. Those guys are different from an ordinary dragon, and possesses a degree of intellectual power, but they can never take on the form of a human like me. I have never heard of the name evil dragon king.”

She has never heard of the evil dragon king… no, shouldn’t I ask about the intelligence?
Is either one okay?

“…Is that right. Like Sazihali-san, can contact be made with a high dragon?”

“It would be impossible, I said it earlier, but violence is not uncommonisn’t violence common.?”

It seems I will not be able to contact the evil dragon king.

“Is that so. Is there any significance behind the name High Dragon?”

“High Dragons are those dragons that stand at the top of the dragon race aside from the ‘ancient dragons.’ It also means there are people who have dragon language magic.”

Dragon language magic.

This is another kind of magic I have never heard of.

“Can I use dragon language magic?”

“Immpossible. “Fazloirugaaaaaa.”

Suddenly, the old woman sets “words” free when she opens her mouth and shakes her throat.

At the same time- suddenly, a gust of wind is born that flows behind me.

“That was part of dragon language magic. It is impossible with the throat of a human. They don’t have the appropriate vocal organs.”

There is such a magic.

Ah, I will also ask about this.

“I see. That’s certainly impossible. Then have you heard of Genju’s sake ball of light, or the sacred stone of wisdom?”

The witch Sazihali shows a reaction different than she has so far.

“…I have. Where did you hear of it?”

Even if I cover it up, it can’t be helped. I guess I will tell her the truth.

“I heard about it when I made a contract with a divine beast.”


Rollo also calls out.

“…Is that so, is that so…it’s that cat on your shoulder? Ma, it’s fine. Twilight of the gods, it’s a treasure artifact left behind by Rerikus, the god of relics. From a human…it should be something only known of as a fairy tale?”

The witch Sazihali, stares at Rollo with apparent unrest.

“It’s only the name. I am looking for it.”

“Haha, you’re looking for something that may as well be a mirage. The meddling of the gods in Seurosu has never gone past that point. Still, Sateyura, the god of plants, has a direct effect on the spirits of plant types, Gaia, the god of earth, has a sanctuary that is a forest thick with magic essence…Perhaps, you may find some clue there.”

Oooh, this is more than enough. As expected of an ancient dragon and witch.
I got a major clue.

“Thank you. I will remember it.”

“Fumu. -It is time for me to go soon. Shuya? It was fun.”

Sazihali looks in the opposite direction and talks with a smile.

“Yes. May I come here again?”

“…Do what you want, I have a whimsical mood, so am often not here. Well then, I’ll go-”

When the old woman says so she transforms into a raging red dragon right in front of me.

After releasing a roar, she flies away.

Fuu, she has an intimidating air, that mysterious dragon.

Now. Should I look around this area or return?

I leave the small mountain that is Sazihali-san’s home and look around the area.

Overhead, a crow-like bird is flying.

It may be a hawk or a falcon…

At any rate, a wasteland spreads out.

In the distance, I see a small hill on the brown side of a mountain.

There is only the desolate scenery without any trees or grass.

After a few hours of wandering through such a wasteland, I come across the familiar green monster, the Goblin.

-There is a magic essence reaction.

I activate <Hidden Body> at once.

I get closer to the goblin while staying hidden.

Most of the goblins have wooden clubs in their hands and are wearing hide armor.

There seem to be goblins carrying bows in the back as well.

Since they have yet to notice me, should I attack first?

Rollo prepares for the first attack with me.

I use <Throw> with a throwing knife. The knife pierces the head of a goblin and the chest of another, two are dead in a fraction of a second.

Rollo extend her feeler toward the skull of a goblin too.

The sharp point of the ivory sword pierces the goblin’s head.

Goblins are killed one after another.

The goblins in the back begin to counter attack with bow and arrows, but their aim is poor, and we are not hit.

With no intention of allowing the goblin archers to continue firing, I quickly run with fighting moji enhanced legs, and approach a goblin archer.

I extend the black spear grasped in one hand and pierce through the archer’s body.


Pulling out the black spear dirtied by entrails, I make a wide turn centered on my toes.

Using the turn, I summon the magic sword Bitou into my left hand and bring it down, cutting through the shoulder of the nearby goblin.


Once other goblins see their comrades easily killed, they take us as a threat, and fire arrows from the bows desperately while wailing. However, every time, I use a dead goblin as a shield, knock down the arrows with the black spear, and easily block the arrows.

The time lag between firing arrows makes it useless.

Now if they had a skill that allowed them to fire three arrows at once…

It becomes troublesome to kill them with the distance, so I eject <chain> as a middle range weapon to easily kill them.

It would have been easy if I used the chain from the beginning.

As the development always goes, I slaughter the goblins without being careless.

In front of Rollo and me are scores of goblin corpses along a stone road. This much will not become an obstacle.

The corpses of the goblins are scattered across the wasteland. From the sky descend carefree crows to the new feeding ground.

If so many goblins appeared, there should be a goblin race colony in the area.

Or is it an underground hole because of the topography of the wasteland? When I try to look and walk around, the frequency of goblins becomes high.

I head north, slaughtering goblins along the way, there does not seem to be anything like a goblin colony or a town with people nearby.

The sky darkens as the day comes to an end.

I should have asked Sazihali-san where I could find a human town.

Ma, I can return for now.

“Rollo, let’s return.”


Rollo returns to my shoulder.

I take the twenty-four sided zohedron trap out of my pocket and tamper with the sphere.

I trace the symbol for the mirror I placed in the inn, and the gate activates.

The shining gate appears without a problems.

I go through and return to the inn in 【Hector】.



Chapter 54: Slave Market from the Expert Blacksmith



For these past few days, I have stopped searching for the mirrors using the gate.


Continuing to live freely while taking requests, I go out for a walk.


Shuya Kagari enters a different world, a back street path.


I walk happily while feeling the refreshing winds and there is a reporter type of feeling.


I see the condition of the people who live in the city as I walk around.


A place washing leather using a washboard and pail, laundry is being air dried or dried with life wind magic. There seems to be small jointly owned gardens. There is a person cultivating the ground while watering it with magic.


A small side door of a general store is opened and I peep inside. There is betting revolved around boxing in a barred in the area, bodice, a beautiful prostitute with curly hair and a sleeveless jacket…


I walk through the downtown area of 【Fort City Hector】 with such a feeling.


The sewers are maintained and there are public restrooms available. There is no scene of shit being thrown into the street.


Yosh, this is enough for today, I will not walk much more.


Today is the day I will be receiving the armor I ordered.


I am going to Zaga & Bon’s shop once I get a little exercise.


I go ahead through the small alley to the residential area’s vacant square.


Pieces of cloth are spread out between the eaves overhanging the alley.


The ground is dark, and even though it has not rained the air is humid.


However, I do not hate it. I calm down slightly. This is because I hear the laughter and voices of people working under the cloth roofs.


An atmosphere peculiar to downtown.


While I am enjoying the calm, the vacant land spreads out in front of me.


There is a cloth roof before the small alley I pass through.


The vacant land that exists all alone.


I am not here for radio exercises; I am here to train. (TL: During the summer in Japan elementary aged children go out to nearby parks in the area to do radio broadcasted exercises. They get a stamp for doing it and local shops may give them something small as a reward.)


“Rollo, I’m going to train, so you can play.”




Rollo calls out lightheartedly and jumps down from my shoulder.


Like that, she walks along the wall of the residential area.


A few hours later-


Rollo does not return even after I have finished training.


Ara? She normally comes back immediately.


While whistling, I walk in the direction that Rollo disappeared.


At that time, the laughter of children comes from around the corner.


I head there.


Ah, there she is. Rollo is playing with children.


They seem to be racing.


Rollo lets the children catch her.


She licks the children with a *pero-pero* when caught.


The children and happily going *kya-kya-kya* and putting their faces in Rollo’s belly and going *fuu-fuu* in retaliation.


Haha, the children’s smiles are good. They seem happy playing.


It is unfortunate for the happily playing children, but I whistle to Rollo, letting her know I had come.


Rollo’s ears immediately stand up straight in response to the whistle.


She turns her small face to me and stops playing with the children, running back to me.


Rollo rubs her head against my leg and then climbs up my right arm before taking up her usual position.


The children gather too, tempted by Rollo.


“-Waa, your face is flat. Is that your cat onii-chan?”


“Ahaha, it’s good, riding on the shoulder~”


“-Me too, me too~”


“Onii-chan is tall~”


“Naa, onii-chan, let’s have a ‘throw’ match.”


I introduce myself simply with a smile.


“That’s right. This cat is my Familiar, my pet.”


“N, nya.”


Rollo speaks too.


“Heh, ama~zing. She answered.”


“N, is she saying yes or no?”


“Ryoryo, baka, ” (TL: Uh, I give up on the second part まほうのせいぶつとか、めしつかいのことだよ)[ED: WELL….]


“That’s right, Tatan is smart~”


“Heeeh, amazing onii-chan, are you popular?”


“That’s right.”


I talk boastfully to the children.






The children look at me in surprise and with eyes full of excitement.


Playing with kids like this is good, but I need to go to the Dwarf’s shop.


“…Well then, I have somewhere I need to be, so bye~”


“Eeh, don’t go.”




“Neko-chan, bye.”


“What about the throwing game~?”


Although I wave a hand.


“Sorry. I have to go.”


Saying so, I part from the children and head towards the shop of the dwarf brothers.


I hear the voices of the children behind me saying “Good-bye” in imitation.


Now then, I am excited about the armor I ordered.


What will it be like?


I walk through the alley with a grin.


On the way, I get lost but back track to the main street and somehow remember the way.


And then, I arrive at the dwarf brother’s shop.


“Encha? Enchant!”


“Nn, Nyao.”


Bon meets us when we approach the store.


Rollo makes a rumbling sound when she sees Bonn and jumps from my shoulder.


She is running towards Bon.


Bon seems happy loudly exchanging words with Rollo.


“Haha, what a strange conversation.”


Thereupon, Zaga appears from the shop.


“Oh, I was thinking Bon was being noisy and it’s Shuya? Mou, the armor is already made. Come in-“


“Yes. Rollo, I’m going inside.”






Rollo returns to my shoulder.


Bon comes along as well.


Entering the shop, I am led to a desk.


The new armor I ordered is placed there.


This is the armor that Zaga and Bon built for me.


It has a wonderful appearance.


Around the neck is a white soft looking collar that gives it a high-quality appearance.


There is a round pauldron attached to the right shoulder. From the right elbow to the shoulder section, is a cylindrical part made from the carapace.


This shoulder section is great.


There is no ruck sack, but I want to do a shoulder tackle.


It seems the chest part uses the octagonal piece of the armored commander ant’s carapace.


The bare minimum, it is made to only protect the heart.


Furthermore, there is a faint magic formation on the surface of the carapace, the image of a white spear is on the octagon.


Heh, this picture is good.


However, the enchantment section stands out.


It is the only part with high mana density.


A line of mana is joined to the surface creating a honeycomb pattern… I think this is the work of a tremendously skill enchanter.


I can tell even with the eye of an amateur.


The carapace is joined in several places with fur and metal.


The tassets around the waist are firmly made, it looks like I will be able to move my legs freely too. Twofold and threefold leather belts are attached to the side.


They come together to make a fluctuating small form.


This is carefully made, Amazing. As expected of craftsmen.


It fits without needing to tighten the side belts.


The surface is smooth too.


Blue leather. Aah, this is the hide from the tiger I had.


Even if I twist my waist, there is no discomfort.


It has a high affinity with the cuirass made from sea dragon from the old days that makes it look good.


Pale black gloves were prepared so I try putting them on.


There is a hole in the left wrist.


They seem to have made a hole for the chain as I requested.


The wrist of the gloves has a leather worked pattern of flashing lightning.


“How is it?”


“Thank you. I am completely satisfied.


“Is that so. Then it was worth making. Right? Bon.”




Raising two fingers, it is slightly altered?


Pouting, my forehead creases.


Bon has a triumphant look.


“However, it really is wonderfully made. The design on the chest is good, what is the magic like thing on the back?”


“Bon’s enchantment. it seems to be a fused magic of divine light protection and physical protection. I do not understand the specifics, but I think it means your defense should increase. By the way, the spear design is my original.”


So, it is Bon’s enchantment. Bon is a prodigy.


The picture is good too. These dwarf brothers are more than common blacksmiths.


“The design is good. I can tell that Bon’s enchantment is great.”






“Bon seems happy as well.”


“Yes. Ah, this is the cost in gold coins. Zaga and Bon, Thank you very much.”


I hand over the gold coins.


“Ouyo. -Certainly.”




“Well then. At once, I am going to go exploring with this new armor.”


“Gahaha, show it off, I’ll make you something again if you bring good materials.”


“Yes. Then-“




Enjoying the indescribable smell of new armor, I walk through the street with the big market along with Rollo.


The market has various stalls; people are milling about in confusion.


There is a shop specializing in fur and leather shoes, a stand selling cakes with roasted chestnuts, a shop selling clothes is next to a shop selling food.


At any rate, it is all disordered.


In addition, the shops that are here vary day to day, a competitive market place of a random nature.


This market, is kind of like the malls in Southeast Asian and Latin America…


If there is a shop selling ramen I will immediately go there.


Oh, skewers.


There are meat-skewers being sold in one of the stalls.


It seems to be the breast meat from a deer type monster.


With onion type vegetables and meat, the fragrant smell of meat juices is appetizing.


-It looks good. I buy some.


I buy a share for Rollo and myself.


While eating the meat skewers, amongst the crowd of various qualities of customers, I stroll indifferently.


When I walk out of such a market, I see a big long carriage stopped at the edge of the market.


N? That is an especially large carriage.


It feels like the carriage has been remodeled magically with metal and It looks like a coffin.


The slave market is in front of it, is it somehow related?


I move to the side of the peculiar carriage.


Next to it is a coat of arms with the design of a horse with one horn.


The unicorn is drawn in red, yellow and white.


Is it a family crest?  Or maybe the logo of a company.


It stands out, the owner might be a special person…


When the back door of the carriage opens, a wooden ramp is lowered to the ground.


There comes a young man wearing clothes appropriate for a noble, and a long-haired elf with silvery hair wearing a black slave collar steps firmly down from the ramp.


Silver hair and pale skin?


N? She is wearing a silver mask over the left side of her face?


The noble-like man that I had identified as a slave trader has silver hair reaching his hem. Their hair is more appropriate for an elf than a human.


Furthermore, this is my first time seeing such pale skin on an elf.


I can tell she is a slave because of the black collar but unlike the other slaves her hands and feet are not restricted.


Continuing from behind are people of various races with black collars around their necks and shackles around their hands and feet linking them together.


The group lead by such a slave dealer heads to the corner with the slave market.


I am curious so I follow them.


That slave trader and pale elf, they seem to be putting the slaves up for auction.


They are being evaluated with sharp eyes.


Occasionally, he speaks to the silver haired elf for advice.


The other merchants seem to acknowledge the superiority of this slave dealer…


Everyone, while whispering, is turning cold eyes to the newly arrived slave dealer.


Some slave dealers back away to avoid him.


They split before the noble looking slave trader like the Red Sea before Moses, the streets become crowded.


Who is this slave dealer…


Men dressed in the same way see the slave trader with the appearance of a noble with his entourage of slaves and approach him.


What are they going to talk about?


I am extremely curious.


At that moment, I make eye contact with the beautiful pale elf.


Half of her face is covered with the silver guard, but I tell from her exposed pale skin that she has a beautiful face.


Mana is circulating in one eye that is a brilliant silver.


That pale elf…she seems to able to use magic observing eye.


I keep mana in my eyes as well and approach while straining my ears to hear.


“Keragan Kyaneras-sama from 【Oath of the One Horn】”


“Dodgness. 【Hector’s】 outdoor market is the same as always. The market surely is big but the shops are much too disorganized.”


The slave dealer called Keragan Kyaneras talks while looking around the market with blue eyes.


“Yes, however, the market hear is treated considerably well in the taxation system, so it is convenient for slave traders.”


“This crowd. I will be like that.”


The slave trader called Dodgness is rubbing his hands together in a submissive attitude, and turns sharp eyes to the silver haired elf behind Kyaneras.


“…Are you selling today? Buying?”


Dodgness speaks to Kyaneras in a wheedling voice.


“Selling today. N, are you worried about the eyes?”


“Eeh, yes. Possibly, is the person behind you an illusion?”


When Kyaneras hears him, he nods in satisfaction.


“That’s right. As expected, you noticed. This isn’t an ordinary elf, it’s a dark elf. Don’t you want me to sell you this slave? Now, the slaves behind me need to be sold as well.”


“…I see, well then, would you like to bring the dark elf to the underground auction?”


Heh, that elf is a dark elf?


Her skin is pale instead of tanned.


Ah, our eyes met again.


This is good, right? Her body is wonderful.


However, I am interested in the conversation between the slave dealers so I disregard the eyes.


Kyaneras faces Dodgness with a triumphant look.


The corners of his mouth rise and he grins and arrogant smile.


“…Naturally. It cannot be seen it the market, you could say it is a value equal to a high elf. The price will jump considerably in the underground auction.”


Kyaneras looks away from Dodgness and smiles at the dark elf.


When the dark elf notices his eyes she averts her gaze from me, and looks again at Kyaneras.


She lowers her heads and stays silent.


“Fumu. Dodgness. -How much would you buy such a thing for?”


Dodgness is upset by Kyaneras’ question but removes a parchment from his chest.


“Y, yes, wait a moment.”


“Understood. It’s a mixture of good and bad, but the price is expected.”


The slave dealer Dodgness is evaluating, so he extends the thin metal stick in his hand and begins to look over the slaves that are chained together.


He makes them stick out their tongues and open their nether regions, he keeps picking at their bodies with the thin stick.


When he finishes examining them, he smoothly writes on the paper with a pen and returns the Keragan Kyaneras.


“I’ll buy all of them. How about this?”


Kyaneras receives the parchment and looks at what is written, and his eyebrows twitch in response.


“…Hou. Didn’t you estimate them very high? …Dodgness. What is your request?”


“Eeh, isn’t it good? I also want to attend the underground auction.”


Kyaneras nods a few times.


“Fumu, fumu…Dodgness’ qualifications are first class?”


“Yes. Since last year.”


“Since that’s the case, here…”


Kyaneras takes a pen and begins adding to the paper Dodgness wrote on.


“Na… I understand.”


Dodgness is staring at the paper Kyaneras is writing on as greasy sweat begins to drip from him. Shaking himself with the feeling of it being inevitable he begins to write.


“…Can you take this out? It seems you want to attend very much. Yosh, the transaction is completed. Take this, with it you may enter my house. In the cold months of winter, come to my mansion in 【Pernette】. The important auction is being held ninety days from the end of the year. You should come sooner than that.”


Something is handed over.


“Yes. I will be there. Thank you very much.”


“Well then, carry the gold coins to the carriage. You- (Slap)”


Kyaneras turns around and claps.


He gives simple instructions to the slaves he owns.


The slaves are directed by Kyaneras and walk to Dodgness who purchased them for a large sum.


It seems Kyaneras sold the slaves in his possession.


The slaves Dodgness bought become two lines.


After instructing the slaves, Kyaneras returns to the luxurious carriage with the dark elf.


When she returns, I think the dark elf may have looked at me for a second, but it must be my imagination.


This is my first time hearing a conversation between slave traders, it had a lot of information.


There is such a world.


At any rate, I am curious about the underground auction that came up several times.


Before she died, Kuna said she bought the item box from the underground auction, it was also written in her notes.


It seems to be held in Pernette…I have a slave trader’s certificate too, am I able to participate?


While contemplating, I look at the sold slaves.


A strong looking man and woman are bought immediately.


“Onii-chan over there, are you buying?”


While I am looking at a slave, a trader calls out to me


“N? I’m not interested right now. Sorry.”


“Is that so, there’s a broken-down adventurer soldier, but there’s also a beastman warrior who can take out a magic doll on his own.”


There is a tiger faced macho man wearing a collar.


After staring at the state of the slaves for a little, I pass on.


If they are going to be usable they must be “beautiful” and a “woman”… [ED: Thinking with his dick…]


Now then, let’s go.


I want to try using the spear while I wear the new armor. I guess I will train.


“Rollo, let’s go to the vacant area.”




Only purring, is it because Rollo ate the meat skewer, she crawls into the hood hanging down my back.


Rollo seems to be sleepy. Ma, I can still go to the vacant land while she is sleeping.


I head to the vacant area I found the other day.


I arrive. I make sure the surroundings are clear with presence detection.


-No one is there.


It is the place where the cat convention happened the other day.


The wide space with nothing other than the big stump.


“Rollo, I’m going to train so you need to get up.”


“N, Nyao.”


Rollo moves from the hood to my shoulder.


She jumps to the ground, and after stretching out her forelegs with her chin up she runs to the stump.


While Rollo stares at me from the stump with her feet together like a doll, I begin training.


Running, swinging the spear, jumping, thrusting up.


I move my body vigorously to check the status of my new armor.


I can move the spear as smoothly as normal.


There is no sense of discomfort with the new armor. Then, I stop moving for a moment.


Tomorrow is finally the day of the Evil Dragon King extermination.


Starting from the basics- I begin to release consecutive normal thrusts.


In the middle, I add in <Thrusts>.


-From <Dark Drill> – Thrusting, without leaving a space, an ordinary lunge.


The delay before <Dark Drill – Magic Spear Break> makes consecutive stabs possible.


Next is spear sparring-


Twisting, turning on my toes, I make full use of my foot work.


Assuming all of these, I perform connected attack training.


The <Super Light Brain Buff> I got from the 【Training Course】 is great.


Every time I practice the “Toe turn” evasive maneuver, it becomes sharper and my ability to dodge improves.


I also do training that makes use of the magic sword in my movements.


I move my arm in a slant with the sword, being aware on the meandering type.


I have outstanding stamina so I do not need to worry about getting tired.


I train the spear and sword in earnest without a particular goal and end up spending most of the day training.




The next day, I head the square of the War God Vaisu where we are supposed to meet for the evil dragon king subjugation request.


The location is like a big park.


Rollo jumps from my shoulder and runs ahead.


Again, did you find something?


I quickly chase after Rollo.


I discover a place that seems like an entrance.


There is a statue of an old man dressed in a gown, indeed a statue that looks like a god wearing armor and with a sword in his hand is on either side of the entrance.


Rollo climbs onto on the statues and is aiming to climb onto the bald head.


“Ara, a cat.” “It really is.” “It’s awfully fast.” “Hou.” “To climb onto wise man Rabius…” “However, it’s pretty cute.”


…She is attracting attention.


Adventurers are noticing Rollo.


The number of adventurers suddenly increases from here.


Everyone seems to be here for the same reason.


I call Rollo while feeling slightly embarrassed.


“O-i, come back.”




Rollo immediately returns to her spot on my shoulder.


“Rollo, behave yourself a little. We’re heading to the place where everyone is gathering now.”




I have such an exchange with Rollo.


“That cat is cute.”


“I want a cat like that.”


“Awfully obedient. A familiar?”


“I wonder? Let’s go.”


With such a feeling, the black cat and I attract attention for a while.


Scratching my head while being embarrassed by people looking, I follow the adventurers.


In the center of the open space is a circular open air theater.


Heh, it has the feeling of a dramatic opera.


People that look like adventurers are gathering there, one after another.


-So, when I walk to the meeting place, I am called out.




The source of the voice, was Quiche with a translucent smile.


Quiche Bakunda.


The white and emerald green knight armor, I look at it, green greaves type.


Her seductive rocket breasts are concealed. (TL: I don’t…why author-sensei?)[ED: Kill me please.]


Her perfectly aligned white teeth. After all, I am healed. (TL: I think he means from the fear Kuna caused him. I know you’ve all been worried, but Shuya’s penis is ready to fight to!)


“…As I though, Quiche is also participating in the subjugation.”




“Aah, of course. Shuya has also brought Rollo, you have come here to participate?”


“That’s the plan.”


“Good. Shuya and Rollo are strong. This is reassuring.”


Rollo seems happy, she lifts one leg and claps my shoulder.




“Maa, I intend to fight.”


“Aah, that’s right. I also will get reparation for the lives taken, my home, my family, those I buried.”


Quiche’s eye become clear, colored with hatred.


“…Shuya will be participating solo?”


“That’s right.”


“Then, I am participating solo as well. Let’s go to the meeting place together. The guild master of the adventurers and marquess-sama seem to have already arrived. In addition, there are members of this city’s knight order on the dais as well.”


“Understood, let’s go.”


I accompany Quiche to the circular venue.


Several hundred have already sat down and the place is nearly full.


It seems we are standing at the back of the procession.


It is noisy with the sounds of rustling and talking adventurers.


Looking at such a seated audience, every person looks strong and powerful. There are also many beastmen.


Oh, it’s Sarah. Crimson Tiger is participating too.


Over there is a famous mixed adventurer clan of humans and beastmen. I think…they are the B rank 【Shaffer’s Battle-axe】. Most of the members are combat slaves. On the other side is the similarly B ranked 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】. The ones to them with the black and red robes are the B ranked 【Aria’s Wanderer】. Oh, there are even more big shots. The magic user duo is the S ranked 【Ice Mausoleum of Blue Waters】.”


Quiche explains.


“Heh, you know a lot.”


“I also have been an adventurer for several years, the adventurer clans I just brought up are not only here in 【Hector】, they are adventurer clans know in areas to the east.”


“Is that so. I didn’t know. I’ll remember what you told me.”


As for Quiche, does not know such a thing? (TL: Not sure, so I left this translation literal.) Such a look is on my face.


Without minding it, now I look at all the famous adventurer clans that Quiche mentioned.


The leader of 【Shaffer’s Battle-axe】 is a giant hairy beastman.


There is a characteristic mark on the beastman’s chest.


He is covered head to foot in fur, only on his chest is there a black ring of burnt skin, the hair is gone.


All the members are slaves sold the other day, they have “collars,” is the scar burned into their chest proof of slavery…there is a female magic user to the side as well.


Only this women’s chest is unharmed.


This woman might be the master.


I cannot make out her face from this distance.


The faces of 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】 are as beautiful as ever.


Conversely, Butch-shi is the only one with a grim look and it creates a good balance.


【Ice Mausoleum of Blue Waters】 is sitting in the front seats.


As Quiche said, there are only two of them.


Going by their appearance, I think they are twins.


They look human, but they are awfully short and their fair skin stands out.


A magic user duo.


Then, I move my eyes to the platform.


Soldiers wearing black masks are standing guard on both sides of the platform.


The black mask wearing guards are built like pro wrestlers. They are carrying executioner’s axes in both hands, watching the audience attentively.


They have a guard like feeling.


At the center of the stage is a noblewoman with her retainers, she must be the sponsor.


On her left is an old man dressed in a dark blue cloak and a female magic user.


N, -That is Eris.


Eris is at the left side. She is standing next the old man in the dark blue cloak.


The old man is not speaking to Eris and is instead talking to the noble woman on his right.


Standing as guards to protect the noble woman on both sides and behind her is an old soldier with grey hair and the lady’s beast maid who looks young.


Knight-like people in blue armor are sitting next to the nobles as well.


However, that noble woman is having a long conversation with that old man…


Blond hair and blue eyes. Beautiful porcelain skin.


Her face looks like a doll’s and her nose ridge is long…


Possibly…no, that would be impossible. The noble woman is wearing a blank mantel edge with silver over a crimson velvet dress that hides the lines of her body.


The black mantel is reflecting the light because it is covered in jewels.


Noble woman, old soldier, beastwoman…


I have seen that face somewhere before.


-Aah, I remember.



Chapter 55: Evil Dragon King Subjugation Rally


Seriously. The woman with the overbearing personality…

She and the others were on the side of the people who attacked me in the ruins on the outskirts of Fadyke.

The nobles involved in the kidnapping of the princess.

She was a big shot in Hector.

When I look at the platform-


The deep bass voice of an animal comes from the sky.

The voice is coming from a griffon.

It is actually two griffons making that sound as they fly down to the platform.

Cheers rise from the stands.

Uhyo~what a flashy entrance.

The knight riding the light brown griffon climbs down to the platform.

Both the people are wearing a dark green unified armor.

The lion has wings like a dragon to support the armor and shield, the figure of the griffon creates a strong atmosphere.

When one of the knights removes their helmet, long golden hair cascades and the face of a beautiful woman is revealed.

Another cheer comes from the men in the audience.

The other dark green knight is an ikemen with a good build. There are some shrill feminine voices mixed into the cheering.

They are easy to understand.

The two knights in dark green armor go to one knee and bow to the noble woman.

And then, the knights who have finished greeting the noble join the line of blue armored knights and sit down.

It seems everyone has arrived.

At that time, the noble woman stops talking with the old man next to her, and begins to walk to the middle of the platform.

The woman’s old soldier and beastwoman maid walk forward as well.

The woman soldier and beastwoman follow and focus on the adventurers.

The old gray-haired soldier is keeping watch from the back.

The beastwoman maid walks to the front of the platform and opens her mouth without timidity.

“-Everyone, thank you very much for gathering in the forum of the war god Vaisu on this occasion! Then, from here, the explanation will be handled by the high commander of this army corps of Osberia and the head the Anaheim household’s marquess Chardonnay Fon Anaheim-sama.” (TL: I deserve praise for translating this line.)

The beastwoman has a loud voice. The transparent tone affects the gathering.

Her skirt fluttering around her, she moves to the rear of the noble woman.

Chardonnay, the feudal lord, takes a step forward.

“-Everyone, I am Chardonnay Fon Anaheim.” (TL: both Chardonnay and her maid are addressing the crowd as “mina-sama” so they’re being very formal.)

Applause arises from the audience.

Once it quiets down, Marquess Chardonnay opens her small mouth slowly.

“As you know, the ceiling of 【Vallaida Insect Shrine】 was destroyed by an attacking group of wyverns, many adventurers were also caught by this and died as a result. This was caused by the Evil Dragon King Burdock. In recent years, Evil Dragon King Burdock has come down from the mountain to attack neighboring countries, plunging the people living there into fear. And here, it is unknown when 【Hector】 will be attacked in earnest.”

Marquess Chardonnay lets that hang in the air.

After all, this is the woman who cooperated in the kidnapping of the princess from the neighboring country.

Participating in the request, first of all? No way, this marquess…

When the conversation of that time is recalled…

Not only disputes between countries, there seems to be hidden struggles for power going on under the table.

Maa, right now I am only guessing.

Then, Chardonnay continues.

“…This being the case, I decided to make the first move. I asked the adventurer’s guild’s master ‘Carban-shi’ for his cooperation, here I want to perform a large scale ‘non-search area reclamation mission’ and the ‘Evil Dragon King Subjugation!’”

The audience stirs.

Speaking to such an audience, she raises her thin arm, and continues to talk while showing of the well-developed the biceps of her small arms.

“-Furthermore, the elites of Osberia Kingdom’s strong corps 【Dragon Cavalry Company】, the ‘Griffon Force’ has agreed to participate.”

Chardonnay looks behind her.

She turns her thin arms to the people wearing the dark green armor. In such a state, the assembly again, raises a heated cheer.

Nodding strongly after waiting for the applause to quiet down, Chardonnay begins to talk.

“-Those who will win the materials from the Evil Dragon King Subjugation, it will be decided.  Therefore, please do your best. In addition, as for the subjugation strategy, there is someone from the defense corps here, my subordinate, the head of the 【Third Blue Iron Knights】, Rod O’Donnell- then, everyone. I would like to finish my story here. So that everyone has the protection of Vaisu, the god of war… thank you very much.”

Marquess Chardonnay and the beastwoman maid make a petty curtsy with the edges of their skirts, and walk away.

Then, joyous cheering rises. Once it settles down, the two knights in blue armor walk to the front of the platform.

The knight I identified as the older veteran earlier begins to speak.

“As the marquess told you, I am Rod O’Donnell, the head of the 【Third Blue Iron Knights】. Undertaking this expedition, we are going to make a regiment and plan the beginning of our advance. The direct commander of the one thousand man blue knights ‘Sharp Oni Company,’ Gains Burgain is going to be commanding. -Gains.”

One of the called upon knight commanders walks up and after saluting to the audience and bowing he begins to explain.

There is an emblem of a horse supporting the crow in detail on the left chest of the blue iron knight’s armor.

“As her Excellency said, this time, command is entrusted to Gains Burgain. There are many adventurers that have no chain of command participating, as well as soldiers. So, I want you adventurers to play your part separated from our command as mobile ‘guerilla units.’”

It sounds like he is trying to get rid of nuisance.

An uproar comes from the adventurers; Gains ignores them and continues talking.

“…Soldiers and our Wogan Dolls have already gathered at the south gate. After this we will immediately begin the Evil Dragon King Subjugation. 【Burdock Mountain】 is a dangerous area that has long been designated a non-search zone. However, we are not afraid! For the sake of Osberia Kingdom, as the Blue Iron Knights, we are expecting everyone to do their best. There are eighty cavalrymen from the griffon corps in the sky. The adventurers and Blue Iron Knights will be supporting them from the ground, also, we plan to dominate air superiority. Leave the sky to them. -With our combined strength, we will certainly exterminate the dragons! Then, everyone, let’s advance!!”

After Gains raises his arm to the sky, he touches the emblem on his chest.

The speech is finished after this loud declaration.

Immediately, the Knights wrapped in blue armor all stand up together and a booming cheer rings out.




Some adventurers raise their voices too.

Like that, the Knight Commander walks away from the platform in the gathering place.

All the griffon corps depart to the sky.

The gathering is filled with shouts of joy and spirit.

If I contribute can I get a reward?

When I look around at the neighboring adventurers I see someone riding a horse and a group advancing on magic beasts.

The person riding the popobumu has it easy…

It may become chaotic during the fight so it is not necessary.

Should I advance like this?

“I guess we’ll go too.”


I head in the direction of the south gate with Quiche.

The column of adventurers spreads out for a while.

Then, a woman’s voice calls out.

“Isn’t that Shuya?”

“Ah~ It’s Shuya-san.”

“After all. He received this request.”

It is Sarah and the other members of Crimson Tiger.

“Yaa, isn’t it Sarah and everyone from Crimson Tiger. Ma, I thought I saw you all earlier at the assembly.”

“Then you should have called out to us then.”

“Iya, when all of those big shots were up on the stage? Impossible, impossible.”

While imagining it, I wave one of my hands as I respond.

“That’s right.”

Sarah shows a beautiful smile while her cat ears stand up with *piku*.

“Shuya-san. Who is this?”

Lushell who is next to Sarah asks with a hint of interest.

“Aah, she is an adventurer I became acquainted with the other day. A friend. Quiche, this is the leader and members of Crimson Tiger.”

“Ah, yes. I am Quiche Bakunda. I’m an adventurer. I have heard of Crimson Tiger’s Tempest.”

Quiche is speaking with a nervous tone.

“Is that so. It’s an honor. Quiche-san. I am the Sarah Floraid, the acting leader of 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】.”

“Hello, I am Lushell Adokins, vice-captain of Crimson Tiger.”

“I am Belize Mafon. Same beautiful race. However, our hometowns are different. I have not seen the mark of the bee very often.”

Mafon talks with a little authority.

Is she talking about the mark on her cheek?

Quiche places her left hand over her heart like a knight and stands up straight.

“Yes. My family, the clan…is going on the Evil Dragon Subjugation separately, if the Evil Dragon King can be defeated, please summon everyone, I want to reopen the village.”

“Evil Dragon King…that’s right, I’m sorry.”

Belize has become awkward and is talking self-consciously.

“No, it’s fine. Since a famous clan like Crimson Tiger is participating the Evil Dragon King subjugation should be finished easily.”

“…Fufu, thank you. Quiche-san looks to be a heavy knight; you seem strong as well.”

Sarah acts as a mediator to smooth over Belize’s slip.

“Yes. Ah, yes. I am confident in my ability with this shield.”

“Un. However, we are all adventurers, so there is no need to be so respectful…”

“Haha…that’s so. I have never talked to such a high ranked and famous adventurer clan before, be that as it may, Shuya. So, you are an acquaintance of Crimson Tiger’s Tempest.”

Quiche’s cheeks redden.

I try to escape from the topic.

“That’s right. Was it unexpected?”

“Iya, un, maa, isn’t it possible with Shuya’s strength?”

“Ahuh. Shuya is strong. It’s as Quiche-san says. We got acquainted with him during the urgent request.”

“About the urgent request, if I am not mistaken, I heard it was completed in two days?”

“It seems so, Shuya took the request and had an outstanding performance as a solo participant. He helped us too.”


Rollo calls out as if to say 『I was there too, nya』, and claps my shoulder.

“Ah, fufu, sorry. Rollo-chan played an active part too.”

“It seems Rollo wants to be praised.”

“Haha, n, Rollo, just a little, is your tongue coming out of your lips cute?”

Quiche points out.

Surely, Rollo-san’s pink tongue has not returned.


“Ahaha, cute-“

“Rollo-chan, want to come to my chest?”

Belize says something ridiculous but it is not pointed out.


When everybody laughs, Butch runs from a place that is not the southern gate.

“Captain~~, fuu~~, the leaders of the clans are already gathering~. Oh, isn’t it Shuya. Like captain said, you’re participating too.”

Butch seems to be in a hurry and is gasping for breath.

“Fine, fine, an event such as the Evil Dragon King subjugation does not happen very often. I must participate.”

“Haha, certainly, you, maybe…”

“Butch. Is everyone already gathered?”

“Ah, -yes. Let’s go.”


Sarah nods at Butch’s words and turns back to us.

“Then, Shuya and Quiche-san. Let’s do our best together. We are a clan so we may be doing something separately, I do not know what will happen on the Evil Dragon King subjugation. So, -Shuya, can I hope for your help?”

“Ou, let’s do it together.”


“The divine protection of the war god.”

Quiche bows slightly while grasping her sword hilt and says so.

Sarah looks at mine and Quiche’s faces in turn.

-For some reason.

Is it just my imagination or are Sarah’s eyes looking at me harshly?

Am I being to self-conscious?

Sarah turn a smile to Quiche and talks.

“…Divine Protection for you as well, then-“

Sarah shakes out her crimson hair and turns on her heel.

She heads in the direction of the adventurers that are gathering.

The members chase after her while trying to apologize to us.

“It was a little tense.”

“It’s understood from the behavior. Other than that, it seems the clans are going to participate together in the advance, I think it’s because they aren’t able to work together with the Blue Iron Knights.”

“The strategy of separating from the knights, is because it will make things easier. It becomes serious when the chain of command gets confused.”

“Is that so. How can people participating solo like us participate?”

“…these are not the words of the warrior Shuya.”

I spoke casually, but it seems to have come across as sarcasm to Quiche.

“I’ll finish it. I don’t need to kill the Evil Dragon King.”

“Fufu, Shuya, I don’t dislike those eyes.”

Quiche has a translucent smile and her words seem happy.

“Oto, have you actually fallen in love with me?”

“Ba, Baka, concentrate on facing mount Burdock right now.”

“Haha, I understand, if I play an active role I will stand out as a solo participant, so I will do my best.”

“That’s right, that’s right. There are also a lot of solo participants. There may be secretly strong people like Shuya among them. So, even if you can’t cooperate, it may advance unexpectedly easily.”

“I see-“

-The sound of beasts comes from above.

The griffon corps is flying through the sky.

Iyaa, what a magnificent sight.

Their joined ranks of troops are like Blue Impulse.

I adance while watching such a scene and arrive at the south gate.

That is, not only the griffons in the sky but also the militia that is in front of us.

The regiment’s emblem of the horse supporting the crown is visible in many places, the Blue Iron Knight soldiers are colored navy blue.

Wherein, three bodies stand out conspicuously.

Who are they…

They look like mechanical dolls.

They are tall and wearing the armor of a soldier, their helmets are deformed cylindrical iron masks.

Their movements are slow and heavy. The sound of their iron boots rings out as they advance.

A marching rhythm is beaten out on a wooden drum placed on a cart and a low sound rings out like a gong.

Rather than being like a musical band, they seem to advance and perform their tactics according to the sound from the drum and gong.

When seen from the sky, the winding marching formation is probably heading in the direction of mount burdock.

“What are you looking at?”

“Aah, that obtuse big iron doll.”

“That is the Magic Wogan Doll. Aren’t they said to be golems used in war? Iron, leather, wood, and magic stones are combined to make the magic item. It is a symbol of nobility.”

Those words, I heard Zoru say them while I was in the Magic Fog Forest.

It is my first time seeing one with my own eyes.

“Hou, that…there are only a few of them but they look strong.”

“The strong thing is strong. However, if their partner is a dragon…they cost too much money to make so they aren’t worth much. A skill is also required as well as vast amounts of mana.”

A skill and mana are required?

“The gold needed to make one makes it impossible if you aren’t a noble.”

“That’s exactly right. The craftsmen who can make them are hidden by their nation as a professional engineer. Nobles in the old days used their existences as a proof of their power.”

“I see…”

“Saa, let’s go without seeing them.”

“Nya, nya, nyaon.”

Rollo claps my shoulder several times, getting all fired up.

“Aah, let’s go.”

We follow the soldiers to mount Burdock.

The dragon class monsters that appear along the way are defeated.

Two rows of Blue Iron Knights advance to meet them and kill them.

The heavy knights seem to make a line in the front row and the magic users and bowmen types are in the back.

And, the forms of the griffons raiding from the sky.

“Fire, magic, prepare, uteee!”

A captain shouts.

The bowmen and magic users all fire at the same time. Their magic and arrows draw an arc through the air as they head towards the dragons.

The large Drake dragons and Wyverns are hit one after another by magic and arrows, the dragons are injured and fall.

“They are falling back! ‘Sharp Oni Corp’ advance!”



A different commander shouts, and the soldier’s battle cries pierce through the dragons like magic.

The tightly formed ranks, with their spears at the ready, advance together and slaughter the dragons.

The griffon corps killed Wyverns and Drakes with magic and perform swooping attacks from the sky.

On the other hand, us adventurers are entrusted as a mobile unit, and exterminate the small sonic bangs the soldiers fail to shoot.

A dragon turns around there-

N, is it close?

When I look at the person the voice is coming from, a ridiculous thing is taking place.

A big white beast is on top of the sonic bang, bending it over and keeping it under control.

-A white bear!?

Moreover, is there a person riding the white bear?

The white bear is wearing armor and has equipped weapons like hooked rakes…

For an instant I recall the Degozabear and start to ready my spear.

A long slender spear is thrust at the two heads of the sonic bang being dominated by the white bear. (TL: This sounds kinda erotic.) The small dragon stops moving.

Riding the white bear, is a person cloaked in robes and a hood with a long slender spear, I cannot make out their face.

The mysterious person pulls the slender spear out of the small dragon and swipes the blood away.

Like that, a thick arm is stretched out, yosh, yosh, they pet the white bear’s head.


“‘Familiar User’ and ‘Beast Trainer.’”


“Isn’t that black cat Shuya’s familiar?”

Quiche asks…

“Ah, Aah, yeah. However, that white bear?”

“Certainly, I have never seen someone fighting from the back of a bear.”

The white bear walks lively with the person on its back and approaches.

Intensity is felt.

“Did you hear?”

The person riding the bear removes their cowl and exposes their face- hou, long long ears.

They are a beastwoman with a square and plump face.

“Nn, nya.”

Rollo reacts to their form first.

Jumping from my shoulder, she goes to the shoulder of the white bears and rubs her head into the knee of the rabbit beastwoman.


She immediately wanted to attach her scent?

A few times, she rubs her head there, and then returns to my shoulder after being satisfied.

“Cute~ that kitty-chan. Ah, you’re a beast trainer too, right? I am called Azora. I am participating solo this time in the request. Please treat me kindly.”

Her voice is high pitched. Azora with her long ears drops from the bear and greets us.

I am not a beast trainer, but I return the greeting.

“Aah, please treat me well. I’m Shuya Kagari. Call me Shuya.”

“I am Quiche Bakunda. Call me Quiche. I am also someone participating solo. I’ll be in your care.”

“Yes, please call me Azora.”


The white bear breathes out, almost as if it is answering with its master.

“This is my first time seeing someone working with a white bear. Is it a special bear?”

“Yes, it’s the ‘sacred beast Puruntobea” They are called Pau. It is my proud partner and pet.”

Azora has a proud expression and her eyes are lively.

One eye is squinting slightly.

“Sacred Beast?”

“I have not heard of that either.”

“That’s normal. My home is the Rerikku area to the far far-off east…”

That reminds me, in the eastern edge of the map I got from Shisho, Rerikku was written…

“A far off place…Rerikku.”

“Yes. There was a land route so riding Pau made it comfortable, but there was time spent traveling by boat.”

A young beastwoman going on a sea voyage with a white bear.

It was probably thousands to ten of thousands of kilometers to Hector…

Visiting mother is not 3,000 kilometers, it is a great trip.

And by boat. Something is attractive about it. I may want to take one at some point.

A sea voyage in another world…will there be an existence like a pirate king?

Just thinking about it makes me excited.

“…That’s an amazing adventure. A sea voyage.”

“Haha, it was an adventure. However, the sea voyage was hard yet it was often fun. Pua also swam and caught a fish.”

Maa, it’s because it is a white bear.

“Pua seems amazing.”

“Thank you. Shuya-san is accompanied by the black cat as well.”

“Aah, her name is Rollodinu. I call her Rollo-“

While I am talking, Rollo plays a trick on me to get in the way of my mouth.

Supporting her body with a feeler, she starts to walk from my right shoulder, and goes to my left shoulder by walking across my clavicle while she rubs her small head on my cheek.

At that time, my mouth is covered by her bushy tail.

Rollo-san, your tail…

“Ahahaha, she’s cute. You’re loved. That’s what that child, Rollo-chan, is saying.”


Azora shakes her long ears slightly and smiles happily.

“That’s right. Quiche-san for Shuya-san. On this occasion. Should we team up for now as solo participants? There isn’t much chance to participate with the Blue Iron Knights and the Griffon Corps here, but we should be able to advance easily if we team up to defeat a dragon together.”

“Aah, I don’t mind it.”

“Me either. Once again, I’ll be in your care. Azora.”

Quiche also agrees.


Azora’s long rabbit ears twitch.

She has a square face; her smile has an honest feeling.

“Let’s all work hard.”

“Yes, let’s work hard.”

Azora nods violently and gets fired up.

“Azora used a spear a while ago, but you’re suited for the vanguard?”

The heavy armored Quiche seems worried about the spear.

She is talking while looking at the long slender spear on Azora’s back.

“Yes. I can be the vanguard; my battle occupation is magic spear man so I can do either. My adventurer rank is D, but Pau has power so I can respond to any situation.”

Azora speaks confidently while patting the white bears head with a plump hand.

“I see. As expected, you would need to be, to continue such a long journey. I’m D rank too, but I am confident in my spear. I can also do more because of Rollo.”

“I am a C ranked Adventurer but I seem to be the weakest member.”

“Eeh? Quiche-san is C rank?”

“Fumu. However, aren’t we walking slowly? We seem to be too far from the front.”

Quiche seems to be feeling awkward, when she says so she points at the sky.

The griffon unit that is wandering through the air.

They attack the ground from a high position.

A storm of magic is released and the side of the mountain is set ablaze.

“It looks intense over there.”

“That’s right, let’s go.”


Quiche advances to the front.

As we advance to the foot of mount Burdock we defeat a small dragon and pass through the forest zone, we walk through the villages destroyed by the dragons.

The subjugation force see the signs of fighting dragons here and remain vivid.

The smell of blood and burnt flesh is pervasive.

The body of a blue soldier with cut and torn blue armor, the body of an adventurer. In addition, an iron bolt sticking out of the head of a large dead wyvern, a destroyed iron body, there are the wreckages of two Magic Wogan Dolls with and industrial waste-like silver solution dripping from them.

These big iron soldiers, it seems I cannot expect excessive strength from them.

However, I collect the claws and teeth from the dragon’s corpse.

I push “storage” on the item box.

“Kuso, together with a dragon.”

While I am sneakily harvesting, I hear Quiche’s angry voice.”

When I look at her face, I can feel roaring flames in the depths of her eyes.

Looking at a mercilessly wrecked village, she seems to be remembering the past.

Azora is also muttering and looking regretfully at the ashes of the houses.

“This burn, it is the breath of a dragon…”

There is magic essence reaction-

“An Enemy!”

It is a drake that appears.




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