Chapter 46 – 50

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Chapter 46: Sebdola’s Picture Scroll


For several hours, I run around the alleys in the downtown area.

It should be okay soon. I stop when main street comes into view.

As I watch the people coming and going through the alley I keep my face hidden under my black hood for the moment.

The group walking along the street passes me while having a pleasant conversation.

I will slip in. Tagging along the back of the group, I walk along main street.


Rollo sticks to my feet as well.

It will be evening soon…I remember the person I fought while staying in the shadow of the people I am following.


Karii’s guidance moji and skill was highly refined.

With an injured arm, he was still able to demonstrate such skill with the dagger. It may have been technique from the flying sword style school or perhaps one unknown to me.

Then, my stomach rumbles.


“I’m hungry…”

“Nya, Nyaan.”


Rollo seems to be hungry too.


I did too much today. I feel hungry now.

The last thing I drank a long time ago was liquor so I should look for a shop.

Near the inn, I head down the back street with all the restaurants.


When I enter the back street, I see the bar where I indulged myself in Quiche and Cherry.

It is doing good business. There are so many customers that there is nowhere to sit down. The freckled face of Cherry the barmaid is treating the customers to pleasant smiles as she works.


…They seem busy.

I should say hi… no, I look for a different shop today.

I am hungry and feel like eat some meat.

So, I do not go to a pub. Like that, I walk along the street.

There seem to be a lot of people eating right now.

It is crowded like in front of Shibuya station or Ameya on New Year’s Eve. (Shibuya station is the 5th busiest station in the world. Here is the Wikipedia article on Ameya)

Walking alongside the people on the street, I try looking at the shops for somewhere with good food.

It is easy to tell when there are sample dishes at the entrance…

…Watching the people walking by, they all seem to be looking for a shop that looks good.


There, the smell of grilled meat is drifting.

Oh, this is unbearable.

I am tempted by the smell and drift towards it.

As I approach the fragrant smell of roasted meat my stomach begins to ache.

*Goku* I swallow my saliva.

Saliva naturally overflows from my mouth. This is appetizing.


Meat, meat. Roasted meat. I poke my nose out of my hood.

I have decided on this shop.


The wooden exterior of the shop looks nice.

The shop sign says Lunga Specialty Shop and has a picture of yakiniku Lunga.

The shop has the appearance of a wooden house.

I move to the side of the street and immediately enter the shop.




I can smell the smoky scent of roasted meant and liquor coming from the shop.

For a moment, I am overwhelmed by the smell and stop at the doorway, but immediately sit down in an available seat before I attract attention.

I order roasted meant and liquor that are carved into the wooden menu from the sullen-faced storekeeper.

I also order some for Rollo.

After a short time, meat is brought out on an iron pan.

It a square cut of steak-like meat with a transparent oily face, the sauce is sizzling again to hot iron plate.


The sound of meat juices and the sauce sizzling is even more appetizing.

It looks tasty, the tension rises.


Rollo raises her upper body from the chair, places both paws on the table, and sniffs with her twitching nose.

Her face is almost shouting “Quickly.”

She seems excited and her pupils are dilating.


“Rollo, wait and I’ll cut it up into smaller pieces.”



I cut the meat up into small pieces and place it on small plate and eat while listening the quiet purring next to me.


“Haha, the food isn’t going to run away, you can slow down.”


I bring the cut meat to my mouth and chew on it.

I feel the thickness of the meat from the first bite.

This is tough. However, I chew the meat, twice, three times, and then the meat disappears in my mouth.


Kuaa, tastyyy.

Tender, the meat melts together with the sauce, it is also different.

The beat juice and saucy play together on my tongue in harmony.


The deliciousness makes me happy.

-The compatibility of the meat and sauce is extraordinary.

What is this? This sauce, it is a transparent oil-ish soup…the flavor of the sauce is not saltiness.

It is not lemon… Its rich taste is different than its sweet appearance.


There is a spicy after taste and I bring more meat to my mouth.

Since this is a different world, it must be an unknown spice…

A fairly spicy fruit wine make the meat taste even better, the meat on the iron plate disappears in no time.


I scoop up the left-over sauce on the plate with my wooden spoon and bring it to my mouth.

I thoroughly enjoy such a meat dish to the end.

It is different from the wild taste of the lunga meat Shisho and Raguren made.

Food shops in a different world are nothing to laugh at.

As expected when it is written as the Lunga special course.


I eat it all. As I drink the remaining spiced wine I listen the conversation of the adventures that have finished eating like me.


“Oi, you heard? A group of wyverns appeared in Vallaida insect shrine, it looks like a disaster.”

“I heard about it. I’ve been hearing about it all day. The wyverns aren’t only killing ants; they’re going after adventurers too.”


A dangerous topic.

They are being loud so I do not have to strain my ears to hear them.

I continue sipping on my liquor and my ears twitch.


“I heard about it too. Part of the insect shrine collapsed, a bunch of adventurers got caught in it and died instantly.”

“The fight between the wyvern and the imperial ants was intense too.”


Fear is visible in the eyes of the adventurers.


“…I wish I had seen the fight between the wyvern flock and the huge ant swarm, but I’m glad I didn’t…”


I kind of want to see it.


“Pu, you’re saying, what the high-ranked adventurers are saying, you’re mean they’re saying things like pepe?”

“Even you would be surprised if you saw it, you’d bite your tongue off.”

“Gahahaha, sure.”

“So, is there an emergency request for the outbreak?”


It seems something happened while I was in the magic labyrinth.

Ah, that reminds me…the guild seemed really busy today, it was chaos inside.


“It looks like it. Several clans have already accepted the urgent request.”

“Then if they do, isn’t it rare for dragon types to group together and attack? It would be normal if it was just one of them…”


Wyvern? Dragon types and ants…

This might be related to the Dragon God Burdock from Burdock Mountain.


“The Dragon God of Burdock mountain seems to be rampaging again, this might the aftermath.”


It seems like that is the reason.


“That’s what’s most likely. There’s been damage in the non-search area around the mountain and fields in the neighboring towns and villages have been burned.”


Burnt fields…


“Huh. Sooner or later, the dragons following the Dragon King may at this city too.”

“Oi, oi, don’t even joke about that kinda shit. It should be fine though.”

“Oh? Bragging again? Kukuku.”


the bushy-bearded adventurer makes fun of his friend.


“No, no, that’s not it. This marquess-sama seems to be making the first move. Marquess-sama was at the guild. I saw her in the area. So, I heard the marquess declare ‘I will subdue the Dragon God.’ In the a few days, an army of soldiers with gather in the south at the ‘Square of the War God Vice.’ She seems to be taking part of the country’s Blue Iron Knights as well as some of the Magic Dragon Cavalry Company. She said it in an assertive voice.”


Evil Dragon King Subjugation…


“Hou, I haven’t heard that yet. The Magic Dragon Cavalry Company? Will they come from the dragon rider company or the griffon rider company? But, it’s incredible they are coming.”


There is such a military unit?


“Aah, surely.”

“However, why has the country decided to dispatch troops into the mountains that have been a non-search area for so long? 【Osberia】 did with the ‘Ruruzaku War’ but they have been fighting against an empire for over 50 years, can they afford it?”

“That’s why there must be room on the western front. Sacred Beast Protection, Magic Dragon Cavalry Company, and since there are the Nine White Dragon Knight, they aren’t worried?”


Sacred Beast Protection? Nine Knights?

I would like to see the dragon knights at some point.


“Fumu. But, they are moving part of the army. Since the marquis family is devoting themselves there must be some kind of reward.”

“Aah, that makes sense. There must be a reward for killing the Evil Dragon King…”


The bushy-bearded adventurer’s face has become somewhat slack as if he is imagining the reward.


“…I see. One will become rich if they killed that old dragon. That’s only a dream. Unlike Wyverns and Drakes, its scales, claws, horns, bones, meat, and organs will all be treasure. Spending all their time in the labyrinth, there are a lot of S and A ranked adventurers gathering.”

“With all the adventurers working in ‘Labyrinth City Pernette’ and ‘The Tower,’ the rewards should increase, right?”


High ranked adventurers.

They must be strong people. Something interesting showed up.


“Excellent ones are gathering, but won’t they be fighting those huge ancient dragons? How many will die…”

“It can’t be helped. If you and I participate, we’ll undoubtedly become one of the casualties. Gahahaha.”

“Pretty much, ahahaha.”

“…Still, what if? If we do an outstanding job then we’ll not only get money, we might be scouted by the country…”

“Ha, what are you dreaming about… you aren’t going to be scouted unless your strength is beyond B rank…”

“Oh, ore, If I participate in this dragon extermination and get a reward, I’ll finally marry Remy…”

“Haha, te, oi, oi, are you actually gunna do it?”


A death flag just showed up, but I will ignore it…


At any rate, the Evil Dragon King subjugation.

With her resentment, Quiche will participate.

The reward is good, so I might as well fight the dragon.

I wonder if I should participate in the ‘dragon subjugation?’


Having such a thought, I pay for the delicious food and leave the shop.


…After eating, I begin walking in the crowd of the night time bar street, when suddenly, I bell tolls in warning from far away.




“-It’s a fiiiiire!”


A man runs off yelling such a thing.

For an instant. The conversation from the bar passes through my head.

Could the dragons be attacking!?


“There’s a fire in the pleasure quarters!”


Only of fire?

I grab the person running away and try to ask him.


“What’s going on with the fire?”

“-Na? It’s a fight between the dark guilds. A bloody dwarf suddenly rushed into the shop…then magic fireballs flew into the shop too. There were several of them at the same time. My friend and I from the shop ran for the bell tower then, moreover, even if we won we’d eventually be caught, haa…”


Rush what? I am curious, but I ask a different question.


“…It’s unfortunate. Fighting?”

“Yeah. The gambling area is the territory of the dark guild. There is more than one of them, so the fighting doesn’t stop. This seems to be a fight between 【White Whale Blood Elves】 and 【Bell of Twilight】. It wasn’t a place for patrons like us, so we ran away without fighting.”


The fleeing man frowns in disappointment and leaves.

He waves his hand and runs off.


I remember correctly, the ‘Bell Tower’ is…

Cherry the barmaid told me it was a shop I should not go to.

I feel curious, but if I go I will likely get caught up in the rivalry, so I will stop here.

I leave the fire and return to the inn.


I have returned to the small room of the inn.

Rollo immediately jumps to the hard bed.

She claims the pillow and curls up on it.


While looking at such a heartwarming Rollo, I lean the black spear against the wall next to the bed.

I loosen to below connecting my waist to my thigh.

I also place the bags from my back on the lower corner of the bed.

I even bath in water. I remove my leather jacket and clothes, then pour hot water into the tub.

I get into the bath tub and clean Rollo too.

I get rid of the lingering scent of blood on my body and feel refreshed.


I sit down on the bed and wipe myself dry, then I see the item box bracelet again.


Now then, should I check Kuna’s item box?

I think it has treasure-ish items.

I activate the item box first. I press “storage.”


I remove the key ring and zohedron trap sphere from my belt pocket and put them in the item box.


And now-




◆:Person Mark:Storage


Item Inventory 35/85


Intermediate Restoring Potion×154

Intermediate Mana Restoring Potion x110

High-Class Restoring Potion x43

High-Class Mana Restoring Potion x44

Gold Coin x39

Silver Coin x310

Large Copper Coin x240

Large Staff of the Moon Spirit Tree x1

Priest Necklace x1

Mana Amplification Potion x3

Dark Language Magic: Dark Wall x1

Dress of Dark Shows x1

Stone Ball of Return x11

Crimson Shark Leather High Heels x1

Armrest of Lightning Magic x1

Ring of Dusk x1

Notes of Ancient King Permon x1

Peterson’s Passage Fragment x1

Socks of Varuda x5

Picture Scroll of Sebdola-kami x1

Ancient Writing Stone of the Dawn x3

Dark Crest Magic: Dark Shackles x1

Ronto Manuscript x1

Ten Wicked Pictures Shitatop x1

1st Paredes Mirror x1

Ring of Shadow Penetration x1

Ring of Fire Beast Stone x1

Ruby x1

Jade x1

Magic Stone of Wind x1

Magic Stone of Fire x1

Magic Sword Bitou x1

Key Ring x1

Zohedron Trap x1

First Class Slave Trader License x1




I take out the different items I find interesting.


The Notes of Ancient King Permon, Picture Scroll of Sebdola-Kami.

Petersen’s Passage Fragment, Ancient Writing Stone of the Dawn, Ronto Manuscript.

Dark Language Magic: Dark Wall, the Magic Characters of Dark Crest Magic: Dark Shackles.

And finally, the Ten Wicked Pictures Shitatop.


I lay them out on the bed.


The last one…is this.

I am quite curious about its shape, but…

The start with, I pick up the Notes of Ancient King Permon.

It is a note written on aged parchment with several pieces missing.






I a pre…su. Ancient…red…bow and blue hair…household.

…sword, but this book…bow…great lake…remote…place.






There is only this much.

This great lake place, and a bow and a sword?

This makes no sense…


I pick up the Picture Scroll of Sebdola-Kami first.


This book is surrounded by a whirlpool of mana.

The paper on the cover is not parchment either.

I looks to be made with some hard skin that I have not seen before.

The four corners of the book are tightly bound with a black metallic frame.


It looks like a grimoire.

The book’s standard is a dark black tone.

The title is written in blurred white characters.


“Picture Scroll of Sebdola-Kami” is the title.


I open such a picture scroll.

The beginning in a transparent blank paper like a think oil-blotting paper.

When I turn the next page, there is a painting of a child done with black oil colors like black smoke.


In the upper part of the black smoke the name of the God Rivguraf is written in purple graphic characters.


A dark red long sword is depicted sticking out of the middle of the black smoke.

A pair red eyes are in the background, as if staring in this direction.

The eyes make the person viewing the painting feel fear.

The two eyes are painted finely.


It strange because everything in the picture other than the eyes is drawn roughly.

Thinking the rest of the picture might be the same, I roll up to the next page, and find it different, to my surprise.


Drawn with a detailed brush, it is a beautiful picture.

A bleeding pair of pure white eyes. The silhouette of a beautiful woman with a black and white cloth around her head.

Only the vermillion tears are colored.

It is depicted with a refined touch, close to an India-ink painting.


Underneath is written Beikala, God of Death, with a Japanese flare.


This god, is it the source of the power in Yui’s eyes?

The white eyes are similar.

At any rate, this is an amazing picture. This one is the polar opposite of the one from before.

A picture with an old-fashioned painting style.

It looks like the Japanese paintings of the old Rinpa school.

This is probably at the level of being displayed in a museum.


Impressed by the skill of picture, I roll up that page.

The design of the next picture it completely different, it is cruel.

The form of an amoeba is drawn.


The name of Desarobia, the Evil God, is written in yellow.


It makes me feel revolted so I move to the next page.


Ooh, the next picture is a beautiful woman.

In black characters, Rebura, Queen of Dusk in written.


Queen is written, and it has the feeling of a gravure queen.

Is gold dust swirling around?

The queen is sitting on a cough with an Arabian atmosphere, I stare at the seductive and haughty figure.

She has long black hair, and her forehead has a hexagram blood symbol.

She has incredibly good looks and a bewitching smile.

A hexagram is visible in her eyes, with compound eyes of a spider, the darkness of the abyss and the glittering of the star is combined, the magic formation appears and disappears.

He smiling face almost seems to be moving-eh? Did her strange eyes move?


Her long hair in the picture is moving, fluttering subtly…


A long arm stretches out seductively, a large staff in grasped in the fair hands, striking a pose that releases magic.

A beautiful large jewel like obsidian is at the top on the large staff.


The narrow line between her breasts is drawn with a refined emphasis.

More, I feel like I want to look at this beautiful goddess longer, but…


I move onto the next while admiring the execution of the picture


Moving to the next, I find a picture of a man with a broad chest and a showy black lance in his right hand.

Name: King Boshiado of Tyranny.


It is a clear design; however, I have no desire to see a dandy mustached man in the nude.

My tension falls after seeing the naked man.


I have become bored, so I roll up to the next one.


The next is animal type depicted with thin brush strokes like pencils.

A centaur like monster is drawn. Huge moose racks grow from the sides of their head, and a spiral horn grows from the forehead like a unicorn.

The head has six eyes, the upper body six arms, and the horse body eight legs.


Its name is King Bofun of the Hunt, in light brown characters.

There is such a monster-like god?


With such a short impression, I turn the page.


Next is a roundish shape like an octopus drawn with a red crayon.

Is this a soft bodied slime?

The design has features like a bald man.

However, it has a pair of sharp yellow in the center.


Its name is Zea of Rage.

Going by the shard gaze, its name being rage is proper.


I go to the next page.


N, destroyed mountains are displayed, a cracked pitch-black world?

At the bottom the name King Rashinzu Rebioda is written in white characters.


On this much?

Turn to the next with such a question.

The name of this picture is written at the top.


King Totogudius of the Ten Layers of Sebdola.


This one, it has the feeling of a demon.


Sitting on throne of bones, laughing happily.

The base of his form is humanoid, but long curving black horns grow from the sides of his head, and his eyes are completed black, cold and brutal looking.

Its skin is a deep crimson, and it give off the impression of strength and brutality.

He is wearing a robe the same color of his skin from his back.

He is holding a long yellow staff in his left hand, and in his right, he holds a golden book dripping with blood.


Is this one moving too? The moving picture is realistic.

If it was game, it would be like a final boss demon lord character.


Therefore, I go to the next.


Oh, this next picture might be cool.


The figure of a heroic female soldier is depicted.


There are sword wounds here and there, she golden hair is style in corn rows, her face is small and her eyes are different colors, one blood shot, and the other brocaded. (TL: I don’t understand what the author means by it being brocaded.)

She is dignified in some respects. She has four long arms in dazzling steel blue armor, in her outstretched arm is long sword with a notched blade with beautiful crimson gems spread on it.


Her name is written as Mefara, Oni Princess of Darkness.


Her face looks furious.

I move to the next page.


This time it is a woman. A goddess. Her name is Melad, Goddess Governing Demon Life.

Her raven-black hair is long. She also has three eyes. The third is in the middle of her forehead.

The eyes in the picture are blood shot and crying tears of blood, her expression is tender, and in some respects, the depiction has an element of horror that makes me feel like I jumped into cold water.

With a long staff wet with blood in her right hand, the depiction has a feeling of someone being cured.


In Zoru’s journal there was a description matching this goddess.


Then, I roll up the next page.


Oh, a trees and shrubs. His name is Kyuruha, King Tree of Archive Keeping.

This guy, his name is similar to Genju’s Sake Ball of Light, I have a hunch he may be related to my goal.

It might be unrelated…


The center of the picture is a painting of a huge tree.

It has a feeling like an impressionist made a realistic oil painting, here and there are traces of painting over mistakes, there are some parts that are smudged.


It looks like a half-finished picture. I roll to the next page.


The next picture…

Surrounded by a dusky green haze, is beautiful woman over a back drop of a blackish dark green rose?

She is a beauty, but the large snake winding from her shoulders too her neck shows a presence, how, all the hair on her head is a large grey snake


Just like Medusa.


Both of her eyes are slit too, they are scary like a reptile’s.

The Medusa’s head, the large snake laying across her shoulders looks like a muffler, and her arms are wrapped in a transparent dark velvet giving the appearance of a skeleton.

Underneath her transparent clothes she is of course wearing a conspicuous bikini armor, and the narrow waist of her bare midriff and the goddess’ pale skin creates a beautiful picture.


She is wearing a skin-tight snake or bat type panties and an armor like a chastity belt.

However, taking a closer look at the whole picture, I can see something faintly transparent growing near her foot like a scorpion or spider.

This beautiful goddess has the name Misea, Goddess of Poison.


I roll up the scroll, impressed by the good quality of her figure.


Uhe, the next one is to exact opposite.

The picture is of an obese monster.

Its face and eyes are big too. It is a fat frog type standing imposingly.

It looks just like the guy who appeared as the enemy in the masterpiece space wars movie. (TL: It should be obvious, but this is referencing Jaba the Hut from Star Wars.)


Its name Zansuin, King of Greed.


This one is disgusting, so on to the next one.

Oh, this is a magnificent painting that conveys the god.


Its name is Shakidaosu, King of Insanity.


His hair is the color of honey. The long ends of his hair wind together like small snakes.

His bright red pair of eyes shine glare from beneath his brow in support of his name, “Insanity.”

He appears as a large human figure with countless black wings growing from his back, the wings are moving slowly.

He is depicted in the sky.

It looks like that because the cloak he wears is being turned up by the dry wind, whirling about.

And from his cloak caught in the dry wind are six arms appearing from his chest.

Of the six hands, the palms of four have a “weird eye” that are seeping tears of blood,


Does is have some kind of meaning?

The bleeding eyes are turned in a certain direction.

The two-blood stained and injured hands.

Like the lower body of Jesus Christ, crucified on the cross, his out stretched legs are laying over top one another.

Around both feet are thin grieves as if dissolved in water.

Furthermore, underneath, there are multiple races look at the insane god in the sky, the scene displays a field.


This is amazing. The level of this picture is the highest.

It is like it was painted by the famous inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, it is wonderfully crafted.


It is mysterious, the picture is like the “Last Supper.”

It feels like I am at an art museum.


Wondering what kind of picture will be next, I roll up the page feeling excited.


Eh, the name of this one is Vamina, Queen of Nightmares.


Bound to a chair with a big back by her hands and feet is a blindfolded woman that looks like an aristocrat.


Uha, when I look closely her neck is half cut, and the flowing blood is being drawn into the balls of her necklace…


Scary, on to the next page.

Ew, this is horror type too?


A shaved head. Name, Nocturne, King of Fear.


Are his eyes gouged out? Gray cloth is tied around his head obscuring it, but in the place where his eyes should be the cloth sinks into the eye sockets.

A large amount of blood drips from the cloth.

For all that, he is laughing.

He has the appearance of a tall human; he is wearing a complete set of black and gold splint mail armor and has the atmosphere of a soldier.

A vortex of black aura is behind his back.


The next one seems to be the last.

I prepare myself and roll up the page.

Oh, this is normal. It looks like a person; its appearance is like a black knight.


Its name of the Blood Sucking God Regunad.


The sharp fangs sticking out of his mouth stand out.

Behind him a shadow like a fog fades in and out of existence.

The black fog wriggles weirdly, it changes from a crow to a bat with shining red eyes.


This is the god of vampires?

That reminds me, I got an explanation when I transmigrated.

There was still another page, but I the thin page is only blank so I close the picture scroll.


I saw a considerable number of painting of the gods…

From title of the picture scroll these are gods that live in Sebdola, is it eighteen gods in total? Or at least, there are eighteen gods with god class power.


Shisho and the Boiling Bone Knights talked about this world in a different dimension, they seem to influence this world.

The pictures in this scroll, are they pictures that a professional put his whole soul into creating?

There were moving pictures among them…with that expectation, simply because it has power, did the pictures become clear? Ma, even if I think about it, I do not understand it and nothing happens.

I will move on quickly to the next item.


Chapter 47: Item Box Feature


Next, I will look at the Petersen Passage Fragment.
Fumu, fumu.
Somehow or other this seems to be the notes of a well-known adventurer.
There are several written pages.
The title is “Giants of Legend and the Northern Cliff”
This is a little long, I guess I will read it.
Here is the farthest ends of the north.
The non-search area established by the Rolloliza Kingdom’s Adventurer’s Guild.
It was said human kind has never set foot here, but they were completely mistaken.
There is Kingdom of unknown tall humans.
An ancient city with a black ring.
A city that was destroyed by the Night Traveling Magic Army.
A country of High Elves.
An Empire of Dark Elves on the surface instead of being underground.
An area ruled by Goblins.
I could breakthrough all of those areas safely because I could use the ancient metastasis formations I discovered.
This must have been good luck; everyone was happy and laughed together.
However, these furthest reaches of the north, I regret coming here intensely.
Our expedition clan 【Fortress】 has collapsed.
Companions and those married for such a long time. All of them are dead.
Killed and eaten.
By those big monsters, “Giants…”
Our first advance into the giant’s territory went smoothly, but it may have been the cause of our carelessness.
Friends and experienced fighters from the labyrinth city.
These people at times, not to mention being eaten by the giant goblins, were also overwhelmed by the Cyclops giants and were wiped out.
To be frank, I was relieved the fighting could be left to these powerful people.
The consequence, the giants and such weren’t “one kind of monsters.”
However, the giants we met one day were different.
Our attacks landed, but, their recovery speed was not ordinary.
If there were only a few giants, we might have overwhelmed them with our numbers.
However, newcomers continued arriving, our attacks couldn’t keep up and there were too many.
And, in the end we had no choice but to escape. Before, if I checked the anti-giant tactics more carefully, it might have turned out differently.
Yet, it was too late, in this way, us proud of our unequalled strength from 【Fortress】 are alone. Alone again, we in turn were caught by the hands of the giants and eaten.
The giants are more than twenty meters tall.
Most of the giant monsters are one-eyed cyclopes.
Next, are giant two-headed Etin, giant demi-humans with a figure close to human.
There aren’t very many, but there are the especially big rock mountain giant kind.
The smallest of the giants are the giant goblins.
The non-search area is one where such various giants rule.
The giants are different from ordinary monsters.
They aren’t only slow and enraged, there are those possessing intelligence among them.
There are creatures like us humans, small as ants, living here.
It is an existence that is always destroyed. They are food in the world of giants.
However, now, I taken a pen and write it, I am the only one left, I was able to escape thanks to a certain organization.
An organization that opposes the giants. They call themselves the silent hunters.
I was helped by the people with a profession like adventurers but misunderstood.
And, surprisingly, there are demonic beings as core members of this unit.
They fight alongside the humans and demi-humans against the giants.
The humans here join hands with the demonic beings to survive even if they know they aren’t supposed to. As such the silent hunters are an organized military.
Their moral is high and all the members can use ranged weapons, proximity weapons, or magic.
Seeing the giant extermination tactics using huge arrow ballistas and wide scale magic felt refreshing.
However, even they cannot oppose them with certainty.
The giants are strong-
The cyclops of the ordinary rank is probably stronger than a wyvern class dragon.
They attack with group tactics again and again…
Such a hellish world exists.
The people who read this in the future should understand this well…the giant hunting. I was taught about the history by the leader around here.
The origin of the situation is this northern place.
A giant civilization of large humans seems to exist between the cliffs.
To prevent the invasion of giants, the human kind like myself constructed a wall in ancient times more than 50 meters tall called the “Northern Cliff of Despair.” It was built between the cliffs making use of the mountains, it was said it stopped the invasion of the giants.
But, with the attack of the first cyclops clan the wall was broken.
The people scattered after that, they were forced to live a life of escaping from the giants.
This information was surprising
I remember my home.
Fortunately, this area seems to be the northern most point.
The southern end of Rolloliza is far away…
Now, I am here, this area completely destroyed by giants, my home country is several tens of hundreds of countries away from here. No matter how strong the giants are it shouldn’t matter with those numbers.
The earth is absurdly vast.
The giant race however is too much in its current state.
However, even if I brought this information back to my home, the huge group of us humans.
My stories of the attacks will be laughed at, they will say I have become funny in the head, I can’t expect to find another companion.
It is mostly complaints after this.
I stop reading the Petersen passage fragment.
Such a struggle is happening in a far-off place…
The one-eyed giant, Cyclops.
When they attack in a group…the ground must shake like an earth quake.
I feel fear when I imagine it.
I pick up the “Ancient Writing Stone of the Dawn” next.
There are three in total, but all have the characters carved into the slate so I will read them properly.
I begin to read the ancient characters on the slate.
The glory of our dawn burns with a red light in the dark night.
A victory song of glory will be sung.
Bringing about godly power by using the sacred treasure.
The magic tool technique produces two sacred treasures.
The genuine article and imitation, but do not turn into sacred treasures.
The dharmatic power of sacred treasure’s vessel is enough to destroy monsters.
There are the ruins at the bottom of a lake deep underground.
A mysterious box concealed by a transparent membrane.
It is unknown by the descend of the ancient land of the gods Gordeku Priest.
The dharmic power surpasses everything.
Several thousand years have passed without it being opened, the unknown barrier.
The Emperor’s Sacred treasures do not work and becomes the body of Seurosu, the God of Work.
Abstracts words continue the three writing stones.
A little flower ornament of one day. The word is similar but the meaning may be different.
On to the next item.
-Ronto Manuscript
I thought it would be like the Voynich manuscripts but it is different.
The book is torn on the way but it is made of relatively new parchment.
I read the Ronto manuscript.
Aria, the goddess of love, shepherdess of Raze, descend in front.
The goddess Aria descends with the figure of a small girl.
The story begins with Laze, the Shepard, receiving an oracle, awakening him to the religion of the Goddess Aria. To spread her teachings far and wide, his adventure took him to wander the world over. In the middle of this, while telling the people of the Goddess Aria’s religion, the prophet, or maybe something closer to the evangelist, whilst being persecuted by every powerful person everywhere he went, he discovered the sacred area of Cordelia. There, he constructed a Holy Temple of Aria.
The paper is torn at this point so the story ends.
Though incomplete, from what I understand, it is like the story of Moses from the bible.
Then, I close the Ronto manuscript.
Moving on to the next.
This is item I purposely avoided.
Its appearance and name have an impact.
The name “Ten Wicked Pictures Shitatop”
It looks like a small gourd-shaped bottle, pot, the tip is like a key?
It has two realistic human ears on the sides, the small gourd has scolding eyes and a long bent nose. It looks like an accessory.
It is strangely realistic and finely crafted, making it weird.
Something, this form…
I cannot help but make a joke if it looks like this…
Maa, my imagination is getting out of control.
Ah, is its appearance a “human face pot?”
Kuna left behind her notes about it.
If I am not mistaken, it is a mysterious item that desires blood. However, it looks like Aladdin will appear if I rub it. (TL: THAT’S NOT HOW THAT WORKS) I will laugh if the great demon kind Atchoo appears.
Of course, I do not actually rub it. Its appearance is intense and frightening, without making a wish I will put it away in the item box…
Next is the two Magic Character books.
I will want to try the magic once after I learn it so it will be dangerous to do here.
I need to look for an area vacant of people.
I return the earlier items to the item box.
I leave the inn room with the black spear in hand.
I want to experience the atmosphere of the night so I produce a light spear from the ring without activating <Night Vision>. I walk along alleys with my eyes looking up at the night sky.
I continue searching for vacant land.
After walking for a while long I manage to find an empty space.
There is nobody in the area.
Oh? Rollo suddenly jumps off my shoulder.
She runs in the empty area.
What is it? I run after Rollo.
There is no reaction to a person with either pheromone touch or presence detection.
However, there are multiple magic essence reactions.
Ah, these guys are the reaction.
There are no people here, but there are stray cats gathering.
Sitting on a large stump are several characteristic cats.
That stump is surrounded by the stray cats.
Is this a cat convention?
The size of the moons in the night sky are close to full.
The two moons are lighting up the figures of the cat brightly enough that the light sphere is unnecessary.
Even though Rollo and I came here, the cats are not upset.
In several places, I can hear the cats rumbling together…
The cat’s eyes are reflecting the moonlight.
There are multiple cats with shining eyes, so the sight is a little eerie.
However, there are a lot of cats that do not move, but I decide to take as a sign that 『Rollo is okay here with me』 and decide to watch in silence.
Rollo approaches the middle of the cats.
It seems like she wants to participate in the cat convention.
When Rollo joins them, the noise suddenly stops.
The moment it becomes quiet, one large cat calls out “Nyaa!” to the moon and gets down from the stump.
Arya, it is leaving the vacant lot with unhurried movements. Some of the cats from the gathering leave to follow the large cat.
Successively, the young cats on the stump cry out one at a time, then go down in the same way and leave. Some of the cats continue to follow.
The cats sitting importantly on the stump seem to be leaders.
The last cat to remain on the stump is an old hermit like cat with long whiskers.
The hermit cat cries out to the remaining cats and gets down from the stump.
Like the other leader cats, I expect it to leave, put it approaches Rollo to greet her.
And, Rollo and the hermit cat rub their cheeks together.
Cat greetings. This is cute and interesting.
Rollo is rubbing her cheeks against the old big cat.
Once the old cat finishes greeting Rollo, it abruptly turns its face to the side and separates from her.
The remaining cats watch the hermit cat in silence.
The figure of the stray cats disappears.
The stray cat convention held at the stump seems to have ended.
“A stray cat convention. Rollo, were you able to meet a friend?”
“Nya, Nyaan.”
Rollo calls out two times as if to say 『Nyathing happened』, and rubs her head against my legs.
“Haha, this fellow.”
I pick up such a cute Rollo and cradle in my arms against my chest.
I burry my face in her fluffy stomach-
Her fur is soft and her stomach is warm. Fluffy.
She has an animal smell to her as well.
I hear rumbling and smile.
Rollo extends a feeler to my cheeks.
『Itchy』『Comfortable』 『Like』
Cute feelings are conveyed.
Without getting up, I stroke her head as I massage her paw pads.
“…Now then. I’m going to have some fun here, so you back up Rollo, I’m going to do some experiments.”
“Nn, Nya.”
Rollo answers briefly and then runs behind me.
From the item box, I take out the magic characters.
I have two magic character books in my hands.
Dark Language Magic: Dark Wall.
Dark Crest Magic: Dark Shackles
I put one book on the ground, and hold on to the language magic book.
I begin to read as I feel the mana from the magic characters.
This…is it an aria? Generally, reading…I understand it.
Then, it loses its mana and the book collapses, disappearing.
It ends simply. The letter never floated.
※ Pikon ※ Land Magic Skill Acquired ※
Yosh, I learned it.
I acquired the crest magic skill as well.
The value of my mana and soul will be high.
In addition, my current battle occupation is “Dark Magic Spearman,” a high ranked job of the magic user system.
So, it is more likely to combine with higher class magic-related jobs.
I test it out immediately.
“…Dark spirit Beruado. With my mana as sustenance, show the power of the dark union, -《Dark Wall》”
As soon as I finish the aria.
I feel some of my mana drain away- then a black wall appears.
The jet-black wall looks like a smoke-formed haze that stands out.
It is as wide as three people. Its height is almost as high as me.
According to its name, Dark wall, it is a magic wall.
Since it is done with an aria, is its use limited?
I am basically the vanguard position.
If I became a rear guard, I might use it… although I have no way to know unless such a day comes.
The wall simply disappears when I will it to.
I will learn the other one next.
I pick up the magic character book from the ground and begin reading.
I quickly finish reading the magic characters-
I learn the crest magic, dark shackles.
It ends simply this time,
Just like the last one.   The floating magic characters flying into my head only happens with ancient magic characters.
The book I have finished reading turns to dust.
This is the crest magic I remember Kuna using in front of the prison.
The one that creates dark shackles.
First, I will try it on my foot.
I am building the magic formation. I complete the magic formation I learned.
《Dark Shackles》
The moment I think that.
Black shackles appear around both of my feet.
Shackles restrict both of my feet a sound like a clapperboard.
Dangerous-will they break? I activate <Fighting Moji> to break the shackles.
Putting power in my legs, I move to break them.
The black shackle snap and break, but the skin and meat on my legs in cut a thousand times, Iteeeeeeee! Blood gushes out.
The wound closes and heals immediately but pain is pain.
Perhaps, these shackles…they might be strengthened by how much mana you use.
I also hurt my wrist when I broke Kuna’s shackles, but they were stronger this time.
-Mou, I will stop experimenting on my own body.
Or should I say, I could will them to “disappear” or be “cancelled”…that was stupid, only settling things with force, I am becoming too muscle-brained.
Well, it hurt, but the thing I am curious about is the item box.
The thing I will look at next is the item box itself.
I am curious about the “◆” in the menu too, first I will press the “person mark” next to “storage.”
I push the person mark and it clicks.
The moment I push it, the disk on the surface of the item box begins to move.
The small jagged flame decoration around the outside begins to turn counter-clock wise, the projections rise from the center of the disk.
What? Green light shines from directly above the projections in a transforming octagon.
When I touch the green window, I can feel it.
-I grasp the window.
Ooh, this, is this octagon unrestricted.
I pull my hands to the side and the window grows bigger too.
The window seems to be independent, it can separate from the item box bracelet on my right wrist.
A handprint mark is indicated on the window.
Am I supposed to put my hand there?
Is it an authentication system?
I remember making the first character.
I place both hands on the hand prints.
Then, characters different from the one I am use to seeing in this world appear in the window.
First, since I can understand it I will read it all.
“《Na Palm Do Fodo Kalim》”
That moment, the shining light rays extend from the protrusions on the bracelet to my head.
-Brain Waves and Thought Waves of Target Test Body, Space-time Attribute Confirmed, Voice Confirmation Terminate.
A confirmation check begins.
-Target Test Body <Fodo System> confirmation. New Na Palm Force Integration in New Kalim Confirmation. Security Released.
-New Kalim registered, former capacity increased, last eruniumu mass entered in terminal reset and previous key assignment in terminal by user data reset.
-Continue? Y/N
This appears.
That data disappears, it looks like.
There was a person who was registered to it in the past.
Ma, if it cannot be used without me registering then I will choose yes here, though it is disappointing that the other data disappears.
I click “Y”
-Completed. New key registration complete.
-It will be keyed to your own voice and thoughts in the future.
-《Fodo One Kalim》starting up-
When the characters disappear, as sound like a vacuum tube comes from the window and it changes.
And, a strange deformed avatar appears in the window.
An alien with four eyes, it is the image of a mysterious character.
The whole forehead has a wide mysterious design.
What is this alien civilization Na Palm Integration Force?
Is this item box a system for officers with the title “Kalim?”
There are some symbol characters in the upper left that I cannot distinguish.
I do not understand them, but they seem to be usable so I use them.
And, the right hand of the avatar character and at the left hand there are two __ __.
This is like a game.
When I touch the right hand “__ ” the name magic sword Bitou is displayed.
The __ blank on the left hand is the same.
This magic sword, it is the one from the item box.
Assuming I can register a weapon in both hands, I can summon weapons.
I try to summon the magic sword Bitou in my right hand as a trial.
-Equip magic sword Bitou in right hand? Y / N
Naturally, I choose Y.
Then, as I thought…
The magic sword Bitou is grasped in my right hand.
Moreover, the sword is already drawn.
The picture of the avatar has changed and a sword is grasped in its right hand.
Amazing. I can register items in both of my hands with the item box.
This is like a shortcut registration in a game.
I raise the magic sword in my right hand and swing it down.
The magic bastard sword is longer than the average sword, and as light as it was before.
This is the real deal.
However, do I have to push storage to return it?
As a test, I try saying “Return to Box” while concentrating on the magic sword Bitou, and the magic sword suddenly disappears from my right hand.
Ooh, it worked
“Magic Sword, Come.”
When I try to assert my will it suddenly in my right hand again.
Oooh, this is convenient. I will test this next with the black spear.
I put the black spear in the item box and check the __ on the right hand so it is displayed.
As I expected, Tanza Spear is added under Magic Sword Bitou.
I register to tanza spear in the right hand __ of the alien avatar this time.
-Equip tanza spear in right hand? Y / N
I choose Y.
I register the magic sword Bitou in my left hand the same way.
-Equip Magic Sword Bitou in left hand? Y / N
As before, I choose Y.
Thus, A spear is pictured in the right hand of the deformed alien avatar and a sword is shown in its left. The black spear is also grasped in my right hand and the magic sword Bitou is in my left.
I will the weapons to temporarily “Return” to storage.
This is easy. They return in an instant…
Ah, I should test if it changes depending on the situation.
I begin to experiment.
With the window closed and my hand held out I try to will “Right hand weapon, come.” A black spear appears below my palm, and naturally, the black spears falls to the ground due to gravity.
Furthermore, when I try to will “Return to Box” or “Weapon, come.” the black spear stays on the ground.
It seems it is not so convenient.
However, it does work even if I only have one finger touching it.
I try one thing after the other.
Thinking only “weapon, come.” a weapon appears in my right hand.
Even willing “Weapon, come.” while concentrating on my “left hand” to make it appear in my left hand.
Is this because I am right handed?
“Spear, come.” (TL: Spear I choose you!)
“Sword” “Spear”
I try doing it with those simple images.
Will they appear if I just will it strongly in my head?
And, I try to use it with the “distorted mana hand” from the guidance moji skill <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.
With empty hands, I will “Weapon, come.” and a spear is summoned into my right hand.
I dismiss the summoned black spear and return to being empty-handed.
When I will “Weapon, come.” I get rid of the image of my right hand and instead focus on the <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>, it seems to recognize it as a valid arm and the black spear is held in my <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.
I dismiss the black spear and with the image of “sword” the magic sword is help in my <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.
So, it can change depending on this image.
It seems unrelated to whether it is registered to the left or right hand.
The <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> seems to be close enough to my “right arm.”
From this I can assume the <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> is no different from a third arm.
Moreover, it can summon both the spear and sword, adapting to the circumstance.
However, while <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> can hold one of the weapons registered in the left or right slot it seems impossible to use three weapons at the same time with <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.
Still, this is a revolution.
I have become happy, I smile naturally, and my body moves.
In the vacant plot illuminated by the moon, I train the spear dance.
Stab- <Thrust>, Stab – <Thrust>.
Again, in the middle of the thrust- willing “return to box” as I focus on the weapon grasped in my right hand, the black spear disappears.
I shift to a low posture while swinging the magic sword in my left hand to the side.
Rotating my body round and round, I advance.
The moment I will “Spear, come,” the black spear arrives in my right hand in a flash.
It works fine with high-speed movements.
Again, with a smirk, I dismiss the magic sword in my left hand.
Moving my free hand to the black spear, I change to a two-handed spear.
I suddenly stand up from my slouched posture to stop my turning body as I lose the interval.
-I support my body on one leg in the pose of a crane.
I extend the black spear forward at an angle with my upper body.
With a pause like in yoga, I stop moving.
From there, I cross my feet to kick away from the ground-
Checking the feeling of the summoned black spear, I move it while turning the black spear in the form of a fan, using both of my arms and the muscles of my upper body.
Walking while holding the black spear, I play with the grip of the metal bar and the black spear spins round and round intensely.
I am moving it, but the black spear looking like a living black snake.
“The snake is moving on its own.”
However, the item box has such a function.
When a weapon is registered, I can reliably call it to “come” to my hand.
With such thoughts, I grasp the black spear in both hands, then fold a knee while thrusting at the moon in the sky.
From my crouched stance, I stretch out my leg like a spring.
Holding the spear above my head as I spring powerfully into the air, I shift into a posture with both arms stretched behind my head.
The moonlight illuminates me as I fly through the sky.
I nose dive the ground with the force of gravity and it feels like time slows down.
I see the earth below me.
My shadow is below me.
Facing my shadow- I fling the black spear against the ground. The ground is gouged and split open by the shock, and dirt flies out from the impact site.
My hands are a little numb. It looks like this technique will work.
The weapon is different, but it feels like the using the drawn killing sword at the end of the Tokugawa period.
Remembering such manga, the training ends.
Still, I want to check the item box.
Next is the “◆” mark.

◆ Please place eleonium stone here.

There is a huge ◆ mark on the left side.
The characters “Please place eleonium stone here” is displayed.

◆:Total Amount of Stored Eleonium:0

Necessary Eleonium Stones : 50 : Incomplete

Reward : Hangar +15, Record Storage Unlocked.

Necessary Eleonium Stones : 100: Incomplete

Reward, Hangar +20, Kaleidoscope Unlocked.

Necessary Eleonium Stones : 200 : Incomplete

Reward, Hangar +25, Dimension Scan Function Equip.




On the right is a table demanding eleonium in amounts of 50 or 100 eleonium stones.
Along with the incomplete things, I think I need to put eleonium stones in the ◆ mark on the left side.
If I gather eleonium stones and get the indicated number, the capacity of the hangar is increased as a reward, a record storage is unlocked as well…
A kaleidoscope is available as a reward, and items seem to be possible rewards.
But, what is an eleonium stone?
Going by the shape of the rhombic mark is it a diamond-shaped jewel?
A mystery.
I do not understand it now, so I tap the rhombic mark on the menu and turn off the eleonium indicator.
Then, there is a *buuun* sound I return to the normal item list screen,
This smart phone area seems to operate the same way as normal game menus.
Now then, I guess I will return to the inn.
At the same time, several kilometers southwest of 【Fort City Hector】, in a certain building-
“I kept you waiting…Larai.”
Shoulder’s dropping, a thin running man enters the room. His shoulder has a black wing tattoo and his stylish mustache stands out, his arm is injured.
While staring at that puzzling behavior, the woman dressed in an ochre robe named Larai responds.
“Karii, welcome back. But, you were violent in an extremely “showy” manner…”
“Un. There is a reason.”
“You right arm…a master like Karii was injured?”
The thin running man Karii moves a little to shake his arm, and his forehead wrinkles in a manner that suggests that they are suppressing the pain.
“-Aah, something happened. Even though it looks like this, I already took a recovery potion, so the wound is worse that I had thought.”
Therefore? Do you have no high-class recovery potion?”
Karii begins to smile and talk.
“Kuku, nonsense. You see this wound? It would be a waste to heal it immediately.”
“…You’re as much as a hentai as ever. But, the job you should have carried out quietly for the shadow wings was found out? Many people saw a man with a “black wing tattoo” escape loudly from the office of 【Thorny Tail】”
“Aah, it couldn’t be helped. Something outside my “calculations” happened.”
Hearing Karii say outside his “calculations,” something she is unfamiliar hearing, Larai’s eye brows twitch in response.
“Outside your calculations…heh, for you to say such a thing. Should I have participated too…”
Larai has a smile full of cynicism.
“Iya, I guess so? With what I showed you, that even I was ‘cut’ with my skill, isn’t it because of my partner? Even if ‘Thousand-Thunder Larai’ was there I don’t think the outcome would have changed.”
The woman called Larai’s eyes open wide. Those eyes have a faint pattern of yellow lines on the surface.
“…You’re curious about the ’emergency,’ right? But, isn’t it strange? I never heard that such an opponent existed from Alphard. I had no ‘prior knowledge.’”
“Even with his ability to foresee things, he did not see this.”
“Fuun, So the person Karii fought is safe? Will he return here?”
“It should be fine. The person I fought was killing the members of 【Thorny Tail】. I fought him because it was my job. It became unbearable and I did fight him selfishly this time and this is how it turned out.”
Larai looks puzzled.
“Eh? Really? Such a strong opponent is appetizing, I thought they would be part of a dark guild.”
“Iya, at least, the strong opponent who defeated me wasn’t from 【Thorny Tail】. That fellow killed ‘Raize of Two Swords’ and ‘Kuna of Darkness.’”
Larai leans forward with a clear expression of surprise.
“Eeeeh? Isn’t that something amazing…”
“True. Oh, fortunately 【Thorny Tail】 was destroyed smoothly. By the way, you know I killed the boss ‘Dominguez’ properly? So, my job is completed…”
“So…a strong opponent…”
Larai does not hear the end of Karii’s story, instead she muttering quietly with a wicked smile on her face.
“Haa…You want to hear about that person? Are you already having delusions? That spearman…”
“-n? The opponent was a spearman? Fufu…”
Larai turns to the side and the hem of her rob spins around.
She begins to dance happily.
“-Ahahaha, I want to meet that man too…”
Larai smiles with a joyful dimpled smile and bursts into laughter.
She removes her thin hands from her robe, and begins to move her ten fingers that are all in gloves nimbly over her pleated skirt like she is playing the piano.
Her drumming finger tips begins to produce crackling lightning.
“Larai…such dangerous delusions, aren’t all the black wings supposed to return to 【Tandart】I think I heard the leader is waiting too, and after crushing Gaigal, there is a big job in labyrinth city.”
Larai ignores Karii’s words.
Her face holds an expression of ecstasy.
The pattern that was only faint in her eyes up till now, are showing a clear yellow magic formation that shines strangely.
As she plays by herself small amounts of electricity discharge from her fingers, completely entering her world of delusions.
Karii stares at Larai, while squinting, not again…as if to say so he lets out a sigh with an amazed face.
Chapter 48: Emergency Request


I head to the adventurer’s guild today and it is noisier than normal.
The voices of the adventurers and the lively voices of the receptionist-sans resound.
“Those here for the Evil Dragon King subjugation, please line up on the right~”
“Individual participants and clan participation application, an addendum has been added to the wooden tag, so please confirm them~”
The space in front of the reception desk is partitioned off with a rope down the middle.
“-Those not involved in the Evil Dragon King subjugation, please come this way~. To the left side~. On this side of the reception desk, your requests will be accepted as before~. The details of the urgent request are on this side as well~. Anyone not accepting the Evil Dragon King request, please use this side~”
The receptionist-san on the left side stretches out her arm and explains to the adventurers.
It seems the receptionist on the right oversees the “Evil Dragon King Subjugation Request,” and the receptionist on the left is handling the “normal” requests.
Is the crowd the reason?
There seem to be a lot of adventurers participating in the Evil Dragon King subjugation.
The adventurers waiting are beginning to form a line.
I ask a receptionist-san near the partition about what is going on.
Receptionist-san says the “Evil Dragon King subjugation” request has caused the adventurers to flood the reception desk.
So, they hurriedly set up a rope for dividing and marked a place for different than usual request.
The details sound like the contents the adventurers from the yakiniku shop talked about.
In six days, there will be a gathering at 【Plaza of the War God Vaisu】.
It seems that they are going to attack 【Burdock Mountain】 like this.
The “Non-search area” will be treated as a joint request.
It is a joint request, so everyone wants to try and register at the same time.
It is desirable for ranks beyond C, but there is no limitation to the number of people since they need a lot.
So, I will participate as well.
I turn to the request stuck to the board and look for the request slip for the Evil Dragon King.
Client : Marquis Chardonnay Fon Anaheim Difficulty: N/A
Request : “Evil Dragon King Burdock Subjugation” joint request. Subjugation Target : Evil Dragon King Burdock, Every Dragon Class.
Time Period: In Six Days. Home Region: Burdock Mountain.
Reward : 20 Gold coins upon subjugation regardless of rank. Subjugation Proof : As long the Dragon King is defeated, none is required.
Precaution : Dragons live there, and since it is a non-search area expect a difficult journey.
As long as the subjugation succeeds, I will get twenty gold coins.
What a lavish feast. The probability of dying is high, but if everything goes well I will get paid.
That is because there are a lot of people.
Ma, I join the crowd as well.
I pick up the Evil Dragon King subjugation tag from the metal box under the board.
A participation number is written on the wooden tally.
While holding that wooden tag, I join the line of adventurers partitioned off with a rope… Then after waiting my turn I submit my wooden request tag and adventurer’s card.
They accept them.
The time until the quest is six days.
The armor I ordered from the Dwarf brothers should be ready by then.
I am looking forward to getting the armor.
Meanwhile, should I check the destination of the “Paredes Mirrors?”
Or, should I look for requests?
“Mirror of Paredes” = Gate magic.
The twenty-four strange symbols on the small multi-sided Zohedron Trap sphere. Tracing the symbol activates the gate.
I already have a mirror in my room at the inn, so where ever the gate takes me, I can return with that mirror.
I do have to worry about it being stolen, but if it is stolen by someone with an item box I will give it up meekly.
While thinking such a thing, I look at the board.
In addition to the location of the other gates, how about a D or C ranked request this time…
Oh? Next to the Evil Dragon King request is a big request paper.
Client: Guild Master Difficulty: N/A
Request: “Emergency Request: Ensure safety of metastasis formation. Subjugation Target: All dragon classes, various ant classes.
Time Limit: From the same day the request is taken until safety is ensured. Habitat: Vallaida Insect Shrine
Reward: 35 Gold Coins Subjugation Evidence: N/A
Precautions: This is an urgent request of the guild. Above B rank party is suggested, must be at least C rank. If request is received, exiting the city is prohibited. Mandatory jump to Vallaida Insect Shrine. Preparations should be carried out before submitting to the guild.
Note: Several clans are participating in this operation.
Must be C rank, suggested to be above B rank.
There is still further explanation written on the paper, so I read it.

Dragons have broken through the ceiling of Vallaida Insect Shrine.

More than half of the ceiling has collapsed.

The falling debris has killed adventurers and broken through parts of the insect shrine, creating large holes into its depths.

The pit seems to have reached the lower level…

Soldier Ants, Long-Armed Ants and Armored Commander Ants, not only these, but even the Imperial Guard Ants that protect the queen have appeared by coming through the hole to the upper levels.

The Dragon classes that are attacking include Wyverns, Drakes and Sonic Bangs. The flocks are fighting with the ants.

The “Dragon and Ant War” has started.

The Dragon and Ant war has spread. There are a great number of strong Dragons and Ants loitering around the metastasis formation.

The emergency request is to ensure the safety of the metastasis formation in the destroyed Vallaida Insect Shrine.

If possible, it would be good to set up a strong barricade.

Destroy as many of the surrounding monsters as possible.

Furthermore, as soon as this request is confirmed, all adventurers who accepted the request will receive 35 gold coins. This is ensured by the guild master of Hector’s Adventurer’s Guild, Carban Fafunade.

Dragon and Ant War
The reward is better than the Evil Dragon King request. I want to see the monsters before the Evil Dragon King request, so I should accept this request.
Immediately, I take the wooden request tag and bring it to the reception desk.
The available receptionist-san is one I recognize.
The big-breasted receptionist-san.
Her size is as splendid as ever.
Once is enough, I would like to be unknown.
“…This, please.”
I submit my card and wooden tag.
“Hai. Ah, it’s Shuya-san.”
“Fufu, Kitty-chan too. Her eyes are as red and cute as ever.”
You, your breasts are as good as ever…
Having such thoughts, I smile slightly.
“Rollo is saying hello, she seems to like you.”
“Ara, is that so? That makes me happy.”
Receptionist-san’s breasts sway as she strokes Rollo’s head.
“N, Nya? Nyaa.”
Rollo seems distracted by the swaying breasts.
Aside from that, is breast-san going to check my card and the request paper…
“What about my card here?”
“Ah, Yes That’s right. The adventurer’s card and wooden tag are verified. Immediately after accepting~, this is the urgent request, are you ready?”
She asks while working promptly.
“Yes. With an urgent request, it cannot be canceled and if you leave 【Hector】 without permission without carrying out the request, you will be exiled from the guild. In addition, this request seems quite serious, do you still wish to receive it?”
Receptionist-san looks at the wooden request tag and talks anxiously.
Exile. That is severe.
However, since I will go as soon as I accept the request, I am fine.
“…It’s fine. The reward is good, and I will be fine if I have to work hard.”
“Is that so? You seem confident. You easily defeated an officer the other day, so…it should be all right. Then, please put your hand on the crystal.”
The crystal glows.
“…With this the request is accepted. Please try and work hard on the request. Please go to the metastasis formation there.”
My card is returned with a smile.
Receptionist-san is pointing “that way?” She is calling attention to the metastasis formation.
“Ou. I understand. Again, I will be in your care.”
“Nn, nya.”
To say good bye the receptionist-san san, Rollo cries and stealthily jumps to my shoulder. (TL: I translated this wrong, but to lazy the change it.)
I summon the black spear in my right hand. I lean the black spear on the shoulder opposite the black cat and go to the Vallaida Insect Shrine metastasis formation.
Soon after I am transported, there is an ear-splitting roar-
“It’s a Drake!!”
The voice of a screaming woman.
The area around the metastasis formation has changed.
Adventurers are carrying simple boards and dirt.
A small protective wall is built around the circumference.
There is a female magic user behind the wall issuing commands to the adventures.
“A group of drakes has appeared to the left. 【Tempest of Crimson Tiger】stay and defend.”
“Understood. You, hurry up and tell 【Tempest of Crimson Tiger】. Reinforcements are being sent. 【Heaven Sword】and 【Kokudara】, take some people and go to the left side.”
The voice from early came from this woman.
“Got it.”
Quickly, soldiers reply to the order and begin preparing.
The reports end there.
“-From the middle to the right side, a flock of Wyverns is fighting with a platoon of Imperial Guard Ants. The area of the battle is spreading.”
“Of course, I am aware. -Everyone, let’s hurry up the construction of the protective wall.”
“I’ll fight hard!”
All of the adventurers carrying sand bags in the area turn towards the commander woman and raise a spirited shout together.
The commander woman only nods her head sternly at the adventurers and continues talking.
“Let’s hurry before it is too late. While the A ranked monsters are fighting.”
I disregard the voice as news arrives again.
“-Sir, a group of long armed ants has emerged on the right and a lot are heading this way!”
“I see- that’s a lot. It can’t be helped. 【Heaven Sword】 and 【Kokudara】 stay here and do not head to the left flank.”
The members of both clans that have not gone yet return per the woman’s instructions.
Everyone is running about in confusion.
“-There is no other way. The left front will have to hold out. 【Tempest of Crimson Tiger】 is strong so they should be able to hold out. For now, I am giving priority to the defense of the metastasis formation here. If this place is destroyed all the adventurers will die, the enemy cannot approach the metastasis formation!”
“The main objective is protecting the metastasis formation, while paying attention to the A ranked monsters fighting in the middle, let’s concentrate on the right!”
The woman with a ponytail points with her right hand.
The commanding figure of the woman is impressive.
Adventurers are attacking the ants that draw near.
I am there too; I look around the area to get a grasp of the situation.
…Uhee, they are in a tight spot.
The corpses of dragons and ants are scattered everywhere.
Half of the ceiling has collapsed and the fantastic view of the canopy is gone… The thorny walls around the metastasis formation are also gone, and a large portion of the statue is collapsing.
Fleeing, it no longer looks like the labyrinth.
As if looking through the mind of the upper insect rank, the light shining on the insect shrine feels sadistic.
A pterodactyl like creature is flying through the sky, intercepting the sunlight.
“You there, you’ve been standing there for a while now, what are you doing?”
Talking importantly is the magic using female commander who was giving out commands earlier.
Her brown hair is gathered up in a ponytail behind her head.
The size of her eyes is sweet, but her thin arched-eyebrows give an impression of an unyielding will.
Her characteristics give off a hard feeling.
However, it does not change that she is a beautiful woman.
The image of an intelligent and talented woman.
“…did you hear me? You, did you receive the request here on your own?”
Seemingly irritated with me, she raised her voice as she asks.
“Re, really, you simply answered in affirmative. You seem to be confident, but all alone…”
“The other day I solo skilled an armored commander ant.”
The woman seems surprised at my words and her eyes shake.
She moves her hands as if to straighten her hair.
“…Eh? That’s amazing. Perhaps, are you someone famous above B rank?”
The intelligent looking woman’s tone changed suddenly and she becomes soft spoken.
“No, I just became a D rank.”
“…Oh. That’s disappointing. Ma, work hard.”
She completely changes, fast!
She quickly changes her appearance back to an unyielding woman.
Maa, I am getting upset all on my own.
However, should I receive instructions from the chain of command too?
The woman seems to have already lost interest in me and is looking in the direction of what has become the battlefield.
“By the way, you were giving instructions to everyone else earlier, do I need to follow your commands too?”
I ask politely.
“Not particularly. However, because of this situation, I’m participating as an adventurer too. I am close to the guild though, so I ended up taking command.”
The moment I am about to ask her name, a piece of flesh from an ant corpse comes flying.
The conversation breaks off.
My eyes shift to the right where it came from.
There, still, the swarm of long-armed ants that appeared, is clashing with the adventurers.
“Whatever you were going to say, we can’t leisurely talk here. If you want to live, wouldn’t it be better to follow ‘my’ instructions? If you don’t want to die, please fight in this “circumference” as much as possible.”
The female magic user talks lively and turns on her heel, causing her ponytail to whip around.
The woman reaches behind her back, takes a large staff strapped there, and brings it in front of her chest with a spin.
That large staff, it seems amazing. Mana is overflowing endlessly.
A flame appears from the tip of the large staff like one regulated by a gas burner.
She approaches the ants with a big flame emanating from the staff.
When they come within range of the magic, the female magic user stops.
Then, she points the flame crowned staff at a group of ants.
The woman holds the staff in both her hands.
One by one, fireballs are shot from the large staff.
Amazing, moreover the large staff is swung again and again, sending fire balls arching through the air toward the ants.
The fireballs hit the ants directly, one after the other.
Finally, she slams her staff into the ground and a pillar of flame erupts, strong enough to the flip the ants.
Hee, such cool magic.
Did that fireball and flame pillar combo have no aria?
It seems impressive.
If this woman is here, this area should be fine.
The problem is the front.
The sounds of roars have been going on for a while.
I turn my eyes to the central part where the dragons and ants are killing each other in front of the metastasis formation.
Large dark green Wyverns and black pink imperial guard ants.
The fight is fierce.
Both have big bodies but their attacks are fast.
The long fangs in their mouths and long tails are the wyvern’s main weapons.
At the end of the tail is a bone sword protrusion. I see shining green particles falling around those.
That is definitely poison.
It looks beautiful, but I understand it is bad so the color is unpleasant.
A single blow of the poisoned tail hits the upper chest of an imperial guard ant but to no avail. The tail strikes the chest of the imperial guard ant but the pink hair only shakes and it is repelled.
Amazing. It resisted a single strong attack easily like rubber.
The amazing imperial guard ant is larger than armored commander ants.
The helmet shape around the head is bound with some kind of resin, they have two sharp looking mandibles and the entire tip is pink.
The upper part of the chest from the neck is covered in pink hair.
It looks like a pink tie.
The pink tie stands out and the six legs connected to its body seem dangerous.
Each of its legs is of a size and thickness akin to the steel used when constructing buildings. The ends of the legs have sharp claws, barbed like fish hooks.
There are only three of those large imperial guard ants, and they are in a fierce battle with the wyverns.
The claws of the imperial guard ants are repelled by the hard scales of the wyverns so a balanced fight continues.
After all, I can leave the decisive battle of the monsters alone for now.
Chapter 49: Storm of the Crimson Tiger


Before long, the form of a roaring drake comes into view.

…Is this what a drake looks like?


There are individual differences, each of them seems to be five or more meters in length.


The five dragons have red and green scales. I can understand it even if it is not called a dragon.


However, are they slightly smaller than the wyverns from before? The clan fighting the drakes seem to be strong.


The forward advance of three of the drakes has been stopped. It seems to be the effect of a magic used by the beautiful female magic user.


The beast soldiers are working together as vanguards, tossing around the drakes.


They did it. Their cooperation is impressive.


They fight on even footing with the Drakes.

I approach, wondering whether I should participate in the fight.


“Sir, I am controlling three of them on the right, but 《Command of Light 》 will wear off in ten seconds. The next paralysis magic formation, moreover, the aria is five seconds!”


“-Roger, understood! I will kill this one on my own. Lushell and Belize, go provide back up over there!”


“On it.”


A beastman soldier with a big ax replies casually, separates from the woman giving instructions, and goes to attack the three frozen drakes with his ax.


On the other hand, the captain beastwoman faces the other two drakes on her own, and begins a dangerous looking fight.


“Rollo, that beastwoman on the left.”




I run and choose one of the drakes.


“I’m here to help! I’ll take the one of the left!”


I call out to the group of embattled adventurers.


The drake on the left rears back and holds up its dangerous looking claws to attack the beastwoman.


Rushing, I run with fighting moji enhanced legs and strike the drake’s left with the black spear. The scales are knocked off and the green flesh is cut. (TL: I’m not sure if this is a typo on the author’s behalf. I feel like the scales are supposed to be green, but that’s not what the raws say.)


Without stopping I go around to the drake’s back, stepping off with my enhanced right foot and I   the black spear into the back of the drake’s leg.


A hole is bored into the drake’s hind leg and its posture breaks. It does not seem able to handle my sudden attack.


With its posture broken, Rollo pierces the eye of the drake with a feeler bone sword.


The drake raises its head lets out a pained screech.


Its neck is exposed and I take this opening.


I kick the ground lightly and raise the black spear, then jump- putting my weight behind the black spear, I sink it into the drake’s neck.


The black spear slides in and the overbearing force mows it down. Like rain, a spray of green bloods sprays out in the direction of the attack.


The drake’s neck can no longer support its head, and its neck bends down so that its big head kisses the ground.


I killed it? I thought, but that is not the case.


The drake is going to counter attack with its head on the ground, its clenches its teeth and spreads its wings.


-A gust of wind is created under its wings.


Rollo is caught by the gust of wind and is pushed back.


The drakes groans and cries out, moving its mouth taking chunks out of the dirt.


Its one intact eye is open wide; its mouth is opened wide with blood dripping from its teeth as its steaming breath rises in the air.


The drake is tough. I can feel the pride of the dragon race.


Respecting the vitality of the dragon, I kick the ground again and jump.


I will end it quickly so it does not suffer.


I thrust the black spear as I twist my body, adding a rotation, towards the head of the drake.


The single blow of the hard spear, creates a dent in the bowed head of the dragon, drilling a hole and killing it.


The skull is crushed, its brains smashed.


With this, it should be dead.


The drake with its brain smashed does not move.


I feel the eyes on the battle field stop to look at the scene for a moment.


There is another drake.


The drake that was fighting the dual wielding beastwoman seems to think I am a threat and comes to me, rearing up its neck.


“Its breath is coming!”


The beastwoman shouts a warning.


Eh? In a hurry- I activate fighting magic legs and take evasive maneuvers.


I run to the left while using Cerebral Demon Speed.


Rollo seems to have sensed it already and has escaped far away.


The ground I was on just a moment ago is filled with a blooming red flame.


It’s become scorched earth, a sea of hot wind spreads out, swallowing those nearby.


This is the breath of a dragon.


The flame comes from the drake’s mouth.




I evaded it safely, but the hot air has created a film of sweat over my face.


However, the drake’s flame does not last long.


Several arrows land in the bulging throat of the fire–breathing drake.


Having been pierced by arrows, it’s throat erupts.


The drake writhes silently.


The beastwoman called captain begins to attack.


A long sword is held in each of the her hands.


The swords in her hands are handled as fast as the wind, and faint sword lines are paid out.


A long sword is dropped on one of the drake’s hind legs while the other long sword cuts through its wing, it’s body shifts with her slashing attacks as she continuously jumps through the sky.


Amazing, her swords seem to flow. They look like they are dancing. The movement of the mana of her body’s fighting moji is smooth too.


With the long sword in her right hand she slices through the bottom of the dragon’s abdomen.


The beastwoman has a vermillion muffler around her neck that dances behind her. Her long red hair mixes with the fluttering mufflers making it look like a glittering flame is following behind her.


The drake is minced up as the long red hair dances behind her. It’s leg is finally cut down again, and the sword dance stops.


The tendons of both the drake’s legs seem to have been cut and it is lying on the ground weakly.


She defeated it. When I think that, something else happen.


The beastwoman crosses her arms, kicks the ground and jumps.


A crossed slashing attack to the drake’s head, Eeeh!?


-Amazing. Did her arm and sword grow for an instant?


A big X shaped wound is cut through the drake’s skull.


Green blood is pouring out and its tongue is hanging limply out of its mouth.


It is completely crushed. The power looks equal to my blow from before.


However, that arm, mana was concentrated there and it seemed to swell for an instant…


Having finish her attack, she spins around and lands on the ground.


Her red hair flutters around her beautifully and she has cute brown cat ears on her head.


Then, I make eye contact with her.


-Woah. This woman is beautiful.


It was just a moment, but the beauty of her eyes was branded in my heart.


Her face is perfectly human. She has fair skin and brown eyes.


The cute and beautiful woman has a form with the ideal combination of looks.


That beastwoman turns a captivating smile my way.


However, she turns to assist her companions fighting the three drakes.


She turns on her heel and runs.


The view from behind isn’t bad either…


My eyes are drawn in unintentionally.


As she runs the bottom of her waistcoat flutters up and the beastwoman’s butt comes in and out of view.


The running beast woman is wearing a dress and waist cloth type leather armor.


That butt-san and thighs are connected with a leather garter belt armor, and her butt is emphasized even more by the garter belt. (TL: That’s not how armor works. That’s not how any of this works!)[ED: This author does zero research on some things…]


That figure makes me gulp.


I run after her.


Rollo runs next to me who has such apparent ero eyes.


Then, I hear the end of an aria.


“The paralysis formation is activated– 《Command of Light》” When the magic is released, a huge magic formation spreads out at the feet of the drakes.


The drakes in the magic formation are bound by bands of light that extend from the magic formation, no longer able to move. Ooh, this is magic.


The highlight is when I get up close. The drakes’ movements are halted.


Rather than highlight, should I say the best part is the funny appearance?


A drake’s forefoot is frozen in the air and a thick hind leg is completely frozen.


“Yata! It worked!”


“It took again. As expected of Lushell’s magic, then, Butch, follow instructions. These three won’t be able to move for nearly twenty seconds.”


“Alright. Leave the guy with the injured foot to me, focus on the uninjured ones.”


“Listen up, attack fast- Baka Butch.”


A beautiful elf woman is firing a bow and arrow at a drake while calling a beastman called Butch a fool.


“Shut up, I’ll do it.”


“-I’ll help too.”


There, the beautiful cat woman captain interrupts the argument and participates in coordinating the battle.


A single blow is given to the drake.


I finish enjoying my ero gaze and resume participation. “I’m not used to cooperating, but I’ll join too.”




Rollo and I both attack one of the unwounded drakes together. “You have a good arm.” (TL: The “you” here is polite.)


While cutting through the left forefoot of a drake with her large ax, she has room to praise me.


Even if dragons are considered tough monsters, if their movements are sealed they merely become “meat.”


There are several dead drakes around.


With the cooperation of all the members there, they are being cut up.


However, the dragon class has amazing vitality.


As long as the head is uninjured, even if it has several injuries to its legs and feet, it can still move as if it is fine. While the dragon that survived until the end grovels on the ground, it raises its head in a stubborn manner and bares its bloody fangs.


Three prayers, it prays to consciousness that it will live, then I snipe the noble dragon’s left eye with an accurate spear jab.


The black spear points slides into the dragon’s eye socket.


The dragon stops breathing when the black blade reaches its brain. At any rate, that “paralysis” magic is useful.


While having such a thought I pull out the black spear that is sunk deep into the dragon’s skull.


Using the recoil from pulling it out, I swing off the dragon’s blood stuck to my spear and look at the woman who invoked the paralysis magic.


The woman has a large staff in her hand that she is attaching to her back.


The female magic user looks Japanese; she has a mysterious oriental atmosphere around here.


He bangs are cut over her forehead like Cleopatra and a circlet with a beautiful twinkling blue jewel occasional peeking out from behind them.


Her hair is black too.


She could be said to be an Asian beauty with Egyptian makeup that would appear during Paris Fashion Week.


Her small lips are puckered. (TL: Raws says her mouth has small duck lips. Heh.)[ED: I hate duck face.] Her face is a small inverse triangle.


I look over her clothes. She has an overcoat like a magic user.


However, because the front is open I can see she has a small body.


Her seductive chest that is hinted from behind the light tunic gives off a nice and clean feeling.


He lower body is covered by the overcoat so I cannot see much, but I can make out a whitish skirt near her knee.


“-Young human man there.”


As I am staring at the female magic user, the beautiful beastwoman in charge of the area talks to me.




“Thank you for coming to help. We were saved, thanks to you.” The cat ears on the captain’s head move twitchingly.




I saw earlier, but I look again.


The vermillion muffler around her neck is a good look. She seems dignified.


The scraps of the waist clothes tight around her waist is attractive, and the armor around her thighs and grieves reproduce her form nicely.


Her long legs make her look like a model.


That grieve type armor…


It somehow does not go past her ankles; I can see her bare feet.


She is wearing something like sandals.


The top of the beastwoman’s feet has red fur growing on them and on her toes are tufts of red hair.


“…You don’t need to thank me. You would have managed somehow or another.”


She snorted at my words and stared at me since I am a completely suspicious person. I greet them politely.


“Even if that’s the case, the outcome of the fight could have been decided in an instant. They were defeated quickly thanks to you. We were able to defeat them incredibly quickly with your help-”




With that timing, Rollo calls out from my feet.


“Ara, earlier I saw your cute familiar playing an active part.”


“Kyaa, too cute!”


“In truth, I want to hug it and play with it.”


The one talking about Rollo is the female magic user, and the female Elf using a bow.


As expected of the cute Rollo.


The beautiful women have all taken the bait. (TL: The literal translation is “The beautiful woman have completed bitten.” The bite is in reference to a fish biting the bait, so it’s like the women have all been hooked and aren’t just nibbling.)


“This is Rollodinu. She is called Rollo. My name is Shuya Kagari. You can call me Shuya or Kagari, which ever suits you.”


“Fufu, this child is called Rollo-chan. Ah, my name is Sarah, Sarah Floraid. I am the representative of the【Tempest of Crimson Tiger】. Thank you. Shuya.”


Introducing herself with a smile, the beastwoman with cat ears confirms she is the leader.


Her name is Sarah.


“Yes. Please treat me well.”


“Shuya-san and Rollo-chan. I am Lushell Adkins. I work as the second in command of the adventurer clan 【Tempest of Crimson Tiger】 that Sarah leads. I am Lushell the Dark Magic User, adventurer rank B but please call me Lushell.”


This is the woman who invoked that convenient paralysis magic.


“I am a member of the crimson tigers too. B ranked bow user, responsible for the sex appeal, Belize Mafon. You call me Belize, Mafon-chan is fine too. I’ll be in your care. Shuya-kun.”


There are a lot of ladies.


“Yes, I’ll be in your care-”


With the greetings coming to an end, my eyes go to Belize’s chest against my will. [ED: Whatever you say…]


So-called, one, iya, two, enormous breasts. (TL: No, stahp.)


Heavy fruits. This voluptuous chest, oppai bonzai.


Unintentionally, I stare for a long time.


I quickly look away the gloss over it.


Belize looks back at me with her own ero eyes.


For a moment, my eyes are sharp…


Her glamour breaks when her blue eyes blink… then stare back at me kindly.


The corners of her light pink lips curl into a bewitching smile.


Not mentioning her characteristic long ears, does this beautiful blue eyed onee-san like me?


Of course, I like her. It is a feeling like that. The Elf’s hair is long and golden. Three small braids extend from her right ear.


The hair clip on the other side symbolizes cuteness…


And then, is that a small tiger on the right cheek of her face? A leopard? There is a characteristic mark of a tattoo.


There is a beauty mark close to her light pink lips.


And, my eyes have returned to investigate her chest.


…As for the case of a man doing a double take, I think her breasts are buxom.


She is wearing red leather clothes with a plunging V neck that emphasizes her chest.


No matter what, my gaze returns to her chest.


It is the secret nature of the advisor for the breast research society, ma, I’m a hentai.


Then, a rough male voice breaks the atmosphere.


“*Cough*, ‘by the way’ I’m a member of the crimson tigers too. Butch Zemal, ax user, rank B.”


My suggestive eyes seem to have upset the large beastman and he is in a bad mood.


He has red hair with a crew cut.


From his mouth the side of his jaw is a wild thick red mustache.


The biceps of his upper arms and the pectoral muscles under his leather armor are outstanding.


He looks like some sergeant. With a hamadryas face, he seems strong.


However, does he have cat ears like Sarah?


The hamadryad faced catman, Butch-shi is more than surreal.


But, I will apologize for now.


“…Sorry. That…all of the women of this clan are beautiful.”


My hentai eyes are giving me a bad impression.


Butch-san, seems embarrassed by my apology.


Re-really? You are very blunt for the first meeting.”


Butch-san answers with a nervous face.


“Eh.” “I…”


Sarah is called the captain, Lushell is the second is command, though they all have great figures, they do not seem used to being praised, and they mutter such words.


“Ara, fufu.”


Only one person takes it as being natural and laughs.




Belize-san speaks to Butch.


“Araa? Butch, from the beginning you’ve been asking questions aggressively, do you think ‘We aren’t beautiful?’”


“N-not at all.”


“Haha, that stubborn Butch’s face is turning red.”


Lushell-san puts one hand over her mouth and points at Butch in a jovial manner.


“Ugu, that straitlaced person.”


“Which reminds me, doesn’t Butch seem different?”


“Ge, captain…”


Then, for some reason, the beastman Butch-shi is being glared at.


Is it because of me? I didn’t mean for this to happen.


Sarah-san seem happy to be stroking Rollo and looks at me while she talks.


“Shuya, your spear handling earlier was great, is your adventurer rank actually greater than A?”


“No, I’m confident in my spear, but my rank is D.”


Sarah nods, believing my answer.


“Heh, so did you only just register as an adventurer?”


“That’s how it is. You understand well.”


“It happens sometimes. A person who’s strength isn’t related to their rank. For example, in some schools, already possessing full mastery, of the King class, there are hidden ‘Masters of Martial Arts’ like that.”


“I see. Sarah-san is leading a clan and seems to have an abundance of experience.”


“Quit it with the ‘san.’” Right now, we are just people who received the urgent quest. So, I want you to call me Sarah, casually.”


Sarah’s light brown ears and cheeks are dyed slightly red; she winks at me.


She is a lovely and beautiful woman.


“I understand. Sarah.


” “Un. That’s good. Fufu.”


Her smile is splendid too. Her brown cat ears do not match her crimson hair.


That is, Lushell mutters unnaturally.


“Ara, ma, it’s spring time for the captain…”


Hearing Lushell’s muttered voice, Sarah stops laughing and her cat ears twitch, her ears are dyed red.


“Oi, Lushell, did I hear you teasing?”


“Eel, as one would expect, you have sharp ears, but it’s fine. Shuya-san, your face is plain, but you’re cool…” (TL: The fuck is wrong with Shuya’s face?)


I am sorry for my plain face.


“S, such, do you address your leader without honorifics?”


Butch-san seems to be grieving…




Sara looks at the face of such a disappointed Butch and tilts her head to the side.


“Oh well, more or less, I think Butch’s feelings are understood. It’s impossible. The signature ears of the captain came out so early…”


“Yes, it’s been a long time.”


Lushell and Belize nod together.


“Un. Ma, despite the other party being a human, his ‘strength’ is greater than most beastmen. His face is plain and it’s disappointing my tastes are a little different, he is well-proportioned, don’t you think?”


“Isn’t that right, Belize thinks so too.”


Disappointing and difficult.


The cause is that I am Japanese. Because my race’s face is plain…


“Un. It’s rare to agree with Lushell. He’s also tall despite being young. I think he’s ‘cute’ so…is it possible? It’s unfortunate for Butch. He has longed for the captain, but the way things are turning out this time, and there is already the ‘development’ of doing away with honorifics.”


Sarah takes Belize and Lushell’s joking words seriously and puffs out her cheeks cutely in anger or embarrassment.


“Muu~, Belize…”


I do not think she is as upset as she would have others believe.


A little, Sarah is flushing red from her cheeks to her ears.


Now, she is looking at me a little.


After glancing, she smiles affectionately.


I wonder where this is going…


I should distract them here-


“…Haha, everyone is so close. You are good soldiers and comrades. Your cooperation when you defeated the drake earlier was good too.”


“-Right? Thanks, Shuya. That’s right. Everyone, they are the best members. Right?”


“Th-that’s right.”


Butch-san has a face that looks like he is going to cry as he answers.


“Yes. I agree.


“Eeh, of course.”




Then, a magic essence reaction interrupts the heartwarming conversation.


Again, it is a reaction from the Drakes.



Chapter 50: Pleasure of Cooperation


“Again! Everyone, get ready!”


All of crimson tiger responds to Sarah’s commanding voice.

Everyone attacks the drake together.

Their movements are unified as well as their words.

As expected of the B rank clan, 【Tempest of Crimson Tiger】

Rollo and I watch their cooperative movements and act carefully.

We contribute attacks that do not interfere.

After defeating the drakes for several hours, the sun has already set.

As you would expect, all the members of crimson tiger are beginning to show signs of fatigue.

However, there is another magic essence reaction there.

Moreover, there are multiple.


Sarah’s forehead creases and she has a loathing expression.

“It looks like it.”

In the direction Lushell points, a swarm of long-armed ants appear.

Moreover, small two headed dragons appear soon after.

“Ants and dragons? It can’t be helped. Everyone, go all out.”

“Butch, you’re tired so take a pill.”

“I’m fine. As for the captain, if you’re tired why don’t you drink a stamina restoration potion?”

“Haha, you’re saying that? I’m all right.”

She who has been fighting for a long time does not disrupt her confident behavior.

It seems they will be okay for a while longer.

While I admire them, I turn my attention to the main monster.

I look at an ant with long arms.

This is my first time seeing the small dragon.

The two heads of the dragon are extending from slim necks. Its scales are pale.

When I observe it, the small dragon and the swarm of ants begin to fight.

They are like cats and dogs, the fight between the monsters is strange.

For a long time…I follow the fight between the dragons and ants.

The ants and dragons that wander away from the war target us.

There are five ants and two small dragons.

“Here they come. There are five long armed ants, and two small sonic bang dragons.”

Sarah points her long curved swords in the direction of the monsters.

The name of the two-headed dragon seems to be sonic bang.

“Well then, I will-”

Belize raises her bow, nocks an arrow, and fires.

The arrow whistles through the air, piercing the ant’s eyes one after another, and striking the thin necks of the dragons.

Amazing…she is more than a pair of tits.

I can tell that the Elf Belize’s archery is at a considerable level.

However, melon-san’s big breasts seem obstructive when using a bow and arrow. [ED: Holy… Author you need to get laid or something….]

The breasts behind the red leather armor…

“Still, we have a long way to go. It’s our turn now.”

Lushell talks casually.

As an example of her composure, Belize winks while she fires her bow and arrow.

Lushell being a magic user holds out a long staff in front of her chest.

She raises the big staff in one hand and closes one eye.

Her other hand moves to grasp the large staff as support.

I confirm with magic observing eye.

Lushell is manipulating mana.

I can see mana is being transmitted into the staff from both of her arms.

She does not seem to be using an aria.

When the blue jewel at the end of the staff starts to shine, the wooden claw like branches shrink back so the blue jewel may be grasped. Countless blue particles come from the jewel and expand, the particles gather right above and form a big pointed icicle.

“Be smashed by ice.”

The pointed icicles are produced continuously and they fly at the ants.

One by one, the glistening icicles, wider than five centimeters, pierce through the abdomens of the ants.

The ants pierced by the sharp icicles stop moving.

The ants, which continue receiving the ice magic, become frozen white ice statues in no time.

The icicles also hit the other two ants, dulling their movements.

The heads of the slowed ants are pierced through by arrows and they stop moving.

The long armed ants are wiped out by Lushell’s magic and Belize’s bow.

However, the small dragons are still there.

“The dragons seem to be resistant.”

Like Lushell said, the icicles hit the small two headed dragons but are being deflected by their pale scales.

The ice system does not seem to work on those blue scales.

On the other hand, a lot of arrows are stuck in them.

“Let’s kill each dragon.”

Sarah declares her instruction with those few words.

She is already running towards the sonic bangs with a bent forward posture and her two swords. (TL: So, like that one kid on the playground who watched too much Naruto and thought running like that would be cool.)


The members of Tempest of Crimson Tiger all obey Sarah’s command.

Butch follows up on Sarah’s attack and delivers a blow to the body of the sonic bang. Belize fires arrows from her bow as well.

Lushell also releases sharp icicles from her large staff.

However, the ice magic does not work on the blue scales.

Lushell stops attacking with her large staff.

I participate as well, undaunted. I aim for the small legs.

Timing my attack in cooperation with Sarah and Butch, I extend the black spear and drill into the spot already injured by the sword and ax.

Once one leg is cut off, and the sonic bang loses its balance. At that moment, Rollo sticks her bone sword into it’s small neck.

Piercing through the head, one of the necks hangs loose, unmoving.

However, the sonic bang dragon has a second head which raises a sound similar to a scream.

It can make an awfully high-pitched sound despite it being small.

The roaring reverberates as Rollo retracts her feeler and sneaks around the back of the sonic bang, preparing for the next attack.

However, despite having its leg destroyed and losing its balance, the small dragon seems fine. Turning its remaining head around, it turns its body around quickly.

The sonic bang opens its mouth towards Rollo and roars, a shock wave is thrown out.

Rollo receives the shock wave and rolls back once.

She collapses with her stomach exposed.


I shout her name, but she is okay.

Rollo extended her feels as she fell to absorb the shock.

The sonic bang opens its mouth again.

“Show me your back will you, good-bye-”

The moment Sarah says good-bye, mana circulates in her arms. Her long swords warp and red hair grows out from her arms. The muscles of each arm swell and they become gigantic.

Her hair is bushy too.

Using both arms the “Attack skill” called “Quadruped Strike” is delivered, blowing away the small dragon’s skull. [ED: @TL Changed text and raw removed.]

It is amazing no matter how many times I see it.

Seeing it up-close, her arms and long-swords become larger.

Is the sword special too? Everything has already returned to it’s original size.

Her gigantic arms were covered in red hair and her agility seemed to increase as well.

So much so that her arms became blurred.

The four-sword slash of the curved long swords.

The wound is terrible because it is caused by four simultaneous sword slashes.

The slashing attack that blew away the drake’s head seems to be a technique from a similar skill system.

On the other hand, Butch attacks the remaining sonic bang on his own.

The simultaneous attacks of the two heads are deflected by the large ax. He used the broadax like a shield to defend against the shockwaves from the sonic bang’s mouths.

As though responding there, Belize hits the eyes of the small dragon with arrows.

There are two heads, so a total of four arrows find their marks.

Her bow skills are amazing. The dragon can no longer pick a target so it releases shock waves and roars in random directions.

Then, a magic that looks like thunder magic smashes into the small dragon.

Two thin yellow flashes of light, three, they all land direct hits on the sonic bang-

The sonic bang seems to have become weakened, trembling, but still alive.

However, its movements are noticeably slowed.

Butch makes use of his strength and delivers an attack with his broadax, easily cutting through the pale scales into the flesh beneath.

His movements are like a baseball player striking a home run.

Seeing the attack with the broadax, I am reminded of Raguren.

Still, I never heard an aria but Lushell made lightning fall from the sky.

Even if I think such a thing, it started with Sarah’s three-stranded slashing attack.

Butch’s attacks continue to happen.

Butch jumps- swinging his broadax from the sky.

A helm splitting type skill.

The thin wings are completely shattered and twisted by the fierce blow of the ax skill and seem to be torn off.

Following up on Butch’s broadax skill, Lushell continues dropping down lightning magic. The scales are blown off and its flesh roasted, causing a smell to rise.

The small dragon’s entire body is trembling, seeming to be caused by the numbness.

I see. That lightning magic was a scroll.

There is a sheet of paper attached to a belt over Lushell’s head.

The paper is thick. It looks like a bound book and there is a lot of paper.

A piece of paper is ripped from the magic book. After being thrown, the paper becomes a thunderbolt.

Then Belize fires am arrow from a tightly-strung bow which pierces through the scales into two sections of burning dragon flesh.

The sonic bang has survived until now…

It looks pitiful under everyone’s concentrated attacks.

The blind sonic bang is full of openings.

Late to the party, Rollo also attacks the small dragon and extends a feeler bone sword.

The bone sword splits an arrow in half driving even deeper past the eye into the head of the dragon.

I attack as well. My foot firmly on the ground, power flows through my twisting waist, and I throw out my arm in a <thrust> .

The twisting black spear drills into the small dragon, penetrating deep.

Again, everyone continues to attack.

The small dragon is unable to run away, and it cannot even scream.

In an instant, it becomes scraps of flesh.

Complete overkill.

The dragons and ants fighting seem to have stopped and there are no signs of dragons or ants in the immediate area.

First team game. This is considerably easy.

The surroundings are open as well. Cooperation is fun.

Rollo’s cooperation is interesting too, still a different kind of fun.

“Yosh. I don’t see any more enemies in the area. Were all the ants and dragons springing up around here cleared up… Strip them of their materials but leave them here, we can collect them later.”

“That’s right. Like the captain said, there are no more “signs” coming from the left side. There seem to still be wyverns in the sky though…”

Lushell seems to have a presence detection skill, or can use search magic.

“As one would expect, if it’s that distance, I don’t know if even my bow could reach…”

“Anywhere is fine as long as I can swing my ax around, I trust the captain’s judgement.”


Then, waiting for my opinion, Sarah turns her eyes to me.

Making eye contact, I nod lightly.

It is true, I can only feel magic essence signs from the sky.

Same for pheromone touch.

Everyone’s faces are weary with fatigue.

So, should we take a break?

I try to suggest it.

“…seeing everyone’s faces, how about you take a break?”

“Yeah. Let’s take a break for a little. Lushell, takes mana restoration potion with a high concentration. Everyone including me, let’s take stamina restoration pills and potions.”

Everyone nods to Sarah’s words, and medicine is removed from each person’s waist belt, brought to their mouths and drank.

I do not take a potion, but I eat jerky since I feel hungry.

I give Rollo some too.

“Now, there are no monsters in this area, so we can take a quick break here before returning to the metastasis formation. The day has also become dark. I am worried about the battle between the wyverns and imperial guard ants. They are both ‘powerful enemies.’”


I reply as well.



“Fufu, Rollo-chan is too cute. Are you answering me?”

“N, Nyaa.”

After calling out to say 『Let’s gyo back fast, nya』 Rollo jumps to my shoulder and claps my shoulder with a *pap*

“Maa, surprising. You come to a ‘serious decision’ despite being so cute. This child has a good head.”

Surely that’s…my familiar is well-informed, but this is my first time seeing a superior and cute ‘familiar’ like Rollo.”

“Rollo-chan wants to hurry too. Let’s go.”

Like this, we return to the metastasis formation together.

I can see the bright metastasis formation.

There are magic lights floating in many places and the ground is lit up by the magic formation carved into it.

It is slightly dazzling.

It shows the state of the adventurers fighting the long-armed ants in such dazzling light.

Oh, the fight seems to be over.

However, the center of the protective wall is gone.

It seems to have been caught up in the war between the wyverns and imperial ants, crushed and broken without leaving a trace.

The center is almost completely empty without a place to hide.

Then, the adventurers that have finished fighting the longed armed ants return.

“Tempest of Crimson Tiger. You’re returning?”

“As one would expect, they seem to have finished dealing with the drakes.”

The adventurers have expressions of admirations as they whisper to one another.

Then, the commander woman with the large staff on her back approaches.

“You killed those drakes? As expected, you all should be the next called A rank. Tempest of Crimson Tiger-san…n? With are you together with that D rank…”

While the commander woman is in the middle of talking, she notices I am with the Tempest of Crimson Tiger and acts doubtful.

“N? It was precisely because of Shuya’s help that we were able to wipe out the drakes, sonic bangs, and ants so quickly?”

Sarah speaks out in my defense.

Really? Why are you asking with that face? Shuya is an expert.”

Belize-san’s eyes sharpen and she becomes angry.

Surely. His physical ability was greater than most beastmen. What was most surprising, without communicating with us, he was able to join our cooperation flawlessly. Without ranking or confirming tactics. Something like that isn’t so easy to do.”

Butch-san raises his voice and praises me.

It is nice to be recognized as an adventurer.

“Eeh, that’s right. Eris has a bad habit of judging people by their ranks. 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】 establishes claim on Shuya-san first, no, we give our approval that he is an extremely talented individual. The black cat is cute too.”

“Lushell…is that so. I was impolite.”

In response to the unexpected support from each member of crimson tiger, Eris has a surprised look, and lowers her head meekly.

“What do you say, Shuya-san? I am Eris Fafunade. B ranked Mage. Leader of the adventurer clan 【Eight Maidens】. I work as staff in the adventurer’s guild with my father’s connections. I apologize for earlier. I am sorry.”

The strong-willed pony-tail woman is named Eris.

She is an acquaintance of Lushell. Our eyes meet.

I am not particularly angry, so I will be polite.

“…Yes. Eris-san. Everything is fine. I am Shuya Kagari. Either Shuya of Kagari, however you want to call me is fine.”

“…Good. All of 【Crimson Tiger’s Tempest】 recognizes you, Shuya-san must be a remarkable spearman.”

Eris looks at the black spear in my hand and says so. (TL: I’m not sure if author meant to write Lushell here.) [ED: Makes more sense as Eris, Changed.]

“No, I’m just confident in my spear ability.”

“If that’s the case, thank you for fighting in the future. The remainder of the middle-!?”

The shuffling footsteps of ants comes from inside.

There are multiple magic essence reactions too-

Eris looks back to the right, surprised by this sound.

Everyone notices belatedly.

“Ants again.”

There is a swarm of soldier ants and armored commander ants coming from the right side.

“Soldiers and commanders, everyone, prepare to intercept-”


“Let’s do this shit!”

“Here it goes!”

Eris shouts out instructions to the adventurers.

-As expected her commands are fast.

The adventurers who receive instructions are to vanguard, middle guard, rear guard, each respective clan groups together and confronts the swarm of soldier ants and armored commander ants.

Their movements let you feel their agility.

The adventurers seem to be clans with experience as well.

“Eris-san, the crimson tigers will act as a mobile unit.”

“Yeah, there is no protective wall, crush them as you please.”

Lushell runs to Eris’s side.

“Eris, work hard.”

“Lushell too.”

Lushell and Eris remove the large staves from their backs, slap them together in encouragement before walking away.

The members of crimson tiger confront the ants with Sarah in the lead.

Immediately, they aim for the soldier ants in the area and attack.

Now then, this situation-

Even if I work together with crimson tiger, it can’t be helped.

The place with the lowest rate of extermination…

What is the weakest point?

While thinking so, I look around the battlefield-

Over there it seems there needs to be some reinforcements. There are two armored commander ants going on a rampage.

The commander ants are utilizing their large shells and rushing the adventurers bulldozers, throwing them around.

I signal Rollo with my eyes.

When we make eye contact and nod, we start running.

Rollo’s limbs expand and she takes on her panther form.

The adventurers are split in half because of the armored commander ants, so I aim for the one breaking through on the left.

The armored commander ant starts to turn.

Recalling the other day, I aim for its weak points.

I thrust the black spear into the bundle of muscle in its joins, cutting a hole through the muscle. Several long legs fly into the air.

The armored commander ant is knocked to the ground, unable to withstand the sudden impact, and exposes the lower part of its neck. Maintaining my momentum to the exposed neck.

Waiting for this moment, Rollo repeatedly stabs her bone sword into the neck joint of the armored commander ant.

The neck is stabbed through so many times that it nearly breaks off.

And, when dark red liquid spurts out of the necks with a tearing sound, the head of the armored commander ant explodes off like a cannon directly into the shell of the other commander ant.

The armored commander ant notices the impact and quickly turns this way with it’s red haired legs moving fast.

Glaring at us, it raises a shout in our direction.

Rollo extends her feelers into the distance and quickly retracts them, pulling her entire body. She avoids the charge of the armored commander ant.

I activate <Cerebral Spinal Demon Speed>.

-With my increased speed, I move to the side of the charging commander ant.

Aiming for the legs at this point, I aim for the same soft spots as before and send several severed legs flying.

I harvest the armored commander ant’s legs until timer runs out.

The armored commander ant cannot support itself with all the legs on one side of its body gone. It crashes to the ground, rolling over soldier ants before coming to a stop on its back.

It receives a concentrated attack from the surrounding adventurers.

The overturned armored ant looks like a turtle.

It is a little cute, but I will leave finishing it off to those people.

Once more, I turn my eyes to look over the battlefield.

The crimson tiger group is fighting different armored commander ants.

Their movements are restricted with magic, and each ant is killed.

-It is all right there.

I turn my eyes to the adventurer group around Eris next.

I can see Eris gathering the attention of the armored commander ants and running away.

A member of Eris’s clan is easily wiping out dozens of soldier ants, she is using herself as a decoy.

Doing it like that may be dangerous for Eris.

Should I kill the armored commander ants chasing her?

She is a beautiful woman, I guess I will help her. (TL&ED: God damnit.)

Eris is throwing fireballs at the armored commander ants, but they do not seem to be enough.

The red hair on their legs is burnt. The armored commander ant that has its hair burned raises a battle cry and changes course.

Its legs rustle and it turns its heavy looking body.

A chance. I approach the armored commander ant while it is turning with fighting moji enhanced legs and cut off a leg with the black spear. The armored commander ant stumbles, defenseless.

As usual, I release at the armored commander ant’s neck.

The black spear penetrates deep into the neck.

That moment, the disconnected head is sent flying by the pressure of its blood like a ping-pong ball.

The flying head soars to the soldier ants fighting the adventurers crushing one’s chest.

Hou, it’s good the head did not hit an adventurer.

When the armored commander ants that were giving them a hard time decrease, the situation tilts in favor of the adventurers.

With the advantage, the adventurers kill the remaining soldier ants.

The soldier ants are quickly wiped out.

The sudden swarm of ants has been immediately wiped out.




The adventurers that wiped out the ants, they all raise their voices together.

“We were able to defeat them really fast, we beat the ants.”



The adventurers raise their victory cries from various places.

The black cat seems surprised by the sudden shouting and quickly returns to my shoulder.

“-Everyone, it is too early to celebrate! Collect the dead’s belongings, and then would the wounded each get a potion. A portion will report those who died to their respective leaders. Magic users with the water attribute and who can use healing magic, those with light attribute and priests please use healing magic on those who cannot take a potion. I can use light healing too, so recover. Afterwards we can all celebrate!”

As expected, Eris seems to be a commander.

An aura of recovery magic hangs over those who were injured earlier, healing them.

Everyone, the adventurers here seem to have a lot of experience, there are only two dead. Most people only need to swallow a potion and healing magic is only needed for three severely injured.

Once treatment is finished, Eris talks.

“Shuya-san. Thank you for earlier. You defeated the officer we were facing.”

Her pony tail has slipped because of the intense movements and becomes something strange, but it might be rude to point it out so I do not mention it.

“No, no, it is because Eris-san attracted the attention of the armored commander ant that I was able to aim so easily.”

“Is that so? You’re a person who doesn’t bring attention to themselves.  Fufu, a-”

Then, Eris seems to notice that her red pony tail has slipped.

She uses both of her hands to fix it.

Eris’s bashful face is good, now, the smile she showed for a moment is good too. The expression created a gap with her usual unyielding and intellectual behavior.

“Yo, Shuya seems to have killed several commanders as well.”

Butch-san’s voice appears there.

The crimson tiger group is approaching.

“Aah, their charging is difficult.”

When I say so, Belize reacts.

“Shuya-kun, you appear young but you are unexpectedly collected. I thought you would fight the ants and commander ants with us…”

“As Belize says. You were able to understand the movements in the chaotic fight, able to act in the weakest links.”

Sarah says such a thing as well.

For some reason, I feel uneasy when I am praised.

“…It was a coincidence. It was obvious things would become easy if the commanders were killed.”

“…Shuya-san is modest-san.”

With big shining eyes, Lushell says such a thing too.

“Haha, we’ll keep praising you to death. Besides, I might still kill you?”

Saying so, I look to the middle.

“It’s just like that. Defeating those wyvern and imperial guard ants won’t be such an easy task. It will be a fierce battle if it comes to that. So, we will hold a strategy meeting. I will gather the leaders of the clans here, so wait a minute.”



Eris is going to gather everyone and is running out to the scattered adventurers.

Sarah mutters while watching Eris summon everyone.

“Strategy, it’s already night, can’t it wait till morning?”




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