Chapter 41 – 45

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Chapter 41: Clues & Spies


Sabido’s figure appears from behind the throne with his distorted six eyed face. His black mantle bordered in purple is draped over his purple carapace armor.


The mantle flutters dashingly as he walks.


“Was it you who killed Kuna?”




Six eyes flow over Henkai, Rollo, and me.


The shape of his eye sockets is complicated and I cannot read his expression.


Henkai stares at the demonic being, Sabido.


Rollo’s hackles rise and she raises her bone swords in the air in precaution.


“Hou, I was suspicious when Kuna’s thought waves were interrupted but it seems she really did die. You who defeated the Kushanan race, known for being very cunning even amongst demonic being, are you really human?”


“I wonder?”


Then, I turn the black spear point to Sabido.


“Fumu, you suddenly wish to fight me?”


His six eyes twitch.


“I don’t have to fight?”


“Fuu, you said something funny. Didn’t you come to fight? I am good either way.”


Then, I guess I will give up on fighting him. Henkai does too.


Thus, I loosen my posture with the black spear.


“Well then, I’ll stop. I only came to get my things.”


“Oh? Fu, fuhahaha, you didn’t come to fight. Interesting. After all, you aren’t normal. I like you. Would you tell me your name?”


“Shuya Kagari.”


“Shuya… Shuya. I am called “Sabido of the Purple Darkness” one of the seven demon commanders of the dark god. Would you make a contract with me?”


Seven Demon Commanders of the Dark God?


Is it like the Four Heavenly Kings? (TL: Wikipedia)


I don’t tsukkomi.




“That’s right. I have contracted with human magicians in the old days.”


“N~, I’m not interested.”


“You decided fast. Would you like a magic tool?”


A magic tool, something in the same class as this ring…


It would be bad if I got cursed so I will decline


This ring is enough.


“I already have ‘this” so I don’t have a particular need of one.”


Sabido’s six eyes notice the ring on my hand.


“Hou, that reminds me, you have the magic tool ring. The shape has changed…it looks like you managed to master it…”


“However, are you the master of this labyrinth? Is it okay to let us go after seeing you?”


In response to my question Sabido opens his mouth.


“-I surely am the master of this labyrinth. I am the ‘manager’ here. I have certainly slaughtered people before, it ‘won’t become hunting’ if from the perspective of a demonic being. Yet, that is the official stance. You, I understand that Shuya in particular is not normal. …I can judge that there are no guarantees to my safety either. I don’t want to waste my life? Besides…the purpose of the labyrinth has already been achieved enough. There’s no need to overdo it.”




“What purpose?”


“…Offerings to Rivguraf, the god of darkness. To nourish the labyrinth, not only that dwarf there, but other humans have contributed greatly.”


Rivguraf, God of Darkness.


One of the gods living in hell.


At any rate, this guy is different than how he looks, he is wary and prudent…


“…This is surprising. I thought I would be attacked with no discussion.”


“Hah, if it was other demonic beings, it would be like that. Still, there are other reasons. Do you have a stone ball of return? Because that is here.”


It is natural, since Kuna sold them.


“This stone ball?”


“Fumu. With that you can return instantly.”


“I’ll do that. Well then, I guess if I return now that I’ve retrieved my favorite black tanza spear. Let’s return, Henkai. Take a stone.”


“Understood. I’ll take it-“


Henkai disappears the moment he grasps a stone.


Quickly, I as well.


“I’ll be going-“


While Sabido’s voice sound I grasp the stone.


The moment I store mana in the stone-the sense of air in my ears.


I return to the labyrinth entrance suddenly.


It seems I could return to the surface safely. It is still bright outside.


Henkai is looking around the area restlessly.


I am right in front of a stair case descending into the labyrinth.


“It seems you’ve returned.”


“Aah, I’m back after a long time. But, the six-eyed demonic being from earlier surprised me.”


“Well, it was my first encounter with an intelligent six-eyed being. But, as boss like character, his actions were understanding…”


Henkai’s temple twitches.


“Huh? Boss Character? Maa, there are various kinds of demonic beings. When I fought against the Elves, we were thoroughly deceived…that demonic being is scrap.”


Henkai talks a little about the demonic beings.


“Seems like it. What will you do from here on out, Henkai? I’m returning to 【Hector】”


When I casually mention to name of the city, Henkai eyebrows scrunch up and he makes a confused face.


“Huh? 【Hector】? That battle ground…it became a town?”


“Aah, wait a moment. I’ll show you a map of the area now and how things have changed to save the explanation.”


Saying so, I take a map out from behind and show him.


“I understand…the big river is Haym River extending in south Maheim, 【Mount Burdock】 is the same. The topography doesn’t seem to have changed much. However, that battlefield is now a fort city… the cities to the north and south both have different names than the major cities I know. …There is no place named 【Rock City Yogoru】 or 【Langur Kingdom】. Everything from the past seems to have fallen to ruin…but, the blasted elves seem to have fallen equally too. The Elven 【Great Empire of Befarittsu】 country is gone too. I remember the 【Tower City Senaapua】 and the 【Labyrinth City Pernette】, Elven territory exists here. Is there a country? After all, the Elves are divided inside…”


According the Henkai’s explanation, the country in the mountains and rivers is in ruins. Such a word floats by.


Was Henkai trapped for hundreds of years?


He seemed to have fought the Elves in the past, but if he saw the present condition of Elves and Dwarves he would be shocked…


There is a Dwarf Empire underground. So…


Should I say like it is no big deal?


Ma, even if I, an ordinary human says that, he may not be able to believe it.


However…I might give him a hint.


“There is a rumor, there is a Dwarf country underground…”


“…Hou. I will remember that.”


Ah, did you already know about it?


I will try asking.


“Henkai, bringing it up now might be in bad taste, but have you heard of ‘Genju’s Sake Ball of Light’ or the ‘Wisdom Tree?’”


“N? I don’t know about the ‘Wisdom Tree,’ but I have heard of a legendary “Sake Ball of Light.” Isn’t it the Sake of Life? I’d like some of that. From what I’m told, isn’t it originally a ‘fruit of sake’ that grows from a huge tree? If you eat it you’ll receive power, and any wound will be healed, amongst other things. I think the story goes that it was created by the gods ‘Arotoshu, god of life,’ ‘Gaia, god of earth,’ and ‘Sateyura, god of plants?’”


Hooo. This onion oyaji is excellent.


Clue Get!


“Ooh, you know about it? I’m looking for it, do you know where it is?”


Rollo seems interested too, and leaning her small body towards Henkai while she sits on my shoulder.


“You want to know? Ahaha, searching for it? It’s doubtful whether or not such a thing exists. It’s a legend, a fairy tale. As for where it is, I don’t know. To start with, it’s something I heard about when I was young.”




“Is that so?”




Rollo raises a small voice too, and crawls into my hood looking disappointed.


“Crap. You seem to be seriously looking…”


“No, it was difficult to even hear about this story. Well then, I’ll return to 【Hector】.”


“Is that so? I’ll return this map. It’s bad, but… will you take me to 【Hector】? I’ve been under your care, and you’ve taken good care of me.”


“Aah, it’s fine. It’s right here…come on.”


“Right here?”


I say so to a confused looking Henkai while coming down the stairs.


“Into the labyrinth?”


“Yup. Don’t be surprised. There are a lot of adventurers.”




When we come down the stairs the crowd is the same as before.


Henkai looks surprised but says nothing and follows.


When I appear in front of the magic formation that leads to the guild, the adventurers are jumbled together.


“When you walk into the magic formation you will appear directly in the city’s adventurer’s guild.”


“Ooh, it’s surprising a metastasis formation is prepared. Was is that Kushanan’s doing?”


“Aah, it seems so. Kuna died, but the magic formation still seems to be functioning.”


“I see. There humans standing around together with Elf shits, is it because they can enter the labyrinth?”


“Kuna was an adventurer too. -Ah, how do I explain to the guild that I killed her…”


“You should say she was a Kushanan demonic being.”


Henkai talks while he crosses his arms across his breast plate, floating a questioning expression.


“No, that Kuna woman was a B ranked adventurer? Like that, I teamed up with her, with the woman who built the metastasis magic formation? How do I face the guild and explain that the human who contributed was a demonic being? My words are only that of a mere adventurer, will they really believe me?”


“N~, it’s impossible.”


He agreed quickly.


After all, this is how it is.


“…Right? Ma, I’ll make something up…that’s right. I’ll go with her dying after being surrounded by a horde of hoguts in the labyrinth. Henkai, make up something suitable if you’re asked about our relationship at this guild.”


“I got it. If the adventurer’s guild becomes troublesome, Shuya will be silent. Also. Because I was held captive for so long, serving as rehabilitation, if I enter the city… What happens to shit Elves, besides, I’d also like to see the outside world. So, I intend to disappear in the town immediately.”


Henkai’s eyes look dark for a moment.


Is he going to be okay? Ma, I am not worried…


“…Sorry. Thank you.”


“Fuhaha, isn’t it you who helped me? This doesn’t matter.”


“I guess so.”


“Well then, I’ll go first. I won’t forget your kindness. Shall me meet again? See ya.”




Henkai disappears in the magic formation, shaking his onion head and laughing.




He had a strange onion head, but he was a bold man.


Well, I already came up with a proper reason…


I will explain to the guild, but what if I am caught?


Will I be released if that happens?


Will the guild master come out, and have it turn into an investigation?…


No way, if it comes out that I killed her, the criminal information will be recorded on my guild card in real time-.


Ma, this is this, and that is that. As expected, things happen rapidly.


I can expect that won’t be on my adventurer’s card.


If something was going to happen with my card, it would have been my not being human coming out when I registered.


Blood and Mana.


It is related to Orimiru, the god of Order, perhaps, whether it happens…


Ma, worrying about it more will not help.


As I though before, should I say she died?


After collecting such a though, I set foot in the magic formation.


When I metastasize in the guild I cannot find Henkai.


He seems to have disappeared into the city like he said.


Being a little nervous, I start looking at the state of affairs around me.


The guild is more crowded than usual…or should I say, it seems to be busy with bloody adventurers, the guild staff is working.


And, adventurers carrying injured are appearing one after another from the metastasis formations.


While wondering, I got to a receptionist.


“I’m mad- Shark, Kiki!”


I hear a high pitched feminine voice coming from inside the guild, but I ignore it from now.


There is no available receptionist.


Something is going on.


The inside of the guild has been noisy since a while ago but there is no helping it so I line up.


I am waiting while leaning the spear on shoulder because there are so many people in the line.


While I am waiting, I produce the request items from the item box.


At this point I attract the attention of all the adventurers in the line, so I try to smile and gloss over it-


“Nii-chan, is that an ‘item box?’ Did you get it in Pernette?”


An adventurer lined up behind me talks.


I should make up a proper story.


“No, but it’s something like that.”


“I see. There are other labyrinth cities in Radford Empire, Hesfurato Holy Country…”


With such a feeling, the conversation continues safely with slight smiles.


After some minutes have passed, it becomes my turn.


The receptionist is not the middle-aged man Kuna that I saw before entering the labyrinth. Instead it is a pretty Nekomimi that attracts attention.


“Here are the request items and card.”


“Yes. I’ll take them.”


Receptionist-san receives the request items and my card before heading back.


After a few minutes, she comes back with my card and money.


“Um, you had a party?”


After all, the question came up.


“I did make a party, but Kuna was killed by a horde of Hoguts.”


As soon as I said it, the atmosphere froze-


Not only receptionist-san, but the surroundings become quiet.


“…Eh, did ‘that’ Kuna-san die?”


“Aah, I tried to help, but we were outnumbered, and the Hoguts also attacked me. I saw her die, skewered on the end of a huge sword.”


The nekomimi seems to collapse, and receptionist-san shakes her hands a little.


“…Is, is that so…if it was a swarm of Hoguts, one of the B+ ran Hoguts. You plunged deep into the labyrinth…”


“Aah, it was like that.”


Now that, how will this turn out…


Will it be the worst-case scenario where it is revealed that I killed Kuna?


If that happens, that means…


“…This is unfortunate. If it is that the collection of her belongings is impossible. I understand. Then, here is your reward and card.”


Oh, that was unexpectedly easy.


-But, why are receptionist-san’s eyes frightened?


Why? Ma, but, if everything is okay, am I good?


After all, the adventurer’s card does not seem to be so almighty.


It does not seem capable of recording murder.


However, even if the Kuna that set up the magic formation is guild dies, I am not brought in for questioning?


I thought someone like the guild master and an investigator would show up…


Maa, in the first place, the guild is a neutral “brokerage” like existence that does not get involved between adventurers, so something like that may not exist in the first place.


I collect the money and my guild card.


I look at the card.


Name: Shuya Kagari Title: N/A
Age:22 Race: Human
Occupation: D Rank Adventurer Affiliation: N/A
Battle Occupation: Spear Officer: Chain User Completed Requests: Seven


The number of completed requests has increased.


After I finish checking in with the guild I quickly leave.


Taking the opportunity, I look at the stable next door.


Oh, there. The popobumu seems fine.


When Rollo sees the popobumu too she jumps onto the back of his head.


It goes “bubobubo.” Its small eyes are cute.


I feel healed, because of Kuna’s smile my body was aching with fear from her bewitching smile.


Time passes…


My thoughts are betrayed, with a *pyua* of my broken heart.


However, I am as proud as ever.


I stroke its firm skin.




Un, un. This is good. It seems it is being taken care of properly.


At this point, the manager walks over with a feed box.


“Ah, are you here to take your magic beast?”


“No, no, I just happened to pass by.”


“Is that so, good.”


“Why is that?”


“Ah, no, how do I say, seeing the face of this diligent person. Its small eyes, it’s strangely become habit, it’s also smart so it’s become cute…”


The plump manager talks with patting the popobumu with one hand.


This Pyutchi guy seems to be a good person.


It is good there is such a person.


This person is happy taking care of the popobumu.


“You’re feeding them now?”


I point at the box Pyutchi is carrying.


“Yeah, this one likes to eat a lot.”


“This guy is an omnivore, ah, is this enough for the feed?”


“Ah, it’s fine. You already gave me a silver coin the other day.”


“Well then, I’ve kept you for a while. Make sure it doesn’t get fat.”


“Yeah, leave it to me.”


Pyutchi happily lowers his head.


I return a smile and lower my head.


“Rollo, let’s go.”


Rollo runs after lightly slapping the popobumu’s head with a feeler.


After she jumps to my shoulder she creeps back into my hood.


The hood again. Maa, this is fine.


Her weight in my hood is a lovable weight.


I leave the stable.


Now then, I should return to the inn and check the contents of the item box.




Behind me there are four magic essence signatures, no six…


What? It increased…


I should check their appearances a little. Without looking back directly I test how far they will follow.


I avoid the inn and walk into an alley from the main street.


Then, I check behind me again.


When I analyze the guys following me…there are multiple untrained movements. But, there is a guy who is clearly better trained mixed in with those following.


“Rollo, it seems there is going to be a fight. Escape for now. Come back if I signal for you.”


Rollo shows her face from the hood and seems to understand without saying anything.


She jumps out and disappears into the shadows of the alley.


With this timing, it is probably related to Kuna…


When I begin to advance into a smaller alley- a duo runs up from behind.


When we meet-


“Oi, you- what is the meaning of this?”


“Why, only you returned, but ‘Kuna nee-chan’ didn’t.”


With a desperate look a skinny man and a muscular man talk.


Kuna nee-chan…these are the guys I saw?


-Ah, I remember. The men who guarded the front of Kuna’s shop.


Without mentioning her being a demonic being, I should tell them Kuna died.


“…Kuna died, done in by monsters.”


“Wh, what!?”


“You lie! You killed her. What organization do you belong too?”


Spitting saliva, he talks with a desperate face…


The skinny man and muscular man both pull out a long sword and a dagger.


“You…pulled a weapon? What do mean by organization?”


“Don’t feign ignorance, this assassin.”


Noisy…an assassin organization.


-Nevertheless, there are multiple magic essence signs behind me as well.


Since they are not interfering, after all… I am being watched?


“Telling a shameless lie, Kuna onee-san cannot be killed by a common monster. Onee-san is called ‘Dark Kuna.’”


Oh, Dark Kuna?


“She was called darkness like that? I had no idea. Ma, with this atmosphere you wouldn’t believe me no matter what I say…”


I speak my mind, and the duo in front of my do not seem to believe me.


“It is impossible to believe you…”


“Aah, it’s like Luis says. You definitely cheated her. Oi! You guys!! Come out!”


N, they increased the number of people. The number increases by three people than five people.


They will not understand even if I explain at this point, just in case-


“For your information, I really don’t know about any organization, and Kuna was killed by a monster.”


Ma, the last part is a lie.


I lift the spear in my hand, and without adopting a fighting posture, raise my hands in the air.


With hands raised I sharpen my eyes, and stand at full height.


“Are you surrendering? Are you mocking us? Shit!”


Chi, the skinny man spits out swears, and having confidence in the speed of his dagger thrust, throws himself at me.


Surrender? This guy is too stupid.


Grasping the handle of the black spear, I suddenly separate, instantly move the black spear point in the area again and grasp it-. Holding the black spear I grasp briefly, I parry aside the dagger held in the skinny man’s left hand, and pierce the spear blade in my hand into his chest at close range-.




The skinny man collapses forward and hangs from the black spear.


“Wha- Luis!”


As the muscular man shouts and runs at me to attack with his long sword.


I use the black spear with the body of the skinny man stuck on it.


I extend the black spear to hit the body of the muscled man.


Maintaining his momentum, the muscular man collides with the corpse.


He falls rolling with the body.


He dies like that- when I pull the black spear from the body, I give a half turn and the knock the muscled man to the ground and his bounces repeatedly.


Probably because I flung him, the other three each attack with their respective swords and axes.


There is no need to use guidance magic chain for these guys-


The attacks of the muscled man on the ground is blocked and runs forward.


The reach of the black spear is long.


Despite running, I sink the black spear into the stomach of the ax wielding man with twisting lunge, defeating him.




I pull the black spear out a second time and I move it to the right with the smallest movements, piercing through the man’s skull.


Continuing, I draw a low arch with the black spear to the man approaching from the left and forcefully slam the butt end into his stomach.




Holding his sides, the man groans.


The man leans forward and when he lifts his face I deliver a knee kick to it.


Furthermore, to the man leaning back from the knee kick, I deliver a spinning kick with a fighting moji enhanced foot.


The man who is kicked is thrown away and goes through a wide wall, falling inside an old house.


After the spinning kick, there is an audible voice to the rear saying “help.”


It is the muscle man that fell before.


The muscled man was injured by the black spear, but he still seems conscious. However, the man seems to have completely lost his fighting spirit, he cries while raising a miserable scream.


I will try asking this fellow for more details.


“…Muscle-san. What organization was Kuna in, I really don’t know?”


I put away the spear and takes out a knife, pressing it against the muscle man’s neck.


“Hiiii, I, I understand. Y, you, you seem to really not know.”


“That’s right. You said something about Kuna and Darkness, explain.”


“…We are members of the dark guild, 【Thorny Tail】. Onee-san is a founding member of 【Thorny Tail】. She’s a leader of the dark guild.”


A dark guild…


“I see, so you thought I was an assassin from a different dark guild.”




The moment the muscle man is about to talk-several thrown knifes hit his throat and head, and he suddenly dies.


Out of place, someone starts clapping-


The ones who are clapping are a man and woman.


“Those movements. You seem to have killed ‘Darkness Kuna.’ Absolutely splendid.”


“Poru, Papa. This person’s movements earlier were really wonderful.”


“That’s right. Ange.”


The two have a mysterious atmosphere.


The man is wearing a tall top hat and his eyes sunken into his face.


He has a curling mustache and is wearing a man’s jacket resembling a tail coat and standing collar.


The woman has beautiful light blue colored hair and blue eyes, and she is wearing light blue clothing that looks easy to move in.


Going by their appearances, I need to be careful.


The two people seem able to use “Fight Moji” and have mana stored in their feet.


When I stare at two such people-


“Please give me a moment. Would you accept an invitation to 【Bell of Twilight】 at once? It won’t go so easy?”


From behind the man and woman who were clapping comes the characteristic voice of a woman.


A single person appears from the shadow with a *Suu.*


The figure of an Elf with long ears.


The Elf also has fighting moji in her feet.




Chapter 42: Dark Guild & Vampire Hunter


“Oya, you’re Clydosus. Why is the elf of the 【Blood Long Ears 】interested in this spearman?”
The gentleman with the hat says.
“Fufu, as for that-“
As the Elf begins to talk, the blue haired woman that has been silent suddenly moves.
She crouches down making her frilly skirt flutter and lowers her right hand. (TN: Okay, so I want to explain her clothing in this line. The author says パニエスカートをヒラヒラ, which translates literally as “Frilly Pannier Skirt.” A Pannier Skirt google image search brings up stuff like this. Searching the katakana パニエスカート brings up stuff like this. I personally think the author means something closer to this.)
From a white sword sheath hanging at her waist she pulls out a gorgeous light-blue long sword.
A high pitched *kiiin* rings out from her drawn long sword.
The sword itself is vibrating.
The light blue long sword is beautiful.
Then, the blue-haired woman begins to slash while glaring at the female Elf called Clydosus.
“So sudden-“
With an unconcerned expression, Clydosus steps away from the light blue sword flash.
The movement of the mana in her feet is smooth.
She has grasped the basics of Fighting Moji.
Light-blue panties, iya, nevertheless, that light blue long sword…
A special magic item? It shines whenever the sword is used.
Also, does the sword point bend? Is the warping metal soft?
“Ange, stop.”
“Ku, yes-“
The blue haired woman named Ange stops at the gentleman’s remonstration and immediately sheaths the sword before returning to his side.
“Oh yes, let’s stop ‘now.’ …Because I have business with this one.”
Un, what is this? Selfishly fighting as soon as she sees her.
There seems to be a quarrel between the organizations.
Should I escape-
“Well then, with this I…”
“Wait. Spearman-san.”
It is not the Elf who speaks, it is the gentleman from before.
He stands to block my way.
“That’s right. -Please wait a moment!”
With a loud voice, he removes his hat and lowers his head politely.
Raising his head, he continues talking.
“I represent 【Bell of Twilight】 and I am here to greet you.”
The Elf seems to hate the polite gentlemen and is directing a hateful glare his way.
“…I am here to greet you on behalf of the 【White Wale Blood Elves】. Rather than that hindrance, you should listen to me.”
She has a soft tone, characteristic of a woman.
Ange’ blue eyes squint and the middle of her forehead wrinkles.
She turns the point of her long sword to Clydosus with sharp eyes.
“Ooh, scary, scary.”
Clydosus approaches the long sword, laughing mockingly.
Raising both hands, she moves her arms back and forth, indicating she has no intention of fighting. She is making an appeal.
The gentleman’s curling mustache twitches and he calls the woman’s name quietly.
She makes an irritated face, and while pulling back her sword she steps back.
Really. That ice bell sword and hair color. You, Ange of Ice Bell, is it? You’re unexpectedly short tempered.”
Ange emphasizes her words but still does not grasp her sword.
“Clydosus. Please don’t provoke my servant so much…” (TL: VAMPIRE)
“Yes, yes, I understand. As expected of the right hand of 【Bell of Twilight】, I don’t care to fight ‘Porusen of the Sword’ and ‘Ange of Ice Bell’ at the same time.”
Fuu, for a while now, organization names and titles I do not know have been thrown around…
Even so, they do not seem to be attacking me.
Should I call Rollo.
-I whistle.
Rollo appears from behind me and returns to my shoulder.
The three people talking with a dangerous atmosphere all suddenly stop talking and turn eyes full of keen interest to me.
-What is this atmosphere.
The feeling of biting one’s molars. (TL: Gunna guess that’s a Japanese saying.)
To deliberately destroy that atmosphere, I talk.
“…Naa, I don’t really understand anything about these organizations, so what do you want with me?”
“In short, this is an invitation to our organization.”
“It is the same for me.”
These people with 【Bell of Twilight】 and 【White Whale Blood Elves】.
Kuna belonged to 【Thorn Tail】.
In addition, they are dark guilds.
That moment,
“Don’t fuck around!! I have never heard of the hardened 【White Whale Blood Elves】 Elven guild inviting a human!”
Ange says in an angry high-pitched voice.
He beautiful long blue hair flutters as she glares at the Elf woman.
“Aree, was it exposed? Nevertheless, haven’t we employed people other than Elves recently?”
Even though Clydosus receives Ange’s angry voice and glare, she does not seem bothered by it, and returns an innocent look.
The oyaji gentleman with the black beard reacts to the Elf’s words.
His eyes narrow and he stares sharply.
Widening his mouth, he joins the conversation.
“Haha, that seems to be the case recently.”
“That’s right. As expected, Porusen-san. However, our foundation is a small party of elites.”
“I would hope. We have been fighting all of you for years now. I have ways of knowing-“
The black haired oyaji gentleman puts his hand on the top hat, and suddenly begins to walk up on the side of the wall.
O~i, what happened to the gravity?
I can see that mana is being abnormally gathered in his feet.
The soles of his shoes are faintly shining red, so maybe the shoes are special?
I can see that this is some type of magic…
A red blood-like footprint is left on the wall where he walks.
The oyaji continues smiling and talking with both feet attached to the wall.
“-Did you come to investigate the man who killed a leader of 【Thorn Tail】 to determine whether he will become a threat to the 【Blood Elves】? Or, were you going to ‘erase’ this man if he would join a different guild?”
E-to, erase me? (TL: That sounds dangerous.)
The oyaji gentleman talks with a composed atmosphere like the Elf and has a suspicious smile.
The smile does not reach his eyes…
The Elf looks at me and opens her mouth.
Just like this, but ‘either’ is okay for me, ne.”
Just like that, huh, this is troublesome.
I do not want to get any more involved-
“Well, this isn’t a good place to talk, is it? To start with, your invitation. It is unfortunate for the oyaji gentleman to walk on the wall, but I don’t have any intention of joining such an organization. And then, I am not interested in joining the Elf organization either. So since I have not been threatened and I am an ordinary person who loves peace, please don’t mind it.”
“…Hee, interesting.”
Clydosus mutters and falls silent, she gives me a look that sends chills down my spine.
“…Is that so?”
Speaking feebly is the gentleman standing on the wall in defiance of gravity.
Holding the tip of his curling mustache, he pulls it out and begins to look offended as his forehead wrinkles.
However, you killed ‘Dark Kuna’ and killed the members of 【Thorny Tail】 over there. You may have killed Kuna but the power of 【Thorny Tail】 is still much larger.”
So, I should join your organization, idiot…
This hairy faced man is fine; the Elf has a composed expression.
She is someone from the top of a dark guild, I should not offend her…
“Oi, oi, are you talking down to me? Surprise attacks are scary, so why don’t you enter the protection of my organization?”
“No, no, you’re strong. You won’t be under protection. This is the final invitation.”
An invitation. She says so, but her behavior seems to be appealing to the sense of safety.
Again, the gentleman stops on the wall and observes carefully.
His black pomade styled hair, a dark look.
There is a mark on his hair where the hat sat.
Dark brown sunken eyes and a glamour line cut in his forehead and cheeks.
From his wrinkles, I can judge he is between middle-aged and elderly.
His trademark mustache leaves an impression.
However, it looks like it takes time to style that mustache. [ED: Hell YA!]
Then, I look at the Elf.
Clydosus’ hair is a mix of green and silver, her hair is cut in a one-length bob. (TL: One-length bob cut.)
She has dark silver eyeliner around her eyes and the tattoo of a white whale stands out on her cheek.
Now, should I escape?
“…Is that so? With the way things are going, it seems like such a feeling…but, it’s impossible. I said it earlier, but I’m not interested in this discussion. For arguments sake, even if 【Thorny Tail】 attacks me, I will respond in kind every time. If they’re persistent I will crush them.”
When the blue-haired woman hears me, her eyes open wide and she laughs at me derisively.
Like that, she takes a small step forward and opens her small mouth.
“Eh, crush them? The organization by yourself? Are you stupid? Papa understands if that is the case, but isn’t it impossible for you? Papa has taken so much effort to invite you, yet you are going to decline?”
She has a flippant tone.
“-Ahaha, interesting. I like this one.”
The Elf woman spreads her arms and claps, repeating her words to dismiss the rough ones of the blue-haired woman.
Such a dispute is ignored.
“That’s right. The conversation ends with this. I will go now so do not follow me anymore.”
“-Is that so. That’s disappointing.”
“Eh, is it okay Papa?”
The gentleman puts his hat back on with a disappointed expression.
“Aah, it’s fine.”
It may not be very manly to give up, but I run away through the alley.
“As for me, I will not give up~, but, I am also busy. It can’t be helped. Bye-bye.”
From behind I hear the playful voice of the Elf woman and ignore it.
I head into the alley at a quick pace.
Rollo jumps from my shoulder into my hood and it seems that she wants to rest.
Now, I do not feel anymore unknown magic essence signs.
There does not seem to be anyone chasing me, but I use <Pheromone Touch> just to be certain.
Then- I catch the smell of a woman.
Continuously, within the range of presence detection is the scent of one person. Magic essence following me is detected.
Not again. I am being followed even though I told them not to…
Gradually, the magic essence approaches from behind.
It may be the Elf woman from earlier or the woman with the light blue sword.
“Rollo, someone is coming again. Just watch for now.”
Rollo appears from the hood and answers with a light “Nya.”
I intended to hurry to the inn, but with this,
This guy is probably related to the business from before.
Contrary to opening it more.
And, I decide to stop and wait for the approaching sign to appear.
What appears is a woman.
Ara? But, it isn’t the Elf or impertinent blue-haired woman from earlier?
A beautiful woman is glaring at me.
The woman approaches and she seems to be using fighting moji.
Mana is collecting in her feet.
The woman’s small lips move-
“You’re waiting? Monster.”
She suddenly calls me a monster.
N? Are? I saw this woman somewhere.
The adventurer like woman is tall and wearing black leather armor.
Ah, she is pulling out a weapon from behind her~
She is holding a claymore type weapon in her hands?
N~~, ah, I remember.
This is the woman who was glaring at me in front of the church.
The woman with the wavy hair.
She has white earrings and a high nose.
This is definitely that beautiful woman.
“…I wasn’t waiting. You pulled a weapon and suddenly called me a monster?”
“That’s right. You won’t deceive me-“
The woman declares coolly and turns the sword point towards me.
And attacks in the form of a sword thrust.
Suddenly attacking-“
I say those words as I move to the right.
At the same time Rollo jumps behind me, out of the hood.
When she lands on the ground her figure swells and she adopts a battle posture.
Rollo jumps and extends a feeler bone sword at the charging woman.
The woman reacts with surprise to the sudden bone sword.
She holds the sword in both hands in a defensive stance and dodges the oncoming bone swords.
“-A familiar!? Are you from the Valmask household?”
While saying something, I have never heard of, she blocks the elastic attacks of Rollo’s feeler bone swords.
However, how the quick attack cause the woman to completely lose her composure.
Maa, she moves the sword with her hands and somehow manages to keep blocking. This seems to be the limit of her physical strength.
The woman’s fight has become a defensive one.
Like this I continue observing Rollo’s movements for a while.
I want to get information from this woman now.
“Rollo, It’s fine now. Come back.”
“Nya, nyaa.”
Hearing me, Rollo withdraws her feeler bone swords and returns.
She immediately returns to my feet.
“Haa, haa, wh-why, retreat?”
“Well, why did you suddenly attack?”
“Because you’re a monster!”
-She is throwing a knife this time.
I knock down the thrown knife with the black spear.
“Rollo, it’s okay to move back.”
Rollo jumps back and leaves, per my instructions.
Suddenly calling me a monster is terrible. What basis do you have?”
Maa, what the woman is saying is true…
Perhaps, does she know about me?
“Haha, you’re still feigning ignorance?”
“That’s right.”
“Fuun, aren’t you using the <Pheromone Touch> skill unique to vampires?”
This is surprising. I did use it.
“I, without the adventurer magic tools vampire hunters carry, I can detect the pheromones unique to vampires. It’s a ‘Response Skill,’ characteristic of “Vampire Hunters,” especially of the Egbain house.”
H-how, there is a skill like that?
I am surprised again.
“…Vampire hunter?”
Although I am surprised, I return a question without showing it on my face.
“That’s right. Didn’t you use pheromone touch in the middle of the city? I’ve had you ‘marked’ since then. I thought it was strange that you could walk around during the day, but it is possible for Vampire Progenitors and Dhampirs.”
The woman talks boastfully.
“N, that’s it? Because it reacted to a similar skill by ‘chance,’ did you not think about anything else?”
The woman collecting her breath then swings down her sword.
I quickly lower my head and dodge the sword blade.
-There is a swishing sound as the two-handed sword passes over my head.
This girl is dense.
The woman puts emphasis into her arms and cuts down again.
-It seems she is set on killing me.
I back away and dodge the large sword again.
Even though I am dodging the woman’s attack, she tightens her grip without minding it and continues attacking.
This woman still has not learned her lesson.
This time I do not “dodge” but “meet” the strike instead.
I raise my voice and hit the middle of the approach two-handed sword with the black spear.
The two-handed sword is strongly repelled and a metallic sound resounds.
The woman’s face becomes ugly and she takes some distance again.
She then suddenly sticks the two-handed sword in the ground.
N? She is stopping?
When I think so-
She shoves both hands into her waist belt and removes something.
She throws it.
For a moment, is that a knife? I thought, but this is different.
It splits into multiple pieces in the air.
White lines like spider threads extends out all at once and it opens.
Adhesive thread falls onto my hands and feet and sticks to the ground.
“Your movements will be stopped with this. It’s an anti-vampire ‘silver light spider.’ You shouldn’t be able to move any more. I will work quickly and let you taste the blade of the saint sword ‘goldburg’-“
The woman’s face turns triumphant and she licks her lips.
She pulls out the two-handed sword from the ground and with that power, shouts.
I move my arms covered in the sticky threads and check if I can move.
This thread is loose; will it really seal my movements?
I tear away the thread forcibly from my arms and turn to the offensive.
The woman raises a voice of surprise and stops with a questioning posture.
-An opening.
I wear fighting moji over my entire body and swing down the black spear from above.
The woman quickly raises her two-handed sword to catch the blade of the black spear.
A dull sound of yielding metal-
She defended as I predicted.
She should be aware of her defense with this.
Later at this pace.
I flip the spear around and thrust out with the butt end.
The woman gradually cannot receive my attacks.
“Haa, haa” she breathes raggedly and her sword lowers.
-I will not overlook this opening and I “deliberately” shift close to her.
I aim at the arm of the disheveled wavy-haired woman.
I move the butt end of the black tanza spear in a small figure eight and catch her.
The woman’s right arm is twisted and she shows an expression of pain.
This will be an unknown pain for this woman. Furthermore, when I remove the black spear, she cannot withstand the pain. With this the two-handed sword falls from her grip.
Then I hook the woman’s heel and using a locking technique with the black spear she topples over.
Like that, I lean over the woman.
“Gu, kuso.”
“Now that I’m looking closely, aren’t you a beautiful woman?”
“Wh, don’t-“
“Oto, please don’t struggle?”
I restrain both of the woman’s hands and get into a mounting position.
“Nyaon, Nya, Nyaa.”
Rollo who was watching from a distance seems to come over and pushes a soft paw pad to the woman’s forehead.
She slaps the woman’s nose…
“Cho, the little cat is cute, but make the smell stop.”
“Rollo, she says your paw pads smell. Give her another whiff.”
Rollo pushes her paw like a stamp.
“-What, mou, the, the smell is becoming a habit…”
Has she become a member of the cat enthusiasts too?
It seems a new fetish has awoken but I am not getting a good feeling from this anymore.
“Rollo, you can stop.”
Rollo replies lightly and moves behind me.
“Now then, if I was like you, I would kill you. However, I’ll leave now-“
Chapter 43: Zohedron Trap ※


“Why, you didn’t drink my blood or kill me…”


The woman ignores my proffered hand and glares at me.


“I have a rule against killing beautiful women.”

“…even though you’re a vampire, you’re trying to woo me?”

“I’m joking. You attacked me before when I tried to talk, you fancy me for a vampire, but I remove your suspicions.”


I have no intention of explaining the new vampire origin race.

Besides, I am not really a vampire anyway.


“Misunderstanding? What are you saying-”


The feminine voice disappears and her voice strengthens.


“Noisy-if it suits you, why don’t you try holy water or a light attribute attack to determine if I am a Vampire?”


I say it properly, but for a moment, I do not miss when the woman’s eyes go to the leather belt.


“If you have some, pour it on me. Ma, it will turn out the same as before.”

“Ku, wait a moment…”



The woman says so with a glare and slapping aside my hand she stands up on her own and reaches to the back of her belt.

From a case attached to the belt she removes a small bottle filled with liquid and opens the cover.


“Hahaha, stupid vampire. You’ll be sorry when your body burns-”


When the woman talks with a victorious smile she hurls the small bottle at me and the mysterious liquid comes out.


-Splash. This is cold.

It tastes like ordinary water…

Well, this is natural for me with my light attribute immunity.

…There is no reaction.


Such a liquid solution seems to be effective on vampires.

After all, this is holy water? Seeing my calm disposition even after being bathed in the water, the woman’s expression changes.

The blood drains from her face.


“Do you understand with this?”

“Eh, eh, eeeh, it’s true…”


I can see that the woman is upset.

Her eyes are swimming and she is breaking out in a cold sweat.



Ugh, so- sorry.”


The woman earnestly lowers her head in apology.

Should I take a little revenge?

It seems appropriate for the “vampire” lineage.

I wear a wicked smile on my face.


“E~to. My leather clothes have gotten wet. I was suddenly attacked with a sword, and if I had been an ordinary person I would have died…”

“Au, I’m very sorry…”


The woman says so as she quickly takes out a clean cloth and begin to wipe my body.


“Yeah, I got wet, more-”


Things begin to go in a strange direction so I use “self-restraint.”


“Yes, further down…”


Haa, this woman heard me.

The woman is going to wipe my crotch but I hurry and back away.


“A-ah, this is good enough. The bottoms didn’t get too wet.”



The woman’s expression seems to be slightly relieved.


“A, ano, I am truly sorry. Such a thing has never happened with my skill thus far…”


She lowers her head again. This woman’s behavior and tone is different from before.

She has become extremely modest looking. She may be good at heart…

At any rate, there is a skill that can detect pheromone touch. I will need to cut back on its use in the future.


Oh well. I will try asking about the skill.


“Your apology is enough. For now, raise your head.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“And then, I would like to ask. The skill you talked about earlier. A response skill? An Anti-vampire skill? I think you mentioned the Egbain household…”

“That’s right. But I do not want to talk about the house hold.”

“Is it secret?”



A Secret. Even though she talked about it so easily…

I will ask about it a little.


“I would like you to explain if you can. If you explain I may forget that you attacked me. How’s that?”

“Ugh, fine, it can’t be helped. I understand. I’ll talk.

“Oh, thanks. Is it okay if we head to the room at the inn I’m staying at?”


The woman’s eye brows lower when she hears me.



“Iya, ah, it’s fine since I won’t attack you. If I was going to attack you I would have done so earlier.”

“…Okay, then.”

“Well then, let’s go.”

“Ah, un.”


My room at the inn is small, but it should be sufficient for a conversation.


I begin to walk down the small alley with the woman to the inn.

Rollo jumps onto my shoulder and I turn back.

She sinks into my hood without permission.

And, I arrive at Saika, the small inn on main street.

I hold open the door for the woman and enter. I am looked at coldly by the inn keeper, but I go down the small corridor without minding it and guide her to my room.


“Sa, it’s small but please come in.”

“It’s really cramped.”

“Aah, you should down on the bed while we talk. I will listen.”


I say so and lean my shoulder against the door frame with my arms crossed.

I look at the woman.

There, a black shadow- when I think it is Rollo.

Rollo who was in my hood jumps for the bed.



“Nya, nyaa.”


Rollo lands on the bed and turns in circles as if to say 『This thing is mine』 and occupies the pillow.


“That surprised me, but, she’s cute. Can I touch this child?”

“Go ahead.”


With hands big for a woman, she strokes the velvety black fur from head to tail.

Rollo purrs deep in her chest.

Having her whole body massaged, her eyes slowly close and she has a relaxed expression.

The woman enjoys herself as she pets Rollo, saying “Kawaii.”


Watching such a scene, I can see Rollo being petted by the woman.

The mysterious charm of a cat. The essence of the cat, the cat is also a divine beast, but she is still cute.

Aah, I want to stroke her fur too…

I will endure it.


“Well, such a cute child…she was able to get bigger and attack with those feelers. Ah, that was rude. Black cat-chan.”


The woman seems satisfied after petting Rollo and talking that way. She places her equipment on the floor and sits on the bed.


“The one is Rollodinu. Rollo, for short. And, my name is Shuya Kagari. Either Shuya or Kagari is fine.”

“So. Rollo-chan. My name is Norah, Norah Egbain.”

“Norah, my greetings were late. Please take care of me.”

“No, I am the one who should be saying that. Thank you. Shuya.”


After such a simple greeting, Norah takes a deep breath and opens her mouth.


“…Now then, what do you want to know?”

“First, tell me about the Egbain household and vampire hunters.”

“Alright. The start with…I am the present head of the Egbain household and of the tenth generation. We are a small noble house from Oppeheiman, in southern Samaria Kingdom. And, the Egbain household is a clan that has raised vampire hunters for generations. That’s it.”


The whole household? Ma, I will ask for more details…


“Hee, so, being a vampire hunter-san is a tradition?”

“A little while ago, weren’t the members of 【Hector’s】 magic guild slaughtered? The culprit seems to have been a magician, but there were rumors that a demonic being and the dark guilds were related. Someone from Valmask household may have been involved too? I think. In truth, I am looking for my missing younger sister.”


Missing younger sister?


And, the magician Zoru Gustave?

Zoru did not write in his diary about a female vampire hunter or a Valmask person.


“…For your younger sister. You’re chasing after someone from Valmask who is related. Who are they?”

“It is the name of an old vampire clan that originated in Oppeheiman district. They seem to be a clan with ’12 branch families of the ancestor.’ They are two <Servants> accompanied by a family, famous for attacking lone humans. My entire clan fight such vampires. I can detect Vampires with my response skill. However, while my younger sister was investigating, she suddenly disappeared…when I was searching for information about her whereabouts, I discover a solitary vampire, and they were from Valmask.”


Heeh, she has such a story. This is like a movie.


“So. The reason you mistook me is the response skill.”

“That’s right. It was my fault. There is no excuse, but something like that had never happened up to now…”


Norah seems to have endured a lot, her face is hanging.


“Oh, you look depressed. It’s a waste with a such a beautiful face.”

“…Really, you’re the reason…”

“Ah, haha, that’s right.” It’s may be because of me.”



Oh, yata, she is smiling.

Her mature face is cute.

I will ask a little more about this beautiful woman…


“I want to ask about something else, are there vampire hunts aside from Norah?”

“Yes, of course. Or should I say, isn’t that a strange question?”




“It’s strange?”

“Yeah, after all, aren’t skilled adventurers like vampire hunters?”

“Aah, that’s right, but are there expert adventurers like you?”


Norah place her finger tip on her chin and talks.


“Well, certainly, there aren’t specialized existences like my family. However, there are far away countries. The representative one, is the Holy Church under the control of the 【Holy Kingdom Hesfurato】, their church knights are famous.  Therein, however the ‘Disorte’ is under the direct control of the Vatican and are famous as a ‘Demonic Being Extermination Organization.’ They are a specialized agency dealing with demons that appear from hell, demonic beings, as well as vampires.”


Holy Country.

I remember the conversation about the Popo and Holy Church with Shisho.

However, this is my first time hearing about the Demonic Being Extermination Organization, “Disorte.”

I should join the conversation properly.


“Disorte from the Holy Country?”

“You don’t know? Ma, that’s natural. Religion varies depending on the area, this is also an area that believes in multiple gods. Are you from south of here?”

“Maa, something like that.”

“So… from here, the 【Holy Country Hesfurato】 is north of the 【Maheim Mountain Range】 past the desert country of 【Holy Land Country Amefu 】 in a forested region, it is a far-off country with a big lake. As one would expect, the Holy Church’s teachings about Ilodis, the God of Light do not reach such a remote region. Though, 【Fort City Hector】 is a big enough city.”


【Holy Country Hesfurato】 has come up many times.

Just in case, I remember it.


“There is also a church here. Does it manage such a remote church of that size?”

“That’s right. If it is compared to the size of the Hesurifa Cathedral in the 【Sect Capitol Hesfurato】 then doesn’t it feel too small?”

“It must seem pretty small.”

“Yeah, however, it may be small, but there are still Priest and Bishops as well of Deacons that work for the Holy Church here.”


Battle Occupations related to light.

And a Cathedral, an image of the Notre Dame cathedral built in Paris, France around the middle ages.

Cathedral of Sera in a different world. I want to see it one day.


“…you want to hear about this?”

“Aah, sorry. Un. That’s good enough. Thank you. I’ll show you out of the inn, Norah-jyou.”


As I became a butler, I lower my head and hold out my arm.


“Yeah, yeah.”


Norah says so and waving her arm at my joke, leaves the room.


“Well then, I will go. I am sorry for attacking you.”

“Aah, it’s fine. Don’t worry.”



Norah nods, smiles, and disappears into the crowd.


Now, forgetting about the Vampire stuff for the moment, I should check my status and the contents of the item box.


I return to my inn room and quickly sit down on the bed.




Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 22

Title: Divine Beast Contractor

Race: Rusivault

Battle Occupation : Dark Magic Spearman : Chain User

Physical Strength 19.1→19.2 Agility 19.9→20.0 Stamina 18.0→18.2 Mana 23.0→23.2 Dexterity 18.1 Spirit 23.4→23.7 Luck 11.0

Condition: Calm


My agility reached twenty.

I got stronger after absorbing Kuna’s soul.


Skill Status.


Acquired Skills:<Throwing>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>:<Hidden Body>:<Night Vision>:<Smell Secretion Technique>:<Blood Banquet>:<Thrusting>:<Meditation>:<Magic Beast Riding>:<Life Magic>:<Guidance Moji>:<Fighting Moji>:<Magic Thought Guidance Hand>:<Fairy Moji>:<Summoning Magic>:<Ancient Magic>:<Crest Magic>:<Dark Drill>:<Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear>


Permanent Skills:<Power of True Ancestor>:<Natural Demon Ability>:<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Soul Sucking>:<Undying>:<Darkness Adaptation>:<Blood Magic>:<Head of Household>:<Super Light Brain Buff Intuition>:<Fighting Moji Knowledge>:<Guidance Moji Knowledge>:<Spear Sparring>:<Thought Guidance Chain>:<Magic Crest Construction>


Extra Skills:<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>


Once I finish checking my status, I check the bracelet.





◆:Person Mark:Storage


Item Inventory 28/85


Intermediate Restoring Potion×154

Intermediate Mana Restoring Potion x110

High-Class Restoring Potion x43

High-Class Mana Restoring Potion x44

Gold Coin x25

Silver Coin x88

Ancient Magic Book: Zohedron Trap x1

Large Staff of the Moon Spirit Tree x1

Priest Necklace x1

Mana Amplification Potion x3

Dark Language Magic: Dark Wall x1

Dress of Dark Shadows x1

Stone Ball of Return x13

Crimson Shark Leather High Heels x1

Armrest of Lightning Magic x1 (TL: I was translating this one incorrectly before.)

Ring of Dusk x1

Notes of Ancient King Permon x1

Peterson’s Passage Fragment x1

Socks of Varuda x5

Picture Scroll of Sebdola-kami x1

Ancient Writing Stone of the Dawn x3

Dark Crest Magic: Dark Shackles x1

Ronto Manuscript x1

Ten Wicked Pictures Shitatop x1

Ring of Shadow Penetration x1

Ring of Fire Beast Stone x1

Key Ring x1

Magic Sword Bitou x1




A window is displayed on the bracelet with an item list.


When I put all of the item back in the item box its storage number seem to be full.


It might be fine if I put everything inside it.

However, I should bring out a minimum of baggage, otherwise it might seem unnatural.

Ma, thinking about such a thing does not matter…


I am interested in the “◆” mark above the item column and the “Person Mark” and “Storage” written next to it.


What could it mean?

I will understand if I press it…

-I avoid it for now. The point right now is the check the items.


I am interested in the ancient magic book: Zohedron Trap.


I immediately touch it.

What comes out, is a book with an appearance like a blackboard.


I hold it. It feels like steel.

I place the steel-like board on my palm and look at it.

On the surface of the steel there are traces of hand written ancient characters.


When I read the characters,


“Paredes’ Twenty-Four Mirrors”

“Zohedron Trap.”

“Gate Magic”


-is written.

Oooh, gate magic?


Right away, I try placing my right hand there.

…And, there is no reaction. Only a cold tactile sensation.


“《Zohedron Trap》”


I speak the words written on the cover.

Then, the steel book immediately reacts.

Eeeeh!? The steel board is warping and turning into a soft liquid form.

My hand suddenly sinks up to its wrist in the liquid metal.


The steel book fuses to my right hand.

…I’m stuck.

I stretch out a finger on my left hand… and try tapping on the book where my hand is attached.


This is hard. It got hard fast.

Dangerous, dangerous. Do I have to use my right hand as a hammer from now on?

Aah, I cannot use my right hand to release anymore…I did use my left hand sometimes, so I must do my best with my left hand from now on, a revelation from god.

I might have to move on from the breast research society-


-Confirming Space-Time Attribute Organism

-Tone Correction.

-Gate Magic, Zohedron Trap Activating


Wao, all of a sudden, a mechanical voice sounds in my head, and a black crack are spreading out over the surface of the steel.


Gray light leaks out from the black cracks.


This, it seems to be breaking.

Is something being born?

It’s breaking easily.

The surface of the steel book rises and it splits in two.

From inside the broken surface, a sphere appears.


The polyhedral sphere suddenly floats in the air, from below the steel book is being sucked in.

The “steel-formed object” separates from my hand and steadily disappears into the floating sphere.

Before long, all the steel-like substance is removed from my hand.


-Oooh, yata. This is good.

All the metal seems to have filled the polyhedral sphere.

The many-sided sphere remains in the air, stationary.


Mysterious. What do I do with this multi-sided sphere?


I take the sphere with my fingers and hold it in my palm.

It is about ten centimeters; the surface looks like glass and is semitransparent…

It resembles to polyhedral dice used in TRPG. (TL: Table Top Role Playing Game.)


Or should I say, it looks exactly like those dice.


There are even slightly red figures and symbols engraved on this surface.

When I grab the sphere with my hand the surface of it begins to shine and it starts moving.

I become a little scared and open my hand. When I open my hand the sphere floats a little way from my hand, and suddenly begins to revolve around my head on its own.


Rollo immediately reacts to the globe.

She turns her head, following the revolving object without stopping.


Huh, I should not be afraid, it is just turning around.

Again, I catch the revolving ball with my left hand.

-Even when I hold it, the sphere rotates slightly.

I look at each of the face of the polyhedral sphere.


There seem to be 24 in total.

A different symbolic character is carved on each.

I try touch to small symbol for “one” on a face.

When I touch the symbol, it reacts.

The groove I touched begins to shine green instead of red.

Is this by any chance-

I trace the groove that makes to symbol with a finger.

From red to green- the color of the part I trace changes.

The moment all the characters turn green-

A gray light shines from the surface I traced.

The globe stops rotating and folds in on itself, the surfaces automatically overlapping. The object has changed from a sphere into of surface.


From all the surfaces gathered into one, a gray light shines again.

The light spreads above and below- it spreads outs.


Oooh, this is a gate? This is exciting.

In the small space in front of the bed a halo gate opens lengthwise.

It is big enough for one or two people to fit in.


It is exactly like a door of light.


One the other side of the gate in the room I can see view similar to a warehouse.

Should I go to the other side?

But, I do not know if I can return…

Maa, this is life.

I am a little scared, but it seems interesting.


“What will Rollo do?”



Rollo jumps onto my shoulder.


Hehe, you made up your mind to go too?

Now, new land GO!

With a small smile, I grasp the black spear and go into the gate.


At the gate, there is the feeling of peeping out.

It is a place that looks like a warehouse.


Rollo jumps excitedly from my shoulder and lands on the unknown floor.

She walks around the room taking in the new smells.

When she finds the corner of a bulky desk, she rubs her against it.

Doing that is marking her territory with her scent…


While storing the behavior of such a Rollo in my heart, I look back at the gate and find a mirror there.


Somehow or other, I seem to have come out of this rectangular “mirror.”

The mirror glows but I cannot not see through to the other side.

While I am trying to look through the other side of the glowing mirror, the light of the gate suddenly disappears and it blacks out.


-Pitch-darkness. I look around me.


I activate the <Night Vision> skill.

However, I immediately dismiss <Night Vision>.


There should be a source of light here.


Speaking of light, I have that ring.

I force the four-sided metallic ring onto my little finger.


I touch the ring and consciously will a “light ball.”

A sphere of light appears, like the one Kuna made.

Rollo turns to look and her eyes reflect the light, making them glow.


When I move the light source to the ceiling, the entire picture becomes clear-

The room is not so wide.


There are two doorways, one to the left and right.

A mannequin is placed by an old statue and expensive looking bottles.

There is a luxurious woman’s robe being displayed on the mannequin.

There are decorated weapons likes swords and shields scattered about as well, there are a lot of woman’s clothing scattered around and parchment such as maps as well as books and documents on the floor.


The owner of this room seems to be rich, although judging by this mess that may not be the case…


It is a room with a feeling of a “woman who cannot clean.”

There is no significance even if I profile it…


I am more interested in the “mirror” so I turn my attention to it.

The mirror’s frame is of a simple make.

There are circular decorations rising at the top, and in the middle, is the sphere that created the gate earlier.


The twenty-four faces fit in precisely.

When I see the sphere fitting into the mirror, part of the decoration opens.

Oh, the sphere comes out automatically.

The revolving spheres come out on its own, flying towards like it did before, and again takes up an orbit around my head.


…Is the sphere connected to this “mirror?”


I catch the revolving sphere and look at each of its faces.

If I trace this symbol, the gate connected to this side is activated.

When I touch the symbol only the part that makes contact turns green.


Another time, I will go through the gates that appear from two and three sides, but right now I want to look into this side of the mirror.

The special mirror is right in front of me.

Twenty-Four of these exist somewhere in the world.

After I am satisfied with the dice-like sphere, I put it away in a pocket my chest strap.


-I will take this special mirror gate.

Can I put something this big in the item box…

I press storage on the bracelet and the black window appears.


Okay, lift the mirror-

Oh, it enters smoothly.

It seems certain sizes can fit inside.


I should check the next room.

I look at the documents and books on the bulky desk.

What a mess…the owner here does not seem interested in cleaning.


I inspect the desk.



Chapter 44: Infiltration


The top of the desk is in chaos.

There are heaps of parchment piled up.

On top of one of the piles is a magic beast delivery list, and since it is written clearly, I turn through it lightly and take a look.

The names of various magic beasts are there, and there are monster names with an embargo mark listed, written they are being sent to 【Pernette】 【Fadyke】 【Gurmuheim】 and 【Tandart】, and finally the mark of the Present Magic Beast Firm is stamped.

It looks like a receipt.

Many of the documents are destined for 【Mine City Tandart】 and addressed to 【Shadow of Gaigal】.


There is something like a folded letter so I open it.








To Whom It May Concern, thank you very much for transporting all the enslaved monsters this time.

Thanks to Kuna-sama assistance, our dark guild 【Darkness of Gaigal】 has suddenly expanded our influence in the city of 【Tandart】.

Our master, Scorpion-sama was pleased as well.

We have enclosed a gold coin as thanks in the letter, so please confirm it afterwards.

Then, the article you desired for “Kureboni Shop” has been acquired, so I will write down the location.

This store will certainly become a foothold for 【Thorny Tail】 in Tandart.

Finally, in regard the cave’s mining rights, there is a the blasted antagonistic 【Shadow Wing Brigade】 in the hands of the opponent, so it will take time as we predicted.

Therefore, please wait a while longer.

And then when you find time to come to 【Tandart】 summon to “Three Fingers of Gaigal,” and this Senbi Makijio will guide you through the city.






According to this information… 【Thorny Tail】 and 【Shadow of Gaigal】 did frequent business with one another.


This house belongs to Kuna.

I find some messy handwritten notes.

I try reading one.






Is the tip of the human face shaped jar or bottle a key?

What on earth is this?


I have collected many ancient artifacts so far…to bottle moves in desire of blood, I have never seen anything like it. Does the spirit of a vampire dwell inside? It might be related to hell, I checked, but it doesn’t seem related. Of course, it has nothing to do with the god boundary.


A mysterious bottle.


Something different, an unknown kind of aburanamu, a divine curse of an old god, is it something related to those that live in the labyrinth? I think it is related to the labyrinth since it came from there. However, it is far from here, and a metastasis formation isn’t possible. The administrator Sabido-sama doesn’t know my true character because I don’t talk too much.


Aaah, not knowing is frustrating.


Mou, I shouldn’t have bought such a bottle or jar from the underground auction.

Those the gross big ears are unpleasant to look at, I should put it away in the item box for now…






Human Faced Bottle, Jar, Key? Is that what is looks like…

Did she betray Sabido since he did not know her true character?

Such fawning over him, she was a double or triple agent.


Kuna seems to have been busy behind the scenes.


When I move the piled-up documents, and old parchment book appears.

There are many books related to magic, and there are some books with romance titles too.


There do not seem to be any thin books.

It will not be so easy.


Next, I move my eyes to the shelves of the desk and open a drawer.

In the top drawer, there are of lot of “Stones of Return” for Sabido Kentsiru’s magic labyrinth.

The next drawer is full of various kinds of magic potion bottles.


Finally, I open the bottom drawer.


Wao- several gorgeous jewels, several gold and silver coins, as well as hundreds of large copper coins.

She said she was poor, but she has money saved up.

Humming, I go to count out the gold coins, when there is a sudden loud bang-


“Aniki’s kick is strong. This door…is it okay if we destroy it?”

“It’s fine. Kuna isn’t coming back.”

“But, that ‘Kuna of Darkness?’ The day hasn’t even ended, so she may still return.”

“But, we’ve come so far?”

“Iya, that’s right.”

“That’s right. I’d never. Kuna is definitely dead. Didn’t Takato loose contact with her?”


“That’s right. Those guys should have gone after that ‘spearman.’”

“Surely, after following his from the guild, there has been no communication.”

“Oh really? Shouldn’t they have come back immediately?”

“Yeah, that’s right. They should have.”

“…In that case, there’s only one possibility. Like Kuna, they were killed by that ‘spearman.’”

“Hehe, impossible…”

“…It’s already fine, so look-”



Then I hear sound of searching through the shelves.


“-However, there is only a little gold and items.”

“Aniki, that door.”



Are they coming this way? I instantly turn the spear to the door.

However, it seems to be okay. The handle turns noisily, but the door does not open.


“Oi, it’s locked?”

“Can you kick it down again?”

“I’ll give it a go-”


With a heavy thumping, the door is kicked several times, but it seems tough and does not budge.


In the end, it turns into ramming into the door.

However, the door does not move at all.


“Why? Even my power cannot open it…”

“Even when Aniki is a Lava Khan he cannot open it, so it will be impossible for me.”

“Kuna’s guys, get the key to the strong door.”

“It’s probably some kind of magic. Uh, ‘darkness.’”

“That’s also right. I’ll give up on this. Donpa, report this to the boss. This place was already destroyed ‘attacked and destroyed by the dark guild,’ got it?”

“I got it.”

“Hehe, there’s so little. It should all sell for good money. Yosh, let’s carry this stuff away. I have an acquaintance at the market nearby, I’ll return to the boss as soon as we sell this stuff off.”



For a short while, I listen to the sound of things being dragged off the shelves…

The shop has become quiet.

Those guys were from the same organization as Kuna. They do not seem to have been on good terms since they were stealing.

However, that door is solid. I use magic observing eyes to look at the door.

…I see. That is why it is so strong.

The door has traces of mana.

The mana is connected to something that looks like a magic stone.


So, this door, leads somewhere else?


Before I check the door, the storage of the item box.

From this drawer, I gather all the jewels, gold coins, silver coins, and large copper coins. I put them into the black window.

Oh, there are some documents wrapped protectively in paper at the bottom of the drawer.


I read the contents of the documents-

“First-Rate Slave Trader License” “Osberia Kingdom Issue”


A license?

She had such a thing.

I put it in the box for the time being.


Now then, should I go check on the other door that was on my mind?


“There are keys all over the place.”


Speaking of keys, there is the key wring Kuna used…

There must be key in that ring to open it.

Believing so, I take the key ring out of the item box.

One after another, I insert different keys into the door and turn them.




Oh, surprisingly, a key easily matched.

I put the key ring in the same small pocket as the twenty-four sides sphere.


And, I cautiously open the door.

On the other side of the door, there is a magic formation, and a set of stairs leading down.


This magic formation…

Since this is Kuna’s, it is probably a magic formation leading to Sabido’s magic labyrinth.

I am more interested in the stairs.


“Rollo, let’s go.”


Rollo is rubbing her face against a protrusion in a corner of Kuna’s room, marking her territory.


This is better than peeing to mark territory.




Rollo suddenly jumps to my shoulder and then returns to her new favorite place, my hood.


Feeling the weight of Rollo on my back, I leave the magic formation alone and go down to the stairs.


There is a cave dug out with a shovel at the bottom of the stairs.

Although dodgy, this is a passage. It is dark, but I advance.

I light the way with the light ball rather than using the <Night Vision> skill.


A little light leaks out ahead.

-Oh? There is a presence detection reaction.

There are multiple magic essence reaction coming from the direction of the light.

Is it a group of monsters? I should be careful.

I dismiss the illuminating ball of light.

I walk towards to the reaction while using the <Hidden Body> skill.

There is an arched entrance in the earthen wall with no doors.

I press my shoulder to the dirt wall and peek around the other side-


Multiple cages in a vast space?

And, there are sounds like monster voices.

Multiple magic essences.

They only seem to be coming from here.


Without delay, I advance into the wide space filled with multiple cages.

Magic beasts and monsters, I have never seen are kept in the cages.

It is a considerable number. Inside of the cages lit by torches, there is a monster with a pig’s snout, and reptilian winged monsters like small dragons.


It was mentioned in the list earlier, but is this the storage for all the magic beasts and monsters?

N- there are beast limbs illuminated by the light.

Dazzling light is being given off by its whole body and it also has a long thin tail.

Its overall form is like a streamlined horse.

It resembles a unicorn and a giraffe, though slightly different.

It three long horns that twist together to form one large horn.


The horn is strangely impressive.



“This magic beast is beautiful and attractive.”



This is an unusual magic beast.

Rollo comes out of my hood and moves to my right shoulder.


She stares at the caged magic beast with crimson eyes.


“Fuun, I know I’m beautiful even if I human doesn’t say so.”

“-Wao!? You understand human words? This magic beast, is this its own language?”

“Language? You’re funny. This human’s simple moaning, I shouldn’t be able to hear it… but, this human… do you understand my words?”





“Human, come.”


A goblin in a different cage raises its voice.

I hear it as “Gyagya” but can understand it with the skill.


However, I can understand the rare monster, but goblin could be profitable?

It was written in Kuna’s documents that they were going to be turned into profit.

Ignoring such a goblin, I check this space carefully.

In the other cages, there is a pair of golden griffons that look like parent and child, a magic beast like a popobumu, and I see the figure of a Hoguts from the magic labyrinth.


The horned magic beast of light that talked, and the griffons with this color seem considerably rare.

Its appearance is showy because of its coloring.


As I walk, the edge is becoming an underground monster garden, I discover a big slope connecting to the surface.

When I try to climb the slope-


“Human, wait.”



The talking magic beast has moved to the edge of its cage.

It is appealing desperately while hitting its foot against the edge of the cage.


Its limbs and eyes are flashing with light.


“So. Human, look at me!”

“What is it?”


Without climbing the slope, I approach the cage of the magic beast desperately appealing for me to look at it.


“Good, you came back. Human, you understand my words.”


The shining magic beast hit the cage with its foot and growls.


“Aah, it seems so. And you seem to understand human words?”

“Of course. Please get me out of here.”


Why does it understand me? I do not ask.


“How does freeing you benefit me? Besides, can you escape safely? Do you know this is a human city?”

“Moi. Don’t speak so harshly. I will be fine escaping from here. See-”


The shining magic beast that says so-

Big winds grow from its back.

Ooh, a Pegasus.

Rollo is surprised to, and goes to the bottom of the cage, approaching the shining horse.


“…You can fly?”

“Yes. I can fly so I won’t cause trouble for you. I can escape by myself.”

“How where you caught if you have such wings?”

“When I was eating the “azento super-fruit” I was caught with an arrow and net.”

“While you were eating?”

“That’s right! So, will you let me out?”

“I understand. I’ll let you out. You won’t act violently?”

“Really? Thank you.”


The shining horse magic beast stops neighing and begins to move excitedly.


“Back up a little.”



I look at the mechanism on the cage.

…There is a lever on the right side, and a key hole with a red mark.

It looks like it will work if I lower that lever.

I pull the lever down.

Nothing happens. I must need to place the key in the hole.

Should I try Kuna’s key ring again?

I take out the key ring and again try one key after the other.

Oh, bingo, I found it. I turn the key and there is a small *kacha* sounds.

The red mark has turned into a green one.

When I pull down the lever the cage door rises.

The shining magic beast begins to shake its head lively and walks out of the cage.


“Wa~i. I’m out. You are a kind human.”

“I’m not kind. I only helped you by chance. Aside from that, how about you escape now? That slope seems to lead to an exit.”

“Oh well, thank you-”


The shining horse magic beast runs up the slope.

I run after the shining magic beast after I collect the key.

The slope is wide; this must be so it can carry big magic beasts.

When I climb the slope, I appear somewhere like a big stage venue.

-No one is sitting in the seats. It has the atmosphere of a circus venue.

Is this an underground auction?

In such a venue, devoid of people, the shining horse spreads its wings and flies about.


“There is no exit here~”

“There should be. Look, there.”

“Ah, there.”


That magic beast seems a little short sighted.

And, I approach the large door that seems to be an entrance.

The large door is locked.


“This door, may I blow it away with magic?”


If there is such magic it will probably blow the ceiling off the venue…

I do not say.


“…Wait. Don’t be so conspicuous. Oi, I’ll remove it.”


I remove the bar.

And, I open it so that the magic beast can pass through the doorway.


“Wa~i. It’s open. By the way, I have not told you my name yet. I am from the Haiserukon clan, daughter of Riijiin, my name is Mabaon. Please reach me your name.”


Mabaon of the Haiserukon clan.

It’s race name is like a cake.


“…I am Shuya Kagari.”

“I won’t forget it. There also seem to be humans that are kind at heart. I will remember the name Shuya. I will give you ‘this’ in thanks.”


The magic horse beast Mabaon lowers its heads and begins to extend its horn.

The tip of the horn begins the shine and a small bugle horn appears in the air. The bugle horns floats to me.


Are you giving this to me?


“This is evidence of our friendship. I will go now. -Thank you very much.”


Mabaon folds her wings and goes through the slightly opened door. I follow behind her.

Haeeee, Mabaon has already soared high into the sky and her figure has become small.

She is already the size of a pinprick.


Like this, after a while, the legend of the story of the so called shining legend of the wild beast Mabaon begins here.

Mabaon which runs out of the galaxy and beyond the universe… perhaps, she was an exceedingly rare magic beast…


Now then, I am having some strange delusions, but how about I leave here now.


First is this bugle horn.

This bugle horn, it does not seem like it will be useful to me.

I will put it in the item box.


Possibly, I may never take it out.


While have such a thought, I look at the stable in front of me.

There is a big mansion on the other side of the stable.

Several people seem to be walking around as patrol in front of the large mansion.


Fortunately, the watchmen are not looking in this direction, and they did not notice the magic shining horse escaping into the sky.

Before they come over here, I activate the <Hidden Body> skill.

I lean back into a blind spot.

From the blind spot, I look at the big mansion again.

I see a sign board for Present Magic Beast Firm there.

There is a mark like a thorny tail there as well.


That mark…it was on Kuna’s magic tool shop.


I see, it was like that.

This must be a front for the dark guild 【Thorny Tail】

I must look like an ordinary firm on the outside.

I exited the mirror to such a place…

I will return from here.

Aside from 【Thorny Tail】, even if they leave me alone from here, I imagine they will not let me pass so easily.


As I have the opportunity to come to this place.

I may as well sneak in to kill the head of 【Thorny Tail】 and wipe out the leaders.

I go forward while lowering the black spear in my right hand.

-Should I do it?

In the worst-case scenario, I will recover even I get hurt.

I prepare <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> to be safe.


However, even if I infiltrate as is, going through the front…

I will go around from the back of the stable. I crouch lower from my waist and race the back of the stable behind the big mansion.

I watch the mansion for any movement while I hide amongst the grass and bushes.


My movements when I use the <Hidden Body> skill have a ninja-esque feeling to them.


In front of the mansion there are various flower beds and garden plants.

There is a terrace with a small set of stairs leading to a platform with a door at the top.


There is a blind spot below the platform. Should I invade from the front?

I approach the back of the mansion while staying hidden.

I am easily able to sneak right in front of the mansion.

I pass the flower beds and garden plants, and look at the door with the small staircase.


This is the back entrance.


First, presence detection-

There are magic essence signatures, three right inside of the first room.

I have the pheromone touch skill to use with it, but I might be detected…

Eei, this is my chance. I will use it.


<Pheromone Touch>

-From the scent I understand they are all woman. They will be servants.

I ignore these people and go after the scent reactions deeper inside the first floor.

-There are multiple. Five men.

I use presence detection again.

-N? The magic essence is stagnating.

Pheromone Touch identified five people…

Being cautious, there is someone keeping their magic essence thin.

There is no reaction from the second floor.


“Now then, Rollo, I don’t know what is waiting inside so you stay out here for the time being on standby.”



Rollo is little shocked and raises a strange cry.

Reluctantly, she gets down from my shoulder and hides in a bush.


“Don’t be so timid. I will clean up and be back right away.”

“Nn, Nya.”


Rollo answers with a rumbling sound.

She seems to be permitting it for the time being.


Yosh, infiltration operation start.



Chapter 45: Confronting Two Experts


I stand up straight and carefully climb the short set of stairs.
I place my hand on the wooden door and push it open as I lean back.
There are servants to the right kneading powder on a marble counter and cutting vegetables on a cutting board.

Preparing for dinner?
They are absorbed in cooking and do not notice me.
Like a certain game, I hide using a cardboard box as I advance.
Ma, there is no such convenient item.
Maintaining my crouched posture I use the blind spots under the furniture.
I am able to advance towards the hallway with no one noticing.

The reaction is coming from the other end of the hallway.
I see a door opened on the right side of the hallway.

I go to the edge of the door quickly.

I press my right shoulder to the wall and look inside, but from my position I can only see a painting displayed on the left wall of the room.
It cannot be helped. I may be seen, but I quickly move the left side of the doorway.
I press my left shoulder on the wall and look inside again.
This is a large room that looks like a conference room. A long black desk spreads out inside. I see a plump man sitting in the head chair at the end of the table.

With an insolently presence, this guy is probably the boss.

Executive looking people are next to the plump boss, there is a tall person with good posture.
This is probably an aide or a staff officer?
A lion beastman and a human with good posture are lowering their heads to boss and delivering a report with severe eyes.
Two rapiers are visible at the waist of the aide.

Are these the members of 【Thorny Tail】?
Even if they are, there is nowhere to hide in the room.

Should I end my infiltration here, and reveal myself?
The moment I think so, I cancel <Hidden Body>
I walk into the room, walking grandly.
With my black spear on my shoulder while touching the black desk with my left hand, I approach the people encircling the boss.

They still have not noticed me.
-N? This is different. One of them noticed me.

There is a man leaning against a pillar situated next to a big window with his arms crossed and glaring at me with sharp eyes.
Only this man seems to have noticed me quickly.
This is probably the guy who is keeping the magic essence reaction thin.
He seems skilled, I should be careful.

“So, the shop was already damaged-”

Is the guy giving the report the one who damaged Kuna’s shop earlier?

“Was it one of the other dark guilds? The one who killed Kuna was that spearman- N?”

The plump man I think is the boss notices me.

“Ah, no-eh?”

After the boss the large lion race notices me.
Everyone turns to look at me all at once.
They are also paying attention to the black spear.

“Oi, who are you!”

The boss-like man points at me and shouts.
The tall man next too him removes his two rapiers and opens his mouth to talk.

“That spear, who are you?”

I nod to his question and begin to talk.

“Who am I? The man attacked by you. You are 【Thorny Tail】?”
“It can’t be, with that spear, are you the spearman from the report?”
“Which spearman do you mean, I don’t follow, ma, I do use the spear?”

I joke a little.

“Whaaat, you’re tall, but you still have a ways to go, brat, aren’t you a youngster! You appear so impressively…according to the report, Kuna did not return likely because of this guy. …Ganu, Donpa, Koyatsu, kill him! Raisa, protect me, Karii, what is your price to work?”

The boss sitting in the chairs doles out orders.


Ganu and Donpa stand up and pull out their respective weapons.
At the same time, the tall aide that seems to be called Raiza pulls a sword from his sheath quickly, and his hand goes to a flute hanging from his chest.

“Cominquez chairman, I am leaving it to you, Piiiii-”

He blows the wistle.
Chi, it looks like he is calling back up.
The sound of the whistle echoes, and I spontaneously run forward.
-Victory goes the one who makes the first move. I will kill them before this gets prolonged.
I quickly decrease the gap between myself and the beastman Ganu and the human Donpa with fighting moji enhanced legs.
I wield the black spear with the added force of my momentum and swing it from the right.
The blade of the black spear bites into the flank of the thin man named Donpa. The man’s body is suddenly cut in two.

The blade of the black spear has never been sharp.
However, I can do this much by relying on my strength and speed.

-The two lumps of flesh wet the black spear with blood as blood sprays out, then collides with the body of the lion beastman, Ganu, standing to the left.
The beastman Ganu’s body is bent into a くcharacter is blow away to the left.
He crashes powerfully through the black table.
The beast person goes through the black table head first and only his legs are visible.

His current condition is like a household’s dog-kami.

Everyone is shocked by this.
With this opening, I extend the black spearpoint towards the defenseless throat of the seated plump boss- however, a metallic sound rings out. Raize has crossed his two rapiers the protect the boss man from my spear attack.
Raize glares at me with squinted eyes, and deflects the black spearpoint with his two rapiers, raising a battle cry-


When Raize raises his voice full of fighting spirit, his left and right hand move slightly- and two silver sword flashes appear together.

-The left thrusts at my neck.
-A diagonal slash at my right arm.
-Sweeping the flank, while rotating left, I cut a lower berth.

The attack is hair-raising, this sword attack.

As expected, it is fast.
Avoiding the slashing attack by a hair’s breadth, I use the black spear and retreat while repelling the sword flash.
Immediately after I retreat, a knife is thrown-
I promptly lean back and avoid it.
Revolving back once, knifes and daggers are thrown continuously and I keep avoiding them.

“-He, you’re very dexterous. Amazing. It’s like a circus. Avoid this one now.”

What, it is a slightly high-pitched voice. The voice makes me feel sick.

“Karii, good, as expected of someone from the former Radford empire’s war brigade.” (TL: This sentence is fucked up. Sorry.”

The fat boss man sitting in his chair praises the series of movements.


Karii shows a cool-headed reaction to his employer for some reason.


Karii’s sudden behavior causes the boss man to become silent as if frightened.

“Oi, Karii, is this betrayal?”

Is this a falling out?
The aide Raize calls out to the man called Karii.
Raize with his tall figure has an undertone of supressed anger.

Of the two rapiers pointed me, he turns one the them to the man called Karii.

“…Iya, iya. I’m not betraying you. The game is getting exciting, so I got a little worked up.”

I am worried by him saying “The game is getting exciting,”
This “Karii” has a somewhat strange atmosphere about him.
Moreover- he has a considerable level of fighting moji. Unlike the mana he was keeping under control earlier, his body is now gushing with released mana.

At any rate…he is storing mana in his eyes.
As for him, that means he can “see” the movement of my mana.

“If that’s the case, you will continue following the contract. Kill the spearman-”

Raize kicks the ground, and approaches me.

“Yeah, yeah-”

Replying with disinterested words, Karii continues from behind, kicking the floor and running.

I said sword line earlier- this Raize is skilled too.
The speed of his scolding is good, but his fighting moji is not up to par.
With Karii behind him, definitely lose-

This is my first time fighting two skilled people.

It seems I have no choice but to do my best.
I repel Raize’s thin swords and return a lunge with the black spear-

The black spear attack is directed away from his abdomen with one of his swords and Raize counterattacks immediately with a riposte. Karii is using two small daggers, and is attacking at critical moments.

For how many seconds- I dodge to two’s attacks, repeatedly repelling thrusts.
However, the balance goes this far.
-I use a blind spot.

I repel Raize harder and flip the black spear to attack with the butt end, inviting Karii to attack an opening.

As I expected. Karii thrusts a dagger from the right.
-Yosh, he took the bait.
To avoid the dagger, I rotate to Raize’s left.
Raize gets in Karii’s way and he cannot get close enough to attack.

Avoiding the attack by rotating to the side, Raize reacts in that fraction of a second.
The sword in his right hand is thrust downward to stab into my chest.

I use that thrust sword against him.
When my field of view become inverted, I attack. I let my black spear make a figure-eight, and the thrust sword gets entangled like the spear is a black snake.


Raize’s expression becomes distorted as both his arm and the rapier are twisted.

That moment-the sword is Raize’s hand is twisted in revolt. Making a metallic *kiin* sound, the sword separates from Raizes hand and is sent flying.
Raize bends his neck and dodges the flying rapier.

He manages to barely dodge it, but part of of his right ear is cut off and blood oozes out.
The rapier sinks into the ceiling and dangles as it trembles.

In that fraction of a section- I finish my cartwheel.
I break the landing with fighting moji powered legs and stand up.

The image of a gazelle. I stand up quickly with my lower body bent and swing my left fist at Raize’s head.
As a bonus, I eject <chain> at the same time.

-There is a dull sound as the chain penetrates through Raize’s face.

The chain goes straight through his head creating a bloody mist as bits and pieces of his head are sprinkled around the room- it penetrates the upper arm of Karii standing nearby, and pierces the broad wall while tearing apart Karii’s clothes.

<Chain> from a left hook at close range.
The chain is like a piano wire as blood drip from its links.

-I move without waiting.

My body is bathed in blood as I dismiss the chain dripping with blood.
At the same time, I fire off a twisting <thrust> towards the Karii that has suffered an injury.

However, a high-pitched metallic sounds reaches my ears with the feeling of hitting metal.
Karii prevented my <thrust> while moving back to the wide wall.
Hyu~ you did it…grimacing, he stops the black spearpoint enhanced by <thrust> by crossing the two daggers in an X despite his injured arm.

Then, from the shock, Karii’s upper body is exposed as his clothes are torn.

N? He has a tattoo on his right shoulder.
-Black Wings. Around his collarbone from the right side of his chest to his right shoulder, it is engraved on a large scale.
Karii’s expression twists, and he jumps to the side- retreating.
He takes a distance from me.

“Oh my…I give up. Kousan.”

Then, Karii lowers his injured arm limply, and throws away the daggers in his hands.
The daggers leap irregularly.

“What do you mean surrender, I paid lots of gold to hire you-”
“-Annoying, die pig.”

A dagger sinks in the middle of the boss man’s forehead and he dies easily.

Did Karii kick the dagger that he dropped?
It is not only that- this is different, something-

“U~~n, you want to kill me, Kai?”

Karii who killed the fat boss speaks to me.
With a blank eyes, a cunning smile floats on his face

This guy, I do not understand his reasoning.
He was injured, but his joking expression is not broken.
I am curious about the tattoo of the black wings across his chest and shoulder…

I am curious about the tattoo on his cheeks to.
There is a unique tattoo of a knife stuck in a heart there.
It is not the Elf’s, but it reminds of Clydosus whom I encountered earlier.

“…Which ever is fine with me.”
“So- I can’t stand being ‘patient’ anymore.”

The moment his laughing face changes into an ominous curse smile-
His spine suddenly makes a *zowa*
However, there is still something-
Thinking so, I catch it with magic observing eye.

At Karii’s feet a yura-sh guidance moji is activated.
One magic line guidance moji separates from Karii and connect the the stiletto lying on the ground.


Ge, I remember the brutal attacks from Shisho using four short swords…
With a smirking face, Karii approaches the fat boss man, dead in his chair, pulls out the dagger from his head with his uninjured left arm, while the dagger floating in the air with springs at me.

He killed the chairman boss a few minutes ago, but…
This guy, what is Kaisen?
While the dagger flies through the air around me it aims for vital spots.
I repel the dagger flying through the air like a bee with my black spear, and with a battle cry Karii slips past the black spear and aims for my neck with the dagger.

I thrust out with the butt end in return.
Karii shifts his body to the left with an unconcerned expression and dodged the spear.
Like that, rotating around, as if destroying his balance intentionally, he stretches out his left hand to me, and stabs out.

Should I step in a little?

As I dodge Karii’s sharp attack, I kick the floor and move to the side.
I attack with the black spear, using to momentum of my movement, aiming for Karii’s body.
However, Karii jumps by kicking the floor and goes to the other side, avoiding my side sweep.

Karii seems to have lost his balance but his strange movements do not stop.
Karii who turns from the left- counterattacks.

He aims at my shoulder with a slashing attack.
Contrary to my expectation- a dagger flies from behind.

While rotating on my right foot, I catch sight of the small dagger flying from behind, rotate the back end of the black spear towards the dagger- and still dodge to the slashing attack to my shoulder at the last moment.

To gyration of the black spear.
I cut into Karii’s stomach from the left.
But, the black spearpoint is carried away from the dagger is Karii’s left hand.

As expected, he will dodge everything.
Anticipating the movement, I am at tripping up-

Karii jumps- avoiding my kick.
His form is like a gymnast with his feet spread out in a split.

Furthermore, the dagger floating in the air with guidance moji, while it aims at my ankle in the middle of my kick, the dagger in his left hand is aimed from my chest.

In a hurry, I stop my kick.
I turn to receive using the length of the black spear.
I deal with Karii’s synchronized attacks.

Turning the black spear, I catch the biting attack from the dagger in his left hand, and elude the dagger attacking my foot with the lower part of the spear.

“-Hihihi, Haha!”

Even after Karii’s attack is repelled he does not seem disturbed.
Even as he laughs strangely as he lands smoothly he does not show an opening.
With one leg bent in front and the other behind, he flows while stopping his kill movement.

The sword technique Karii is using seems to belong to some school.
The movement of the dagger with guidance magic is high quality.
This fellow must be proud of his daggers.

One after another, the dagger sneaks around to the blind spot-
Karii attacks in cooperation with the floating dagger.
The person is laughing and looks exceedingly happy.
Again, he wields the dagger with a weird smile- but, I avoid Karii’s attacks, dodging, while repelling, I calmly analyze his movements.

Karii’s breathing is getting labored, so I will win as long as I hold out.
However, I will not do something so boring.

So, I stop fighting normally.

For starters, this floating dagger is troublesome.
After thinking for a fraction of a second.

I eject <chain> from the mark on my left list-


I aim the chain at Karii.
However, I do not have it attack him, and instead have the chain go after the dagger, creating an arch.

The chain moves freely with the permanent skill <Thought Guidance Chain>
The chain moves in a spiral, winding around the dagger Karii is using with guidance moji.

The chain manages the ensnared the dagger.
With his dagger stolen, Karii’s expression completely changes.
He takes a distance from me, retreating, trying to escape.
It might be because of the mana expenditure, his complexion has become pale and he is gasping for breath.

Karii moves his mouth with drawn cheeks.

“…Haa, haa, haa, thi, this isn’t fair. My special guidance moji skill doesn’t work. If it’s like this, it will be my defeat.”

As expected, it was <Guidance Moji>.
I am exceedingly interested.

He uses the <Guidance Moji> that Achilles-shisho taught me.

“Where did you learn it?”
“In Tandart.”

Tandart… I think Achille-shisho lived there before.

“Who did you learn it from?”
“Why do you care? A shisho called Miranda. Though they are already dead.”

It does not feel like he is lying.

“I will not chase after you, so will you overlook me? If you will, I’ll go now.”

It seems he wants to get away.
There is none of the blood thirst I felt before.

“Is that fine? You seem to be a battle maniac…”
“Hahaha, battle maniac? I guess that’s right. But, fighting with you outside of a mission, is nothing other than my own selfishness.”
“It’s like that?”

When I ask, Karii puts a finger to his thin lips and shows a slightly smile.

“…My original purpose was to sneak into the dark guild 【Thorny Tail】 and crush it from the inside. But, you killed ‘Kuna of Darkness’ and ‘Raize of Two Swords,’ interfering so well, easily…I was unable to fulfil my ‘duty.’ The truth is I should be thanking you for this. I said it before…I can’t compete with your strength…my crotch is hard, ma, in the end, this was a painful experience for me…”

Uhe, gross, too much.
Winking, he appeals to his crotch with a weird pose.
Moreover, he is fully erect.

From that tone, I feel like I am being exposed to some poison.

“Well then, remarkable spearman, some other time. ♪”

Speaking unpleasantly, Karii jumps to the window at the back, breaks through the glass loudly and runs away outside.

That moment, from the area behind the mansion, “Go after that man with the black wing tattoo,” “Chairperson, Ooo” “Sound the whistle,” I hear desperate voices.

Thinking I should run away too, I borrow a little of the blood from the dead chairman.
The place where Karii escaped is clear so I escape similarly.
No one is there. That Karii guys seems to have escape from the front conspicuously. The people seem concentrated in that direction.

I activate the <Hidden Body> skill and head directly to the backyard.

It seems Rollo is still waiting under the bush, and as soon as she sees me she jumps up and crawls into my hood.

Now, I will run away.
I return to the enclosed gathering hall first.
I go down the slope that leads underground from the hall, and return to the place where the monsters are trapped.

I wonder what will happen to these monsters.

That’s right. You are all next to escape.
This will confuse the pursuers as well.
I release the monsters in the cages one after another.

The numerous goblins are all yelling at me, but after I cut one in half with the black spear they all turn around and run away in the other direction.
Being tempted by that, the other monsters climb up the slope and escape as well.

After watching the escaping monsters, I run through the underground passage and return to Kuna’s house.

The first stage is complete, but my body is still covered in blood and dirt.

I need to wash…
I let my eyes wander and find a water jar in a corner of the room.
I take a drink with the water jar and use the water from life magic to wash away the dirt and blood.

I wring out my leather clothes to dry them them out.

N~, it still smells.
There is still a faint smell of blood, but this should be good enough for now.
I wear the still damp clothes.
Then, just to be safe, I close and lock the door that leads to the basement.
Continuing, I go outside the shop, inserting one of Kuna’s keys into the sturdy door to go outside.

-There is comforting *kacha* sound.
It opens.

On the other side of the door is Kuna’s shop, but all of the products inside has disappeared.

The shelves are broken and the few remaining products are damaged.
Still feeling a little disheartened, I run through the decimated shop, I escape outside.

I disappear into the crowd.




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