Chapter 36 – 40

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Chapter 36: Alcohol, Information, Butterflies and Flowers


I walk a little more with Quiche like that-

“Oi, Quiche Bakunda. Who is the man next to you?”

I was planning on watching carefully from the side, but since I was addressed I turn to look at the owner of the voice.

“Haa… Lazu, this person is the benefactor who helped my group.”

Quiche lets out a sigh as soon as she sees the figure of the man.

The beautiful woman’s face twists in disgust, then puts on a look of being fed up.

This guy is the magic essence I felt behind.

It is an elf with the same hair as Quiche, but a face like a horse.

Their frame surpasses rectangular.

“What? Your benefactor? Well then, I must give my thanks. You there, Thank you. It seems my ‘fiancé ‘ has been in your care.” (TL: I have so been waiting for Shuya to trounce some jack ass.)


“-Na, didn’t I already decline? You’re too persistent, Lazu. You are from the same town, but I never ‘recognized’ as my fiancé and don’t want to be related. Frankly, it’s annoying. Now, don’t follow me anymore…”

Quiche sends a clear message of refusal.

At any rate, Quiche is blunt.

Yet, in response to Quiche’s biting words, the man Lazu seems to have a feeling of “it can’t be helped” as he furrows his eyebrows. His thick lips begin moving as he extends his arm in a gesture.

“Eh…it is regrettable, I like you. Is the reason not because you like the raven-haired man? …Perhaps, did you fall in love?”

Lazu glares at me…

“Wh, what are you saying?!”

This guy has a bad feeling.

How could, ma, like this, I can shamelessly make a move…

Quiches long eyelashes are shaking like she is upset, blinking repeatedly. Her face blushes vermilion when she looks at my face.

Why, Quiche-san. Blushing so much…


However, is this skit from a theatre soap opera?

Half shocked, I strongly throw out my words.

“Is this a lover quarrel? Work hard. Bye, then.”

I do not want to get involved so I begin to quickly walk in direction of the inn.

“Ah, Shuya. Wait-“

“Quiche, wait. That man said so, too. A lover’s talk together-“

When Lau tries to embrace Quiche, she kicks at his crotch.

I just ignore it and continue walking.

“Sorry. Shuya. I showed you something unsightly.”

“No, I don’t mind, is everything okay? That man you left behind.”

“It’s fine. We happen to be from the same household, our only relation is that we moved to the same village.”

A childhood friend…

Considering the feeling of that man would make me sad.

“…Is that so. Quiche should be popular like that.”

However, I will definitely get involved later.

That man Lazu…

I stepped on a strange flag.

“Aah, forget about such a guy…”

Seeming to want to forget Lazu, Quiche shakes her body like she felt a chill.

And, to pull herself together,

“I want to return the favor properly. Saying so, Shuya. Will you let me treat you to a drink?”

Quiche has a smile on her face and with a *kui-kui* she makes a drinking gesture with her hand.

“…Oh, sounds good.”

A bar date with a tall elven beauty.

…It would be my pleasure and since it’s a bar, I should able to get some information.

I can her a lot of stories.

“Fufu, the debt can be paid with this. Let’s turn at that side street over there.”

The small restaurant street I found the other day is that way.

Quiche leads me to one of her favorite bars in the area.

The name of the tavern is “Reuby” and the interior is constructed cozily. There’s a small counter of four desks line up and chairs line up in front.

The atmosphere of a well-known store in a back alley. (TL: Feels like a reference to something.)

There are customers with a goblet in one hand, filled to the brim with alcohol.

Joyful conversations are unfolding.

The smell of grilled fish is appetizing too.

Rollo having smelled this too is wriggling her nose in response.

Anticipating the smell of fish, she looks at one of the customers eating before turning her red eyes to me as if to say 『Eat』

She is alternating between the fish and me.

“Ora, Quiche-chan. Welcome~”

The barmaid looking woman that spoke is a beautiful onee-san.

She is shorter than Quiche. She has brown, semi-long hair.

Her hair style is naturally wavy and black eyes tinged with brown.

Her cheeks are freckled and she gives off the feeling of an innocent child.

Despite that, she has a plump chest.

“Cherry, I’m introducing a new customer today. This is my friend, Shuya.”


Is this my first time being called that since I came to this world?

It makes me happy.

“…Thanks. I’m Shuya.”

I do not expression any deep emotions and thus I reply with a cool expression.


“Araa, although this man’s face is plain he’s quite good, and what a cute kitty, ne. I would be happy to keep you company with drink and conversation.”

It’s because I have a Japanese face.

“Haha, it’s no good Cherry. Isn’t it my treat today? I will keep him company.”

“I understand. Mou, it’s rare for Quiche to do something like this…”

“Listen to me, it’s booze and food.”

“Ah, will you also get Rollo some fish?”

“Hai, hai- wait, the “Reuby” fish is grilled.”

With this and that, the grilled fish arrives and Rollo takes a bit out of it.

She becomes absorbed in munching on her food.

Quiche drinks and eats with me as we are deep in conversation about different things.

First I try asking her about my biggest goal, Genju’s Sake Ball of Light and the Precious Stone of Wisdom. I ask her about the two names but she knows nothing.

It is unfortunate, but there’s no helping it.

And then, Cherry joins in eventually and then I hear about the situation around here from the two.

First, about this 【Fort City Hector】

This fort city was built in recent years by 【Osberia Kingdom】. It seems that for a long time, this area was a battlefield near the Haym River between 【Terramay Kingdom】 and 【Samaria Kingdom】.

However, over ten years ago the large western country 【Osberia Kingdom】 stepped forward.

It became a three-sided battle and although 【Terramay Kingdom】 and 【Samaria Kingdom】 quickly united forces, they were defeated and driven out by 【Osberia Kingdom】.

Thus, a cease-fire treat was concluded between the three countries with Osberia having the advantage. Afterwards this Hector region formally became part of 【Osberia Kingdom】.

From the merits of war, the late Zellar Fon Anaheim used to rule here. Now Marquis Chardonnay Fon Anaheim has succeeded as Feudal Lord being the daughter of the late ruler.

Heeto, I was not interested so I was ignoring it.

Next we talked about this 【Food and Drink Street】 in the middle of 【Central Market】. The street connects to the 【Pleasure Quarter】 and 【Gambling Street】 all the way to 【New Town】 spreading outside the castle walls from the port.

“Gambling, New Town and Pleasure District, although since Shuya-san is a man I should warn you about going to the brothels. The Thieves’ Guild is okay, but the dark guild has connections to the Whale Inn, the Braying Owl Pavilion, Moon Shell Pavilion, and the Bell Ringing Pavilion, so you mustn’t go to those.”

“Hou, thanks. I will remember.”

I will be careful not to approach the inn and suspicious stores with these names.

A dispute between dark guilds would be intense, commoners would be endangered too.

There seem to be territorial disputes between such dark guilds in other cities.

Does that mean this shop must pay gold for either protection money or bodyguards?

-I look around the small shop.

Of the customers, there is only one guys who seems to be bad.

There is such a person related to this…

This dark guild is like the mafia.

Such a conversation grows lively with Cherry.

The topic is changed and moves to 【Gurmuheim】 the capital of 【Osberia Kingdom】

【Hector】 is a big city, but the capital seems to be a greater city.

I am told that one must see the beautiful white “Osen Castle” before they die.

It must be exceptionally brilliant.

Then I heard about the bordering country, 【Terramay Kingdom】

The ancient tower in the capital of 【Fadyke Kingdom】which is famous for stretching into the sky is known as the “Non-cave of the Lion.” The tower is complex like a labyrinth, swarming with monsters and even treasure chests appear.

Adventurers challenge it and aim for the top floor day and night.

That reminds me, when I approached 【Fadyke】 I saw something like a tower.

Cherry chimes in lightly saying, “Uh, that tower.”

It seems that in 【Terramay Kingdom】 there has been a serious problem with kidnappings recently. Even the princess of the kingdom was kidnapped too.

When I hear this, I react for a moment.

I figure it was probably “that,” but I dismiss it and continue the conversation.

The next topic becomes about 【Samaria Kingdom】

The name of their seaward capital is 【Hallfanear】

There is a huge “Sepiton Light House,” it is said that its light reaches the end of the sea.

It is told in legend that the light house has the blessing of the sea god Sapentogarirazu. (TL&ED: Wtf.) Things like this are said.

Listening to Cherry, I imagine and amazing ocean city.

I remember Venice, but since this is another world it must be different.

However, while I being told about such an interesting place, I feel a little sick when I hear that “Mermaid Hunting” is flourishing in the city. An unpleasant topic.

I do not let it show on my face.

Mermaid meat is said to replenish a person’s youth, and their scales and other materials are used in secret potions. As if these rumors are true…Cherry groans that she wants some too.

【Neutral Tower City Senapa】 which is surrounded by the three countries of 【Samaria】 【Osberia】 and 【Terramay】 also came up as a topic.

Senapa seems to be a city with superior magic technology on the same level as 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 and 【Magic City Ernst】. There are magic academies floating in the air and stone spires lined up in the sky.

The city seems to have another name aside from sky city and neutral city, crime city.

Located in the delta on the Haym river and not belonging to either of the three countries, it is a neutral city led by councilors.

However, it seems too be a hopeless, crime infested city with murky internal power disputes. The dark guilds’ haunts as well as brothels.

Then there is 【Osberia Kingdom】 who is fighting with the neighboring 【Radford Empire】 to the west. Osberia currently holds the advantage having gained a victory in the battle of larrasack one year ago and took back 【Larrasack City】.

Furthermore, we continue to drink, deep in conversation for an hour, and all too soon the customers around us disappear. It is because I have been monopolizing the beautiful barmaid.

And, when the topic turns to 【Mt. Burdock】…

“A dragon lives in Burdock mountain.”

Hearing those words, Quiches eyes change.

Her tone becomes angry.

“AaAah, that’s right. That “Evil dragon king.” It’s the head of the dragons that burned down my village.”

Oops, it looks like I stepped on a land mine.

“That…I’m sorry. You must not want to talk about it…”

“Since Quiche has become like this, why don’t we stop.”

“That’s right, that, err, dragon, it’s huge and frenzied purple, strong too. It’s said to be a disaster class monster of the S rank…since ancient times, burdock mountain has been a non-search area because of the dragons. Anyways, it keeps destroying everything around it… Besides, burdock mountain is full of all kinds of other dangerous dragons. There are flocks of wyvern and drakes…*goku-goku* mufu.”

Quiche seems to bear a considerable grudge against dragons and raises her voice.

She finally brings her drink to her mouth and begins drinking so forcefully that a sound is audible from her throat.

“Then…Together with Quiche, that 【Hino Village】 where those adventurers live in. It’s inside the forest near the mountain…isn’t it dangerous?”

Hearing what I said, Quiche stops the liquor in her hand and nods. Her eyes begin to somehow swim as she places the bottle back on the table and begins to talk seriously.

“There are a lot of people taking refuge in 【Hector】. Since you’re in the city you’ve probably seen the conditions outside of this city’s walls?”


Certainly, I saw when I entered the city.

“That’s right. Anyways, the 【Slums District】 of 【New Town】 is really bad. Those children do not want to come to such a 【Hector】. They would rather risk the danger and stay in their village. You can understand too when you see the condition of Hector】?”

The scene of fighting over food comes to my mind so I understand.

“…The elf village that was my home was burned to the ground by the Evil Dragon King and his dragon followers. Those of us Elves who survived were accepted into Hino village. So, as much as possible, I want to cooperate with 【Hino Village】.”

People driven from their home.

“So that’s the reason…between the labyrinths and the dragons, that area seems to be serious.”

Quiche’s face is flushed bright red and she is trying to bring a bottle to her mouth.

“That’s exactly how it is. Hic, Shuya. You drink too.”

Being urged on, I drink the poured alcohol.

“Aah, well then. Hora, let’s drink. This is delicious.”

Is it like thick dark sake…

These ingredients. It can’t be rice, so is it a type of potato?

“What are you thinking? Sa, sa, Shuya-san. Drink a cup from me.”

“Oh, thanks.”

Cherry pours out liquor from a wooden jar in a glass, filling it to the brim.

As expected, Cherry is a barmaid who knows how to properly pour drinks.

It may be the effect of the liquor, but this woman was already good from the start. The big breasts in front of me make her seem like a good woman.

This freckled woman is surprisingly cute.

I thought liquor did not work on me, but I seem to be getting a good feeling.

“…Cherry, I brought Shuya.”

Disliking the way I am staring at the breasts with ero eyes, Quiche pouts and talks.

“Aha, after all, it’s for work~”


Quiche moans and gulps down her liquor *goku-goku.*

“By the way, Shuya-san. Are you interested in dragons?”

“N, iya, you could I’m say curious. I want to hear about the conditions in this neighborhood.”

“The conditions around here? Now, there isn’t much to say about this area.”

“That’s right, Good liquor, good women, when it comes to those I want to hear about it.”

“Ara, good woman, you smooth talker.”

“Shuya, me too~”

-Thanks to the liquor Quiche’s face is bright red…

“Waa, Quiche, don’t bring your face so close. Isn’t coming this close for kissing?”

“Ooh, you can do that.”

Quiche puckers up her small lips.

“Eeh, just Quiche? Me too, chuuu”

Cherry also brings her bushing red face with its puckered lips close to my face.

Even though they’re drunk, it is my first time being kissed by two beautiful women. (TL: No, it’s normal that you don’t experience that.)[ED:Die Shuya!  ಠ_ಠ ]

There are no customers around.

For several seconds, I am caught between the kissing fans society and breast lovers society.

In one go, I take the small lips of the two with a force that makes air leak out.

It’s overbearing at first…And then, gradually the lip gently overlap.

Putting tongue in mouth, tracing the gums.

Pulling apart a sticky string of saliva links us together.

To draw up the sweet nectar of Quiche and Cherry…I deeply kiss them in turn, over and over.



When I finish kissing the two people, Quiche and Cherry look at me with slightly blood shot eyes.

“…A good kiss.”

“Un, Shuya-san is ecchi, efu.”

Quiche and Cherry seem to have sobered up a little, while saying such a thing. They are staring at the tent in my area crotch in anticipation.

“Do you want to go to an inner corner of the shop?”

“Go, isn’t the bar closed, ne?”

“Let’s go.”

They quickly remove their clothes as they smile at each other.

And, for a moment, inside the closed bar…seductive voices hit my earlobes.

To the extent that Rollodinu is shocked, such voiced ring out for several hours.

“…You two seem to feel good.”

“Nau, moou, you’re just feeling our voices.”

“An…me too…”

The two women are giving off strong feminine smells.

Fortunately, the night is long on this planet.

The sexy loud gasping voices of the two women echo down the side street.

I am worried about attacking the two woman’s bodies too much, so we take a break once it has passed late into the night.

Still, I talk with the two seductive women while we drink.

“Naa, do you know a man called ‘Zoru?” I think he was a magic user, but he caused an event in the past.”

Cherry seems to know; she nods her head and her beasts shake with her long hair glued to them with sweat and other bodily fluids.

“-I know about it. Zoru Gustave, A famous criminal. He slaughtered all the members of the magic guild in 【Hector】. He was pursued by the adventurer’s guild and knights, but they were slaughtered one after another until finally, he disappeared. Have you heard that thanks to that there is now no magic guild in 【Hector】? That Zoru person, he seems to have been a magician so powerful that rumor spread about him not being human, but a demonic being. There is still an A rank subjugation request in the adventurer’s guild.”

Hoa, I looked at the bulletin board a little while ago, but did I overlook it…

It is an A ranked subjugation request. That explains why he was so strong.

“Hee, so there is such a criminal?”

“There is. There’s a group, however it is not in 【Hector】, that is made up of those chased out of the country called 【Shadow Wing Brigade 】 . The common name of the thief gang is ‘Black Wing.’ They seem to have less than ten people, but everyone is brutal, and they are a brilliant and furious group. Aren’t they rumored to be one of the strongest dark guilds?”

Then, country…how about that?

In the condition of being rampant…or is it war?

They may have no resources to spare as a country.

“…Judging from the name, they seem strong.”

Quiche’s C cup breasts shake as she nods to Cherry’s information, she answers while drinking liquor.

“…Aah, I’ve head of those guys too. They run wild in their territory in 【Osberia Kingdom】 focusing around 【Burdock Mountain】 and 【Tandart Mine City】. They have a lot of master martial artists.”

Like this an H discussion swells in the bar, feeling good along the way. The conversation is mixed with dirty jokes and we laugh like that and thus we keep talking while we drink.

“Hiku, Shu, Shuuya, the liquor here, too strong…”

“I have a constitution like that. Are you all right?”

“Imokay, ahahaha.”

She bites her tongue while she is talking…the barmaid gulps down to alcohol…

“I, himo, can drink~~since it’s like that Shyuuya, drink, hiku.”

Quiche is drunk and humming strange things.

Her well-shaped breasts press from the table, and naked like that she raises her head.

While looking at such a seductive figure, I am curious about her equipment.

“Soon the inn…Rollo, let’s go back.”


Rollo seems to have detected to pheromones of men and women and her whiskers twitch a little.

A flehmen response…huh. Sorry, Rollo-san.

“L, limit. Sleepy. Here, ne.”

“Quiche, sleeping is no good nyau.”

Quiche is talking sleepily.

It is completely because of the intense H and the liquor.

“Ahu, I’ll go back. Cherry, I entrust Quiche to you.”

“I got it.”

Cherry is unsteady too, I but I entrust Quiche to her and leave the bar.

When I walk outside I see that it is already near morning.



Chapter 37: First Party ※


Early in the morning a lone person walks down a back street.
A rooster is crowing.
However, when I arrive at the main street facing the guild, I see the traffic. There are big horse-drawn carriages and travelers. Merchants are pulling carts and adventurers are passing as well.
It doesn’t matter if it is day or night here, it really is a big city.
After walking some more I finally return to the cheap inn.
Placing the black cat on my shoulder, I quickly go into the door-less room in the back.
Now that I am back I should take a bath.
I use life magic to pour hot water into the tub next to the bed.
I am reluctant to part from the smell but I should bathe.
I finish properly washing my body and soak in the hot water.
-Phew, I take a breather.
Rollo soaks comfortably in the bath with me.
I wash her with gyuza grass then I scrub and massage her paw pads.
“Nyaa, Nyaa
She gets angry, but I forcibly wash her body until she is clean.
Eventually Rollo escapes from the tub and shakes her body like a dog, splashing water around the room.
After I dry Rollo off with leather she immediately escapes outside.
Aah, I washed her so carefully…
Maa, it should be fine though..
I dry my own body off and put on some cheap everyday wear and then like that I dive into bed.
I use my arms as a pillow and while staring at the ceiling, time passes dreamily.
I should look for a request in the guild today.
I can easily move around with the metastasis formation.
Ah, speaking of metastasis formation, receptionist-san told me about Kuna-san. They are the magic user with the space-time attribute and a shop.
After resting maybe, I should go to Kuna-san’s shop.
But first, Status.
Status Window
Name: Shuya Kagari Title: Divine Beast Contractor
Age: 22 Race: Rusivault
Battle Occupation:

Dark Magic Spearman: Chain User

Condition: Excited
Physical Strength 19.0→19.1 Agility 19.9
Stamina 18.0 Mana 23.0
Dexterity 18.0→18.1 Spirit 23.4
Luck 11.0
Skill Status
Acquired Skills:

<Throwing>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>:<Hidden Body>:

<Night Vision>:<Smell Secretion Technique>:

<Blood Banquet>:<Thrusting>:<Meditation>:

<Magic Beast Riding>:<Life Magic>:<Guidance Moji>:

<Fighting Moji>:<Magic Thought Guidance Hand>:

<Fairy Moji>:<Summoning Magic>:<Ancient Magic>:

<Crest Magic>:<Dark Drill>:

<Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear>

Permanent Skills:

<Power of True Ancestor>:<Natural Demon Ability>:

<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Soul Sucking>:<Undying>:

<Darkness Person Adaptation>:<Blood Magic>:

<Head of Household>:<Super Light Brain Buff Intuition>:

<Fighting Moji Knowledge>:<Guidance Moji Knowledge>:

<Spear Sparring>:<Thought Guidance Chain>:

<Magic Crest Construction>

Extra Skills:

<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:

<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>


As always, I wake up early in the morning.
After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I slap my face and get myself fired up.
I get dressed in my equipment and leather clothes then I fix my hair despite there being no mirror. I then leave the inn like Rollo.
I understand the general location of Kuna’s shop, but I might get lost so I leave hurriedly.
Wandering about I explore the city.
Then crossing the street and after traversing several byroads I arrive on a wide plot.
A horse enclosure surrounded by a fence.
There is a curtain of various sized tents on the plot and there are horse traders with bad expressions. They are looking at the horses, magic beasts and other riding steeds that are being sold.
Speaking of magic beasts, I left the popobumu at the guild.
I should go visit it.
The horse fence leads to the upper right corner in a circle.
As I walk next to the fence Rollo jumps on top of the small fence and dexterously walks along the bobbing rope like she is walking a tightrope.
I pay careful attention to Rollo. (TL: D’aw, he’s worried about her.) I was going to say something, but then a conspicuous magic beast standing along the wall catches my attention and I stop.
Is that a griffon?
It has a big brown beak and wonderful bushy feathers.
The brown feathers continue over the head and mix with white downy feathers at its chest.
Oh, it spread its wings. It is a cute gesture. (TL: Aren’t griffons meant to be intimidating? Shuya has weird tastes. Like peeing cats.)
Its wings are milky white and they have beautiful horizontal stripes.
Its neck, chest and the lower parts of its body are covered in brown fur and thick with muscles.
It really is a griffon. If I can fly through the sky while being buried amongst such soft looking feathers on its back… how much fun would that be?
Oto, it has two dinosaur type legs so this one looks like an ostrich type.
It is a magic beast that appears in a certain fantasy game from Japan.[ED: Final Fantasy-> Chocobo.]
There are various magic beast mounts so a dragon rider may exist too.
I can see some big building to the right of the fence.
There is also a signboard on the front of the building “Present Magic Beast Firm.” So they are a firm that deals in magic beasts…
Now then, Kuna’s shop is this way.
I gently grab Rollo by her scruff and move her to my shoulder.
Then I begin to move away from the magic beast fence and go to the left.
Kuna’s shop should be around here… Oh, here. A signboard. Kuna’s Magic Tool Shop.
Is that thorny whip actually a thorned tail? The wooden signboard has a mark like that carved into it.
There are two large men wearing leather armor standing on either side of the magic tool store like guards, looking around the area with severe eyes.
It is early in the morning but the shop seems to be open.
There is a magic essence reaction coming from the magic tool shop.
Other than common people, there is an extremely large magic essence reaction.
I also get a reaction with Pheromone Touch.
N…there is a woman, but it is a little different… why is that?
I do not understand it, but it cannot be helped even if I worry about it.
I continue to this side and stealthily look inside to see their figure.
The men standing on either side of the store are glaring at me threateningly, but I ignore their looks and check the interior of the shop.
Inside I see the back of a woman with beautiful fair blond hair.
There is a large staff on her back attached with metal fittings to a belt slung over her chest.
The woman is writing a letter with a quill pen on a desk.
I check again with magic observing eye.
This woman’s magic essence is big.
The magic essence is spreading out from inside her robe.
As I am staring at the woman’s back inside the store, the woman turns around with a smile, and approaches.
“Eto, are you Kuna, the magic user with the space-time attribute?”
“That’s correct,” they replied with a monotonous voice.
This woman is Kuna-san? She is a cute beautiful woman.
She is inside the shop, but her long golden hair shines like gold silk.
Quite a mysterious beauty.
Her hair is pushed back behind her ears, emphasizing her small lovely ears.
Thus, I follow her thinly drawn golden eyebrows. The pupils of her almond eyes are yellow, and her nostrils spread out cutely from the bridge of her nose.
Red lipstick shines on her small lips. (TL: Shuya has yet to meet a woman without small lips.) [ED: It is more likely the author’s personal tastes.]
She has a beauty mark to the lower right of her lips that gives of a slight devil-like impression.
“…Thanks, I am an adventurer.”
Kuna turns a smile to the mewing.
“Ara, an adventurer accompanied by a cute cat is rare. However, rather than out here, why don’t you enter the shop?”
“Ah, yes.”
At that moment, Kuna sends a sharp look to the men on both sides of the shop.
The two guards of the shop that receive those eyes lower their heads with a feeling of “understood” in silence.
The rugged pair turn to face a different direction as if nothing had happened.
Was there some kind of eye contact?
I enter to shop while suspecting Kuna’s behavior.
“Now then, how can I help you?”
“Eeh, I am looking for some magic tools.”
Then, do Kuna-san’s eyes shine?
Looking at those eyes carefully, did the shape of Kuna-san’s pupils change?
It might be my imagination…
“There are a lot of things. There is a ‘recovery pill’ with a higher recovery effect than the healing potions sold in more common shops. There is also a high-quality expensive ‘Mana Amplification Medicine” that won’t lose out to smoking. There is also a high purity mana restoration ririumu potion in stock. There is a ‘illusion perfume’ magic scroll that blunts the movements of demons with low intelligence. There are also other useful ones for dungeon capture.”
Kuna-san emphasizes and explains the popular items.
The atmosphere of a magic-related store.
“…There are a lot.”
“Of course. Even though I look like this I am also an adventurer. Also because I have good connections I am confident is the selection of goods. There is actually more to the collection. However, there are things not placed in the front of the store because they are too high-quality.”
“I see, I would like to look at some goods now.”
“Yes, thank you.”
Her bewitching smile is good.
This is a woman that seems to be popular.
I am nearly drawn in by her smile, but I look at the magic tools for sale.
While I am looking, I find an item called the return stone.
The stone seems limited to the 【Magic Labyrinth Sabido Kentsiru】. The moment you pour mana into the stone ball, the curious item seems to return one to the entrance of the magic labyrinth.
It seems usable without the space-time attribute.
Considering its function, it is a bargain at five large copper coins.
In addition, here is a rock jar using lorainto ore from 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 on sale.
The price is appropriate for the lorainto ore only gathered in 【Labyrinth City Pernette】. Its price is high at two gold coins for a single bottle.
However, it seems to be heat insulated.
It will be necessary for challenging the labyrinths and it will hold a considerable amount if I pour blood into it.
It really is a magic bottle so I will buy two of these.
It is a change from the leather water skin and then, I buy two of the curious return balls.
“Ano, I will take this and that.”
I pay the money and receive the items.
Kuna-san’s cold hands touch mine on this occasion.
Kuna-san seems surprised when she touches my hand, and she shows a candid reaction like that. After that she motionlessly stares at my hand… she stops moving.
“N? What happened?”
She reacted when she touched my hand…
“Ah, n- no, it’s sudden but would you tell me your name?”
What is wrong? Ma, I can tell her my name.
“…My name, is Shuya Kagari.”
“Is that so. Did Shuya-san buy the ‘Return Stone Ball’ intending the challenge the magic labyrinth?”
“Yes. I’m thinking I would like to challenge it.”
The moment she hears my words, Kuna puts on a bewitching smile that exerts a chill, and dimples appear on her cheeks.
This…I am almost drawn in by her indescribable beauty.
“Then, would you like to challenge to magic labyrinth together?” [ED: Trap card activated…]
Kuna’s red lips move and sugared words fall on my ear like an incantation.
I am suddenly chased after by her pursed lips.
“I’m okay with it, but will Kuna-san’s shop be all right?”
“I’m all right. The two people out front will deal with any customers that come. Besides, I said so earlier too, despite appearances I am a B ranked adventurer. I intend to go to the magic labyrinth today at noon.”
B rank…
Kuna-san’s bewitching atmosphere from earlier gradually softens. She soon returns to the slight devil-like impression.
My sixth sense aches. There is “something” about this Kuna.
I check again with magic observing eye.
She is not wearing fighting moji, but enormous magic essence is leaking out of the indigo robe.
The leaking magic essence seems to be swelling up…she does not seem to be an ordinary person.
“…I get it. I tend to be solo but more accurately speaking, my partner is Rollodinu. This one is Rollo for short…is that fine?”
“Yeah, it’s fine. I’ll be in your care, Rollo-chan.”
The black cat cries to say 『I’ll be in nyour care!』 and raising a leg she claps my shoulder with a *pon*
“Fufu, did you answer? Kawaiii!”
Kuna-san seems to be happy and in high spirits.
My tension rises.
A party with another adventurer.
This is my first PT.
Just to be safe, for now I will ask about it.
“By the way, I…this is my first time in the magic labyrinth, is that okay?”
Kuna-san nods strongly.
“It’s fine. I’m used to being solo, so I will “guide” you through the magic labyrinth personally.”
Removing the large staff from her back and bringing it in front of her with a *zun*. Kuna-san then extends the large staff out in front of herself.
“My battle occupation is a higher magic job called ‘Magician of the Dark Path,’ so rest easy, leave it to me.”
A higher job.
And leaving it to someone else…she is saying to let her be the vanguard.
It seems questionable, but…Ma, it is good she is confident in herself.
“…I understand. So then, how soon do you want to go to the magic labyrinth?”
“Any time is all right. We can even go right now.”
Spirited words. She is even winking.
Kuna-san is getting things in order with a smile and then looks at a strong door inside the shop.
After she locks the door she spins around and walks away from the shop smiling, without looking back.
I follow Kuna’s retreating figure.
When Kuna-san leaves the shop, she raises her small beautiful hands from her indigo mantle and dexterously spins the large staff as she holds it to the sky.
Raising her arms, a narrow line splits from the robe.. The indigo robe is split to the left and right along the breast, so the thin line appears and disappears from her full chest.
Her style is good.
She is wearing a sleeveless shirt under her robe and below she is wearing a tight mini skirt.
The black thigh-high socks are sexy and moreover, they look good with the yellow boots.
Noticing my look, Kuna-san winks at me again.
Oi, this is normal for a man, it is the feeling of recklessly going to a specialized shop.
“Fufu, Shuya-kun, your eyes are lewd.”
“Aah, uh, sorry…it’s because your thighs are plump.”
“Hahaha, straight to the point. Shuya-kun is interesting!”
Closing my eyes, I ask a question to divert her while scratching my head.
“Haha, well then, should we go to the guild?”
“…Yeah, let’s.”
She responds lightly to my words.
Kuna-san’s almond eyes turn to her store.
Is there something in the shop? Or, is she looking at the men guarding the shop?
While having such thoughts, I talk about something else.
“…Kuna-san. What do other party members do?”
“Eh, yeah, um. Okay, okay. You don’t need to be so serious. There’s no need to attach ‘san’ to my name so you can talk casually.”
“…Got it. Kuna. You can call me either Shuya or Kagari. No need to add to ‘kun.’”
Kuna makes a cute dimpled smile at my words.
“Fufu, fine, fine. Shuya.”
Like this, I go to the guild with the beautiful magician Kuna with a date-like atmosphere.
I head to the board to choose a request from the guild.
I choose with Kuna and select a request.
Kuna seems to know a lot about the magic labyrinth.
I am called a D ranked adventurer; so I consider the choices for the requests to choose.
I will do something amiable, dangerous so I might fall in love.
And so I choose such a request.

Client: Present Magic Beast Firm

Difficulty: Rank C

Request Contents: Subjugation “Hoguts”

Subjugation Target: Five Hoguts.

Time Period: Indefinite

Home Area: First floor of Magic Labyrinth~

Reward: One Gold Coin.

Proof of Subjugation: Red Tail

Precaution: Uses metal armor and claw like weapon, Intelligent to some extent.

Note: Ordinary soldier-like existence in labyrinth. Confirmed large presence on first and second floor. May have magic stone located in heart.


However, Kuna has an amazed look when I choose the request.

The adventures in the area are being noisy…

Kuna’s golden hair, her cute face, and her outstanding figure.

These will make her popular.

From this “situation” I can guess she is an idol-like existence in the guild.

I do not need to hide that she is a beautiful woman. I also said so.

Nuo? It seems somewhat different.

These guys…they are looking at me with harsh glares.

They are way past jealousy and are leaking blood lust.

I cannot distinguish it with pheromone touch or presence detection, but the blood lust and jealousy mingling in these guys’ eyes is scary.

“Shuya, how about this next?”

Such as Kuna’s eyes show no concern at all.

She seems to be looking for the request without minding it, she is pointing at the board


Client: Present Magic Beast Firm Difficulty: Rank B
Request Contents: Subjugation “Godo” Subjugation Target: One Godo.
Time Period: Indefinite Home Area: Below Magic Labyrinth Fourth Floor.
Reward: Five Gold Coins. Proof of Subjugation: Oblong head with magic formation tattoo on the back.
Precautions: It is an existence with low intelligence but one must be careful because they have great physical strength. It can attack with a different weapon in each of its four hands so it can be a threat to adventurers.
Note: Having a characteristic split oblong skull, a distorted mouth exists on the chest between the head. It has a big body and four arms.


The reward for one is five gold coins.

“This, B rank…”

“I will be there so don’t worry.”

“Got it.”

I respond shortly and look around the area.

“You shouldn’t worry about the looks around you. It is only a party of two for now.”

Seeing my worry Kuna wags her finger in a “non-non” gesture and makes her face look a little upset.

Her face is cute and impish.

“Aah, sorry. I’m not used to being watched.”

“Right. Don’t worry about it-“

While Kuna talks their eyes return to being gentle.

She sends cold eyes to the people making noise.

Then, it became quiet.

Ooh, the impression of a cool beauty.

“These two requests. -Let’s go to the reception desk.”

Saying so, she turns around as if nothing happened.

A sweet expression.

Are those men attracted by the gap?

The gap in her expression is excellent.

I chase after the retreating figure of Kuna while thinking such a thing.

The person in charge of the reception desk is not receptionist-san but the middle-aged man.

I submit the wooden tag for the request and my guild card to the middle-aged man.

The older man seems to be an acquaintance of Kuna and they talk familiarly.

“The ‘usual’ party name is fine.”

Kuna says while winking at the reception oyaji.

“Understood. Then I will register it as 【Stinging Thorn】. Place your hand on the crystal ball.”

Kuna-san puts her hand on the crystal ball.

The older man turns to me.

“You place your hand on the crystal ball too.”


Placing my hand as I am told, the crystal ball reacts and glows.

“You may remove your hand.”

He says so and I remove my hand, then Kuna also removes her hand from the crystal ball.

“With this, your party request is completed. Please take care of each other?”

The request acceptance is completed like this.

My guild card is returned and I check it.

Name: Shuya Kagari Title: N/A
Age:22 Race: Human
Occupation: D Rank Adventurer Affiliation: N/A
Battle Occupation: Spear Officer: Chain User Completed Requests: Five

“Let’s go, Shuya.”




My first party.

Everything is indicated on the card, but there is nothing like an ally’s HP bar.

Does that mean anything…

“I’m a little curious, is there some significance to uniting as a party?”

“That’s a weird question. Of course, there is a meaning to it. It is recorded when people join as a party by the guild’s magic crystal. A party box can be used and then, developing from a party they can confirm they can trust one another before being invited to a clan. Later, what if there is a monster with a + ranking?”

Fumu. There surely were some in the requests.

“That’s right.”

“That is the meaning for promoting a party. So, it is natural that adventurers unite plus it may be required to form a party depending on the request. Besides, magic users also only give special support magic to party members. That way they can give priority to using their magic on their party members.”

“Heeh, there is such an effect, also another question, what about that party name you chose earlier?”

Kuna’s eyebrows twitch.

“Aah, sorry. I worried you, that is the party name I use when I team up with someone. Do you hate it?”

“No, I don’t dislike it particularly.”

To my few questions, Kuna acquire reddish splotches and answers as if displeased.

“So, you don’t mind it particularly. And then, a party sometimes isn’t formed depending on the request. Such as guard requests, emergency requests, and non-search area exploration. It is different if the quest is received together as a clan.”

“Thank you, I didn’t know.”

“Saa, it’s fine. This way, this way.”

Kuna’s face is tired from the explanation and begins to walk briskly.

We wait in front of the 【Magic Labyrinth Sabido Kentsiru】 gate installed in the labyrinth.

The metastasis formations installed for the 【Vallaida Insect Shrine】 and 【Greater Peru Heka Rain】 are nearby as well. There are adventurers appearing and disappearing from the magic formations one after another.

I take the wooden explanation tag of the labyrinth like the other day and read it.


【Magic Labyrinth Sabido Kentsiru】

This labyrinth is said to have been created by a demonic being.

The labyrinth extends deep underground. Magic beings and ghost type monsters occur inside.

The master of the labyrinth is Sabido Kentsiru, as it is name.

Their strength is estimated to be between A+ ~ S++. They are intelligent and their combat ability is also high.

Most adventurers who meet and fight the monster are defeated and do not return.



“-Shuya, even if you read it it’s useless. Let’s go ahead.”


With a bored expression Kuna quickly enters the magic formation and disappears.


“There’s no need to hurry, then, we should go too.”




With Rollo on my shoulder, I follow Kuna and step foot into the magic formation going to 【Magic Labyrinth Sabido Kentsiru】.



Chapter 38: Magic Labyrinth Sabido Kents


Just after the transfer finishes there is a *bua* in my ear.
The change in atmospheric pressure makes it feel like my ears are full of air.
However, such a thing is overwhelmed by the scene around me.
There is a great number of adventurers.
Humans wearing strong looking heavy armor.
A tiger beastman wearing black leather armor with a big sword strapped to his back.
The strong looking adventurers have gathered in the open space. They are welcoming the adventurers who are appearing from the transfer formation. There are groups that are working out strategies. Although there is fighting and quarreling happening, they are laughing as well. Scenes like this are all around.
The noise is loud…so many people.
There are several merchant stalls too.
Wao, there are places to eat too…
A photosphere of magic floats around the heads passing adventurers. This combined with the torches and lanterns it becomes a very bright space.
It lacks the feeling of a labyrinth and has the feeling of looking at some big surface market.
Rollo reacts to the smell of the food drifting from the stalls. Her nose is twitching as she sniffs and she reaches out a leg.
Moreover, there is a sound of the adventurers’ armor rubbing together and I look around the area restlessly.
This place looks like a gathering and rest zone before entering the labyrinth.
There are some big statues resembling gods on the far-off wall.
The statues of the gods give off the feeling of watching the brave adventurers advance into the labyrinth.
There are a lot people praying to the statues and I remember that I saw something similar in the Vallaida Insect Shrine.
As I am looking around like a newbie Kuna talks.
“…Shuya, please let me guide you. And then…”
Like that, she approaches and just like a sweet heart is kissing me on the cheek, she brings her face to my ear.
She smells good. She wearing a special perfume?
She whispers like that in my ear. “I know ‘various’ things about this magic labyrinth…so will leave it to me?”
This sexy appearance, it is no joke, she carries the feeling of a woman.
I answer shortly, and stare at Kuna who has a cute expression then I try to get a sense of the internal conditions.
Her words are confident, after all, as a B ranked adventurer she would know a lot about this labyrinth.
Nevertheless, her dimpled face is great and the beauty mark under her lips is seductive too.
Even if I try to understand my feelings and her face is cute. I end up thinking about other things but there is no helping it since I am a man.
To not respond to my gaze, Kuna extends the ring on her left hand.
The ring is made of silver and it is shaped like a level pyramid with lines forming triangles.
A light sphere like a soap bubble appears from the pyramids with a *nyuru*.
Rollo reacts immediately by turning her red eyes to the light sphere that suddenly appeared. Her pupils dilate, and she begins to stare at the glowing light sphere questioningly.
The floating light sphere seems to have caught her eye and she gets down from my shoulder to chase it.
Kuna moves the light sphere freely and begins to play with Rollo.
On her finger in addition to the silver pyramid ring that created the light sphere, there are several gaudy rings. There is also a bracelet and a chain wrapped around her wrist, jingling.
The rings and bracelet all contain mana.
I remember the ring Zoru had for a moment.
“…Fufu, are you interested in this? It is a magic tool that produces a sphere of light and it can be used without the light magic attribute, so it’s easy to use.”
“That ring is convenient.”
“Yeah, but let’s go now so follow me.” Kuna nods her head in satisfaction and starts to move to invite me.
We join the line of adventures going ahead and begin to walk down the cave passage.
However, in the middle of the passage we suddenly turn left.
Thinking we turned left, we then turn right and have now begun to advance along a small rocky path.
What kind of thing is this and why are we taking this snaking pathway? It is a different direction than the other adventurers are going.
We advance in a narrow space between rocks with no one else…
It is difficult to see on the small path due to the darkness.
Kuna has the light sphere lead us and brightly light up the small path. There is no helping it so I continue to follow her.
Despite me showing her such a questioning face, she walks indifferently along the small snaking path.
Sighing, I follow Kuna.
The rock is cold and there are places that cannot be passed unless I side step.
I turn left and right through the small passages and proceed through.
We advance through the maze-like cave and soon I no longer feel the sign of adventurers behind us. It then becomes only Kuna and I passing through.
Coming out of the small rock passage we appear in a large cavern where bats seem to have settled down in.
Rocks are scattered across the ground and there is a sunken crevice in ground that stands out. Still, it is a large space.
Kuna does not pause and walks to the right, but she then looks back as she walks.
“Beyond this point there is a passage. We’re going this way because if we went left there is a metastasis formation prepared by the labyrinth.”
“Yeah. it’s a little-known place. It connects to an easy hunting ground and there are few adventurers that know about this.”
A little-known spot. I see.
Are these what high ranked adventurers are like?
Maa, I would like to go if it is easy to hunt there.
However, it is too suspicious.
Is it a trap for newbie adventurers? For now, I should be careful.
Yet, I’m still going to check it out even if it is a trap and I would like to explore the magic labyrinth first.
And, above all Kuna is a beautiful woman, I would like to trust her. (TL: I wonder if she has a dick.) [ED: No comment.]
Kuna looks at me with a smile.
The surface of her eyes glitter yellow.
-Mysterious eyes.
“No, it’s nothing.”
“Strange~ this way.”
Kuna leads the way and as she said before there is a magic formation carved into the ground.
A metastasis formation created by the labyrinth…
“Beyond this point, monsters appear is ‘swarms’ so be careful.”
My turn.
“Then, should I enter first and be on guard?”
“No, I will go first.”
My manly words…are easily rejected.
Kuna smiles. “It isn’t necessary.” There is such a feeling.
My vanity is sticking out.
Like that, Kuna lifts her staff then steps into the magic formation and disappears.
Now then, I should go too.
Rollo- I move my eyes to the black cat.
“After we pass through the magic formation be wary of our surroundings.”
Nya cries as if to say 『Understood, Nya』
Like that, I step into the metastasis magic formation.
Soon after transporting. Just like the time I transferred from the guild there is a sensation of air clogging up my ears. I check my footing.
Oi, this is a bit different from the metastasis formation I stepped into?
The magic formation is a hexagram formation with a dark ominous color. And, there are huge lit candles set up at the six corners. (TL: Not the trap I was thinking, but still really trapish.)
Rather than metastasis, this is more like a magi formation for a ritual.
Along the outer edge of the magic formation but excluding the candle a thin transparent black film is visible.
The film encloses the outer edge of the magic formation and extends to the ceiling.
This film, possibly, is it a trap?
Have I been trapped?
With such impressions, I hear Kuna’s voice from inside.
“…Sabido-sama. I brought a good specimen.”
It is Kuna and she is higher up on a stone staircase.
Kuna has sunk to the floor on one knee and is lowering her head to a throne.
My eye naturally go to the creature sitting there.
Uhe, it is a big type of person, but…roughly a space creature. A boss-like character.
I confirm with magic observing eye.
Wow, magic essence is pouring out of the creature sitting on the throne like a raging river.
Kuna is too small compared to this guy.
Rugged dark red skin, a humanoid creature with six eyes.
Catapult like projections rise from his cheeks and shoulders, his muscles and frame swells, a great number of black like cut out and protrude from the middle…like gills, the lines are opening and closing.
Rough violet armor. This is Kuna’s boss.
It is different than what I expected, but…I have been betrayed.
“Kuna? What kind of thing is this?”
I speak in a weaker than normal voice and try to exit the magic formation.
However, I am blocked by the thin black wall and cannot exit.
Rollo tries to exit the black wall by jumping through it, but she hits the wall and bounces off.
Kuna stands up and turns cold eyes to us.
All too soon, Kuna casts off the dark blue robe.
Yet, there is still the stone return ball I bought from Kuna…
Can I return if I use this?
“It’s regrettable, but can the stone ball of return not be used here?”
She talks as if reading my thoughts.
After all, the stone ball can’t be used here so things will not be that easy.
“…However, you. Baka, coming so willingly… after this, will you work so hard to be useful to Sabido? I think you will become a good specimen and a splendid guinea pig.”
…Maa, I guess I will act like I have been deceived.
“Specimen! Bullshit.”
“It’s no use even if you act tough? As I said before you can’t use the stone ball of return in my black prison crest magic. You can never exit unless I dismiss it. Puu, obediently follow your instructions.”
She has a cute face, but it looks disgusting.
Oi, then I should docilely obey because I cannot get out.
However, this magic formation carved into the floor, it is called dark magic.
I am a darkness attribute holder, so I may be able to interfere with it…
However, I should not struggle in this place.
If I resist and cannot get out, then I will be shut in.
“…I should obey your instructions?”
“Ara? You’re obedient…”
Then, the stiff-shouldered creature sitting on the throne speaks for the first time.
“Kuna. This one looks ‘merely human,’ but…”
This guy is the boss of the demonic being. A deep resounding voice.
The difference in the voice, the difference in the dignity it totally incompatible with what I felt from Kuna.
“Sabido-sama. It surely looks like a normal human, but I touched this one and the quality of the magic essence in his body was enormous. I didn’t notice at first because he doesn’t seem to leave magic essence for some reason. But, in addition the human I brought…He has an ancient magic tool ‘ring’ equipped that Sabido-sama once gave to the ‘Magician Zoru Gustave.’”
When the man on the throne hears Kuna’s words,
“Hou, a magician then. It’s stupid to be pleased by a second-hand magic tool, since he has it…did he kill him? N? Aah, it’s such a thing. The reason Mize the bone wings did not return…”
Sabido was leaning on the arm of the throne but as he talks he rises from the throne.
Despite his large build his heavy armor like skin, he steps lightly.
Because of his abnormally swelling shoulders he gives off a powerful aura several times that of an American football player.
His whole body is wrapped in a fleshy meat shell that is reinforced with a dark purple exoskeleton that extends to his ankles.
The armor looks hard.
A black mantle bordered in purple shimmers behind him.
Sabido walks with a light pace and he stops in front of Kuna.
“Kuna. You who has a superior observing eye skill did not notice at first glance? Maa, this is the human that killed Mize. It may be natural, but…”
Sabido talks while looking this way.
“Fumu. With such enormous magic essence, it will be good food for the labyrinth… Rivguraf-sama will certainly be pleased as well.” (TL: Rivguraf mentioned in chapter 10.)
Kuna speaks deferential to Sabido and her face blushes vermillion as she falls silent.
Then, Kuna’s form gradually changes.
Uhaaaa, she is changing.
Her clothes are torn to small pieces and her cute mouth stretches to the sides. She grows taller and her skin also takes on a purple hue. The change finishes with her skin split like scale armor.
It finished…
A “pointed tail” grows from her lower back and for some reason, she is wearing red high-heals.
Her final figure is stinging.
After all, Kuna was a demonic being.
Having an impish beautiful woman transform into a fiendish witch with a heavy metallic heinous atmosphere.
Her dimples do conceal her various defects…
When I stare at the figure of the completely changed Kuna she stares back at me and her mouth splits into a smile when she notices my gaze.
“That’s right. My race isn’t human. I am a Demonic Being Kushanan.”
Demonic Being Kushanan. There are a lot of different demonic beings.
Is this woman the human Zoru got mixed up with in his diary?
At that time, Sabido begins to talk.
“Kuna, that man is the only thing today?”
“Is that so? Although it is a lot of mana, it’s unexpected of you. Well then, return to work.”
“And then, Kuna. That man is one who killed a demonic being, Mize of the bone wings. Do not neglect caution. Just to be safe, you may even enter the prison.”
“Ha, understood.
Two of Sabido’s six large eyes move *gyorori*, and glares at me. He turns on his heel and disappears behind the throne.
Kuna’s footstep resound steadily as she shakes the hips of her scaly buttock and comes down from the stone staircase, approaching me.
Uhaa, her cute face… (TL: DAMNIT SHUYA.)[ED: What an annoying horny child.]
She transformed so she has a monstrous mouth that contradicts her cute womanly feeling…
“As Sabido-sama said, I will lead you. Fufu, Shuya-kun, you’re looking at me so strongly, perhaps, you fell in love with me?”
That is not the case.
Maybe as a Human, but I do not know about after she transformed.
However, I think it’s unreasonable…my eyes, are special. Fufu. I caught you with these < Perplexing Star Magic Eyes> “
Something is being misunderstood…
Magic Eyes?
I think they do not work on me…
They might be the reason why Kuna’s eyes changed to look like demonic eyes before.
It seems that her magic eyes shine yellow.
I might as well “appear” charmed.
“That’s right. So, I will not return to the surface?”
“Ahaha, tooo baaaad, it’s impossible. Well, please put the luggage n your back down as well as your weapon and include the stone ball of return you received. …And then, cross both hands behind your back, turn around, and restrict both legs of the black cat too.”
Kuna smiles happily as she talks and activates the crest magic.
Oh, mana is collecting on her finger tip. Looking closely…I study it.
There is such a sign too…
“Hora, don’t look here, turn around.”
I quietly obey Kuna’s instructions.
I cross both hands behind my back and turn around.
Then, something is tightly fitting around both of my wrists.
Rollo is restricted to, and a small dark hued restrain is stuck to her legs so she falls to the floor.
It is dark magic. I may be able to remove it with force…
“With this, it is good. Just go down the right passage.
Kuna releases the magic from the magic formation on the floor.
The dark membrane disappears with a *suu.*
“Ah, the sword on your lower back is a problem-“
Kuna pulls the kukri sword I got from Shisho from my lower back.
She throws it far away. It flies forcefully.
“What will you do to Rollo?”
“I’ll carry her.”
Rollo opens her mouth in a threatening manner and goes to extend a feeler.
“Rollo. Stop.”
Rollo raises a questioning sound, but she obeys my command and falls quiet.
“Fufu, good quite cat. Saa, good, human man! Go.”
Kuna takes Rollo by the scruff, and yelling out the last word, she kicks- hitting me in the lower back.
Itee, I say so several times.
This woman with the gaping mouth, Kuna is a demonic being. She kicks me many times.
The feeling of being kicked with the bottom of the heel.
Is she a queen? Am I an M?
Patience is called the treasure of life; my identity is falling apart.
This person, if I get free later I will kill her… though I am starting to let out a little blood lust, I endure it and am made to walk through the labyrinth.
Since I am not blind folded I am able to freely look about the magic labyrinth.
We go down the stairs to the right of the throne and then head right.
I will remember the path now.
A white gas smelling of gold gushes out of irregular slits from the walls on both sides. Liquid runs through the grooves on the passage shining with a dazzling phosphorescent like.
Subordinate monsters of Sabido are “swarming” through the eerie passage.
-These are demonic beings.
I discover strange monsters amongst them.
There is a strange monster with countless arms and heads gather together in one lump of flesh.
With the head growing from the palms, the face wriggle like they are alive. Then it moves with a rustling sound and the hands beneath the necks crawl across the ground.
Is this a horror film?…
The next demonic being is the one Kuna chose properly.
It is holding claw like blades in both hands. If I am not mistaken, its name a Hoguts, it is C ranked.
The back of its head is long and sharp.
It is like a youkai…
Its head with its long back has a beast face like a tiger and a fox.
There are three layers of iron helmets to protect the back of its head, the iron helmets hang down its back.
It is soldier like equipment. Their individual body heights seem different.
Generally, they are around two meters, their bodies are also equipped with iron half mail.
I see the long red tail on the lower part of its body that is used as subjugation evidence.
As Kuna and I pass, the Hoguts bow their heads in greeting to Kuna, and we move to a corner of the passage.
They seem to have some level of intelligence.
Other monsters show no reaction to Kuna and climb along the walls to lick the liquid from the wall, behaving strangely.
There is also a monster made of multiple snakes.
Several snakes’ eyes look at me like I am food.
As we pass through passages with such monsters a strong sour odor rises.
I stop when Kuna shouts.
It stinks. A prison.
In front of such a bad smelling prison, a monster-like gatekeeper stands.
Moreover, it is the monster of the request.
This strong fellow is called a Godo. It is a B rank.
Its body is around three to five meters. Huge with four arms.
Its only weapon is a long metal rod.
It has two rectangular heads.
Nevertheless…it is too strange.
Its eyes are also long thin diamonds; I cannot image how it sees the world.
The mouth is uniquely crafted too.
Between its two long heads is has a wide vertical mouth tearing its chest open down the middle.
The mouth contains sharp shark-like teeth and a long green tongue grows out of it between the two heads.
“Guna-samaa, are you here on business, dzugaa?
“That’s right. This prison- it is foul as usual. You’re in the way, so get out of the room.”
Kuna waves her hand back an forth in a scolding manner, tell it to leave.
The Godo calmly bows its two heads to Kuna.
With heavy footsteps, it leaves the prison room.
Just right.
I am going to kill this wide mouthed Kuna woman, but I would hate to fight such a large enemy like a Godo at the same time.
While chuckling, I walk along to prison passage.
When I turn right on the passage there are multiple young children rooms.
When I approach the room the smell doubles.
My smile suddenly disappears at such a room and I grimace.
I look at the big jail room in the center.
There seems to be a pool where fluorescent water is stagnating.
N? A wave?
…Somehow, it seems like that pool, there seems to be someone-ite!
“Hore, ero Shuya, this way! Go quickly!”
-I am kicked again.
Almost, I nearly lose my temper, but, ma, I am ero. [ED: I am losing faith in this novel and author.]
After being kicked over and over, I show a *mu* face for a moment, and look back.
“What is it? With such an angry face, do you want to be kicked more?”
Uhaa, she must be an S and her lips are split open dangerously.
Because her mouth is split open to near her eyes, whenever she talks a crumpling sound is made.
Making a *kuchya-kuchya* sound like an oji-san, then becoming like a crying auntie.
Without saying things that would only aggravate Kuna, I take an interest in her strange mouth…I endure the desire to laugh.
I turn back around and immediately walk to the prison.
The prison room…dark, dirty, smells bad, three important requisites.
The winkles on my forehead unintentionally increase.
Filthy black water stagnates in a ditch on the floor, stimulating the disgusting smell.
“Hora, don’t look around, get it.”
I am kicked in the back again, and enter the dark prison as I am prompted.
The black cat is thrown by the scruff of her neck.
The Rollo that hits the floor is angry…
Later, I will let her hunt freely.
“Impertinent cat, howling.”
While Kuna says that, she touches a round decoration on the bracelet of her right arm and mutters “open.”
It seems…did her left hand disappear for a moment?
No, a light green window is created by the circular decoration.
She touched the window with a finger like selecting a menu. That moment, a ring of keys slowly appears from the window. Kuna smiles and pics up the ring of keys.
What? That bracelet…
“Oi, are you curious? Fufu, staring so earnestly, it’s cute. This article is related to such ancient legends. Would you like to know?”
I nod, ahuh.
“Being obedient is good. I will tell you specially. This bracelet…I bought it in the “underground auction” held in Pernette at the end of last year and I spent my entire fortune to get this. Back then I was told it was an item made by the labyrinth city, but the specifics are unclear. Per appraisal, it seems to be gem that was made so long ago in the ancient days when the 【Empire of Dawn】 prospered. It was explained as one of the great treasure artifacts.
Hoo, underground auction…ancient treasure.
“Even though I thought the explanation was a lie, when I looked at this gem, my entire body got goose bumps. Ancient romance? The sensation of not being able to comprehend something? I’ve already gotten wet! So, I bought it without being able to endure it. Even still, thanks to it several hundred white gold coins disappeared…so even if I have this, I am now poor. Therefore, I try to work hard like this, so that I can save up money again.”
He~is that so. Ma, it is an ordinary story.
“Such a thing…in the form of a bracelet, it doesn’t look like an ordinary bracelet.”
Kuna seems to have a passion for ancient items. The shining in her eyes is different.
I nod to her words many times…
“Oh well. I selfishly name it the ‘solar bracelet’, it seems to be an ordinary ‘item box” storage… Unlike other item boxes discovered in the labyrinth city, this bracelet is something that can only be used by a person with the space-time attribute. Also, even I don’t understand everything about this bracelet? It can’t be helped since I can’t read the characters. If I push a symbol than a strange character appears, yet I don’t understand it. Although I learned the method for inserting and removing the items. It’s mysterious, using it this way…”
It is an “Item Box.”
Ooooh, such a thing. Let’s steal it. I have decided.
“Ngaaaaaa, someone came?”
While I am staring at Kuna’s bracelet a stern voice resounds from a different prison cell.
Chapter 39: Item Box


“-Chi, that “rotting Dwarf” is still alive…well then, I’ll return soon.”
Kuna says so in a high-pitched voice and goes to lock the prison but when she extends her arm- I instantly move.
Activating that <skill> I store mana in both of my arms.
Fuuun, I forcibly break the black shackles binding my wrists.
A dull sound echoes-ite.
Because I broke it forcibly, some of the skin around is torn and I am bleeding.
Ma, since the wound heals immediately it does not matter.
I release Rollo’s feet.
In the small gaps on the black constraints, I store mana in my fingers and am careful to not hurt Rollo when I free her.
Kuna leaks a “eh” voice when my arms become free.
The key Kuna was holding falls to the floor.
With an expression of shock her body rises into the air as she lets out a small groan.
This happens because I activated the <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> skill.
With the <Distorted Mana Hand> I grasp Kuna’s body to crush her.
Her scaled arms twist in the vice and she bends into the く character.
The sound of an apple being crushed and an abnormal noise of meat being ground up echoes.
“H-how, u… gu-gatsu.”
Kuna’s tail hanging between her legs draws an arch as she mutters in pain, the tip extends out to my face.
I grab the tail with one hand and stop it.
Even though I crushed her chest to pieces she still counter attacked…
This stubbornness. As expected of a demonic being.
Moreover, there is a needle at the tip of the tail with a liquid dripping out.
Oi, this is poison.
“Kuna-san, it’s regrettable. I will return the favor from before. How about I tease you a little and then kill you?”
I strengthen the grip of the “distorted mana hand.”
I squeeze tighter.
The demonic being Kuna vomits purple blood from her mouth and her purple face is trembling.
I break Kuna’s needle tail and forcibly pull it.
Oh, yeah, does she have a soul?
I manipulate the <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> and bring the bloodly body of Kuna right in front of me.
I bring her face close so that Kuna’s eye bordered in black and purple meet mine.
I see her eyes clearly.
“Kuna…you tricked me. However, I did the same thing to you. I’m not human either.”
Kuna’s eyes dilate at my words.
“Didn’t you say ‘tooo baaaad’ to me?”
With a wicked smile, I give Kuna her last words.
Immediately I bury my face in the purple scruff of the transformed Kuna, and suck her blood.
Light begins to flow because of “soul sucking.”
I taste her soul. I unconsciously tremble with excitement at the exhilarating feeling.
That moment, Kuna the demonic being suddenly dries up.
Furthermore, large ten centimeter insects fall out of her upper body.
What? Did insects live inside Kuna’s neck?
The accessories Kuna wore fall to the ground with a metallic sound along with the insects and corpse.
The sound echoes.
Did that monster called a Godo come out?
However, its figure does not appear.
The metallic sound does not seem to reach outside the prison.
I do not have my favorite black spear so I am slightly uneasy.
Ma, I can only fight if it comes.
First, I should check the items Kuna wore.
I stoop down to the floor after treading on the insect husks strewn about.
I will start with her rings.
Three rings fell to the floor.
I can tell the rings are special because how they’re designed.
The rings that produced the light spheres is the triangular triforce.
I try it out and I try to put it on, but…
It is only big enough to fit on the tip of my ring finger…
Ma, I’ll force it on. Next is this bracelet.
The small sun-like crest symbol has a small depression in it.
I touch the crest symbol.
It does not react. I may need to equip it.
Saying that, I put it on my wrist. I reject my left wrist since that is where the chain ejects from.
So, I place it on my right wrist.
I place the bracelet on my right wrist.
Then, the metal bracelet suddenly tightens to fit my wrist.
Oo, its movements surpass shape memory alloy.
I touch the surface. There is still no reaction.
Kuna uttered a word while touching the surface with the opposite hand.
I will imitate her.
“Open.” (TL: Open is English.)
Uo, nearly instantly there is a reaction.
My left hand is drawn in. and a window appears from the sun disk.
The light green rhombus ◆ window, has a humanoid model, storage, and menus with that mark icon are displayed.
While looking under the character menus, the item column is displayed.

◆ : Person Symbol : Storage

Item Inventory 30 / 85

Intermediate Restoration Potion x155

Intermediate Mana Restoration Potion x110

High Class Restoration Potion x43

High Class Mana Restoration Potion x44

Gold Coin x25

Silver Coin x88

Ancient Magic Book Zohedron Trap x1

Large Staff of Moon Spirit Tree x1

Ax of the Ancient Adamantine Tree x1

Armor of the Ancient Adamantine Tree x1

Cuirass of the Ancient Adamantine Tree x1

Leg Guard of the Ancient Adamantine Tree x1

Arm Guard of the Ancient Adamantine Tree x1

Cursed Sword Bitou x1

Priest’s Necklace x1

Mana Amplification Potion x3

Dark Language Magic: Dark Wall x1

Dress of Dark Shadow x1

Stone Ball of Return x13

High Boots of Crimson Shark Leather x1

Magic Armrest of Lightning x1

Ring of Dusk x1

Notes of the Ancient King Permon x1

Petersen’s Passage Fragment x1

Socks of Varuda x5

Picture Scroll of Sebdola-kami x1

Ancient Writing Stone of the Dawn x3

Dark Crest Magic: Dark Shackles x1

Ronto Manuscript x1

Ten Wicked Pictures Shitatop x1

Various items are stored inside so I need to take some time to inspect this.
“Oooii, someone out there?”
While I was checking the items, I hear a deep voice from a neighboring prison cell.
He spoke out earlier.
I am interested in who is talking so I will go look.
I close the item bock, and head to the cell the voice is coming from after I pick the fallen key ring.
In the cell is a stagnating pool of shining fluorescent water.
The surface of the water is reflected on the ceiling, creating mysterious designs.
“I’m here, I’m the person who was going to go next to you.”
“What!? You were able to get out? Help me!”
“Leaving that aside, why are you imprisoned? Except…why is your room flooded with the oddly colored water?”
I hear a *basha* sound of slapping the surface of the water.
“Mm, that, question. Please take me from here! I am Henkai son of Richa of the Bundando clan of Langur Kingdom. My body may be like this, but I was called the Silken Commander Henkai. If you release me I will swear loyalty to you!”
Langur Kingdom, loyalty?
Saying strange things…like Silken Commander, I do not understand.
It is like the nuanced of a warring age, but…
“I don’t need your loyalty. I will help you even if you don’t say such a thing?”
“W-what, understand. Thank you. So, please. Help me!”
I cannot see his face from here, but since he is giving off the feeling of being driven into a corner I might as well help.
“Now then. I will help you, Henkai. Wait a moment.”
“Oooh, thank you.”
I fumble through the keys I took from Kuna while trying to find the one for the cell.
After trying several keys, a key finally slides in with a click.
Bingo. (TL: English)
I open the heavy iron door and enter the prison cell.
“Oi, is it safe to touch the pool of fluorescent water?”
“It’s fine. I’m fine as long as I don’t drink it. This is the extracted magic essence that has begun to mix with the magic jewels in the earth. I will get power if I drink it…but I will also suffer from magic essence poisoning…”
The extract reacts to the words immediately and begins to spread.
To begin with, what are the magic jewels in the earth?
“Please remove this collar first.”
Then, I look at the owner of the deep voice for the first time.
Are, he is very round…
That, his head is shaped like an onion.
The onion oyaji moves his neck and nods his head up and down.
His hair is long and unkempt…
A huge iron chain is binding his neck to the wall and his upper body is completely soaked in the fluorescent pool.
It looks painful. I must help him.
“…Got it, I’ll remove it.”
Rollo reacts to the strange glowing pool.
She goes to swipe at the surface of the water.
“Rollo, don’t play with this water, touching it is dangerous.”
Rollo approaches Henkai the onion head who is sunk into the pool.
It cannot be helped; I need to enter the pool.
There is a key hole on the right and left of the iron collar around Henkai’s neck so I search through the key ring for the right one.
The key that opened the prison does not work.
I try several keys until I find the right one.
Opening the lock with the key, I remove the huge chain.
“…Sorry. Will you also release my hand?”
“Yeah. wait a sec.”
I look at Henkai’s arms soaking in the pool.
The black tubes on both arms, no, the tentacle-like pipe extends into the pool and seem to be connect to the bottom.
As I look, something like a magic formation seems to be drawn on the bottom.
Steel restraints are binding both of Henkai’s hands.
This is strange.
This is a magic tool but it looks like a machine.
The pipe connected to the arms is torn in several places and fluorescent liquid is leaking from it. The steel handprint is firmly fixed to the floor.
The floor-
“What is it? Light?”
A part of the steel handprints restricting Henkai’s hands is shining.
The mysterious fluorescent liquid continues leaking from the black pipe.
It is not blood, this fluorescent color?
It seems like the magic formation connected to the steel handprint is absorbing Henkai’s magic essence.
The magic essence being absorbed from Henkai is what I saw flowing through the labyrinth.
While wondering, I insert the key and into the steel handprint covering his wrists and remove the shackles.
Furthermore, I pull out all the black pipes leading to his arms.
Uou, light.
I am surprised when I take out both of Henkai’s hands.
On the back of his hand is a geometric pattern with an octagonal jewel in the center of the design.
The jewel emits a yellow light.
With his hands freed, Henkai opens his dried lips.
“…This light. Isn’t it strange? That’s right. A magic jewel of the earth is imbedded in both my arms and stomach. This binding gauntlet is a special magic tool. The magic jewel reacts and absorbs magic essence so I was considered nourishment for the labyrinth…”
Continuously, Henkai looks at his palms while flexing his fingers, saying “At any rate, it has been so long since I have seen my hands…”
“My abdomen and feet are also bound.”
There is another iron plate with a magic formation winding around Henkai’s abdomen so I remove it.
“I will also unlock both of your feet.”
“Ooh, sorry. I am indebted-!?”
Henkai tries to stand up immediately and falls over.
“-Oi, don’t push yourself.”
I lend him my shoulder and pick him up from the edge of the pool.
I am surprised again when I see Henkai.
A dark gray jewel is imbedded in his abdomen, different from the shining light yellow jewels in his arms.
It is just below the navel.
Around the dark gray jewel, a geometric pattern like an electric circuit is cut into his skin with black lines, spreading up to his chest.
This is not normal by any standard.
This dwarf…
The light of the jewel in his abdomen has lost its light while the jewels connected to his arms are shining.
Totally abnormal.
Henkai begins to explain weakly while I look at the dark gray jewel.
“…It seems the power of the jewel was completely absorbed.”
He mentioned it early, but the power of the jewel?
…I will ask about it.
“What is it? That jewel?”
“Have you heard of the mysterious secret art of enchanting?”
“I have heard of enchanting, but at least…I have not seen a jewel connect to the hands and abdomen. This is a first.”
“Is that so…”
With a sinking face Henkai hangs his head.
Aah, crap. This guy is completely exhausted…
Judging from Henkai’s appearance he has completely run out of stamina.
I touch the bracelet with the sun symbol and say “Open.”
An item column is displayed and I immediately select the intermediate recovery potion from the list.
From the window the recovery potion bottle slowly appears.
“Drink this to recover.”
“Ooh, thanks. Then…”
Henkai quickly drinks it.
His haggard face is instantly restored.
The wounds in his arms fade and his build suddenly changes.
His muscles seem to have increased by an increment.
Oh, the Dwarf appearance has become slightly bigger, although the onion head and thick eyebrows do not change.
About the same as Zaga and Bon in Hector but slightly big for a Dwarf, as expected they are from the same race.
He is larger than Loirr from underground.
However, that high-class recovery potion, and to have such a valuable item box…are you a high ranked adventurer from labyrinth city? Or are you a noble of some kingdom?”
Then, Rollo looks at Henkai’s face to greet him.
“Nuo, a cat?”
“Aah, this fellow is something like my familiar. Her name is Rollodinu.”
Henkai seems weak to cats and his face is drawn.
“Is, is that so. And what is your name?”
“I am Shuya Kagari. You can call me either Shuya or Kagari as you like.”
“After all, you’re a noble. Then, Shuya. Thank you.”
“There’s no need for etiquette…besides, I’m just an adventurer, not a noble. I got the item box from a human that transformed into a demonic being after I killed them.”
When he hears me a single eyebrow twitches on Henkai’s face.
“Oi, that one who transformed themselves. Did you kill the Kushanan?”
He seems to know of it.
“…Yeah, I killed it.”
“-Is that so. I wanted to kill them myself…but it can’t be helped. I was fooled by that one too…my adamantine tree equipment was taken too, I was out numbered… How many years has it been?, I have been unconscious during my imprisonment…has the war ended yet?”
War? The war between Terramay and Samaria?
Or the war Osberia and that empire?
“War? That reminds me, I heard of some war between 【Osberia Kingdom】 and some empire…”
Hearing my words, Henkai’s eyebrows shoot up to the middle of his forehead.
He answers with a bewildered expression.
“What? That, Os-, I’ve never heard of that. Is it the large Befarittsu Empire of the Elves? The Dwarven Country…” (TL: Holy Shit he’s been down there for a long time.)[ED: My god he is ancient…]
Dwarven Country.
-That moment, the words of the “Exiled Dwarf” Loirr go through my head.
“…What kind of country is Henkai from, and what war was there?”
“I am from the Dwarven Country of 【Langur Kingdom】. I was called the Silken General Henkai who led the Black Thousand Men Company. We were at war with the 【Great Empire of Befarittsu 】 of the Elves.”
Great Empire of Befarittsu…
Come to think of it, Shisho told me about a war with such a country.
He said that a Dwarven Country disappeared 300 years ago leaving behind only the traces of an ancient battle field.
The Dwarf Loirr from the underground world talked about a Langur Empire…
Henkai called it the Dwarf Kingdom.
An Empire? Loirr was clear that there was a big war in the past against the surface a long time ago, he also said that communication was cut off.
Going by the name, I think it was also the Langur Country.
Over the years did it change from empire to kingdom…
On the map Shisho gave me there were no places called Great Empire of Befarittsu or Langur Country. It seems that the Dwarf country has disappeared from the surface.
This onion Dwarf has been imprisoned for a very exceedingly long time.
Maa, if I talk about the past that I know so little of things will only get more complicated, so I say nothing.
“…It’s bad, but I know of those two. If I had a map I would show you, but we should go back now instead.”
“…Is that so.”
Henkai becomes crestfallen and hangs his head.
Now then, on another note…
I have no weapon, so I should look for something that looks suitable.
I should try to look in that item box.
I mutter “Open” again, and the item list is displayed from the bracelet.
I remove the weapon like items from the item box one after another.
-The Cursed Sword, Bitou, Ax of the Adamantine Tree
When I take out the ax, Henkai reacts.
“Oooh, my weapon. Adamantine Tree.”
“Oh, that reminds, there were other adamantine tree items. Do you want this?”
“-Of course, but, is it okay?”
“It’s fine. This full adamantine tree set is Henkai’s. I’ll take it all out.”
Saying so, I remove the full adamantine tree set from the item box.
“Ooh, surely. This is it. You’ll really give it to me?”
“Take it. It doesn’t seem to be my size anyways. For now, I will use this magic sword.”
Magic Sword Bitou, it is covered in a long, curved, dark red sheath.
When I pull the sword from the sheath, a strange sound echoes.
The slightly curved sword blade has a reddish tinge; it has purple characters similar to hieroglyphs and Arabic letters carved in it.
Extending ahead of the sword tip and a faint dark red haze appears.
Near the grip is written “Consecrated Rivguraf-kami, God of Darkness.”
It is carved. It is not the name of the sword, God of Darkness.
I wield the magic sword and slash downward, getting a sense for its balance.
My first impression of the sword is that it is light.
It is overall thicker than one of Shisho’s Kukri swords but is still lighter than one.
This mysterious magic sword should be useful.
It has the feeling of a transformed bastard sword?
“Hou, that bastard sword?”
Saying so, Henkai has equipped the complete set of the adamantine tree.
His entire figure is orange, and he has changed to appear like a soldier from ancient Rome that appears in oversea movies.
I answer his question about the sword while having such an impression.
“Bastard Sword?”
“That fellow can be used with either one or two hands?”
As expected, it is a bastard sword.
Was it a hybrid sword used in the Middle Ages?
While staring at the dark red hue of the sword blade, I respond properly.
“…It is such a thing?”
“The appearance of the sword only gives such an impression. Shuya doesn’t seem to know much about swords.”
True, I have never seen such a fearsomely sharp dark red magic sword. It resembles a sword from games and movies, but it is my first time touching one.
I am looking at the magic sword, when-
“Aree, Kuna-sama, where aaare you, what happened?”
I hear the demon’s voice.
Chapter 40: Peerless Henkai


“Guna-sama, Guna-sama, where are yoou?”
Sounding like it is congested, its characteristic hoarse voice vibrates.
This voice is the Godo gatekeeper.
“Oi, Henkai. The guard monster has come so let’s kill it.”
“Understood, I will do it.”
Henkai reaches back, takes the adamantine axe in both hands, and leaps out of the prison.
Immediately after-
I can hear the Godo scream along with the sound of flesh being split by metal.
Perhaps, is this onion oyaji really strong?
I grasp the key ring in my left hand and I signal Rollo with my eyes to “go outside.”
I hold the magic sword and appear in the passage leading to the prison pool.
There is the corpse of the Godo that was cruelly cut down and the figure of Henkai shaking the blood from his ax.
“I did it. It only took a moment.”
“I can see that. The adamantine tree ax is powerful.”
Henkai raises the two axes.
There should have been one ax…but now there is one in each hand.
“Two axes?”
“Aah, it’s a mechanism exclusively for me to create a pair, so without being able to respond, this guy easily died. Maa, its body was slow. It had four arms, but its only weapon was the log metallic rods, so-“
Henkai proudly spins the axes in his hands in a display as he talks.
His hold moves from the upper handle of the ax to the lower as it rotates.
He handles the axes like a juggler.
The magic jewels on the back of his hands shine brightly leaving behind a trail of light as he handles the axes.
The refined movements indicate the peak of skill as an ax user.
Henkai is a Dwarf and his short stature is no different.
However, with the adamantine equipment and his axe handling his brave figure has a bigger presence than a human.
After all, from his atmosphere his that armor is must have been what Henkai was equipped with in the past.
Being impressed by Henkai’s slight movements with the axes, I check to the corpse on the floor.
“…I will take this guy’s head. It’s an item requested by the guild.”
“Guild? So, you are from the adventurer’s guild?”
“‘Well,’ but I don’t know about that, I did receive a request from the adventurer’s guild.”
“Unlike the countries, the adventurer’s guild seems to be the same.”
Henkai said so, considering something.
Meanwhile, I cut off the oblong godo head.
I touch the bracelet and saying “Open,” it displays the item window.
I touch the storage character.
Then, the holographic window changes from light green to black.
“Please store item” is displayed at the bottom.
When I put the godo head in the black window it is sucked it.
“Oh, it worked. I can put things in this way.”
The black window immediately disappeared.
Finally, I go to confirm that the head is entered properly.

◆ : Person Mark : Storage

Item Inventory 25/85

Intermediate Restoring Potion×154

Intermediate Mana Restoring Potion x110

High Grade Restoring Potion x43

High Grade Mana Restoring Potion x44

Gold Coin x25

Silver Coin x88

Ancient Magic Book: Zohedron Trap x1

Large Staff of the Moon Spirit Tree x1

Priest Necklace x1

Mana Amplification Potion x3

Dark Language Magic: Dark Wall x1

Dress of Dark Shadows x1

Stone Ball of Return x13

Crimson Shark Leather High Heels x1

Magic Armrest of Lightning x1

Ring of Dusk x1

Notes of Ancient King Permon x1

Peterson’s Passage Fragment x1

Socks of Varuda x5

Picture Scroll of Sebdola-kami x1

Ancient Writing Stone of the Dawn x3

Dark Crest Magic: Dark Shackles x1

Ronto Manuscript x1

Ten Wicked Pictures Shitatop x1

Godo Head x1

It seems to have been properly entered.
I push the “storage” character again and make the black window appear.
I put the key ring in the item box.
Should I prepare some stone balls of return to escape from here immediately?
I select “Stone Ball of Return” from the item inventory and designate the amount.
Two appear from the window.
“Henkai, you can immediately exit the labyrinth if you use this stone ball.”
“How do I use it?”
I talk after putting the stone ball on the ground.
“Hold the stone ball and put mana into it. You should be able to return to the entrance.”
“Maa, I can’t escape so easily. So, what is Shuya going to do?”
Hearing Henkai I give him a big grin.
“I won’t return yet. I haven’t finished collecting the request items. And my things are in the hall with the throne. As soon as I recover my things and gather the request items I will say good bye to this place.”
“I’ll come with you. I may be able to help so I might be a little helpful if there is an ‘obstacle?’ Besides, I have a grudge to settle after being trapped in this labyrinth for all these years. I want to act violently.”
Henkai flexes his arms and shows off his well-developed biceps.
“I understand the feeling. I don’t mind- but, what will you do if Sabido, the six-eyed master of the labyrinth, shows up?”
“That, six eyed? Labyrinth master?”
Henkai’s onion head shakes a little in excitement.
“Yeah. Have you not seen him?”
“I have not. I remember that the labyrinth had such a name. Anyhow, when I was imprisoned I was attacked by the Kushanan and other demonic beings.”
I see, so he never saw the boss like character.
“If we go now the chances of coming out in the center of the labyrinth is high. If he shows up it is best to run away. He looked strong. Ma, I can’t be certain without fighting him.”
“Understood. However, I would like Shuya to hold onto that ‘stone of return’ as my hands are occupied with my weapons. I have no bags to put it in.”
Henkai explains while indicating the ax on his back.
“…Got it. If Sabido shows up is it okay if I decide to fight? If there is time, I will hand you a stone then.”
“Ou. It’s fine.”
Henkai shows his dirty teeth as he laughs.
I then look at Rollo.
“I’m going to get my bags. I am going back to the hall from before. Rollo.”
Rollo cries and raises her tail with a feeling of saying 『Understood, Nya』
Then, the metal bar the godo dropped enters my sight.
“I can use this-“
I pick up the metal bar weapon.
At the same time, I throw Kuna’s two rings in the item box.
I put away the magic sword Bitou.
I am still only an amateur with the sword…
I will try using this metal bar instead.
I swing around the metal bar to get a feel for it.
It is lighter than the black tanza spear, but I can still use it since it is a rod.
I wield the metal bar lightly and leave the prison.
I walk along the passage.
“Nu, going so soon?”
Henkai follows belatedly.
I remember the way we took so we can make our way back properly.
As before, the passage is illuminated with a strange light.
The pale-yellow liquid dripping from the walls and fills the grooves, giving off light in a congealed form.
It functions as a light source in the labyrinth.
The eerie uneven walls continue for a while.
As we walk, a section of the wall cracks and white steam gushes out.
Uhya, it makes a loud sound and scares me a bit.
Henkai also seems to have been caught off guard and is holding his weapon.
I am familiar with it, but the sound from the unpleasant wall is eerie.
I walk along such a passage.
As I advance, the smell of the stinking prison gradually fades, and I adjust to the noises.
This corner…on the other side of the wall there is a swarm of monsters…
There is a reaction with Presence Detection and <Pheromone Touch>
Setting my hand on the wall, I look at the ring on my finger.
-I remember now.
The Dark Hellbone Knights.
Should I summon the Boiling Knights?
I look back and wave at Henkai.
“There are monsters around the corner. I am going to summon Boiling Knights so do not be surprised.”
“N? What knights?”
Ignoring Henkai, I touch the ring.
Two magic lines appear from the ring, one red and the other black. The magic line extends to the floor and adheres.
As I have seen before, the floor boils.
The Bone Knights appear with a little smoke.
“Your Highness. Boiling Red Knight Admos is here.”
“Your Highness. Boil Black Knight Zemeckis is here, what is your order?”
The two go to one knee and bows their heads.
The floor that had been boiled returns to normal as if nothing had happened.
On the other hand, Henkai’s jaw is hanging loose and his eye are opened wide.
“I want you to go wild around that corner.”
The two Boiling Knights salute with their long swords and shield.
“We obey.”
The Boiling Knights charge into the swarm of monsters.
Then, Henkai’s angry roar suddenly beats my ears.
“Ah! Those are high ranking soldiers from Sebdola! Is Shuya a summoner, an archmage? Possibly, do you have elven blood? Are you related to 【The Great Empire of Befaritsu】?”
Henkai’s cheeks are flushed in rage.
He is looking at me as if I am his mortal enemy and his eyes are sharp as he clenches his fist around his weapon.
He completely changed.
Should I say, what is wrong?
“…Wait, wait, what’s wrong? I’m not an Elf. Look at my ears. What just happened was thanks to this magic tool. Also, I’m not an arch mage. I can use a little magic. I am normally a spearman. And then, I think that 【Great Empire of Befarittsu】 is a country that doesn’t exist anymore…”
Henkai growls as he ruminates over what I said.
There is an uncomfortable silence.
…Henkai begins to talk.
“…That’s also right. Iya, I’m sorry. I was recalling the old days. Fighting with a high ranking elven magician that could use summoning magic had to be avoided. I remembered a skeleton called a high-class soldier from the world of spirits.”
Everything seems to be okay and he has calmed down.
His tone is calm. It is probably all right by now.
“Hou…those fellows I use aren’t skeletons anymore-“
Then I look down the passage to entice Henkai.
The Boiling Knights are fighting over there in the same way as a person.
The gallant figures of the Boiling Knights that Henkai fought, again, his eyes grow wide in surprise, and our eyes meet before we nod.
He seems to understand after seeing the Boiling Knights going wild.
“It looks like it…”
He mutters in shock.
Judging from Henkai’s reaction, I had better give up on displaying the Boiling Knights in public…
The Boiling Knights are rampaging on the other end of the passage.
I can hear to the death rattles of the monsters.
The Boiling Knights seems to be fighting as planned.
If there are any dead hoguts from the guild request I will collect the subjugation evidence.
I stealthily look at the condition around the corner.
“It’s overwhelming. They seem to be all right. -Henkai, we can advance while we hunt the remaining monsters.”
“Ou, I will go wild too.”
“Nya, Nya.”
Rollo shifts into her battle form as well.
Her figure swells up and her feelers are extended in the air.
Henkai stares at such a Rollo, and suddenly stops moving…
He does not seem to be as surprised anymore.
Looking at my face, as if to make a complaint, he sighs and shakes his onion head side to side.
Henkai eyes appeal as if to say “I’m not surprised.”
While walking down the passage I observe the movements of the Boiling Red Knight and the Boiling Black Knight fighting nearby.
They are actively fighting as they please.
The strange monsters are crushed very easily.
A wreckage of blood and flesh is scattered across the ground of the passage.
However, there are still plenty of monsters in the passage.
The malformed fleshy monsters made of fused hands and heads are gathered around the Boiling Knights in a swarm.
The hands are extending out the bone knights and the heads are shooting some kind of protruding drill from their mouth, using a weird attack.
The Red Boiling Knight blocks the oncoming tongue drill with its shield.
The one deflected by the shield is pushed forward.
Twisting the shield to the side with a jerk, the fleshy tongue drilled monster is smashed into the wall, then retreats.
The head of the lumpy flesh monster is suddenly caught between the shield and the wall to be crushed like sesame.
Black Knight Zemeckis jumps out the defend the blind spot of the retreating Red Knight Admos, swinging its long sword vertically.
The head of the fleshy lump monster is severed with a single sword strike.
The black and red Bone Knights cooperate to defend each other’s backs as they move.
Again, a shield takes another attack, and a monster is cut down by a long sword.
They destroy the crowding monsters one after another.
Satisfied with the condition of the combat I go to the side of the Boiling Knights.
“This degree of power is amazing…”
With a stiffened face Henkai mutters so, and looks amazed at the Boiling Knights’ achievements.
The enemy reinforcements arrive.
This guy, this is the hoguts from the guild request.
“What, this guy!”
A newly appeared beastman monster cries.
“The target. I will kill-“
When I say so Rollo moves first as a panther.
She stabs a feeler bone sword into the chest of a hoguts, and instantly retracting the feeler-she pulls her body towards the hoguts’ chest/
She bites into the hotguts’ scruff.…
Without using its weapon, the hoguts soldier goes into convulsions.
It falls to the ground, grasping its neck.
Fast. She beat me to the punch.
Ma, this is fine. The subjugation evidence is the tail.
The tail of the collapsed hoguts is hanging limply.
I pull it off and toss it into the item box.
I kills hoguts as I advance down the passage.
As I climb the stairs near the hall the hoguts attack from above on the stairs.
“Gin Race. Slaughter!”
So many. Well now.
“This time, I’ll deal with these fellows-“
A strange voice rises. I pole vault.
Saying that, I stretch out the metal rod in front of me- and run up the stairs.
The end of the metal bar collides powerfully with chest of the Hoguts near the front.
The hoguts is blown back and is swallowed up by the line of its comrades.
The hoguts that were going to attack me from the side of the staircase are caught in the shock and roll down the stairs.
Henkai and Rollo kill each of the Hoguts that roll down the stairs.
As I climb the stairs the retreating hoguts yell threateningly and attack.
Quickly- I brandish the metal rod in all directions.
To secure the space in front of the staircase, again, I step forward and come out.
The metal collides with hoguts as it moves- the hoguts’ metal armor becomes dented and they are thrown away.
With that timing, I raise a voice full of fighting spirit and continue attacking.
I wield the metal rod to bend vertically and smash the skull of the hoguts in front of me.
Then, I swing at the hoguts feet and three fall together.
I aim to stomp my feet down on the heads of the fallen hoguts- their heads are crushed with a ping.
Again, attacking with the metal rod, I kill three of them in a row.
-This metal rod, I can use it like a huge mace.
Is this okay?
I look at the metal bar, and discover it is bent in the middle.
Arriving late, Henkai and Rollo come up the stairs.
“We killed everything that fell to the bottom.”
Rollo looks boastful as well.
“Got it. The hall with my bags is just a little ahead. Let’s go.”
“Understood. However, the ones who were summoned, what about the bone knights? We left them behind…it is okay?”
“Aah, those guys are fine. They can return to hell whenever they’re ready.”
They can return even if destroyed. As we walk down the passage I touch the ring and order them to return to hell.
“Hou…is it really okay?”
“There’ no need to worry.”
Henkai’s eyes are full of doubt, but I continue down the passage without minding it.
However– midway, I stop.
In front is a group of beast hoguts soldiers waiting and buzzing noisily as if to say “We won’t let you pass.”
The beastly soldiers are yelling in a taunting manner.
Running at the hoguts while raising a war cry- the hoguts threaten us with their dirty teeth dripping with saliva.
-Pushing through such a group of hoguts- a hoguts with a large frame appears.
This hoguts is one size bigger than the other hoguts.
Is it a different kind?
The large hoguts from the rear begins speak loudly.
“I’m here, this is as far as you will go! Dwarf, come at me bro!” (TL: Okay, I’m not sure what he says in this line, but I’m sure he didn’t say “come at me bro!” Meh, artistic freedom.)
The large hoguts does not have a claw like weapon, it reaches it hands the take sword like a glaive from its back, spitting out its words.
A cry of joy arises from the hoguts-
Responding to the cheering the hoguts raises the sword in one hand and turns the point of the glaive to us without looking back.
The large hoguts raises a strange shout and charges.
“Shuya and beast familiar.  I will kill this fellow-“
Henkai smiles with a strange aura and turns his unshaven face.
With an adamantine ax in both hands, he confronts the large hoguts.
Without waiting to talk, Henkai charges in.
Ooi. Is this okay?
Despite my worries about the large hoguts, Henkai charges at the descending weapon.
The large sword approaches Henkai from above.
Henkai disregards it- and throws his ax!?
The thrown adamantine tree axe rotates through the air.
Isn’t this fast?
The ax flies while drawing an orbit of yellow light and smashes into the face of the large hoguts.
The dull sound of meat being destroyed resounds.
The large hoguts lets out a roar and collapses to the ground.
However, the large sword the hoguts is holding collides with Henkai due to inertia.
I small explosion of air happens.
Yet, Henkai wears a presence that suggests such a thing could not threaten him. He stops the blade of the sword above his shoulder with the ax in his left hand.
He towers like a wall on his two small feet.
Continuing, Henkai reaches up with his empty right hand.
Then, a yellow line comes from the back and extends to the head of the large hoguts.
The yellow line connects to the ax stuck in the large hoguts’ head and pulls it back into Henkai’s outstretched hand.
Wao, amazing. He has such a projectile weapon.
Is the magic jewel on the back of his hand related?
When I consider such a thing, Henkai uses his left arm to blow away the large sword above him.
“UGOOAAA! I am the Silken Commander, Henkai! Come at me AGOAAAA!”
Incredible intimidation. My ears are ringing.
Did that guy use his battle cry for war?
Is it some kind of skill?
Henkai’s loud voice and the defeat of the large hoguts causes the hoguts in the back to suddenly stop growling and jeering, falling silent.
“Henkai is strong.”
“I still have some way to go.”
Henkai shakes his onion head and shouts at the beast hoguts soldiers.
-Henkai’s peerless rampage begins.
When he swings his ax to the right, a hoguts is decapitated.
Swinging his left ax down he splits a hoguts’ head in two as if it is wearing no armor- the adamantine tree ax caves in the chest like it melts through the armor.
Both axes are immediately stained with blood and his hair and armor quickly follows.
“Hey, it looks like I won’t have a turn.”
Rollo answers briefly and walks next to me.
Ma, this works.
This weapon is ruined.
I’ll get rid of it so I throw the bent metal bar at the group of hoguts with my full strength.
The metal rod breaks when it hits the first hoguts, but the fragments pierce through several surrounding hoguts due to the effect of the <Throwing> skill.
I am unsure if it created an opening, but with that the hoguts in the passage begin to retreat.
Because they retreated I can easily collect the tails of the dead hoguts.
With this I have completed all requirements of the request.
Other than a side passage along the way, the passage leads to the octagonal space with the throne.
“Oh, we’re here. It’s my black spear and bags.”
The kukri sword I asked Shisho to make…
I look at the ceiling but cannot find it.
…It seems to have gone somewhere.
I liked it… but nothing can be done about it.
Shisho, sorry…
Sabido Kentsiru is not sitting on the throne.
There is no one there but beyond the throne the dungeon still seems to continue.
However, in response to the uproar, I thought he would come to defeat us…
In the end, no one is here.
I am a little disappointed.
Now then, I should collect everything…
Intending to return, at that moment.
Magic essence flows out from behind the throne like a wave.




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