Chapter 31 – 35

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Chapter 31: Fort City Hector ※


Coming down from the small hill with the popobumu’s reins in my hands, I immediately see the small stone pagoda emitting a pale light.


Does this pale light act as a boundary?

Monsters do not appear around the light…


Well, from here it is the reentry to the “Magic Fog Forest”

Monster reaction suddenly appear in the area beyond the pale light.


It shows a reaction like so many fish caught in a net, a mass of magic essence.

There really are a lot of monsters here.

Just to be safe I should exterminate the monsters in this area.

It will make traveling easier for Yui…

Besides, it is a good opportunity to test out the power of the ancient dark magic formation.

A little I play with the magic formation.


“Rollo. I’m going try out some experiments, so keep watch.”



Rollo does not seem to be interested in my experiment.


She begins fixing her hair after answer with a throaty sound like it is troublesome.

Stretching out conspicuously on the back of the popobumu’s head she stretches her legs out like a ballerina and begins licking her stomach before moving the lick her legs.



The gesture of her cleaning her leg fur, *pero-pero* is heartwarming.

I begin the ancient magic while watching the figure of such a Rollo.


Focusing mana in my hand I begin drawing the magic formation-

A scattering type, the scale is small. Constructing a magic formation different from last time, it comes together.

I insert an equation to reduce the mana consumption, this part…changing the written formula, I use the matching § and Ο characters to expand it, and I finally let it materialize.


I add an addition formula in Japanese as an experiment.


I am surprised.

Strange, the mana efficiency seems to increase when I use kanji.


Is it because it is easier to imagine?


The circular magic formation is fringed with a pale dark color.

Various kanji were written in with various symbols.

Will it to trigger and activate.




To be able to easily create magic formations like this, it feels somewhat good.

I tamper with the contents and complete an original magic formation.

Moreover, there still seems to be a way to go to improve it.


※ Pikon ※ Magic Crest Construction ※ Permanent Skill Acquired ※


Wao, yata. I acquired a skill.

Is it because I tampered with crest magic? I move the magic formation with such a dark color high above my head and move it all around.


“Magic also has such a use…”


It is also possible to hold them on standby without activating them.


Yosh, I will bring it back in front of me.

While I was slowly and carefully observing the magic formation there was a magic essence reaction in the area.



The timing is good, and there are even several of them.

I closely watch the direction the reaction came from.

A big white foot moves out of the brush and steps carefully on the grass.


There is one, two, three of them.

The blue and white tigers appear


When the blue and white tiger that appeared first makes eye contact, it opens its mouth to threateningly display its fangs and makes a savage voice characteristic of beasts.

And then, the characteristic flesh gills on the nap of its neck transform.

Those black gills. Similar to the other day, the sarcoma splits from the middle and a sharp bone tusk like a snake sword protrudes out. (TL: A sarcoma is a type of cancerous tumor.)


With the bone tusk extended it charge strait forward.

The ones behind it also charge forward.


Sitting on the popobumu I was deliberately.

I wait for the howling blue and white tigers to come into range of the magic.

Turning the black spear to the charging tigers I aim the tip at the head of the tiger, using it like the scope of a gun.


I confirm that the tiger has come close enough.


Now 《Dark Shot》

The moment I think it- the ancient magic is fired according to plan.


The magic formation expands from the spear tip instantly.

Because the magic formation is a circle, it feels like it became the scope of a really big gun.


Mana is expended.

A countless number of small black masses appear from the magic formation in a tenth of a second, the moment the black masses stop appearing.


-The group of masses bursts open.


With a sound like an exploding gas can, innumerable small black masses burst forward like a shotgun. The exploding sound resounds twice.

It seems to be enough to ruin ears- the ringing in my ears continues.


The blue and white tiger running at the front takes the brunt of the attack, losing its head, and its shape is warped…

The body is in a condition with various small holes perforating it.


On the other hand, Rollo and the popobumu and surprised by the sound and Rollo jumps up and down.

The popobumu has lifted its upper body and is standing on its hind legs.


I jump off in a hurry.


I looked at the tiger that received the magic while touching a foot to the ground.

Judging from the condition of the damage I think its life should have ended instantly.

But, the other two tigers that were running behind are slightly injured.


There are two slightly injured blue and white tigers. On the inside of the left and right.

The tiger to the left has injuries on its chest and foreleg equivalent to being struck by some rocks.

As for the one on the right, it is bleeding heavily. Its foreleg is hanging limply.

Judging from the state of the three wounded, I am able to see the range of this magic is like a shot gun, I can tell there is still some way to go for aim and precision.


The surviving blue and white tigers are staring with blood-thirsty looks.


Then, I will kill them normally-


While putting power into the hand holding the black spear, I thrust.

I first aim for the one suffering only slight wounds.


I make the blue and white tiger on the left receive a normal spear stab to the head. (TL: Consecutive Normal Spear Thrusts?)

Continuing, using <Thrust> in a flash-I unleash it.

Using the speed of the thrust skill, the holes are created in the blue and white tiger’s head. It collapses while flesh and blood sprays out.


The last one two the right that has an injured foreleg from the magic does not try to move.


I calmly ascertain the movements of the blue and white tiger.


Without assuming a stance, as I advance forward- I reach out my right hand holding the black spear with no motion, and pierce through the tiger’s neck. (TL: No motion is in katakana. I don’t know why.)


Yosh, I caught it off guard with a sneak attack.


The fleshy gills of the blue and white tiger move with a *piku* and shows a slight reaction, but my spear is fast.

The gills at the base of the tiger’s throat are destroyed by my piercing black spear, crushed from above. A bone splinter juts out to side.


When I pull out the black spear blood spouts from the hole left behind.

The blue and white tiger collapses to the ground with a blood stained mouth as if dead, but it is still breathing a little.


Its state is on the verge of death.


Turning around the spear, I light poke the head with the butt end.

Tsuntsukutsun** Surprisingly tough. This guy.

It seems like the ancient magic from earlier succeeded.

If feels like one that is only useful for short distances, maa, I was clearly able to improve the effect by meddling around with it.

Compared to the first time the crest magic was used the mana consumption is reduced, and there is less fatigue too.


It could be said to be a world of difference.


But even if I say the mana consumption and power was reduced, the amount of mana the ancient magic used fires similar magic regardless of power, if it is the present me, I can tell that 3〜4 is my limit. Thus the current magic is not effective for playing.


Now, I should use soul sucking.


I bite the collapsed dying tiger.

I use “soul sucking” while sucking its blood, giving it the finishing blow.


I get the blood and soul. So,


※ Pikon ※

※ Conditions for Dark Magic Spearman Met ※ (TL: The more literal translation is “Magic Spearman Dark Warrior” which has no flow in English in addition to sounding redundant. So the Dark isn’t saying his magic is dark, although it is.)

※ Battle Occupation Class Up ※

※ <Magic Spearman> and <Magic User> Fuse and Class Up to <Dark Magic Spearman> ※

※ Pikon ※ <Dark Drill> Skill Acquired

※ Pikon ※ <Dark Drill ・Magic Break Spear> Skill Acquired※


Ooh, Class Up.

I obtained skills…should I read the details of the occupation?




Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 22

Title: Divine Beast Contractor

Race: Rusivault (TL: It occurred to me that Lucivault makes more sense but I’m not changing it.)

Battle Occupation: Dark Magic Spearman : Chain User

Physical Strength 18.8→19.0 Agility 19.8→19.9 Stamina 18.0 Mana 22.9→23.0 Dexterity 18.0 Spirit 23.4 Luck 11.0

Condition : Calm


I touch the Dark Magic Spearman Battle Occupation


※ Dark Magic Spearman ※

A master of the spear and possessing mana and spirit beyond magicians.

After complex conditions are met, one rare Battle Occupation may be met for the first time.

“Night Traveling Magic Army” is a battle occupation said in legends to have first been taken by the Magic Spear Knight Delaha Vurzey.


“Dark Magic Spearman…”


Rare. Further information is not given even if I touch it.

I mean. what will “Night Traveling Magic Army” be?

Who is the legendary Magic Spear Knight Delaha Vurzey?

Thinking of questions from the explanation I try touching the characters everywhere in the window but nothing else is displayed.

Since there is no helping is I check the new skills I seem to have learned, <Dark Drill > and <Dark Drill ・ Magic Break Spear>


Skill Status


Acquired Skills:<Throwing>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>:<Secret>:<Night Vision>:<Smell Secretion Technique>:<Bloody Chain Feast>:<Thrusting>:<Meditation>:<Magic Beast Riding>:<Life Magic>:<Guidance Moji>:<Fighting Moji>:<Magic Thought Guidance Hand>:<Fairy Moji>:<Summoning Magic>:<Ancient Magic>:<Crest Magic>:<Dark Drill>:<Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear>


Permanent Skills:<Power of True Ancestor>:<Natural Demon Ability>:<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Soul Sucking>:<Undying>:<Darkness Person Adaptation>:<Blood Magic>:<Head of Household>:<Super Light Brain Buff Intuition>:<Fighting Moji Knowledge>:<Guidance Moji Knowledge>:<Spear Sparring>:<Thought Guidance Chain>:<Magic Crest Construction>


Extra Skills:<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>


I touch <Dark Drill>


※Dark Drill※

A skill automatically acquired after have the spear skill <Thrust> and the Class Up Dark Magic Spearman.

Its appearance is the same as <Thrust> but it has an added dark attribute and the physical power also rises.


I see, a new technique.

I will try looking at the other skill.


※Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear※

After unleashing the <Dark Drill> skill, the user has the option of instantly summoning a break spear grand pulse, causing the magic break spear to appear and begin attacking.


Reading the explanation, it seems to be usable.

Information about the break spear grand pulse does not appear if I touch it.


Ma, it is too soon to test it.

While climbing onto the popobumu’s back I mind the black tanza spear in my right hand.


―<Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear>。


I point the black spear forward and unleash <Dark Drill>- It resembles <Thrust>

But, that moment. The break magic grand pulse appears alongside the black spear with the sound of compressed air.

The Break Spear grand pulse spirals out with a force overtaking the thrust out black spear. It drills through the thin air.


This is Break Spear Grand Pulse. (TL: Writing that name give me cancer.)

A spear shining with the dark color of hell.


The Break Spear Grand Pulse looks like a tapered triangular cone.

It is bigger than the black tanza spear, and the thin spear blade look sharp.

The cone gradually widens from the thin tip, the dark lance’s form has peculiar design like steel wire and mother of pearl inlay along the outer edge giving it a refined appearance.


Still, it twirls like a rotary drill.

Its power is likely great than thrust.

I can use consecutive thrust if I use the normal <thrust> skill with <dark drill>, using the right timing the unleash break spear.


Is releasing it possible with subtle timing differences…

This grants a large advantage.


If my opponent is strong coping with them should become difficult.


Rollo has stopped fixing her fur.

Stoically, she is staring at the dark colored Magic Break Spear Lance curiously.


I try hold the dark lance as a trial.

Heavy. Very heavy. I may not be able to hold it; I try raising it forcefully the dark lance disappears.

It vanished. Ma, it is fine.

It seems to be summoned whenever I use the <Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear> skill.


Now then, let us move.


Grasping the reins of the popobumu and advancing there is again a monster reaction right away.

This place is called the Magic Fog forest, every time I move monsters really appear.


Then. Having already tested <Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear> once, I wait for a monster.

This timing is good, there is a magic essence reaction from the sky the is obscured by the fog.


I use the <Pheromone Touch> skill.

A strong smell of a bird beast-n, the enemy is a winged humanoid.


I jump off the popobumu to the ground.

Landing on the ground, I wait for a monster to appear.


The rapidly flapping wings of the magic essence reaction immediately appears from the fog, a humanoid bird woman appears.


It attacks by throwing out its two slender bird legs ending in hooked talons.

The talons look sharp. (TL: Everything looks sharp to Shuya.)

The talon- back step, I dodge.

After I dodge the humanoid bird’s attack it flaps its wings powerfully, climbs back into the sky and circles again.


-Easy to aim.


I eject <chain> at such a humanoid bird monster flying in the air.

It draws a spiral arc through the air like a tracking missile and the chain goes through a wing.


Manipulating the chain, I make it wrap round and around the body of the bird.

Once the chain has wrapped around the body enough it forcibly falls to the ground.

And, having the chain retract to my left hand without pausing, I drag it through the dust cloud created by the force of its fall straight to me.


I twist the chain to crush the chest of the bird woman.


As for this, it does not resemble the harpy from western fantasy very well.


Despite being a monster, its figure with a chain wrapped around its chest is erotic.

Its wing is broken, but the big breasts are emphasized like in turtle shell bondage. (TL: Yeah, I’m not providing a link for this one. You guys can search it yourself.)


But, because its face makes me feel sick, I decide immediately.

I dismiss the chain and unleash <Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear>!

The black spear blade of <Dark Drill> goes through the harpy’s face with a twist, destroying it.

Successively, Break Spear Grand Pulse appears.

The dark lance falls down and easily drills through the upper body of the harpy, making a huge spear wound in the corpse.


Oooh, it is strong. This Skill.

The rotating dark-colored thick lance disappears immediately.

However, there are more harpies in the sky.

Should I defeat those guys?


I return to the popobumu in a good mood, and jumping a little, sit astride the saddle.

When I return to the popobumu, picking up a signs, harpies begin gathering in the air, perhaps companions of the one I killed.



Just like a moth to a flame. (TL: Like heading into your own peril.)

Come one, get me!

I will test it out even more.


While mounted I use the <Dark Drill>, <Thrust>, and <Dark Drill・Magic Break Spear> skills consecutively, slaughtering the raiding harpies with a feeling like a counter.

-However, there are too many birds. So in the middle Rollo begin hunting the birds too and I let her hunt freely in the fog forest.

While I am at it, I summon the black and red boiling knights from the ring and hunt with them.

The boiling red and black knight I summoned again are still strong.

Unexpectedly there do not seem to be any monsters in the area that can keep them company.


“His Highness. Please take a rest. Allow us the exterminate the enemies…”

“That’s right. His Highness should see the skill of my dark boil sword dance and shield…”


As they say these things they defeat a mantis, a blue and white tiger, and a harpy with long swords and shields that shine with a black luster.


So, I continue down the crossroad while taking it easy on the popobumu.


On the way, Rollo seems to be giving instructions the boiling knights importantly, it was amusing.

The “unique combination” of the boiling knights and the black cat, continue fighting the forest monsters for several hours, until the magic essence reactions in range final disappear they continue fighting.


Even once they finish hunting the monsters it is the same as before and it remains the dark foggy forest.


However, Yui’s journey should be comfortable with this.

Those beautiful eyes of Beikala, her round c-cup breasts and tight waist, her white peach butt that is slightly larger than her breasts, all come to mind.


However, we have already separated.

I pull myself together with a serious face, and advance through the forest, following animal trails…

Then, again, I find the small abandoned chapel.


It is a chapel similar to the one I saw when I entered this forest.

There is a small statue in the chapel made from piled up stones.

It is a goddess statue in a relatively beautiful condition, the shape resemble a clay Arahabaki doll said to be a symbol of faith in the Tohoku region in ancient times. (TL: Had a bit of trouble but here’s the Wikipedia about it)


There is such a chapel in this place.

Is this guy an indigenous god?

It has the impression of an abandoned Jizo-sama from Japan.

I offer jerky in substitution for a rice ball.

I bring my hands together and pray.


As I advance through the forest in such a condition the fog fades away.

The day light gradually strengthens.


Ooh, the fog cleared up.

The fog finally clears out and the light of the dazzling day stings my eyes.

Is it because I prayed to the god?

Further, I am able to appear on soil path like the highway.

Maa, I am still in the forest.

The fog has only disappeared, but I am grateful.

From here, I need only follow the earthen highway.


It leads from the west to the east. Easy to understand.

If I follow this highway west, I should be able to get out of the forest.

I run west along the highway, kicking up a slight breeze.


…After a short time, I arrive at a small hill.


-The air is clean. I open my arms and take deep breathes.

It is completely different from the dense fog in the Magic Fog Forest.


A cool head wind runs over my whole body.

Several birds fly through the sky.


-It seems my body is being washed.

Rollo seems to be enjoying the wind too, with standing on the popobumu’s head with her two forelegs supporting her body, she extends out the two feelers from the base of her neck to the left and right the flutter like wings.

It’s just like the pose of the young man and the beautiful woman in the masterpiece movie where a luxurious passenger liner sinks.


She poses with the fur on her back swaying in the wind.




Makes an indescribably voice.

You are enjoying this refreshing atmosphere too.


It is a moment I want to take a picture of.


I go down the hill while enjoying such an atmosphere.

Before long the trees become sparse and I am able to see detail of the far-off scenery.


There, I discover a mountain standing far to the south like a marker.


This is the first time since I initially saw it that I am seeing it nearby.

The high altitude mountain, 【Mt. Burdock】.

How high is its elevation above sea level?


Burdock. Shisho told me a dragon lives there.

The distorted mountain face tapers out at its summit and contrasts beautifully with the white and blue.

When I lower my eyes I can see some branches that are part of the Haym river.


The Haym river, I follow the highway west in the same direction the river leads.


Weeds and small flowers similar to matrimony vines are blooming along both sides of the highway.

When I look at the small purple flowers I am reminded of Yui’s small cute face.

Dandelion seeds drift through the sky.


A short while later, I see a conspicuous signpost modelled after a chicken ahead on the highway.

It is a sign. I approach and check it out.


Is the sign a simple anemoscope with a model chicken on top?

Weather vane. The small feathers are shaking in the wind.

There are slats on the pole underneath indicting the direction to various places.


The top slat is to 【Fort City Hector】

Facing the opposite direction are the slats for 【 Magic Fog Forest 】 and 【 Royal Capitol Fadyke 】.


【Hector】 is in this direction.


So we will go this way.

I advance in the direction to signpost is pointing.


Before long I really see a city like 【 Hector 】 in the distance.

I can see huge ramparts in the distance.


It is a big city. My first city in this new world.

It must be 【Fort City Hector】.


The pedestrian traffic has also increased.

I lightly kick the popobumu’s side, and advance through the crowded highway at a regular pace.

As expected of a fort, the moat is deep. The water circulates around it since it draws water from the Haym River.


Drawing further attention to the fort are two large statues.

I can even tell from behind that they praiseworthy.

I want to see those huge statues up close sometime.


The mood is completed with the feeling of sightseeing. I have to visit before entering the city.


Because I am looking at the statues I have not moved to the huge gate bridge leading into 【 Fort City Hector 】 with its intense pedestrian traffic.


At the waterfront there are street vendors jumbled together selling fish and vegetables.



Since there is no helping it I go the river side from the harbor.

Looking up at the sky, I look at the huge statue figure again.


One of the soldier-like statues has a longsword stabbed into the ground, with his mouth open to release a courageous shout, having a shield on its back it cuts a brave figure.

Another statue looks like a young girl in prayer.


The two huge statues stand on either side of the Haym to protect the entrance of the city, a huge steel chain hangs down from the statue’s arm.

The set up seems to be such that the big chain leads to a huge water wheel that winds it up.

After the chain is dropped into the Haym river any boats passing will be stopped.


Is the purpose of this statue, rather than worshipping the gods, meant to function as a gate on the huge river?

The goal is the collect tax. An influential person in this city seems to be able to blockade.


If I had a camera I would definitely take a picture.


A huge statue in a different world. It is suitable to praise the existence of a god.

I fully enjoy the touristy feeling.

Pushing the popobumu forward I head back to bridge from before from the docks.


I think I am interested in a ship. A lot of large ships are stopped nearby.

I see he figures of people who get into a boat getting out at the port.


The ships vary in size from large to small.

The form of a large sailing boat makes me think of the Age of Geographical Discovery of the Middle Ages.

There are also a few big hulls like a galleon.


There is also a galley boat.

Oh, there do not seem to be any ships with the appropriate shape in this world.

There is gigantic galleass, a ship like a combination of a galleon and a galley, big oars extend out like hundreds of living thing at an angle.


Next to it with a keel and three conspicuous large mainmasts is a huge ship that seems to be meant for the open sea with one staysail.


However, no ship has cannons.

After all, is the substitute for cannons magic?


I stop looking at the ship and urge the popobumu forward slowing to look around the port.

The layout of the port seems reliable.  With a rope connected to a pulley the cargo on a ship is bound and carried from the ship to the ground.


Judging from the pulley an Archimedes-like genius has already been born. I nurse such delusions.


Beautiful houses stand out in the area of the port outside the ramparts.

However, when I move a little to the other side of the port…I catch sight of ragged huts and houses made with tin roofs.


The sudden change is somewhat intense.

Beautiful houses and run-down shabby huts stand next to each other.

Now, I guess I should return to the huge gate bridge at the entrance from earlier.

I guide the popobumu away from the port, pass through an alley street and head back.


This area is cruel as well.

This hardly looks like a place where humans can live.


Is this the poor district?

These kinds of conditions are a harsh reality.


I see demi-human children fighting over food-

An old man sitting on the ground weakly-

An old woman searching for scraps-


I wonder, is it the grandmother of Rashomon? (TL: Look up the movie to watch later, it’s cool.) I want to tsukkomi.


I see humans there, but the people are predominately demi-humans here.

Even if I saw demi-humans the race with their faces covered in scales is most of them.

Is it a humanoid reptile lineage?


Such a question does not matter right now, this cruel situation.

…At any rate the smell is bad and I am worried about the hygiene, it permeates my nose and I grimace unintentionally.


The sewage flowing into the Haym river makes it seem hardly drinkable.

While pinching my nose I return to the huge gate bridge through the alley where such poor live.


The width of the gate bridge is wide like the entrance of the fort city.

Passing in and out people are clustered on the bridge.

I am surprised by the numerous people, and above all the wall right in front of me.

I am fascinated by giant ramparts that surround the city.


As expect of a fort city.


The height of the wall probably exceeds ten meters.

The walls are decorated on both side of the gate wall with a horse holding up a blue flag emblazoned with a shield. The blue flag flutters in the wind. (TL: The design on the flag is wrong right now, but I’m too tired to figure it out so I’ll work it out later.)

Soldiers with bows are keeping watch over the crowded people below from on the wall from any irregularities.

I do not obstruct the traffic in search of identification papers.

Ma, though I understand it is common place during war, they are stopping traffic and confirming people’s identity’s one by one.

A soaring watch tower exists on the wall and soldiers in blue armor are hanging around there.


In any case, here I am able to hear the name of the fort.

If is here there will probably be any adventurer’s guild.


For me, this is the first big city.

The people living here are one body, it will be that kind of life.


I am looking forward to it.


I join the large number of people coming and going from the gate bridge, guiding the popobumu.

It steps forward while going pubopubo.


Inside the rampart walls the space suddenly opens.

There is an artistic object like a sun dial and many humans.


There are soldiers in the left corner, it seems to a post where the knights reside.

A line of five soldiers in blue armor appear from to garrison, and walking from the open square to the main street to make rounds.

A sign board written as proclamation ground stands in the open square, there are people blowing trumpets and yelling it loud voice, reading the news aloud to people in sequence.


-【Osberia Kingdom】 Overwhelming victory on the western front.

-It is likely a new work from the genius magic goldsmith Suveri Brossen on the Odabari House was announced. Those interest can go to the high-quality magic tool shop 【Odabari】 on the westerly end of main street.

-New shew store mermaid opens new store in central market.

-A murder occurs inside on alley on second main street. (TL: Or the second murder has happened.) Anyone who has witnessed a suspicious person should quickly get in touch with the sentry corps or the Blue Iron Knights.

-Looking for a missing human named Tosseria. For more information, see Sahoi-san of Dokan fishing grounds.


Hoa, they have a good bold sounding voice.

There are people doing such work. Very much so.

Furthermore, when I look to the right, I suddenly see a cruel scene.


A well-muscled humanoid creature that seems to be an execution raises a broadax on the scaffold, and severs the neck of a convict.


Execution, disgusting.

This open square is next to an execution ground.


Immediately after the neck is severed, a large number of the gathered spectators raise a shout of joy.

There is an old man drinking something like liquor, there in a noble-like woman covering her lips with a folding fan, in high spirits like a child.


Furthermore, there is a line of street vendors and a stage for acrobats.

Because the flute is good and a pretty girl is dancing in time with the rhythm, the execution ground has an atmosphere akin to a small banquet room.

Since there is the unattended body of a criminal punished with death by hanging left hanging from the tree with rope, there is an indescribable atmosphere.


On a wooden stand, there is a priest preaching a sermon against heretical religions.


In this chaos-like life in another world, I feel like I have been baptized.


Two years have already passed since I came to this world…

If I include the time I lived underground, then two years might be too little.


Seeing a city scene of a fantasy closer to the middle ages than modern times, the carnal feeling I remember is steadily lost.


Ma, when in Rome do as the Romans do. Something like that.

I will understand the manners and customs of this culture.


Through open square filled with load noise I go ahead through one of the several street splitting off from the main street.

The scenery of the townscape changes. The building facing the main street become imposing. From western-style designs, the build of the crescent mon shape only seen in this different world.

In addition, I come across a growing number of demi-humans other than people.


After all it was not only humans.

As expected, the demi-humans of the beast system have a lot of hair.


Oops, over there, I see a cat woman, a female beast person.

Inside humans are jostling about…I can recognize the beastman instantly.


After all, the other world is not like that.


I nestle the popobumu behind such a beast person suddenly. Clinging, I stare *chiiiii* and follow slowly.


The hair at her neck shakes from the popobumu’s snort.

Stretching thin-


Realistic and seductive.


As I continue such a leering stare the beast woman spins around in response to the popobumu’s snort and says “What?” and I am glared at. I babble “N, no.” while behaving suspiciously and guided the popobumu to go.


It would seem that I was obviously suspicious.




When Rollo calls so she turns her red eyes to me wonderingly.


I ignore the eyes of such a Rollo.


I advance through the mains street as I continue looking around.

Thereupon, the building to the right disappear and my view opens up.

Space spreads out.



Chapter 32: Adventurer’s Guild


The open space was a market. A huge market.


It is place where various street stalls are gathered.

Not only glass products or ceramic plates, but also various furs, a great variety of meat, wonderful multicolored vegetables, a really varied selection of items are being sold.


I come across standards of fantasy in one of the stalls, a Dwarf-san.


Dwarfs really are short.

The plump figure dressed in fur seems to be a merchant.

A group of humans and tiger beastman with iron traps thrown over their shoulders are making exaggerated gestures while talking and removing money from their wallet, making a trade.


Speaking of Dwarfs, I remember coming across Loirr when I was deep underground.

Just a little, but is this one of short as Loirr who was underground?

After all I can only see a lot of figures of demi-humans in a city.


Furthermore, a crowd is forming in one corner of aslant corner of the market.

-Right away I go to the crowd.


It is slaves. Here is a slave market.


Humans and beastmen are wearing dirty clothing and collars around their hands and feet, chained together and made to walk.

The slaves are placed on a low wooden stand.

Thereupon, richly dressed people in the area begin raising appraisal of the slaves all at once.


There is a great amount of competition in the auction place.


It does not seem to matter if the slave is a demi-human.

The upper part of the body is like a human woman connected like the other slaves with a collars around both hands, and her lower body is that of a snake.

…I am curious about the race, and for a while, I watch how she is able to walk.




“Can’t you shop satisfactorily? I’ll buy it if the sense of smell is superior, being made to buy such rubbish-”


N? What?

I hear suddenly hear a rough voice from the person next to me.




A beast woman is kicked and her face touches the ground.


“Hahaha, a face stuck in horse dung. As punishment stay like that today.”


A fat merchant or noble man, has a vulgar smile and is smelling beastman slaves like garbage.

The beast woman is keeping her face to the ground according to his instructions.


Horrendous treatment.

Cold eyes are gathering from the area, but no one is going to stop the scene.


I stop such a thing here too. I do not intend to say such a thing.

This is the common sense of this world.

It makes me feel sick, but the corner slave market continues for a long time.

When I pass through the area with various stall gathered, I appear on the main street.


The main street is a straight road with a large number of build forming a line on each side.

I see a big building on the right side will an oblong signboard.

Adventurer’s Guild is written on the sign board. (TL: :D)


The is the Adventurer’s Guild.


With three stories, it is the biggest build in this area.

Next to it there seems to a stable prepared with magic beasts similar to thoroughbred horses and popobumus shoving their face into their own feed pails, eating.

There is a plump seemingly good-natured person in charge too.


Without delay, I try talking to the person.


“Can I use this place?”

“Ou, sure.”


In that case, should I hand him a tip?


“Well then, I will be in your care for a while.”


I pull a little extra and hand him the tip.


“Wao, uh, a silver coin? You are very generous. My name is Pyutchi. This is enough to look after ’em for three months, so I’ll see to it properly”


His reaction to the tip is good.


“Then, please take care of this magic beast.”


I get down from the popobumu while saying so to the care taker, then remove the magic bag connected to the back of the saddle, and lean the spear against the should the black cat is not sitting on and head to the neighboring guild.

The two wooden doors of the guild’s entrance are big.

Both doors are left thrown open to the left and right.

A large number of adventurers are coming and going.


I mix in with them and set foot into the Adventurer’s Guild for the first time.


Looking from the entrance, the ceiling is high.

There is a big pillar in the middle of the ceiling and the first floor is considerably large.

Sunlight is coming in through a sky light and open wooden windows, lighting up the whole hall. The floor seems to be high-class wood; the grain of the wood is reflected beautifully making you feel the smell of cypress if you touched your nose to the floor.


Was this building just finished?

There are three big magic formations installed against the wall.

When an adventurer steps foot in the magic formation they immediately disappear, so it appears to be a metastasis magic formation.


They have such a thing. While admiring it, I move to stand in front of a wide wooden bulletin board.

Paper requests are posted on the bulletin board.

The adventurers seem to be choosing the posted requests and it is considerably crowded.


Should I look at the request papers too?

I look and read the characters on the papers posted on the bulletin board.

…Fumufumu…I see.

On each bulletin board written in big letters in A, B, C, etc

Monster exterminations are written as A+ or B+

This is for ranks?

A small sum is set at the bottom of the bulletin board; it seems to a be a wooden tally to record what requests are taken.


This must be what you do when you choose a request.

Anyway, I should stop looking and register now.


I can see a desk further inside.


In the middle of the Guild a counter is set up-

The desk is windowed like a bank or government office.

There is a female receptionist and a middle-age male receptionist for the adventurers.


First time at the guild.

If possible I want to talk with the cute young woman.

Besides, it is crowded…


Oh, itaita.


Girlish short-haired woman. Long eyelashes and blue and eyes.

She feels like a beautiful foreigner.

Her full chest is good too. It is not crowded, so I will ask that girl.


“Sorry. I would like to register as an adventurer.”

“Yes. I will receive you. The registration charge will be one silver coin. And then, on this paper please write down your name, race, age, and home town.  Do you need someone to write for you?”



Then, Rollo jumps from my shoulder.

She gets on the reception desk.



“Ah, korra, Rollo!”

“Wow, cute… Black-chan, Rollo, is that you name?”


The receptionist places her voluptuous chest on the desk and begins the stroke Rollo’s head with a smile.


“Nya, Nya〜n.”


Rollo happily responds as her head is stroked, and focuses her eyes on the receptionist’s jiggling chest.


I take advantage of it as well.

Deliberately I appreciate to jiggling melons.

Receptionist-san has loose clothing wrapped around her body, and because her chest is big, the upper half of her chest is exposed and faint blood vessels stand out.

When I turn such erotic eyes to her, the receptionist-san raises her face and looks at me.

Quickly, I look at Rollo to deceive her.


“Ah, sorry, this fellow official name is Rollodinu. She came down.”


When I catch Rollo by the scruff and lift her up-


“Ah, it’s all right so leave her here.”

“…Is that so? Rollo, be calm, okay?”


I accept and place her gently on the desk.

Rollo looks up with her small face and moves her red eyes back and forth between receptionist-san and me, as if sensing the atmosphere, she shits into a sitting position and becomes quiet.



“Uh, you should right it on this paper.”


Hearing a loud voice calling out in a questioning tone, the big breasted receptionist-san turn away from Rollo and fixes her posture.


-Her breasts jiggle.

Receptionist-san opens her small lips that contrast with her hug breasts.


“Ah, yes. On this paper write your name, race, hometown, etc., and now what kind of job. Please write your Battle Occupation. If you have multiple, then please write down the one you specialize in. Because when it comes to appeal there are jobs acquired by experience so anything is okay. It is also fine if you don’t write to write anything or lie. You are free to do such things.”


On the paper I am handed there are multiple things like name, race, hometown column, occupation column and Battle Occupation column.


“Is hometown okay?”

“It is fine if you do not want to write it.”

“Can it be changed later?”

“It is possible. However, there is an exclusive use charge each time.”



I can write in different world characters thanks to the skill.

I write it in a flowing script and hand over the money and documents.


“Well then, please wait a moment.”


After receptionist-san checks what I wrote and walks back with the paper.


I wrote my name and age properly without stating my hometown.

For Battle Occupation I wrote “Spear Officer” and “Chain User.”

I also did not write my actual race, Rusivault, and neither did I write my proper Battle Occupation, “Dark Magic Spearman.”


“Spear Officer” is also aa type of spearman so it should be fine.

It may be better to write it properly for appeal.

However, I intend to start out safely.


When I think about such a thing, receptionist-san takes a silver board with a crystal down from a shelf in the back, and carries it.


And, the silver board in placed on the desk.


“Then, please place your left hand on this crystal ball, place your thumb on the board, and please understand that several drops of blood will be collected from your thumb.”


Blood is extracted. Achilles-shisho also said something about that.

The tool for gathering blood is connected to the metal plate.


The crystal ball is a little bigger than an adults palm and is pretty and transparent.


As told I place my left hand on the crystal ball.

I push the thumb of my right hand into the indent on the silver board.

A needle is stuck in my thumb with a *chiku* and a little blood flows to the silver board.

Thereupon, a small magic formation floats in the crystal ball under my left hand, emitting a white light before it disappears.


“With this it is complete.”


When receptionist-san says so she removes a small silver metal plate from inside the board and places it on the receptionist’s desk.


“This, is it an adventurer’s card?”

“Yes. Certainly. Please take it.”


I pick up the card and look at it.


Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 22

Title: None

Race: Human

Occupation: G Rank Adventurer

Affiliation: None

Battle Occupation: Spear Officer: Chain User

Number of Completed Requests:


With this, I am an adventurer from today going forward.


I need to be careful not to lose this adventurer’s card from the receptionist’s desk.

The explanation of rank begins, but since I heard it Shisho I mostly ignore it.


“Because the guild adds titles without permission, do not mind it so much, to receive a request bring one of the wooden tags marked with a number from under the board.”


Wooden tag.


“There are cases when a request is completed but a client does not submit a ‘completed wooden tag’ to the guild. Please remember that in this case, the client with the completion tag must submit it to the guild beforehand or the adventurer must come to the guild together with the client with both their completion tag and the commission’s items to complete the commission. However, for most monster subjugation requests the guild looks after the wooden completion tag, so there is no need to worry.”



Saying I do not need to worry even if the client is a bad guy…


“The adventurer’s guild of this city appraises materials to some extent but we are basically a brokerage. Please remember that for clients and quarrels between adventurers, accept for “special cases” we will not interfere.”


I am curious about the exception, but is it such a thing.

Even if there is a crooked client it has to be taken care of yourself…


“In the case that you would like to store your luggage there is a storehouse company that will hold your possessions in the warehouse district that the guild recommends. Please remember that it is not under the guild’s jurisdiction. And then it is explained by the Adventurer’s Guild’s bank in 【Fort City Hector】”


I can deposit my luggage?

There is also a bank.


“A bank?”

“Yes. You are able to deposit a gold coin. However, the money cannot be withdrawn from other Adventurer’s Guilds.”


It seems both convenient and inconvenient.

It is something like a safe-deposit box.

The deposited amount does not seem to be recorded in the adventurer’s card.


“How does the bank account work?”

“When registering and receiving an adventurer it is recorded with the ‘magic crystal.’ Since your blood is registered with your adventurer’s card, the magic crystal only reacts to the blood of the person. It is an authentication method.”


I see the magic crystal reacts.

The card authenticates it. It probably is not DNA authentication, so it might be mana in the blood?


“Is it possible to forge this card?”

“That would be impossible. Blood is something that goes hand in hand with a person’s mana. Even if someone does I think it would be rejected. Only the original that is registered with the guild reacts with the magic crystal, and it is said the magic crystal was given to the Adventurer’s Guild when it was founded by the ‘god of order, Orimiru” so you do not need to worry.”


Hee, god of blood and mana. (TL: I don’t know why he says this, it doesn’t fit, so just now that I’m confused too.)

There are three sacred treasure, however I understand if that’s the case.

That magic formation produced in the crystal just now.

However, this card seems to authenticate through blood, but I was approved as a human so there do not seem to be any high-performance functions.


It will only distinguish the mana contained in the blood.

Now then, considering this card and crystal, I should ask about the gold coin.


“…I understand. Now, I would like to hear about a place that could buy this ancient gold?”

“Yes. The guild will purchase it.”

“Is that so. This is an ancient gold coin, I would like to hear the price before selling it, could you appraise it?”


I take out only one of the gold coins I got from Achilles-shisho and hand it over.


“Yes. Please wait a little. I will show it to one of the guild appraisers.”


Saying so, the big-breasted receptionist-san withdraws with the coin in her hand.

The big-breasted receptionist-san shows the ancient gold coin to a staff person who is placing something on a balance scale behind the reception desk and talks with them.

The appraisal seems to end immediately, and the receptionist-san returns with a drawn look expression and swaying breasts.


“T-this gold coin. Amazing. Okao-san says it can be sold for a single white gold coin. A specialized shop may purchase it for more. ”


Uhaa, Achilles-shisho.

You gave me such a large sum of money.

One white gold coin for it…that is ten gold pieces. That is one-million yen.

That means, the money I gave Yui should be useful.


Eyes gather from all around. This large sum of money…


“…It sells for a quite a lot. How much could it be sold for in a specialty store?”

“I cannot say because I have not heard of a shop in 【Hector】 that specializes in such ancient items, but it seems it could go for at least more than a single white gold coin.”


This city does not have one.


“There’s no specialty store…”

“Eeh, yes. There are a lot of shops like pawn shops and pawnbrokers around this city. There are also shops that specialize in metal working, if it’s such a store it costs a lot of money separately, so… there should be shops in 【Holkerbam】 and 【Pernette】 that handle ancient articles.”

“Is that so…”


In a different city.

Uun, I will need to think about how to handle this a little.


“This is 【Hector】. So, I think you can have peace of mind that other than pawnbrokers the guild’s price will be the highest.”

“Is that so, then, please buy this just one. I would like ten gold coins, rather than a white gold coin.”

“Yes, understood. Wait a moment.”


Receptionist-san goes inside, put gold coins in a small bag and returns.


“This is ten gold pieces.”

“Got it. Thanks.”


I open the bag and confirm it on the spot.

Gold coins shine when I open the bag. Not able to withstand the shining light, Rollo puts a paw in the bag like she wants to play.




“Rollo-kun. Should I tie up this cute foot?”

“Nya? Nyaa.”

“Fufu, kawaaiiii.”


Receptionist-san is reacting loudly in a strange way; I try to hold Rollo back.

On this occasion, I do not forget to “massage” the pads of her feet. While I enjoy the feeling of her soft paw pads, I suddenly remember.


I had collected various things.

I take them out of the magic bag and place them on the desk.

Other than the fur of the blue and white tigers I also place the bunch of Zoru’s rings on the desk.


And, since I have adjusted to big-breast-san, I return to my normal respectful tone, using honorifics.


“Could you buy these items?”

“Ah, yes. The spoils and rings, the ability appraisal of magic items cannot be done, but it can be assessed with the light assessment magic item. Will that be acceptable?”



The big-breasted receptionist-san seems to be able to assess the magic item.


“The fire beast stone ring has a red enfal magic jewel, the wind ring has a white wind magic stone, as for this yellow one, it seems to be the ring of the Lorelei thunder beast stone, they all seem to be high-quality magic items. However, there is damage and cracks in the jewels and they seem about ready to lose their mana…so the price is a little low. N, as for this, creator…eh, where did you obtain this collection of rings?”


She is surprised when she looks at the emblem inside the rings.

These rings are Zoru’s. I make up suitable story.


“I got them from a magic user I am acquainted with.”


Receptionist-san looks at me with *jiiiii* eyes.


“…Is that so. This rings are eighty-nine gold coins. This horn, a rabbit horn. It is five copper coins. These other items appear from the ‘Galbaunt Tiger’ and ‘Howak Mantis’ in the magic fog. Both are monsters from the B class?”


Seeming surprised that I defeated B ranked monsters, the big-breasted receptionist-san twitches a little and talks.

Other than that, I am surprised by the buying price of the rings that was mentioned.

The price is amazing…

Ma, I do not show it on my face.


“…I killed the monster. So, what is the price for bone tusk and arms?”

“I-is that so…the galbaunt tiger bone tusk is one gold coin, and the price of this mantis arm is only one gold coin.”


If I collected everything it would amount to a small fortune.

Since the bag’s size is limited there is no helping it.


“…Good. High price. Then all together, please purchase all of this.”

“Yes. …Please, receive it.”


I receive a lot of gold coins and return a smile.

Receptionist-san returns an awkward smile.

I put the gold coin bag on my back.


“Then, I will go look at the requests.”



After directing an affectionate smile at the receptionist-san I walk away.

I move to the requests notice board.


Then, I properly looking from G to D rank.

I am confident I can immediately challenge the D rank.


Ma, the outcome is my own responsibility.

As expect something related to “Genju’s Sake Ball of Light” or the “Sacred Stone of Wisdom”…

Is not there. I will look at the other requests, I have a lot of money, but I want to take a request since I became an adventurer. I also want to increase my rank.


Saying that, I properly choose a request.

A D and C rank request.

The contents of the requests are “Caravan Guards.”

Next, there are a lot of requests for body guards in the pleasure quarter, gambling quarter, new quarter, and the various shops in the warehouse quarter.


“Bell Tower” Bodyguard Wanted. Among other things.

Next…”Demon Hunting Tour Around Hino Village.”

The others, there are many monsters appearing from the 【Magic Fog Forest】 and 【Mt. Burdock】 on this side of the 【Burdock Woodland】.


The area around Burdock mountain seems to be a non-searched area and has good rewards.

As for the others…most requests are the labyrinth. It appears that there a three huge labyrinths around this fort city Hector.


The first is 【Magic Labyrinth Sabido ・Kents】

The second is 【Vallaida Insect Shrine】

The third is 【Pel Heka Line Great Maze Labyrinth】


Other than the above ground requests there three labyrinths are the only ones.

I choose three of the wooden tag requests.


The first.


Client: Samiras Firm

Request Details: D rank subjugation of ants.

Time Period: Indefinite

Subjugation Target: Ten Ants.

Home Level: Upper Region of Vallaida.

Reward: Five silver coins.

Proof of Subjugation: Yellow Leg Claw

Suggestion: They often attack in groups. May attention to their mandibles.

Note: Harvestable Materials are the small yellow claw, antenna, and mandibles. All can sell for between one to two large copper coins, prices change with the market price. There is a rare chance of a magic stone drop. The location of the magic stone is normally in the abdominal region.


The second one.


Client: North Set Sebari Firm.

Request Details: C rank subjugation of long-armed ants.

Time Period: Indefinite

Subjugation Target: Five Long-armed Ants

Home Level: Upper Middle levels of Vallaida.

Reward: One Gold Coin.

Proof of Subjugation: White Leg Claw

Suggestion: Often attack in groups. Be wary of long white leg claws.

Note: Harvestable materials include small white claws and antenna, all can sell for between 5-8 copper coins, prices change with market price. Rare change of magic stone drop, magic stone normally located in the abdominal region.


The third one.


Client: Dualbell Wrought Gold Association, belonging to the large Dualbell Trading Firm.

Request Details: C rank subjugation of soldier ant.

Time Period: Indefinite

Subjugation Target: Five Soldier Ants

Home Level: Middle Levels of Vallaida Charmed Shrine

Reward: One gold coin.

Proof of Subjugation: Black Leg Claw.

Suggestion: Two-man cell, three-man cell. There is a lot a platoon scale mobilization. Many have long leg claws characteristic of long armed ants. In the situation they are accompanied by an officer.

Note: Harvestable materials include small black claw, antenna, back carapace, and mandibles, all can sell for between 5-8 large copper coins, prices change with market price. Rare change of magic stone drop, magic stone normally located in abdomen region.


I remove all three of them with the feeling of the back carapaces and mandibles.

I take the three wooden tags and my adventurer card to receptionist-san.


“You suddenly want to challenge D and C rank requests solo?”


Receptionist-san is shocked and turns doubtful eyes on me.


“Is rank some final criteria? Even if D, can’t C, up to S and A requests be received?”

“Eh, yes, but…”






A cute cat voice comes out.

When receptionist-san notices the voice of the black cat, she turns a smile to Rollo.

With the healing effect of the cat, her natural doubtful gaze disappears.


And, she receives my adventurer cad and the requests as if she understood a little.


It is because I had B rank monster materials earlier.

The big-breasted receptionist-san would understand with that. Things worked themselves out of their own accord.

I continue asking questions.


“By the way, where is the Vallaida Insect Shrine?”

“You can jump there. The Vallaida Insect Shrine is located to the southeast of Hector, it is in the forested land that spreads out from Mt. Burdock.”


I can jump there? Aah, the magic formation from earlier.


“The magic formation.”

“Yes. It is a metastasis formation. They are set up by the guild to jump directly to the three entrances.”


When receptionist-san points a finger I see an adventurer disappear after walking onto a magi formation.

I see when he enters.


“It’s that.”

“Yes. It is convenient.”

“…It would be good if there were metastasis formation connecting towns to each other.”


“Yeah, but, creating them seems to require a very large amount of magic stones and multiple ingredients as well as money, besides, it seems they do not work across too great a distance. Kuna-san apparently to have the space-time attribute, I seem to be limited, so if various conditions aren’t met then installing it is impossible.”


Conditions. So being able to connect towns with metastasis formations depends on conditions.


Ma, the basis is impossible.

If it can be done so easily then history would be different as well.

Distribution of good, war, every aspect would be changed dramatically.


Nevertheless, the “space-time attribute?”

I look with magic observing eyes.

The magic formation, they are all connected slightly with mana, but for what reason?


I might want to meet this “Kuna.”


“Can I meet Kuna?”

“Kuna-san is an adventurer. and he also seems busy because he has a shop? Still, if you want to meet him, you can go to the magic tool shop Kuna-san runs, you may be able to meet him.”

“Is that so, then there’s no helping it. For now, could you tell me where the magic tool shop is?”


Receptionist-san writes an address on a piece of a wood chips and hands it to me.


“Yes. It’s this way.”



I look at the chip of wood and immediately memorize it.

It is written clearly.


“Then, let’s finish the request procedure. Please place your hand on the crystal ball.”


I place my hand as I am told.


“Like this?”


After the crystal ball shines, receptionist-san removes my adventurer’s card from the silver plate and hands it to me.


“With this, the request is accepted.”

“Got it, lastly, I would like you to tell me about shops selling articles for insect shrine labyrinth.”


Receptionist-san nods and talks while glancing outside.


“Then, directly across main street there is ‘Babon’s Shop,’ a general merchant-san.”


Babon’s shop. I will remember it.


“Thank you. Then I will go.”

“Yes, please work hard〜”



Rollo also says goodbye to receptionist-san and turning her body around quickly, jumps away.

She jumps to my shoulder like usual.

I turn on my heel and walk away from the reception desk where other adventurers are waiting in line, then I head outside the guild where it is just as crowded.



Chapter 33: Vallaida Insect Shrine


Before going to Babon’s shop I should look for an inn.

While I am at it I can look around the city.

I leave the popobumu behind at the stable and walk to a nearby place along main street on foot.

A large number of carriages come and go along the main street.

It is like a scene from a big city.

On the other side of the street I am walking on there are various stores lined up.

Oh, I discover a wooden building appropriate for a cheap inn.

The name carved on the wooden signboard is Saika.

The appearance of the inn is like a collective housing apartment.

Its position may as well be next door to the guild.

Since the adventurer’s guild is nearby it is the candidate for the inn to stay at.

But, I have not decided yet. I still intend to look around the area more.

I am not looking for enemies or monsters, but I am walking while using and presence detection.

Through search with smell I am able to detect the smell of blood and the pheromones a person emits.

It is convenient since I could somewhat distinguish the type of a person.

With Rollo on my shoulder, I walk along main street will flaring my nostrils and sniffing *kun-kun*

And, before I cross main street, I see a church-like building made with white stones.

It might not be but since there is a cross shape and a small room with a bell hanging inside it is certainly a church.

While walking along main street in front of the church, I use and presence detection, unconcerned.

As I am comparing people’s actual size with their magic essence I make eye contact with a woman.

She looks like a female adventurer human wearing black leather armor.

Her brown hair that looks like wind with its perm is swaying in the wind.

Her eyes are brown and she is glaring at me.

On her ears she is wearing earrings with pretty white jewels.

The bridge of her nose is high, and her lips are small and faintly red.

She is a beautiful young woman. She is tall for a woman.

The two handed sword on her back is almost the same height.

Her blood smells healthy too.

The blood streaming through the blood vessels in the nape of her neck is rhythmic.

-Looks delicious.

…A dangerous thought.


Recently…it is strange looking at a beautiful woman after embracing Yui.

However, for some reason- hatred is felt in those brown eyes.

She is glaring at me.

Why in such a place on the other side of main street?

People that look like believers of the church are there and block the gaze of the woman.

A group wearing dark blue canonical robes are led by a person wearing a green tunic type canonical robe into the church.

There is a circle and a yellow cross on their back.

Aah, they must be believers of the Sacred God.

I heard about them from Achilles-shisho.

The Sacred God religion believes in the god of light, Ilodis.

Since the glaring woman is praying at the church, should I go?

However, with all the busy pedestrian traffic why was she only glaring at me?

Normally that would be unlikely.

I have no memory of such a beautiful woman with a grudge…

Ma, it must be an accident.

Idiot, I might just be absentminded.

I do not know. I will leave it be.

I do not mind it and keep looking around.

As I advance down the street I find a side street with a pub and restaurant.

This alley has a good feeling and the place is crowded.

It is like the bar street downtown; the atmosphere is good too.

It is also near the apartment inn, this area is good for spending time drinking some liquor.
When I think of it, I immediately move to do so.

I stop my tour midway and retrace my steps back to where I came from.

To the small inn near the guild called Saika.

Deciding to stay in Saika I open the small door.

I talk with the inn owner and pay to borrow a room.

“Your room is the furthest back.”

The innkeeper says so with a wrinkled face like a shriveled persimmon and I leave for the back room.

There is no door, it is a small poor-looking room.

…This is a cheap inn; I cannot store much luggage here.

There is only a solid bed and a large tub.

When I eliminate the bed the pail takes up most of the space.

The innkeeper told me I can bath and wash with this tub.

I was told in a blunt manner that if one cannot use life magic, then water can be freely drawn from the well next to the big willow in the first floor courtyard.

MA, I can understand from the blunt manner of the inn oyaji that this inn is a worn-out cheap housing complex.

Naturally there is no meal. It is not so bad since I have a pail.

Appearing the like the worn-out room, Rollo is jumping up and down on the hard bed.

I hope there are no lice on the bed…

Since I have money, I can probably stay at a high-class inn if I look for one, but this is enough for now. Ma, I just started living in the city.

It is near the guild and an eating and drinking street, so I will enjoy myself.

Well then, I should take a bath.

I pour hot water into the tub using life magic.

I wash my body lightly with gyoza grass since I smell a little.

…Water is a good attribute. It would take time to draw the water.

This life magic…I wonder if I could use it to attack, I have tried it in various ways so far, but the only difference is if the force the water spouts out with.

When I had just learned it I remembered the image of a water cutter using the image of pressure, I had such a dream, but it is impossible with this life magic.

I hope that with the magic like the ancient crest one I learned the other day, the magic of the water attribute may be made according to an image as the source.

Ma, I have the spear.

Even if such an illusion exists as I hope for, I do not know whether such a “thing” really exists.

I still need to learn the sword, it cannot be helped even if I am impatient and learn it shallowly…

First of all, the spear, I should aim even higher.

Including the other ones with magic, I will learn it if I come across the opportunity.

Thinking about such a thing, I hear a *pachan-pachan* sound coming from the surface of the water, and am distracted.

I pay more attention to the sound.

The actual source of the sound is Rollo.

She is swiping her paw at the surface of the water from the edge of the tub.

She looks cute. Amusing, she is slapping down with her paws going *pachan-pachan* and playing.

“Rollo, you may be playing but I can tell you smell bad too.”


I grab the scruff of the playing Rollo and put her in the hot water.

I am removing the dirt from her legs and also making her paw pads clean. Rollodinu seems to understand that I am washing her body and is extending her body out comfortably.

I soak Rollo in the hot water of the tub.

Rollo shakes her body with a *buru* in the hot water and begins the smoothly swim around the tub when she separates from my hand.

She is surprisingly good at swimming; she is swimming happily by rowing with her feelers across the surface of the water.

She is good at using the feelers underwater.

After a while Rollo gets tired of swimming and gets out of the tub.

Over by the bed she shakes her body *furufuru* and splashes the water around.

“Oi, oi, don’t splash the water around here.

“Nya, Nyaa.”

Rollo sings lively and jumps outside on her own accord.

Where is she going…

I quickly get out of the bath too, get dressed and leave the inn.

I head to Babon’s shop that receptionist-san told me about.

As I walk along the street.

“Nn, Nya.”

Rollo calls and jumps onto my shoulder from behind.

“Where did you go?”


Rollo only moves her tail.

Did you need to pee?

I walk with my eyes fixed on the street with Rollo placed on my shoulder.

I quickly arrive at Babon’s shop on the other side of main street.

This shop…is a general store, just like receptionist-san said.

The impression of a lot of goods put out.

There are different types of potions to the front along with medicinal herbs. Dry meat, raisins, seasonings and a bunch of bottles with something like blueberry jam are also being sold.

Snack like foods are also set up in a line, when I look they are the kind you find in cheap candy shops.

When I enter the shop, there are bronze swords in places lengthwise and a pot like an umbrella. There is leather armor on display and bulky armor, hanging from the ceiling, knee-length leggings are on display.

For some reason, a barrel and an iron pan used for cooking are placed in the protective gear section. There is also a bag to place at the waist hanging from the ceiling.

There are kinds of small accessories like wooden brushes, oil lanterns, and clean clothes all being sold together.

Rollo seems interested in the smells of the new articles in the general store, she is going *kun-kun* with her nose while stretching out one leg.

“Rollo, no playing around…”

Rollo remains silent but seems to understand the tone of my voice and pulls her foot back.

At such a time, my eyes come to a stop on the backpack hanging from the ceiling on display.

I recall the durable magic bag I got from Shisho.

I might as well get the latest magic bag.

I see someone that looks like a shopkeeper in the back and try to talk to them.

“Excuse me, are there items here necessary for the labyrinth and magic bags?

“Aah, there are. It’s this and this…”

The kind shopkeeper helps me choose things I need; I gather them together to purchase.

I have a light backpack for traveling and I bought a backpack for combat work.

Afterward, the simple lantern is attached to the belt at my waist. I buy field rations, a pan and a magic bag. I also buy a wooden brush for brushing my teeth and I bought a bag with a leather belt that covers my chest.

I buy several pieces of leather.

Since I have , the lantern was not necessary but I want to go for an adventurer like appearance first so I bought the lantern.

Buying it, I immediately put the bag with the leather belt over my shoulder.

I load up the backpack and leave the shop with it on my back.

There are metal fittings on the new back pack so I fix the black spear to my back with them.

With this the preparations are complete.

Should I take care of a request quickly? I return to the guild.

I come back to the guild and walk over the side with the metastasis magic formation.

A small pedestal is placed in front of the magic formation.

There are large words engraved on the top of a wooden pedestal.

This, is it something like an advertisement?

A brief explanation about each labyrinth seems to be written on the piece of wood.

I got it. The wooden tag is thin so it seems to tear immediately.

I guess this is normal since it is free.

Aside from that, this metastasis formation is shining white.

Is it really all right? I feel a little uneasy.

Eeh, waa!

I set foot in the magic formation with Rollo on my shoulder.

At that moment- a *gua* sound in my ear, the scene in front of me is replaced in an instant.

This sensation, aah, it is that.

The sense of entering a tunnel by car.

Is it the pressure change? Or, probably because of metastasis?

After I am attacked with the lump of air in my ear, the transfer succeeds.

The magic formation at my feet is shining faintly.

And, properly, Rollo succeeded in warping with me on my shoulder.

Good. The horror film metastasis with combining does not happen…

I do not want to become a fly-person.

While thinking of such an old movie I exit the magic formation and its color changes from blue to white.

As an experiment I turn back and place my foot in the magic formation again.

The moment my senses are clogged up with air again, I return to the guild.

The metastasis formation of the guild is blue.

When I exit the magic formation it returns to its white color.

When I use the metastasis formation it is like a bunch of small LEDs shining with a blue light.

While I am observing the magic formation with fascination, I am pushed to the side by another adventurer. I am in the way and they enter the magic formation forcibly and disappear.

I belatedly enter the magic formation as well.

When I appear in the Insect Shrine again, the adventurer who pushed me aside joins other adventurers and walks into the labyrinth.

I intended to complain, but I do not.

Let us look at this labyrinth.

The area around the metastasis formation opens into a round space.

However, rather than where the adventurers are gathering, my eyes go to the ceiling.

The impression I get here is completely different from the name Insect Shrine that suggests insects gather.

It is fantastic and magical.

Such romantic words are imagined.

The gray ceiling has numerous holes that the ants can go in and out of, a light similar so sunlight is filtering through the holes.

The light illuminates the dust, and I see a fantasy illusion of silver flowers floating in the light.

The natural source of light illuminates the upper levels of the insect shrine. A truly beautiful labyrinth.

When even dust creates a fantastic natural painting, I will think about it some other time.

Black walls with silver beams of light above constitutes this labyrinth, black fibers are shown in detail.

I approach a wall of the black fiber and see how it feels.

Hard. Instead of black fiber, it is more like it is made of entangled branches.

Innumerable long branches and twigs are gathered together and entwined making it look like fibers.

When I pull on the them forcibly, chi, a splinter is stuck in my finger.

Ite, is this a thorn?

A stinging black thorn.

This black thorn seems to form Vallaida Insect Shrine.

Around the circumference of the transfer formation I came out of it becomes a circular open space surrounded by the black thorn walls.

There are several tents in the middle of the open space.

This seems to be the gathering spot of adventurers and merchants.

Without going there, I walk around along the thorn wall.

Then, thorns entwined in the form of big statues stand in a row between the thorny wall.

The labyrinth wall is not only made of thorn.

The image looks like it is hewn from bedrock, and the big statue looks like it is made of a mineral like copper.

There are a lot of people praying to the statue.

If I pray to this god will I receive benefits?

I walk away from the believers with such a trivial doubt in my heart and go to the center of the open space

“-I am selling a map from the mid to lower levels, does someone want to buy it?”

To the adventurers standing in the area, such words are being thrown.

In addition, there are also merchants selling items, those offering to invite people into their party, and other noisy sounds.

In this place outside of the guild, such an invitation is directed to me.

Passing through the open space I go ahead through the passage where adventurers are going inside.

I see stairs from the right side of the passage.

These big stairs seem to be doorways of the labyrinth.

I guess I will try looking along these stairs.

Since there was no feeling of movement in the metastasis formation I go outside to actually check.

I run up the stairs and easily arrive outside the labyrinth.

Outside, the forest spreads outward and the base of Mt. Burdock is nearer.

The earth around the labyrinth seems to swell up and the place I am standing is on a slope.

When I look up I can see the shape of a domed roof like a huge ant hill, there are a lot of holes.

The holes are a source of light and where the monsters go in and out of.

Now then, what should I see.

While I feel the dazzling sunlight…

I begin to read the wooden tag about the labyrinth.


The Vallaida Insect Shrine labyrinth is separated into an upper level, middle level and lower level.

Many ant and insect type monster live there, and threaten the forested area nearby.

Occasionally, with the dragons coming from Mt. Burdock, the place is famous for territorial disputes when they visit. Furthermore, an S rank monster called the Vallaida Great Queen Ant dominates the lower level. A Queen ant protection squad called the Imperial Guard ants exists to protect the queen.

The Imperial Guard ant is an A++ rank of considerable strength.

Without exception the unit defending the queen is strong.

It is famous for existing as the unit that protects the Queen by all means in a labyrinth of other similar ants. There are few adventurers who have broken through this defense and looked directly upon the queen.

Incidentally, the imperial guard ants of this labyrinth will always join together as a three-man platoon, and even now have not been subdued.


There is more information but after reading properly, with that timing, I turn away from the wooden tag and shift my focus to the labyrinth.

Shisho talked a lot before about rank A +

It is slightly different from an adventurer’s rank when it is dividing the strength of the monster.

Well then, I will go-

I toss away the wooden tag I was looking at and take the stairs back into the labyrinth.

There are a great many adventurers in a variety of armor under the stairs going to the upper level.

Adventurers are still appearing one after another from the metastasis formation.

That metastasis formation is convenient.

I was told Kuna-san established the metastasis formations…

They must be an amazing magic user.

They are probably in great demand from the guild.

…Even if I can create one I may stay quiet.

While thinking such a thing, I line up with the adventurers to challenge a level of the insect labyrinth.



Chapter 34: I Want to Use the Lantern


There are very few adventurers acting solo and it seems normal here to hunt in groups.

Solo adventurers like me seem rare.

Well, I am not actually solo, my partner is Rollo.

Such a Rollo is walking slowly with her feelers extended cautiously in the air.

Rollodinu is in her black panther form. (TL: Fun fact, panthers are actually black leopards, so calling them black panthers is redundant.)

Rays of light are shining beautifully off her black fur.

As I walk through the passage surrounded by black thorns while watching Rollo… The sudden sound of fighting- jumps to my ears.

I do not forget to search for magic essence using presence detection.

I detect an awful lot of magic essence.

I am curious so I quickly head in the direction of where I hear the sounds of fighting coming from.

When I pass through the thorny cave, there is an unnatural hole in the ground. Uhyo, ants are vigorously appearing from the unnatural hole.

The swarm of ants surrounds the adventurers one after another.

The adventurers number five people, I wonder if they will be all right.

This is a lot of ants, it looks dangerous.

There is an adventurer whose movement’s stand out.

Defending their companions, they are killing one ant after another.

However, they seem to be hopelessly out numbered, injured adventurers are appearing one after another.

-I should help.

“Rollo, don’t interfere, just clear away the ants in the surrounding area.”


I raise my voice and shout, intentionally attracting attention.

I release a battle cry towards the ants.

Rollo also attacks an ant.

The length of the ants’ antenna is around one meter.

Their heads have two thin antennae and their mouths have sharp looking mandibles.

Six legs move bustling from the body tormenting the adventurers.

The “yellow claws” that are “proof of subjugation” are evident on their forelegs.

“Helping may be bad, I apologize-“

While stabbing, and killing the ants with my black spear I talk to the knight-ish adventurer who seems to be a shield wielder.

“No way, thank you-“

The knight speaks grateful words to me.

Their visor is lowered so I cannot see their face.

They are wearing half plate armor, and have a shield and long sword in their hands.

I can see the magic essence because they are focusing mana in their arms and their feet.

They seem to be able to use fighting moji.

The knight throws another ant to the ground with precise movements.

They quickly bring up their sword to defend against an ant, and then swing their long sword down, splitting the ant in half.

To protect the injured adventurers.

Impressive movements.

“Is that so, then, I will slaughter the ants without reserve.”

The knight silently nods to my words.

I continue attacking the ants while nodding slightly.

After confirming, I immediately plunge into the swarm of ants.

The black spear easily goes through the head of a nearby ant, killing it.

While pulling out the black spear I deliver a spinning kick to the abdomen of the ant from the side, sending it flying.

Then I turn my body on the tips of my toes.

Using the momentum of pulling out the black spear I move into a spinning kick, and bring the spear crashing down in the ant’s head.

Furthermore, I continue moving the black spear horizontally. I move the butt end to an ant approaching from the right, pulverizing it.

At that time, Rollo enters my view who jumps down with the appearance of fighting.

She removes the leg of an ant with her sharp claws and fangs.

The movement serves as a restraint.

After removing several legs and immobilizing it, she strikes the ant’s head with her feeler bone sword and slaughters them quickly.

She is fighting efficiently. As one would expect of a divine beast.

How about I entrust the small fry to Rollo?

Even though I think it is lazy, I begin using the black spear simply. The blade of the black spear is thrust into the head of an ant.

In no time, almost twenty of them are defeated.

Before long, there no more ants nearby. They must have been exterminated.

Rollo returns to my shoulder and scratches the back of her neck with a hind leg.


She scratches with the feeling of 『This fur is scratchy, Nya』

The adventurer I helped also seems to have defeated the ants.

Corpses are laying all over the ground.

The knight who was fighting hard before talks to me.

“Thank you. My name is Quiche Bakunda. Call me Quiche.”

I identify them as a woman from their voice.

Since their visor is down I cannot make out her face, but I can see her eyes.

Fair light green.

“No, no, this much is expected. I am Shuya Kagari. You may call me either Shuya or Kagari.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you for earlier.”

The adventurers who were bitten and injured by the ants speak energetically.

“N, Nyaon.”

Rollo cries from my shoulder as if to say 『It’s only nyatural』 and turns a proud face to the adventurers. [ED:” nyatural”

“Waa, cute.”

“This black cat-chan.”

“I saw it earlier! This cat is strong, ne~ It got bigger.”

Rollo jumps to the ground to meet the expectations of such a child.

She brings her head near the child’s small feet. The child goes *kya-kya* getting caught up playing with Rollo.

Judging from the voice of the injured adventurer, the child’s appearance still has a way to go before they are an adult.

The child is of a race with scaled skin.

Why are there such young children here…

Such a question floats on my face-

The female knight raises her visor and removes her helmet.

There is no wind blowing, but beautiful long light green hair flutters as her face is exposed.

Green eyes, a tattoo of a bee is visible on her cheek.

A green jade-like jewel is in an earring on her long ears.

Elf. She is a beautiful woman. [ED: Stay calm. (Talking to you Purple!)]

I must have a slightly surprised expression because the Elf woman named Quiche smiles and begins to talk.

“Were you surprised? Anyways. I brought these ones from 【Hino Village】. They’re still newbies…”

“Hino Village?”

“Aah, near this insect mound there is a village in the forest. It may be easier to understand if I say it is near Mt. Burdock.”

“I see. “I came directly from 【Hector】”

“Is that so, well, from that fort city…With such skill I suppose you must be a famous adventurer.”

“No, no, not at all. Apart from that, are you going to harvest ‘this’?”

I raise a hand and lightly point a finger at the remains of the ants.

“A, aah. That’s right.”

Without waiting for an answer, I silently collect the yellow claws.

Using the Kukri sword, I cut through the shell of the ant’s abdomen.

The carapace seems bulky so I only collect the small claws and the antenna.

After I finish collecting most of it I talk to Quiche.

“So, why are such children here?”

“These aren’t children.”

“Really, we’re D ranked adventurers!”

Hearing what I say the lizard faced child playing with Rollo answers in a rough voice through her helmet.

Quiche smiles at such a childish reaction.

“Arri, Taku. Be quiet. But, it is like that. These children are full-fledged adventurers in the village. They want to defeat the queen of this insect shrine that always harms the village…if I am with them they can manage the upper levels, so I came along.”

“Adventurers? Sorry for earlier.”

I look at the short newbies and apologize.

“Uun. It’s fine as long as you understand.”

The girl says in a tender tone.

I talk to Quiche while cracking a smile.

“However, won’t it still be dangerous? Even this was dangerous.”

“That’s right. My thinking was optimistic. I have no idea what would have happened if Shuya didn’t show up…”

She seems to be reflecting.

But, it should be rare that ants appear in such large numbers…

Hmm, I already finished one request quickly.

“But it was good to be saved. In which case, with this I-“

“Wait. We cannot part without returning the favor.”

“N〜, I took a request, so I intend to go to the middle level now…”

Seeming surprised by my words, Quiche’s eyes widen and she blinks her eyes.

“W-what, you’re going to hunting on the middle level solo?”

Rollo is there too…

Rollo seems uninterested in the conversation and is scratching her head with a hind leg.

Ma, I guess it is called solo.


“It’s too dangerous. You saw the group from before, do you expect them to only appear one at a time?”

“Well. But, everything is experience. Didn’t you see my movements earlier? I won’t easily ‘die.’”

I am a Rusivault. A new race of vampire origin.

I won’t die even if I want to.

Quiche nodded as if understanding.

“That’s true, however. I want to return the favor…”

Among other things, this Quiche woman is very loyal.

“N~, your thanks is enough. Ah, if that’s the case, then properly, return those young girl-…no, those adventurers to their village.”

Intentionally speaking lazily, I walk further in with the black spear against my right shoulder.

Rollo follows my back trudging.

“Ah, wait.”


Hearing her behind me I stop without turning around.

“I understand. We haven’t reached an agreement, but I will return the favor sometime soon. Now, thank you. That’s all I have to say.”

I raise a hand without looking back and respond, “Ou,” as I walk forward.

“Quiche. You face is red〜”

“Ah, it is. Perhaps, the cool onii-san, she’s the ‘L’ word〜〜”

“Don’t you think Quiche has such a face…”

“It’s really red〜”


“W-w-what are you saying! Please don’t say stupid things, let’s quickly return to the village.”

After parting from the field trip party, I continue through the upper area while defeating ants.

There is an opening in the thorn with a descending stair case, below seems to be the larger middle level. There are a lot of small rooms other than the open space.

I remember the short explanation written on the wooden tag.

The small black rooms spread out from the center of the labyrinth in passaged like the mesh of a net.

A lot of ant inhabit the complex grid, wandering around.

It’s an image, but it feels like an enlarged honeycomb structure.

At least, it does not seem the nest of ordinary ants.

As I descend the stairs it become dim.

I have but I light the lantern for the time being.

I brought it with much effort, so I must use it.

Oh, I found an ant. A group of adventurers is fighting against an ant.

It looks like the long armed ant.

It is moving its long white legs to the left and right to hold them back.

There is a long sharp-looking hooked claw on the end of its forelegs.

It looks like it would be painful if it hits. Its body seems to be two or three meters long.

A shield carrying warrior attracts the long-armed ant from the front and a magic user behind him throws a fireball. Then a warrior carrying a weapon with both hands brings down a hard attack from the other side of the ant.

The cooperating adventurers finish defeating the long-armed ant.

They remove the white claw, antenna, and carapace of fallen ant.

While looking at the various adventurers, I search for enemies using pheromone touch and presence detection, carefully advancing through the middle level.

As I advance through a passage of twisted black thorns, again I find a magic essence reaction.

This is from around the corner.

Do these “ants” intend to raid me?

It looks like an ambush.

The moment I turn the corner-after all, I am attacked by long-armed ants on each side from around the corner.

I act without a hitch.

I collect mana in my feet and advance.

A long-armed ant steps up with a bent forward posture and its long sharp white forefeet extending to the sides, so I thrust out the black spear powerfully penetrating its abdomen.

Repeatedly, I drive in the blade of the black spear to gouge out the stomach of the long white limbs.

White entrails hang out from the gouged abdomen and the white long legged ant falls to the ground.

I deliver a final blow with .

I kick the ground so hard with that smoke is created, then from right above I launch the spear at the long armed ant’s head.

The black spear drills through the sky like a rising dragon.

The metal blade drills through the jaw of the ant like a spiral drill, penetrating its Clypeus. [ED: Palate changed to Clypeus for anatomy reasons]

The black spear reaches the brain, completely destroying the head of the ant.

The destroyed head is torn off and flies through the sky like a firework.

The body of the long armed ant has its head torn off by the hand of a giant.

For a moment, I consider the extent of such a spectacle…

The long armed ant that lost its head is standing still like a daruma.

White viscous liquid begins to overflow from the severed neck, and possibly from the inertia, it collapses to the side.

“Nya, nya~”

N? I turn when I hear something like 『No, Nya』

The way Rollo is walking seems dissatisfied.

She swipes at the fallen corpse and begins the play like this by knocking around a white leg.

Playing around, it kind of looks like this one is playing ice hockey?

“Rollo, this isn’t a playground?”


“I understand. Make sure Rollodinu works hard next time.”

With brightened eyes, Rollo responds lively with a “Nya!”

Smiling at such a cute Rollo I remove the claw of the white leg.

Since the carapace is too wide to fit into the bag I do not take it.

Finished collecting, I advance through the dim middle layer.

Rollo looks excited and has begun to search for prey with her feelers extended.

Ou, there is a presence detection response.

-Magic essence.

Once again, a long-armed ant in discovered.

I visual confirm its long white legs.

I also look over at Rollo, she has adopted the low prowling posture of hunting.

Seeing Rollo’s stance to the side I can understand that she is excited.

Slowing extending a foreleg, she is advancing slowly.

Despite appearances, she seems to be advancing without realizing it.

The ant does not notice it is being stalked with its back is turned to us.

Once Rollo comes close enough to the ant to attack she begins to arch her back, collecting power in her limbs, shaking her body a little. These are the movements of a carnivore stalking its prey.

With her lower body seeming to swell with energy, she suddenly takes off running.

She charges forward powerfully, changing to her panther form, and repeatedly stabs the ant’s abdomen from behind.

When the bone sword strikes deeply into the back of the ant, Rollo lets her feelers contract and jumps onto the back of the ant, despite being scratched by a claw.

In her panther form Rollo growls as she bites into the protruding back, while tearing the ant’s back the shreds she turns to its head

The ant tries to resist by shaking its body and mandibles, but the Rollodinu that has become the divine beast does not leave. The ant does not seem able to shake Rollodinu off due to her extended feeler bone swords, claws and teeth embedded in its back.

In the end, Rollodinu continues to shatter the ants head and it falls still.

Unintentionally, I begin clapping my hands.

“Iya~, Rollo was able to reach the ant’s back.”


Rollo cries joyfully and puts on a self-satisfied look.

“Haha, I understand, so I’ll collect it.”

I remove the proof of subjugation from the corpse of the defeated ant.

I can afford the baggage since the claw is remarkably small in comparison to the size of the body.

After I quickly finish the harvesting I advance through the black thorn passage.

Unlike the upper level, the middle level is increasingly dim, it becomes darker whenever I advance.

The light of the lantern I placed on my waist is becoming conspicuous.

Then, I hear a scream.

“Run away, Soldier Ant!”

“Uaaa, a commander ant appeared, run away!”


I can see adventurers running away to the left.

I purposely go there.

-N? In the darkness, there is one light acting like a stage light.

Is it the light of the lantern that the escaping adventurer dropped?

Is it a magical light?

There…the figure of ants barely surfaces in the darkness.

Is only one bigger than a long-armed ant?

I become cautious and advance. The darkness is strong, but should I turn off the lantern and activate ? Iya, after all, I want to use the lantern first.

…There is a presence detection reaction.

I see it with

As I advance further, the light of the fallen lantern reflects clearly on the place-

Three ants are clustered around a dead adventurer, consuming their flesh.

This, were they defeated by the ants…

Two of the ants stands out from the two long-armed ants with a feeling of rusted black plate.

This will be the soldier ant.

Aside from that, what is this guy?

It is bigger than the soldier ant.

It is a tough “big” ant. Is armor ant not good?

The adventurer from before called it a commander ant, it has such a feeling.

Besides, that armored ant commander’s face is not armored, but it looks like a helmet.

Its forehead shines asymmetrically, but its mandibles seem to be sharp.

The pair of red compound eyes are pointed like an amphibian’s.

As for its jaw, it has a slender and sharp unpleasant feeling.

The abdomen and its back are covered with a tortoise-like shell and its body seems hard all over.

Six carapace legs support such a body.

Tufts of hair like red fur grow on the upper part of the leg, I can tell that the knee joins is packed full of muscles.

I can also see the sharp looking hooked claw on its leg.

It seems to have a lot of muscle fibers.

I understand they are needed to support the visibly heavy carapace.

From its size, I imagine a bulldozer.

The figure of the sharp mandibles chews on dead flesh.

Furthermore, I feel a sense of disgust when I hear the sound of bones being ground up.

Then I turn my eyes to Rollo and nod.

I turn off the lantern and fall into .

I finally use .

Rollo separates from me and shifts into a hunting posture.

Three ants.

Two soldier ants.

And then, the other is the “armored commander ant.”

I decide to take down the soldier ant first.

Looking at the ring ahead-

The dark ring of the Dark Hellbone Knights.

“Should I use this?”

But I stop there.

I want to attack now…

The boiling knights are strong and useful, but they make loud sounds.

While thinking such a thing, I take a knife out of the back of my jacket.

First is the soldier ant.

Aiming- I the knife.

The thrown knife pierces into the head of the ant I aimed at.

It simply falls to the ground and stops moving.

I use consecutively.

However, the knife is later than the first attack and misses, instead sticking into its leg.

Once the soldier ant notice me, it turns its head this way and approach with a *kasa-kasa*

However, the soldier ant sinks to the ground because of Rollo’s feeler sword without drawing close to me.

Perhaps cautious of how easily the soldier ants were defeated, the armored commander ant looks at me with its red compound eyes and withdraws from the adventurer corpse it was eating then disappears into the darkness.

However, there is a magic essence reaction-

There, the armored commander ant is moving with its six leg *kasa-kasa* up the dim wide wall like a spider.

It seems like it intends to go around behind me and attack.

Even though its body is short and stout, it is strangely quick.

It should be easy to hang from that thorn wall with its ant legs.

Maa, that it more or less going around in my head.

For all that, it is useless. I extend my left hand to the armored commander ant and fire .

Drawing an arc through the air the chain pierces through the armor-like carapace of the ant.

Pulling on the chain, the armored commander ant climbing the wall is instantly knocked to the ground.

At this point Rollo also stabs out with her feeler swords.

However, there is a metallic *kiin* sound and the feeler swords are repelled.

The skin on the upper part of the commander ant is hard like metal.

On the other hand, my hand can pierce it.

Is the end of the considerably sharp? With such a thought, I dismiss the lodged chain, and thrust the black spear into the armor commander ant that is overturned like a turtle.

*Kiin*- A hard sound is made.

I have been repelled in the same way as Rollo.

Meanwhile, the armored commander ant forcefully stands up.

The armored commander ant stares at me with its red eyes as if to say “Good attack,” then quickly rotates to the side with its red legs.

Turning to the front to make use of its mandibles, it attacks like a bull charging a matador’s red flag.

-It approaches fast.

As I watch Rollo roll to the side to avoid the armored commander ant, once again I confirm that the muscle fibers appear and disappear in the joint gaps.

-I need to aim there.

The armored commander ant seems to be focusing on me who knocked it down and again thrusts to gouge me.

I keep the blade of the black spear level and activate .

With my increased physical speed, I move to the side of the armored commander ant with a speed that penetrates the wind.

Aiming at the join of the ant, I cut down with the black spear from the side.

Per the aim of the black spear, it collides with the fibrous part of the join and tears it off.

I sever several of the armored commander ant’s legs.

Having lost several legs, the armored commander ant loses its balance and collides with black fibrous wall.

Bouncing off powerfully it turns onto its back.

It struggles with its back on against the ground.

It is impossible to stand up even if it struggles this time.

Rollo also stabs with her feeler bone swords.

Oh? The trajectory of the feelers changed.

Somehow or other, it seems Rollo consider the attack I just did into account.

Seems to have directed her attacks at the “soft” places.

She concentrates the attacks of her feeler swords and they slide into the soft parts, severing another leg.

The armored commander ant emits a painful growl and violently crosses- its remaining carapace legs.

Should I try a little? I run towards such an armored commander ant.

Using the momentum of my run, I deal out a kick with fighting moji powered legs.

A sidepiece of the carapace is dented a little.

It was dented. Oi, this is really strong.

I keep kicking it until runs out, but because I am getting nowhere I pull back from the armored commander ant with the black spear.

The target is the little joint between the head and body.

I can see the fibers in its neck. Aiming at that point with -I unleash it.

When thrust pierces through the back of the neck there is an abnormal sound like air suddenly being let out of a bag.

The head of the ant flies forward with an earsplitting powerful *bon.*

The head of the ant that jumped like a ping pong ball comes to a stop when it is buried in the thorny wall.

Decapitated, the red legs on the body of the armored commander ant shake little by little, and a dark red liquid wells out of the severed neck.

Even though the black spear is not sharp at all, using my physical strength and the skill I seem to have exceeded the defense of the armored commander ant.

Ma, this much is natural since I aimed at the soft part.

This carapace seems to be a good material. Shall I return with it and take it to a blacksmith?

The soft point at the join is cut.

However, it really is too big and will not go in the bag.

It cannot be helped; I will carry it by hand.

I collect the head buried in the wall too.

It will become the evidence that I defeated it.

Since the head is big too it completely fills on magic bag.

While dragging the heavy carapace, I defeat soldier ants and long-armed ants that show up in the area and collect the claws for proof of subjugation.

On the way, I use the carapace like a shield and use it as an obstacle for handling ant extermination.

I exterminate the remaining ants this way.

I collect all the subjugation evidence.

Since I exceeded the evidence for the long-armed ant request, does that mean I completed it again?

I finish over and over. Should we return home?

“Let’s turn back.”


Rollo’s only answer is a throaty voice. She seems to be sleeping in my hood. (TL: Roll kawaii.)

You are sleeping now?

Ma, it is fine, I return to the surface.

I escape from the dark middle level while feeling the weight of Rollo sleeping behind me.

I can return to the bright upper level.

The middle…some adventurers turn their gazes to me and I feel a bit embarrassed.

The black carapace I am dragging stands out.

While enduring such eyes, I stand in the magic formation while holding the heavy carapace and go directly to the guild in 【Hector】.

There was the big-breasted receptionist-san.

She still seems to be working. I immediately approach the counter.

When I place the carapace on the reception desk, because it is heavy, the reception stands makes a *mishi* sounds.

Receptionist-san seems to be surprised by the big carapace that suddenly appeared in front of her and she is staring in amazement.

Continuously, the claws and antenna are submitted for the proof of subjugation.

I take out the head of the armored commander ant and place it on the reception desk. Finally, I include my adventurer card. (TL: Shuya’s a boss.)

“-This head, ah, because this amount is beyond five request completion, the request achievement becomes five. But, this head and carapace…”

“That’s right. You do not need to buy the carapace. The head is outside of the request, but I brought it as subjugation evidence. Can I receive money for it?”

“Yes. That’s fine. It is outside of the request. However, when one is subdued a reward is paid properly. Because you did not receive a request for this monster’s head, it does not count towards your completed requests.”

“Got it.”

“Well then, please wait a moment.”

Saying so, receptionist-san takes the request items and the head with her inside.

The head is big too, but is she a strong person too?

Ano, she is still holding those breasts that act as blunt weapons.

It is a little noisy in the back.

The eyes of the nearby adventurers gather.

Ano, did that carapace stand out too much?

After a few minutes, receptionist-san returns with her swinging *pururu* breasts.

“Sorry to have kept you wait. This is the reward and your adventurer’s card. You are suddenly rank D. Congratulations.”

“Ooh, thanks.”

I have finished my first job. Good. The reward is a gold coin, a few silver coins, and ten or so copper coins.

I collect the money and my adventurer’s card.

“By the way, what is the name of the monster of that ‘head?’”

“That armored commander ant is called an “Officer Ant,” it’s a strong ant that normally appears on the lower levels with soldier ants. Its strength alone is around B rank.”


B rank.

Its heavy carapace is durable, and it is considerably strong.

“As expected. It is an individual request. An adventurer of low rank would not be asked to overthrow an officer solo. One must have enormous strength to carry the carapace without a cart. Lion the lion clan, Lava Khan.”

Receptionist-san talks with an excited expression.

Extending my upper arms I show off my muscles.

At that point, because they are shaking, I stare at her big breasts.

Quickly, I talk to deceive her.

“…Aah, well. That is, this carapace. Do you know any blacksmiths that can process this?”

“If it is a black smith shop, then it must be a dwarf-san. I know a first-class blacksmith.

“Where is it?”

“E~to, if you take the main street from here, turn right at the second lane, pass through the gambling section, turn at the right lane and once you turn there you are in the blacksmithing district. The place you are looking for is the furthest inside of there.”

Hmm, it got complicated…the second lane, gambling street…

“…Understood. Well then.”

Steadily tapping a finger against my head, I somehow manage to hammer it in, then I hear a familiar voice from behind me.

“If it is okay, shall I guide you?”

I look back toward the voice of the woman. The source of the voice is the elf I helped earlier.

Her long light green hair stands out.

“…Oh, it’s Quiche. Those children adventurers get to the village?”

“Aah, I sent them immediately so they’re fine. Other than that, I overheard your conversation, although it was rude. I am far behind on “life debt” of the children, so may I guide you to the shop?”

Her smile has a sense of transparency.

I engrave the figure of the elf Quiche into memory once more.

Holding her helmet in one hand, half of her white armor appears dirty.

Is that a bird on the right side of her chest that swells in the peculiar way of a woman? A cool small emblem like a crane is drawn there.

Around her waist is her long sword and a protective white skirt armor hangs from her hips, she is wearing light green undershorts likes spats.

She looks fragile because her legs are long, I can see some of the white-colored skin of her thighs.

A leather belt is coiled tightly around her thighs.

From her feet to above her knees there is a light green armor protecting her.

It looks even more beautiful because of the green hue of her long straight green hair.

“…Yes, please. …As for the life debt, having you guide me is enough.”


Chapter 35: Blacksmith


“However, to carry such a heavy carapace…you have incredible strength.”

Receptionist-san said so too.


I answer safely.

Quiche is guiding me to the Dwarf shop while being amazed by my herculean strength.

Anyhow, we are passing many side roads and Small alleys.

While we walk I memorize the way and houses.

Before long, the blacksmith district comes into view.

A new long sword and spear shaft are leaning against a rack.

A mannequin is set up with steel armor attached.

This store probably serves as both a blacksmith and a shop.

A full-scale black smith is next door.

A worker with a strong physique is stepping on a bellows, dripping with sweat as he works.

The heat is so strong that it is making us feel hot.

Of course, there is an anvil near the furnace too. With a human and dwarf craftsmen wielding a hammer, the ringing sound of beaten steel sounds out.

Rather than a smith, on the other side a brick making workshop spreads out.

With approximately five buildings lined up, multiple workers are using straw, water, and clay to make bricks from scratch. There are also dried bricks to be collected in the area.

This area has various craftsman including blacksmiths.

Quiche stops in front of a shop before a corner on the street.

“Here is Zaga-san’s workshop. You can see the quality of the equipment of【Zaga and Bon’s Blacksmith Workshop】. They are considerably famous blacksmiths in this area.”

The beautiful Quiche directs her green eyes to the workshop, and as she talks a dwarf appears from within the workshop she is explaining.

The dwarf has a /kappa/ head. (TL: Kappa)

He has a smile on his perfectly round face.

The smiling dwarf runs up to us.

“Enchanting? Enchanting?”

“Eh? Enchanting?” Unintentionally, I parrot him.



Rollo reacts to the strange dwarf from my shoulder.


“Nya nya, Nyyaaa”

Rollo gets hops down from my shoulder and approaches this strange Dwarf seeming to be curious, while crying out.

“Enchan, Enchantiiing.”

“Nn, Nyanya, Nyaa.”

The kappa headed dwarf calls out enchanting repeatedly to Rollo.

A strange conversation is started with Rollo.

I turn to Quiche to ask for help, but she is turning her beautiful and peaceful feminine smile to the kappa dwarf.

“Bon-kun. We don’t need to worry about enchanting, so would you go get Zaga-san?”

The kappa headed dwarf seems to be named Bon.

Probably because of the poncho he is wearing covers him completely from head to toe he looks even more round.


Bon-kun leaves with the strange word “enchanting” and runs back to the shop.

“Eeeto, Bon-kun is…”

“Aah, that child can only say the word enchanting. You should hear the specifics from Zaga.”

Is there a disability like autism? (TL: What he has is actually called aphasia.)

Meanwhile, the kappa headed Bon-kun returns. They brought with them a stern faced dwarf who seems to be the store owner.

The Dwarf shopkeeper has a height like that of a dwarf. (TL: Thanks for tell us he is normal.)

He has shaggy brown hair, and he has an excellent mustache that grows into his sideburns. [ED: WHERE IS MY BEARD?!]

The is a large wrinkle in the outer corner of his eye that connects to his plump cheeks.

His eyes convey a peculiar sternness.

His eyes are blue like Bon-kun’s…

Unlike Bon, the ruddy bridge of his nose is thick and his nostrils are large.

It could be said it was contrasting since their clothes and hair styles are so different.

“Oh, it’s Quiche.”

“Yeah, Zaga. I brought a customer to introduce with me today.”

As I though, this hard-faced looking dwarf-san has the same name as the shop, Zaga-san.

A tunic is wrapped around his stern shoulders. He also wears a leather belt spotted with silver that is wound around his waist and smithing tools like hammers hang from the belt.

He gives of the aura of a craftsman.

Having been introduce by Quiche, I bow slightly to Zaga.

“…Thanks, I am called Shuya Kagari. I was told you could work with this carapace, so I requested Quiche to guide me here.”

I show the dwarf Zaga-san to carapace.

“Hou. This is the complete carapace of an officer. You’re able to carry it despite its weight? You look like a human, but do you actually have dwarf blood?”

Joking? But Zaga-san has a straight face.

So, I will also respond with a straight face.

“No, no, nothing like that. So, will you process it?”

“Fun, I’m joking, let’s have a look. …This carapace is famous for being a hard material. Using it is difficult, it is impossible for a common black smith.”

A joke. Zaga easily lifts the carapace with a brawny arm.

He begins to look over it, staring.

He traces a thick finger across the carapace to determine the quality of the material, and taps the surface with a *kon-kon*


Bon exclaims.

Since he is smiling he seems to be pleased.

“Kora, Bon. Don’t shout so close to me, I need to look over this more, it’s still not your turn with it.”


Being chastised by Zaga, Bon looks down.

Muttering weakly. He then shrinks back to his round form.

Bon-kun seems disappointed and looks to be even smaller because he is hunched over.

Thereupon, Zaga seems to notice the curios gaze I am directing at Bon…

“…Most people normally react the same way when they see this the first time. Do you think it strange?”

Zaga talks about Bon with a calming voice as he looks at him with tender eyes.


I nod naturally.

“Bon is my younger brother by a year. He has been reticent since he was young, never speaking at all. He is my strange little brother. Our relatives worried about my younger brother and tried to cure him… They had a lot of money taken to the church priests as medical fees, but it was pointless in the end. Neither recovery magic nor potions worked. Thus, our father and mother also thought Bon was too weird and the poor child was chastised by the entire clan…”

Zaga then looks at Bon proudly.

“As a matter of fact, it was not so. Bon is amazing.”


I look a Bon-kun.

He does not seem so amazing…

“Aah, amazing. His smithing ability still has a way to go, but he is a magic enchanting specialist far beyond myself. Nobody actually knows Bon’s battle occupation; however, it can be conjectured.”

There are magic enchanting specialists too?

The person himself does not seem to understand.

However, Bon is amazing,

“He is better than Zaga-san?”

“Aah, as soon as I gave him a blacksmithing magic scroll loaded with a familiar stone, he leaned his body forward and showed an interest in magic. …I am an enchanter. If it’s explained- he suddenly began to exclaim ‘enchanting.’ Since then this ‘odd fellow’ has continued repeatedly calling that word. At first he was looked down on…then, one day, although I don’t know how, Bon was playing with the magic jewel but there was no scroll there. Using his own mana to grant an enchantment, he created amazing magic jewels.”


“…Magic enchanting. He is a sage enchanting engineer beyond to scale of a ‘magic engineer’ or a ‘magic goldsmith.’ He is a so called enchanting prodigy. So, since then, I have left the enchanting to Bon, and we have worked together in the shop.”


Bon-kuns mood immediately recovers.

He is smiling, seeming to enjoy being praised by Zaga.

…He looks at happy Bon-kun again.

The long eyelashes of his large blue eyes have a hint of gray.

With the plump frame, unique to a dwarf, I am reminded of a cute /bear-san/ doll by the rotund face.

However, he possesses an amazing talent. The bear cub’s gift is some concealed magic.


Noticing my gaze, Bon-kun extends his arms out in a two-fisted victory pose. I return a smile.

Disregarding that, Zaga begins to talk.

“We talked for a while, so, what do you want to be made from this?”

“Yes. Some personal armor. If possible, it should be easy to move in.”

“Personal armor…maa. Rather than talking in front of the shop, you should come inside. Bon too.”

Zaga places the heavy carapace over the tunic on his shoulder and begins to walk.


“May I come too?”

Quiche asks me from the side.

“Aah, I don’t mind. Quiche is the one who showed me the way.”

The dwarf Zaga goes into the shop with the heavy carapace over his shoulder.

Bon follows behind Zaga and Quiche follows me as well.

Inside the dwarf’s shop there is a large desk, furnace, bellows and an anvil.

It reminds me of Achille-shisho’s workshop.

As I look at the workshop, Zaga places the armored commander ant’s carapace on top of the wide oak desk and removes a black cloth.

He removes a quill pen from his chest and holds it in one hand.

He seems to be taking notes on the cloth.

“You, can I call you Shuya?”

“I don’t mind.”

He writes on the cloth by scratching with the quill pen.

“Fumu. Is there any order other for the complete set of armor?”

Zaga causes me to remember the mark on my left hand.

“Ah, if possible…please leave an empty space on this part of the left hand. And then, the forearm on the right side- I don’t need any small accessories up to the wrist.”

I explain with gestures.

“…Wrist section. With the portion of the right hand…maa, this upper right part of the arm seems to fit the forearm? Since you want it to be mobile, is it okay if the defense is reduced?”

Zaga draws a rough picture and puts the sketch down.

The drawing is surprisingly good; he could even pass for an artist.

“Ya, I don’t mind it being the bare minimum. I would like the soft joint section to have a wide range of motion. At any rate, my wish is for it to be mobile. Later, is should be fine even if it is heavy. I am confident in my physical ability. I will be happy if it is like the partial sleeves of this black leather jacket.”

“Fumu-fumu. I’ll take your measurements.”

Zaga brings out a small chair for me to stand on as he measures my body and takes notes.

“Zaga-san. Would you buy the left-over materials of the carapace?”

I ask while I am being measured.

“Nu? Zaga does not mind.”

“Yes, I will make an effort.” (TL: Not sure who’s talk in this exchange, it’s weird.)[ED: I think Zaga is talking twice]

Zaga’s face looks tense with all its wrinkles, so I am very conscious and I’m sure to use honorifics.

“…The carapace can be bought.”

“In that case, I will give you all of the carapace aside from what is used for the armor.”

“Oh, you’re generous. This is good. Honestly, I am grateful. I’ll give you a discount on the armor. Ah, iya, wait…that’s right. Instead of a discount, I include other metals and leathers to create a better armor, how’s that?”

Hearing Zaga’s words, I remember the blue and white tiger hide.

“That’s good. If that’s the case…can you use this tiger leather?”

I take out the bluish-white fur.

“Oh, galbaunt tiger. Its use is very popular because of that hue.”

“Then, since I am giving this to you, consider it in the price of the armor.”

I hand Zaga the pelt.

“Ooh, you’re generous. -This is good for Bon. Your turns seem to be increasing.”

Zaga shows the fur I handed him and gave it to Bon.

“Encha? Enchantiing.”

Bon looks happy.

Zaga’s face become gentle when he sees Bon’s smile.

I have a frightening impression of Zaga because of his severe expression, but he loves his younger brother.

Zaga returns his eyes to me.

His expression has returned to being stern.

“Six gold coins will be enough for the price. How is seven days until it is completed sound?”

I have no understand of the market price, but I can trust this Zaga.

It is strange, but I feel like this in not my first time meeting him.

This guy and I may have an uncanny relationship.

“…Understood. Then, I will be relying on you.”

Zaga has already begun meddling with the carapace.

He is absorbed in the material and just says “Ou” to me without looking.

A craftsman’s eye. Earnest.



Rollo says goodbye to Bon-kun.

With a smile covering his whole face, Bon-kun begins a strange conversation with Rollo.

If we keep making noise here we will probably interfere with the work.

We should leave.

“Let’s go, Rollo. Will Bon and Quiche go too?”

Called by me, Rollo jumps onto my shoulder.


Quiche has been quiet this whole time.


Bon puts on a lonely face and shakes his hands side to side.

I think it is mostly for Rollo, but he is seeing us off.

Quiche and I leave the shop of the dwarf brothers and walk into the street.

“Quiche, thanks for introducing me to this shop.”

“Aah, I’m glad I could be of use.”

I walk next to the beautiful elf, Quiche. Her smiling face is beautiful.

Despite that, her disposition is handsome.

“…Very useful.”

I briefly give her my thanks.

“Is that so?”

Quiche’s expression hints at happiness, before returning to an attentive appearance.

“Nn, nya.”

“See, Rollo is replying adequately too.”

Rollo cries out with her rumbling throat voice.

She moves her tail flutteringly as she earnestly sends a signal to Quiche.

“Haha, this cat is clever. Rollo-dono participated amazingly that time.”


Rollo seems happy about Quiche’s praises, ahem. She raises her face and arches her back to display her fluffy neck, lifts one leg to show a paw pad and lightly claps my shoulder.

As we walk while having such a pleasant conversation I sense a magic essence following behind us at fixed distance.

Are we being followed?




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