Chapter 26 – 30

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Chapter 26: New Followers x Information about Sebdola’s Spirit World


Immediately, I decided to try out the skeleton ring.


A jet black skull. The helmet covering it makes the design look strong.

It has a pair of small red jewels embedded in the eye sockets that glitter.


For a moment I remember the program about special effects that I watched in my previous existence.

The talking ring that comes out of the golden ki○.


I put the skeleton ring on my finger.

Nothing happens at first.


Zoru touched it with a finger.

I guess I will try that. Will it react if I will it?


While pressing a finger to the “ring” I try to channel power to it.

The moment I try to will it- my mana is lost and the ring splits open.

The skeleton ring shakes with a *buru*.

Without thinking I stretch out the hand wearing the ring.


From the red eye jewels in the sockets of the skeleton ring two strings stretch out, two thin line of red and black expand into the air, completing an arc the land on the ground.


This is how it happened when Zoru did it.

The bone knights appear to be summoned.


Rollo’s fur begins to bristle in surprise.


Meanwhile, the ground where the threads landed begins to boil.

It boils loud, and the air fills with clouds of smoke.

Once the smoke is blown away by the wind, the figure of the bone knights become visible.


※ Pikon ※ <Summoning Magic> Skill Acquired※

※ Pikon ※ Conditions for Magic User Met ※ Battle Occupation Class Up ※

※ Magic Apprentice Class Up to Magic User ※


Ooh, I became a magic user and acquired a skill by summoning the bone knights.

The summoned bone knights stand still, unmoving.


Maybe I need to give them instructions.


“Oi, move to the right.”


Responding to my command, the bone knights begin to move to the right.

It also works when I tell them to move to the left.


When Rollo sees the strange movements of the bone knights her tail puffs out and the fur on her back stands up.

Crouching, Rollo begins to slowly and cautiously approach the bone knights.

And then, she delivers a cat swipe to the tibia bone and escapes, demonstrating a boxing hit and away. (TL: Rollo is so cute. Also, “Hit and Away” was in English.)


“Haha, you don’t need to be on guard. Rollo, these are like pets. It’s okay.”



Rollo the black cat hides behind my back while her puffed out tail returns to normal.


I should look for an explanation of the skill.


“Skill Status.”


Acquired Skills:<Throwing>:<Secret>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>:<Blood Banquet>:<Thrusting>:<Meditation>:<Magic Beast Riding>:<Life Magic>:<Guidance Moji>:<Fighting Moji>:<Magic Thought Guidance Hand>:<Fairy Moji>:<Summoning Magic>


I check <Summoning Magic> *Click*


※Summoning Magic※

High levels of mana and mental fortitude are required for a summons. If conditions are met, by using a special dark magic tool as a medium to cross over the threshold, it is possible to summon an existence designated to the magic tool from a different dimension. Also, by performing a naming ceremony and consuming one’s own mana it is possible to cause a further evolution of the tool.


So the black and red bone knights are the designated existences of this magic tool.


A naming ceremony.

Even if it is mentioned I do not know what it means.

Since it is special should I name it?


While thinking something so casual I touch a finger to the bone ring-


“Black Zemeckis, Red Admos.”


Without putting too much thought into it, I speak the names I chose smoothly, and then, again, the ring reacts.


The ring I am touching suddenly draws up my mana.


Eh, uo, the ring transformed?

, The ring is moulded by a rising wave that covers the dark skull and helmet, moving and changing.


This, did it only suck in mana?


The change stops after the foundation of the ring covers my finger from the first joint to my nail. (TL: Artefact evolution is so cool.)

The design of the helmeted skull has changed; the helmet has become more elaborate.


It feels like the red jewels in the eye sockets are glittering more than before.

At which point, the eyes begin to actually shine.


Two thick red and black threads spring forth.

The thick threads that came from the ring stretch out to the bone knights, connecting with the stomachs of the bone knights and forming bold lines.


The thick lines are just like umbilical cords. They look like blood vessels.


While I think of the lines like that, they begin to pulse and beat *dokudoku.*

Every time they pulse the bone knights lean back *dokun* in response.


Is it giving them nourishment?


The moment I ask such a question,

-Uha, a rib is protruding from its chest. A round hole in the chest of the bone knights, opens to the left and right.

The ribs branch off to the left, right, up and down and begin the to dance like a peacock’s feathers, the hole in the chest begins to breath like the bellows of an accordion. (TL: So gross and so cool.)


Uhi, what…

The bone knights seem to still be changing.


From the breathing hole, something new like big bones and steel flesh is produced. (kotetsu -> steel, niku -> meat/flesh; kotetsu no niku -> steel of flesh(?), steel-like flesh?)

Then like watching a rewinding video, their bodies are regenerated.

Furthermore, black and red steam begins to rise from the two regenerating figures and obscures them so that I can no longer see.


I make out something like an evaporating sound.


“Nya, nya, nyaaa.”


Becoming excited by what is happening Rollo cries out several times and turns around me, round and round.


The evaporating sound fades and when the smoke blows away the figures of the bone knights appear.

The two bone knights go to one knee and lower their heads.


Is it done now?

Just now, wasn’t a considerable amount of mana used?


After a long time, I once again taste bile in my mouth.

The feeling is slightly better than when I used fairy moji for the first time.


“Your Highness, the Boiling Black Knight, Zemeckis. Is here.”

“You Highness, the Boiling Red Knight, Admos. Now, here. Give us any order.”


Uhaa, they talked…

These guys, they’re intelligent?


I look at the bone knights that introduced themselves.


Their frames are pretty thick…

Their chests have changed into a rough armour made of bone and muscle.

A black and red thread connect to the respectively named bone knights, and on their head their cheek bones thicken out and become like a thick helmet.


Their shining red eyes do not seem to have changed.


“The bone knights scale-upped. This ring is awesome…”


While looking at the changed helmeted dark bone ring, when I mutter, the Boiling Black Knight immediately reacts.


“Your Highness, the ring has transformed from the Darkbone Helm, and it is now known as the Hellish Darkbone Knight.” (Editor: doesn’t flow to compare “Darkbone” and “Dark Hellbone” though it may be nitpicky…while I also thought about “Dark Bone Helm” and “Dark Hell Bone Knight”, later on Shuya does call them “Darkbone Knights”(?))

“Hou, with such a name…when this ring was transformed, the name changed too. Well, you were also just bone knights until a little while ago.”


This time the Boiling Red Knight responds.


“Your Highness. We will no longer be low-class bone knights anymore. With his Highness’ naming ceremony, I was granted the name Admos-”

“I am Zemeckis.”


The two bone knights, no, now, Zemeckis and Admos.

Those are names I gave them based on feelings, but they match quite well.


“Okay then, Zemeckis and Admos. Thank you for your work from here on out.” (TL: So glad I don’t have to write “bone knights” anymore.) (Editor: when will he name popobumu so that it evolves??!?)


The Darkbone Knights respond to me with voices full of fighting spirit. (TL: God damn it.)





They lower their skulls in harmony with a *gotsu*


“So, the ‘naming ceremony,’ is that the reason my mana was consumed?”

“That is the reason.”

“That is the reason.”


They speak in harmony with deep bass voices…


“So, you two are people that live in a different world?”

“Yes. Rather than living, we exist. That would be correct way to say it.”

“By the way, is the world you guys come from something like the world of spirits?” (TL: Back in chapter 16 I translated something as spirit world, but that wasn’t right, it was more like boundary of gods. In this chapter the world of spirits is 魔界 or “makai” and can also be translated as hell. I may decide to change to translation to hell depending on how it is used in the future.)


The Boiling Black Knight Zemeckis answers my question.


“Yes. The Spirit World, Sebdola, is one of the godly domains bordering this world, Sera.” (TL: I’m also not sure how to translate about the god worlds. The author uses 神界 or “kamikai” here, which is what I miss-translated before.”


So that is how it is.

But, this world, Sera? This is my first time hearing about it.

I ask them for more details.


“Is Sera the world we are in now?”

“Yes. That is correct.

“Then, once more. There are different godly worlds?”


I can predict the answer, but I ask anyways.


“Yes. We know of the godly world Seurosu as well.” (just a guess)


Yup. After all, this is how it is. So, like heaven and hell?

Shisho mentioned it before.


“…Are there other worlds like that?”

“I have heard that other dimensions and worlds exist, but I do not know the details.” (another guess based on the content of the next edit)


I direct my eyes to get a response from the Boiling Red Knight.


“Similarly, I do not know.”


Anyways, aside from different dimensions, different worlds seem to exist as well.

In essence, not only heaven and hell, but other worlds seem to exist too.


“Then, does a God exist in each world?”


“That is correct.”


Ho, I wonder what they look like. Could I summon them?


“…Having summoned you two, could I summon a god from your world? Is something like that possible?”

“It is physically impossible.”

“Impossible, but… this Sera? The gods seem to want to influence this world, and they seem to have rules.”


Boiling Black Knight Zemeckis talks with a deep solid voice.


“Yes. Certainly. The things ruling Sebdola have feelings beyond obsession for this world, Sera. They desire faith and want sacrifices made to them. And, they live off feelings like fear and hatred.”


Boiling Red Knight Admos continues talking this time.


“Also, by tempting magic users there are gods that make wounds in the veil to create slight connections between their worlds and the world of Sera. The gods then send their retainers through the wound to this world. In addition to allowing the summoning of servants, every person who uses a magic tool or demon tool is destined to be tempted, resulting in indirect domination. Or, there are gods that directly suppress and dominate the mind.”


Hee, these are dangerous beings.

Though I say they are dangerous, I am already an existence people would call a demon.


“Well then, since you feed off negative feelings, do you also want to take over my mind?”


In response to my question the expression of the Boiling Knight breaks and cracks apart, its bone lips pulling into a grotesque smile, and it answers by moving those strange bone lips.


“No, such a thing cannot happen. We are certainly beings that exist in Sebdola’s world of spirits. Negative feelings can therefore become power. However, we cannot even construct psychic waves, much less attack using magic. And though there are numerous demonic existences there the ‘connection’ with your Highness is the same even in the world of spirits. That is to us ‘His Highness’ surpasses god and when we pass over becomes the greatest existence.”


So our strange connection is the reason I can feel their loyalty.


“”Our existence was created by His Highness.””


The voices of the boiling black and red bone knights overlap one another.


“For us His Highness’ word is absolute. We Boiling Knights live on the mana supplied by His Highness.”


I can tell these are their true feelings.

Is this because of the “connection?”


“I see, understood. But, I was able to summon you easily, yet summoning gods is impossible.”


“Yes. Gods are powerful and complicated. Our existence is equal to dust when compared to their magic essence. We are not something that can be compared to gods. His Highness also possesses our magic essence inside the ring type dark magic tool, so the dimensional veil can be crossed using the ring as a medium to transfer us Hellish Darkbone Knights.”


The Boiling Red Knight talks while looking at my ring.


“Hou, the reason is related to magic essence. Then is it the stronger the power, the harder it is to pass through the dimensional veil?”

“That is correct. The dimensional veil is called the dimension boundary; it is said that it repels powerful existences like gods. So it is impossible to directly summon a ‘god.’ However, depending on the circumstances…”


Is it hard to say? The figures have fallen silent together.


“Didn’t you just say it was impossible?”


I remember the words “physically impossible” but do not mention them.


“That is correct. However, if severe conditions are met it is possible for a ‘condensed portion of a god’ to appear.”

“What condition?”


Like before, the Boiling Black Knight Zemeckis talks first.


“As far as we know…the first is that the summoned god controls a very large domain in Sebdola. Second, the god must hold sway over the majority of believers, adherents or fanatics in Sera.”


The Boiling Red Knight also talks.


“Third, a strong dark magic must be prepared that has more influence on the spirit world than the dimensional veil. Fourth, massive amounts of magic essence, souls, and feelings of fear and hatred must be poured into the dark magic tool, and finally, the fifth is to complete a ‘ceremony,’ only then it is said that one may summon a god.”


Basically you need vast amounts of intermediaries and other things.


“Huh, even if I go that far, only one portion…”



“But, what we talked about before, you said there are magic users who make ‘wounds’ in the veil that create a way to Sera from the world of spirits? Please expand on that, don’t evil gods appear from there?”

“Impossible. In the first place, making a “wound” from this world is already nearly an impossible feat. And, even if a wound is made it cannot be widened.”


The Boiling Knights continue talking.


“Even with a “wound” usually only races with small amounts of magic essence are chosen from Sebdola and sent to this world. Besides, the “wounded place” in the spirit world will become an area highly fought over, a source of fights between gods and lords. Without arranging the conditions we listed before, if a god tries to force their way through the wound, its energy will disperse in the dimensional veil, so the god’s power would be substantially reduced. That may lead to the annihilation of the god.”


Ho, something like that can even happen to a god.


However, about the wound in the dimensional veil.

Considering the image of a connection, is it unrelated to the Zararapu ring I saw underground? (The Sci-fi Star Gate.)

I do not understand it, but I will try inquiring about it for now.


“This is sudden, but does Spirit World Sebdola have anything to do with a black Zararapu ring?”

“A black Zararapu ring?”

“I do not understand.”


Neither Red nor Black seems to know.

It seems unrelated to the gate underground.



“Deep underground I once saw a black ring. It was something like a gate, of which there should be countless ones in this world…”

“Such a thing in Sera…”

“I do not know.”


They do not seem to know about the black rings.

Even though demonic beings should appear from Zararapu.


“Does Spirit World Sebdola not have such a black ring-like structure that can warp?”

“There is not.”

“There is movement magic using transfer formations.”


There is magic for it, but there are no black rings.


“Is there not, even though some guys called demonic beings seemed to have appeared from the black ring, do you really know nothing?”

“I do not know of it. That there is such a structure…”

“Demonic beings…I could guess…it may be demonic beings from a different dimension’s world.”


A different dimension’s world.


It is possible.

Ma, even if I conjecture there is no point in it.


I will try returning back to something more basic.


“Understood. Thank you, and now, are you aware that you are summoned by this ring?”


“That is correct.”

“You were successfully summoned this time, but do you have trouble crossing the dimensional veil?”

“It is alright. As we said before, we are connected to His Highness and have a special ‘way’ to cross over.”


After all there is such a feeling.

But, it is a little difficult to understand. Special?


“You already talked about us being connected, but what about the special ‘way?’”


It was the Boiling Black Knight Zemeckis that answered my question.


“It is related to the summoning magic and the ‘naming ceremony’ His Highness performed. In addition, it is because of the ‘mana’ which is the power of His Highness.”




“As proof that the abundant mana His Highness possesses is permeating the magic tool, it has changed. The ring reacting and changing is proof of the mana His Highness gave to us. Thanks to you, and because we became strong as well, in Sebdola the magic tool serving as the symbol of the Hellish Darkbone Knights was driven into the ground and created a small domain in the spirit world. Furthermore, in that domain only we may easily pass through the dimensional veil, and furthermore keep the strength we have in the spirit world when we come to the world of Sera. This is what we called a ‘way.’”


With this dark magic tool wedge, I created the way.

…A domain?


“E〜to…in the first place I do not understand the spirit world very well, what is a domain?”

“In the spirit world it could be called territory, and when a domain is secured in the spirit world it becomes relatively easier to pass through the dimensional veil to this world. Things like sacrifices, hatred, greed, lust, fear, and piety also all become easier to secure alongside magical essence and souls.”


Hou. Sacrifices…


“Those ‘sacrifices’ have a great influence in Sebdola. After all,, negative feelings in Sera are an important source of nourishment for those who reside in Sebdola.”


Their energy source, nourishment. Something like food.


“…that is easy to understand.”


The Boiling Red Knight begins to speak instead.


“The negative feeling creatures in Sera hold, piety, magic essence, and souls, all are food for us, and these offerings all become the source of the activity in Sebdola. Devils, Evil Spirits, Demon People, Shadow Wolves, Shade Moths, Undead, Wicked Souls, Kaima, demonic beings, evil gods, etc, these demon armies of man-eating fiends will fight day and night, no, there is only night, fighting to expand their domains in Sebdola.”


Sacrifices from their domains?

They seem too occupied to be worried about here…


“With a domain to take care of, you’ll be busy.” (guesswork)

“-Yes, especially since it is in a condition of conflict between lord Yoji and feudal lords.”

“I see, because of this situation in Sebdola…” (because their domain was originally so stricken, they were in a bad state)

“Yes, originally, we were existences at the end of the end of the world in Sebdola. However, because His Highness gave us names, our existences are now worthy of being the vanguard of His Excellency’s retainers. Thanks to that, we are no longer existences living at the edge. In Sebdola we can now easily slaughter ‘first class warriors’.”


Even if you say first class warrior I do not understand.


“That is correct. We are now the vanguard of His Excellency’s household. In this world and in Sebdola, we will follow any order.”


I can also give orders in Sebdola…I am suddenly told.

I can become the King of Sebdola! No, that is impossible, wrong.


…Sebdola, seems complicated.

Ma, it will be said that the talk about gods has no relation to me.


“…By the way, the conversation suddenly changed, but can you fight?”


“Any order.”

“Then I want to see your power right now. I will you have you accompany me in training- Rollo, will you behave yourself? You can go back to Yui.”



Rollo replies simply and shaking her rump in the air walks over to the garden and begins digging up the garden plants.

Making a small indent in the dirt she sits her own butt down.


Then I can hear *shaaaa* her peeing. (TL: I didn’t need to read this.)


Rollo has an indescribable expression on her face. (Shuya levelled up and can read cat expressions now…)

After she finishes peeing she gets up and kicks dirt back over the spot to clean up. She then returns to the storage shed Yui is in.


Cute. (TL: What is cute about a cat peeing.)


“…Well then, is it fine if I break your bones?”


I pull myself together and ask the Boiling Knights.

Then the Boiling Knights quickly respond.


“It is okay, there is an interval, but even if we are broken we will perpetually restore with His Excellency’s ring. Even if we separate from His Highness, we will automatically return to Sebdola and when His Highness ‘wills’ us to the ring, we will immediately return from Sebdola. And, again as long as you touch the ring and will it while saying ‘come’ we will appear after a brief interval.”

“Understood. Then, shall we start training?”


And thus I fight the Boiling Black Knight Zemeckis and the Boiling Red Knight Admos again.


There is a tremendous difference in their strength from when they were bone knights.

The deep black and bright red bone armour is hard and their reflexes are fast too.


Their skill with the long sword and shield leaves me speechless in admiration.

When one extends the long sword the other one goes around to defend with the shield. The quality of their combination is abnormally high, and their movements respond to one another wonderfully.

Obviously, they are stronger than the monsters I have fought so far.


With the appearance of a monster and the skilful movements of a knight.

The quality of their movements make you feel that they are students of the school of sword and shield.

Though the extent of their sword skills is not that much.


Comprehensively their strength could be said to be a little more than Yui.


The Boiling Knights are finally shattered and the training finishes.

I touch my finger to the ring and will (come) but the bone knight did not return.


Is it because an interval is required?

Ma, they do not need to come back so quickly, if they do return, since their strength is sufficient.


Well then, I learned about Sebdola, and it dragged on a little.

Time to return to Yui.



Chapter 27: Bath x Cooking


When I return to the storage shed, Yui is trying to move her body with a frantic expression.


“Rest in bed.”

“Ku, un.”

“I’ll help you.”


I pick up Yui’s body and lean her against the wall next to the bed.


“N, thanks.”

“Good. There’s no need to thank me every time.”



Rollo licks Yui’s arm in concern.


“I guess I’ll check this house. The owner was like that. There should be something valuable here. Besides, wouldn’t there be another recovery potion to cure Yui’s body?”

“That’s right. If you find anything bring it to me, I can distinguish between medicines.”



I go into the next room after covering such a Yui in a blanket.


The room Zoru and Theta talked in is a room fusing magic and pseudo-science.

There is a big bookshelf set up in the bottom left corner in an “L” shape, and on a nearby shelf is a big ceramic pot, along with things like medicinal plants and minerals like magic stones also on display.

There are a lot of ceramic potion bottles lined up on an oak desk, and a powdered aluminum-like substance is spread around where an azure mortar and pestle are placed.

Ceramic bottles similar to round bottomed flasks are lined up around and connected to a black triangle shaped apparatus with cracks in it.


There is a bed in the middle of a rectangular magic formation.



There are apparatus and equipment used for some kind of procedure or ceremony, as well as something like a black hearth made of metal.

However, they do not feel like they are used for blacksmithing.

A magic formation that has lost its light is written nearby on the floor.


There is a study desk in the right corner, and placed with it is a high quality chair that looks comfortable.

A small treasure chest is also underneath.


-Treasure chest.


I stoop down and open the lid of the treasure chest.

It is not locked. It immediately opens with a *paka*


Inside is one of Zoru’s black robes, several silver and gold coins, multiple rings, white chainmail, and black boots.

Packed into the right corner of the box are a bunch of bundled papers written with magic characters.


All of the articles seem to contain mana. (well this change should be okay)


This is treasure. Since I will inspect all these later, I close the treasure chest.

When I stand up, a book with a leather cover comes into view.

In addition, on the desk as well is a high quality quill pen with a metal handle engraved with antique designs in a ceramic case. There is also an ink plate.


This book, nothing is written on the surface of the leather, but it is pinned shut. Maybe this is a diary?


I sit down in the high-class chair, then open the book and turn a page…






○ Month ○ Day



Theta has fallen ill.

I will buy one of the purple flowers Theta likes tomorrow.

I only study by myself.

I will spend time with my wife in the future.



○ Month ○ Day



My wife has surrendered to her disease; her stamina is gradually declining.

Her face lit up and looked so happy when she saw the purple flower.

She needs to be cured soon…


It has been several days, but she hasn’t improved at all.


It is strange. Medicine and recovery magic do not work.

Why, why must my wife suffer!

Is it my fault? Is it because I have devoted my whole life to making magic skill rings?


Alia-sama, god of love, please, cure my wife!

Spirit of light, is Ilodis, the god of light, really looking over us?



○Month ○Day



Shit, shit, shit, no (TL: Someone help with this: ぐいfsーあふぃdさえいふじあ)


…Theta died.


Don’t fuck around. Too heartless. This world is cruel.

After all, a good god, wouldn’t…



○Month ○Day



I will take back my wife.


A container can be made with magic gold workings to preserve my wife’s corpse.


It could be a god, it could be a demonic being, but I don’t care.

First of all, I need to collect information…


I am the eldest son of the Gustaves family. And, Zoru Gustaves is a first class magician of the magic guild in Hector.


Using this background, I collected information from every corner I could find.


I checked with the head of the Gustaves family and was able to get strictly prohibited secret documents about Magic Wogan Dolls.

Ma, my own family has massive pull with the secret art magic engineers who use magic ore to create magic dolls.

I paid a large sum of money for information and searched the magic shops in 【 Hector 】.

I was able to acquire several documents about using summoning magic to forcibly obtain a departed soul.


Thinking about it now, I have been making rings as a magic goldsmith since I was young, studying the magic and skills related to being a magic engineer handed down in the Gustaves family, it may have “all” been for my wife.


Letting a mineral and a high-density crystal core fuse as a body’s core, dissolution is stimulated and a weak spirit can be sealed.


This skill is inherited from generation to generation and the person with it has a special mark on their forehead.

I have hated the mark since I was born, but it is different now. Thanks to it, I can save my wife. Things like the glory of a magic goldsmith no longer matter.

I shall use the skill with all of my heart, soul, and mana to save Theta.



○Month  ○Day



I was finally able to get the foundation for the technique of the magic spirit doll.

The dedicated skills, high-density crystal, wood, metal, monster materials, all the necessary small articles.

Besides an enormous amount of mana, the person’s corpse and a soul all being indispensable requirements, Baikal the god of death and Milady governing over life are also related.


What I am doing incorporates arts that the magic guild and holy church consider taboo, unlike the Magic Wogan Doll.


Fortunately, the church in this city is small in scale.

There’s also only one bishop. But, I will have to fight against the magic guild and adventurer’s guild.

Moreover, I must gather information…right now, anywhere is good. I listen to rumors, dark parties, and maybe I should look into the dark guild in this city.



○Month ○Day



While collecting information from the dark guild as well as the thief’s guild I discovered that there is a demonic being in 【 Hector 】


Isn’t this laughable?


A demonic being has always been living side by side with people in this city.

I came into contact with the demonic being and established a relationship. Moreover, using this relationship I was able to directly make a contract with the master of the labyrinth.


There was an easy condition.


Information on the Magic Doll, summoning magic, instead of information about spirits, a ring of the Darkbone Helm, the item necessary for reviving a dead person, I was even able to get “Spirit Absorption” concerning gods. (Is it “For my information on the Magic Doll etc, I received a ring with the Darkbone Helm etc” something like a trade?)


The ring seems to be able to summon a decent soldier from hell.

But, the ancient charm is more important than the ring.


With this my studies will progress further.



○Month ○Day



I pray to Beikala with hatred and love, using my life, a soul is offered. (later on it’s said that he offered his own hatred, love and soul to Beikala like a sacrifice? “It was worth sacrificing my love, hatred and soul.”)

I give a portion of my wife’s body to Milady, and give it the blood of my relatives.

“Spirit Absorption” is totally different from the Magic Doll. By inserting a soul, it can be changed into magic essence to become powerful.


This is a magic tool related to Milady and Beikala.

There seem to be other evil god tools, but I’m unable to use them.

After studying in this condition for a while, a monster with bone wings sometimes comes to my room.


It is the master of the labyrinth; it doesn’t seem to trust me very much.


Fu. Shit, it’s a demonic being, but…fufufu, ma, it’s fine.

If it’s this, I can revive Theta.


My wife…endure a little longer.

When I next take out the preserved corpse of my wife, I will have to chop up Theta’s body. (guesswork but should flow as well)



○Month ○Day



It’s finally completed. Theta.


But, it doesn’t even twitch…


Rotten flesh and spirits are still required in large quantities for Theta.

The power to control the related attribute still seems to be insufficient.

I must be careful when using “Spirit Absorption”…it is brittle and fragile.



○Month ○Day



My research in 【 Hector 】 has been exposed to the master of the magic guild, Benji Zengare.


As expect of those impressive people who built the castle wall. It was unreasonable of me to expect to remain hidden.

But, when there was a fuss, I tricked and killed a number of the guild, including Benji.


Buahaha, ahahahahahahahahahaha.

Serves you right! This is what happens to those who interrupt my research.


My reasoning is steadily declining.

There is no one who is able to stop me. A dejected heart completely swallowed in darkness.

After that members of the guild have been attacking one after the other, but I have killed all of the would-be avengers.

Because I have the ring of the Raijuu I am able to handle them relatively easily. (TL: Raijuu, not Riajuu, is a mythical beast that descends from the sky with a thunderbolt. I choose to use Raijuu.)


Fuhahahaha, this is perfect, their souls and corpses are exactly what I needed.



○Month ○Day



Finally, yata. I did it.

Theta moved.

It was worth sacrificing my love, hatred and soul.


She has no memories of her life time…but my wife revived.


Although, we can no longer stay in our birthplace, 【 Hector 】

Because  having slaughtered the members of the guild I am going to be pursued by the holy knights and adventurers of this city.


I have been exiled by the Gustaves.

Somewhere, I must move my base…






Then, I close Zoru’s diary.


The man called Zoru seems to have become extremely violent.

In this disgusting diary, is it the violet, was it that love that drove him to do such things?

Sighing I shake my head side to side and stand up from the chair.


I turn my eyes to the bookshelf.

In the magic user’s room there are a lot of magic related books.


I am interested in the books, but for now,




While muttering quietly, overlooking the gold wrought items on the left side of the room I move to the front of the book shelf and the desk.


Potion bottles lined up in a row.


Now, which one should I take?

I return to the room Yui is in with the ceramic bottles.


When I return Yui is looking at Rollo with a gentle smile.


Her smile is cute.

Once she notices me her face turns serious again.


What, this gap. Smile at me sometimes too.

With a strange determination in my heart I approach her with the bottles I am carrying.


“-Yui, I brought a lot of bottles. Hey, these all look the same, but do you know which is which?”

“N, I can tell. Let me smell them.”

“Got it.”


I open the ceramic bottles one at a time and bring them close to Yui’s nose.

I give her a little whiff one after the other.


“The one just now is a recovery potion. And I think the first one is a first-class recovery potion. The others are bad. Oh, this one. The next one is odorless. Hey, this might be the medicine that paralyzed me…the antidote is the next one.”


I smell it too…I cannot tell.


“Amazing. You really can tell by the smell.”

“It’s because I sometimes use them in my work. For assassination…”

“I see, that makes sense. So, will you drink this recovery potion with this antidote?”

“Ah, I’ll leave it to you.”



When Yui hears me she looks at me in confusion. (didn’t make sense to smile though…)



“It means ‘open your mouth.’”

“Hey, this is my limit.”


Being convinced, Yui opens her mouth a little.

She seems to be able to move the muscles in her face a little.

Ma, that makes sense if she can speak.


I tip the thin rim of the bottle to her tongue and pour the liquid into her mouth.


“Yosh, drink it.”



She nods in silence.


“Then, I’ll lay you back down…”


Holding Yui’s head, I lift her body and lay her on top of the bed.


After I put her down I leave the storeroom.

I will move the popobumu I had left alone.


Connected to the popobumu’s mouth is the lead which is tied to a tree next to the entrance of the storeroom.

And, I use the ingredients in the kitchen and mix together the potatoes and leaves to make feed for the popobumu and put it in a wooden bowl.


I do not forget to remove its saddle and carry the bags into the storage room.


Once I return to the storage room and the baggage in order Yui is already sleeping.


I appreciate Yui’s cute sleeping face.


Not making a sound, while walking slowly- sit on the next bed and appreciate her sleeping face again.


Rollo has also curled up and gone to sleep.


I lay down while being satisfied by such a figure.

I spend the night with my eyes closed for a while until I naturally become sleepy. (TL: I want to say something. It seems like Shuya doesn’t need to sleep and I am incredibly jealous. I hate sleeping, and being sleepy. It takes me one to two hours to fall asleep at night and that’s if I wait up until some ungodly hour to get tired. If I go to bed at nine I may not fall asleep until twelve. If I was Shuya I would never sleep again.)






The next morning-

I wake up early as always.


The usual way.

When I get up Rollo as always raises her face and looks at me.



Without me noticing she fell asleep under my feet.



I smile at such a cute Rollo.

Now then, I will get undressed. There is a hole in the leather clothes where the lightning struck with burns surrounding it. I remove the leather clothes that have become little more than rags.


I strip my upper body and carry my black spear in one hand and the kukri sword in the other to go outside to the front of the garden.

In the garden I do some light spear training exercises, finally ending the training by flinging the spear into the ground in a big attack.


After I am satisfied with my morning training I put out the popobumu’s breakfast and return to the storage room where Yui is laying.

She is already up and is trying to forcibly move her body while her upper body is trembling.


“Yui, you’re able to move a little now?”


She hears me asking about her condition and for a moment, has a joyful expression.


“…Ah! Ah, only a little. But, like this…”

“You can’t expect a full recovery in just one day, can you?”


I lean the black spear against the wall while talking.

Now then, I will enter the bath.


I look for a bucket in the room.



“Ah, I was training, oh, ata ata…”


There is a big pail sitting in the corner.

I carry it to the foot of the bed.


“N, what?”

“It’s for a bath. Bath. I sweat a lot.”


While I explain I pour water in with Life Magic and clean the pail.


“A bath…”


She mumbles. A bath shouldn’t be uncommon.

After I finish cleaning the pail I fill it with hot water and then strip down naked before putting a foot in the hot water. (TL: Okay, two things. First: Dude. Seriously. Second: I guess pail is more like tub.)




-It feels nice.


I wash my face with the water and pour hot water over my head.

I take some gyuza grass out from the bags and turn my back to Yui. (TL: Gyuza grass is soap.)


I rub it between my hands as I wash my whole body, starting from my face.


Rollo splashes the surface of the water *pasha pasha* and plays.

I catch Rollo by the scruff of her neck and her body stretches out as she is lifted, this is for the sake of making her nice and clean.


“Nyaa〜 Nya.”


Rollo calls out like that at first but then seems to understand and behaves herself.

She closes her eyes and is quietly washed by me.


When I finally say “done,” Rollo jumps into the hot water and begins to swim splish splashing.

Yui looks at us and talks.


“Is that soap?”

“Not exactly, but it’s similar. It removes dirt.”


With a smile I step up out of the tub and approach Yui, naked. (TL: Stahp.)


“W-why are you coming over here naked?”

“Well, Yui needs to take a bath.” (TL: No ulterior motives here.)



The nostrils on Yui’s face move making them kunkun.


“Don’t you smell a little? You won’t be able to get stains out if you stay like this.”

“Uh, but, no.”

“Arguing is useless.”

“Hii, i, iyaaaaa-”


Yui exclaims.

I remove her jacket by force.

I removed her black clothes and chain mail leaving her buck-ass naked.



“Shut it. I won’t deny it, up we go.”


I lift her light body and hold her in a princess carry.

I carry her like that to take a bath in the hot water.


“Do you understand that a body needs warmth? It may help the paralysis.” (TL: That…is actually a valid point.)


“Maa, maa, it’s fine. I’ll wash your body.”


I layer some leather clothes on the edge of the pail and lean Yui’s head against them. Stabilize. Using the gyuza grass I wash all of Yui’s body. (TL: Irredeemable hentai.)

Fuu, I am getting a little excited. Her crotch is fuzzy.


“Oi, there’s no ulterior motive, I’m not a monster.” (TL: 一物 can also mean penis.)

“N, hey, is that the important symbol of a man?”


Yui is clearly staring at my crotch.


“Are you going to attack me?”

“No, no, it’s not that. I won’t embrace a woman who doesn’t want it. So relax.”

“You, aren’t you excited though…”

“Hey, it’s a man absolute justice, an uncontrollable physiological phenomenon. I can’t help it because Yui is beautiful. It’s normal if I am rubbing breasts, this has been decided by the gods.”

“B-beautiful…because it’s like that, you say you won’t attack me?”


She seems surprised by what I said. She is quiet for a time and stares at me.


“What? Do you want to be attacked?”

“It’s absolutely different, I mean, bringing your face close naaaaaa”

“Shush, you seem to be fine. Either way, are you able to move?”

“What, the heck are you doing!”

“Even if you say that, oh, that reminds me, I never told you my name. My name is Shuya Kagari. -Your future husband, the name of your lover.”

“Bullshit, what husband, lover, hentai erection man!”


A〜h, she got mad. She is really angry.

Ma, that much is normal.

However, if it was not for me you would be dead you know?


…I do not say that.


You should hate me if you hate me.

I like this woman. I am just helping her.


“…Ahaha, fine. I’m a hentai.”


While laughing I carry Yui in my arms, “Baka, stop it. Hentai.” as she nags me I wipe her body down with some leather, and dressing her in some of my clothes I lay her on top of the bed.


When Yui finally seems to have become quiet she glares at me while turning the other way.


“Oi, don’t get mad at me. Now, I’m going to get us something to eat.”


Because there are potatoes and edible herbs in the kitchen I begin to cook something with those.

After peeling the potato skins she is still in the same state as before when I return for the seasoning in the saddle bags…


I go through the bags without minding it.


While I am going through the bags I come across some jerky, the rabbit meat I hunted, and the meat of the false hawk.

I am a little hesitant about the false hawk’s meat…

Though I will not know unless I eat. I will eat it. (some kind of idiom?)


I take the meat to the kitchen, beat the meat lightly, cut it finely with a knife, and lightly salt it.

Then, because I found something like an oil that tastes a little like white wine, I pour a little of the oil into a frying pan and place the finely cut meat in it, lightly frying the surface of the meat.

After that, I mixed the seared meat together with the potatoes and a garlic-like herb to take care of the smell, and transfer them from the big frying pan into a pot. (added hyphen, should improve readability)

In the iron pot I stew the meat along with the potatoes and vegetables after adding water and liquor on the fire-lit stove.

After a little while it is done, along with the lightly-salted soup made with jerk, the barbequed chicken, and rabbit meat.


The bitter flavor of the herbs mixes well with the meat in the soup.


I was worried about the liquor, but it seems to have softened the meat and taken care of the smell so that it tastes really good.

I share it out the wooden bowls and dishes and carry the food on platters.


“Yui, food is done〜”



She looks back but stays silent. She is still glaring at me.


“The taste is okay. It feels like a simple pot luck. For now, try and taste some, hora, open your mouth.”

“Fu, why, pot luck? N?- It smells good.”


She was still in a bad mood, but as soon as she smelled the meal her attitude changed completely and improved.

I bring a spoon to her small ero mouth and feed her.

I am relieved that she is hungry. She eats it with great relish.


“It’s good, but it’s hot.”


In the blink of an eye everything on the platter has been eaten.


“You still want to eat?”

“Uun. I’m already good, thank you for the meal. But, go away now.”


Go away…



Chapter 28: Magic Documents


In Zoru’s study, no, I should call it a magic laboratory,

I have returned here.
I could be said that I escaped from Yui.
I put Yui in the bath like yesterday, and afterwards she was in a bad mood and grumbling during breakfast.

Because of that, I ran away to escape and have come to this room.
Ma, I also came here to get medicine for Yui.

There is some medicine placed on a shelf.
Her mood will probably improve if I give her this medicine…
Alongside the medicine there are a lot of magic books piled up.
The books are full of thick parchment that looks to be high-quality.
There is a book that was sticking out of the shelf and fell to the floor.

Because I discovered the thick book was a commentary I placed the book on the stand holding the medicine and return to Yui.

“Is this enough for the medicine?”

I have Yui smell the bottle and confirm it.

“This is right.”
“Drink up.”

Like the other day I insert the mouth of the bottle between her two small lips and have her drink.

“Thank you.”

Some liquid is dripping from her lips. Erotic.

“That appearance. Since there was a magic book I brought it.”

I show her the book, but she doesn’t seem interested and returns a short answer.

“You don’t seem interested. I’m excited though.”
“You’re weird.”
“True, other than that are you feeling the effects of the medicine?”
“N, un. It’s definitely working. It’s just a little, but I can move my arms and feet now.”

Just as she says, joints have a much greater range of motion than yesterday.
Her arms and feet are shaking, but they are moving.

“Oh, good. Since there is still quite a bit of medicine we should be able to manage.”
“…Aah, looks like it.”

I am pleased, but Yui seems a little dissatisfied.

“So, since I am going to read this book, if your back becomes itchy tell me. Since there is also a bottle prepared for pee, I will help with that too.”
“-I don’t need to, I peed earlier in the bath. At that time…I will tell you if I want to…”

I speak bluntly.
However I am embarrassed.

Her face is flooded with shame, and after staring at her for a moment I put the magic book on the bed top.

On the cover “Complete Works of Magic Foundation” is written.
Reading between the lines I devote myself to reading.
The surface of the paper is rough. I take a look at the first item.
For magic users “regular training” is required.
If one has the aptitude to handle mana, they should be able to acquire the Battle Occupation, Magic User, even immediately.

And, I want to say to people who have publicly become magic users.

Magic User is the foundation for the “Great World of Magic.”

Daily training. Accumulation of varied experiences. The effort from acquiring the Magic User job will bring one a step further. Furthermore, if a magic book is read then the Mage, Dark Magic User, Magic Swordsman, and Apprentice Scholar Battle Occupations can be developed. This is dependent on the individual, disposition, and experience and if battle occupations fuse then they diverge even further.

The number of battle occupations is vast and infinite.

Someone who does not understand may ask a teacher. In short, you should learn it when you develop in the relevant Battle Occupation you trained for. This is surely a matter that lets you feel the favor the Refoto-sama, the god of jobs.
Shisho taught me most of this…
I turn the page.
For example, if it is for the Mage system one will diligently study and aim at Magician Apprentice. General, a Magician Apprentice is an existence equal to the students of Great Magicians. Of course, if one have the talent and ability, the apprenticeship can be passed using dark magic tools, then directly becoming part of the “magician” system. (I have personally seen students with the talent, and often of the magician system) Above Magician Apprentice is Black Magic, Magic, those who learn magic are often called “magicians.” It is only the Battle Occupation Magician being explained here, but magician is not the name of those individuals, Magic Scholar Teacher, it is sometimes recorded in battle occupation as Magic Bushi.

Mainly, a magician has a class.

A low ranking magician is third class.
An average magician is second class.
And a high-ranking magician is first class.

Many first class magicians are employed by royal families, or become knights, staff officers, or royal court magicians. (It is said that there some odd people among the last group) A job above such a magician would be a Archmage or a Great Sage. However,the power mana of Archmages is considered a threat by royalty and nobility. Because they have the power of magic there are many magicians murdered by royalty and nobility. This happens because Archmages are existences that can usurp the authority of a king. The organization that was established to prevent such reckless use of power is called the【Magician’s Assembly 】.

The 【Magician’s Assembly】 is a meeting of powerful magicians that manage the magic guilds that extend to every place.

However, I am afraid to say the group is not such a monolith. In reality, there a different guide lines for the magic guilds in each area of every nation. Is it a magician sense “freedom” or perhaps their “pride,” I do not know, but…among them, there are people living a life that belongs to their nations and are subject to the “ambitions” of nobles. There are also magicians that become outstanding adventurers and travel often. As a result it is questionable whether name of the Magician’s Assembly is able to function as an umbrella to shield Kings and Rulers.
“From an Apprentice Magician. Royal Court Magician, this my first time hearing about the Magician’s Assembly.”

Muttering I flip through the pages.
I pay attention to the explanation part of the magic book.
The next thing you should learn is magic characters.

Magic is learned when magic characters are read and understood. After being read magic characters will then instantly crumble and disappear like dust. This is known to all people using magic. However, not everyone who can read magic characters is able to learn magic. To learn magic a person’s mana and mental power is required.

If mana and spiritual strength are high, it is possible to read and understand advanced magic characters. Then “comrehending” magic may be possible.

There are also time when “comprehending” magic characters does not happen…this is another topic.

To create Magic Characters, with some funds and through examination by “Circle of Ernst” only those recognized by the circle’s “Magic Refining Teacher” are allowed to produce them. (Even if I say it is allowed, an exclusive Skill i required and it consumes vast amounts of Mana. Because of this the number is naturally small, but…here magic interests happen and noble powers are brought into question. )

The scroll is one particular way to produce them, and there are no special limitations on this method.

And then, when magic character do not exist, it is right, it should be not be magic learned from a book it is “using a magic construction book.” (What is called a Magic Construction Book…is a type of banned book, and because the Holy Church is annoying I cannot write about it here. Sorry.) Magic Character are the foundation, they are long-lasting, and the paper will not degrade until the book no longer reacts to mana. Even if a book that no longer responds to mana is read, magic cannot be learned. It becomes an ordinary book. No longer reacting to mana, they are mainly ancient magic characters.

However, about ancient magic characters, the stories about “Ancient Magic Characters” differ. There are magic character left over from the ancient eras that have not stopped responding to mana, there are still somewhere in this world.

At first glance, it only appears to be an old book, it is troublesome…

Excuse me, if some one acquired ancient magic characters was able to “analyze and comprehend” everything, the value of the “ancient magic” learned will be immeasurable.
“Note: Contact the person who understands at Ernst University, Pubramanti.)
Such ancient magic characters may be found in historic ruins. If discovered and verified as the genuine article it will be worth a vast amount of money. (By the way, it is to the extent that I who am writing want it. Note, If ancient magic characters are found contact Pubramanti at Ernst University.)
The classification of ancient magic characters is difficult, strange iron can be sold to a magic tool shop yet what about something so “rare.”
There are a lot of notes in this book from a person called Pubramanti.
He seems to really want ancient magic characters.

What I look at next is “The Difference Between the Language and the Crest,” it is about “Effective Magic Formation Construction” with crest magic.

I have heard about it from Achilles-shisho, but this is the first time the book has mentioned it so I will check it for the time being.
With Language Magic one gives praise to the spirits or gods, to use the magic one chants an aria.

Lower magi is classified into three kinds, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Higher magic is classified into four kinds, Powerful Class, King Class, Emperor Class, and God Class.

Low rank magic has little power, minute mana consumption, and the aria is short. Higher magic uses the power of multiple spirits and may offer prayer to more than one god, as the aria grows longer the mana consumption also increases.

The contents of arias are all similar but will change depending on the god and various changes. An unknown phenomenon occurs where power seeps across the dimensional boundary into this world, it is said the breath of the God of Magic “Shikishiki” is being used, but it is not known for certain.

On the other hand, there are neither low rank or high rank magic crests.

Crest magic is the concentration of mana in one’s fingertip which is then used to create the magic circle. With magic circles, by including complex systems like magic characters and symbols a magic formation is completed, it then becomes “crest magic” for the first time. Because of this the degree of difficulty is high and the power of the world’s “laws of nature” can be used to create big magics.

“crest magic” can be called a part of “free magic.”

(Being called free, there is a connection between ancient magic and crest magic…)

The time it takes to construct increases as the complexity of the magic formation grows.
The mental image of the magic formation needs to be flexible and mental power is needed as well as having vast mana consumption.

But, it should be simple as long as it is invoked once.

The rest is dependent of the person’s talent. Excuse me, if crest magic is used it will be magic much stronger than language magic.

Language magic is one’s own voice, using natural magic essence, spirits, and gods as a source of power, crest magic is magic that constructs a precise magic formation and absorbs the surrounding magic essence and one’s own mana. Consequently, crest magic is difficult.

There is a way to save time if a magic formation is prepared ahead of time using magic printing. However this is bordering on “enchanting magic.” So I will omit it.

Unlike language magic, crest magic directly interferes with to “laws of nature.” This “natural law type” is pure magic, those of the “spirit user school” love spirits, there is a three way factional struggles amongst those of the “holy magic school” that love the gods.
(A god school is a god school, because they are innumerable…it is a totally worthless story. Am I not in a school? Without undergoing strange influences would the students reading this be here?)
With both language and crest magic they will become useful only after growing. It is best the steadily training.
But, this is really a generaliztion. Skill, Spirits, Gods, it is good to remember the conditions for magic growth change with the factor of the dark magic tool.
After that i can no longer understand the contents of the book.

About how to draw out simple magic factors from the 24 dimension worlds, interference with the brain boundary and interference with mana collection conflicts. Among other things, it goes on to an astronomical summary and may as well be greek.

I quickly lip through the pages until I come to the end of the book.

There is says “Complete Works of Magic Foundation” written by the Sage Pubramanti of Ernst Magic University.

The Sage, Pubramanti.
At any rate…

“Magic characters disappear once they’re read…”
“For a while now you’ve been mutter, is that thick book so fun?”

Yui seems interested in the magic explanation book.

“It’s fun. Do you want to look?”
“A little…”

I go over to her side and show her the thick book I was reading.

“Mu, it’s too difficult. Yo- Shuya, aren’t you a Spearman, not a magic user?” (TL: Yui starts to call him “you” again but stops herself.)

Oh, this is the first time she said my name. It makes me happy.

I am interested in the difference choices I have. There are no shortcuts in learning a language, but even if I cannot learn it right away, I would like to get some information. I want to see it even if I can’t learn it.”
“There are no shortcuts in learning …I haven’t hear this before, but you’re greedy.”

Yui glares at me with scornful eyes.

“Yui, wouldn’t you work hard to improve you sword skill?”
“I would do my best…”
“It’s similar to that. In addition, Yui’s sword arm is considerable. You have been training hard.”
“…In my case I have been training since I was young…to learn the sword.”

Yui’s eyes seem to sink for a moment…was it hard?

“…Is that so. Sorry.”
“Why apologize?”
“I reminded you of something difficult from your past…”
“…Haha, such an imagination, truly a ‘odd man.’”

…Her eyes seem irritated.

“Your active imagination is bad!”

I laugh at the body of Yui being being poked.

“Nana, rubbing me like that, Aaan.”

Suddenly the breast saint appears.
“Ahaha, how’s that〜, making a fool of me, I’ll punish you with breast *pafupafu*”
“Hii au, bad…”
“Fumu. All right. I’ll permit it.”

Oh, a cute smile.

“That smile is nice. It’s cute.”
“Baka, don’t say that with a straight face…go away.”
“Ah〜yeah, yeah.”

Ma, Yui is in a bad mood so I will return to Zoru’s magic room.
This time I take out the equipment in the treasure chest.

I am able to get some things I can equip.

The black boots have metals fittings with a crow on both sides, and since they seem to be my size I try them on.

I wear the crow boots, immediately.
A purple light shines from a slanted quilting design.

These are magic boots. (TL: There’s a joke in here somewhere.)

The eyes on the crows also glisten for a moment.
Then, the quilting design disappears and they return to black boots.

When I walk…the sound of my foot steps are gone. These seem to have a silence effect.
There is also a deodorizing effect so the smell of my feet is also gone.
Not that I think my feet smell particularly bad.
It’s because they are boots, I do not smell them intentionally.

Next, I look at the rings.
Didn’t this Zoru Gustave say something about being a ring craftsman in the diary?

…There are several rings.

There are several colored jewels in some of the rings.
I can cast magic without an aria using these rings, they seem convenient.

…A red, white, and yellow ring.
I can expect it to be fire and wind attribute, but I do not know anything more detailed.

There is no ring of the water attribute.
The only rings of Zoru’s I seem able to use are those of the darkness attribute.
I might be able to sell some of these rings in some town.

Only three of the collected rings are suitable.
I leave the white chainmail alone since it is not in my size.
I hold onto the black mace.

I put on the black robe with the boots.
I return to Yui dressed like that.

I activate the <Hidden Body> skill.

Heh-heh, I will surprise her.


When I appear suddenly Yui almost falls out of the bed in surprise.

“You surprised me.”

I help support the surprised Yui’s body lay her back down gently.

“I didn’t notice you. You’re wearing a black robe…”
“I took it from the treasure chest in the back room. Oh, do you know what this mark on the back is?”

I show her the back.

“It’s an exclusive symbol used by the 【Magician’s Guild】”

So the arms with the scales and staff really is the symbol of a guild.

“An exclusive symbol, thanks.”

According to the diary.
Zoru Gustave was a member of the Magic Guild.
So I throw off the robe I put on.

“Was that Hidden Body earlier?”

It must have been strange that I appeared without sound, so Yui asked.

“These boots helped. They’re something I got from the treasure chest.”

I show her the boots.

“Magic Boots. Such high-quality equipment…the person Shuya defeated was a powerful ‘magician’…”
“Seems like it. The guy used several different kinds of magic. Fortunately, he only fought with the magic in his rings.”

As I speak calmly she has a confused look on her face and her vigor fades.


In the end, she falls silent.
Lowering her eyes, a shadow falls over her face.

“What is it? Did Yui’s condition worsen?”
“-It’s different. Don’t come here. Don’t bring such an unpleasant face close to me.”
“I’m sorry you feel bad. What, I was worried and wasted your time. Suddenly become tsun, then I’ll look around the area, unless you need to pee or something, I’ll go outside to hunt with Rollo.”

What is it? She suddenly became all tsun tsun. (TL: Tsun as is tsundere.)
I will go hunting to relax.


Rollo’s red eyes dilate at the word “hunt” and quickly jumps to my shoulder.

I pass through the arched door.
The area around the hunt is still filled with fog.

The fog has not cleared because I killed the couple.
However, there is a dramatic part of me that expected the fog to disappear like that.

The circumstances do not seem to be so nice.

I walk down the hill while thinking such a thing.
Through the small lighthouse giving of the pale blue light at the bottom of the hill, I invade the forest.

I will start searching within a range where I will not get lost.
As soon as I enter the forest I feel a monster’s magic essence response with presence detection.

All of a sudden I am already approached.
I take up my black spear and stand calmly.
I wait for the source of magic essence reaction to appear.

Rollo jumps off my shoulder too.
In preparation for hunting sharp claws extend into the group from both of Rollo’s paws as she assumes her black panther form.

Then, the source of the reaction appears.
The figure of a huge mantis with weak mana.
It is a mantis, but the figure is slightly white.
Two big sickle arms like steel beams stand out.

The white mantis’ head is triangular.
It seems me with the compound eyes on the sides of its head, and then-the white mantis jumps at me.
-From overhead the two sickle arms swing down a “descending punch attack.” (TL: Punch is in English.)

Immediately, I I thrust out the black spear in response.

The descending sickles are repelled by the upper section of the black spear.
Without pause I evade, moving in a circle.

Chasing after my evasions, again and again the sickles are swung down.

The mantis’ sickle is fast-
I quickly move the black spear and parried the sickle at an angle.

Fast and heavy.
The weight of the sickle makes it feel like an aluminum bat.

The collisions make a dull sound, I hear a collapsing sound.
The mantis’s big sickles swing down one after another like industrial machinery.
One blow, two blows, gradually from the attacks raining down from the left and right I am forced to retreat.

However, as I retreat I keep hold of the black spear like a willow branch and aware of the semi-circle I deal the descending sickles.

Gradually, I become accustomed to the movement of parrying the big sickle.

The action of repelling the sickle becomes compact.
The sickles slash through the branches and leaves of the surrounding trees, innumerable leaves dance through the air.

With the timing, Rollo flanks the mantis.

A feeler bone swords pieces deep into the mantis’ abdomen.
When I let Rollo quickly strike with her feeler I move closer to the mantis’ flank and grab the claw on its forefoot, I run though the front cutting the mantis’ flank while making use of my physical strength. (TL: I’m sorry for this.)
The mantis’ body is slim.
The flank of the body is cut straight through.

Green blood and abdominal juices splash out of wound, and the mantis dies.

The abdomen is soft?
Kon-kon. (TL: Tap-tap) I tap the arm of the fallen mantis with the spear, but it does not move.
Unlike its stomach its sickles are hard like metal.

For the time being I retrieve it. I leave behind part of the corpse too.

Then I use presence detection. I sense the surroundings.

There are monsters’ magic essence reaction everywhere.
Furthermore, I also activate <Pheromone Touch>.
When I sense the smells I can understand the forms of the monsters I detected one after another.

A mantis, some kind of large beast, the figure of a small person, etc. All monsters.
There are also several winged woman-like monsters in the sky.
Of the various monsters in the forest the beast type monster seems to have reacted the the corpse of a mantis quickly.

Oh, roaring sounds are coming from all around me.

I make eye contact with Rollo whose feelers are swinging aimlessly.

“Rollo. You may hunt as you like. But don’t go too far. Come back here if you finish hunting.”
“Nya, Nyaa.”

Rollo calls back happily with a rumbling sound in her throat.
Being especially happy she extends a feeler to my cheek.

『Hunting』 『Hunting』『Fun』 『Play』

She communicates such feelings repeatedly.
With a smile, nodding with intention, Rollo runs off lively into the forest.


A pale-blue saber-toothed tiger appearance from the opposite direction Rollo left from.

It has long ears and the there is a pale edge around the tiger like face.
Its fur is white until blue begins to mix in under its chest.
Its tail is split into two.

The huge fangs under its lips look sharp.
Its size is slightly bigger that the Zerri tiger from the forest near the Goldiba home.
For a tiger it might be said that the color of its fur is beautiful.

However, the image is ruined by the black gill-like protrusions under its whiskers.
While the two part tail of the tiger sways back and forth.


It rushes at me with a threatening roar.
The gills split down the middle to reveal sharp thin bone tusks.

Are you going to stab me with that?

The crossed fangs leap out faster than a vaulting horse as it jumps.
It dodges the descending spear.

The blade of the black spear stabs through the back of the blue and white tiger and its charge adds to the damage, carving out meat and bone.
The back bone is cut so deeply that it is completely torn throught.
Even having its spine severed the blue and white doesn’t run out strength until half way through.

After coming to a stop and collapsing forward it no longer moves.
I confirm the unmoving corpse.
Taking out a knife I cut up the tiger meat and harvest it. I remove it’s saber-teeth.
I pull out the unpleasant bone blade from its gills and collect it.

Lastly, I active <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.

I make it easier to dismantle by holding its hind legs with the “distorted mana hand” and then skin the tiger.

While I work on dismantling I wait for Rollo to return with game.
Oh, a little surprised I admire her figure a little.

I do this because she has the corpses of two tigers hanging from the bone swords of her feelers.
She is carrying another corpse in her mouth.

The tigers seems heavy, she looks like she is struggling. (TL: D’aw.)

Rollo purposefully brings the corpses to me as the proud result of her hunting, looking at me with her red eyes.

Her cute red eyes seem to be saying “Praise me, praise me.”

“Good job, you did great.”

Delighted by my praise she extends a feeler to my cheek.
『Prey』 『A lot』 『Happy』 『Fun』 『Play』 『More』

Her feeling are conveyed in sequence.

The praised Rollo seems to be having fun, she is running and jumping round and around with her tail standing up lik the handle of an umbrella.

“…Haha, but we’re already finished hunting. Let’s go back.”

She answers quietly like she is disappointed she cannot continue hunting.

“Rollo, please carry the corpses to the hut. Let’s surprise Yui.”
“N, Nya nya.”

Again, Rollo stabs her feelers into two of the corpses and after picking up the other in her mouth she walks to the house at a decent pace.

I return as well.

When I enter the room Yui is sitting on the bed with her mouth open in surprise.

She is surprised by Rollo’s figure…
But, her bad mood seems to be gone.

“Um, this black cat? Did it kill those tigers?”
“That’s right. This is Rollodinu. This is my partner as well as my pet.”
“Like a familiar?”
“N〜, something like that?”

When I incline my neck questioningly,

“It seems to be the case.”
“…When I attacked Shuya, why didn’t you make it attack me?”
“I had no intention to kill Yui, so I had Rollo watch. I gave Rollo an order at the start.”
“I…mercy from the start…”

Oh my, she became depressed.

“Don’t be so depressed. Do you want me to rub your breasts again?” (TL: Is that an offer or a threat?)
“Iya, ah, saying that, are gunna tickle me?”
“Oho. Tickling your breasts to massage them is supreme, even you, would want to taste the skill of the 156 hands from the breast research society?”
“What is the breast research society…”

Yui’s eyes sharpen for a moment but then she laughs.

“Don’t you know! Why I think breasts are beautiful? It is the romance of a man to pursue the holy meeting.”
“…My head is hurting, so go away now…” (TL: Haha. I love Yui. “I’m done with your shit for now, so go away.”)

Ku, narrow minded.

Like this our life as false lovers continues…
One week passes.
Yui is recovered so that she can walk. But, her physical strength seems to have fallen, her arms also still feel a little numb and shake.

Naturally, she is not even able to use her sword.

“You seem to have already recovered considerably.”
“Un. For all of you help…thank you.”

Yui’s expression softens.
It is different from the stolid expression she normally has, this one is a soft cute smile.

“Ou. That expression is good.”
“You, Shuya is kind…even though I’m an assassin…being so honest now…”

Even though you are praising me you are looking down.

“Oi, again? My gold finger…”
“-Stop it. I understand, haahaha, so stop. I’ll kill you.”
“Un. That’s better. That’s the spirit. Hahaha.”

After all, that smile is the best.

“Well then, I’ll go to that magic room.”
“I…will make some dried fish and the tiger meat Shuya ate the other day.”
“Got it.”

I return to Zoru’s magic room and begin to search through the treasure chest again.
I take out the bundle of magic characters that were written and look over them this time.

It is bundle of scrolls.
With only a little mana someone can use magic with this.
After one use they become dust.

Zoru seemed to have been a magician and there are various scrolls.
However…most are fire and wind, only two scrolls are darness attribute.

One called Reckless and the other black arrow.

I will use them one day, for now I’ll conceal them in my bosom.
However, if I keep them stored away I may forget to use them.
Next my gaze moves to the bookshelf, I take out one book after another and read them.

There are some documents about Dark magic Wogan Dolls and old golems.

A skill called Ore Casting seems to be required to make the a doll.
In order to make a magic doll various monster materials are required along with a crystalline lens, minerals, wood and leather. The technology the make ancient golem solders, among other things.

There is a memo Zoru wrote down in the margins.

A large amount of souls and magic essence is required.
Sacrificial offerings need to be made to Malady and Beikala.
Particularly, the key is large amounts of souls ad magic essence.

It is also written that “Spirit Absorption” is required.

There is a description about Spirit Absorption.

It is one of the magic tools introduced by demonic beings.
It is something that can gather a person’s soul and magic essence to create vast amounts of energy.
Using it is difficult. If it is damaged even a little the soul and magic essence will discharge out and it will stop. So it was written.

I remember a similar description in the diary.

I put away the book I read.
When I am choosing the next book I discover a book inserted deep into the bookshelf.

When I grasp the book in my hand there is a mana reaction.

Oh, are these magic characters?
The characters I read on the cover are different from those on the other ones.

The letters are different. It seems old, they are blurred and indistinct…
I can make out the title as “Black Lump.”
I check on Yui before heading to the garden. (TL: Yeeees.)



Chapter 29: Painful Parting


Yui talks to me when I return with the book.


“Ah, Shuya. Dry fish is impossible here. It gets wet because of the fog.”

“There’s no helping it. You have to cook it to preserve the food so it can’t be helped that it is dry.”

“It’s easy if one can use magic.”

“A, speaking of magic. I discovered Magic Characters here. See?”


I hand the old book to Yui.


“N, this? I can’t read the characters, oh, I can feel mana in this. But, the contents are incomprehensible. I can’t read these characters. It’s different from the elf language…and though it’s similar to ancient dwarf I think it is different. I haven’t seen these characters before.”

“Is that so, I’m able to read them.”



She returns the book to me.


“I’m going to conduct a few experiments. I’ll go away…”

“Eh? Experiments?”



Yui lifts Rollo and back away from me. (TL: Heh, no faith in Shuya.)


“So, watch.”


Even though I cannot understand the visual forms of the characters I can easily read the thanks to the <Language Comprehension> extra skill.


The title is Black Mass.

The title is simple.

I begin to read the Magic Characters for 《Black Mass》


I though it a little earlier, but it is strange. This book.

I can feel mana from the magic characters.

When I open the book and begins reading the characters, the characters I read begin to give off white light.

Before long the characters I did not read begin to shine and flicker.


What is this?


The shining characters lift off the page and project into the air, the ages of magic characters turn automatically and the shining characters floating in the air move the same way.


Ooh, amazing. Characters…


The white light is nearly colorless.

But, the shining characters gradually turn black and erode.

A string of black characters floating in the air begin to give off a peculiar shine.


“What is…this?”


A curious expression plays across Yui’s face as she mumbles.


Being carried by her, Rollo is staring at the floating characters. The characters are reflected in her red eyes.

Docile against Yui’s wonderful breasts, without playing, she seems to be watching the course of events.


A short time later, the string of floating characters begins to vibrate.

Then they suddenly swoop to the ground.

No, the characters turn to me.

the characters turn sharply and collide with my forehead.

The floating magic characters are ab, sor, bed.




The characters entering my head one after another.

As the darkly shining character string enters my head, the shapes and characters of a geometric pattern for a magic formation is spontaneously engraved in my mind.

The construction of the formation together with the method to regulate mana, I understand the sensation of how to construct it.


It is a strange sensation, the feeling of my mind’s consciousness being opened-

The umbrella of my senses all being opened at the same time-

However, I cannot completely understand it by myself.


It is a half-finished feeling, I suck in a breath, the sensation is like the naturally pulsing blood…


From the times I learned a skill, a deeper place…

I feel like it is being engraves into my mental heart.


For a moment- I look at both my hands with magic characters.

I take a deep breath in through my nose, then let it out through my mouth.


With this magic characters being supported by me, in order to finish their function, they are rotting away.

Finally, I have the fleeting feeling of sand running through my fingers.


※ Pikon ※ <Ancient Magic> Skill Acquired ※

※ Pikon ※ <Crest Magic> Skill Acquired ※


I concentrate on this magic, ignoring the skill acquisition sound in my head along with acquisition characters displayed in front of me.


I understand. I see…this part is necessary.

I feel that I have realized something.


I will test it out immediately.


Just to be safe I activate the <meditation> skill and replenish my mana.

And I close my eyes and concentrate mana on a finger-tip.


Raising my right hand, I draw a circle with a finger- a character string is joined together.

This circle being drawn is a centralized type- the construction of a magic formation.




Yui mutters “magician,” referring to me.

I think of a question, but for the time being I focus on the magic.


I add the magic symbols I learned one after another to the circular magic formation.

The scale the geometric pattern I am drawing is small, I compose the magic character formation.

I freely tamper with the meaning one by one.

At the same time my mana is being expended.


“The beginning is according to the basics in the book…but the name is changed.”


Muttering so, I finish meddling with the magic formation.

Floating before my eyes is an oddly shining black magic formation. (TL: In this case black is referring to the color of the formation, not the type of magic.)


Black Mass-


“《Dark Bullet》”


At that moment- an intense, a black mass appears from a rough, intense distortion in the magic formation. Furthermore, mana is taken from the magic formation.


The black mass plunges into the ground in one breath.

-DOGOOOOOONN!! The collision happens with a thwack and an intense shock wave.


Like a small meteorite.

But, my body feels heavy- I am attacked by a sense of listlessness.

It is a strong sense of exhaustion…

It is not to the extent of fairy moji or the naming of the bone knights.


Surprised by the loud sound, intense shock wave, and the cloud of dust Rollo jumps out of Yui’s arms and for a moment is suspended in the air with a foolish appearance.


Rollo is like that but she lands on the ground safely.

However, her red pupils are dilated and the hair on her back is standing on end.

With funny movements she is sidling along with crabish movements.


Yui is staring at the hole in the ground with a look of stupefaction…


A big hole has been created in the ground of the garden.

A one-meter hole. It seems to have pierced through the ground in a pinpoint.

Around the hole the earth is rolled up in a circle, several layers over and over again, small cracks are spread out.


“Hey, this is pretty powerful if it lands a direct hit.”


Moreover, I can still tamper with the ancient crest magic some more.


Ancient crest magic is amazing.


The <Language Comprehension> extra skill is also helping.

Since I can normally read ancient characters I am able to acquire ancient magic and crest magic in no time.

At first, I chose it because I wanted to understand people other than humans…

I was really lucky. Lucky.


“Shuya…you, who are you? Not only the spear, but to use magic…”


Her eyes have become completely frightened; her eyes are shaking.

And then, like the other day…the look in Yui’s eyes has begun to show signs of changing.


The color transitions from black to light gray.

Before long they have changed into the white snow scene.

A little silver is emitted from her vacant eyes, strangely.


“Yui, your eyes…”

“Ah, don’t look!”


She covers her eyes with her hands and looks away to hide them.


“N, Aah. However, I’ve already seen them…”


Yui speaks embarrassed words while turning her back.


“My eyes. They are hollow and abnormally empty…”

“Is that so? It was fantastic and beautiful…”


When she hears what I said Yui’s should move a little, startled, time passes.


“…Only Shuya. To say such a thing.”


Yui says so and looks back, showing her face.

Traces of tears can be seen on her cheeks. She finished crying…

Even though they are such beautiful eyes, she seems to have a problem with it.


“Beautiful. Once before…you showed me those eyes.”

“Un, thanks. That was for the sake of chasing Shuya.”


Chasing? Some kind of ability.

Then, a change happens in Yui’s eyes.


“Ah, they’re turning back.”



She seems embarrassed, her shy figure is unusually cute.


“In order to chase me, those eyes are special eyes?” (TL: Look! Look with your special eyes. My brand!)

“So. These are the eyes of Beikala. They are nicknamed “Death Eyes” and are good for tracking. (TL: So chunni. I love it.) The target I catch with these eyes once with be bordered red for ‘eternity,’ where ever they go I can follow. It’s a ‘game’ for me. two times, three ties, every time I see the target again, my assassination ability improves.”


So that means, I am bordered in red all the time?


“So, uh, do they change all the time?”

“So. Most of the time I activate them consciously, but sometimes when I feel fear it activates automatically.”


Yui seems happy and her cheeks relax. She seems to be in a good mood.


“Is that so. Then I scared you. Sorry. But, such important information…is it okay to tell me?”

“Un. I am already okay with the problem that is Shuya. Aren’t you actually a magician?”

“No, n, well now I can’t deny it…I became a magic user. In other words, my foundation is well rounded?”


Scowling, Yui looks at me with a pair of doubtful eyes.

On the other hand, having already calmed down, Rollo has arranged her front feet and upper body properly and is being well behaved like a doll.


She seems to be listening to mine and Yui’s conversation.


“…It was a phenomenon I have not seen. I have not seen characters float when you learn magic. Such a phenomenon happens with neither language nor crest.”

“That’s right…”

“You’re hiding something?”

“It seems to be ancient magic.”

“Ancient Magic!?”


It was written in an ancient magic book.

With this response, it seems certain it was a valuable magic book.

Ah, Yui’s eyes changed again.


“…It’s a shock when the woman I love is afraid so many times.”


To my casual sudden confession, Yui’s shaking white eyes are trembling.


“…You love me?”

“Aah, would I have nursed you if I didn’t like you?”

“That, well…”


As she mutters Yui’s eyes return to normal and her face blushes red.

I open my mouth to disturb the delicate moment.


“Yui, did you say that you grilled meat earlier? Now, let’s finish.”

“N, that’s right.”


Like this, the pleasant days that nobody knows passes immediately.





Furthermore, one week later-


Yui’s body has become able to move freely.


Looking healthy, she also shows her cute lively smile.

Her physical condition also seems to have improved.


Is the gyuza grass good for the skin in the bath? It is somehow charming.


I am still eating the meat that was barbequed in the garden with relish.

For a little while, I look at the condition of the meat being brought to my mouth.


When I look, a smiling face is returned.

Things have progressed really well.

In various way, I fought to “massage” Yui’s body.


Talking with Yui has also become fun…

Once she recovers completely, the period of pretending to be lovers will end, and it will return to antagonism.


Honestly, I like this woman.


But…even though I do not want to, we must separate.

There are times when I am hot-blooded.

If I am not mistaken, Zoru said I can reach a city if I go west.


Assuming I will leave tomorrow, once, I should talk to Yui…


-N? A magic essence reaction.


A magic essence reaction from above where the fog is spread out.

Because the visibility is poor I cannot really distinguish it…


-It comes.


A human type creature with bone wings growing from its back breaks through the fog to the ground.

With pale skin and unkempt thin blond hair, it has abnormally large black eyes and blood sucking fangs are visible on both sides of its mouth.

Its hands and feet are humanoid, and the projections on it back are sharp and have taken the form of weapons.


But, my eyes are attracted to the clothing like armor in its hands.


It is a novel design. A bone pipe extends from the upper part of both shoulders into a thin line and wraps around the lower back as bone armor.

The small bones jutting out of its back form wings.

Such bone wings appear like blades of innumerable collected bone splinters.


On the other hand, the legs of its lower body are thin and bird like, similar to a goose.


The strange person in front of my eyes clearly is not human, but its small cotton swab like lips move.


“…Oya, it isn’t that magician.”


Peculiar, their voice has an empty quality.


“Aah, what are you?”


When I ask Yui grasps a sword in both hands, activates her death eyes, and then her eyes change into “Beikala’s Eyes.”

Rollo moves into a blind spot so she can throw herself at any time.


I grasp my spear and adopt a natural posture.

It is a posture that can shift to fighting anytime.


“The woman’s appearance is different too? What happened to Zoru Gustave?”

“More importantly answer the question. Who. are. you?”


I activate magic observing eyes and presence detection repeatedly.

I raise my voice as I talk to the “Dark Eyed Bird Man.” (TL: The Labyrinth Master?)




The moment I say so the dark eyed bird seems to deceive, lowering its hands to its waist.

It instantly pulls a bone sword out of its body and it about to attack.


Immediately, Yui fights back.


I rotate to the side in order to attack and thrust out.

Yui’s sword collides with the bone sword wielded by the dark eyed bird.

Yui’s sword repeatedly collides with the bone sword, clashing together hard sounds ring out.

Yui continues attack with her one sword two swords, and then the dark eyed bird wields two bone sword, accurately defending against Yui’s attacks.


With a good rhythm the hard sound of the two colliding bone swords and Yui’s swords is audible, they take distance from each other and hold.


“You fight well for a human girl, no? However-”


It then opens both of its bird eyes and raises its arms above its head, at the same time its bone wings open up and it flies away.

I do not understand how its bone wings can use the wind, but quickly increasing its speed it attacks Yui.

Yui somehow manages to deflect the high speed bone sword with her swords, but she completely falls behind.

Taking this as an opening, it folds its bone wings behind its back and they transform into a spear bone tail with a sharp point. The transformed spear bone tail draws a low arc and pierces through Yui’s foot.

Blood spills out of Yui’s foot as it is sewn to the ground.


The Yui that has become full of openings.

The dark eyed bird sees the immobile Yui and the moment it is going to stab with the bone sword grasped in its thin hand-


“With this, todo-”


-Think I will let you!

I kick the ground with fighting moji enhanced legs. (TL: I want to take this opportunity to explain part of my translation. The author actually writes “I kick the ground with fighting magic legs” and sometimes he just calls them “magic legs.” This doesn’t sound that great in English so I have been translating it like this for a while now. Anyways, back to the fight〜)

Quickly closing the distance with the dark eyed bird I attack its side with a thrust from my black spear, I stab into its intestines.

It is blown off to the side, and staggering with a “Gua,” it cannot help also issuing a brief scream. However, it still hasn’t collapsed yet.


Furthermore, the pursuing feeler bone sword of Rollo pierces through its thin bird leg, leaving behind a hole.


“You should regret that you laid a hand on the ‘woman I love.’”


Spitting out a small speech I eject <chain> towards the crown of the black eyed bird’s head.


At the same time, I activate <Cerebral Demon Speed>- (TL: Woah, Shuya’s pissed.)


The same moment I eject chain through the head of the stumbling dark eyed bird, I who sped up at that moment release <Thrust> from point blank range.

Even if the chain pierced through the head of the black eyed bird, until <Cerebral Demon Speed> ends I consecutively shoot <thrust> like an electric drill, over and over.


In an instant the armored breast bone of the dark eyed bird is smashed and its body it crushed like trash.

Finally, as if brushing off of the dust, I rotate the spear to cause a strong wind, and I look back toward Yui.


“Yui, are you okay?


At the moment she appears to be more dumfounded that concerned with her injured foot, with her small mouth open she has a peashooter face.



“Ah, aah, un. I’m okay. Thank you for helping me. Also, since my life was saved…kya, it hurts.”


“Ah, it’s fine. Fufu, thank you. Rollo-chan.”


Rollo licking the wound on Yui’s foot made her scream.

Rollo seems to be worried.

How do you say, licking the blood…

Yui has a gentle smile on her face, and consoles the Rollo who was behaving in such a way by stroking her head.


“Rollo, licking her blood is no good. Rather, I…”


I do not say that I want to lick it- I hold myself back.




Yui is looking at me with strange eyes, so I hurry and deceive her.


“No, no, that is, medicine! I’ll go get a potion.”

“Ah, un.”


When a potion is sprinkled over the wound on her foot it immediately closes up.

I give her a potion just to be safe.


“With this it should be alright. It was good there were a lot of potions.”

“…Un, but, the demonic being from earlier…it felt like it was an acquaintance of the magician that used to live here.”


Yui speaks while looking at the deformed dead body of the dark eyed bird and calls it a demonic being. I check the corpse, there is nothing.


Which reminds me, there was something written in the diary about that.


“…Dead men tell no tales, but there was a description about the bone wings in Zoru’s diary. And then, the demonic being has no possessions. There is only the bone sword.”

“We shouldn’t be attacked by a different one again, but…”

“Surely, the possibility is there. It may be better to immediately leave this place.”



Did you hear what I started to say earlier…


“That, reminds me, wasn’t the sword handling a little while ago very sharp? Has your body already completely recovered?”

“Eeh, I’m cured…”


Yui’s expression suddenly stiffens.


“Is that so…that’s good, you feel good…”

“What do you want to say?”

“Since you have recovered, I was considering leaving here tomorrow morning.”

“…Na…wait, are you saying Shuya will return to antagonism with me?”

“It’s up to Yui.”


After a short moment Yui eyelashes begin to tremble and she adopts and angry expression.


“…I must kill Shuya, it can’t be helped, but I don’t want to kill you, but even so, unfair, unfair, unfair!”


Her voice is unusually rough, and her reaction is one that is not normally shown by a woman of her age.


haha, even though it’s a frantic face it’s still cute.

…Then, should I invite her?


“…Na, if that’s the case, why don’t you travel with Rollo and me?”



Yui stays silent.

Are you going to hold out a little more?


“I am look for a certain treasure artefact for Rollo. Well, Yui could travel. Wouldn’t it be fun if you were with us…How’s that? Will you come together?”


After I look Yui in the eye, her face looks like she is going to cry and she evades my eyes.

From her profile I can see one tear stream down her cheek.


Aah, I made you cry.


“…I want to go. But, I’m sorry. It’s impossible…the organization won’t allow it. I must protect the Furgman Family. For the sake of my father who is bed ridden with illness.”


The organization, the Furgman household.

Because of the family name I too would be worried about my father.


There is no helping it. I’m sorry.

It is disappointing, but I have been rejected.

I thought of confessing and being rejected several time, but I do not want to taste it in any world.


“…I won’t force you.”


I try to be a little tough, and do not show it on my face.




Yui is suddenly there, removing the black clothes she is wearing.




And then, she throws aside all of her clothes with determination.


“Strangely I want you hear it without thinking. Before we separate, I want to thank you. I’m not Shuya’s ‘loved one’…I know that. But, if it’s still okay…I want you to hold me.”


Yui speaks while making a tight fist.

But, her voice is soft like the feathers of a small bird, floating on the wind.


However, loved one? There is no such person…

Other than such a thing, is Yui’s naked body. Always so beautiful.

Naturally, I stare at her body.


The skin the nape of her neck is shining white with sweat.

Clearly taking in her elegant collar bone, and immediately below, double hills of a moderate size that are so magnificent as to make a famous photographer groan.

The finely arranged hair of the secret flower garden truly seems like Yui.

The thin firm musculature of her waist that continues to the white peach of her thighs down to her tiny feet is seductive.


“…Yui, you’re beautiful. …But, I have no loved one?”

“Eh, but, the necklace…”

“Ooh, this. I picked this up a while ago…baka, did you misunderstand? Hora.”


I instinctively pull in the too cute Yui and hug her.

And, naturally, once again the same words are spoken.


“Beautiful, a cute person.”


I am a man, too. Not eating the meal set before him is a man’s shame. I will accept.


I undress immediately and put my hands around Yui’s waist to hold her.

Once more I strongly hold her close.

Yui, with her face buried in my chest, looks up at me and for a moment, her eyes close bravely as they swell with tears and grief.


I steal away Yui’s lips.


“N, for today, I’m your lover…”


Shed tears fall from her face and hit my cheeks.




Yui’s coquettish figure is branded in my eyes.

Bring our bodies leaning close to each other, running my eyes over her I covet her small lips exhaustively.

Entwining our arms, our bodies seek to come together and surrender themselves to our desires.

Our hearts melt together as we love and are loved in return for countless hours, to the extent the Rollo is astonished…I am not sure, but the love affair passes through the night and follow until early in the morning.






Rising early, the blood of deflowering is left on the bed from our repeated love-making.


She’s still sleeping. It is because we did so much yesterday.

The stamina of that one was inexhaustible too…


The loose sleeping figure of Yui.

I look at her lustrous skin and check her beautiful sleeping face.

I can detect the lingering scent of a woman, the feeling I had revives…


Isn’t Yui well? I am going to speak, but I stop myself.


I myself, because my resolution might waver.


Controlling my emotions, I write a message on parchment with a quill pen.

I tore this paper from the diary in the study.

Finally, I put near the letter I wrote all of the money Zoru had along with five pieces of the ancient gold I got from Shisho.


With painful reluctance, I break away…

I speedily leave the hut after arranging my equipment.



Chapter 30: Intermission – Yui 1





The assassin wrapped in black clothes, in pursuit of the Spearman, pauses in front of the Magic Fog Forest.

The Magic Fog Forest, it is a place filled with dense fog, and there is another name for it in the area, the 【Surface Labyrinth】. Not only travelers and caravans, but even thieves avoid this famous area where monsters appear.






I have to the front of the forest where the thick fog spreads out.

Here is the Magic Fog Forest


I turn my eyes between the thick towering trees.

A red line is clearly visible.


My <Beikala Eyes> extra skill, I never lose my prey.


I am certain that the “Spearman” went into this forest.


Hewso gave me an order, telling me to “kill” the spearman.

At the same time, it is an order from the dark guild the 【Shadow’s Right Hand】.


It is dangerous but I no choice other than to go. However, I feel uneasy.

The strength of that spearman was not ordinary.

At first he appeared to only be an ordinary vagrant…but when we fought, I quickly lost.



That experienced handling of that man…

A little, I remember that way of walking from somewhere, but he was too strong.

The two people the spearman killed in 【Senapa】 were reputed master assassins.

Named after the Nebulous water dragon that savaged seas of Samaria they were called the 【Three Best of Nebulous】 all having mastered fighting moji, Zeefu the Reclusive Sword, and Apo the Flashing Prison.


These masters were defeated in an instant, and I too was dealt with easily, in the end I was sent flying with a kick.

I fight him again, but my arm is broken and I lose.

I have failed twice now.

Moreover, he gives me mercy there saying life comes first.

When it is discovered that I am a woman my chest is groped and I am made sport of.


And, that man, said I am “beautiful”…

Aah, already- to forcibly forget, I shake my head side to side.


I must not mind it forever.

I need to get a grip. I slap my cheeks.


Kill order. The orders of the dark guild are absolute.

I must kill that spearman or I will not get a big pay day.

Without money I also cannot acquire my father’s medicine.

Again, I look up the forest covered in fog.

The red line marking the spearman spreads out inside.


Even if it is the “Magic Fog Forest” it does not matter.

Engraving such resolution into my chest I plunge into the Magic Fog Forest.

Using the <Eyes of Beikala> I chase after the red line.

The forest becomes foggier and the white fog obscures my view.

The noises also become terrible.

As I advance though such a forest- in the hazy fog in front of me, did something move?


That moment, a blue and white tiger with fangs attacks me.

Hurrying, I block the bite of the tiger with a sword.

I perform a kick back from the tiger and immediately withdraw.


However, there is the figure of a monster I ran from earlier, the silhouette of a huge mantis ripple in the white fog, waiting.


The sickles of the big mantis are big.

Aiming for the feet, I go down the notched blades of the mantis descend.


Hurry to the side I try to dodge the sickles but I am not fast enough.

The sickle grazes my right foot.

From the calf of right foot blood dances.




Ku-The sickle is sharp. It attacks again.

My foot hurts, by I run away.

Without thinking about the direction I desperately run through the fog.

I see a thicket so I jump into it to hide.


I look around the area from the thicket.


Fortunately, there is no sign of the monster chasing me.

Ku, as soon as a feel relieved there’s a *zuki* pain from my right leg…I can kind of see the bone from the wound.

The wound is deeper than I thought…I need to take medicine soon.


I choose a high-quality heal potion that is placed in my bosom and bring it to my mouth.

Gaku, gaku, I drink it down and the wound on my leg is immediately restored.


This medicine is high-class.

This is special medicine provided by the organization for work.


However, this was my only bottle…

I cannot be injured from now on.

At any rate, the visibility in this forest is bad and the monsters are strong.

No, it is not only that, without resting for too long, I need to continue chasing that “spearman.”


Was my choice a mistake…

That moment-with a sound of pushing through the trees from behind, a blue and white tiger appears.




I am pushed over onto the ground by the tiger.

Again, this is the tiger from earlier.

Without howling it widens its mouth.


It has sharp fangs like sabers.

Saliva drips from the fangs.


The tiger growls and moves to bite the scruff of my neck.


I cannot be eaten- hurriedly, while keep the sword in my right hand level, I push it into the tiger’s mouth.

It cuts through in a straight line from there and the tiger as if reading my movements, closes its mouth and blocks the sword with one of its fangs.


With its powerful jaws the tiger is try to bit through the sword.

The sword has been caught tightly between its sharp teeth.


If it was a common sword it would break. However, I look at the sword blade caught and being bitten by the tiger and feel relief.


The magic characters shining on the sword blade show white.

This sword is not an ordinary sword…appearing is Samaria legend, their names are from the twin demon grade demon beings Azeros & Vassage.

It was from the Samarian Merchant Fiver Fingers Drui Risaloma, I received them when I assassinated Drui at the request of the organization.


The blue and white tiger snorts violently, together with the shining sword, it hurries the defeat me quickly and attacks the sharp sword with its teeth greedily.

The smell of the beast is sent to my face with a *bua*

Then, the upper part of the gills on the blue and white tiger, transforms suddenly and splits- a slender shard protuberance protrudes from inside.


Eh-I quickly move my face to the side.

The sharp protrusion grazes my cheek, cuts my hair, and buries it in the ground.



This tiger does such a thing- moreover it stinks.


But, such a smell vanishes as a pain runs through my left shoulder.


The shard claws on the paw the tiger is holding me down with cuts through my black clothes and penetrates my chain mail digging into my living flesh.


I discover blood streaming down my skin.

I change the pain into my strength and counter attack without becoming flustered.


I hold my left-hand sword in a backhand grip.


I deal a heavy blow to the jaw of the tiger from below with the sword blade.

I kick the tiger’s body with a knee and make the tiger lean back. Using this moment I pull on the sword caught in the tiger’s teeth and slip it out.


-I strengthen my body with <Fighting Moji>.


I stand up and spinning my body to the right I activate the skill, <Dancing Decapitation>

The effect of the skill increases the speed of the revolving blade and it sinks into the tiger’s necks, burying itself in the scruff.

From there, the rotating slash continues through the bloodied blue and white tiger…and its head falls to the ground with a thump.

Blood gushes out from the severed neck like a spout and my whole body is sprayed with blood.


Ha, ha, ha, I am worn-out.

I must leave here quickly.


Not paying mind to the blood and dirt I leave the place while gasping for air.

I run into the fog, chasing the spearman. For a while I continue killing the monsters that appear while I wonder the forest.


At such a time, I finally manage to approach the targeted spearman.

The “red line” that leads to target thickens further.


-I approach with silent footsteps.


-I activate <Fighting Moji>

-Storing mana in my feet, I circulate and store mana in my hands.


Yosh, now!

-But, I am easily evaded and my sword only cuts through air.


“You. It’s been a while. And you’ve removed your mask. But, why is your beautiful face dirty? And aren’t you also injured and worn-out?”


To discover my position so easily…



“Quiet again?”


Confusing me…again this spearman talks to me.


I must not mind it.

I will “kill” this person.

I activate my extra skill, <Eyes of Beikala>

Again the spearman is bordered in red.


“What happened? Looking at a face such as this-”


In defiance of the spearman’s words I immediately leap at him.

I attack, swinging down with Azeros held in both hands to bisect him.

But, there is only the feeling of hard rock being cut.

A metallic sound rings out, both of my hands with their slightly raised physical ability are numb.


When my sword is easily stopped by the black spear my power is lost and I am mowed down.

The spearman pulls on the reins of his magic beast and escaped.


Ku, you will not escape.


I immediately run after him.

The place the spearman runs to is a dead end overlooking a cliff.

Was that guy waiting for me to come to the cliff?

Baka, to intentional wait. I will definitely kill this guy here.


“Yui, you look unwell? Are you okay?”


Again? This spearman…


“Why are you worrying about me in this situation?”

“Haha, that’s right.”


I push the <Fighting Moji> skill to its limits and slash out.

On the way I shift to attack with dual swords.


I slash diagonally from the right with the <Dark Feather Drawn Sword>

Eh!? It was easily dodged.

If that’s the case, attacking with a sword from each side, <Dark Bisecting Shadow>! Ku, I was dodged again-


This fellow, again dodges over and over. Why-how are such movements possible!?


“W-why, counterattack.”


I feel anger towards the spearman who does not counter attack.

But, none of my attacks are successful.


Even an attack using a skill cannot graze him.

I got the “Dark Dual Heavy Sword Master ” occupation, but this, my attacks…


I resolve myself.

I will use my secret technique.


The mana consumption is big and it places a heavy burden on my body.

In the state where <Fighting Moji> is activated-

-I pour mana into the two swords, Azeros & Vassage.


Here, <Dark Henpenshi>-


Relying on the magic swords, a lunge of inconceivable speed.

This cannot be dodged- I did it; I could feel wounding him for the first time-eh?


This fellow, did he see the sword line?

The spearman moves his head slightly aside and continues dodging the lunge.

He avoided the stab from my secret technique- how?!


In the end he sometimes shows a smiling face.


S-such…avoided easily.

Towards the spearman whose movements have transcended those of a person, I fly into a rage and petition him.



“No, maa, I would say that was really close. -You should be happy.”


Be happy- he said something strange again!


“Ku, wha-what is it with you!”

“Mou, don’t swing those around so much anymore.”


I am upset by the spearman’s words. (TL: In the original chapter Shuya says “She seems to have been upset by my words here.” I thought it was funny.


This is the “first time” for me.

Continuously avoiding my attack like this, even avoiding my secret technique, I am even teased and attacked with “words” rather than with the spear.


As a consequence of using my secret technique my body loses its strength.


Oops My foot-snarled, by the time I notice it is already too late, as I fall from the cliff my view sinks.




I fall.

So-a sudden sock runs through my body and my view rolls.


Ite, ite…I seem to have hit my foot on a rock.

Ooh, I, here- At that time as I have begun to give us, I find that the spearman has grabbed my arm.


The spearman has a desperate look on his face.

However, he seems to be trying to save me.

“But, why, why, why-


The spearman not only grasps my arm; he holds my body close.

I unconsciously remember the figure of my strong father hugging me.


Again, I receive a strong shock.

Then, I lose consciousness.





When I come around the spearman is in front of me.

It seems like I was saved…and then, I lose consciousness again, the next I notice I laying in an unfamiliar bed.


Even though I am a hit man I was saved by my target…how worthless.


There is a small hole in my stomach, and my foot seems to be broken.

In addition, my whole body is creaming at me.


The spearman explains that he saved me, as I talked when I wanted to, after taking his behavior into consideration, I acknowledge it.

His goal is probably my body since he is a man. (TL: Well, you’re not wrong.)

But, the situation seems to be that I am pretending to be the lover of this spearman…there is no helping it since I cannot carry out my job with my body in this condition.


However, someone I am trying to kill is the one who is taking care of me. I am amazed.


Therefore, I endure being lovers.

Fufu, he tried to save me even though I tried to kill him, what a funny man.


“…I…I don’t mind it.”


After I consent a robed man who I think is the owner of the house walks in.


“Ah, your lover-san has come around.”

“Aah, uh, ya!”


At that moment, the spearman hugs me.

For an instant, I dumbfounded.

For some reason I hug the man’s body in return…I feel the warmth of this man.


“Haha, good, good. It looks like lover-san is able to eat now, but since she should stay in bed I’ll bring something to eat.”


The man who offered a place to stay has a shaved head.

N, is that a magic crest mark on his forehead? Is he from some noble house?

But, a noble would not live in a place like this.


His eerie eyes are bothering me.


“Ah, sorry. If it’s alright I will get it.”


The spearman separates from me.


“Is that so? Then, I will return.”


I watch the weird bald man walk away.


But, I…wonder what it is.

I was suddenly held a little while ago.


Such a spearman carries a meal.

Fuun, nevertheless the kill target has not changed.

But, I will express my thanks.


“”Sorry.  But, it’s until the day after tomorrow. After that much time has passed…my foot will be healed.”


The man’s eyes open a little wide. He is smiling.


“…Ah, understood. Then, would Yui like me to feed her?”

“Iii, the shoulder wound is okay. I can already use my arm.”

“Is that so, then I’ll go get my own food. I’d also like to ask about the area around here.”


The spearman smiles, unconcerned. What a strange man.

I begin to eat after smelling the provided meal.


It is delicious. A proper meal after such a long time…

After a short time, the spearman comes back.


“…Looks like she ate.  She should recover well.”


Ordinary. Don’t look at me with such a “smiling face”…it this fellow okay? Am I not the killer aiming for your life?


“…you’re here, I…”

“Don’t worry about it. Right now you are my lover. Since you finished eating I’ll take the tray.”


This man, is he joking?


“T, thank you.”


However, I still respond properly.

The spearman goes into the neighboring room to put away the tableware. His countenance has changed completely when he returns.


“What’s wrong? Why do you look like that?”


A strange face.

The spearman laughingly explains hurriedly, and as I listen I notice that my body is feeling odd.


My hands are trembling.


“Ah, my…ah, my arm is numb…”

“As expected. Rollo, go outside and be prepared to fight at any moment.”



The black cat answers shortly and energetically runs outside.

I should have been more careful.


“Mou, the medicine is already taking affect.”


I seem to have somehow been poisoned by the landlord.

Not noticing something like that…I am not qualified to be a killer.

Before eating I can discern medicines from their smell.


The poison was an unscented type.


At any rate, it is a strange poison. Losing the sensation in my body will not kill but, besides, I can move my mouth. Is this a special paralytic poison?

I do not know of such a poison.


There should be some reason for giving us a special high-quality poison.


Yet, the spearman seems to be okay.


“…You, are you okay? I can move my mouth…but my arms are shaking, and there’s no strength in my legs…although this feels kind of funny…it must be a special narcotic…”

“I’m fine.  I just moved the food…I didn’t eat it.”

“There’s no helping it now.”

“Understood. Let’s leave here first. I’ll carry you.”


The spearman carries me.



“What is it lover? I’ll help. Don’t worry.”


Will my *doku-doku* be noticed…



“Oya…are you going somewhere?”

“Ah, Yui wants to go outside for a little while, feel the wind, look at the stars…”


The spearman moves to leave the room as he carries me.


“Is that so, ha, I guess our lies are mutually transparent. I can’t let you leave like this.  Theta. Block the exit.”

“Yes. Master.”


A robed bald man with a magic crest on his forehead.

He gives instructions while smiling.


The woman called Theta seems to have blocked the way in front of the spearman.

I am being carried over his shoulder so I do not know what is happening behind me.




The spearman cries out.

The woman called Theta seems to be fighting with something?


Taking this chance, the spearman jumps out of the room while holding on to my body.

I can see the Theta woman fighting with some kind of animal to the back.


-Ah, is it the black cat?


Does the spearman have a magic beast obeying him?

Or is it a summoned familiar?

The robed bald man shouts after us in a voice bordering on a scream.


“W, what?”


Such a voice quickly becomes distant.


The spearman has incredible physical strength.

He is maintaining this speed while holding me.


I am put on his magic beast and he immediately orders “Run ahead like this.”




I feel anxious and call out to the spearman.


“It’s all right. Believe me. I will not let them kill you.  I will call you back right away once I kill the couple.”

“Wait, you absolutely can’t die. If you do I will kill you-”


If I can move…






After about thirty minutes.

I learn the irritation of riding on a magic beast but since I cannot move my body there is no helping it, so I wait.


After a few minutes I hear a whistle.

The magic beast hears it and responds with a *bubo* before it begins to advance towards the sound.


Again, I hear it. The magic beast snorts and runs.

This child, it is an intelligent magic beast.


“Yui! Are you all right?”


The spearman is alive.


“…I’m okay. My body is numb and I can’t move…but you’re all right.”

“Oh? Were you worried about me?”

“Baka…if you’re like that, should I kill you?”


He speaks like he is bluffing.

Then, the spearman, approaches me while smiling, and running his fingers over the butt of the me who cannot move, he massages and rubs.


“Kya, he, hentai!”

“Hahaha, saying such a thing, aren’t you supposed to say you can never be a bride?”


Really…I can’t believe him. This man. A lecher.




We are returning to the shed from earlier while I ride on the magic beast.


“Yui, your body shivers when I hold you.”

“I. An. Baka.”


…Again, he touches my butt. Mou, this lewd man.

But, this man lays me in the bed gently.


“Which remind me, Yui’s important swords.  I left them here. I made sure to recover them.”


The horny man’s handsome face is destroyed, and smiles many times while talking, but rather than the swords that are my important weapons, my head is filled by this ero man groping my butt.




“Well then, Yui should rest her body. I’ll go put the bodies in order. The elaborate day that called him master is also torn up.”



My body is still paralyzed and I cannot move at all.

The spearman…does not come back inside until later.

I can hear the sound of intense battles…is there still someone there?


…Still, that spearman has not come back.


On the other hand, the black cat comes to my side.

-It licks my arm.


Seeing my expression, it seems to have made some kind of judgement.

Is this young black cat worried about me? It’s cute.


When the spearman returns safely he corrects my posture.


And, he seems to have gone looking for a recovery potion inside the house.


After a little while the spearman returns with some bottles and plays with the black cat.

I check them by their smell and take the medicine.


But…my recovery is slow.

The poison paralyzing my body seems special.

It seems it may take several weeks before the poison wears off completely.






When I wake up the next day the spearman is gone.


Fufu apparently…it seems he left me.

Aaah, shit, I cannot move my body. I…


Then the spearman comes back. Naked from the waist up…


“Yui, you’re able to move a little now?”

“…Ah! Ah, only a little. But, like this…”


Ah, damn it.

For a moment, I have I have a happy look on my face.


“You can’t expect a full recovery in just one day, can you?”


Noticing my expression, the spearman’s eyes move restlessly. He seems to be looking for something in this storage shed.



“Ah, I was training, oh, ata ata…”


N? Under this man’s face, there is a necklace covering his chest.

Furthermore, it is decorated with white butterflies.


-Ah, perhaps, that might be an ancient white star stone…one is given as a promise of love in an old Elven legend, the famous Nepua Highsent.


Why, it is a jewel that comes from the ancient Great Empire of Befaritsu…

Does he have an Elven love…?


Even as I look at this naked man he works without intention.

He drags a big tub out from the corner of the hut.


“N, what?”

“It’s for a bath. I sweat a lot”


The spearman seems to be taking a bath. He seems to be a tidy person.





And, after cleaning out the tub, while muttering “such a thing” to myself he begins to fill of the tub with hot water using life magic.


He really seems to be taking a bath one way or another.


He takes out a strange mugwort-like dumpling and as he rubs it between his hand it bubbles.

He also washes the black cat.


At any rate…his tempered body…

His chest is thick, and the muscles on his arms are big too.

The muscles on his back- N? What?

There is a small design on his lower back.


At first, I thought it was something like a tattoo…

The mark is a black mark with three black points like animal’s paw-print.

The one on his butt looks like light blue tears. (TL: So that’s why his butt was itching after he did it with that water spirit.)


Nevertheless, he is washing awfully carefully…


When I look at the spearman-


By force, I am bathed.

I try to refuse, but I am undressed and carried, naked, to the tub.


I see the pride of a male for the first time there.

The spearman must be excited; his penis is standing tall.

However, such a thing…the ero man washes my body, my chest is rubbed, and I am thoroughly washed down there.


At that time, he tells me his name, but he has a lover, and also because I do not want to be played with I respond with mean words.


…What a strange ero man.

He said I am beautiful, that I give him desires…

Maa, my face is a little well proportioned…

And this fellow, with such an ero expression, is a lewd man.


But, despite being lewd he behaves strangely.


At present by body is paralyzed and I cannot move.

Because of this, the spearman could attack me at any time and violate me.

Occasionally, he acts lewdly and does things like touching my breasts and hips but he does not act violently.


He does nothing like that at all.

Surely, it must be because of the feelings for the person of that necklace.


…He unexpectedly shows me a gentlemanly side.

Like this, he brings food and medicine to my mouth for me to eat every day, he also washes my body, and even helps me when I need to pee…


Judging from the spearman’s name, Shuya Kagari, he must be from a low class noble family.


That must be the case.

He keeps himself clean, and seems interest not only in the spear but also in magic.


He easily reads several books on magic that I cannot understand and find difficult, he lets me read the magic books several times but it was too difficult.

His intelligence seems to be high since he reads such difficult books happily.


Just who is Shuya?


He doesn’t seem to have an adventurer’s card.

Despite that he seems awfully strong.

When we fought, he showed me mercy time and time again.


I know that, so I become depressed and unintentionally begin taking it out on him.

It was decisive when Shuya came back from hunting.


I knew because I had seen it fight a little before, but when the black cat came in dragging the tiger corpses with on the end of its feelers I was really surprised.

If this black cat had fought alongside of Shuya when I attacked, it wouldn’t even be a fight…


The black cat is called Rollodinu.


It’s cute, round red eyes have small dark spots inside.

It is cute, it looks unexpectedly thoughtful and anxiously begin to lick my body, so I stroke its head.


It is a really cute cat.

However, when I saw its form as the larger beast figure, honestly, I was scared.


When I am becoming accustomed to such a life with the black cat and Shuya…

Little by little, my body becomes able to move, and begin to talk more and my smiling face keeps growing.


When Shuya approaches, my chest throbs.

I, this man…


But, it is different when it is time for the bath. I always become sullen.

My body is washed. I endure because I cannot move…but, that…I am so embarrassed I could die…


Maa, it is fine. If I completely recover…

Since I will kill him.

No…if I am honest, already…


For me…impossible.

Can’t kill…father…





I was born on a cold winter night.

I seemed to be born with strange eyes.


Unique eyes, with no pupils.

I was named Yui.


My eyes hid a special power.

<Eyes of Beikala>


Commonly known as Death Eyes. They hold the power of Beikala, the god of death.

It is thanks to a special skill called an “Extra Skill.”


My house holds the family name, Furgman.

It is a small noble family that has been serving Samaria Kingdom since ancient times.


We seem to have descended from demonic beings.

So those of the Furgman lineage possess special skills by out nature. and using this power have become distinguished through military service over many a battlefield.


However, the glory did not continue for long.

After repeated wars with 【Terramay Kingdom】 the head of the Furgman household was sent by 【Samaria Kingdom】 to advance on the large country, 【Osberia Kingdom】, when suddenly they reconciled with one another.



When the war that had worn on for countless years finally ended…

The small military noble family loses their important post and declines.


The Furgman’s territory was small and they were not a rich family.


The family’s finances declined during father’s generation, they called themselves nobles but they lived a life full of poverty.

Still, Father Karudo and Mother Saki worked desperately the revive the Furgman family without complaint, acquiring the daily necessities.


At such a time they received a good sign.

Father is employed for his martial arts prowess by a great noble family.


It no different from the old days when the Furgman family was a small noble house.

However, the lineage of the military family has been passes down.

In fact, To-san received it strongly.

Exceling in martial arts, he trained me since I was young.

I say that, but I am also smart and tough. And yet, the features are handsome.


Indeed, my father is attractive. Although his personality is a bit feminine no one says that.


However, the good times did not last forever…

My mother collapsed unexpectedly and died of an illness.


My father had no time to grieve, he became busy with his new work and was spending increasing amounts of time away from home.

Even if my Father’s work was favorable the Furgman house’s finances was in a terrible state. Our condition of being one step away from losing their gentry granted by Samaria Kingdom.


Always living on the edge.

The circumstances are so severe, but To-san continues teaching me the basics of the Furgman style sword play.

It is a military art that adopts the beneficial aspects of the three big schools, Flying Sword Style, Absolute Sword Style, and King Sword Style.

It may be mocked by the swordsman practitioners in the area, but those people understand nothing.


These days, the faces the instructors and Father surprised by ability is increasing, the joyful expression are increasing.

I was happy to see the figure of my father being happy.


Once, father returns to the house covered in blood, causing me to panic.


To-san has a serious expression and begins to explain.


“Yui, do not speak until I am finished I entered the dark guild, I dyed my hands with unknowable darkness through assassination work.”


To-san talks, unusually upset.


“I have dyed the proud Furgman family is darkness.”


Hugging me, he explains while crying.



I entreat him strongly “It’s okay. No matter what happens, I will not come to hate To-san. Instead, because I am strong, train me even more.”


To-san nods in silence and accepts my desire.

And, when the work with the dark guild is finished, severe training begins


I am very happy because the time I am able to spend together with my father has increased.


To-san is very strong and strict.

Injuries are a daily occurrence.

However, I desperately continue the harsh training.


As I continue the severe training to-san is amazed by my growth.


It appears that the lineage of the Furgman house has a strong influence on me.

The battle occupations Soldier, Swordsman, Dual Swordsman, Heavy Soldier, Light Technique User, Bow User, Light Soldier, Sword User and Assassin are acquired one after another.


And, I learn the special secret art of wearing mana, “Fighting Moji.”


This grants physical ability.

I had trouble at first because it uses mana, but how great is it that it can increase a soldier type’s speed?


I was happy once I wore Fighting Moji.

In this way, the art of the sword and assassination is instilled strictly by Father and my talent blooms.


-Innate talent.


My father looks at me, and about the time three months has passed I begin training with genuine swords.


In the middle of training, my eyes repeat a shaft of light.

<Eyes of Beikala> – I use them.

The <Eyes of Beikala> is a skill related to the god Beikala.


The other person I look at becomes bordered in red, they become “marked by the god of death” and it does not disappear.

When fighting someone who has that mark, every aspect of my physical abilities doubles.


My father has a stunned face, and opens his mouth to talk.


“Yui. Those are ominous eyes. However, when you use the eyes, the quality of your movements changes. They become terrifically sharp. If you match it with fighting moji you will become one of the top-class assassins is 【Samaria】. As expect, my daughter is of the Furgman house.  Regarding the god of death, a benefit is a benefit. Yet, your eyes will become troublesome because of the Beikala fanatics. Be careful when you use them. Learn to control them better.”



To-san talks truly happily.


So. These eyes of mine are strange. These eyes have the power of the god of death.

When I come to master this power, the training with father becomes even more severe again.


-I feel scared…

At that time, I notice that my eyes changed on their own.


“N? Your eyes changed again?”

“Eh, oh, un.”


I am trying to control them, but for some reason they activate automatically when I feel fear.


But, this is convenient for the present me.

As much as my abilities become strong.

Training with such a father, we approach the verge of killing each other.


But, such a life does not continue for long.


My father, proud of his strength, is one day injured carrying out one of his duties.

The injury is a serious wound.

I get a heal potion and a priest at the church to look at it, but it cannot be completely healed with recovery magic either. The injury is not a normal cut.


Black flecks appear on his face and skin, there are things that look like countless tiny magic formations around the cut.


Such a wound…I have not seen…

It as if he has suffered some kind of cursed wound…


Surely, the duty my father received was no ordinary responsibility.


Because if it, To-san is suffering an illness.

Everyday his condition becomes worse…

At such a time, there was good news. I found a magic medicine that worked on to-san.


However, the price is abnormally high.


Regardless, it is the only thing I can rely on, so I have come to depend on the expensive magic medicine. Since he cannot go out to work, the Furgman house goes into decline. (TL: How much can they decline before they die?)


As a result, I followed the natural course of events and entered the dark guild in father’s stead.


And then I met Hewso-sama, a person from a great noble house in 【Samaria Kingdom】, I formally swore an oath of allegiance to the dark guild and arrived at the present.


Therefore, I must carry out my duty to save my to-san.


But, like this, it is impossible…

Mou…I keep going back and forth.


I need to pull myself together.






Seven days have passed living with Shuya and the black cat.

I am able to stand up now.


Shuya, these seven days…has truly taken good care of my body and cherished it.

In order to cheer me up he intentionally says playful things and does acts foolishly. He has cooked, and eased my body.


He is not only a gentleman he is also kind.

And he looks at me with tender eyes.


The cold eyes that froze when I first confronted him, without showing it entirely he not only hears my trifling story but he returns it with a smile, and treats me as a woman.


My obstinate posture begins to “warm up for the first time.”

One such day- I was talking naturally about my father.


I should be disqualified as an assassin-

However, he listens in silence, and “Understands” me.

He talks about himself too. There seems to be a Shisho-san.

They must be very strong. I cannot begin to imagine someone strong than Shuya.


I am able to pass time with the black cat peacefully. Rollo is cute, when she runs and plays she extends of feeler and conveys her feelings.


What a mysterious cat.


She seems to be a familiar. (TL: Yui has been introduced to Rollo at this point, so I’ll have Yui refer to Rollo as “her” rather than “it” now.) When the cat or maybe the magic beast conveys her feeling, I do not hear them…even if she’s cute, fufu.


And then, Shuya goes into the hut to the study almost every day.

He goes to look for a book.


I want to do something to help Shuya, so I talk about dried meat.


However, it is no use.

The air here is thick with fog and it is unable to dry. (TL: Okay, so I made a mistake in the last chapter. I thought Yui was offering to make Shuya some food from the dried meat, apparently she was offering to dry some meat to preserve it for him. Some of you may have caught that, but since I didn’t realize it the translation there is off.)

After a little while, Shuya returned.


“Ah, Shuya. Drying the food here isn’t possible. It becomes moist because of the fog.”

“There’s no helping it.  There’s no choice but to properly cook and dry it.”

“Un. “It’s easy if one can use magic.”

“A, speaking of magic. I discovered magic characters here. See?”


Shuya has a joyful child-like expression and shows me the book of magic


“N, this? I can’t read the characters, oh, I can feel mana in this. But, the contents are incomprehensible.  I can’t read these characters. It’s different from the elf language…and though it’s similar to ancient dwarf I think it is different. I haven’t seen these characters before.”

“Is that so, I’m able to read them.”



He can read this? This ancient language?


“I’m going to conduct a few experiments. You should back up…”

“Eh? Experiments?”



Since the black cat is also there, I pick up Rollo-chan and take some distance from Shuya.




Shuya returns a short answer-

Eh? The characters are floating…


I do not know about this. I have seen when magic characters are read and learned, but I have never seen the phenomenon I am looking at, the characters are shining and floating.


“What is…this?”


The characters then begin to vibrate and are sucked into Shuya’s head.




For an instant, is he okay? I am about cry out, but Shuya nods with a look of ecstasy, he takes a deep breath and seems to be okay.


Finally, the old ancient characters in Shuya’s hand disappear.

He then raises his right hands and tries to do something.


In front of his right hand, he draws a circle with his finger-



With the motion of tracing his finger with a trail of black light he constructs a magic formation.




This magic formation, is Shuya a “magician?”


“”The beginning is according to the basics in the book…”


Shuya mutters.


“《Dark Bullet》”


The moment the magic’s name was declared-


A lump like a distorted black stone emerges from the magic formation…

I have never heard of such a magic.

Let alone magic user, after all he was of magician class…

Dispelling such feeling from me, the black mass produced by magic collides with the ground- the earth is gouged out and a great gust of wind is produced as fragments burst out.


My hair sway from the shock of the wind.

Rollo-chan is surprised too. She jumps.

With such tremendous power, there is the collision sound of intense deep bass.

What earth-shattering power. That big hole…


“Hey, this is pretty powerful if it lands a direct hit.”


For a brief period, I am left speechless by the magic.

This power, I have begun to fear Shuya for a reason other than his martial arts.


And, I ask the question I thought of immediately.


“Shuya…you, who are you? Not only the spear, but to use magic…”

“Yui, your eyes…”

“Ah, don’t look!”


Oh, I am embarrassed.


“Aah. However, I’ve already seen them…”


Such eyes…


“My eyes. They are hollow and abnormally empty…”

“Is that so? It was fantastic and beautiful…”


Eh? My eyes, beautiful…

This may be the first time some has said such a thing…

Even To-san only called them eerie.


“…Only Shuya. To say such a thing.”


I am so happy that near naturally begin to flow.


“Beautiful. You showed me those eyes once before.”

“Un, thanks. That was for the sake of chasing Shuya.”


The fear from before fades away.


“Ah, they’re turning back.”



My heart is light. I feel like I can tell Shuya everything.


“In order to chase me, those eyes are special eyes?”


He asks with a smile.


“So. These are the eyes of Beikala. They are nicknamed “Death Eyes” and are good for tracking. The target I catch with these eyes once with be bordered red for ‘eternity,’ where ever they go I can follow. It’s a ‘game’ for me. Two times, three ties, every time I see the target again, my assassination ability improves.”


I naturally confess my most important secret.


“So, uh, do they change all the time?”

“Yeah. Most of the time I activate consciously, but sometimes when I feel fear it activates automatically.”

“Is that so. Then I scared you. Sorry. But, such important information…is it okay to tell me?”


Certainly…but, it is already fine.


“Un. I am already okay with the problem that is Shuya. Aren’t you… actually a magician?”

“No, n, well now I can’t deny it…I became a magic user. In other words, my foundation is well rounded?”


Just well rounded, it is not convincing.


“…It was a phenomenon I have not seen. I have not seen characters float when you learn magic. Such a phenomenon happens with neither language nor crest.”

“That’s right…


There is probably still something else.


“You’re hiding something?”

“It seems to be ancient magic.”

“Ancient Magic!?”


Ancient Magic-

I have heard rumors in 【Samaria Kingdom】 and 【Terramay Kingdom】 that such a thing really exists in 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 and the tower town 【Senapa】, is it something studied in 【Magic City Ernst】 to the far north.


I am understanding less and less. Shuya…


“…It’s a shock when the woman I love is afraid so many times.”


Eh? Eeeh, woman he loves?

My feelings of fear and the answer to my question are blown away by his words.

Love, hearing his words, reality all comes crashing down, and my heart swells.


“…You love me?”

“Aah, would I have nursed you if I didn’t like you?”

“That, well…”


I am happy. My heart might really break.

Doku-doku. What do I do? I…


“Yui, did you say that you grilled meat earlier? Now, let’s finish.”

“N, that’s right.”


Unintentionally, my words are tense.

It becomes awkward.


Shuya is roasting the meat without minding it…

I spend that day trying not to look at Shuya too much.






Every morning Shuya gets up early in the morning to train.

Always naked above the waist…he returns to the room to wash off his sweat.

He takes a bath even though I am here, but his muscles really are wonderful.


He is tall, black haired, and dark eyed.

His face is ordinary, but that is irrelevant.

On his chest there is a white cross mark coiled with chains.


There are two necklaces around his neck.

It is the same white star stone from before.

His lover, what kind of woman is she?


Ah, Shuya’s butt, wonderful, coming up.

When he sees me staring he asks “Do you want to go in together?” I reply “I, am already okay,” rather stiffly, then I throw the paring knife in his direction.


It is easily dodged.


There is also a day where Shuya goes *kon-kon* with his nose and his eyes become bloodshot.

Honestly, I was scared.

And, all too soon the happy days pass, and ten more days are gone.


I have already healed completely, but I remain silent.


Eating together every day, happiness.

To change the mood, we can eat outside today.


I feel like I am living as a “woman” for the first time in my life.


His eyes that stare at me. His face is flat, but I think it is well proportioned.

I make a cute smile.

Shuya returns a smile too.

However, Shuya is avoiding my eyes today.


That moment-


That? Shuya makes a grim face and looks up at the sky.


Thereupon, suddenly, above, from the magic fog, a demonic being appears.

The demonic being comes down to the ground. The demonic being has wings of bone.

It is a gargoyle type; a kind I have not seen.


I am on guard. I grasp the leather wrapped handles of my swords and stand.

It has big black eyes on pale skin. It has legs like a bird.

The demonic being begins to talk.


“…Oya, it isn’t that magician.”

“Aah, what are you?”



While Shuya talks I activate the <Eyes of Beikala>.

I become battle ready to be able to attack with my sword at any time.


I hold a sword in both hands, adopting a fighting stance.

Shuya is talking, but not being careless since he is hold the black spear, so it is okay.


“The woman’s appearance is different too? What happened to Zoru Gustave?”

“More importantly answer the question. Who. Are. You?”


Shuya talks threateningly.

The demonic being is coming!




I activate <Dancing Decapitation> at the same time the demonic being is about to hit Shuya.

Aiming at the demonic being- it starts to attack first.

-Rotate and slash.


A revolving slash with a sword in each hand, <Dancing Decapitation>.

Tens of time, hard sounds- chi, it was defended against.

However, as I land and slash diagonally from the shoulder- I give it <Dark Feather>.


-<Dark Feather>


The sword like moves towards the neck but they are deflected by a bone sword,

With that timing I dodge the large bone sword.


-Again, it was prevented.

This demonic being is strong, I take a distance for a moment.


“You fight well for a human girl, no? However-”


The demonic being talks to provoke me.

As he said, the quality of his movements suddenly rise.

A bone wings extends out to the left and the right, and physical speed of the demonic being suddenly rises.

The demonic being with its sudden increased speed slashes out with its bone sword.

The bone sword attack in intense, fast- shit, there is no opening for me to counterattack-

-Ite, eh? This, this was the wing of bone?

My foot has been impaled by a bone spear. Too quick to follow the demonic being extended the wings on its back into a bone spear and used it to attack- I cannot move, the demonic being’s attack is coming!


The moment when I thought I would be pierced-


That, the demonic being, blown off!?

Aah, Shuya helped! -Rollo-chan!

The demonic being collapses to the side a groans slightly.



“You should regret that you laid a hand on the ‘woman I love.’”


Woman he…loves. The woman he loves. Waa…


Shuya extends a chain-like projectile from his hand, I cannot confirm it with my sight since it moves so fast, he attacks repeatedly, and easily kills the demonic being.


-Amazing movements. But, what was that chain?

Other than that, he said lover again…



“Yui, are you okay?


He loves me…




I approached the Shuya with a questioning face.

Hurriedly, I smooth over my dazed expression.


“Ah, aah, un. I’m fine. Thank you for helping me. Also, since my life was saved…kya, it hurts.”


Rollo is licking the wound on my foot.




Shuya got impatient.


“Ah, it’s fine. Fufu, thanks. Rollo-chan.”


Rollo-chan. Fufu, cute. I pet her.


“Rollo, licking her blood is no good. Rather, I…”



I? What is it?


“No, no, that is, medicine! I’ll go get a potion.”

“Ah, un.”


Shuya is strange.

But, he is kind. He has me drink a potion again.


“With this it should be alright. It was good there were a lot of potions.”


Other that, the demonic being came here intentionally, it seemed to have a relationship with the landlord here.

There are many humans connect to demonic being in 【Samaria】, but since I have the blood of a demonic being in me it is not a strange thing at all…


“…Un. But, the demonic being from earlier…it felt like it was an acquaintance of the magician that used to live here.”


When I tell him my casual impression he goes to investigate the body of the demonic being.


“…Dead men tell no tales, but there was a description about the bone wings in Zoru’s diary.  And then, the demonic being has no possessions. There is only a bone sword.”

“We shouldn’t be attacked by a different one again, but…”

“Surely, the possibility is there. It may be better to immediately leave this place.”



Shuya looks over at me with a meek face.


“That, reminds me, wasn’t the sword handling a little while ago very sharp? Has your body already completely recovered?”


I have a bad premonition…


“Eeh, I’m cured…”

“Is that so…that’s good, you feel good…”


He seems to have the intention to talk about something that is hard to say…


“What do you want to say?”

“Since you have recovered, I was considering leaving here tomorrow morning.”


…What…Please do not say you will leave.

However, I cannot say such a thing…


“…Na…wait, are you saying Shuya will return to antagonism with me?”

“It’s up to Yui.”


Why, why? Unfair.

I, even I…Baka Shuya!


“…I must kill Shuya, it can’t be helped, but I don’t want to kill you, but even so, unfair, unfair, unfair!”


My feelings explode, I speak of all of my repressed feelings.

He looks at me with a gentle expression, and after begin to start talking.


“…Na, if that’s the case, why don’t you travel with Rollo and me?”



Travel together-


“I am look for a certain treasure artefact for Rollo. Well, Yui could travel. Wouldn’t it be fun if you were with us…How’s that? Will you come together?”


Treasure, travel…

It is hard work; I have never considered that until now.

I want to stay by his side. Close to Shuya…




“…I want to go. But, I’m sorry. It’s impossible…the organization won’t allow it.  I must protect the Furgman Family. For the sake of my father who is bed ridden with illness.”

“…I won’t force you.”


Shuya’s eyes look down with a regretful look.

Even I do not want to leave. The man I came to love for the first time.

But, he is the one I have to kill.

If we separate, finally…

There is Shuya’s lover. There may even be someone he loves.






I take off the black clothes I am wearing.


“Strangely I want you hear it without thinking. Before we separate, I want to thank you.  I’m not Shuya’s ‘loved one’…I know that. But, if it’s still okay…I want you to hold me.”


The words catch in my throat like lead, but I put forth my courage and confess.

Such an I, will he accept me?



Shuya…stares at my body.

I, my mind and body tremble with joy.


“…Yui, you’re beautiful. …But, I have no loved one?”

“Eh, but, the necklace…”

“Aah, this. I picked this up a while ago…”


So, that…



“Baka, did you misunderstand? Hora.”


Shuya pulls my arms and hugs me-

He holds me to his chest. His chest is warm.


“You’re cute.”


He says next to my ear. Happy.

The center of breasts ache.


Shuya undressed and hugs me strongly.

The muscles of his chest are wonderful too.

I suddenly look up at Shuya’s face and close my eyes.


I experience Shuya’s lips.

The gentle kiss focuses on the upper lip.


“N, for today, I’m your lover…”


I am overwhelmed by feelings for what cannot be,




Our lips again and again, my feeling are building up.

And, I am held so that it is not possible to think of anything.


But, the next day.

When I get up Shuya in longer there.


-This might all right.


Uun- actually sad-

I feel a gaping hole open in my chest.


I want to spend more time with Shuya.

-I hold to embrace more.


The feelings I had yesterday fill up my heart.

Suddenly bringing my legs together on the bed, I cross my hands between my knees. A tear drop flows from my eye down my cheek.

Before I notice the top of the bed is wet.

I want to see Shuya. However, our lives are certainly separate.


My hands are wet with blood.


I only obtained temporary happiness, I should be satisfied.

Surely, if Shuya stayed, I would behave like spoilt child to that man.


So, I lift my head and stand up.


N, a letter?


I see a letter written on a piece of parchment and a lot of money left small storeroom.





To Yui


This money is for your father.

It may not be enough, but this may help with the expensive medicine.

I also left ancient gold. It may be possible that it is worth a lot?

By the way, if you’d like to kill me, come again. Because I will always be waiting.


PS: Can you walk properly? Your agonized face was good, but haha, your sleeping face is cute too.






…Baka Shuya.


But, thanks.


…Let’s meet again. The task is failed. I am resigned to receiving to disgrace.

I am disqualified as a hit man and an assassin, since I love the man I am supposed to kill more, the order is impossible.


I do not know what kind of treatment is waiting for me with Hewso-sama and the 【Shadow’s Right Hand】 but I will return.

Beside, with this ancient gold, I may be able to save my father if it sells well.

Then I will wash my hands, Shuya…


Uun. I do not know yet.


I take these thoughts without and go.

I will return to Samaria.




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