Chapter 66 – 73

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Chapter 66: The Unwanted Child of Berutzemu Holy Church


“Rollo, let’s go. We’ll talk to this lady a little.”



Rollo mews her understanding and stares at the light of the gate.


Yosh, let’s go.

-Immediately I just through the gate and exit the mirror, the woman is calling out Ilodis-sama.

She is in the middle of prayer.

She opens her eye and sees I who have come through the mirror. The young woman’s eyes narrow and she ceases praying.


And, the instant our eyes meet-





The woman raises a scream.

Moving quickly, I step forward and place my hand over her mouth.


“I’m not going to do anything. Will you please be quiet?”


I say such criminal sounding words.

She nods, her small body trembling.

It seems she understands.


I remove the hand covering her mouth.


“Eto, first of all, hey. Good day.”



She blinks and looks toward Rollo.


“Ah, hai. Kitty-chan? Eto, good day. Are a messenger from God?”


She wonders if I came from God, well, I did come out of a mirror.

I can understand this.


“…No, it’s different. I’m an adventurer. And then, for now, I’m the owner who uses this mirror.”

“An adventurer? I was rude. The mirror has shined in the past days, someone finally appeared from it, I thought it was a miracle…I thought you were a messenger from Ilodis-kami, descending…”


She says things related to the church, her eyes going back and forth between Rollo and me.


“I’m not someone so impressive. I’m sorry for surprising you. First of all, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Shuya Kagari. Call me Shuya. Then, this black cat is Rollodinu, she’s my familiar. You can call her Rollo.”

“I see. Then, Rollo-chan and Shuya-sama. I am Rubia, the unwanted child.”


Unwanted child? For the moment I just nod and look around the room again.


“Rubia, pardon me, but will you tell me where this place is?”


She raises her head and makes eye contact.

This child is a little taller than 150cm?


“Okay. This is the Holy Church in the 【Town of Beltozam】. It’s a place far southwest of 【Sect Capital Hesliha】.”


【Sect Capitol Hesliha】… I remember hearing about it.


“Sect Capitol Hesliha?”

“The sect capital is where the holy pope of 【Holy Capitol Hesfurato】lives.”

“Ah, I see.”


I remember the country’s name.

A little while ago, the beautiful vampire hunter who attacked me.

Her name was Norah Egbain.


Norah told me.

There is a cathedral in the sect capital on a different scale than the church in Hector.


So, the church here is far to the north of Hector.

It’s an area on the other side of the Great Gordekus Desert.


“…Ano, is Shuya-sama a famous magician?”

“Iya, I’m nothing like that. Rubia doesn’t need to speak so formally either, just talk casually. And then, I’m not some famous magician. I can use magic, but my occupation is a warrior.”

“Really? Using such a mirror-”


Rubia stops talking midway.

The twenty-four sided Zohedron Trap separated from the mirror’s top and is revolving around my head.

It drifts around like always.


“Ah, I was surprised you again. Sorry.”


A little embarrassed, I grab the Zohedron Trap out of the air and place it in the small pouch on my belt.


“I-it’s okay.”

“Then, this mirror is your’s?”

“No. I heard that it was donated to the church in the past, but I don’t know the details.”



At any rate…it’s strange.

I’ve been using presence detection this whole time, but there is no magic essence nearby.

There were several reactions the other day, what’s going on?

I’ll try inquiring.


“…I see. Now, is there a Priest in this church?”

“There’s no one here other than me right now. …Priest-sama went with the other deacons to 【Forton Mountain】.”


Forton Mountain. A pilgrimage?

I think I understand, but is it normal to leave one person behind?


“Rubia, why are you here alone?”



Rubia’s face drops.

N? Is it hard to talk about?


“If you don’t want to then I won’t force you to talk about it. I want to look around this town, so I’m going to go outside.”


I say so and try to leave Rubia in the room.


“Ah, please wait. I’ll go too. I’ll show you around.”

“Well then, I’ll leave it to you.”


The church hasn’t changed since I scouted it last time.

I go up the stairs from the corridor, then appear on the platform next to the altar.

There is the chapel in the center and rows of benches.

Passing through the benches, I head to the exit while observing the religious art on display.


Outside there is still a corn-like plant growing.

Rollo jumps from my shoulder and runs into the field.


“Rollo, don’t eat anything in the feel, alright? Don’t destroy anything.”

“Nnn, nya.”

“Rollo-chan is energetic. However, it’s strange. That a person and cat appeared from a mirror…”


We take the dirt road and walk away from the church while talking.


“Haha, that’s true…by the way, this town is called Beltozam, right? Is it far from the capital?””

“On foot, it takes more than ten days. Mount Forton is closer.”


Assuming I walk four kilometers an hour on foot, the time you can walk is from seven in the morning to ten at night…generally, it should be three hundred kilometers to the holy capital.

If it’s by horse, I will probably arrive sooner.


“…I understand. Thank you. I keep asking questions, but is there an in here?”

“There is. If you keep going you come to a highway that leads away from the town, the inn is near there.”


It’s far away?


“That is really far away.”

“Is Shuya-sama from the city?”


She seems to be making a decision.


“You could say that…why?”

“It’s normal for a countryside inn to be on the town outskirts. When there is a highway inside a village, the amount of farmland and pastures decreases, it’s easy for fields near roads to be destroyed. Also, it makes it easier to defend against monster attacks and bandits.”


Heh, so that’s the reason. So that’s how this area is organized.

Near Fadyke and Hector, the cities had towns next to the highways.

Ah~, so that time, there was dangerous from bandits…


Ah, I may be misunderstanding, full towns and villages like Beltozam may exist is distant regions this way.


“…Sorry, I understand now, I’m used to the city.”

“Fufu, like I thought.”


Rubia smiles.

The hair hanging over her shoulders is cute.

Clear blue eyes and golden hair.

Her skin is tanned, and she looks a little childish, but she’s a beauty.

The combination of her golden hair and long ears makes her look like an elf.


However, she has no Elf Crest on her cheek.


And, her simple dress is covered with black stains and dirt.

It’s a waste with her beautiful face. She’s like Cinderella before meeting prince charming.


“…Rubia, what kind of life do you live at the church?”

“Eto, I’m Priest-sama’s maid. I have the Deacon battle Occupation, I’m good at recovery magic, so I’m able to heal injuries and illness. I also help do physical labor and subjugate monsters.”


She does a bit of everything.

Such a conversation continues.




A child runs out shouting.

N? The child is crying.


“Fay, what’s wrong?”

“Ah, is Priest-sama not here? But, but, you’re the magic girl, aren’t you? Ritt jumped the fence and hurt their head.”

“I understand. Let’s hurry. Shuya-sama, I need to handle this.”


Rubia speaks with a serious expression. After apologizing she runs off with the child.


I’m curious, so I follow her.


After running up the hill, we arrive at a place with tall fences with waist hire flowers that look like sun flowers.

There is a boy crouched on the ground.


“Ritt, are you okay? You’ll be fine once magic is used?”



The boy is bleeding from his head, but he looks conscious.

Rubia places her hand over the kid’s head and starts using magic.


“Grand Heal.”


Eh!? No chant? Rubia’s eye change from blue to red.

Furthermore, over her head a goddess carrying a staff shining with bloody light appears.

The goddess has three eyes, her face has an affectionate expression.


Rubia’s thin hand shines red, and the boy is wrapped in light.

The light covering the boy suddenly disappears.


I saw the figure of the goddess for a moment…I’ve seen her somewhere before.


“What, where am I?”


The boy stands up as if nothing had happened looking perfectly healthy.

The wound on his head has disappeared.


“Ritt no bakaaa.” (TL: I prefer the Japanese of this phrase.)


Fay smiles and clings to the boy Ritt, hitting his chest.


“Huh, Fay? Ah, Witch Rubia.”


Ritt looks at Rubia with a dubious expression.

She healed him, yet he’s looking at her that way?


“Ritt, you fell and hit your head, weren’t you injured? Fay came to get me.”


Rubia seems unbothered by the child’s hateful glare or being called a witch, she only looks at the healed child with a gentle expression.




Finally remembering, Ritt touches his head, seeing the wound has healed.


“Ritt. Mou, don’t climb the fence again.”


“You should thank Fay.”

“-Fay. Thanks. You saved me. Witch Rubia too, thanks.”

“I’m happy to have helped you. Magic girl, thank you.” (TL: Can also be translated as “Young Witch” but “Magic Girl” sounds kinder which I think is the purpose.)


Fay hugs Ritt.

Looking embarrassed, the boy stops talking.


“Fufu, now, you’ve thanked me enough, so return home.”


“See you later~ Magic girl~.”


The boy and girl run away happily.

I’m curious about this whole magical girl thing…


I look at Rubia’s face.

Why, what?


I don’t know why this woman is called a witch.

Rather than a witch, she should be called medium or shrine maiden…


Why a witch?

Since I can’t ask directly, I’ll ask about the goddess with the bloody staff that appeared when she used magic.


“Rubia is amazing. The one who appeared earlier looked like a goddess, is she related to your using no chant? An ability?”

“Ah, uh, hai. A goddess? I don’t understand, but is it good for a magic user to use no chant? I’m surprised. It’s natural to not need a chant when using recovery magic.”

“Heh, it’s an amazing ability. Despite that, why are you working as a deacon instead of a Priest?”



She’s struggling to look me in the eye.

I’m curious. I’ll try asking.


“I’m sorry if I offended you. I don’t know much about the church, so I assumed someone with such an outstanding ability would be a priest…”

“No. Being a Priest is unthinkable. I’m an unwanted child. I’m happy just being able to live in Beltozam’s Holy Church.”


Aside from that, what is this unwanted child…


“Unwanted child? What is an unwanted child?”


“N? What’s that reaction. The only thing I can see is an ordinary beautiful girl.”

“Su-such a thing. That’s the first time…You should have seen my eyes turn red earlier, and haven’t you seen my long ears?”


Even if her ears are a little long, compared to Quiche, they’re still shorter.


“Still. What’s wrong?”



N, she looks down and says nothing.

Her cheeks are dyed red. Such a cute reaction, I’m worried about her being called a witch and unwanted child.


This child lives in a place where persecution and slurs are common.


“Th-thank you…”

“Iya, this is nothing to thank me for…”


Ordinary words come out


“That’s not true. In my entire life, you’re the first person who has spoken to me like this.”


I’m curious, so I’ll try asking a little.


“Really? That’s horrible. But, why did the color of your eyes change? Why are your ears long and you’re called an unwanted child? Those kids were calling you a witch.”

“It’s true. I’ve been called a witch for as long as I can remember. I can use recovery magic without an incantation, so I’ve been treated as a heretic. My eyes changing color is probably proof of being descended for demonic beings. My long ears are evidence of the blood of elves, so I was abandoned and left to the church.”


What? (TL: Written in English) I unintentionally respond like a foreigner.

An unwanted heretic witch child since she was a child… Incredible discrimination, oi.

However, it’s not surprising for a world with slavery.

Rather, isn’t being left at a church better than being sold into slavery?


“…So your eyes and long ears are the reason you’re hated?”

“Hai. In this country, an ‘elf’ is someone with ‘demonic being blood.’ I’m a taboo existence in this country, the Holy Church keeps what of me and waits for Ilodis-kami to pass judgment. Then I may be sold as a slave or burned to death by the Holy Knights.”


Oi, oi, being burned to death, is this a witch hunt…

Like the Salem witch hunts or Jeanne d’Arc.


“Perhaps, is Rubia a half elf?”

“My mother and father appeared human. So I don’t think I’m mixed.”


A person? Is this atavism?

“Appeared”… Going by her phrasing, her actually parentage may be unknown.

Or, does she really have the blood of demonic beings?

Yui said she had the blood of demonic creatures, but she never said anything about this kind of discrimination.

Norah said there were people south of the Manheim mountains who believe in a multitude of gods, in Hesfurato it seems to be a social system.


“…Hou, this country treats elves and demonic beings the same way.”

“Eeh, Hai. A long time ago, the war with the 【Great Empire of Befarittsu】 occurred, the elves slaughtered their way through the humans living here… I don’t know anything more detailed.”


History repeats itself. Huh.


“Other countries are tolerant of elves, as someone who has traveled from far away, you’re surprised, right? I’ve heard of fights breaking out on the borders when elven adventurers try to enter without knowing. And, the elves are caught and turned into slaves. …It’s rare for someone to be left at a church like me.


Uhee, discrimination nation. (TL: I’m clever.)


“The Holy Country doesn’t seem very sophisticated…”

“Isn’t it horrible? However, the people in this church raised me kindly. They’re taken proper care of me.”


The church looked after her? Gentle? Even if she says such a thing, I can feel no kindness when I look at Rubia’s clothes…

I have begun to pity her.


“…That’s good.”


Pitying her, only shallow words comes out.


For example, since I have gold can’t I take her out of this country?

Among other things, taking her away might be irresponsible…



“Still, why were you left behind?”

“It can’t be helped. The pilgrimage was important for priest-sama. They left this place to me. They were going to be gone for a long time, so they asked me to house-sit the whole time.”

“What for? The whole time?”

“When the Priest-sama of a local Holy Church goes on a pilgrimage there have been cases where everyone abandons the area. I was told. So, I stayed here to protect…”


While Rubia has such a forlorn expression, Rollo finally return from running in the fields.


It’s different than the Christian church I know.

Normally the local community is a serious matter, the pastor works hard every day for the collective good of the members.


Maa, thinking with a modern image might be pointless.




While having such foolish thoughts, Rollo suddenly springs.

Using her feelers, she climbs the cloak to my right shoulder.

She is slowly master the use of her feelers.

Her landing surpassed that of a gymnast.

N, or should I say. She’s getting my new cloak dirty.


“…Rollo-san. Your paw pads are dirty.”


Saying so, I grab Rollo by the scruff and hold her away.

Like that, I lower her to the ground.


“I’ll wash you, so stay still over there.”



I remove a leather cloth from my bag and produce water with life magic.

I wipe each of her paw pads.

However, curious about flowing water, she begins swiping at the water playfully.


“So cuuute~, and funny too. Rollo-chan.”


After cleaning her up, I carry her back to my shoulder, where she climbs into the hood.


“I’m not normally like this, but this cloak is new.”


Anyway, it hasn’t even been an hour, but it’s already dirty.


“It’s beautiful. Is the embroidery on the chest Iliad-sama?”

“Oh, it is. You recognize it.”

“Hai. It’s unusual in this country, not many believe in gods other than the god of light.”


So, monotheism?

The fundamentals of Christianity, or the basic teachings of Islam?


“…Really? If I wear this overcoat, I’ll be persecuted?”

“No, no, it’s not like that…although, you might…”


So…it’s possible.

The Holy Country is scary…

So living here while denying god, using the heliocentric theory, it becomes like Galileo?


Still, it’s possible.

The church’s elf child, the only other options the witch girl has is slavery or being burned alive?

If I am discovered, because of my demonic being-like aspects the pope could dispatch holy knights to hunt me.

The pope’s forces should be a dangerous group…


I don’t like this country.


Well then, for now, I’ve figured out this place’s name, I should return.

I intend to go back to the Inn, but in the distance…



After hearing about the story of persecution, my motivation to keep exploring has disappeared.


“…Well then, for now, I’ll return to the church.”

“You don’t need to go to the inn?”

“Un, well, it’s okay.”

“Understood. Let’s return.”


And, we follow the dirt road back to the church.

However, several magic essences are surrounding the church.


Chapter 67: Crimson Line Coiling the Wind


The source of the magic essence is several dozen men wearing leather armor with metal rivets.

They each have a light expression and are standing around the church with a hand resting on their longswords.


What’s going on?

Judging by their armor and the way they carry themselves, they aren’t soldiers.


Then, we are noticed by the bearded middle-aged leader of the group.

While flaunting his sword around, he opens his mouth to speak.


“-Oh, you’re here. Those longs ears. It’s no mistake. There’s a man I don’t recognize too?”

“Good grief, they were outside. We were supposed to search inside the church.”


It seems there are more inside the church.

A large number of men come from the entrance.


“You guys, don’t damage it.”


A sulking man wearing a beret in the middle of the group issues instructions.


“This blond hair, long-eared child. Are you called Rubia?”


The beret wearing man seems to know of Rubia.

The dark blue beret of a cross emblazoned on it, indicating a militia or country.

The lines of his face a sharp, his eyes are big and his skin tanned.

He also has a big nose, his earlobes are enlarged like those of a Buddha statue.

The mustache is plastered with black ink, connecting it to his sideburns.


Only this beret man is wearing armor that gives off a sense of formality.

A thick black and white collar is gathered around his neck, his chest plate is marked with a slightly faded black and yellow crest.


A yellow cross stands out of the left side.


Judging by his atmosphere, this man is an officer?

His hat and armor are different from the other people. He’s the leader?


“Eh, you know my name? Who are you?”

“It’s our assignment. We’re employed by a slave trading company. For now, will you come here?”



Helpless, Rubia has an expression like a newborn faun.

Seeing a girl with such a face, I’ll help.




I look to the black cat, and Rollo jumps down from my shoulder.

Transforming into her other form, she runs behind the men.


I open my over coat and extends my arms encased in purple armor.

The magic spear burdock appears in my right hand.


The sudden appearance of the weapon in my right-hand causes a stir amongst the soldiers of the slave firm.


I look around with magic observing eyes.


The beret man’s face twitches a little.

Mana is accumulating in the hands and feet of this captain.

He can use a fighting moji-type skill.


I move in front of Rubia to protect her and take a step forward.


“…This child says she doesn’t want to. I won’t allow you to kidnap her.”

“What? You plan to fight this many people?”


I reply with an innocent expression.



“You understand? As you can see, we are 【Sand Falcon】 and received approval to 【Apprehend People】 by the slave system of the country.”


As evidence, he displays a parchment with a seal imprinted on it.

Apprehend People, Sand Falcon? I’ve never heard of that.


The desert country in involved?


I show an amused expression.


“…What about it?”


With a low tone, I stare at the beret man.


“Hou, such a fool… Still, you’re in this country. Since you’re protecting an elf in the 【Holy Church’s】 country, that makes you a heretic too. You’ll be fighting the 【Holy Country Hesfurato】 the 【Holy Church】 and 【Brimang Slaving Firm】…Are you okay with that?”


The beret man is casually threatening Rubia and me.

This system has been established thoroughly in this area.


“…I don’t care. As for the slave system, well, it doesn’t matter. Rather, I’d like a slave, a beautiful slave I can flirt with. …However, I’ve gotten to know this child. Now, I can’t abandon her.”



From being me, I hear Rubia’s gentle voice.


Just a minute, I’m hustling them.

My justice boner is throbbing. (TL: “My justice is throbbing” is the actual line, but this is better.)


“Ha, aren’t you a little green? Captain, such a conceited youngster, I’ll kill him quickly.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Captain, rather than capture him, shouldn’t we just hit him?”


The surrounding men are getting worked up.

Hearing this, I laugh lightly.


They’re eager.

For now, I’ll give them a warning.


“I’ll give you one warning. If a single person raises their hand, no matter their position, everyone will die. If you beat it, then everything will be finished.”


Thus, while giving my warning, I rest the magic halberd on my shoulder and begin to move the finger on my left hand.


The moment I begin moving.


“Koitsu, you a fuckin’ fool? Be-”


Oh, someone responded.

With a furious expression, he approaches, spit flying from his mouth.


“Taste this.”


Another reacts as well.

Drawing their long sword, they come running at me.


-They seem to be lacking in self-control.


Despite the captain’s grandiose title of 【Sand Hawk】 and 【Person Apprehending】, they’re nothing more than rubbish.


-This is an excellent opportunity to test out Burdock.


I change my grip and sweep the crimson ax blade sideways.

The moment the men are close enough- I thrust the magic spear forwards.


A line of coiling crimson wind.


The ax blade collides with the enemy.

A sizzling sound arises afterward.

The two people are immediately sliced in half, their internal organs dance through the air.


The smell of burnt flesh can be detected.

Zaga told me the “Crimson ax blade” produce fire attribute, but I didn’t expect this much.


Looking where their bodies were cut in two, there are burnt sections.


“-W, what…”

“Hiaa, just like that, two people…”

“He’s not an ordinary Spearman. Weren’t his movements strange?”

“…I, I couldn’t see his halberd move.”

“Oi, oi…”

“Captain Zenbi, this, this is bad…”


I ignore their small fry banter… I reassess the feeling of Burdock.


I spin the halberd around, checking its balance. I toss it between my hands to check its weight, again, I turn it from my left hand back to my right.


Finally, extending my right arm- firmly, I stop the movement of the halberd.


Extending my empty left hand, I take my stance.


“It’s quite sharp. Its balance feels good as well.”


I suddenly smile.

…However, I don’t face them.


The men in front of me, they couldn’t actually see the nature of the attack that killed the first two people.

Even once I stop spinning Burdock, they stand, petrified.


These guys, why are they standing around?

Are they stupid…




Hearing my words, Rollo move immediately.

She approaches from behind the stunned men, silent like an assassin, extended her feelers and piercing a soldier’s skull with a bone sword.


He dies simply.

Staying low, Rollo moves to her next target.


Aiming for the leg of a defenseless man, she swipes with her claws at the back of his knee, leaving his flesh hanging in strips.


“Ahhhg, guua-”


Continuing, she wraps a feeler around a leg of the injured man, pulling him to the ground.

Like that, she tears into his throat while releasing a feline roar.


At such a time, Rollo is running through the enemy group, keeping them disorganized.


“Shit, surround!”


A man launches a counter attack, aiming the tip of his long spear at Rollodinu, but she easily slips around the attack, actually moving close enough to attack him. Thus, with fangs barred she leaps.


Again, she goes for the throat, tearing out his windpipe.




The man drops his spear and collapses, clutching his neck.


Of course- I join the fight.


A slanting blow of the ax blade cuts into a man abdomen, then I spin around to the left.

Forcibly pulling on the Crimson halberd, it is ripped from the man stomach without slowing me down.


Then, to the right a man has drawn his sword, aiming for my neck.

I spin the magic spear in my right hand. The red ax blade moves, knocking away the man’s sword.


The man is bent backward, exposing his chest.


Back, I present the crimson sear point to his open chest.

The hole where the spear punctures his chest begins to sizzle and his leather armor bursts into flames.




The burning man screams and writhes in pain. His arms twists, trying to call out for help…

But no one can save him, once the flames grow he breathes his last breath and falls.


The other people didn’t burn like that, so it seems to be something that happens occasionally.

Seeing him be burned to death, the surrounding men stop moving.


They’re full of openings. Distracted people.

I lean forward, aiming for a nearby man. His head like a base ball, I smack him with the butt end. Delivering a home run, the blue magic dragon tone destroys his head, splattering brain matter.

The dense blood and brain matter whirls through the air and blood gushes out of his neck.


Blood lands on my face. So, I swallow the blood.

-Yummy. I taste the lukewarm blood.


The blue magic dragon stone is also dyed red.


The magic dragon stone is hard.

Its brutality is different than Zaga’s description as beautiful.


I have such a thought while displaying a blood stained smile.

The men who can see me become frightened.


Was the attack too powerful and scared everyone?


“Uaaaah, ba, bake-”



The 【Slave Takers】turn around and escape in every direction.


My face covered in blood I chase after the escaping men.


-I swing the magic halberd to remove the gore stuck to the blue magic dragon stone.


The butt end of the shaft catches the leg of an escaping man, tripping him.


A finishing blow.


Burdock is spun around and stabbed into his head.

Of course, it’s the blue magic dragon stone.


The fallen man’s head is pulverized.


“-Shit, don’t run away. It will make it easier to kill.”

“Ha, hai.”

“Don’t run away! It’s just one Spearman and an animal!”


Captain Zenbi seems to be in charge, he yells out commands to the company.

Somehow or other, the men preparing to run hold back.


However, it doesn’t matter.

This time, I change to spear’s aim.


“Normal” Spearman. With this spear, I’ll kill all of them-


I am not kind, I smile a wicked grin.

A man frightened eyes extends his spear.

-What is this, moisture, sluggish, slow, it’s too slow! The wooden practice dolls of the past were faster!!


While remembering the Goldiba’s “Dancing Prison,” I avoid the man’s spear thrust with a half toe-turn.


I enter the Spearman’s range while turning, give a cross counter, and deliver the crimson ax blade to the man’s shoulder.


The red ax blade sinks to the middle of the enemy Spearman’s chest.




The Spearman makes a strange sound that isn’t a scream.

Dark blood spouts from his chest.

The blood that touches the crimson blade evaporates, the smell of iron fills the air.


Such a thing- I pull out the crimson ax by kicking the cowardly Spearman’s chest.


And, I swing the magic halberd to secure this section of the battle field.


-A thrown knife appears.

-The timing is just right.


Turning so fast as to look like a purple blur- I spin burdock like the blades of an electric fan.

The thrown knives are repelled, bouncing away.


After repelling the knives, my partner is a soldier different than the one who threw the knives, actually throwing his longsword.


Is throwing away your weapon okay?

As a matter of course, I repel the long sword.


I ignore the man who threw the knives.

I turn to the man who threw away his long sword and kicks the ground with fighting moji enhanced legs.

With the explosive acceleration, he is instantly in range of my halberd.


I activate <Thrust> and the power spreads up from my legs through my arms.

The wind is dyed crimson and purple.

-The first time I’ve used a skill with Burdock.

The thrust easily pierces through the man’s leather armor, creating a circular red wound.




The man’s face twists in agony, his knees hit the ground, and his body convulses.

With his arms stretched out to either side, he stops moving.


At that moment, the famous scene from the Platoon movie is recalled.


However, with the next scene, the memory is completely dispersed.


The circular crimson wound in the immobile man’s chest becomes thick, blood burst out like a broken balloon and the wound catches fire.


The flames bloom like a lotus and the wound is in the shape of a crescent moon.

It’s because I added the “twist” to <Thrust>.

It seems to be because of the halberd’s spear head and ax blade.


There is the sound of collapsing.

I turn in the direction of the sound.


Just now, Rollo killed the man who threw knives at me.

He is writhing on the ground. He is trying to staunch the blood flowing from his neck.


With this, only the captain is left.




Rubia has become frightened.

It can’t be helped.




Captain Zenbi has become frightened, looking like a little girl.

Seeing he gruesome scene, it’s not hard to imagine why.


“Now then, Captain Zenbi, about your slave firm, will you tell me why you’re here for Rubia? I’ll decide what to do with you depending on how you answer.”


Captain Zenbi’s will to fight vanishes, his long swords leaves his hand and his face is full of worry.


【Sand Hawk】 is the name of a professional unit that catches slaves for 【Brimang Slave Firm】.


It would seem Brimang Slave Firm is one of the few trading companies with permission from 【Holy Country Hesfurato】 to hunt down slaves.


Creating slaves, the country allows those with a “slave hunting license” to capture those with demonic or elven blood.


Not only 【Holy Country Hesfurato】, they also cross the border into the southern desert of 【Amefu Founder Country】 and kidnap those with elven blood in the oasis cities, turning them into slaves.

However, as 【Amefu Founder Country】 doesn’t often allow it, this rarely happens in the open.


He tells me all this boastfully.

I try asking about Rubia.


“How did you know Rubia was here?”

“From the Priest. Also, this town 【Beltozam】. The Priest told us about it all.”


Hearing what he said, Rubia shows an expression of disbelief.


“You lie, Donnet-sama, Priest-sama would never do such a thing.”


Upon seeing Rubia’s expression, Zenbi makes a twisted face.


“Iya, you know this person? The man who introduced himself as Donnet had blue eyes, he was wearing the green vestments only priests of the Holy Church are permitted to wear.”

“Th, that…”


Zenbi’s words corner Rubia further.


“Priest Donnet-sama said, he had been in contact with the Pope of the Holy Church, that he had obtained permission from one of the Cardinals. He was complaining about getting rid of the person with elf blood he’d been protecting.”



Rubia looks like she will start crying.


“I was directly asked by the Priest. While he was away at Mount. Forton, take care of Rubia, the fair-haired girl with elven ears. He paid in gold, so I remember it well.”



The shock is too much, she breaks down in tears.


“Do you have something against the Priest? Ma, I didn’t know about it…”

“…I don’t understand. Priest Donnet, I’ve been his maid for more than eight years…”


More than eight years, did something happen in that time?

How old is Rubia…


“For that reason, we came here to capture this woman. -With this, I’ve said everything I know.”

“I see. Understood.”


Well then, time to resume experimentation.

I ready Burdock.

Instead of the sharp end, I point to blue magic dragon stone.


I try using the magic dragon stone.


“Ma, wait a moment…will you help me?”


Arguing about it is no use. …Should I take care of Rubia first?


“Rubia, go somewhere else. You don’t need to see this.”

“Ha, hai.”


She wipes away her tears with a dirty cuff and takes a distance.


“-Then, I told you everything, wait, even if you kill me, someone else will come next.”


I ignore him and pour mana into the magic spear.

As I originally stated- No mercy.

That moment- the magic dragon stone begins to shine, a pillar of ice is forcefully shot.


Zenbia is unable to react.

Or should I say, neither could I.


The icicle extends, piercing through Zenbi’s brows.

His head is torn off and pinned to the church’s wall.


Moreover, the icicle pierces through the wall.

Blood gushes from Zenbi’s severed neck.

The body collapses powerlessly.


“Amazing, it’s an ice magic wand.”


I extended too fast, did I use too much mana?

The shaft of ice is still attached to the magic spear.

When I break it off from the spear it melts away.


Cold air lingers behind.


I was able to experiment a few times.

It seems I can adjust this ice shaft with mana.

I put in too much earlier.




Rubia falls back with a scream.

I want to experiment with the magic spear more, but I put it away and approach Rubia to wake her up.


“…Are you okay? I scared you.”



Her hands are trembling and she looks at me like I’m a monster.

It’s understandable. Seeing such a cruel act, I understand why she is treating me this way.

However, such a thing doesn’t matter right now.


“Rubia, what will you do now? As of now, it’s only a matter of time before the other people in town find out about this.”

“I, I…”


She falls silent.

Being betrayed by the priest and her fear, she’s confused and can’t settle on anything.


This child is already being chased.

I would like to help…

I think she can escape through the gate.

However, I’ve never taken someone else through the gate.

I don’t know if it’ll work, but I can try.


“Rubia. Would you like to leave here?”

“From here… leave?”

“Yeah. However, it might not work.”

“Leaving… not work?”

“Yeah. Using my magic.”

“…Hai. Please. If I stay here, I’ll certainly become a slave, so I want to leave immediately.


…Her frightened expression is gone, and she is staring at me.

In that case, it’s time to leave.


Chapter 68: In One’s Mind Exists a Small Church


“Got it. Then, how old is Rubia?”



Thirteen years old, she’s young, but it should be fine. (TL: What should be fine, Shuya? What are you thinking?)

I don’t know when people are considered adults in this world, but I can judge the age of a single person.


“I see. I feel bad. However, things might be difficult in the future? Do you still want to go?”

“Hai. It’s fine. I understand.”


She said it’s fine, but I’ll support her for a little.


“…Alright. I’ll take care of the bodies first. Will people be gathering at the church first?”

“No, they should know the Priest isn’t here, it’s only in cases where someone is hurt, like the children earlier.”

“I see, then, I don’t need to rush. I’ll dispose of the bodies. Rubia, go get your things together and wait in the church.”



Then, I take care of the bodies.


Rollo helps, so I quickly carry the corpses into the field.

After burying the bodies in a hole, I return to the location of the battle and clean up the blood and gore with water from life magic.


The smell is still here, but it’s mostly clean now.

Ma, this should be enough.


“Rollo, let’s return.”

“N, nya.”


Rollo perches on my shoulder, and we return to the church.


“Rubia, I’m done.”


When I return, Rubia is praying to the cross in front of the altar.


“God is heaven, all the world is in your heart…”


Oh? Anne of Green Gables?

A coincidence perhaps…

But, even under these conditions, this child is praying.


“…Do you have all your things?”

“Hai, I only have two sets of clothes.”


In Rubia’s hand is a sleeveless underclothes like dust cloth.


“Just that?”



Seriously? What kind of frugal life has she been living…

Her life is going to change after this, one more time, I reconfirm her feelings.


“Rubia, if you leave you may not be able to go to church anymore?”

“It’s fine. Since I was born there was a small church in my heart, it follows me and helps guide my path.”


Rubia laughs. It feels like there’s a halo around her.

Her smile cleanses my heart.


Lead by the small church in her heart… Her faith is deep.

Isn’t this child able to become a priest?

I’m a little impressed.


…Well, such a thing is inconsequential.

I activate the gate.


“…I understand. I’m going to activate the gate, so wait a minute.”

“Oh, hai.”


I remove the twenty-sided sphere from my pocket and trace the first symbol.


The gate activates.




Rubia looks more impressed than surprised.


“Rubia, give me your hand.”

“Ah, hai.”


I hold her delicate hand.

The calluses on her palm tell me how hard she’s worked.

However, they’re so small it seems they’ll break at any moment.


“Let’s enter.”


Rubia looks at me, eyes full of determination, and nods.

I nod back and take her through the gate.

I’m able to safely pass through with Rubia.

We arrive in 【Hector】 at the same time.


…Fuu. The gate worked.

I manage to return to this small room.


I was a little worried, but we can still pass through. Ma, I’ve also move will Rollo, so I figured it would work if we touched.


“Nn, Nya.”


As always, Rollo jumps to the hard bed.


“Rubia, this is 【Fort City Hector】. It’s south of where you’re from. Past the desert and Manheim mountain range, this is the southern country of 【Osberia Kingdom】.

“…Ha, hai. Here?”


She’s turning her head restlessly, looking at the small room.


“It’s a small it…sorry.”


If I think about it, Rubia lived in a smaller room…


“Ah, that’s not what I mean. Sorry. This is 【Osberia Kingdom】… I only know it’s the name of a distant country. -Ah, this mirror is the same.”

“That’s right.”


The Zohedron Trap floats around my head again.

I catch it and put it in my chest pocket.


“There a church here, but even with your eyes turning red and your long elven ears, you won’t be discriminated against. I don’t know much about the area, but you can probably like freely.”

“Is that so…Shuya-sama. Thank you. It’s all thanks to you. To be capable of using such transfer magic…”


It is helpful…

I’d like her to not talk about it.


Ah, don’t tell anyone about it. Let’s keep it a secret?”

“Hai. I understand. I won’t tell anyone. It’s a secret.”

“And then, I’ll give you money, you can spend it how you want.”


Saying that, I take out two magic bags and several gold coins.


“Eh, this, these gold coins… I can’t take this much money.”

“It’s fine, I’m rich.”



Rollo calls out and lifts one foot, slapping the bed.


“Rollo also approves. Receive it obediently.”

“…Hai. However, only, this…”

“Haha, maybe. It’s different? Rollodinu has such a cute face, but she understands our conversations.”

“Nn, Nya.”

“Really? What a beautiful Kitty-chan.”

“Aah, she’s my pride.”



One by one, Rollo replies.


“Fufu, but, Shuya-sama…”


After Rubia laughs, she suddenly looks down.



“Why, why are you helping a woman like me?”



Ma, I’ll be honest.


“I’d be happy if you grew into a beautiful woman in the future. If I’m a dirty man don’t help, there’s also the possibility of neglect.”

“…Is that so. In that case, please use this poor body freely.”


Saying that, Rubia’s face turns red and she begins to remove her dirty clothes.

-Uhya, who taught this woman?

Even as a joke, she grew up in a church…


“Wait- you misunderstood. Surely, Rubia is beautiful, I’m also interested in nudity. Rather, there’s a tent. However, it’s mostly because I wanted to help.”


Rubia has a confused look on her face.


“Eh? Tent?”


Ugu, I said something indecent… (TL: The word is モッコス, I think the author is referring to the bulge a boner makes in your pants.)

By no means, is it an evil god? A tent won’t form.

I repeat this chant in my heart.


“Ah, iya, that is, ah~ it’s fine. So, please get dressed. Good?”

“Ah, hai. Is it really okay? I heard that men in post town would be happy if you do this…besides, this is all I can offer…”


So? It seems the drunkards in the post town said some unnecessary things.


“It’s fine. I won’t ask too many questions. And then, not to mention talking about killing, a girl should value her body more. Men are savages. Shouldn’t you be more cautious? You should only act that way towards a person you like. Rubia should save herself for the future…” (TL: Heh, Shuya won’t fuck underage girls, that’s good to know. Also, turning down a thirteen-year-old girl makes him sound like the dense protagonist of a harem anime…”


I try to explain with words soaked in embarrassment.

I expressed my feelings, but by the end, my face is flushed red, and I have to turn away.


“Fufu, Shuya-sama is surely from Illodis-kami, I was sent a child of the light.”


Rubia’s face blooms with a heavenly smile.

She turns to me in a pose of prayer.


Worshipping like that, it’s not right…


“You don’t need to do that, please stop worshipping me. Yosh, next we’ll go shopping, then I’ll give you a tour of 【Hector】.”

“Hai, I understand. Thank you.”

“Got it. Let’s go.”


I accompany Rubia out of the cheap inn.

We walk down the main street, and I introduce her to the side streets with the food shops.

Next, I show her around the big market.


“Today is the special day of your arrival in 【Hector】. It’s my treat.”



I buy kabobs from a street stall for Rubia.


I hastily stuff the tasty-looking meat in my mouth.

I also buy the mysterious soup filled with vegetables and some sweet fruits.


“This city is enormous. This place is flooded with the people living here…this is the first time I’ve eaten such tasty food.”

“Is that so. Good.”



Her smile is cute. She should adapt well to the city life.


“Well then, I’ll show you place anything can be bought. You’ll be safe there even if I leave you.”

“Eh, Shuya-sama? You’re going to leave already?”

“Iya, not just yet. There’s a shop in this direction.”


I understand Rubia’s worried expression.

However, I harden my heart and ignore them. I grip Rubia’s hand and guide her to Babon’s store.


“You can get anything here. You should find necessary items.”



On Rubia’s back is the sword, shield, leather armor, brushes, hardware, clothing, belts, and simple food all bundled together.


“Rubia, you bought a lot of different things…”


Wait, does she plan on becoming an adventurer?

I should ask…


“Hai, this should be the bare minimum I need to prepare…”

“I see. Is it too heavy?”

“It’s fine. I did a lot of work in the church.”

“I see, then it’s fine. Then, I’ll keep guiding you. I think you should stay in this city…”


“This way. Let’s go.”


I guide her to the dwarf brothers’ shop.

The only acquaintances I have a good relationship with are these two, I can only ask Zaga about Rubia.


-N, again, there’s a presence following me.


Ma, they’re keeping their distance and showing no sign of attacking.

Rubia is here this time though…Honestly, I don’t want them to attack.


I hurry to the Dwarf store.


When Rubia and I come to the shop, Bonn runs out to welcome us.

And, Rollo runs up like usual.

The carriage is still in front of the shop, so there is still some time before you move.



“Nyaa, nya.”


Haha, they’re still at it.

The shared space between Rollo and Bonn.


Rubia stares curiously.


“Bon, I have business with Zaga. I’m going to the store.”


“Rubia, come with me.”



Saying so, Rubia accompanies me into the shop.


“Oh? If it isn’t Shuya? What is it? Equipment maintenance? It’s too soon for that…”

“Yo, Zaga. I’m not here to talk about weapons or armor today. It’s sudden, but this child, I would like you to take care of Rubia.”


I can trust Zaga and Bonn.

In reality, there will be trouble if I try to take care of someone. That’s what I think.

However, it’s dangerous with me, and I still have my objective.


I’m reluctant, but it’s the right thing to do.


I’m irresponsible.

I’m an irresponsible guy escaping from his responsibilities after saving a girl’s life.


“…Nou, wha, what?”



Rubia suddenly looks at me concerned.


Uh, sorry…


…Rubia, this Dwarf is Zaga. The one outside is Zaga’s younger brother Bonn. These brothers are blacksmiths. Their skills are top-class.

“Oi, oi, what is this all of a sudden. Shuya. Introduce this child to me?”

“Ah, I’ll be relying on you. I won’t ask you to make her a full-fledged smith. I’ll also leave gold with her. Only, trouble will surely follow me in life…”


I lower my head and ask for help.

Zaga looks at Rubia. He seems to be thinking.


“Uh, Shuya-sama. I’m alright.”

“However, is it fine to leave this to an acquaintance?”

“Hai. So…”

Hai, you’re called Rubia? I’m Zaga. The one outside is my younger brother, Bonn. We’ll be looking after one another from now on.”


Oh, Zaga accepted it easily.


“You’re accepting?”

“Of course. I can’t refuse Shuya’s request. The other day, I gained a lot. Besides, I feel like our relationship is important. Bonn also has his connection with the black cat, I also have a hunch that we Dwarf brothers will be doing a lot of business soon.”

“Is it really okay?”


Rubia’s expression is different than Zaga’s stern one, she seems surprised.


“Ah, we’re still planning on moving to 【Labyrinth City Pernette】. If it’s fine, I’ll still take care of her.”

Yes, it’s fine. Thank you in advance.”


With an excited expression, Rubia thanks Zaga.

Then, Bonn and Rollo and to the shop.



“N, Nya.”

“Bonn, we’re going to be living with this girl, Rubia. Say hello.”

“Encha? Enchant.”


Bonn looks at Rubia and smiles warmly.

Eyes sparkling, he walks up to Rubia and greets her with a thumbs up.


“-Um, please treat me well. Bonn-san, Zaga-san.”


“Of course.”


Zaga explains about Bonn.


“Then, Rubia. I’m mostly a blacksmith, but I’m also a bit of a merchant. What can you do? Do you have any unique abilities, is there something you want to do?”

“Hai. I’m confident in my recovery magic. And then…I also want to become an adventurer.”


Rubia turns around in the middle and stares at me while she finishes.


Like me…

That recovery magic should be useful in a party. It may be a good choice.


In that case, should I give her a parting present?


“Hou, an adventurer. 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 is the best place for that. There are a lot of people and adventurers there. Everyone from rookies to veterans. You should be able to manage. We’ll do as much as we can to support you, right Bonn?”



Good. It’ll be fine.

I’ll give this Rubia.


I open my item box and remove the long sword made from the ancient dragon fang.


“Rubia, if you’re going to work hard as an adventurer, this sword should come in handy.”

“Ou? That is…”


Seeing the ancient dragon long sword, Zaga is surprised.

I look at Zaga and nod.


“Thank you. However, is it okay?”

“Ah, work hard. Well then, I’ll take my leave now. If fate allows, we may meet again in the future.”

“…Hai. Shuya-sama. Thank you, truly. …Someday, I hope to meet you again.”


After bowing deeply, Rubia raises her head and stares at me fiercely.

Her eyes are begging me not to leave.


She’s hot-blooded.


“…Ah, again. I’ll meet Zaga and Bonn too.”





Rollo and I depart from the Dwarf brother’s shop, leaving Rubia behind.


One day, I’ll go to 【Labyrinth City Pernette】, and we’ll meet again.






Now then, should I go see Popobumu once again.

If I go to Holkerbam, I’ll need my ride.


I go to the stable next to the guild.

The magic essence is still following me.


I ignore it and walking towards the stable.


Oh, I found Popobumu.


Rollo promptly jumps onto the back of Popobumu’s head.

She curls up on top of his head.



“Yo, Popobumu. It’s been a while.”



Hahaha, he seems fine.

He’s breathing excitedly. I pat his armored skin.


I’ll get on.




It’s been so long that I get on without a saddle.

My muscle memory instantly orients my body

Thump, thump, a pleasant feeling.


“Ah, mister. Did you bring that magic beast here?”


A stable hand who likes Popobumu spoke up.


“That’s right. He’s been under your care until now.”

“No, no, he’s energetic…I’ll be lonely, but you’ll take him out to move now?”



Popobumu replies to the stable hand. (TL: I want a chapter of Popobumu’s adventurers in the stable. My headcanon is that he uncovered corruption and brought the perpetrators to justice.)


Haha, Popobumu likes the stable hand too.

I ride Popobumu back to the inn.


Now then, for a little while, I’ll seal off the other side of the gate.

Probably until I arrive in 【Holkerbam】.

I tap the storage icon in item box and place the Paredes Mirror inside.


Then, I leave the room before checking out of the inn.

I receive a tangerine-like fruit from the surly innkeeper.


The fruit is called saika.

Like the inn’s name.


Rollo narrows her crimson eyes when she sees the Saika then ignores it.

I put the fruit in a pocket of my chest belt then mount Popobumu.


Ah, before I go to 【Holkerbam】, I should return to the guild.

If there’s a request regarding Holkerbam, I can kill two birds with one stone.


I’ll decide after looking at the requests.


I return Popobumu to the stable next to the guild.

The stable hand makes a strange face, but I don’t mind it and enter the guild with Rollo.


I check the request board.


Requests for Holkerbam…

Most of them are as caravan guards. Just C and D rank requests.


Client: Luxor Commercial Firm

Request Contents: C Rank, Caravan Guard to Magic Steel City Holkerbam

Time Period: Last Day. The caravan is leaving this afternoon.

Subjugation Target: N/A

Habitat: N/A

Remuneration: One Gold Coin.

Subjugation Evidence: N/A

Additional Information: Transportation will be over land, so be on the lookout for thieves and monsters. Departing from New Town’s north entrance near the harbor. Look for a green flag with the crest of a horse and sword.

Note: Three wagons and two covered carriages. Each can fit six people. There is no extra room. However, horse and magic beast mounts are required. There are various products like food and gold works, so you will be required to protect them from thieves. Furthermore, this paper will be removed in several hours.


This is the highest ranking request going to Holkerbam.

The remuneration is small, but shall I take this one? Getting such a reward from a C rank request…Although, it will contribute to my number of achievements.


I’ve decided.

I take the wooden tally to the reception desk.


The healing big-breasted receptionist-san isn’t here, so I hand my guild card and wooden tally to another beautiful receptionist.


The request is accepted immediately, the back of the guild.


I board Popobumu and check my guild card.

The number of completed requests in ten. It keeps increasing.


Now then, I’ll soon say goodbye to 【Fort City Hector】.

In the end, I never hear breast receptionist-san’s name.


Ah, I wanted to bury my face in those breasts…




Chapter 69: Mysteries, Exceptionally Beautiful Adventurer


I receive a caravan guard request headings towards 【Magic Steel City Holkerbam】, but I have yet to arrive at the meeting place.


I’m leaving the city, so I need to prepare to travel.

There are still the hotpot meals, but I’ll start with food.


I leave the overcoat’s front open while ridding Popobumu, leaving my purple armor exposed.

On top of Popobumu’s head, Rollo extends her feelers to cover his eyes, playing a trick.


“Rollo, that’s dangerous, stop.”

“Nn, nya.”


Rollo retracts her feelers then angrily bends over backward, looking at me upside down.

It looks like she’s going to lay on her back…even if she looks at me with those cute eyes I won’t be scared.


After a while, we arrive at the market. Every race is mixed together here.

I get down from Popobumu and guide him with the reins while searching street stalls.

Thereupon, not a street stall, but something like a flea market with a big carpet spreads out in front of me.

I’m a little curious, so I approach.

In addition to the thick carpet, there are also plenty of flat porcelain pots.

Oi, these are all small.

A tiger beastman wearing a turban is sitting cross-legged on the carpet.


The aura around this beastman makes me feel like he’ll remove a flute and have a snake dance out of a pot.


“Welcome, these bottles are made of fujiku-”

“They’re little, I see.”

“Ou, we can’t compete will the selection of the Gaumonku Firm, but even though what I carry looks this way, people will still buy.”


Without playing the flute, the tiger beastman shopkeeper energetically recommends his wares.


I can make water, is this porcelain container helpful? If the price is reasonable, I may buy it.


I purchase all the shallow jars.

I stack them together and place them in the item box.


“Thank you, I’m from the Fujiku Union, (TL: Something about showing one’s face in public) Purple Knight-san, thank you.”


Tears gather in the corner of the tiger beastman merchant’s eyes, but a smile stretches across his whole face.


“No, no, well then.”


I depart with a smile on my own face.

Next is there.

The street stall I’ve liked recently catches my eye.

A simple store with curtains.

However, it’s a nameless shop that serves delicious hot pots in secret.


I order multiple meals and replenish my stock.


What shall I buy next?

After all, I should get bread.


There are various foods lined up to be sold in bakeries.

This bakes has a few types of bread lined up on his shelves. There are hard rye brown breads lined up. There’s also a round brown bread, but all of them look similar and hard.


It will be hard even if I slice it, but I may be able to use it for a sandwich, so I buy some.

Then, I find some seasonings, cheese, a ham-like meat, and Lunga meat. I can use them in dishes sometimes.


I also need vegetables and mushrooms.

Moving to the next shop, I buy lettuce, a vegetable similar to paprika, and put it all in one bag with the meat. Then, I store the big bag in my item box.


This much food should be enough.


I check the small items I placed in my chest belt pockets.

Magic bottle, a magic bag with pocket change, everyday leather clothes, hide cloth, various potions in a small strong box. A wooden toothbrush is also in one of my pockets.

These items are some of the things I bought.


At any rate…this earthen magic bottle is great.

Kuna’s notes said it was made from an ore only produced in the labyrinth city.

It’s perfect for preserving water and blood, so it’s something I’ll need when traveling.

I open then close the magic bottle before storing it.

Ah, I need to get soap, I’ve already used up my Gyuza Grass.

Soap is a luxury item.

Babon didn’t have any for sale, there seems to be a shop that sells soap… I might have to go to the noble district to find some.


I mount Popobumu and leave the market, heading to the noble district.

After a short time, the appearance of the people walking along the street becomes improved.

They are probably nobles and merchants.

Popobumu’s weight causes his feet to create a scaled mosaic where he steps.

The ground is white too, so it gives off a high-class air.


The number of shops along the street increase as well.

There is a signboard with cheerful decorations on it.


【Shuhareru General Goods】


“Shuhareru works with thirty high-class craftsmen. Quality is guaranteed.”


【Kira Joselie Fortune Teller. Guidance from Ashura-kami, God of Destiny】


“Madame Kazane won’t lose. Cheapest fee south of Manheim.”


【Jill’s Magic Gold Shop】


“Rings for those who travel the world.”

“First Place in Osberia Kingdom’s 589th Art Competition, Nominate Accessories on Display.”


This is the equivalent of Ginza in Japan or Paris’ Eight Avenue. What’s it called?

Among the high-end shops, I stop Popobumu in front of Shahareru’s General Goods shop where many customers are coming and going from.

I don’t need to find parking on the street.

I get down from Popobumu and approach the shop on the pretty tiled ground. Pushing open the door with a glass window, I enter the store.


A pleasant smell comes over me. The inside of the store is overflowing with smells.

The aromas give this shop a sense of cleanliness.


I begin searching right away.

The items being sold in the General Goods shop is an assortment of clothes, cloth, and small articles.

Oh, there’s also a pocket-size brush that looks high-class.

I’ll buy this for Rollo.

I pick a brush up.


I look at the other shelves.

Heh, there’s a wide variety.

Metal hair clips, a medicinal ointment for skin, etchi shaped sticks, small whips, back scratchers, leather straps, incenses and fragrant flowers, there are even incense pots for sale.


It smells nice.

Rollo seems to be interested in the smell. Her nose twitches as she sniffs.


“Rollo, behave yourself, ah, I’ll buy this too.”



Her only reply is a purr.

It seems like she’s saying 『Nyunderstood』


I grab a back scratcher with a leather wrist strap and continue my search for soap.


Soap, soap, aha!

In the area soap is being sold, there are a noble woman and a maid browsing.


It seems noble women buy soap as well.

This one is assessing its quality.


The woman has a purse dangling from her chest.

The woman picks up one of the soaps and hands it to her maid.


That purse around her neck looks like Borsa from the middle ages.

I’m not sure what it’s called here- while having such thoughts, I pick up a bar of soap.


The only kinds of soap here are enormous ones the size of tofu.

The only colors are green and white.

I might as well buy a lot of it.


I pick up a crate containing ten bars.


“Welcome. -Ma, you’re buying this much. Thank you. Wooden stick, leather strap, five large copper coins, the brush is one silver coin, the soap comes to ten silver coins.”


The stick and leather strap is five large copper coins, the brush is one silver.


Well, the wood grain of the stick looks good, and there are silver fittings, it’s also really smooth. It’s high quality.

I can see the effort the craftsman put into this.

However, the brush and soap are each a silver coin.

Isn’t it more expensive than one night in a luxury inn?


“Silver coin?”


The words slip out accidentally.

I remove the silver coins from the item box.


“Hai, certainly. Then, I’ll give you a service, three leather clothes from the country of Samaria called ‘Mermaid Leather.’”


Uh, service is good, but mermaid? Skin?



“Hai. It’s the skin of a monster that is only found on the shores of Samaria.”


Oh, good. It’s a monster. Is it some kind of rhinoceros or alligator?

I recall hearing that those in Samaria eat mermaids, for a moment, I wonder if the owner of this mermaid skin was beautiful.


“Will you take this?”

“Ah, un. This is fine-”


Saying that I place the box with the cloth and soaps in my item box.

I put the brush in one of my chest pockets.


When the saleswoman sees me use my item box, her eyes brighten, and her mouth drops open in surprise.

This young sales clerk, her hand moves to cover her open mouth. Her conduct is refined. The way she moves has a sense of elegance.


“Well then.”


I leave the high-class shop and mount Popobumu.


Next, then. From the box…I remove the evil dragon king’s blue eye.

The surface of the gem is smooth and comfortable.


I place it in a pocket of the belt strapped across my chest.

Once I have time, I’d like to test out what kind of magic this eye can use.

Its power should be lower than the ice magic from the dragon magic stone on the magic spear…


After I check my belongings, I urge Popobumu forward.


I cross the drawbridge entrance of Hector.

Then, I pass through the poor district of New Town on my way to the harbor.


I’m a little worried as I do.

The presence is still following behind me.


For the time being, I continue forward while shoulder the magic spear, being wary of my back.

The magic essence behind me moves expertly, neither too close or too far behind.

The person who has been tailing me recently is the same person…they’re skilled.

However, if they’re willing to follow me even once I’ve left the city… how convenient.

If the foot traffic dies down, I’ll be able to get a look at them…


I’m worried about the person following me, but I end up reaching the port without incident.

The view isn’t much different than my first time here.

Goods are being loaded onto boats with pulleys, a large gangway is lowered to the shore, people are coming down into Hector.


If the ship is being used to that extent, it is probably a large scale maritime trading company.


Now then, rather than the ship, I’m looking for a group of wagons.

On the request notice, I was told to look for a flag with the “Crest of a horse and sword on a green and black flag.”


-There are flags of various trading firms flapping in the wind.


A yellow tiger symbol, a red and white spade flag, a white flag with slanting green lines, a green turtle insignia, an ivory star, a maiden symbol bordered in crimson…


I can also see the figure of adventurers mingling with the trading caravans.


Oh, there it is.


Two covered wagons and three regular carts.

There is a green and black flag with a horse and sword standing on one of them.


Many adventurers are standing around it.

Only ten-ish people are here.


Goods are being loaded onto the wagons one after another.

It seems there precious metals, fruits, and vegetables. Items made from gold and silver reflect the sunlight. Valuable looking minerals are being loaded too.


Minerals, gold, vegetables, fruit. Their cargo is all over the place…

There are also wooden barrels being carried into the covered wagons.


I slowly approach on Popobumu while investigating, then stand where the adventurers are gathering for several minutes.


Before long, the presence that was following me has disappeared.


Instead, adventurers wearing black overcoats and dark brown hoods are appearing, seeming to be here for the same request.

I’m a little suspicious…But they join the group of adventurers waiting, perhaps they’re typical adventurers.


Once the adventurers are gathered, a merchant wearing a turban appears from the covered wagons.

Once the merchant checks over the adventurers, he gets down from his wagon and opens his mouth.


“…I am Tajiki of the Luxor Trading Firm. I am in charge of this caravan. All you adventurers should have received the request. Please work as our body guards. As for who will be leading and other things, please decide that amongst yourselves. We’ll follow your directions, so-”


His name is Tajiki. His manner of speech gives me a good impression of him.

His large brown turban is worn naturally.

It makes it easy for him to move.

Ma, we’ll be traveling, so they are probably focused on wearing clothes that are easy to move in.

On that big turban of his looks expensive, it appears to be packed with something.

A brooch covered with jewels in displayed.

Maybe, that turban is full of candy…


While I’m having strange delusions, Taijiki returns to the carriage and says something to the coachman.


Then, several people appear in front of the waiting adventurers.

Gesturing with his hands, a person with a loud voice speaks.


“-I’m the leader of the C rank adventurer clan 【Twilight Road】, Kens Ritomanen. We have eight other members.”


Kens-san is wearing chain mail under soft leather armor. He’s taller than me and has a feather sticking out of his hat.


There is a long sword sheathed at his waist and a circular shield on his arm.

Orthodox equipment.


The representative of different adventurers steps forward then.


“I’m from the D rank adventurer clan 【Fadyke’s Fang】. We have five members. My name is Rize Dozetti.”


The man who calls himself Rize has a spear.

The blue leather armor he is wearing looks easy to move in.


“…I’m the B ranked adventurer, Fran, I’m participating solo.”


The adventurer who called themselves Fran.

While speaking, they remove the hood attached to their black cloak, exposing their face.

The people begin to chatter noisily.

It seems to be unusual for a high ranking solo adventurer to be a woman.


A woman. Aside from that, what is…that…

Something strange is happening around Fran’s shoulder.


It’s the body of a semi-transparent hawk?

Rather than transparent, it gives off a slight fluorescent color.


N, iya, it’s fluorescent when I use magic observing eyes, but without them it’s invisible. There are moments when light refracts, showing something is there, but if I’m not paying attention, I miss it.


…Is it some kind of magic beast Familiar?


“…I’m the leader of the C rank clan 【Fist of God】, Gomez Delon. There are four members including me.”


While I was staring at the strange creature, the next adventurer identified themselves.

Gomez Delon.

His entire body is round, his neck thick with muscles.

He is wearing metal vambraces on his thick hands, each one has three sharpened metal shafts on the knuckles.


Are those pile bunkers? Only for use in close combat.

They’re cool. They aren’t covered with soot or the smell of dead flesh.


These people including Gomez are the only few who can use Fighting Moji, although none of them can use observing eyes.

No one else notices the invisible hawk of Fran’s shoulder.


“C ranked adventurer…Thomas Guraser. Solo adventurer.”


The one who identifies himself as Thomas has his face covered by a dark brown hood, his equipment can’t be seen.


“C rank, solo, Rocha.”


They’re wearing the same dark brown mantle.

Their face is also covered by their hood.


All the members identify themselves, aside from me.

This is a C rank request, so we don’t need to give our rank, but it seems everyone is doing it.


I take a step forward and briefly introduce myself.


C rank adventurer, Shuya Kagari.”


After I speak, Kens-san of 【Twilight’s Road】 begins to speak again while making sweeping gestures.


“…Everyone has introduced themselves, right? Well then, the leader should be the highest rank, Fran-”

“Iya, I’m a solo participant. It will be better if I follow. I’ll obey instructions.”


Lifting an arm to stop Kens-san, the woman with the strange creature on her shoulder named Fran interrupts.


Her hair is red, almost crimson. Her eyes are brown.

Her cheeks are spotted with freckles.

I can’t see what equipment she has become of the cloak, but I can two sword hilt on her back.


Mysterious, who is this adventurer?


She is wearing a belt similar to mine.

It is likely attached to the swords on her back.

The mana circulation of her fighting moji is also smooth. The B ranking isn’t for show.

The invisible hawk on her shoulder sits still.


“Understood. Then, I’d like to choose one of the higher C ranks, any opinions?”


No one says anything.


“I’ll take your silence as acceptance. Then, as the leader of 【Twilight’s Road】, I would like to take charge of the guard request. -Is everyone okay with that?”


It’s admirable for him to take on the role.

His name, Ritomanen, feels like the name of an old soccer player.


“Rize of 【Fadyke’s Fang】. No objections.”

“Thomas, solo. It’s fine.”

“Fran declined already. Of course, I approve.”

“Gomez from 【Fist of God】. I don’t mind either.”

“Rocha. I’m a solo participant, but I approve.”

“Um, I’m  Shuya, a solo. I approve.”


We approve one after another.


“Understood. Then, I’ll take charge. 【Fadyke’s Fang】 will be middle guard, 【Fist of God】 will be rear guard, as for the rest of you, get your favorite position. Then, let’s go.”



Carefree, everyone consents to the agreement.

They shout their reply.


The adventurers from the large clan 【Twilight Road】 begin advancing.

The leader, Kens goes to the lead wagons and speaks with the coachman.


Then, Kens-san raises and arm and starts directing energetically.


Following the covered wagon the merchants ride in, the horses neigh, and the caravan starts advancing.

The adventurers move to enclose the wagons.


A large numbers horse and magic beasts stir.

Their heavy foot steps blend together loudly.


Most of the adventurers are using horses, but there are a few riding magic beasts.


Including me, there are four people.


Two of the people wearing dark brown cloaks.

Rocha and Thomas.

They’re solo participants, but they each are riding two legged dinosaur-like magic beasts, so they seem to be acquainted.


They don’t speak to one another, but their clothing and mounts are the same.


The other is Fran, the high ranking adventurer.

She’s is riding a magic beast similar to Popobumu.


Pubooo, it makes a call like that.

However, when I look closely, I can see it’s different from popobumu is coloring and form.


It seems to be the same family though.


The invisible hawk on her Flan’s shoulder flies away, it disappears for a moment, but after searching, I can see it flying low alongside Fran, following.


The clan members entrusted with vanguard advance.

The highway in this area is maintained, so we’re able to make good time.


The caravan protected by so many adventurers advances, kicking up a cloud of dust.


I look back.

The high walls of the fortress look small. They’re already far away.


-Good bye, Hector.

-Goodbye, Quiche.

-Goodbye, Rocket Breasts. I smile translucently.


Also, everyone from Crimson Tiger, Oppai receptionist-san, Marquess Chardonnay, Rubia, Cecily from the Griffon Corps.


Every one of them, beautiful women.

Their smiling faces are preserved in my memories.


Still, we may meet again.


The first day passes while I have such thoughts.

The caravan advancing on the highway until evening, only once night falls does the leader stop.

Kens-san seems to be good at his job. His casual gestures make him look like a cool leader.

I want to try making those gestures. So, as I’m thinking, Kens-san rides his horse in my direction.


“We’ll stop and rest here. The clans can take the watch, solo adventurers can decide on their own. We’ll leave tomorrow morning.”


How carefree.


Everyone spends their time freely.

However, they still gather around the wagons, it seems to be their role as guards.


At any rate, this is my first guard request.


I don’t know what to do, so I try to match everyone’s atmosphere.

The clans gather together the solo adventurers share campfires.


However, everyone has been quiet since we stopped.

So, I spend my time alone.

The attitude is completely different from the adventurers I took the last request with…


I watch the members who continue silently.

Without removing the swords from her back, Fran carefully eats a biscuit.


Time passes in the silence.

The adventurers on guard are dozing, falling asleep.


Then, movement late at night…

Fran, originally near a campfire, sneaks away from the wagons.

What is she doing, While wondering, I return to the area where Popobumu is waiting.


“Rollo, I’m going to use Hidden Body for a while. Stay here and keep watch.”

“Nn, nya.”


Rollo has already curled up in a ball on Popobumu’s head, mewing a reply with a slap of her tail.


Rollo looks really sleepy.

Well then, I’ll chase after Fran.


Thinking something may be wrong with the redheaded woman, I leave Popobumu and case after Fran.


Moving with <Hidden Body> and <Night Vision>.


I can see Fran’s back.

She keeps her head on a swivel, walking cautiously.

I follow her far from the caravan.

Once she reaches a place where the grass grows waist high, she stops and looks around again.


Wait, is she going to pee?


My <Hidden Body> skill eludes Fran’s perception, she’s not aware of me.

There’s good affinity between the <Darkness Adaptation> Permanent Skill and he <Hidden Body> skill.

Darkness is my home. However, it feels like I’m becoming a pervert.

N, I don’t actually feel it, pervert,…While I’m considering such a thing…Oh, good, she moves her arm.

She’s not peeing.

Am I regretting it? …I have a strange thought.


Fran is writing something on a small piece of paper?


Furthermore, after rolling up the slip of paper, she opens a tube attached to the invisible hawk on her shoulder.

Is the hawk for communication?

After stroking the invisible hawk’s head, it screeches.

The fluorescent bird spreads its wings and flies into the night sky.


The red haired woman named Fran, is she working as something other than an adventurer?

Is she a spy for a dark guild?

Perhaps, is she the one who was following me?

After seeing the hawk off, Fran returns from the brush.


Should I show myself and question her?

Should I ignore her and continue the request?


Even if I question her, she’ll just feign ignorance.


-I’ve decided.

I’ll see how things are. It’s still the first day.


I creep.

Unnoticed, I return to Popobumu and Rollo.


None of the other adventurers are behaving suspiciously aside from Fran.


Ma, that’s natural…

They’re supposed to be working as guards for the merchants.

I may be the only one who needs to mind their surroundings.


I make out Popobumu’s face.

Now, I can cancel <Hidden Body>


Popobumu has folded up his legs and gone to sleep.

When I return, he stretches his neck and looks at me with his small eyes.


“Did I wake you? Don’t worry, get some rest.”



Times passes while I sit next to Popobumu. After all, sitting cross-legged is easiest. I place both arms behind my head and look up.

Dark blue like an eggplant. White clouds drift through the sky.

The clear night sky is beautiful compared to the sky during the day.


-The stars are beautiful.

The colorful stars are sprinkled across the dark blue sky.


I wonder if somewhere out there is a solar system with a third planet named earth.

Iya, there shouldn’t. When I first transmigrated, I came to another dimension, an entirely different space, so there shouldn’t be.

Inflation, background space radiation, the amount and expansion rate of dark matter.

The Higgs Boson particle should also be different.

There are gods connected to the stars, unknown space creatures living on satellite planets, around some start there might be an advanced civilization.


Ha, I let my mind wander.

The night sky is too beautiful…

I, who transmigrated, even though I’ve grown, am still a trifling existence in comparison to the endless stars. The world is wide.


While I stare into the endless night sky, I don’t neglect to observe my surroundings.

While I’m contemplating, Rollo gets up.

With sleepy eyes, he climbs on my thigh.


The one is adorable.


I stop looking at the sky and enjoy stroking Rollo’s fur.

I brush her obsidian coat with the expensive brush.


A beautiful, happy purr comes from her.

Brushing the cute Rollo is fun.


Ah, I take out the back scratcher and leather straps for Rollo.

I can make something with this.

Like a Pythagora Switch (TL: There’s a Japanese children’s show called Pythagora Switch, it’s mainly puppets, but they also feature Rube Goldberg Machines/ Heath Robinson Devices while humming the song from the construction show for children…I tie a strap to the wooden stick first, and my simple foxtail is complete!


To take out the Cat Robot from the four dimensions futuristic magic bag, I raise the homemade foxtail to the sky. (TL: I deserve a cookie for translating that line.)

Rollo immediately looks up, surprised by the string swinging from the stick.


Yosh- we’ll play with the homemade foxtail.




Rollo purrs without gathering herself, following the string with her head.


Haha, she’s totally entranced by the string, trying to bite it, she jumps up.

Ah- she cut the string.


Right as I pulled the string, she caught with a claw and tore it off.

However, as for this, I’ll make a new foxtail.


“Haha, Rollo.”

“Nya, Nyaon, Nya.”


She runs around in circles after the new Foxtail.


Rollo chases quickly after the new foxtail.


I’m a Rusivaul, because my body has the abilities of a vampire, I can compete with Rollo who is also faster than she should be, although I’m a hundred times faster, probably because I turned the foxtail Rollo’s attention turns and she begins walking in a strange direction.

It’s like the fairy tail blackening.





As soon as I slow down, Rollo jumps on the string.

She recovered quickly. In no time the leather strap is merely a bundle of fibers…


When I let go of the foxtail Rollo also bites the wooden rod, holding it her mouth a swiping.


And, after a satisfying kick, she puts it in her mouth and places it on my knee.


In front of me, Rollo gathers her feet together like a doll and stares at me with crimson eyes.

Is she asking for something?


“You still want to play?”

“Nyaon, nya.”


It seems she wants to play.

Thus, although the fog thickened, I continue playing with Rollo through the night.






The morning sun. The milky white fog is still here, but there is enough light to see the highway. The way ahead is brightly lit.


The Wind is picking up too, so the fog is split.

The scenery of the fog mixing with the morning light is beautiful.

Fantastic and pure. A pleasant side wind is blowing.

It’s probably the wind blowing from the Haym river.



I’d like to stay at a calm pension with such a view, I take deep breaths…It feels nice. I wish all morning were like this.

The other adventurers enjoy the pleasant morning with me, quickly finishing breakfast and departing.


I follow the caravan from the back on Popobumu.


It’s only noon. The sunlight is dazzling. The period of broad daylight.

When we pass an area with large gray rocks on either side, the voices of the adventurers in the vanguard reach me.






Chapter 70: Ambush・Raid



“-Enemy raid!”


What? Enemy?

Someone rides up on a horse before being struck by a large black arrow and falling.

Arrows, fire arrows, and magic fire balls come flying.

They are outside the range of presence detection.

The surprise attack is coming from the left.


-Shit, filled with anger, I look for the source of the hail of arrows.


There is a group in dark brown.

There is a magic user casting fire balls and a light soldier using a bow.

I see someone walking in a strange enormous armor.

Is that iron helmet a mask? A little taller than three meters?

They’re taking a stance, drawing their longbow with a thick arm.


Perhaps, is that a magic wogan doll?

I saw soldiers of iron during the Evil Dragon King subjugation.

It seems this is the one firing the thick black arrows.

With slow movements, the iron creature shoots another arrow.

Again, one of the adventurers is pierced by iron.

The iron creature appears slow, but its accuracy is unquestioned.


The members of 【Twilight Road】 were acting as vanguard, so the giant arrows, regular arrows, and fireballs removed adventurers from their horses, causing them to escape in every which direction.

After the horses escape, only the dead adventurers remain on the ground.

The body of Kens, the leader of Twilight Road is among them.

A thick iron arrow is embedded in his chest.

He died the moment his heart was pierced.

The thick iron arrows also struck the wagons, breaking off the wheels.

Its frame is tilted, resting on the road. The goods being transported are spilled over the ground.

The horses that were harnessed to the wagons have away as well.


The thick iron arrows have stopped flying, but the regular arrows and fireballs are still falling.


A fireball directly hits the covered wagon the merchant was riding in.

The coachman is killed by a stray arrow.

Without its driver, the covered wagon crashes into the rocks and goes up in flames.

Arrows hit the harnessed horses so go into a panic and break free of their restraints, running away.


The caravan stops moving.

This surprise attack was planned like they knew the convoy would pass through here.

Angry voices rise from the adventurers.

However, only one of the covered wagons hasn’t been attacked.

There, the adventurers from 【Fadyke’s Fang】 are acting as middle guard, defending.


They seem to have blocked the big iron soldier’s thick arrows.

Several people are running away, eluding the fireballs.

N, what? Those two? The two adventurers in dark brown robes are doing something else. They dismount their magic beasts, draw knives, and attack the members of Fadyke’s Fang from behind.


Seriously- we’re being betrayed.


That moment, I remember what happened yesterday.

That adventurer woman sent a communication with her invisible hawk.

However, the female adventurer removes a bastard sword from her back and moves to protect the last wagon.

The red-head isn’t betraying us? She’s not the enemy right now.

The sword she is using resembles a bastard sword.

It’s a one handed sword like Bitou.

While I look at Fran the two traitors in dark brown respond with throwing their knives, they’re fast, two more people are killed.

Their skill with the sword is as deadly as their ability with knives.

They definitely have the throwing skill.


Their movements are fast and their aim accurate.


A thrown knife lands between the brows of an adventurer using a bow.

Without their bow user, 【Fadyke’s Fang】 can’t counterattack, so they can only be cut down one sided.


However, I’ll make them regret this. (TL: Booyah.)


I aim for the person with the long sword.


I extend my right hand, and after the magic halberd appears as I swing with the crimson ax blade, then I slap Popobumu and instantly arrive at the dark brown cloaked man.

At the same time, the crimson ax blade hits a boulder sticking out of the ground, sparks scatter- a trail follows like a firework.

The man in the dark brown robe turns around when I arrive, but it’s too late.

The flaming crimson blade severs the man’s head.

The severed head flips through the air.

The dark brown hood is stained with blood, the body collapses like a puppet with its strings cut.


“Na- Rocha, shit!”


Angry with me for killing their companion, they begin shouting.


It seems they didn’t give false names.

The screaming man removes his hood exposing his face.

He is fair-haired and blue eyed, a handsome man.


I glare at him.

Such a gaze is ignored. Make Popobumu detour around.

-I check my surroundings.


The people launching the surprise attack are on the right side as well as the left.

On the other hand, the surviving adventurers have gathered around the covered wagon, creating a barricade.

I should return and see how things are going.


-I sent Popobumu to the wagon.


After leaving the covered wagon, the surviving adventurers have understood what is happening.

Fran is leading several adventurers with good builds.

They are protecting the members around the carriage.


“Someone betrayed us. This attack was planned.”

“Shit, what luck. N…we’re surrounded, oi, is that a Wogan?”

“It is. …This is the worst case scenario. For so many thieves to appear…”


I see the group is releasing attacks from the wagon’s shadow.


The magic Wogan doll and dozen of people dressed in dark brown robes approach.

We’re completely surrounded.

As I look at enemies, I find the person who glared at me earlier.

Ash blue eyes. The traitor has rejoined his group.

However, fire balls and thick iron arrows have stopped.

The covered wagon has been left intentionally.


Now then, seeing as it can’t be helped, let’s hear what they have to say.


“You people, you okay?”

“Ah, the rear guard is fine. However, the wagons are destroyed, this is the only one left.”

“Adventurers, help us…”


Then, Taijiki appears from in the covered wagon.

His expression is haggard.

It seems he’s alive.


“You’re alive. Leave it to us, we won’t surrender to thieves. The members of 【Fist of God】 are all resolute. Na, you-”

“That’s right.” “As expected of Gomez.” “We’ll defend to our death.”


Including the leader, there are three members in 【Fist of God】 who can use magic.


“You can smile under these circumstances? I admire your enthusiasm, but do you have countermeasures?”


Fran has taken a defensive posture, speaking caustic words with lowered eyebrows. Still, 【Fist of God’s】 leader doesn’t look upset and answers seriously.


“Sheila, can you spread the defense wall immediately?”

“Yeah. I can set it up.”

“Captain, what about me?”

“Gio, stay by Sheila’s side. -Fran, aren’t you a B rank adventurer? Sheila will create a defensive magic circle, until then I’ll fight-”


Sheila’s magic chant cuts him off.


“-The magic lasts five minutes. The time shortens when attacks are received.”

“That’s right. Do you have some kind of trump?”

“Iya, I don’t have an area attack skill, but I’m confident in my ability with this long sword. If it’s one on one, I won’t be defeated.”


He says to Fran with a hint of confidence.


“Is that so, the answer is natural for a B rank. Don’t I have confidence too? However, we’re outnumbered.”


After Fran talks to Gomez, she nods her head and turns her gaze to me.




Her freckled face squints a little, she’s a beautiful woman.

She says she is confident in her ability with the bastard sword and her left arm.

On her left hand is a red leather glove with a button, her arm is covered in white gauze from her wrist to her shoulder.


Does this have something to do with a skill?


It may be related to her handling the invisible hawk.

However, the transparent bird left and still has yet to return.


Fran looks at me too.

Our eyes meet silently, then I turn to look at Gomez.

Because of the protection of Gomez’s magic user, Rollo and I should be able to move on our own.


Ma, I don’t know if these guys would survive, but I’ll give my opinion.


“I have a plan. Plan B.”

“Plan B? N, what kind of plan? I think…you.”

“C rank, Shuya.”

“Is that so, you can use B rank Fran? So? What is it?”


I meant something different, but it’s fine.


“Iya, Rollo and I will attack. At that time, you maintain the battle formation, your magic user-san can set up the defense circle. Can the barrier be maintained until my black cat and I break the encirclement?”

“Are you an idiot?”

“Iya, I’m serious? I’ll do it regardless of what you say.”

“-N, wait, I’ll take part in the plan.”


Fran seems to agree with my plan B.


“Oi, oi, you agree with this guy’s idiotic plan B?”


Gomez half laughs as if saying a joke.




When Fran speaks, a thick iron arrow pierces the covered wagon.


“You’re surrounded, surrender peacefully!”


A thieve with a deep voice speaks.


“-Is that so? Fran agrees with me. What about you?”



Gomez looks at the members of his clan.

Everyone trusts Gomez, they wait for his command.


“Fine- please, take care of it.”


Appearing determined, Gomez replies.

Yosh, we’ll be doing some work.


-I look in Rollo’s direction.




Rollo turns her crimson eyes to me. She’s sitting on the back of Popobumu’s head, but she appears ready to go.


“Well then, Fran and Gomez, thank you.”


Saying so, I guide Popobumu and charge to the left.


There are many enemies on the left.

With Burdock in my right hand, I urge Popobumu to go faster.


“Rollo, can you hold of the big iron soldier?”

“N, Nyao.”

“It’s slow so its legs should be its weak point, I’ll leave it to you-”


While saying so, I fix Burdock to the right.

The crimson spear head pierces the chest of a dark brown robe in front of me.

The crimson spear goes straight through.

With the corpse stuck to the spear head, without slowing down, I continue to charge into the enemies.


-Rollo jumps off.

She runs while her form changes, and like I said, ignores the small fires, charging for the magic wogan doll.


Seeing Rollodinu in the corner of my sight, I extend my left hand and eject <Chain>.

The range and speed of the <Chain> skill have become comparable to a bullet.

-Buzzing as it flies, the chain creeps across the ground.

The chain pierces the foot of a bow man and wraps around his leg like a snake.

I lift the living bow soldier and slam him into another bowman.


Then, using the impact, I let the chain entwine the other bow man.


-Thus is the birth of a meat wall.

Living flesh hammer, just kidding.


Once room has been created, the warrior in dark brown cloak shout and approach. Good force. However-

I throw the slightly burnt corpse attached to the halberd at the charging men.

The corpse and halberd collide with them. Somersaulting down, I move away from Popobumu’s stomping feet.

Even as I hear something squish- I jump.


Popobumu charges away from the people.


An assassin type soldier tries to take advantage of the opening after I land, approaching with a dagger in each hand he tries to stab me in the back.


-The daggers glimmer.

Back stab? However, I activate a certain skill.

The next moment, the daggers fall from the man’s hands, and he is blown away.

I made a fist with the <Magic Thought Guidance Hand>.

The assassin’s face is caved in.

I pick up the dead man with my distorted mana hand.

I make the corpse float in the air behind me. (TL: Shit, Shuya.)

Now, I have two meat walls.


Next, a magic user sees me and tries to launch fireballs. GOOOOOO, it approaches loudly.


Unconcerned, I respond-

I move the chain so the fireball collides with the meat wall.

The fireball extinguishes. The man hit by the fireball is slightly charred, his leg looks like it is about to come off, so I remove chain entwined around it.


This magician?

I glare at the magic user who threw the fire ball.

Holding a staff. -I aim for the magic user.

Using fighting moji enhanced legs, jump, hop, step.

Firing <Chain> into the ground midway, I move fast.

That moment- I go straight to the magic user.

I use the momentum from charging at him. Slashing down with the magic spear, I bisect the magic user’s head.

However, unusual- the magic user’s response.

Using his staff, he tries to block the crimson ax blade.

However, the moment they meet, the staff is sliced in half and set aflame then the magic user’s head is bisected.

The crimson blade sinks into the magic user’s head, sizzling sounds are heard, and the smell of burnt flesh wafts from the wound.


The smell endures.

I kick the corpse and remove my halberd, then spin the magic spear.

-An arrow comes flying.

It lands with a dull thump.

-The arrows hit the two meat walls behind me.


One of the two meat walls is held in the air with <Magic Thought Guidance Hand> so without magic observing eyes the opponent doesn’t understand what is happening.

The face of the man who fired the arrow is filled with astonishment.


It’s only natural.

I have no intention of the letting the bowman fire another arrow.

I use fighting moji enhanced legs again, closing the space with the Bowman.

Without slowing down, I <thrust> the magic spear-

<Thrust> while twisting, the piercing skill.

The spear head and adjacent ax blade pierce forward, twisting.


My opponent meets a miserable end.


The crimson ax blade tears the wound in a circle. A big circular flaming wound is created.

The leather armor quickly peels away leaving behind a burning wound shaped like a crescent moon.

The Bowman’s eyes open wide as he looks down at the fatal wound.




At a loss for words, he says nothing.

He simply falls forward.

Now, I’ve finished killing the enemies around me.

I don’t see any near bye enemies or detect any presences.

There’s more space to work now, so I run after Rollo.

She seems to be facing off with the Wogan doll properly.


The feelers are entangled around its legs, making the gigantic figure fall over.

Dragging like that…she approaches.

Why is Rollo dragging such a heavy object to me?

Moving the iron creature side to side, its live a toy being pulled by a string…


Dust is being kicked up.

I can hear the screams of the dark brown thieves.

Several people around the iron warrior have collapsed, dead.

Ah~, the enemy’s final pitiful moments.


“Nya, nyah.”


After all, Rollo calls out while she drags the magic Wogan doll.

She caught her prey, so she wants to show off. (TL: I love Rollo.)


“I troubled you. Rollo, you can do what you like now.”


The magic wogan doll is currently a broken down mess.


Oops, it’s still moving.

Its surface is deformed like it’s been smashed into trees, its form is like a bloody iron man.


Ma, I’ll deliver the final blow.


I aim at the dented metal head.

Dropping the crimson ax blade down, I destroy it.

A silvery black fluid flows out of the head.


So, I try to look at Rollo, but she’s already run off in search of new prey.


She’s switched over to a chasing game now.

The dark brown cloaks have all turned away and are fleeing, one by one they give a bone sword in the back.



One of the people in a dark brown cloak doesn’t flee but turns around to face Rollodinu.

There is only one thieve remaining.

Alone? Isn’t he brave?


They throw off their hood. Eh? They’re a woman?


“Ahhhhh, Totto-”


Totto? The hell is Totto?



Chapter 71: Magic Mark


A strange voice. But, Totto?

I ready my halberd, but the woman ignores my stance.

Oh? She’s looking towards the broken Wogan doll.


What is she doing?

The woman looks at the broken wogan doll with a sad expression, then she bends over and places her hand on it.

That instant, the woman’s hand brightens.

Black spider-web like lines spread out from her fingertips. Eventually, her skin becomes completely black except for her white fingernails.

At the same time, the broken sections of the wogan doll shine, they wriggle like slime mold, the broken metal parts sprout metal threads that join them together.


What? Joining? The metal is regenerating?

Was that woman’s shining hand a magic skill?


Her light brown hair is blown to the side by the wind.

Her eyes are dark brown. There is a seal carved on her forehead.

Mana faintly emits from the seal.

N? That design on her forehead, somewhere…then Rollo returns.

She is going to kill the woman with her bone sword.


“Rollo, wait.”



Rollo stops and retracts her feeler.

I want to question this woman.


“Oi, woman, what are you doing?”

“Shut up, I’m healing!”

“That magic wogan doll?”

“That’s right, aah, the iron crystal core is destroyed, I was too late. My Totto. This was everything I had…such a thieve group, my last moments… sa, kill me.”


The woman looks at me, tears streaming down a face full of despair.

After all, it’s the characteristic seal on her forehead.


“I haven’t decided if I’m going to kill you yet. What’s your name?”

“…I, Misty… Misty Gustave.



Perhaps…she’s from the same family as the magician Zoru, from the magic fog forest?

The shape of her seal is different from Zoru’s, but it’s in the same place. Besides, she has the same eyes.


“…You’re from the Gustave house? That explains why the band of thieves had a magic wogan doll.”

“Shit, that’s right. Since you know of the Gustave house you’re from hector, right? Then I wish I could kill you.”


The woman speaks with a voice full of malice.


“Iya, it’s not my home…”

Ara? I thought since you know the name of my house…then, pardon me. I got you caught in my revenge, I may look like this, but I used to be a noble in Hector. That shitting older brother of mine and that shitty Marquess took everything from the Gustave family.”


Older brother. After all, she’s probably talking about Zoru, the man I killed.

The magician living in a forest with the doll shaped like his wife.

It matches what was written in the journal.

She bears a grudge against her brother, a grudge against Marquess Chardonnay for destroying her house, Hector, and maybe even a grudge against the kingdom.


“…I’m not interested in the things that happened here. Aside from that, drop any kind of weapons you have, also give me any money you have…”


I feel sorry for her, but I’m not going to let her threaten me.


“Weapons, uh, this sword. I’ve spent all my money. Everything was spent on Totto.”


The woman drops her sword with despondent expression and raises her hands in surrender.


“What about the bag on your back?”

“There’s only food, clothes, a sewing kit, and tools.”


I look at the bag, but she doesn’t take it off.


“Well then, cross your arms behind you and turn around.”

“You aren’t going to kill me?”

“Ah, not at the moment? Turn around.”

“Shit, I got it.”


Then, I construct a magic formation.

The formation magic I’ve only used once appears.

I finish it right away.

I fix its form. Mental image.


<Dark Shackles.>


Dark shackles appear around her wrist.


“Na, this is magic?”

“Yup. They’re restraints. They’re for you.”

“-Shit, damn it, the parts of the magic doll are still there.”

“Do you understand your position? Now is not the time to be impatient.”


Thus, against her will, I grab her waist and throw her over my shoulder.

I whistle for Popobumu.

I place her in the saddles before getting on myself.


“Kya! Just, just a little, I’ve been reduced to poverty, I am a lady, so could you handle me a bit more gently- ah, why is that cat there? Ah, shit, its paws stink-” (TL: How dare you.)


I ignore her.

Rollo playfully pushes her paws against Misty’s face.

I would tell her to keep going, but there are still adventurers fighting, so there’s no time.


“Let’s return to the other side. Misty, stay still. Rollo, get ready.”


“What do you mean stay still? I can’t move even if I want to.”


I ride Popobumu back towards where the adventurers are still fighting.


I look ahead as I ride.

There is a dome of earth around the caravan.

Protection magic.

The thieves group’s magic users are launching fireballs at the earthen dome.

Whenever the dome is struck the layer of earth thins, leaving behind a hole.


I hurry towards the adventurers who have been protecting the wagon.


“-Sorry for the wait.”


I imitate the plucky voices of store attendants.


“Oooh, Shuya, you’ve already taken out the enemy. We’ve been defending like we said.:


Gomez says with a shake of his weapon.


“Is that so, I took a captive, so I’ll leave them here. I’m to take care of the guys firing magic, so caring for this woman.”



Gomez quickly acknowledges.

Well then, guess I’ll finish this.

I speak to Misty.


“Misty, I’m going to leave you here.”

“Eh, wait.”


I drop her near the wagon before the dirt dome.


“-Ouch. Shit.”

“You surprised me-”


Gomez looks at Misty in surprise, but I ignore him and urge Popobumu further.

Like that, I go around the earth dome to the side where enemies are firing magic.

The enemies are in sight.


-Two bowmen in dark brown robes.

-Each one has a scimitar.

These are the traitors. The adventurer with grayish blue eyes.

-There are two magic users to the side.


Aiming for one of the magic users, I take advantage of Popobumu’s momentum.

Like a medieval jouster, I release a battle cry.

Piercing with popobumu’ momentum.


-I penetrate the magic user’s chest.


After the fleshy sensation is transmitted through the halberd shaft, the magic user is sent spinning through the air.

Popobumu doesn’t slow down.

A magic user throws a wind blade in our direction.

However, that wind blade can’t track us and hit the ground after we pass.


“Aim properly!”


The blue-eyed man shouts at his companion while I turn Popobumu’s reins to go around clockwise.

I wave the magic spear stained with blood and stretch out to the side.

The crimson ax blade shines under the sunlight. I glance at the magic user who shot the wind blade and slap Popobumu’s stomach.


I aim for the magic user running on the side. The magic user tries to flee, but there is no time, so he is cut down by the magic spear. His body is cut in two.

The two bloody sections of his body fly past my eyes.

I’ve dealt with the troublesome magic users.


-Then, a nimble arrow.


Rollo and I jump to dodge, but the arrow strikes popobumu’s rear end.

Popobumu shouts, bubububu. Then he runs away.

It must be because of the arrow, Popobumu is moving faster than usual.

-Will he be okay? As I fall to the ground, I confirm Popobumu’s circumstances.

He’s running away spiritedly.

On the other hand, Rollo rushes toward to man who shot the arrow.


She’s fast. Then, I stand up and look at the blue-eyed traitor.

If I remember correctly, his name is Thomas Gura-something or other.


“What did you…”


He says disjointedly.

His face is full of fear.


“I am Shuya Kagari. You are Thomas? You actually are working with the thieves. It must be thanks to the unreasonable guard request.”

“-You know, phooey- this should have been an easy job, but because of you…”


Thomas pats his chest and gulps.

His death is inevitable.


“Very bad. However, I only made the sparks, right?”



Thomas moves his hand to his chest, and I mirror his actions.

Like a shootout in an old western- I reflexively raise my left hand and eject <Chain> from my wrist. The chain penetrates Thomas’s right arm, and I control it.


Moving the chain, I wind it around his body.


“Now then, I’d like to hear why you chose to attack us.”

“Guh, stay away.”


I tighten the chains around Thomas’ chest.

Several throwing knives fall out.


“Maa, if you don’t talk you’re going to die…”


Speaking ruthlessly, I take Burdock’s eye of its pocket.




I inject a tad of mana.

A blade of ice flies of off the blue dragon eye.

It stabs Thomas’ earlobe, freezing it.


“Hiiieeee, co, col, no, it hurts!”


Rollo returns.

She seems to have taken care of the bowmen.


“Sa, you’re the only one left? Do you a taste of this ice blade again?”

“Hiii, I, I understand… I’ll ta-talk, so stop the magic… this thief group is scraped together. We’re employed by the dark guild, 【Owl’s Fang】.”


Ho, such a group.

That, somehow, isn’t this like when I questioned to thief from before?

This job is related to the dark guilds…


“…now that you mention it, why is this thief band in this area?”

“Sa, it was an order. We were supposed to attack the caravan that passed through here. I was meant to pose as an adventurer who survived the attack, then file a false report with the adventurer’s guild. And, the job was gathering information on the target trading company.”


Treacherous waste.

How many adventurers are like this person?


“Trash. So it was an order from 【Owl’s Fang】?”

“Oze and Jane.”


Oze and Jane. The names of a man and woman?

The adventurers in the wagon are gathered together.


“You’re here too.”

“Mou, it hurts. Be nicer.”

“Noisy…however, this woman, she has the magic seal of a magical engineer?”


Gomez grabs Misty by the arm and drags her along.


“Magic seal?”


Gomez points at Misty.


“On this woman’s forehead? This magic seal is evidence of a superior craftsman, but it’s also unique to a small handful of nobles, what is a noble doing entering a thief band?”


Gomez looks at Misty’s face, but she turns away and falls silent.



“Don’t you think? He, maa, this one belongs to Shuya. I could try to interfere, but betraying that guy…from what I hear, is that guy a member of a dark guild? That would explain why the thief band is so formidable.”

“I’m irritated. You prayed on fellow honest, hard-working adventurers… I haven’t been an adventurer for long. Still, I can’t allow it. Captain Gomez, I want to skewer this fellow.”


Gomez’s female magic user companion says with a glare.

She’s angry.

Things are getting tense.


“Well. We don’t know any of the clans who were killed, and people die in this line of work. Moreover, we’re in the middle…this one can be let off.”


An ogre-looking companion standing next to the magic user speaks.

Everyone in 【Fist of God】 wants to kill Thomas.


“I agree completely. However, Shuya is the one who caught them. It’s up to Shuya whether or not they die. …I’ll leave it to him.


Gomez, 【Fist of God】 and the red-haired Franc talk.

Everyone was entangled in this mess by Thomas’ betrayal and bloodthirsty angle gazes.


“Is that so. So, Gomez, I’m able to decide?”


Gomez looks at his clan members and nods.


“-That’s right, us from 【Fist of God】 were saved by you. Judgment is up to Shuya.”


As for Franc, the most senior at B Rank, I look to him for confirmation again.


“That’s right, I agree with Gomez. I’ll leave it to Shuya. They can be treated as a crime slave and sold to a slave merchant in a city. There should be recompense for that. However, this guy is a traitor. I wouldn’t mind if he died here. If you kill him, the clans whose members were killed will probably reward you too.”


Franc talks as he puts his bastard sword away.

Well then, I’ll decide.


“Is that so. Then I can do what I want?”

“Yeah, do as you wish.”

“Understood. Then bring over the shackled woman.”

“Heh-heh, kill this woman too. Roger.”


Gomez seems to have misunderstood, he tosses the woman with the magic seal over his soldier and carries her back.

Franc and the clan members follow him.

Hearing the current conversation, Thomas who is bound hand and foot becomes frightened and starts to cry.


“Auaa… uuh, wa-wait, do-don’t kill me!”

“I was thinking about the woman, but you man, did you think being so selfish was good?”


I dismiss the chains wrapped around Thomas’ body.

Then I transmit mana through my finger to the blue eye.

Multiple tiny ice blades are created.

Like a machine gun, they pummel Thomas’ body.

Blood gushes out where he is struck, but almost immediately ice spreads out.


His flesh and blood freeze, turning him into an ice sculpture.

The adventurers and merchants are behind me, so I don’t use <Soul Sucking>

Breaking off some of the frozen blood, I discretely collect some in the magic pot.

It’s a bloody sherbet.


The belted bag on Thomas’ back didn’t freeze, so I check its contents.


…There is food and gold inside, and for some reason, even though he was a man, there are several wooden brooches.

I look at the back and see the 【Owl’s Fang】 and the words “The Hungry Owl Flies.”


Some kind of code? They’re also in the shape of an owl so this must be 【Owl’s Fang】’s insignia, it’s probably used as identification.


I’ll take them.

I collect the owl brooch. Put it in my chest pocket.

Then I look for Popobumu who was struck in the behind by an arrow.


-I whistle several times.


Popobumu shakes his head up and down, going bubobubo as he returns.

The arrow struck his rear, but it doesn’t seem to hurt.

He looks a little funny, like a soldier who ran away from the battlefield, but I should pull it out… I pull out the arrow carefully.

I collect the arrow properly, I don’t think it’s poisoned…but I have no way of knowing.

I pour a recovery potion over the wound to heal it.


There’s a bit of a scar left, but his butt is shaking fine, so it should be alright.


After I finish treating Popobumu, I return to the place where the wagons fell.

Then, all of the members of Gomez’s clan collect the useable good from the thieves bodies and some of the baggage that spilled onto the road.


I’ll help.




Chapter 72: A Magic Doll’s Spirit


Gomez is collecting the scattered baggage.

Fran is also stripping the valuable from the people I killed.

The surviving trader Taijiki is timidly approaching the corpses, helping to loot them quietly with a negative expression.


I carry a jute bag in my arms and load it in the carriage.


I brought it to the cart…but the metal parts of the wheel a broken.

Can this be repaired? I pick up one of the metal pieces on the ground.


Then, I hear Misty’s voice.


“I can fix it.”


She says confidently.


Like the magic wogan doll, I guess we could try.

I remove the shackles and free her.


Immediately, the crest on Misty’s forehead glows.

She extends a blackened finger towards the broken metal.


Interesting. The moment she touches the metal.

I was standing a little away, so I approach to get a better look.


When Misty’s finger touches the metal, branches like blood veins stretch across the surface, forming a small magic formation. The metal starts to wriggle like a living creature, creating threads to bind the broken pieces.


Oh, it only took a handful of seconds of she touches the metal.

So strange…

The broken metal joins together, and the wheel is repaired.

As expected of one who can create magic wogan dolls.


“Hyuu, that woman. Don’t ya think? Shuya had a reason for not killing her. Oi, everyone, the cart is fixed. These bags can be loaded!”


Holding a bag, Gomez whistles and shouts happily.


“Really? Then, I want to collect the pieces of the magic wogan doll, is that alright?”


Misty says confidently.


“Ah, it’s fine, however. In regards to fixing it, didn’t you say the wogan doll was broken?”

“I-I know…don’t look at with those scary eyes. Generally… it’s a small lump of dark green steel and yellow magic steel, the iron crystal core is broken otherwise it could be regenerated.”


Scary eyes…I just looked at her normally.


Misty says some unknown metal and collects it.

The parts she picks up are small.


Dark green metal and glowing yellow metal fragments.

In a short moment, she has gathered a small lump of metal.

The metal at her fingertips suddenly returns to a normal color, and she places it in her toolbox.

Her movements are professional. They demonstrate considerable experience.

The inside of her toolbox is full of special metals.


Letting her live has its appeal, kill her would be regrettable.

I can try asking her about what I don’t know.


While I’m thinking, Gomez has collected the scattered luggage and finished loading it on the repaired cart.


Oh, the horses increased.


One of Gomez’s clan members is returning with the horses that escaped.


The horses are connected to the wagon.

Also, the thieves’ belongings are gathered in one place.

They’re discussing the shares.


I join them.


“The thieves had decent enough equipment and gold.”

“Looks like it. From the magic users, I gathered a staff with a magic jewel of wind and one of fire. There are twelve silver coins.”


I as well as Thomas place the gold coins we collected in the sack.

The goods collected from the thieves and dead adventurers can become good gold.

Furthermore, because the thieves’ headquarters was nearby, besides the silver, copper and gold coins, the swords, spears, axes, bows, arrows, staffs, complete set of leather armor, and shields will be shared equally.


However, I took a captive, so I’ll decline.

Should I speak?


“Everyone, listen. I got the woman this time. So, you can have my share of the things gathered from the thieves. The reward from the commission is enough for me.”


Hearing what I said, Gomez’s eye open wide.


“-That’s incredibly generous?”

“The magic woman will sell for a good price, isn’t this quite a lot? You’re different fro captain, I might fall in love.”

“Certainly, however, Sheila. I feel bad comparing captain Gomez to the god rank magic spearman Shuya-san.”

“Isn’t that right? That retreating figure…it’s also totally influenced.”

“Eh, Shuya-san also has that amazing black cat Familiar, I wouldn’t want to steal from its owner. Doesn’t he look cool…I couldn’t complain no matter what happened.”

“Y-you people, I’m different? Then… doing as you please… this isn’t how professional adventurers should act.”


Gomez tries to act tough, but his attempt is weak.


“I don’t care. Gomez, may I share with your clan?”


Fran agrees as well.


“That’s right. I agree. However, Shuya. If you say you want gold later, it’ll be too late~.”

“Haha, I understand.”

“Well then, let’s get this split up.”


The spoils are divided up equally.

The result is that Gomez’s horse is bulky with baggage.

In the end, Gomez places their portion of the spoils in the repaired cart.


Fran has a strong magic beast, so it should be okay.

Once the preparations are finished, Gomez speaks.


“Friends can pick up the cards of adventurers who died.”

“Alright, something like a funeral.”

“Fu, saying something like a priest. We are adventurers who stand next to death. I think it’s a cheap request and part of the job’s pride. It seems cold, but rather than spending the time mourning, finishing the request of protecting the merchants is more important.”


I see.

I didn’t actually see him fight, but I can tell from how he talks to his clan.

I learned the feeling of an adventurer.


“…Adventurer, huh?”

“AH, so, let’s leave soon?”


That’s right.

It’s my own fault, but I don’t like this place filled with corpses.




I reply immediately.


“I can go anytime as well.”

“Fran, you take the lead this time.”


Gomez wants to leave the position of leader to the B-Rank Fran this time.


“…Understood. However, there aren’t many people. It will probably go from now on.”

“It’s because of that.”


After Gomez agrees with Fran, he looks at me.


“I’m fine as well.”

“Understood. Then, everyone, we’re leaving.”



Like that, the caravan begins to advance.


The loaded cart and covered wagon start to move. The beastman who was acting as coachman died, so one of Gomez’s clan members took over.


Fran and I take the lead while Gomez follows behind.

Rollo sits on the back of Popobumu’s head while I hold the captive Misty from behind.


We spent how many hours glued together.


“Is it okay for me to keep sitting here?”


Misty’s hands are still restrained.

She seems to not be satisfied with how she is sitting on Popobumu.


“That’s right. Do you need to pee?”


“Is that so, you’re a bit close, please endure.”

“…Fuun, my butt feels weird.”


This feeling on my crotch is uncomfortable.

I just need to endure.


“Noisy. Should I drag you by a rope?”

“I don’t wanna, I’ll die if you do that.”

“Since that’s the case, even if there’s an ulterior motive, please endure. (TL: There’s a play on words here, ulterior motive can also be penis) What about the situation now? You’re going to be sold as a slave, isn’t there the possibility you’ll be sold as a sex slave?”

“Uh, I, I don’t want that… Haa, why, such a thing…shit, shit, shit…”


Uhe, she’s moping.

She keeps muttering shit over and over…


“Oi, stop saying shit. You were supposed to have been nobility…”

“It can’t be helped, it’s a habit…”




Suddenly, she turns around to glare at me.

…I don’t want to talk about shit, so I should change the subject.

That’s right. I’ll ask about the magic doll.


“Moving on, I’m curious about the tech behind the magic doll. Rollo took it down, can you make a wogan doll like the one that fired the giant bow?”

“I can only make it if I have a lot of money. To start with, it can be done with the workshop of someone related to nobles, borrowing a workshop, using the money to build one, making tools, and having access to large amounts of high-class materials.”


A facility, equipment, and materials are necessary.

I’m interested in the magic wogan doll, but it’s impossible unless one is rich.


I’m curious about the internal structure of a magic wogan doll, it’s something different.

Iya, initially, I don’t need to get caught up in this medieval world, there may not be anything like a machine.


She’s an expert, so I’ll try asking a little.



“…Hou, a load of money. I want to hear about something technical, how is a magic wogan doll controlled? Does it have a circuit based CPU to control it? Can the golem only follow the instruction given? Or, does it surpass AI, does the magic doll possess a sense of self? The magic wogan doll you made was slow, but wasn’t its aim really good? Does it have special sensors built it? And then, can you make the magic doll move faster?”


I rapidly unload all my questions.




Misty turns back around and looks down to think.

Fallen silent.


“Oi, why are you quiet.”

“You, who are you?”


She suddenly jerks her chin up and turns around.

We’re stuck together, so her face is too close.


-Her face is pretty. I unintentionally stare at Misty’s face.


After all, this woman came from nobility.

She has powdered makeup on, and I can smell perfume.


Her arched black eyebrows are nicely shaped, her dark brown eyes are big.

Her red lips are small, the corners of her lips raised.

Misty’s is smirking.

I seem to have aroused her interest in me.

That reminds me, I didn’t give her my name.


“…I’m Shuya Kagari. C Rank Adventurer. I have no other title.”

“Hm…Shuya, I’ll be in your care.”

“Ah, yoroshiku. Then, my question…”

-I understand. I’ll answer. However, isn’t Shuya smart? Honestly, I was surprised. An ego, soul, magical life I know, but Shi-Pi-Yu (CPU), E-Ai (AI), PuRoGuRaMu (Program), Denkikairo, Sensor, it’s my first time hearing these, you suddenly pulled out words a magic engineer might use…to start with, ordinary adventurers wouldn’t say those things.”

“…Such a thing doesn’t matter.”


Misty’s eyes narrow.

She then continues with an expression that says it can’t be helped.


“Hai, hai. Then, first is the command system. However, it can somewhat be manipulated by the craftsman. How long the command is depends on the ‘master’s mana quantity’ and ‘perseverance,’ then, then, the person with the unique comes, furthermore the material is the ‘high-performance iron crystal core…’ for example, the white core furnace Kirianohas. An exclusive furnace for the white core kiriano. A military’s arsenal. If you have those, I could make another like the one you broke. If I have even higher-class materials and a composite furnace, because the size of the command can be extended substantially, perhaps a high-level magic doll that imitates life could be created…”


The creator’s mana reserves, perseverance, even then it’s useless without the unique skill.

Extraordinary, what I broke was the white core kirianohasu high-class military weapon. It was a battle so it couldn’t be helped.


“…That is, it seems to be amazingly expensive. White core furnace, wielding a military-grade weapon, isn’t that a lot?”

“Of course. It’s not only the military, but there are also nobles with them too. Nobles need to display their power after all. So, it costs a lot of money. This furnace isn’t one used for casting or blacksmithing, it needs to be made with special materials and a unique smithing skill.”


How complicated, a skill is needed to make the furnace.

Blacksmith, money, etc., it’s profound.

Then, I remember the strange furnace at the back of Zuro’s house.

Was that a specialized furnace…




It’s difficult, so I make an understanding expression and mutter.


“After that, it’s difficult, and costs a lot of money, but making a small wogan doll is possible. The efficiency is affected by the materials. Lastly is the soul. To start with, making a magic doll with a strong ego is impossible. It’s unreasonable. It will faithfully listen to the master’s commands… I said it before, but it’s imitation. It may look like it, and it may feel like, but it’s not realistic.”


An ego is impossible…I guess?


In Zoru’s diary, he wrote about creating the magic doll that imitated his wife, Theta, but he didn’t completely use techniques for making magic wogan dolls.

Did he get them from the deal he made with Seventh Demon General Sabido?

The technical aspects may have been similar, but Theta was able to maintain an ego through spirit absorption, sorcery, spirit techniques, magic, sacrifices, a catalyst using a summoned demon, accessing the spirit world among other things, crossing the veil into the spirit world, preparing a ritual, reviving the deceased = gathering souls, they might be possible to summon.

The Theta from then certainly had an ego.

That expression at the end was a real woman…


However, all those events were a god’s bad joke. Asking about that would wasteful.


“…Unreasonable. Of all the geniuses who make magic dolls, such ones were made. Have you heard of them?”

“…You were quiet for a long time, what were you thinking ”

“Don’t mind it, answer my question.”

“Ah, your eyes are scary again. They don’t exist. My former older brother was someone said to be a genius… still, it was unreasonable. His specialty was a master magic goldsmith…he had a unique magic crafting skill called amudo, it was a skill that could make the magic wagon dolls crafted by other magic engineers look ordinary…”


I know about Zoru already, but I’ll try asking.


“You older brother, he was Zoru Gustave.”


When she hears me, Misty twitches.


“-After all, you know the name of my house, you know about my screwy older brother, so, the source of the massacre, the A class offender who disappeared…my famous older brother. That guy, the Gustave House… If I can find him, I’d like to kill him with my own hands…”


If I tell her I killed her older brother she might receive a shock.

I stay quiet…


“I see, other than that, I want to hear more about magic wogan dolls with a high-class mind.”

“…I’m also interested. I’ve said it before, even if I made the highest class magic wogan doll, giving it a sense of self is impossible. The size of the imperative statement is limited.”


Should I keep asking Misty? When she said that, she has a tired expression.

However, she continues talking.


“Isn’t this a normal conversation?”

“Certainly…god, demonic beings, god relics, if you use a special magic tool. But those are completely different fields so I wouldn’t know. If something like that could indeed be made, wouldn’t history be different? …Ma, still, it’s probably impossible. Even if I prayed to the mechanical Kami Dues Ex Machina, such a miracle wouldn’t happen.” (TL: Heh, the god of machines is called Dues Ex Machina)


The name of a god I haven’t heard before appears.

Zoru didn’t write about a god of machines in his journal. I remember the names of the god of life and death and the god governing demon life were written. Such a god wasn’t in the picture scroll Kuna had either. Is it a god from a different dimension?


We advance while I listen to a lecture of Magic Wogan dolls from Misty.


-Several hours pass.


Fran runs to the front.


“Time for a break. Everyone, feed your own horse or magic beast.” (TL: Normally “mina” is used for everyone, but “各自” means “every individual”)


She lifts her hand and hails everyone.

I was called the same way and match everyone’s pace to take a break.

I give popobumu water to drink and feed him dry grass. Popobumu snorts happily as he eats.


Oh, someone is coming.

I noticed, but I rub Popobumu’s neck without turning around. Someone speaks from behind me.


“Excuse me.”



The one speaking is the merchant Taijiki from the Luxor trading firm.

I turn around, he is lowering his head several times.

I understand he’s not trying to flatter me, but it is instead the merchant’s peculiar attitude.

His expression is filled with desperation. This is probably a good person.


“Thank you very much for this time. I won’t forget this favor. And then, when we arrive in Holkerbam, please come to Luxor trading firm. Almost certainly, chairman Dominica will be happy.”


I probably won’t go.

However, I’ll give a passable response.


“If I find the opportunity.”

“Hai, I understand.”


After talking with Taijiki for a while, he lowers his head several more times and returns to the covered wagon.


After the caravan finishes its break, we advance west.

A milky-white thin fog is gradually produced by people.


The visibility has become poor.


However, even though the visibility is poor, Gomez who has taken over the lead from Fran continues charging through the fog.


Is Gomez is a hurry?

While staring ahead, suddenly-N? The humidity suddenly increased?


The sad, cold air brushes my cheeks.

Somehow, a warm wind is blowing from behind.


Furthermore, the sound of wind is hidden.

A gray lump bordered by milk-white fog wriggles.

And then-it chases after the caravan!




Fran shouts.

And, the tepid wind bays and goes mad. I can feel the lump of grudges, ominous, gloomy voices float around.


“Ignore them! Escape from the fog, don’t fight it! Run, so they don’t possess you!”



In response to Gomez’s hoarse shout, the caravan speeds up.

I clap Popobumu’s side and speed up.


I can feel Misty trembling.


Before long, the milky-white fog surrounding our bodies disappears.

The squirming fog that was chasing the caravan screams before receding.


Even though the eerie fog is gone, the caravan maintains its fast speed.


Gomez is desperate to escape.

Then ground has changed into a shallow marsh, we rush to an area dotted with sparsely growing white birches.

Popobumu cautiously steps on the muddy ground making squishy sounds as we advance.


The breathing of the horses and magic beasts are rough.

The caravan then relaxes and slows to a walking pace.

Gomez sighs before talking.


“Fu, the Shapushi from earlier are troublesome. They disappeared with the fog, but…”


I agree and nod,


“Those gray lumps of fog felt strange.”

“I can still hear the sounds…if someone has the light attribute, it would be easy, but we can’t use it, and Shuya must not have it either, right?” (TL: Uh, yeah, sure.)


The light attribute surely is possible. I don’t know any.


“It’s impossible.”

“I can’t use it either. For the time being, I have holy water, but there isn’t much. Escaping was the right choice.”


The red-haired Fran says in irritation. If a B ranked adventurer is behaving this way, the Shapushi must be dangerous.


“You need holy water? As expected.”

“Ah, it’s from experience. I only happened to have it…I remember that this is a historic battleground. I don’t know what happened, but honestly, it was eerie. Did you not advance earlier? Gomez was leading.”


Fran’s face stiffened during the thieves attack, an expression of fear rises smoothly. Gomez nods with a bluish face.


“…That’s right. I understood. We should continue. We’re already on the eastern side of Holkerbam. There are stone statues with large heads in the swamp. Around here, in addition to the Shapushi, there are goblins and orcs. However, if they aren’t in the way they can be ignored. The luggage is full, so moving is given priority.”


The pale looking Gomez says while scratching his beard.

Thus, while watching the surrounding, grasping the reins with one hand, I run forward.


We gallop forward.

After a little while, a highway appears.


The soil doesn’t change much and remains muddy. I thought that it would be troublesome if goblin or orcs attacked because of how slow we are.


I can see a goblin in the distance, but fortunately, they don’t attack.

Nevertheless, the unpleasant mud remains, and it becomes a slight upslope.

The gentle upward slope continues.

Our footsteps are soft so the rising slope feels refreshing.


Before long, we arrive on a big hill. The Haym river is visible from here.

On the right side of the hill, there are stone statues with giant heads buried in the ground.

-The view is beautiful. My hair sways in the wind.

The caravan follows the highway leading from the fill while enjoying the view.

And thus, evening passes, and it becomes night.


“It is another day to Holkerbam…we’ll camp here tonight.”

“Roger. I agree-”


Fran agrees with Gomez’s plan then stares at me with brown eyes.


“Got it. We’ll stay here tonight.”


I respond to her questioning look and agree.


“Well then, you prepare for camping.”


“I’ll use magic.”


Gomez quickly instructs a companion.

Each member of his party acts swiftly.

A female magic user turns on a lamp and Gomez removes several poles from his luggage to assemble something.


He stabs the iron bars into the ground and makes them intersect.

A fireless lamp is connected to the intersection of the rods.

It feels like a pale fishing fire.


Then, Fran finishes setting up camp before saying she’s leaving for “scouting.”

She mounts her magic beast without waiting for a response, clapping the magic beast’s sides, she heads in the direction of the ruins of the stone heads.


She heads for the stone heads.

They were probably modeled after Elves. The heads all have long ears.


I’m concerned about what Fran is doing…

I don’t chase her.

Anyway, she’s probably waiting for the transparent hawk.

Is she following me? She may have participated in this quest by chance, but someone has been following me, and it’s probably been her.


Different from my expectation, this time it might actually be flower picking (Nature Calls Me)…

Now then, I guess the pheasant should be done soon. (TL: I don’t know.)




Chapter 73: Giant Magic Steel Dragonfly


Time to eat.


Stones are piled to stand up two iron bars. A large black pot is hung from the iron bars over the fire.

A wooden bowl is filled with hot water and placed it to the side.

A large onion, green pepper, and fish are put in the hot pot, then I watch the brown juices boil.


It’s making me hungry.


The smell of the steaming vegetables and salt drifts.

I’ll be a little extravagant today.

Taijiki wanted to offer his gratitude and opened his supplies to prepare food.


Everyone eats, drinks, and sips the hot soup.


I can take a fresh meal out of the item box when I want, but that’s not important, everyone is eating happily, so I keep them company and smile.


The red-haired Fran is smiling too.


The invisible hawk is perched on her right shoulder.

She came back from reconnaissance a while ago with the hawk on her shoulder, she may have been able to get in contact.

I appreciate the beautiful smiling woman.




“…Shuya, you’ve already seen it, but there is more than just goblins and orcs here. From here on out the Giant Magic Steel Dragonfly (Alloy Dragonfly) appears.”


Gomez emphasizes the name of the monster with his beard soaked in soup juices.

Fran’s face has recovered…Ma, as we’re talking we get on topic.


“…What are they?”

“You don’t know? This place is famous. It’s an enormous dragonfly monster. You can acquire magic steel if you defeat one. They’re famous for their magic steel armor.”


Ah, that reminds me, Marquess Chardonnay mentioned them.


“A giant dragonfly? I haven’t seen one.”

“Is that so. Unfortunately, once the marshes increase you’ll see more than your fair share. Also, we’ll probably encounter adventurer clans hunting them.”


Eating a cabbage-like vegetable, Fran joins the conversation.


“…Magic steel armor? I’ve heard rumors that half of Holkerbam’s adventurer clans are employed by trading firms.”


Gomez and Fran seem to know a lot about magic steel.


“It can’t be helped. So many giant dragonflies breed in the marshes regardless of the season, and except Osberia, it’s the main export. Adventurers gather where there is money to be made. Right?”

“Where there is profit there are merchants.”

“So that’s how it is? Gahaha.”


Gomez and Fran repeat their Q&A while laughing.


I leave my seat while they’re talking.

I return to Popobumu with a sauce plate.


I am worried about my prisoner, Misty.

Her hands are tied behind her, sitting on Popobumu’s back she is staring at the Hayme river while behaving herself.

Rollo is sleeping above Misty’s knee on her robe.


Rollo looks extremely attached.

When I approach, Misty looks in my direction and speaks.


“Hey, we’ll be in Holkerbam soon, what are you going to do about me?”

“What to do, should I kill you? Sell you? This is hard~.”

“…I’d appreciate it if you didn’t kill me.”


Her gaze falls on the ground.

She mutters with a distant expression.


Ma, I mentioned killing her, but I have no intention of doing so.

She’s a criminal, but I’ve killed and tortured humans before.

However, I can’t say I’m perfect, I’m a blood-sucking monster after all.

I’m similar to a person, but my existence deviates from standard logic.

Besides, she’s a beautiful woman. (TL: There’s the Shuya we know and love!)

She’s also a skill holder, and I learned interesting things from her.

I’ll probably keep her alive. Ah, that reminds me, I have the permits for a slave trainer that Kuna had.

So, should I enslave Misty?


Speaking of slaves…


The slaves sold in Hector all wore a black collar.

Those should be sold somewhere-


“-Shit, hey, say something, don’t just stand there being quiet.”


Misty disturbs my line a thought.

She appeals with desperate eyes.


“Ah, I was thinking about something. Sorry. After all, I won’t kill you.”

“Then you’ll make me a slave?”



Mmm, talking like this is unreasonable.


I did kill her brother…It doesn’t sit well with me.

I’m particularly worried about enslaving her since she keeps dropping shit, shit, all the time.

I could release her already. I’ll think about it.


Besides, I keep thinking about how beautiful she is. (TL: Shuya, EXPLODE!)

Oi, that’s important to me. (TL: Uh, sorry.) I’m happy to meet a beautiful woman, but…I guess that’s it.


I’m okay with unquestionably killing someone if they aim for my life.

I could let her go.


“…Depending on the circumstance, I may let you go.”

“So…eh? That, really?”


“You’d let me go? It can’t be, you’ve fallen for me? Are you after my body? But isn’t it obvious I would sell for a lot with this seal on my head? This skill is proof that I used to be a noble. If you sold me I would go for at least five white gold coins…”


Misty appears upset.

Her browns eyes are darting back and forth while she talks.

I wouldn’t want to sell her although the price would be high. I guess the appeal is the opposite…


Such a trivial thing, it doesn’t need to be said.


“…Fine white gold coins, that certainly is a lot. I would be right to sell you. However, as of now, I have to say over your life-and-death. So, I can sell or kill you at my own convenience. Moreover, I have money. I don’t need to sell you. Plus, I’m a man, so of course, I’m interested in your body. However, I won’t force myself on you.”

“Uh…weirdo… I can tell from the purple glitter on your grey overcoat that the cloth is extremely high-quality. …You wiped out the thieves group, that spear ax isn’t an ordinary halberd.”

“That’s right. Because of that, I can afford to let you go, but…”


Misty looks at me as what starts to find hope.




I meet her eyes, raise a finger and speak.


“First, don’t look for revenge. Second, don’t enter a thief group. Third, you can go to any city aside from Hector. Fourth, do not try to kill me. By the way, next time you attack me I won’t hesitate to kill you.”

“Is that enough?”

“It’s fine. However, can you really stop looking for revenge?”


I focus on Misty’s eyes.

She silently returns my stare until she is forced to look away.


“…What you said might be impossible. I am known as someone from the Gustave House. The nobility from Gustave had everything stripped from us, and we were driven out of Hector… my father and mother died in despair. It’s all because of that older brother. I want to find and kill him. I also want to kill the nobles of Osberia who destroyed the Gustave house. I especially can’t let the Marquess get away…the people living in Hector are horrible…haa, it’s no use, no matter what, I can’t let go of my hate.”


She’s honest about her hate.


“It can’t be forgotten?”

“Oh well…the chains of hatred are coiled around my heart.”


Misty’s brown eyes are burning.

Indeed, deep in her eyes I can see a swirling black chain.


“Honesty. You could have lied though.”

“You spoke kindly about releasing me… I didn’t want to lie to you. I wonder about that?”

“Haha, it’s an extremely admiral feeling.”

“It seems like I’ll become a slave, shitty woman, my hobby of listening, letting it escape, I heard something kind after such a long time, the kindness made me waver.”


Misty’s face turned red.


“If you have such feelings, I feel like you can forget vengeance….”

“…Perhaps. There might be other roads.”


It feels like the chains of hate disappeared from her eyes.

Then, even if it’s a lie, isn’t it okay?

Even if 【Osberia Kingdom】 is damaged, I don’t serve this country.

This isn’t definite proof, but I want to believe her.


“That’s right. I believe Misty can find other roads. Like, an adventurer?”


“Ma, it’s an example. I’ll let you go tomorrow when we arrive in 【Holkerbam】.”

“…Thank you. Giving me a chance to restart…I really couldn’t have argued if you killed me.”

“It’s fine. Sleep soon, ah, wait. It’s cooled down but eat this. It’s good.”


I say so and temporarily remove her shackles, then hand her the pot filled with food.




I decided to free her, besides there’s are a lot of things I don’t understand about slavery. Well, I could have the merchant Taijiki teach me about buying and selling slaves.


I walk away from Misty toward the covered wagon Taikiji is in.





Taijiki appears from the covered wagon.


“I have a few questions, is now okay?”

“Eh, hai. It’s fine. I’ll come out in a minute. -So, how may I help you?”


Taijiki comes down from the wagon and speaks.


“It’s sudden, but I some questions I’d like to ask.”

“Eh, since it’s Shuya, you can ask anything.”

“…If I were to sell the prisoner I took, what slave merchant would you recommend?”

“A recommendation. That, after all, you should go with a slave merchant from a larger firm. Still, if you’re going to sell…I would like you to sell to my trading firm. After all, my life was saved by Shuya. I can ask the chairman to buy her for a high price.”


Is that so. He can’t recommend a specific firm.


“I see. I’ll remember that when I sell. And then, what are the qualifications of slave dealer?”

“The country provides a license. If you have the qualifications, you can participate in slave auctions, and other transactions with slave traders are possible. They’re first class since you can’t buy or sell slaves at a slave trading firm if you’re a first-time customer.


First-time customers are refused.

I remember playing with an apprentice geisha-san.


“There’s such a store, huh? How does enslavement happen? And then, I would like to hear how one becomes a slave trader.”


Taijiki nods and quickly continues his explanation.


“To directly perform an enslavement you need a document of contract, a collar of subjugation, and the blood of the master and blood of the slave are dropped on the collars. In regards to slave merchants, the subjugation collar, the person, and the documents are held, if you already belong to a trading, you can be considered a slave merchant.”


It’s useless unless there’s a trading firm because they’re professionals.

This is enough from the perspective of a customer.


“…I see, for example, saying I had a slave, could I sell them to a different adventurer without going through a merchant?”

“It’s possible, but the private selling and purchase of a slave isn’t realistic. A new collar of subjugation is needed, and the documentation and collar are expensive if one doesn’t belong to a trading firm. Also, if a slave resides in a city without permission they are penalized by the government.”

“Application? Sounds complicated.”

“It’s alright because when a slave is bought from a merchant who belongs to a trading firm all the government procedures are handled.”

“Ah, it’s like that.”


With the blank subjugation collar, qualification certificate, and required slave documentation, after all, I’ll need to leave it to a slave trader if I don’t enter a firm.

I won’t be able to enslave someone easily.

It’s too much to do myself.

Still, in distant lands, there may be places where the slavery system is different than this.

In the end, I ask about this area.


“…I understand. I heard what I wanted to know. Thank you for taking the time to teach me.”


I politely lower my head to Taijiki-sensei.


“No, no.”

“Well then, see you tomorrow.”


When we arrive at the city tomorrow, I will let Misty go.


I walk away from Taijiki using <Night Vision>.

I walk along the night bank of the Haym river.


Pale and purple flowers dot the green shores.

The evening Haym river… a gentle breeze caresses my cheeks.

A refreshing cold stings my cheeks.


Guess I’ll sit here.

I choose a suitable location where no flowers are blooming.

I take a blanket from a bag, place it on my waste, hug my knees and enjoy the temporary break.


Rollo has come to my side.

She sits beside me quietly.


The chilly evening wind from the Haym river brushes her black fur.

We enjoy a beautiful night sky under the moon together.

The dark blue sky has two moons. The bigger one is missing.

However, because the way the light shines from the fragmented pieces of the moon, it creates a beautiful sight.


The moonlight is reflected on the river surface.

Silver ripples of light flicker.

Rollo watches the silver river expressionlessly with her bright crimson eyes.


Clouds cover the moon, and the river surface darkens.

Once the clouds flow and the moon returns, the river surface glitters silvery again.


Rollo has been watching the scene expressionlessly and now looks around her little head.


Like this, with the moonlight from the Haym river illuminating Rollo, I fall asleep.


In the morning, Rollo and I are woken by the sound and fresh wind blowing over the Haym river.


It’s still dusky.


When the morning sun rises, everyone starts to get up and prepare breakfast.


“It’s simple soup.”



I eat breakfast and make small talk with Gomez.


Once breakfast is finished, everyone gets their things together and prepares to depart.

Again, we are advancing west.

We are heading down from the kill we camped on last night.


The scenery changes.


Until now the stone statues have been to our right, but now it ultimately becomes a swamp.

The earth is wet like the bank of a salt lake.


As we continue through the marshland, big mushrooms begin appearing.


The giant mushrooms grow in patches.


They seem to be an endemic species that inhabits the part of the swamp.

Large pink and purples mushrooms are mixed in with the rest.

The mushroom umbrellas have purples spots.


…I wonder if they’re okay to eat. (TL: Ah, Shuya. I love this simple side of you.)


Then, the fog clears and sunlight covers the area.

Just as I look at the bright sky, In front of me, a flock an enormous jellyfish is swimming through the air.

The big jellyfish have tiny ones following them like parent and child. (TL: I’ve been playing Skyrim, and this reminds me of the netches from the Dragonborn DLC.)

They gather together and move in a spiral.


There are also giant dragonflies in the sky, some having stopped on top of the large mushrooms.


“That’s a giant dragonfly.”


Foggy marsh, giant mushrooms, jellyfish and dragonflies in the sky.

The whimsical scene is happening in front of me.

I wish I had a portable camera to record this.


A pleasant smell is coming from the mushrooms.


After entering the boggy marsh, the speed of the caravan has decreased, but I prefer it this way.

I move popobumu to the side of the road, closer to the mushrooms, and enjoy myself.


I also reach out to touch the mushroom.

It feels interesting.

A bit similar to a shiitake? Its tenderness is right, and it smells like a shiitake as well.




“This smell is so goood.”


“It really is.”



Many shouts are raised-

At that moment, I hear it from a new person riding on a white robot…


With a shout, several dozen people have started running at a giant dragonfly.

The ground is muddy, but they move fast.

Several people fires arrows at the giant dragonfly. There seem to be magic users at the back too.


The magic user starts chanting and aria.

A chain is visible on the back of the arrows. It appears to be a mechanism.

The group of adventurers cooperates smoothly.


“Oh, they’ve started. Those giant dragonflies are the specialty of this area.”


Gomez says.


Of the arrows loosed by the adventurers at the dragonfly, only some have stuck. The giant alloy dragonfly flies away and appears the counter-attack.

It uses its giant flapping wing to hover in the air and fires small thorns at the adventurers from its mouth and tail.

However, they’re experienced, so warriors with large shield stand side-by-side and deflect the needle attack.


“Now, spread out!”


The leader shouts a command from behind the line of shields and several arrows are released dragging a considerable iron net behind it.

The giant dragonfly’s body and wing are entangled in the net sending it crashing into the marsh, but even though it is caught in the net is continue to struggle and shoot needles out of its mouth. It will probably break the net.

-The magic chant now ends, and an icicle missile strikes the entangled giant dragonfly.


“It’s not over yet!! Force, Riot! Vanguard attack! Aim for the head!”


The leader issues instructions.


Two massive warriors with a longsword and an ax step forward and run at the immobilized giant dragonfly and land a single blow at the base of the head.

The giant dragonfly tries to struggle, but the warrior’s skill with the sword and ax is fast.

The giant dragonfly is decapitated by the combined attack of the ax and sword.

The headless body convulses at first but gradually stops twitching.


“Yahoo, we killed it! This is our second successful subjugation today! Collect it quickly!”


The giant dragonfly corpse is dismantled by several people.

A big pipe comes from the alloy dragonfly’s torso? Things like that are removed.

The head, wings, and everything is collected. A significant amount of materials are removed from a single one, and it fills a whole cart.


“Collection is almost finished.”


An elf woman who appears to be the leader of the collection party shouts.


“Fuhaha, haha, is that so! Aside from the collection party, shall we move on to the next?”

“Got it.”

“You guys, get more excited! At the end of today, we’ll bag five of them! -Move out.”


The warrior leader is short.

People who appear to be from the same clan are chatting, they get on small non-thoroughbred horses and walk off while laughing.


“Follow leader.”

“We’re making money!”


The group is excited.

It all happened in a moment…


That was the giant dragonfly Gomez said is hunted.


A little shocked by the hunt, the caravan continues west at a comfortable pace.

I was enjoying touching the mushroom along the way, so I wasn’t bothered, but it seems everyone is upset by this mud.

The muddy road follows the Haym river through a marsh, but the caravan patiently endures.

Popobumu splashes mud as he walks, but his steps feel somehow heavy.


Do you also have the mud? I pat his neck reassuringly.


The mud eventually decreases, and we enter a grassy plain.

The road becomes solid earth, and we advance easily.


-Oh? I see something.


The city walls of Holkerbam are coming into view.

The walls are low. When I see the city walls in the distance, Fran speaks from the back of her magic beast.


“Is this Shuya’s first time seeing the 【Magic Steel City Holkerbam】?”


“In that case, would you like me to give a brief introduction?”


Fran says with a radiant smile.

Her transparent hawk is flying low near her.


“Ah, please do.”

“Understood. Holkerbam is situated south of the Haym river, the marsh and forests we passed through are the east-north-east of the city. There is an enormous quarry to the north and to the town of Pernette is to the west, there are farms and graveyards on the road to Rad Pass.



I remember Marquess Chardonnay saying something along those lines.


“That’s right. There are requests for adventurers at the quarry and where trees are harvested. Harpies come out of the quarry, goblins in the forests, orcs, Nogu, and other monsters like the Shapushi.”

“Heh, it must be hard to not find a job.”

“Haha, that’s true.”


On the Haym river to my left, I can see a boat advancing.

Groups of armed adventurers and other caravan pass on the other side of the road.


Magic beasts pull wagons filled with farm products.

Flies and insects are swarming around the horses and magic beasts pulling cargo to the point that I feel sorry for them.


Various people are using the road.

There are snails with large gray shells loitering around in the plains and marsh on the right side of the road. There are also adventurers fighting those enormous snails.


Battle cries are audible.


Rollo is also looking at the giant snails, her crimson eyes are dilated, and she is crouching, preparing the go hunting.


It looks like Rollo wants to play.

However, we’re still on guard duty.


“Rollo, hunting selfishly isn’t good? The people fighting aren’t having a hard time.”



Rollo responds with her ears folded back.


Those ammonite or snail type monsters.

Still, the nearby people transporting goods don’t seem concerned.

With that many adventurers participating, still…


I can see Holkerbam’s eastern gate.


As we approach the east gate the number of peculiar building increases.

They’re tent-like building.

They resemble Mongolian Yurts.


Domesticated animals are visible as well. It’s a cow. Lungas. Two heads.

It has a lot of breasts.

It seems to be a favorite domestic animal.


In the tents with domestic animals on the grass plains east of Holkerbam, there are also tiger-faced beastkin. (TL: I’m changing beastman to beastkin)


There are merchants wearing fur mantles set up in front of the tents and announcing their wares.

All over, there are tiger beastkin trying to sell their wares to the caravans and travelers entering the city.


Amongst them, I pass in front of a tiger beastman vendor speaking energetically.


“Come! Gaumok Store’s goods, good from far past Hector and 【Fornium Volcano】, from the far eastern country 【Fujiku Commonwealth】and 【Lerwick】. Come and look at Gaumok Store’s goods!”


The Yurt behind this tiger beastkin is noticeably bigger than the others.

It seems like a gathering of merchants and traders.


Instead of entering the city, business can be done here?

We ignore the merchant and continue toward the city gates.


There are blue flags on either side of the gate flapping in the wind.

The flags have a horse, eagle, and dragon drawn on a shield, each one wearing a crown.

There are two guards in blue armor below.

Passing through. The guard sees us, but we don’t make eye contact.


We pass through with the other travelers.


At last, we arrive in Holkerbam.


“We’re here.”

“Everyone, it was a difficult request.”


The merchant Taijiki apologizes.


“Oh, wait for a little while we remove the baggage.”


Gomez’s clan members remove their luggage from Taijiki’s wagon.


“Thank you. Now, someone from my trading firm is coming.”

“Understood. Still, we can just take it down.”


As Gomez works, those from Taijiki’s trading firm gather.

She is wearing a turban around her head.

There are plenty of people, so the cart a quickly unloaded.


Taijiki hands the wooden request board to the person from the trading company who came to assist.

The lady who came to help receive it and lower her head before disappearing into the city.


“Everyone, I am having someone from the firm submit the completion tally to the guild when you return to the guild you can receive your payment. In that case, I am going to deliver the good to the trading firm. Everyone, thank you for your work. Another chance. And then, Shuya-sama, I’ll wait for you to visit Luxor. Then.”


Taijiki connects the covered wagon and cart and leaves.


“That merchant really likes Shuya?”

“Seems like it.”


I don’t intend to go, but I nod.

Then, a member of 【Fist of the War God】 behind Gomez opens his mouth.


“Captain Gomez. It’s only natural. Even we are grateful to Shuya-san, I was waiting at night…”


I splendidly ignore that.

I don’t make eye contact…they didn’t approach, only looking at my crotch making me feel a little scared.

His name is Gio… an existence scarier than any of the monster that has appeared.


“Isn’t Gio passionate? However, Shuya-san wasn’t there…shuddering.”

“Ah, don’t you think? And if a thief is caught at the same time, you’ll probably be killed- Shuya, thank you.”


Gomez and his clan members thank me.

His rough fatherly character comes out, and I can see he is an excellent clan Leader.


Them looking at me is embarrassing.


“Iya, that was just luck.”


Embarrassed, I try to brush it off.


“Hahaha, you’re being modest about that spear handling? You’re a truly a strong person, a man among men…then, we’ll all receive our reward from the guild, everyone okay with that?”


Gomez laughs heartily and looks at his member with a heroic character.



“I’ll come.”

“Captain Gomez, I’ll look for an inn.”

“Oh, let’s rendezvous. -Fran and Shuya. We’re going to the guild, let’s meet again.”




Gomez and the members of 【Fist of the War God】 leave.


“Is Shuya going to the guild too?”


Fran asks.


“Ah, I want to look around to city a little, so I’ll go later.”

“Is that so…I can show you around?”


While holding her red hair that sways in the breeze, Fran suddenly says such a thing.

Her red hair sways and she gives off a lot of sex appeal.

However. I’m planning on releasing Misty, she would be inconvenient…


“I’m just taking a look. It’s not necessary.”

“…Understood. Well then, I’ll go to the girl first as well.”

“Ah, see you later.”


Fran makes a thoughtful face before turning around.

Well then, I’ll release Misty somewhere.




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