Chapter 6 – Conversing in a Different World

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Walking in this place full of bones, I wonder how many days have passed……


Well, since I can walk without food or drink for days like this, I’m surely not human.


After all it’s a race whose name includes the characters for light and demon. (TN: When in Japanese)


However, ……my throat is dry, I’m hungry, and my body feels kind of worn out.


For the time being, I’ll check my condition.


Stopping my feet,

Status Window
Name: Shuya Kagari Title: Different World Castaway
Age: 20 Race: Lucivault
Battle Occupation: Chain User Condition: Abnormal: Blood Plasma Deficiency Death Illness 15%
Physical Strength 1.5 Agility 2.5
Stamina 1.5 Mana 2.5
Dexterity 3.5 Spirit 2.5
Luck 1.5


Such was displayed.


Hmm, this heavy feeling must be the illness.


“Abnormal” is attached as an entry under condition.


Furthermore, what is 15% plasma deficiency?


I touch Blood Plasma Deficiency Death Illness.


※Blood Plasma Deficiency Death Illness※

→Blood is depleted. Early symptom of mummification.

All ability values reduced by half, Starvation state 5〜30 initial state of hunger.

In this condition blood continues being lost abnormally fast. This state is isn’t affected by an Abnormal Status Invalidation skill. However, when starvation state reaches 100% mummification a loss of spirit causes the consciousness to be forcibly stolen away and one will enter a rampaging state.

Due to starvation frenzy, any abnormal state undermining the body will be canceled. Also if blood is not consumed within a few hours after it begins, final mummification will occur.


I feel like I want water.


My body seems to want blood.


This is early mummification.


Abilities are reduced by half, and I’ll rampage if I bleed?


Scary. However, it’s true my body has gotten heavy.


I think it’s because my stamina was reduced to half according to the number.


So I close out the status display.


My hunger decreased too. I’m thirsty and my lips are dry.


I can endure pain, but honestly, this dry throat is hard.


However, I cannot do anything but to keep walking.


The sounds of the bones rolling to the ground and being crushed echo.


I walk so as to forget time.


There’s no fatigue in my steps but they are heavy.


To the right side, the vertical cave is broken. The triangle-ish rock cave was narrow across but tall vertically. (TN: Wut)[ED:Fixed]


Is it a good omen? I stop advancing through the bone sea for a moment, and advance ahead to the hole.


If it’s damp there may be water.


I go into the dark cave without hesitating.


Inside is dark.


But, without minding it I advance.


A narrow rock passage…… The rocks feel somewhat damp.


I go ahead through such a cave for a few days.


Honestly, there’s no sense of time anymore and I think several days have passed.


Day after day, slowly rambling, everyday life continues.


The narrow rock passage continues on.


Am I destined to die here? Is it the end for me?


Oh? It doesn’t seem to be the end.


The moss shining on the ceiling begins to stand out.


When my eyes grew accustomed to such faint light–


Mm? this is…it feels like cold water, humid air.


I smell a grassy-smell that reminds me of a forest.


Oootsu, it’s soft, or rather, the ground is not dirt, grass?


It’s the feeling of stepping on grass.


–It’s grass. It’s grass.


Grass in such darkness.


Furthermore, this leaf, emits fluorescent light.


Starting from the veins the faint light extends out continuing through the small veins on the surface of the leaf.


The outside edge of the leaf emits a faint light.


This leaf, is it a substitute for proper light?


I touch the black leaf grass, and tore off a piece.


Using the light, I can decrease my hunger now, can I eat it?


Already, it’s good. Anything is good. I need to satisfy my appetite.


It may cause my diarrhea to be colored, but I don’t care.


Yeah, I put the leaf in my mouth.


I bit the leaf, chewing. I keep eating the grass to satisfy my hunger.


Tsu, gu, its taste is terrible……


It’s gross, but I continued eating until my hunger was satisfied.


Then……power overflows from the bottom of my stomach, there’s still no taste, yet I feel oddly exhilarated.


There’s no stomach pain. I’m lucky.


I grabbed the black grass which grew on the ground and put it in my mouth.


While numbly chewing, I advance forward. The moment I casually put my hand on the rock wall–tsutsu, cold!


Ooooooo–Water. Water.


I can feel the water.


Barely from between the rocks, but water is flowing.


Putting my face on the damp rock, I pressed my dry lips to the cracks the water flowed from.


With a *buchu* I suck the water.


I desperately sip the trickling water.


Without looking. I don’t look, I just quench my thirst.


When my heart has been satisfied, suddenly, a pain ran through my foot.


“It hurts–“




When I touched my foot blood was flowing. There’s a cut.


Why? –Ouch.


Again. Why?


I look at the underside, but it was covered with grass and I couldn’t tell.


Then, an animal like a rabbit breaks out from the base of some grass giving off a slightly florescent color, but I saw it.


Teeth are bared.


But, it’s a rabbit.


A small black rabbit bit my foot.


Ite, my foot was cut.


Mm, the pain is sore, but it’s a rabbit, and this, is it meat? It’s food. Meat is meat. Meat aaah, hiyatsuha–I’ll accept the meat. I won’t let it escape. (TN: Goin’ all scary vamp on us.)


I must catch it–


Also I’m trying to pull out my rusty sword to thrust while aiming at the feet, but this black rabbit. It moves fast.


It ends in failure many times.


It’s fast. I will catch it.


As the rabbit jumps up and down many times, I stretch my foot out on purpose like bait and invited it.


–It takes the bait.


It throws itself of on my foot like pole-and-line fishing.


I lean forward and caught the black rabbit.


That way, I twist the head of the black rabbit, killing it.


Eh, it’s already completely barbaric.


Parasite like, for a moment, it passes over my head but I don’t know.


Of course, I would like to cook and eat it, but I have no tools to create a fire here.


So, I carry the black rabbit I killed to the entrance.


I ate it raw.


The blood in the meat is the first in a long time… the blood soaks into my body.


Yumyum, I was able to replenish my supply of blood……


The meat is a valuable source of protein.


For now, I’ll check it.

Status Window
Name: Shuya Kagari Title: Different World Castaway
Age: 20 Race: Lucivault
Battle Occupation: Chain User Condition: Healthy
Physical Strength 3.6 Agility 4.5
Stamina 3.5 Magic 7.4
Dexterity 5.1 Spirit 7.4
Luck 3.0


I did it. The blood sickness was cured.


Fuu……I’m relieved to eat meat after such a long time.


I start to confirm the pale light in the area again.


The black leaves grow everywhere in the cave. The sound of black rabbits hopping around in the thick grass can be heard.


How the black rabbits are here too is a question, the meat of the black rabbit is important, there must be a lot inhabiting this area.


For the time being, I’ll live in this area with food……




I’m examining the range of where the strange black grass that emits light grows, I enlarge my living area little by little.


The range of where the black grass grows is oddly large.


It’s divided into many layers which branch to numerous caves, I continue deeper into the darkness.


Since I don’t continue going in the depths too much, I return to the cave I originally entered from the bone cave. A relatively large amount of black rabbits live here.


As I want meat, I decided to make this place my base.


I frantically catch the black rabbits for their meat.


However, as the black rabbits are quick and I often miss. So I earnestly sip the water flowing from the rock, and the standard becomes living off of black grass.


Since my hunger is strangely satisfied eating just this leafy black grass, it became rare that I felt hungry.


Even if time passes for a while I have a hard time catching the black rabbits, I was able to substitute food for bait and was able to catch one somehow.


The dismantling of the black rabbit is smooth too. I drink the blood first, and then after I drain the blood I use the rusty sword on it. I used the skin as a substitute for a cushion and loincloth.


That reminds me, there’s no stomach pain.


I live mainly on black leaf and black rabbit, but there’s never diarrhea. (TN: I don’t think it’s supposed to be translated as diarrhea but I find the image of our OP main character having diarrhea all the time kinda funny.)


Saying so, number-one comes out, but feces don’t appear.


Is it the help of the <Hyper Intestinal Absorption> skill?


If so that’s an amazing skill.


By the way, the sexual urge is vigorous. The bulging thing emerges. (TN: He’s talking about his dick.)


Black leaves are always tissue substitutes.


If there was a <Delusion Skill>, I’m confident I’d be able to acquire it.


Continuing living underground like this, when I thought I had completely adapted myself to the darkness–


※Pikon※ ※<Night Vision> Skill Acquired※


※Pikon※ ※<Night Crawler Adaptation> Permanent Skill Acquired※


<Night Vision> skill was acquired.


When I use it, there is a feeling of my sight suddenly expanding out, I begin to see a clear image.


This is amazing. I can catch a black rabbit easily.


I checked my status for <Nigh Crawler Adaptation>.


※Night Crawler Adaptation※

A skill which is only fit for races adapted to dark worlds in obtained. Various abilities improve only in darkness. The effect of the <Reclusive Hidden Body> skill increased.


Darkness completely becomes my home after I acquired these two skills.


As expected it’s possible to easily catch black rabbits, I can eat meat everyday.


It’s not altogether bad to live in this underground world.


And, time is money, I who forgot the words of opportunity cost.


My thoughts completely became those of a primitive man.


To catch a black rabbit today, while stepping on the mixed fluorescent colored black grass. I advanced deeper into the dark cave.


Such a time, a dazzling light illuminated a corner, taking away my sight that was accustomed to darkness.


–Hiee, what? It’s dazzling, a torch?


Furthermore, a strange sound throbs in my ear.


The sound of dry hands clapping in prayer roared repeatedly.


What, what is it, I run in the cave where the black leaves grow thick–approaching the origin of the light and the mysterious sound.


Ah, is that a person? Uwa, they’re awfully short……


Approaching closer, trying to see.


While rubbing my eyes, I move with <Reclusive Hidden Body>.


I stoop down to hide myself in the dark cave where the grass grows thick.


I slowly approach the source of the brilliant light.


There is one of the short race.


Their height is about 120 cm. They are short and stout and a beard connect to the hair on its head, but the muscle quality.


Holding a torch in one hand, their head is moving looking for something.


Oh, by any chance, are they a member of the dwarf race?


The race which often appears in fantasy works.


The dwarf put the lantern which continued emitting a strange purple light on his hip. Dead black rabbits also hang there.


Now, if I reveal myself he’ll be frightened……


How to do it……


I think that’s a dwarf, but it’s an intellectual race in a different world.


This rusted sword shouldn’t last……


Before I could come out, the Dwarf opens his mouth.


“Fuhhahahahahahaha. Thank you “Paddock-sama,” I’m revived with this. A blessing came at last, both here and there was enough to grow. Hiyatsuhiyatsuhiyatsu, a bitter experience was caused by the【Second King Meeting】, on the contrary, exile–It’s that worth of celebration? No, I’m glad. At this rate……the whole area where black kotokubi grass grows, goes to the bone sea.”


He says a soliloquy with heavy tension.


The first word, can be understood.


He has a weapon……Eeei, however.


I yell with spirit, and jumped out of the grass.


When the Dwarf sees my figure, he comes to a complete stop with a dumbfounded expression.


“–Oh, oh, excuse me, zu,”


Ah, a voice but……


“Hiiaa, Nannayiaaaaa, This is my yiaaaaaa”


–The Dwarf’s eyes become bloodshot and showers me with threats, pulling a mace and axe out of his waste.


I am struck first.


Dual wielding specializing in fear–


“–Jiyo, w-w-w-wait, stop, I, don’t intend to do anything.”


While retreating back, banzai, I put up both hands. (TL: In Japan when people go “Banzai!” they raise their arms up)


As it had been a long time since I last spoke words, my tongue was dry and I stuttered.


“Nuo, the words of a Dwarf with the accent? There’s no feathers on the back either……you aren’t a “Guranpa?”


He seems to have listened to my words.


Is it thank to the Language Comprehension skill? The dwarf hears me with the proper accent.


Simply, it may be the result of my having stuttered.


But what is “Guranpa?”


In the Dwarf’s right hand is a mace, holding an axe in his left hand, the eyes are still scary.


I talk politely trying to be aware of my mouth and tongue.


“…That, what’s a Guranpa?”


“Nu? You can talk normally. A gurnepa is a monter. The monster that appears in the bone sea. It’s said that black grass grows around the area of 【Great Guranpa Hallway】spreading out towards the sea of bones. The “Ancient Black Ring” exists there, it’s said that it appears around that area.”


That sea of bones.


But, it’s my own explanation time.


Aimu, I speak to the short dwarf in a friendly manner.


“It’s a monster……does the monster talk in this way?”


While repeating a gesture where I carefully raise and lower both arms, I loosen up and smile.


“…….Humu, the monster doesn’t do such a thing. It seems there isn’t a *ryogoru* sound in the realm of the dead, the face and there’s no feathers on the back, possibly……Maguru? But, I’ve seen it for the first time. Impossible……you don’t have the appearance of either and wear strange dirty clothes? Don’t Gnomes and Dark Elves use magic to disguise themselves?”


Ryogoru is the sound of hell? What is Maguru?


Gnome and Dark Elf are other races.


Well, apart from that……


“That Maguru, I don’t understand, but I think I’m a person. So, together with you……”


“After all, on the cover, Maguru. As for me, I’m a dwarf. Because I was separated, I don’t give the whole family name. The name is Loirr”


The word Maguru means a person.


“Stray dwarf……Loirr-san. My name is Shuya Kagari. Please call me Kagari or Shuya, whatever way you favor.”


“Loirr is fine. So, Shuya. You who are a Maguru, why are you underground? Also, where this raw “Black Kotobuki Grass” grows, why are you here?”


Asking, Loirr’s eyes were glaring.


Extremely cautious.


Are Magurus dangerous to dwarves?


“That is……”


I have no choice but to make up a suitable story.


“I have no memories. I fell from a huge hole in the ceiling into the sea of bones, but I managed to escape unharmed.”


“When it’s that……did you fall from the cover at the top? And you’re safe? Well, aside from that, did you walk through the dangerous sea of bones? The territory of Guranpa without the sound of Ryogoru……”


Are Guranpa and Ryogoru monsters in the sea of bones?


“I didn’t encounter any “Guranpa.” Though I met a corpse that moved like a person.”


“It is probably so. If you met them you’d “be eaten” and “die.”


I don’t understand, so I’ll agree.


“Eeh, yes.”


Loirr wracks his head, while scratching his beard with a dirty hand he opens his mouth.


“Chi, I’ll check, but 【Langur Empire】is the biggest city, 【Underground City Sauzantomaunten】and 【Underground City Rindo】or the Dark Poison capitol 【Underground City Daumerazan 】, do any of the cities ring a bell?”


Like that, I have no way of knowing.


“What are those? Are there underground cities and countries?”


“……As expected. You don’t seem to know about other underground communities where dwarves live in this world. In that case “Being Separated”, you don’t know the meaning either.”


The dwarf guesses, and falls silent.


“Eeh, what is it to be separated?”


“It’s when a dwarf is thrown out like me. Labeled as a criminal. I was exiled from Langur empire. It’s a breakdown in the power struggle by Ririumu in the 【Second King Society】. Being exiled outside the wall, I’ve been traveling as a nomad for months. Because I had the divine protection from Ryogoru, I was able to survive in this underground world.”


Becoming separated?


Wandering……if required, was this oyaji dwarf destroyed in a power struggle?


Even if he’s called a criminal because Loirr’s eyes are sharp I’m convinced.


The beard has grown untidily into his hair, his hair is full and disheveled……


“I see……”


“Haha, be relieved. It’s okay if you don’t put yourself on guard. There’s no worry and I feel like eating. I don’t know if you’re starved? But, fortunately, the whole area where black kotobuki grass grows spreads out from here. This “Jiji” has been eating black kotobuki grass in large quantities.”


The black kotobuki grass, it seems to be the black leafy grass growing below.


The jiji probably means a black rabbit.


“Is that so. I also want to eat, jiji.”


“Haha, I see, our mutual luck may be bad, I understand.”


The old dwarf, with a smile on his wrinkle filled face, charming.


Next, I’m interested in what Loirr said about “Ryogoru” just now, I’ll try to hear about it.


“Eh, indeed. And, it’s sudden, but what is Ryogoru?”


My expectation, it is the lantern attached to the waist.


The item which produced a purple and bluish white light.


“Haha, it’s this wonderful light. It caught your eye. Indeed. “This” is Ryogoru. It’s a special magic tool. It’s an old legendary item.”


Mm, a special magic tool.


“What kind of effect does it have?”


“When it’s slapped on top it releases a sound into the area, it produces a special musical field. This sound is effective at keeping away monsters living underground. As I said earlier, I was able to survive and arrive here thanks to it.”


Ah, so just now, that strange dry sound.


“I see. It’s an amazing item.”


“That’s right. I don’t do it, if I’m going to touch it, I do it myself with this axe head……” (TN: Threatened to chop MC.)


Loirr doesn’t seem to have liked my eyes.


If that the case I want to say “don’t show it so proudly”, but I’ll try to be friendly.


“I won’t do such a thing.”


“Okay. Is that so, ah, don’t be sorry. It’s a thing where I haven’t encountered a friendly person in a long time, so.”


“……It would be like that in an underground world. Well, does such an item exist elsewhere?”


“What do you think? It seems there were scores of them in the city I came from. At any rate, it’s said that a part of Ryogoru is sealed living in hades.”


Ryogoru is living in hades?


Is there such a monster-ish thing in this world?


“However my luck is certainly improving. …….Because I finally found it. The place where black kotobuki grass grows all around……. I have to hurry tomorrow or it will escape.”




“Leave here?”


“Ah, return to Langur empire. If there’s a bunch and the black grass is harvested by the Ririumu upstart, I’ll become rich. On the contrary the 【Second King Society】will be crushed. Bribing the guards and members of parliament becomes easy. Besides, it’s not just that……hyuhyuhyu.”


Dirty teeth were bared with a laugh.


The charming face has become a creepy smiling face.


However……do I go.


I came to this world with great efforts, for the first time I’ve been able to communicate, although in passing……an unpleasant person……


“……Will you take me?”


“It’s no good.”




“Eh? Why is that?”


“Langur is the country of dwarves. Maguru aren’t seen there. In fact this is my first time seeing one too. The people of Langur are prejudiced to Maguru and the world of Maguru, if I take you, there’s no chance of even bribing the guards if I’m caught.”


Eeh, also alone.


Mm, it’s unpleasant. Once again, I’ll try asking……


“Is it really useless?”


“Ah, it’s no use.”


I become crestfallen.


This fellow won’t hesitate to attack if I try to follow either, his face says it.


There’s no helping it……


I’ll only hear terminology and get information.


“Is that so. It’s regrettable……however, please tell me. What are the ‘Maguru’?”


“……You’re asking a question? Well it’s fine. The world of Maguru is the surface. It refers to people living on the surface world. As for us dwarves there seems to have been a foothold on the surface long ago. But, probably because war continued for a long time, our ancestors cut off exchange with the surface. Nowadays for a long time the Maguru, interchange with surface races including humans like you is prohibited.”


Loirr pointed a finger to the ceiling and explained.


“Mm, in underground Langur, there’s no humans.”


“Of course.”


There’s no humans underground.


“Then do you know a way to the surface?”


“I get it, I get it. There are some stone pipes called “God Towers” which seem to lead directly to the surface. It’s said they were made by the ancestors of dwarves.”


Wao, there’s such a stone pipe.


With this, I may be able to get to the surface!


“There’s such a thing…where?”


“For example, it think it won’t be usable even if it’s found, but……”


“Please. Please tell me.”


The dwarf looks at my desperate face, and opens his mouth while scratching the hair on his cheek.


“……Well. Although a Maguru, having met in such an absurdly remote underground place, it must be fate. It may be discovered with the guidance of ‘Paddock-sama.’” I’ll tell you.”


“Oh, thank you.”


I have a smile floating on my face, and when I hear it extends ear to ear.


“What I know is there’s a ‘God Tower’ in 【Underground City Sauzantomaunten】 which is in the center of 【Langur Empire】. It’s said that it’s broken after several thousands of years have passed. Other than that……it seems they’re scattered about in the distant far away parts of the underground world. But, even if you find a God Tower, there’s a particular way to use it. I think it won’t work because it’s broken. In the first place the technology used to make it has already been lost. Great Paddock, the great ancestor-samas know the way to open the path, just, for what sake was it made……”




Knowing the location of the dwarf country.


Ma, if it’s broken there’s no point.


Well, the god tower, I imagine it as a stone pipe, is it a box thing like an elevator?


It’s surprising that there was such technology.


“…….I see.”


“Ou. Then, as for those two, three of them, this jiji will part here and hunt. I don’t know in how many months, but I think that a hired mercenary sentry may come here. At that time, because you may be found, will you escape? Oh, well, I’ll part here. Maguru Shuya.”


After how many months. I don’t understand how to count calendars in this world.


The Gregorian calendar, five lines, don’t divide the zodiac cycle.




Loirr the dwarf disappeared into the depths of the cave with the torch in one hand.






I followed Loirr.


I was warned not to, but I ignored it.


I followed him.


Well, the dwarf was the first precious person I was able to talk to……


Also, Loirr is going towards the underground city with the broken god tower, is it there?


I might be able to use it.


If I follow him, I may be able to find the quickest way to the surface.


If I sneak into the underground city, it should be possible to protect myself in a corner of the slums.


I want another person to speak with a little.


Pursuing Loirr with such one-sided thinking, several weeks passed.


In the meantime Loirr advances while making the *ryugoro* sound.


When Loirr feels the presence of monsters, they used *ryugoro* every time. Then because my presence was hidden, I was able to travel without fighting any monsters.


But, the areas I’m traveling through may be affected by the sound, a beast type monster, a hairy caterpillar like monster with multiple big eyeballs, and many monsters where bears and crabs are combined into big monsters, I see them around me.


Persistently, only looking.


Thanks to <Reclusive Body> and <Night Crawler Adaptation> I was able to at easily observe them.


My figure wasn’t discovered by monsters.


And, pursuing for a long time, Loirr finally stops moving.


At the same time, I discover the dazzling lights of the underground city before me.


The size of the cave isn’t natural, huge artificial stones cut into cubes increased.


At last, I seem to have arrived at the underground city.


An underground city……


A country where cities are built from giant stones emitting light, it’s certainly a man-made brightness.


But, my stupid pursuit drama was to that extent.


–Tsu, is that an arrow?


Although <Reclusive Hidden Body> was being used, one after another, arrows were sent flying from bows.


“An unknown magic reaction is over there. –There’s an enemy there!”


“Is it a Dark Elf? Pursue it.”


Several dwarves murmur such things amongst themselves.


Dwarf soldiers dressed in small black armor appear in sequence.


Their movements are completely different from Loirr.


I move like a ninja moving from place to place.


When they get to the place I’m hiding, they point in my direction.


Again an arrow flew.


-Shit, the only thing I can do is escape.


Luckily, I remember the way I came.


There’s no helping it, let’s give up following Loirr.


I ran away and escaped.


I shortly shake off the pursuing dwarves.


Dwarves are short-legged, even if they move quickly, it seems they’re slow on their feet.


I might just be fast.


By the way, in addition, I return straight back to where the black grass grew.


I often encounter monsters in the caves while returning, but I avoid them all without fighting.


……How many weeks, on foot, I was able to return to the place where the black light giving grass grew.




In this way, again, life in this dark cave began.


Not able to understand day and night.


Sleeping dozens of times, repeated several hundred times……


By chance, suddenly, I, have nothing to do.


And, it leads to talking to myself.


Being used to the life at the level of primitive man here, the rabbit meat is a reward, how about it? Like this, continuing to live in such a state, doing such a thing……


What point was there to transmigrating?


I feel like the time I was unemployed, paying the cost of laziness.


After all the surface, a human being, let’s go to the place of Maguru.


I can only search for clues to the god tower.


I’m scared of the monster Loirr talked about, but there should surely be something in that wide bone sea.


Which reminds me, Loirr said something about the effects of war causing the dwarves to return to the underground.


Either way, I can only go to the bone sea.


Hence I get ready for that purpose.


I wind the black grass called black kotobuki grass around many places on my body.


I’m going to live mainly on this.


Just in case the jiji harvests, I collected about five of them.


If there’s only this, I think I can last to an extent.


Because it rots I can’t expect it to store long, but……at worst, I understand I can survive without eating and drinking.


Humans, going to the surface where humans are.


Find a “god tower,” find the way leading to the surface.


I, who strengthened my determination, left the area where the black grass grew.


I start traveling the underground world.




Passing through the cave where black grass grows, I arrive at the bone sea.


After five days, I think the sixth has probably passed.


Because my sense of time is completely out of order, I don’t know.


There’s only a small amount of black Kotobuki grass remaining.


There’s already no more black rabbit meat.


With such a feeling, I trod on the endless bones and continued walking.


–Buuun, buuuuuuuun I heard a vibrating sound echo.


It steadily grows louder.


When I look up at the sky, is that a white human shape? Oh, what is that?


White armor? It looks like a monster.


It looked down at me.


The weird white monster drifts in the sky.


Pure white armor, it’s a mechanical-type armor. There are four arms and all of them are black. Something like a red gasmask covering only the eyes of the face.


Many pipes extended from the gasmask and lead to the chest armor.


Attached to the back are long feathers, making a transparent membrane. The long transparent wings are like a hummingbird, they vibrate intensely and seem to allow it to fly.


The vibrating sound is to the extent that I imagine the huge feathers as insects.


The skin of the face is white.


Also, for some reason only half the face has lips, it’s grandly exposed.


That mouth, it’s a monster after all.


It must be the guranpa monster the dwarf Loirr mentioned.


The mouth which is exposed, the mouth of the monster.


Inside and outside of the square mouth, there’s two.


The teeth growing outside the mouth are lined up like a shark, it’s the feeling that it won’t separate if I’m caught once.


Another small mouth on the inside, more fine fangs grow spread out, it’s disgusting, and ghastly.


If compared to a movie, if feels like a mix of alien and predator……


The monster with the gasmask attached to the white armor suddenly comes down, and stops in front of me.


『I chased the thick smell of demon origin blood, but to come across a living human……』


Now, direct……was it in my head?


“Eh? Demon Origin? The smell of blood.”


Can communication be done?


『Ho……you can read and understand my <Thought Wave>? You’re a strange, are you really human?』


The moment I heard his, unpleasant, final words.


–A sudden gust is generated in my stomach.


At the same time–a shock and an acute pain run through my left side.


–When I look at what’s producing the acute pain,




Part of my left side disappeared–




There was a delayed scream.


When I turn my eyes to the black right arm of the monster, the piece of meat which is part of my stomach is grasped.


My blood dripped from the palm of the monster. (TN: Well shit)


The monster carries the piece of my flesh to its square mouth.


Then, a snake tongue splits from inside the monster’s disgusting mouth.


It changed into two tongues.


The tongue moves like a snake, focusing on licking my flesh, firmly eating together.


『Humu…….the taste of this blood is similar to the taste of human……』


Shit, my flesh is being eaten.






……Too much pain! That guy’s attack, I didn’t see it. Dangerous…….


I shivered unintentionally.


The hair on the nape of my neck stands on end, goosebumps cover my whole body.


『Well, I’ll take more.』


The moment the words entered my brain.


I–activated <Cerebral Demon Speed>.


Increasing speed–I urgently ran along the slope.


Scattered bone dust dances around the ground where I was, the black arm of the monster pierced the ground.


I hurl the rusted sword at the monster.


It hits the white armor of the monster, but it was easily repelled. I see that, and immediately run away.


–At any rate, run!


I avoid bone mountain and quickly begin to run.


Blood overflows from the left side with intense pain, but I ignore it.


I jump earnestly and run to escape.


I thought bone mountain continued on endlessly, but……I saw a decayed fort-like building coming up in front of me.


When I draw near, there are some thin black pillars at the entrance. Its–I run into the gate like place.


I run with every effort in the fortress building. There’s no door.


The inside is dark but I don’t mind it, I go through the darkness.


While going into a narrow snake like passage way and rubbing against the wall, I walk.


I walk, but the fear of a while ago revives and I shudder.


Scary……the <Cerebral Demon Speed> usable for emergencies is already removed, it can be used. I should have taken great distance.


Seeing the few good things, I looked back.


……Fuu, it didn’t come.


My stomach hurts, there’s no particular fatigue but I put my hand on the wall, and take a little break.


For the time being, I use <Reclusive Hidden Body >.


But what is it, that enemy… The words of the dwarf Loirr “You’d be eaten if you met” were true.


Honestly, it licked my flesh.




The abdominal wound I received before I “escaped” begins to ache and then begins to throb.


I endured the pain in my stomach, to run.


I start running. Advance, jumping while I run.


This is the end of the fortress like ruins, I continue feeling through the darkness in the rubble.


Again coming to the sea of bones, I feel the sensation of crushing a bone with a step.


I went forward through the bone sea in front of me earnestly. The darkness suddenly ends, and a bright dazzling light appears in front of me.


Is it fog rather than light? Is fog shining?


The bright fog is thick and dense.


The fog is heavy in the air, it fills my lungs.




Unintentionally, It was enough for me to choke.


Running through the thick dense fog. It’s a little painful but I ignore it.


I continue forward inside the thick fog.


Before, it’s hard to see in the fog, but–Huh!? A building?


I stop running, and looked at the huge building.


That is, it was part of an incredibly large circular structure.


A water film is stretched inside, the circular edge is decorated with various characters and marks. (TN: Oi oi, this is a fantasy novel, what’s the stargate doing here.)


“Oioi, Is this a gate?”


Doesn’t it look just like the thing that was in a SF movie?


Around the circular edge, letters are written dancing around like a strange snake.


『Zararapu is close to far away things.』It seems.


I could easily read it. Thanks to the extra skill language comprehension.


The characteristic round emblem.


The circular mark divided like the yin and yang origin of the universe is displayed on top. There’s also a symbol resembling the sun, there may be some meaning to it…


Then, the sound of *buuuuun* and feathers behind me.


Ugh, not again. Escape!


I might be suffering from trauma.


Just hearing the sound, I grimaced.


I active <Cerebral Demon Speed>. And again I start running.


A huge building besides the rotating circular ring, I move forward.


Well, I thought about entering the gate, but since I have a bad feeling I don’t.


The dense fog continued for a while as I ran, getting away from the black ring structure, the light of the dense fog disappeared all too soon.


Again the dark space spreads out.


I keep running in the dark without hesitation.


Dark. I can’t see the ground.


I forgot to activate <Night Vision>.


I’m desperate. I think I look desperate.


That is, I don’t want to meet that white alien!


While holding such a complaint, the sound of the rib I stepped on cracking resounds.


I’m using <Night Vision>, but my stomach is thrown into a sharp wall.


There’s a sharp pain as my regenerating side is scraped off. But, I endure the pain, running unconcerned.


Then, with a stupid “nuo” sound, my foot slipped and I nearly fell down.


The ground became wet and moist.


There seems to be water near here……


“……It’s water, I want some.”


My throat is dry.


It’s no good for my body unless it’s actual blood, but……


I can’t ask for luxury.


I touch the damp ground, and get that feeling.


The ground is similar to a limestone cave, thin moss grows on the wet surface, I can tell there’s a little flow of water.


At the same time, I heard a distinct sound in front of me.


I thought it was the blood pumping in my ears at first, but the sound seems to be coming from in front of me.


*Goootsu*, far away a low bass sound vibrates in the ground.


It reverberates in the regenerating wound on my side.


Standing up, I start running in the direction of the sound while putting pressure on the wound in my side.


The sound becomes louder.


Eh? It’s bright, the source of the sound might be a river in an underground water vein.


That’s perfect.


–A blue light floats in the darkness.


The pale blue light shines from the river and I rush up to the mysterious river.




I spontaneously raised my voice in admiration.


I can see a fast flowing underground river.


If I wasn’t being chased, I would have been more impressed.


I gently scoop up the water from the fast flowing river with my hand.


The water which overflows and drips down my palm doesn’t shine.


It seems to be a stone on the river bed that’s making the river shine.


Making a bowl with my palms I scoop up the water and carry it to my mouth. I gulped down the water.




It’s water after a long absence.


Yummy, it’s delicious. It tastes slightly hard.


As it was the first taste of water after a long time, I’m energized.


Well really, I don’t change much, but I go ahead walking along the underground riverside at a brisk pace.


The sound of flowing water is intense, a roaring sound beats directly against my ear-drums.


I don’t mind it, and run in the direction of the sound.


There was a subterranean waterfall slapping down from above.


The cascading water flows vigorously from the top of the cave. The water cascades to the bottom from 20 meters.


The spray flew into my face.


It’s cold. A thin fog wraps around the area, it seems to be creating the mist.


Because a faint light shines from the bottom, it was a fantasy scene.




While I was immersed in such a fleeting fantasy–


『Found you』


Again I heard a strange voice in my head.


『Nevertheless, you, don’t use that “Mysterious Skill” so suddenly? 』


Hey–it’s that monster!


When I turn around, the white monster is flying, floating in the sky.


The sound of wings, it looks like I didn’t hear it over the sound of the water……


Again I’ll escape. I activate <Cerebral Demon Speed> immediately.


There’s no diving board, but–I throw my body into the underground stream.


It’s like a high jump competition in the Olympics. I do a nose dive into the waterfall.


When I collide with the water, a plunging sound echoes.


Surely, a spray of water went up.


It’s a good mark for the monster, but there’s no helping it.


The waterfall is considerably deep.


I crawl up from the deep water and reach the surface, and swim with the current.


Luckily, I’m good at swimming.


I went to a medium and high-level swimming club.


However, dirt loosens and floats. I’m dirty I say so myself.


But, I don’t worry about such a thing.


I swim faster than I run. I increase my speed and swim.


Going along with the current I’m considerably fast.


I drift steadily. When the river calms down, the 20 second <Cerebral Demon Speed> burst expired.


I swim using a breast stroke to move in the quiet water, I change from a breast stroke to a crawl and swim.


After a few minutes, I saw a cave like the limestone cave.


A cave with a low ceiling, nothing organic, I go there.


I’m determined and plunge underwater. I dive deep underwater.


The temperature of the water became colder.


I swim paddling with both hands, and continued diving.


Oh? Breathing……can I go without doing it?


It’s strange, but I seem to be okay without breathing.


My left side is regenerating. The blood is flowing but… I swim without minding it.


Blue stones shined at the bottom of the river, but they disappeared and it became dark.


It became complete darkness. I activate <Night Vision.>


I continued advancing through the dark water.


As I advanced considerably, for now, once, I lifted my face up from under the water.




I inhale deeply. While air fills my lungs, I understand there is a artificial stone building when I look around, the stone building is worn here and there.


I observe the stone building while swimming slowly.


There’s ruins here. Above there’s bright lights visible all around.


Mm? There’s a stairway in front of me, stairs spread out inside the water……


I crawl out of the water, seeing the light source I go up the stone stairs with soaking wet feet. On the stone, an iron pan is hanging in the air.


The orange flames illuminated a shrine.


As the undulating flames can be seen from underneath, I assume the flames in the pan are burning vigorously.


It resembles the illumination that was in the sea of bones but it seems slightly different.


When I finish climbing the stone steps, it becomes a passage resembling a character 卜.


The stairs dropdown then spread out into the water. The stairs continuing to the right seem to spread out up to the ruins.


I chose the right hand stairs.


There may be “something” enshrined in a part of the shrine.


I climb up.


After all the stairs led to the central part. When I turn to the side to go up the smaller stairs……


“……a plaza, mm, dead gray statues are decaying, a black animal statue……”


A big staircase continues rising inside.


In the cobblestone circular plaza, was the top.


There are stairs, and something manmade is at the top, possibly.


But, for the time being, I’ll look at the stone statues.


On the circular dais are statues; A human figure without arms or a head, an elf missing a leg, a dwarf with one arm and a statue reduced to a body and face with a horn growing from it. There are other sculptures with fantasy features I haven’t seen before. The statues are lined up like broken ancient Greek sculptures.


But, the old statues stoop in a circle, I was worried about the black beast statue that stood in the middle.


There’s no damage and it almost looks new.


The shape clearly remains.


On top of a huge orange stone pedestal was the “Black Beast Statue,” but it had a presence like it was the master of these shrine ruins.


A mural is carved on the pedestal too.


Several candles placed as offerings were shriveled up under the mural.


Here, someone has come.


Did they come to pray to the black beast?


And, I stare at the black beast statue.


This statue…… clearly, is different from the others.


A dark colored haze appears floating on the surface.


“Unpleasant, aura? It’s like a black flame, but……”


The black flame spreads over the entire body of the black statue showing the border of the form.


Is the beast a leopard, tiger, or a lion?


I can see it some type of animal, but the face, has several feeler like things growing from under the neck.


What on earth is it……


“The eyes of the statue are red……”


Furthermore, I approach the statue.


Then, from behind, again, the voice “Inside my head.”


『You won’t escape again.』




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