Chapter 7 – Mortal Combat, Black Beast’s Roar

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Again, it’s that monster.


The monster whose voice is in my head, I was going to try to turn around behind, that moment–I received several strong shocks to my back.

I’m blown forward.


the pedestal of the huge Black Beast statue collides with my head.


Oooow–Blood. A large amount of blood flies.

The pedestal is bloody. My entire body is in pain. I seem to be bleeding from the head.

The view of one of my eyes is dyed red.


Eh? What is this.

Is it because my sight has become cloudy with blood?


Is the old mural carved on the orange pedestal is moving?

Unpleasant, it’s blood, my blood, the blood squirmed.


No sooner than my blood struck to the groove on the mural it filled up the grooves like a living creature, is the blood being sucked in? The grooves are like a dry sponge……


What is this? Is that mural sucking up my blood?


Because I hit my head, am I seeing hallucinations?


The pain of the injury is felt in my whole body, more than the monster’s attack, I was surprised by the strange phenomenon in front of me.

During the faint thoughts, the part of the mural that sucked in the blood changes to black. Gradually, the picture of the mural was newly overwritten.


The same form of the black beast statue finally appears in the mural.

The statue of the black beast on top of the pedestal begins to shine at the same time.


Several cracks spread and black lantern like spark disappeared into thin air.

The sound of glass cracking resounds. Making a large sound, the huge magic circle which cracked, in an instant, materializes and the disappears.


The massive statue wearing black flames trembles with my flesh and blood, furthermore the red color changed to a darker hue.


I lost a lot of blood, am I seeing a dream?

I avert my eyes from the strange phenomenon, and look around.


At the bottom of the circumference of the pedestal, a piece of flesh fell.

I understand the blood, but a piece of meat? Is it mine?


It’s back there, a stomach, a foot, the terrible pain is delayed.


Oooooooow, it hurts too much……


『…It’s the habit of a human to flee quickly, however, you’re already severely injured. You may not be able to move? 』


Ooooooow, that monster……

Talking directly into my head again……


『But, I was too absorbed in chasing you. I should not come to this domain. Some kind of ancient god, maybe it’s an alter worshiping the old god? ……well, it’s fine. Let’s give priority to pleasure for now.』


While I grovel on the ground, I turned my eyes behind where the monster should be.

After all, there was the hated white monster with black wings on its back.

On those red goggles, a black arm……my stomach is eaten first, my flesh was grasped in the palm of the monster.


The four jet black arms growing from the monster, some small magic formations can be seen.


The jet black color emphasizes the purple magic formations even more.


Furthermore, as if the purple magic is alive, it moves over the surface of the black skin.


It’s too weird.


At its finger-tip, a long wavy purple poisonous looking claw grows.

The purple nail waved like a flamberg, seems to have stuck in my back and foot.


As for the white monster in order to pull back its hand they shururi converge and return to their normal size.


The monster the same was as before, ate my stomach meat……

I feel sick with trembling lips watching the white monster, the upper and lower lips split with a *pakuri*, the mouth opened.

As seen before, two snake like tongue appear from the mouth.


The tongues stretch out to the piece of my flesh. The two tongue tasted the blood dripping from the piece of my flesh each like living snakes dexterously slurping up my blood.


And, a white eyes move *gyorori*.

Those goggle like things are worn, but I understand that the monster’s eyes moved.


『……Delicious, delicious. However, that’s my point of view. Are you still conscious? 』


Already, I made eye contact with the monster.

The pain is intense.

Well. I must escape with <Cerebral Demon Speed>.




<Cerebral Demon Speed>




Hey, why is the skill not activating?


I used <Cerebral Demon Speed>, but for some reason, it didn’t activate.


Over and over, while conscious I try to activate it, but with a haze hanging over my thoughts it doesn’t activate.


『Pu, Fuhahahaha, it’s useless, useless haha, again you thought I was going to let you escape? 』


Shit, <Cerebral Demon Speed>!




『Really, because it’s useless. Ahahaha, this time “I won’t let you escape” didn’t I say? 』


The triumphant white monster, laughs.

However, just like that, it was no use no matter how much I tried to active <Cerebral Demon Speed>.


『Are you using the “Mysterious Skill” I don’t know? The “Cognition” part of the skill is obstructed, I learned a special paralysis poison to seal your ability.』


What, is it that purple nail on the black arm?

To check, I open Status.


Name:  Shuya Kagari

Age: 20

Title: Different World Castaway

Race: Lucivault

Battle Occupation: Chain User

Strength 1.8 – Agility 2.7 – Stamina 1.8 – Magic 3.8 – Dexterity 2.7 – Spirit 3.9 – Luck 1.7

Current Condition: Abnormal: Blood Plasma Deficiency Death Illness 99: High Rank Erosion Paralysis Poison- High Bio-Invasion


The skill didn’t activate, but I seem to be able to see status.

High Bio-Invasion, is what sealed the skill.


Besides, blood plasma illness is 99……


After all, I have to run to escape from this.


More than mummification, now, it looks like I’m going to be killed…… Different World Transmigration? Choosing Vampire? What skill……


But, the thoughts of regret are interrupted by an intense pain.




Spitting out blood, my view is dyed in blood.

Can recovery not keep up with it?


That reminds me……the healing of the wound is slow.

Probably because of Blood Plasma Deficiency Death Illness.

Possibly, are the decreased abilities related?

Because I didn’t suck blood, such a paralysis poison, I was affect by the poison?


Assuming that, by any chance–really, I’m going to die?


I’m desperately trying to think, but in addition to the intense pain running through my body–my thoughts are interrupted, by the pervasive taste of blood in my mouth.


Eventually, blood overflowed from the depths of the throat.


“Cough, a, blood……no way.”


Frustrated dying in such a place.

I desperately adapted to life underground.


I fought, oh god I want to run!!!

I fight, fiiiiight!!


However, the pain, my thoughts fade away.


It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurt, it hurts, it hurts……unpleasant, unpleasant, unpleasant, unpleasant, no, no, n-o –AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!


The world suddenly fades–


That moment, *dokun*, my heart beats.

My body arched, leaping, moving, I struggled.


The boiling blood, runs through my body instantly.

My bloodstream howls from inside my body, the sound of my heart jumping resounds.


The feeling of consecutive electric shocks penetrating my body.

I don’t understand if it’s the influence of the poison, but……I feel the freedom of my body being lost one by one.


Fear, regret, anger, pain, death, madness. Craving for blood.

Finally, the starvation for blood mixes with insanity, the vortex of thoughts reaches the limit.



※Pikon※  ※Blood Rampage Saremasu Begins※  ※Spirit Pollution Acceleration※  ※Starvation Frenzy Chaos Tick Out Activating※

※Blood Rampage Forced Nitrate Overwrite※  ※High Rank Erosion Paralysis Poison High Bio-Invasion Cancelled※

※True Shinso Bloodline※  ※Limited Release Commencing※


The information displayed in red in front of me, the sound resounds in my head, disappeared because of the pain in my back and stomach.


※<Wild Blood Thirst> Skill Limited Release※ (TN: ‘Bout to go all MC on yo ass.)


The “Blood Thirst” welling up in my throat, burns.

Reasoning power, I’m kept away overlooking, drifting–


This, riyaa, force……so, Uriiiiiiiiaaaaaaa, Hyaahyahahahahahaha.


※Pikon※  ※>True Shinso Bloodline>※ ※Partial Limited Release※

※First Blood Vessel Gate※  ※Second Blood Vessel Gate※  ※Forced Gate Opening※ ※Blood Magic Limited Release※

※<Blood Magic>※  ※Limited Liberation※

※Insufficient Ability to Liberate※

※Extra Skill Chain Confirmation※

※Partial Limit Cancellation※  ※Blood Chain Feast※  ※Limited Skill Liberation※



In my brain one after another, the sound.

Jouhou is displayed is my sight.


This, this is, kokochi, Iyaaaaaaaaaa–!

Fuhyuhyuhyua, Hahahahaha!!




I’m warawaaa!

Skill liberation, po-power, “Strength,” kanjiruuuuu!


Fuhahahaha, guu…… (TN: He’s loosin’ it…)


–Throat, burning.


Blood, blood, Blood, Bloood, Blood, Bloooooood–

I can taste it my mouth, ta, drinking my own blood.


Bloooooooood, umeeeee, more, mo, mooooore!


Blood, blood, delicious. I want more.

To suck blood, only a little, I feel rational.


『You’re laughing? Did your mind become strange? What a weird human. Well, I’ll eat more of your flesh and blood.』


Meat eating, and……are you going to supplement your diet with me? Eat me, a vampire? Stop shitting me……


Blood wriggles and rises.


“Don’t fuck with me……”


I stand up while holding the black statue with my hand.


『Mm, what is it? Suddenly starting, nuo!? Doesn’t this nature exceed that of a demon? You’re moving with blood? 』


The voice of the monster, screams no, the sound echoes in my head.


“It’s unforgivable to stand up?” (TN: Okay, this whole chapter is crazy slurring, forgive me.)


Blood wriggles, the part of my body wounded is empty, a large amount of blood overflows.

Then, aided by having swallow my own blood, my reason returned a little while ago.


However, my “desire for blood is intolerable.”


Raising my right hand to easily cover my face.

That moment, the blood which overflowed from the wound in my body, became innumerable “blood chains.”


The innumerable blood rotate turning around, taking on the form of a circular ball. It seems to be a barrier which totally protects me.


From the white monster guy’s side, my figure wouldn’t be seen.




The white monster was attacked by astonished thoughts.

Like that I turn over the white monster’s expectations.


“I’ll accept you blood.”


Extremely naturally, those words appeared.


My thinking, now, is consuming blood. Blood can be sucked. I want blood. And, to be filled.


The whirlpool of thoughts swirls in the ocean of blood.

There’s a large quantity of blood over there. When I think so, I suddenly smirk.


Coming to my face, stretching out the right hand, turning a finger to the monster, offer.


The next instant I activate <Blood Chain Feast>.


The blood chain which surrounded me simultaneously all rushed forward in a wave raising a groan. The blood chains become a big swarm, one after the other each blood chain aims at the white monster completely like snakes.


The white monster fearing the blood chains approaching it, turned around with a desperate look. Showing the wings on its back. It’s trying to escape from the blood chains. Innumerable blood chains approached the white armor creature who is going to escape.


What the first blood chain penetrated–was the foot of the monster.




Fuhaha, the first time I hear its voice is a scream.


Foot penetrated the monster falls down. The wings flutter. Extending four black hands in the air while groveling on the ground, trying to stop the approaching blood chains, but it’s useless.


Blood chains are also being formed by the blood scattered around the area.


Those new blood chains are also added to the storm of blood, and the swarm of blood chains turn on the back of the monster.


The semi-transparent wings were penetrated. The blood chains coil around the body of the monster from behind. The current state of the white armor is buried by vermillion blood chains.


Fuhahaha, I bound the monster tightly.

In fact, its wearing the chains like a costume now.


Finally only the scruff and head of the white monster are visible, only the face became visible.


『W-wait, wait, aaaah』


The white monster speaks, becoming flustered.


“What the hell are you saying?”


I coldly declare.

Instantly while I approach the bound monster, I catch the head of the white monster solidly in both hands.


I hold down the nail growing from the monster’s hand so that it cut into its own face.


In order to laugh–I opened my mouth.

Two transformed canines protrude, the teeth extend a little, becoming sharp.


And, I forcefully bit into the monster’s neck.


I suck the blood immediately. I greedily consume it.


–Bloooooood, delicioooouuus.


※Blood Lust was able to be Appeased※   ※Blood Rampage※ ※Blood Frenzy Chaos Tick Out Cancelled※

※<Wild Blood Thirst>Rampage Skill Cancelled※

※Ability Values Restriction and Skill Reduction are Cancelled and Returned to Original Values※


In my mind numerous characters filled my sight.


※Virgin Blood※   ※True Shinso Bloodline※ Skill Liberation

※Accompanying Skill Liberation <True Shinso Bloodline> becomes <Power of True Ancestor>※

※With Influence of <Power of True Ancestor> Magic Rises Two Levels, Various Skill Fusion※

※<Blood Sucking> changes to <Soul Sucking>

※<Smell Secretion Technique>※ Skill Acquired

※<Head of Household>※ Permanent Skill Acquired

※<Blood Magic※ Permanent Skill Acquired

※Extra Skill Chain Factor Confirmed※

※Extra Skill Chain Factor Derivation Skill Condition Met※

※<Bloody Chain Feast※ Permanent Skill Acquired


That moment–A slight phosphorescence occurs in the white monster.


It flows into me.


It’s different from the blood.

I instantly felt refreshed.


※Pikon※ ※Evolution by Breaking Through Demon Element Tolerance Limit※

※Lucivault Race Evolves to “Rusivault”※

※Racial Characteristics※ ※Strengthening※  ※Permanent Skill fuses to <Power of True Ancestor>※


The monster becomes emaciated before my eyes.

Before long the whole body dries up, becoming a skeleton where only a little red pool of blood remains on the surface.


The machine like white armor falls to the ground with the bones.

Then–an illuminated whit cross of light appears illuminated in front of me.


※Pikon※  ※Crest of Light Activated※

※Spirit Pollution Cancelled by Crest of Light※


The mysterious white light is emitted by the cross and chain mark on the left side of my chest.


It’s coming from the cross and chain mark.

The bloodstained thoughts returned to normal.


This corpse……this white monster, was a “virgin”……


Seeing the bones in from of me, I’m choked.




No, I get it. Wanting blood……I was conscious.

I wanted power, I desired blood.


And, I got power. Race evolution and Power of True Ancestor.


It’s certain something in me changed


The blood starvation was resolved, but I feel a change in the quality of my mind.


The sound of my heart resounds in my ears. My, way of perceiving sound changed? My hearing became sharper, the silence was became deeply longer.


“But, I’m tired……”


I fall down in front of “Black Best Statue” which is covered in blood and pass out.






Wavering consciousness–

In the muddy and partial consciousness–





I hear a voice.


『Splendid……It’s a human and a follower of darkness. A man with a cross of light carved in his soul.』


Mm? Earth tremor……an echoing voice. Again is it a voice in my head?


『If you would like to know my name is Sonata.』


I stand up incited by the sound of the voice.

I turned my eyes to where I heard the voice.


There is a wide blue sky, and a dazzling sun. Lushly green, there was a view of a land I didn’t know.




While looking around, I move forward, and the space blurred like a mirage.


After killing the monster, did I black out?

A cave……I should have been in some old ruins.


Is here a different world?


One step at a time, I walk in the mysterious place.

One step, to advance, grass and flowers bloomed where I stepped and the smell of flowers filled the air.


Just like, flowers, as if blessing me who walks.


The petals are enchanted with a mysterious shining hue. When I think the shade is purple and white another time it changes to deep-red and shines brighter.


『This way……』


Again I heard it. A transparent voice……

I go in the direction of the voice, and begin to hear the howls of animals from all around.


Is it the howling of wolves?

A howl louder than before going ahead.


Then, again the space shakes.

This time a cliff appeared in front of me.


The opposite side is visible.


When I move to the cliff, a shining black ball appeared making a *kyuinkyuin* sound.

I stretch out my hand to touch the black ball. However, the black ball avoided my hand smoothly so it may be aware.


The blackball drifts about floating moving between the two cliffs.


Mm? What was that?


From the place where the black ball passed, a bridge of faintly shining transparent plants rises.

The bridge of shining plants is quickly created, the two cliffs were connected.


“I’m supposed to go this way?”


The black ball answered 『This way…』in return.


It can’t be helped. Let’s cross this bridge…….

Summoning courage, I put my foot on the fantasy bridge.


All right. It’s transparent, but I can walk. It’s a bridge.


As the surface of the bridge is transparent ivy I can see inside clearly.

It’s odd, but a stream of light flowed through the bridge.

Light travels through the bridge like shooting stars.


It’s an extremely beautiful fantasy bridge.


When I finish walking across such a fantasy bridge to the other cliff, the black ball disappears, again the spaces begins to blur, and the scenery changes.


A pale sky appeared and scenery became fixed, and if I think, this time, clouds spread out across the sky.

On a pure white cloud. The sky becomes blue, and the sun illuminates it brightly.


Indeed it’s heaven?


Suddenly having such an impression, again, the black ball appears before me. The black ball, makes its appearance limp and deformed.

It finally settled into the figure of the black beast.


Is it the statue from before? It’s similar.


The figure of the black beast is slightly smaller than how it appeared as a statue, it was the figure of a realistic animal.


A sleek coat of fur black like volcanic glass.

The fur appears like that of a black panther and as soft as a black horse.

The ears stand up tautly, the eyes are bright red.


The pupils are like a “cat.”


But, it looks like a big lion.


The beautiful shine of the fair black shade of the long big long snout, sharp fangs peeked out reminding me of the carnivorous saber-toothed tiger from the imposing beast.


The characteristic splendid grey mustache of the cat family surrounded its mouth.


The appearance of the full black mane that gradual spread out from the throat of the lion displayed the dignity of the best. The glossy black fur of the body creates an image of a black panther.


However, this “black beast,” isn’t a simple animal.


What stands out most, was a strange feature.

The strange thing was “six long thick feelers” growing from the scruff of the black beast.


They’re black tentacles. (TN: I think we all know where this is going.)


Wriggling in the air like living things, they continued moving expanding and contracting…….


Something like small wings also grew on the upper part of the body.




The twin red eyes in the face of the black beast, turn and see me, and spoke directly into my head.


『You’ve done well, coming here. A man with both light and darkness……what are you called? 』

“Eeeeeh, my name is Shuya, Shuya Kagari.”


Is this guy using telepathy?

Nevertheless it’s red. Red eyes……


『Is that so, Shuya, that fight a while ago. It was a splendid struggle! I felt it, I saw it. My blood boiled for the first time in a very long time. Wooooon.』


The black beast stretched its face up, shook its throat and howled.

The air shook and vibrated with a thump, the wind blows with the peculiar smell of the beast, and my hair flutters.


I was startled……

Apart from that, it watched the fight from earlier?


“That is so. I watched. Sonata and something white, the figure of Shuya fighting.』

“You can read my mind? I’m being overheard……so, where am I?”


The black beast there, with a weak high-pitched voice in my head, changed to the deep-bass voice that came from the beast’s big mouth.


“That’s so. Anyway, here is my ‘inner world.’”

“Ah, I see, so the mysterious mirage and the transparent bridge, and now on top of a cloud.”


It’s a common thing……

The black beast which read my thoughts opens its mouth wide and laughs.


“To be common……grrrr, as expected. You catch on quickly.”


It answered while roaring from its throat.

Groaning for a moment, I stiffen and return a question.


“……So, what kind of business could you have with me?”

“As for that. I want you to pledge a ‘blood oath’ with me.”


The black beast says so, and lowers its head.


“Blood Oath? What is that?”


The black beast raises its head, and stared at me with red eyes.

A short silence spread.


And, the black beast moves little by little to talk with its big tongue to speak like a human.


“……With a blood oath, a fixed “condition” is accepted, it refers to a contract with me.”



I fold my arms.


“With the blood oath, I can completely break the barrier. As for Shuya, Sonata receives a “familiar” or “servant,” “with a body” I may go to the outside world.”

“I’ll have a ‘familiar’ or ‘servant’? My pet or servant?”


A pet like a cat and dog? I wonder……


“Me. It’s the same as a vassal or a retainer. I carefully read the thought where you called me a pet, that’s right. It’s just like that. But, thought exists in me, to be free.”


Freedom, it has a big mouth, but he talks dexterously.


“So, what about the ‘condition’?”

“First is transferring part of the demon spirit to share the same soul. The second condition is already met. The third is my wish. Due to it being thought of as ‘the most difficult part’” Therefore, this may take time.”


Sharing one soul……what does that mean?


“Joint ownership of the soul and transfer of the demon origin?”

“As for that, it is connected with the second condition. Shuya, the flesh and blood of Sonata is necessary. The flesh and blood of a dark family is one of the conditions. But, that is……you met the flesh and blood condition of Sonata by spreading blood all over the area. The flesh and blood becomes my new body……when doing so ‘one part’ of Shuya’s soul and memories ‘flow into me.’”


My flesh and blood and demon element become the new body of the black beast…….


“It’s such a thing……my flesh and blood becomes your body. Then a part of my “demon element and soul” flows in and is shared……It’s some philosophical talk, do my memories help you? Is it correct to think my spiritual power will be reduced?”


After the black beast nodded, and answered calmly.


“That’s right. It doesn’t change that Shuya’s soul will become my ‘nourishment.’ But, it’s not snatching away all the spiritual strength for Shuya to become my master?”


Certainly, taking all of my spiritual power, I would become a disabled person once I noticed.


“It’s not that kind of one-sided contract.”

“I’m relieved……so, you said the third of the three conditions is the hardest?”


When I asked so, the red eyes of the black beast became slightly sad.


“……That’s right. The third condition is possessing a treasure artifact of the Rerikusu God relic. If I have the treasure artifact, I think doing so is impossible……to be able to regain my original figure, I think.”


The treasure artifact is necessary.


“If there’s no treasure artifact, what happens?”

“After making our contract, because I’m reborn anew, memories are also lost, I also can’t speak with words anymore. Only feelings are conveyed……it can be expected that the figure becomes small.”


The figure shrinks.

It’s a thing where I want to recover the treasure.

However, whether that’s the way it is……


“Does a treasure artifact of God Relic Rerikusu really exist?”

“I believe ‘there’ is.”

“Is that so. Find the treasure, if I give it to you, you’ll regain the present figure or memory.”

“No, even if the treasure artifact is found, it wouldn’t be possible to recover my present memories. Originally, when I contracted, mine and my master’s demon element mixed together. As a result everything will change. However, if there is the power of the treasure, my own, now, I think I can only regain the shown figured.”


Are memories and words impossible? Is that okay in its own right?


“It’s okay. Bitter memories, they aren’t necessary for me when I’m reborn.”


It’s such a thing.


“……So, is there a name for the treasure artifact?”


The black beast’s twin red eyes brighten at my question and answers.


“The name of the treasures see to be ‘Genju’s Sake Ball of Light’ and ‘Tree of Wisdom.’ When I regain my original form, Shuya is important. Sonota will become an existence which is more useful.”


Whether is helpful to me……

Well, a fundamental question is left.


“How should I say it? When you say you can return to you original size, to begin with who are you?”

“Who am I? That, Sonata, what is Shuya saying? Well, it’s fine. Look at this picture for the time being.”


Then, some kind of images were played like a flashback.


A black beast runs through plains.

Chasing a moose like animal I’ve never seen, it was the image of the black beast hunting.


This, this fellow, the memories of the black beast from the past?


That moment.

Suddenly–a dark blackout.


And, when my sight suddenly returned……a huge black ring stood in front of me, it was the sight of a historic war with races with unfamiliar appearance fighting with evil spirits.


The creatures are evil spirits……


The appearance of a lizard, a spider, deformed alien combinations.


In the mouth of a big rectangular head, sharp crooked teeth growing from the top and bottom, a long tongue stretched out from there, saliva like acid drips.

Six arms growing from the muscular body, an unusual weapon grasped in each hand.

The lower part of the body has six spider legs like steel pillars supporting the huge body, moving around quickly and restlessly.


Fighting against human type creature that resembles the races depicted in fantasy novels, movies, and games.


Before the ruins I occupied a goblin fell into a pitfall, it closely resemble the circumstances carved into the relief in that place……


The race which grew a horn from its head.

Though it’s human-like this fellow has winding sheep horns growing from the head.


The race with long ears and pale fair-blond hair.

I think this is an elf.


The race that looks like a human being, is a human.


The short race, this is dwarf.


The race whose whole body covered in thick hair.

It’s well known if not in fantasy. (TN: Don’t know what this supposed to be. I also might have the negatives wrong.)


The race with an animal tiger face and standing on two legs.

This kind of feeling seems like all the races are a game.


A cat face with four arms, this race has also been seen somewhere.


A great variety of people wage war.


Like that the picture changes, it changes to the scene of the desperate struggle with monsters of evil spirits coming out of the black ring. Then, the black beast and a humanoid race fought against the monsters together.

And there the monsters, flowed endlessly…….the battle following the battle. Finally, surrounded by innumerable monster in agony, the black beast……

The image stopped then.



“I showed a part of my memory. Long ago, tens of thousands, millions of years before. I originally, was not a resident of this world. According to the memory I showed you, in the world where you can live sufficiently by hunting for yourself. Like that at one point, it was suddenly wrapped in darkness. When I noticed I was in front of the black Zararapu ring.”


The words matched with the portion of the memories I was shown before.


Ah, it’s that, that.

When I was desperately escaping from the monster, it was wrapped in fog, a huge structure.

Is it that “Black Ring?”


“Is the black ring wrapped in a fog of light?”

“Now it’s that……Black Ring Zararapu.”


Did you fight in such a place?


“That’s right. I seemed to get involved in the fight somehow or other. Soon after I was summoned, a Human who was at the place saw me and attacked, but without killing the attacking human I stunned them. And, I tried imitating the language that Human spoke during the battle to converse.”

“Conversation, if a beast spoke words I would be surprised.”


The black beast nodded to my words and continued talking.


“That’s right, races growing horns on their heads, ‘You speak a language, when you’re a demon beast?!’ ‘God’ is the reaction I received. I kept communicating with those people until it reached the point where we fought against the monsters together. As for the war, various races including myself agreed to unite. I was able to temporarily exterminate the monsters appearing from the black ring.”


The early events of that memory.


“What happened after that? The impression from that memory was the fight continues all the time……”

“Umu. Certainly, the battle was only a temporary victory. Strange creature I didn’t recognize from the black ring, appearing endlessly overflowing.”


A lot of the monsters in that memory looking like deep-sea fish, had appeared.


“So, by what means……how were “you” summoned?”

“That’s a natural desire, I remember a question……to hear. Every time you win a battle in a matter of minutes, there is time to rest.”


The black beast twitches its long ears there, leaving an interval.


“The golden haired race with long ears answered my question. As for that ‘It’s an accident.’ It’s related to the failure of space-time magic performed by a large group of wise men……”


The black beast tentacles creepily make a ring, and it continued talking.


“I’m the beginning, I didn’t understand even if I heard the story.”


Why is it?


“That’s because it is magic. With the accident, in a life or death struggle, in the middle of a new large-scale attack space-magic, the wise men were going to fire the magic at the monsters, a part of the magic aria collided with the black ring. Having aligned with the black ring a crack ran in space, from there I “appeared” suddenly, and……I received that explanation.”


Mmm, there was such a thing.

A similar monster seems to have appeared first and it was attacked.


“A similar ‘monster,’  I don’t like to imagine that. It’ll be such a thing.”

“Humu, humu, and?”


I nodded my head, urged to continue.


“After the first fierce battle, the humans and long eared race, said ‘If you completely destroy the monsters appearing from the black ring you’ll be able to return to your original world.’ to me, approached me for negotiations. I didn’t know magic so there was no way for me to return. I couldn’t return home if I didn’t cooperate. So, I promised to obey them.”


That’s suspicious.


“Umu. I’m not stupid either. It was a “false cause” to fight, I knew it instinctively. But, I decided to put that in the corner of my mind. Again monsters appeared from the black ring, I didn’t know this world.”


It was only summoned, it couldn’t be helped.


“That is so. Monsters came from the black ring, it may be said that because demons kept appearing I couldn’t afford to choose, but I obediently cooperated. I chose to fight against the monsters coming from Zararapu, I repeatedly killed unfamiliar monsters one after the other, I killed.”


However, according to the memory it was too severe.


“That is……a hardship.” (TN: Also traslates as suffering, affliction, difficulty. Hardship fit best grammatically but I think the author’s intention is closer to suffering.)


The black beast has begun to talk with a distant look.


“Umu. “The battle was long, very long, it lasted for years. I was pressed in every fight by the enemy, somehow I held out. There was repeated annihilation at the front line fort, as many undergrounds were built all around the fort, our fights continued for a long time. The evil spirits form a line coming out of the black ring, and allies supplement our armed forces above ground one after another. And, we always managed a victory at the last moment.”


So, that the reason why that sea of bones spreads out.

Though, since there were also bones piled up under that large hole there seems to be another reason……


“But, longstanding war, undermines the heart. I cut relations with the races which summoned me. And those people who fought with me, the betrayed races begin to run away. But, I wasn’t concerned with it. There were many companions who didn’t betray. Also, my stubborn desire for home.”


Isn’t your face slightly lonely?

Again this black beast……its facial expression are rich.


“It was a relentless conflict.”


The black beast’s tone becomes sorrowful.


“That’s right……but, suddenly once, monster didn’t come out of that black ring. Everyone was delighted. So far, it was only for a short period that they didn’t appear, but it was the first time that monsters didn’t appear for more than ten days.”


Oh, it seems different from the memory……


“Well, listen to the story. Everybody and I was delighted. Times passes, many soldier returned to the surface. My fight ends, what would you do after this, when I thought that, I remembered an old promise.”


The first promise. Is it the magic to return to his original world?


“So it is. A person “with horns growing from their head” stood next to me with without returning from surface honestly. They spoke to me with a sinking face. ‘It’s not possible to return to your original world,’ they said. My having appeared, “accidentally, was only a coincidence. We heard from soldiers in the past. In the first place, the people in question who performed the magic, as they already died long ago, we don’t know’ in the end is what I learned. And, angered I remembered, people have short life spans in the harsh war. I watched close friends die, so I understood that from the beginning. But……the break was enough time for me to remember my home. The yearning for home had spread too far in my heart.”


I feel like I understand.


“I sympathize with you……the first promise sounds contrived.”

“Humu. The lie is all right. I spent a long time with various races like the horned race, the short race, the long-eared race, the hairy race, and the human race……as a result of having continued fighting together, I had more than a sense of familiarity for them……”

“It would seem so.”


The black beast sighs and blows a large snort at me, and again begins to talk.


“…….Then, it occurred to me.”

“What did?”

“I may be able to destroy the “Black Ring” which was the cause of it. Na.”


That huge structure? Impossible……


“That’s right. But, at that time I may have been desperate.”

“That behavior, and did you rise to action?”

“Yes. I moved to destroy the black ring. The horned and long eared races said “stop, it’s futile,” and stopped. But, the short race said ‘Actually, try it.’”


The short race has a very daring character.


“Just like that I tried to. So I vented my anger with ‘fangs’ and ‘tentacle bone sword’ and ‘explosive flames’ and so one, I unleashed attacks and killed many monsters. But……the “black ring” wasn’t damaged at all. My attacks were completely ineffective.”


It wasn’t even scratched.

It doesn’t seem to be so hard that it’s at that level.


“You couldn’t break it.”

“Yes. The long eared family said, ‘It’s useless. Our ancestors did the same thing. Even the gods we believe in, did not answer this question. This black ring is of a different nature, it doesn’t seem to be related to our world or the adjoining worlds of the gods or hell.’”  (TN: Because it doesn’t belong in a fantasy world…)


Gods, the world of gods is a different world than that of spirits. There is such a thing.

Though, it seems it must be, but I don’t understand the distinction.


“The horned race also told me. ‘This black ring has existed since before we were born. It’s the that monsters and demons have continued to appear from for long years. We have to fight or, underground, the underground city will be reduced to ashes.’ The soldier lamented.”


While staring at the red eyes, my mouth suddenly opened.


“……The story is too grand. At the black ring, various races.”


I saw say a little moved by the long history.


“That is so. I’ve also forgotten some of the memory.”


But, what exactly is the black ring……

I know it’s the sort of the thing that appears in a SF movie…… (TN: Stargate SG1)


“The black loop when I saw it, had something like a film of water in it. Is it actually a metastasis gate, and object able to ‘transfer,’ and ‘warp?’”


The black beast made a big nod and answered.


“It’s like that. The gate certainly seems to be a metastasis gate. It’s a huge man-made gate. The Archmage and the great sages inspected the gate for a long time, but without understanding how to operate it, only, it seemed to be understood that one could enter inside and move somewhere else. Also there not ‘one’ black ring but innumerable ones exist, they said.”


Seriously? There’s other ones.


“This world has a large surface world and the underground world. That is we must pass through one part. Besides, it was said that innumerable black rings existed. Even for the back ring on the surface, there was a long fought war around this one, yet I heard that a peaceful black ring also existed. In the past the black ring was used, moving to the far-off black ring.”


Existing innumerably, taking advantage of that.

A decent level of civilization can be expected.

Even if the gate are properly investigated it might be such a thing.


“Is called, and along with the monsters ceasing to appear from the black ring gate, has is ever happened that someone went there?”

“Humu, there is. The Archmage of the long-eared race and the wise men of various races went in, many who went did not return, but those who were able to return existed too. Those people say, in the case of this black ring operating there random dimension metastasis.”


So it’s random? You don’t know where it will go.


“That’s right. If you go into the ring you may go to a distant place in the same world, or you may come out of a black ring in a completely different world. And in addition to that it led to various world not just one world in a different dimension. The black ring exists in different worlds, that is connected to innumerable different worlds, and it’s connected to a few worlds that monsters and evil spirits inhabit, it only ‘accidentally’ connected with our world. Hearing their words, I for but an instant, dreamed that I could return to my world……right away I recalled that there was no black ring in my world, I had that fleeting thought.”


The different world in a different dimension. More and more the black ring gate.


“It’s such a black ring, but I heard a curious story. One of the black rings on the surface isn’t random, there seems to be a huge black ring is a state fixed to some labyrinth world. A town has developed on the surface with the black ring and has become a city, it leads to an underground labyrinth there, and it’s connected with an ordinary underground area, it’s said there is such a mysterious labyrinth city.”


Hoa, for there to be such a thing. It seems there may be anything.


“Did you not go to the such a surface?”

“I did not go. Monsters didn’t appear anymore, but a lot of the remaining monsters were wandering in the underground. Be that as it may, most of the allied races which fought together returned to the surface or somewhere underground. As a result, just before my own sealing, the only ones by my side were the ‘horned race.’”


As for the seal……


“Even if the thing is sealed, what happened after that?”

“I lost. The monster coming out of Zararapu……”

“As expected, the appearances having stopped was a temporary thing. Monster coming out of the black ring.”


The black beast nods its red eyes sadly, shaking its big mouth and says.


“That’s right, monsters not coming out was temporary. One of the great sages who studied the black ring called it a ‘cycle.’ The great sage, was killed by the monsters that appeared, but the monster appeared one after another a surging wave of spirits. I fought, but I was injured and with numerical inferiority was cornered. I’m strong. But, the range of the attacks I can use……don’t amount to much, the range of the soldiers who remained on the battle field were few, so once the situation turned for the worse recovering from the fight became impossible.”


That would be so……

I unintentionally empathize.


“Finally, the only one at the fort on the front line is me, the friends who stayed until the end decided to withdraw and left. The superior Archmages retreat using their individual small magic gate in succession. Everybody entered into those gates and disappeared.”


There are individual magic gates.


“Yes. The people who were too late to use the magic gate and the people who can’t use magic, escaped the place using the transportation device invented by the “short race” in the past which connects from underground to the surface. As for the “horned race” who worshipped me as god, at the very end seemed to have run away to the surface. The surface is endlessly vast. So they said. They hope to escape somewhere far away……”


The words coming from the black beast, vaguely, adopted a tone that had no strength.


“I think you saw my memory, but……immediately after that, I was encircled by several tens of thousands of monster and creatures, it was the final battle. I regenerated my body many times and continued fighting, but……in the end I reached my limit. I used up all of my strength. I couldn’t move my legs anymore. Seeing that I cannot move the monsters create a ‘commemoration of victory,’ they seem to have sealed me as an example. Huge magic formations appear one after another, they expanded, and my soul is captured with some magic and a magic tool. Like that, I was finally sealed as a black statue.”


The feeling of the black beast reach my mind like a wave and I feel the fear. Widening my arms in order to accept it, I voiced the doubt I thought.


“Because of that, now, being sealed, for what reason, can you do a thing like this inner world?”

“After these long years a tear has occurred in the barrier. But, it’s certain that the flesh and blood of Shuya as a member of darkness broke part of the seal, so, my thoughts were transmitted to Shuya.”


Eh, perhaps……

I was stirred by an uneasiness.


“My flesh and blood. The adherents of darkness thing, was there a demon race like a vampire on the side that sealed you?”

“Yes. My enemy had adherents of darkness too, there was also a someone called a Mazoku.”

“In that case, wouldn’t I be your enemy?”


Did the black beast sense my unease? It began to lift its mustache to smile kindly and begins talking.


“Disagreeable, it is probably different, in the first place, is Shuya a complete adherent of darkness? I think it’s different.”


Certainly, there’s the light buff from the crest of light.

From the new Lucivault race……killing the white monster, I became the new Rusivault race.


“It’s certain that the blood of adherents trigger it, but even if there was a tear, when there was little hostility, without sympathy, this “seal” couldn’t be torn even partly. This is an absolute. So be relieved. Also, now, speaking this way is the “best evidence” that Shuya matches my wavelength.”


Surely, a warm honest heart is transmitted……


“Well, is that so. In fact I don’t bear any hatred towards you.”

“Umu, that’s true. Time flows outside……a very great amount of time has passed. Now, Shuya. A person such as Sonata appeared……”


The black beast looks me with gentle eyes like a black like. (TN: Gunna be honest, I translated this back in June and I’m too lazy to go back to the raws and figure out this typo.)


“I get it. And assuming we contract, what name are you called by?”

“In the beginning, when I came here to this world I was called a monster and a demon. Then it is God of the Next World, Beast of the Next World, Black Beast, the name changes with time. The horned race, intimately called me ‘Divine Beast Lohse.’”


A tilted gaze turns to me hoping that I may think of something, and I fold my arms.


“God of the Next World and Divine Beast Lohse……”

“Shuya shall choose the name. Because you shall become my master.”

“Is that so……”


Then, thinking……the red eyes, red The mustache is also big, and the tentacles on the side. The black fair, seems fluffy……and soft to the touch.


“Shu, Shuya, don’t you know your thoughts are transmitted to Sonata?”

“Ahaha, it’s not finished. I’m thinking properly.


Deep red eyes. A beast coming from nordic mythology. Fenrir is famous. Besides there’s that big mustache and the tentacles in it……


“Interesting, an image spreads from an unknown language.”

“That reminds me, are you male or female?”




And, then it becomes……simply.


“Rollodinu……how is it?”

“Wooooooon!! I love it!” (TN: She’s a cat but she bark like a dog)



Startled, a sudden roar in front of me……the earth shakes.


“Shuya. It’s what to say before a contract……it’s the last condition, it’s related to the god relics and treasures, but……so, where it is, as expected I also don’t really know.”


I scowl and show a reaction. I turn a doubtful face.


“Then, why the condition?”


The black beast explains, laughing kindly.


“It’s a hope…….a blood oath is the same as being reborn……in the old days, would you mind it if you dreamed of the times when you loved running and hunting at home? Besides, already……I cannot return to my original world.”


I feel sorry for how it is. To be reborn. I transmigrated too, I’m the same.


“I understand. “Let’s promise” even at the time your intelligence drops considerably by making the contract, you will never fall into an animal?”


The black beast narrowed its red eyes, and spoke with a strong voice.


“Do not make fun of it. I still continue to feel. I believe it is possible to increase the size of my form after the contract if only a little. The thinking will be at the same level of a human……I think.”

“Even though I won’t understand Rollodinu?”

“That’s right. At any rate it’s because it’s the ‘first time.’”

“First……I’m somewhat worried. Is there no way for it to fail?”


After the black beast averted her eyes for a moment, she fixed her eyes on me.


“……I think it probably won’t be bad. It’s the same as new transmigration. Then, at that time……I disappear. Shuya is, in a mere dream……It’s only experienced like a vision.”

“It’s that sort of thing. If it’s such commitment it’s okay. Let’s do the ‘blood oath.’ And then that ‘contract’”


I smile, and spread my lips.


Then, from the six tentacles growing from Rollodinu, two of the tentacles reached to me.


A feeler touched both cheeks.

A gentle sensation was transmitted.


『……Are you read? Shuya’s soul, will lose a large amount of demon element.』

“Ah, it’s fine, it’s fine. I intend to have firm safe foundation, there’s plenty of it. I’ll deal with it.”


The black beast’s red eyes suddenly open wide, and opened her mouth.

Speaking words like an incantation for the contract.


“From today onward I am Rollodinu. My master is Shuya, best regards kongotomo.”


When I hear the lines I’ve heard somewhere, Rollodinu the black cat turns the nose with the prominent black line up, to look at the sky.


Opening her mouth widely,




A howl-like roar echoes across the inner world.

A faint wind blow through, the inner space of the clouds splits open with a thud and disappears.



※Pikon※ ※Blood Oath Holder※ Title Acquired

※Large Quantity of Spiritual Strength Lost Due to Divine Beast Contract※

※Title: ※ ※Blood Alliance Performer※ ※Different World Castaway※ ※Integrated Sale Will Change※


※Title: ※ ※Divine Beast Contractor※ Title Acquired (TN: Woo! Second title character has made her appearance!)



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