Chapter 5 – New Power and a Determined Heart

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I was able to obtain the skills <Throwing> and <Cerebral Demon Speed>.

<Throwing> I was able to understand, but as for <Cerebral Demon Speed>, I haven’t felt it so far……


“The inside of my body feels like its changing……”


My voice is excited, and it leaks out.

In this world skills seem to be acquired by one’s actions.

I pick up the torch I had thrown, and bring the flame closer to my own body, look at my feet and hands, touching my face.


Nothing has changed, they look the same.


<Cerebral Demon Speed>……


It’s an ability that raises my speed limit.

I can intuitively understand the skill, I’ll try confirming it.


“Skill Status.”


A semi-transparent skill appears before my eyes.



Skill Status.


Acquired Skills:<Throwing>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>


Permanent Skills:<True Shinso Bloodline>:<Demonic Charm Eyes>:<Natural Demon Ability>:<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Blood Sucking>:<Physical Ability Increase>:<Magic Ability Increase>:<Undying>:<Hyper Intestinal Absorption>


Extra Skills:<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>



While playing with the status screen <Cerebral Demon Speed> is derivative, it’s related to the <Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution> extra skill.


※Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution※

→<Cerebral Demon Speed>



??? is the same as <Chain Factor>, is there something I can learn after this?


I touch <Cerebral Demon Speed>. I look at the details.


※<Cerebral Demon Speed>※

Certain conditions are required to activate.

Constant noradrenaline and adrenaline secretion are required in the brain.

Permanent brain and spinal nerve network grows and blood vessels continue to increase, explosive physical speed is obtained.


After using the skill, physical speed is drastically increased for 20 seconds.

Consecutive use is impossible, there is a 20 second time lag.


An explanation was provided regarding the skill.


So I close the translucent window.


After all it seems to be a speed increasing skill. There’s a 20 second time lag.


Even so, blood is clinging to my right hand.

I try to shake it off blood but the blood clings stickily.


“–Blood, speaking of blood……”


I observed the blood coating my right hand as I mutter quietly.

For me, this “blood” is necessary.


“If I don’t consume blood, I’ll eventually mummify.”


Possibly, even if it’s monster blood, is it all right?

I try licking the blood on my finger as a trial.




Except–it’s delicious.


I quickly lick up my finger.

The blood makes a good feast like this……


I feel that blood is supposed to be “tasty.”

That means, in the end, it probably effects my mind and thinking?


Probably, it will be so.


As I was able to replenish the blood, after the five days my ability will begin to fall, so it’s necessary for me to replenish to “blood” from monsters and even animals.


Speaking of vampires, if I want to unlock the permanent skill <True Shinso Bloodline> I need to drink “virgin blood.”


I confirmed it before transmigration, and I check it again.


I touched <True Shinso Bloodline> under permanent skills.


※True Shinso Bloodline※



The liberation condition of ※True Shinso Bloodline※, requires virgin blood.

The power of the true vampire ancestor is released by drinking virgin’s blood. In doing so the two phases evolution of “Ultimate Magical Power” is completed on this occasion.


A true ancestor suggests a founder with those words……


When transmigrating, it also mentioned the blood sucking god.


Apart from that, a simple question passes through my head.


Is only one drop of virgin blood enough?

Does the person I drink from die?

Does the person I drink from become underlings?


Or else a little blood is extracted, even if blood is sucked I may be okay.


And, it’s simple, but various question are floating through my mind.

It’ll be understood if I suck blood, I think.


Ma, first of all, get someone who is ready to die……

The first person you try to suck blood from “May die”……


So, the partner might die.




I seize my face with my hand, and leaked a dry laughter.


I’m half disgusted with the cruel thought I had.


……As I thought, my mind seems to be changing little by little.


“Is it because I tasted blood?”


I asked the dark cave.

Of course, the dark cave does not answer.


Tsu, at this late hour. It was me who chose it in the first place.


Furrowing my brow, I open my eyes wide.


First I clench my fist tight and put power into my arm, I strike the wall next to me with my fist.


A dull sound echoes in the cave.

A small stone falls from the light shock.


My hand hurts……


There’s a trace of bright red blood on the wall where I struck my fist, cracks spread out from the area I hit.


It’s an enormous power. The power of the vampire lineage.

Though the current family is the Lucivault.


But, there’s pain in my fist, and I’m bleeding.

In order to experience the sense of pain.


……My first is sore and aches.


However, the reality is that the wound on my fist is quickly healed.


It all happens in front of my eyes, it’s genuine reality.


There’s only me in the darkness, I stare ahead into the cave.

I stretch my hand out in the darkness, again, I close my fingers into a fist like I’m taking hold of something.


And, again, when I open my palm, I make a fist.


If blood is necessary I’ll take it in.

This isn’t the old me anymore. Even more I’ll “Become Stronger.”


In this dark place, in this unknown world, I do not change.


What I imagined, was it considerably different?

I will adapt to this dark underground world, not giving up……


“I’ll survive–”


I don’t know whether it is the result of repeated thoughts, but I felt greatly refreshed.

I grasp the torch, and advance into the depths of the dark cave.






It showed up as 6:00 when I looked at my watch.

There’s rocks and stones scattered in large quantities here.


I pick it up.


When I pick up the stone, I try to get the feel of it by throwing it using <Throwing>.

I try throwing while running, and extending the chain.


However, the dark cave still spreads out further.


The torch light, behind…….I wonder how long it is?


I walk while carrying such a worry.

The cave gently slopes down.


I noticed it being slanted.


I go down the slanted slope.

The light of the torch illuminates the area around me.


Hoo, it’s man-made.


Advancing along the slope, the design of the walls and floor of the cave changed.

I want to see it more clearly.


Bring the torch close to the wall, I stare.


This is certainly made by an intellectual being.

There are traces of chiseled portions and having dug.


I go down the slope touching the wall which is changing every moment.


I walk for a while, and the cave changed to a completely stone corridor.


The ceiling and floor is composed of square stones, closely packed without a gap. The stone walls are similar to Japanese castles.


Furthermore, the stone passage advances forward. Then, I discover that there’s a shelf carved on the right hand wall. A small and a finely worked artistic figure are on the shelf.


It’s similar to the ancient Egypt of earth, Mesopotamia, stuff which harks back to Sumerian civilization.


It’s surely is the trace of “some civilization.”


I pick up the small statue with my hand, and get a little excitement.

When I was going to return the statue to the shelf, a light was seen in the back.




I leaked a sound.

Do creatures live there?


While ruminating such a question over in my head, I toss away the statue I picked up, and run there with the torch. There’s a small groove on the wall, torches are inserted into the grooves at fixed intervals.


The torch light illuminates the corridor clearly.

Gently sloping down, it feels like continuing down in a spiral.


The torch I have seems to have burn out, and I throw it away.


It’s bright here.


I descend the revolving corridor rotating around in a spiral.


But, this corridor……if it’s like an illusion like walking inside a snail’s cochlea then I’ll be walking for eternity.

There’s no fatigue, but like this, walking round and round, I’m getting tired of it.


Then it changed.


The spiral stair case which seemed to continue endlessly, in order to comply with my wish, changed from a gentle slant to a steep slope.


But, it changed too much.

Before sliding……the steep slope changes going down.


Because the uneven ground goes down more here and there it become like steps, so I go down using the steps.


A few slide down like Ishizaka, I discovered an iron door on the inner side.


An old rusted iron door.


There’s a handle to open the iron door, but it seems to be locked and no matter how much power I use it doesn’t budge and inch.

The door won’t open.


“It can’t be helped.”


With words of acceptance, I give to iron door a kick with the bottom of my foot.

The hollow iron became dented, and a hole the size of my foot appears. A large gush of sand flows out from there. As the sand flows the force increases.


–Oh, dangerous.


The force of the sand continues to increase. In the end the iron door is defeated by the pressure of the sand and bursts open. A great deal of sand flows out then, and a fast flowing stream of sand has been born.


I’m submerged in the sand, I repetitively pierce the chain above, and somehow manage to keep my posture. But, I can’t go against the flow of the sand, it flowed down the spiral corridor so that I surfed down on my butt.


On the way, I discover additional doors—yet the river of sand doesn’t stop.


But, being the state where I’m being pushed by such a force, all of a sudden the spiral corridor came to an end.


With a *don* I fell onto the hard ground with my butt.




As for the place I was pushed from…there’s no slope, on the way it became appearance like a cut corridor.

The exit makes a heavy thunk sound, it’s filled with a large amount of sand.


It’s dangerous. (Or isn’t.) I recovered my vigor at the thought of being buried alive.

Therefore I look back behind.


And, here–


“Aah, it’s wide……”


A large space spread out there.


It’s ancient shrine-like remains.

The ceiling on this side is low but rises as it goes deeper. If I went inside the structure would gradually spread out diagonally.


Deeper in the shrine where the ceiling rises, I can see a lot of big stone pillars lined up in order to support the pressure from above.


The resemble big Greek columns at the same level as the Parthenon.

A red light illuminates the pillar.


The light of a torch.


……Mm? A sound……


A sound like a bunch of footsteps comes from the right.

I see a wall, but I hear footsteps coming from the other side of the wall.


It’s it an echo?


Judging from here, I suspect this place is the entrance of the shrine, now, I am at the position of the bottom of the round u-shape?


From where I am, there’s a space ahead, and a wall goes on to the left and right. As I though, it’s U-shaped.


For now, I look to the right side where I heard footsteps.

Let’s move along the right wall……


I approach the wall at a jog.


A relief was carved on the wall.


Eeh, it’s amazing modeling. (TN: I wanted to say something better, but that’s how the author worded it.)


A person, with long elf ears, over flowing with fantasy world elements like the short figures of dwarfs with weapons, in the relief they fought against monsters and evil spirits.


As most of it has faded away I don’t understand the details, but the color and shape barely remain.

I walk alongside the wall while observing the relief.


I arrive at the corner, and quietly face the way I heard the sound come from, I peek out and see what is on the other side.




Uwa, it’s them again.

…I understood the true nature of the group making the sound.


It’s the green monsters.


Because what they’re wearing is different from the group I saw fighting the red monster, the green skinned monsters may be another monster.


Well, it seems that group of monsters is inspecting this area on foot.


Five of them. Nope, seven, eight of them.

The group of green monsters went out of sight around the wall to the other sight.


Facing near where I poured the sand into, is it the same figure?


That many is dangerous.

Let’s be careful in order to not be found.


Because in the depths it’s a large space with the pillars lined up, I look around the left side.


The complete picture of the ruins is square, from the underside I suspect the form is UU. By way of the upper part of the large space with pillars, first of all I want to grasp to terrain. There’s no doorways when I search.


Now, the place where I am is the right wall of the U-shape.


I look to the center from here.


Ah, there’s a green monster in the middle.

It stands like a sentry between the pillars.


In this situation is it good to do a surprise attack?


But, I don’t want the group of green monster to return and it not be there.


Nevertheless, well, that green monster.

It looks just like goblins commonly found in game and movies of the fantasy genre.


“It’s small fry-ish……”


Unless it’s strong?


<Throwing>, <Chain>, and <Cerebral Demon Speed> should go well here?


However, I’ll stop in the center.

A little more, I want to see what is going on the left side.


“I can’t see well from here–”


I move my eyes to the back left edge.


Since there are several large pillars, the view is restricted.

It’s difficult to see from here, I want to understand the overall layout better.


Let’s check whether the left is safe.


Conscious of staying hiden–I detour to the left. Moving from pillar to pillar and looking around restlessly, I move using the shadow of the pillar.


There’s no torch on the left hand pillar and it’s dim.


This is convenient.

There’s only the wall in the left hand corner of the ruins, there’s nothing there.


As is I go to the upper right corner along the wall from the left corner.


Walking along the wall, moving.

A light is seen at one point on the wall. There seems to be a hollow.


Here is the inside of the upper right portion of the ruins.

Another one over there, it looks like there’s a doorway……along the wall, the red light is reflected in the shadow the center pillar, I lean in in order to hide for a moment.


From here, I’m able to see there’s a doorway from this angle.


Then, as expected.

I discover another doorway in the place where it seemed to sink in.

I feel like the group of goblins went away in the opposite direction.


Two torches are burning on pedestals on either side of the door, and two goblins stood guard there.


With this, I grasped the general location of the remaining goblins.


I see now, two of them which stand to protect the open door remain in the upper part.

Two more standing between the center pillars of the ruin where I looked a while ago.

I can’t tell from here, but in the lower ruins I assume that a group of goblins are inside the right U-shape.


First of all, I aim at the two guarding the door.

Using the shadow of the pillar, again I approach.


From the shadow of the pillar nearest to *gobu*, I look a little, and peeped out.


It’s two goblins.

They don’t wear helmets but wear leather armor. After all it’s the face of a goblin.


It’s a square green face. Large eyes are sunken deep into the face.

They have think green uni-brows but no hair.


I stop observing the appearance of the monster that’s appearance I watched carefully.


Named Gobutaro and Gobuemon.


Gobutaro has a weapon like a short spear.

Gobuemon has a thing like a club.


Of course, they don’t notice me.


I have a stone in both my hands. Two in total.

Since there’s no stones in this area, I have to aim carefully……


I *goku* swallowed my saliva while taking aim and hiding.


Focusing on the goblin closest to this side I aim for the head, I let the wrist snap do its work–and hurled it.


The stone collides with the head–with a dull sound it’s crushed.

The head of the goblin collapses on this side, and it fell to the ground.


With the help of the <throwing> skill, it went smoothly.


Again, I immediately hurl it–

I aim at the back of the other goblin’s head, but the stone veers of the mark, and hits the neck.


Chii, missed!




The goblin hit in the neck emits a strange voice, and collapses as a result of the hit. The aim was off but did it work out in the end?


“Hyuhhooo, it’s amazing, throwing.”


※Pikon※ ※<Reclusive Body Hide> Skill Acquired※


A sound was heard in my head and I also saw <Reclusive Body Hide> in my view.

I must have acquire the reclusive body hide skill because I attacked while hiding.


Is such a thing learned immediately?


Furthermore, this <Reclusive Body Hide>. I’m able to use it from the moment I got the skill.

I intuitively understood the action for reclusive body for some time.


It’s strange.


However, words for “Skill” exist in reality, it’s displayed in front of me,


How does it work?

Is it engraved in my genetic blueprint?


I understand it’s a natural phenomenon. Recognized in my brain and understood.


With <Throwing> and <Reclusive Body Hide>, I accept it as a natural event.


However, I remember before the transmigration.

Different world, to the extent of being fantasy.


For me who experiences reality, I understand the feeling of acquiring and learning a new skill is natural, however there’s a sense of incongruity……


–A strange feeling.


It’s too strange, but I can only accept it.

Nodding several times, I accept one.


I try <Reclusive Body Hide> once.


I start to stoop over similar like I’m squatting.

When I use <Reclusive Body Hide>, movements are smooth when hiding. (TN:Not quite sure.)


Earlier with <Throwing> I was able to naturally throw. Like this, I can use an effective wrist snap, there’s a feeling of it being more precise.


I repeat the stealthy movements in the shadow of the pillar.

My suspicious movements weren’t noticed by the goblin between the central pillars.


So far so good I’m quietly sneaking up the place where the goblin corpse fell while rejoicing.


The goblin that had its neck crushed is still breathing. But, when I see the face of the goblin, the breathing peters out and it stops moving. From the neck of the body, I collect the bloody stone, and put it in my pocket. I got a short spear as the reward from the victim. It has no money.


The difference in the size of the leather armor is too much, I leave it as is. Because there is a dirty cloth tied around the waste with a string, I took it.


I endure the faint smell of the cloth.


Also, just to be safe, I have to hide this body.

I move it to the shadow of a pillar in the left corner……


As I hid the body of the goblin in shadow of the pillar, I advance towards the inside of the door to the two goblins I killed were protecting. I entered and immediately there were stairs going down.


I go down the stairs.


There was a passage before the stairs went down.

It leads to the lower right from the upper right corner.


From the front and back. It’s the one in front.


I choose the passage in front of me. I walked carefully next to the right hand wall.


While bending down and using <Reclusive Body> hiding, I arrive at a corner.


–I look ahead from the corner.


There’s no one there.

There’s only a similar passage, there seems to be no presence.


I turn at the corner, and advance along the small passage.


Then, I discovered a door on the left.

I can advance ahead, first, I decide to examine the door here.


I grasp the old red iron handle and break it.


It’s an old room.

There’s a strange circular silver container on the slant, a faint white light leaking from inside.


It’s probably the source of light. A magic light.

I search the room using its light.


There are clouded spider’s webs throughout. The smell of mold is present as well.


There’s a stone chair and desk, and a bookshelf further in.

Somehow or other, this place seems to be an ancient library.


The books on the book shelf have rotted away and gathered dust, so I’m able to figure this room was used a considerably long time ago.


The bookshelf is made of some kind of building stone and extends lengthwise deeper into the room.

The bookshelf made of stone was built firmly. I grasp the short spear, and look to the interior of the bookshelfs. I confirm no one is there.


There’s no one there.


I return to the place close to the entrance and sit down, deciding to take a little break.

I bite the fruit like peach I got a little while ago.


–It’s delicious. It tastes like a mango and pear were put together.

Chewing *munch munch*, I eat.


Which reminds me, I haven’t eaten anything yet……


When I look at the clock, it shows 11:00.

Today, for the whole day, I walked and ran in the cave.


I, even then, experienced no fatigue.

Did my appetite decrease somewhat?

After all, the stamina doesn’t seem to be ordinary.


I’m free so I’d like something to read, I looked for a book.

On the bookshelf, “Life of the Arotoshu Tree”, “Sword of the Weiss”, “Baptism of Orimiru”, “Ashura Calendar”, and, I found many readable books with the title written on the cover, I stretched out a finger to the book.


–But, the moment my finger touched the book, the book quickly crumbled to dust.


It’s rotted away.

Although the words stayed readable, it was in vain.


There’s no helping it.


I give up and go further along the book shelf.

I decide to take a rest in the corner.


With my back at the corner of the wall, I close my eyes, and motionlessly for a while, I calmed myself.

Naturally closing my eyes, I fall asleep.








While exhaling, I woke up.

When I check my watch it’s 3:00 in the morning.


Fortunately, the green monsters resembling goblins don’t seem to have come to this room.


Moving, there’s no helping it even if I’m here.

I have to escape from this ruins-like place.


I grasped the short spear and left the ancient library.


Again, I open an old iron door.

I returned to the small passage.


For the time being, I choose to go left.

Right is the way I came from.


The passage became wider as I advance.

Suddenly I come upon a crossroads.


There’s passages going left right and forwards.

I choose to go strait, and advance.


Then, again the passage becomes small. When I pass through the small passage, I came into a big bright hall.


A huge red curtain is raised up coming from the walls.


Oh, an emblem?

The emblem is made of three intersected bars with an ax in the middle.



Uhyu, there was a group of goblins further in the hall.

Moreover, their figures were *chichikuri* embracing each other.


“Ugee, oh what?”


I unintentional speak after seeing the unpleasant figures of the goblins.


Tsu, shi, oops.


“Giyago! Nu?”


“Gotsu!?” “Ningenda!” “Why, Human gaa!””Gorose!”



My eyes swim quickly as I take in the hall. There was a passage to the left and right, in an instant I choose the left passage and use <Cerebral Demon Speed>.


I activate the skill.


–And escape.


I run. Run.


“Gunuootsu.” “Get him!” “Oe!”


Goblin voices. I think there were nearly ten of them? I can’t look back.


I run through the passage.

Around the corner is a door with what appear to be strange old markings on it.


There’s no time to open it.

I hurl my shoulder at it–and break down the door.


I rush into the room while rolling.


There’s a shock to my shoulder, but it’s not painful.

The <Cerebral Demon Speed> runs out now.


A cloud of dust rises up.


“Cough, cough.”


Grit whirls up into my mouth, and gives me a coughing fit.

While twisting my face I check the surroundings.

Excepting the low round column in the middle of the room–


“It’s just, a wall.”


The room I knocked the door of down and invaded, was a circular room with mysterious symbols carved along the walls.


The pattern is countless thin lines like the veins of a leaf.

The sealed space was surrounded with a strange atmosphere.


If I need it, this is a dead end.


The effect of <Cerebral Demon Speed> already ended long ago.


“Itazooo.” “This human, fast.” “I found him, here-su.”


Meanwhile, the goblins that ran after me came into the circular room.


I’m trapped.

Only three of them……can I kill them?


Short spear in hand, a stone in my pocket.


Surrounded, dangerous……

The time lag for <Cerebral Demon Speed> is just a little longer.


There’s the <Chain> skill too, I’ll survive.

The goblin smiles, comes approaching me……


I withdrew backing up.

My back leg hits the central pillar of the room.


“Long time-ro, Human.” “Demon, guuu.”


Reinforcement Goblins enter the room one after the other.

I put my foot up the central column, the moment my weight moved to the pillar–the ground shakes?



–The ground is shaking!?


No, falling–Rururuuuu–


I immediately eject <Chain>. But, the chain doesn’t reach the ceiling.

The earsplitting sound of howling wind.


Time, it’s already too late…….I fall head over heel……


Uheeeeeee, I say such a thing.

I fall, falling.


The goblins seem to fall, too.


Serves you right, I cannot say.


Well that room.

The whole room seems to have been a hexagonal pitfall trap.


–Shit, I extend the chain to the side–but there’s no wall.

Easily, it proves right without minding it, I produced the chain.


The chain penetrates through several goblins in the midst of falling, but it was just that.


The wind blows up vigorously, I feel like my body is falling like an arrow.


I’m skydiving with no parachute.


An unpleasant thought crosses my mind.

This, if I arrive below, will my body be destroyed?

Eeeeh, I don’t want that


Chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain.


I repeatedly eject <chain> many times, but the width seems considerably wide too–in vain, the chain shoots into the sky.


My body is of Vampire lineage. I don’t think I’ll die even if it’s crushed, but… it will hurt first.


It’s for so long I’m able to think to that extent, I still admire it while in the middle of falling.


Suddenly–with a *bua*, the sensation of piercing something.

I felt the sense of the air clogging up my ears. Did the atmospheric pressure even change?


This, how far will I fall……


I up the repeated ejection of <chain>.

Many times, many times, many times, <chain> is shot out, then–


A whole bunch of chain–did it get stuck!?

The chain bends and doesn’t break off, carrying me to the wall in one go. Feeling to chain for how many second, I rejoice, but, the though ends there, it broke.


–I crash into to wall with awful force.

The sound of the impact as my head is smashed, my brain shakes.


–The side of the wall collapsed.

Blood seeps into the cracks on the wall, it collapses.


Half of my left shoulder is torn off, instantly adhering, repeatedly tearing–the broken ribs are healed, the bones protruding from my chest also.


I reel at such extraordinary pain and shock several times, I completely black out. The <chain> disappeared automatically when I blacked out.


Completely exhausted, blood sprays out from everywhere on my body.

I do a nose dive in one breath.


Dooooon, dogoootsuntsu!


A dull crash resounds and echoes.

Pieces of bone are scattered.


From the shock of the impact at the bottom, my consciousness is restored, but, I was attacked by an undetermined fierce pain in my body.


As if I promote such pain, I rolled down bone mountain.


The long pit I fell from fortunately led to this “Skeleton Mountain.” The many bones became a cushion, I fell on the heap of skeletons and while it absorbed the impact my body rolls


I finish rolling when I arrive at the bottom of bone mountain.


A twitch, my body doesn’t move.


I arrived……


I feel relieved, then, again I fainted.



After a while, how much time passed–

At last, I wake up.


“Itetete. My entire body hurts.”


Haha, there’s too much pain.

On my chest and thigh, splintered bones stick out here and there.


From a laying down posture, I pull out bone fragments I don’t think are mine, and a sharp pain runs through my body.


Bururi, my whole body shook, and muscles relaxed.


“Guaa, sigh……ite.”


While biting my lip to suppress the pain, I look at the wound I remove the bone shard from. Blood overflows from the wound, but the wound closes up in an instant.


I’m stunned at the recovery abilities of the vampire lineage.


“Su, amazing……”


Well, is it all right? I……


The pain is now a more common pain.

Yes I’ll be paralyzed while I recover like this.


But even if I say paralyzed, I fainted from the extreme pain earlier.

Immortal, but the sense of pain is normal.


By the way, other than such a thing, where am I?


I stand up unsteadily, and look at the bone mountain before me–


Like the remains of a battlefield and a landfill. It’s probably the bones of humans and monster accumulated in large numbers.


Just above, a huge pit opens.

This, is it the hole I fell from?


I look into the hole. Pitch-darkness.


Well, by crashing from such a height, okay, well, I was saved.

A normal human would have had their left arm torn off first, having both the chest and head destroyed would have been “Instant Death.”


Speaking of pitch-darkness, it’s bright here.

The sources of light emit bright light, I turn to face it.


–There seems to be light everywhere.


Is there a large cauldron hanging from the ceiling by chains?

A strange orange flame burns in the pot.


“It’s totally the pit of hell……”


I look around the area but there’s only bones.

There are scattered old spears, swords, and armor among the bones too.


“Is anything here usable?”


I lost the spear I picked up a while ago.


Then, while cautiously stepping on the bones on the ground, there might be a weapon that seems usable or an armor that could be worn, the search begins.

The huge bone mountain before my eyes, there seem to be many of them, but because the bone mountain seems unstable I detour around it.


“Ooh, does the size match?”


Then I discover a cuirass that seems usable.

It covers everything above my thighs.


I attach the cuirass with green scales and red from my bloodied jeans. The jeans are bloodied and tattered full of holes, but because this fits, I decide it’s good.


It just fits.


Searching for other armor, moving bones aside, I move forward. (TN: Not really sure.)


I pick up a rusted brown sword this time.

Using the sword, I pushed a bone aside and looked.


I’m able to find armor equipment, but the only things I can find are broken things that were crushed and full of holes.


However, I found a good looking gauntlet that seemed to fit.

It’s only the right hand, but the grey armor seemed to have some green scales mixed in with a darkish firm metal on the back.


It seems to be old, but it’s better than nothing at all.


I stretch the clothe out into a string and attach it to the claps on the back of the cuirass to bind it together.

I fitted it to my wrist.


I check my watch then. The watch was broken. The face is badly cracked and the needle is bent, it has completely stopped.


Aaaaahhh, the precious light, the power of civilization……


–I should throw it away.


I throw my watch away into the bone mountain.


–The legacy of civilization, taken away!


I continue going around bone mountain.

As usual, the bone are piled up in large quantities on the ground. It was hard to walk.


Jumping ahead from the middle to walk, already playing, I decide to move.


There it is, at last!


As my jumping power also rose considerably, I was able to jump considerably far.


But, the scene continues to not change at all.


This bone place is a huge cave, it’s nothing but an ocean of bones. Where ever I look, the horizon is covered by the sea of bones.


Luckily, it’s bright so I can advance easily……

Intently, running across the sea of bones, walking, jumping, I continue.


One or two days have probably already passed.


I’m thirsty. I want water.

But, in here it doesn’t seem likely to find food or water.


Also, there are bone mountain.

On top of it, there’s also a huge pit.


There seems to be a bone mountain under the huge pit like the once I fell through.


If I can get high, I may be able to understand the layout of this place……


“Let’s try it.”


Muttering so, I look up the bone mountain in front of me.


Yoshi, let’s do it in one go.


I put strength into my legs and run.


At first I was able to climb with a good feeling.

But, my feet are immediately caught by the sea of bones even if I jump, I’m then buried and swallowed up by a whirlpool of bones. My feet rapidly sank into the bone mountain as it collapsed and my body spilled down.


Since there’s no helping it, I advance along the side of the bone mountain.


Small bones, are crushed underfoot while I walk.

The sword I take hold of in my hand is substituted for a walking stick.

In such a way, I pass several bone mountains.


Another bone mountain……is what I though then.


Slowly, zoazoa, and, it is a group of moving people? But I saw it.


I approached.


Hm? Huh, oh, it’s a group of corpses.


Zombies. The living dead are moving corpses.

There’s skeletons made of only bones too.


I took care to slowly walk around the group of corpses.


Part of the group, noticed me.

The decomposed zombie corpses all moaned, and came this way.


Uhyu, don’t come here!


I turn my left left wrist towards a zombie, and extend <chain>.


–The aim is the head.

The chain makes a swish sound as it advances, piercing through the head of the zombie.


The zombie who lost its head collapsed weakly to the ground.


–I did it.


I was terribly idle in my previous life.

I remember that I loved drama, movies and games were zombies came out.

While remembering the scene I enjoyed in my previous life, I ejected and reeled in the chain, slaughtering the slow zombies.


But, if they were the serious heinous running zombies, I don’t think I would have such a composed attitude.


With a rusted sword equipped in my right hand and the chain in the left, I stick the sword into the head of a zombie, killing it.


As I don’t know how to use a sword, I just use it by stabbing with the sharp end.


The zombies stop moving if I smash their head, it also works on the skeletons even if they’re only made of bones. Yet, in addition to being slow, shaking and clattering, I was able to kill them by destroying the bleached skeletons with my chain.


When I finish killing several zombies and skeletons, is the source of the zombies the white fog surrounding the bone mountain? That sort of thing can be confirmed by sight.


Oi, a ghost?

That’s probably what it is, I approach and observe the white fog……


If I think it’s shaped like a person, it’s a ladybug?

It shines. Is it a group of shining lady bugs?


Why? Shining with a white light, the group of ladybugs float like fireflies.


“Why here?”


When I’m going to touch with my hand, the ladybugs swiftly moved nose diving in a fine zig-zag.


Curiously, I tried feeling around on the ground.




On the ground there was a blurred hard to read character written on the ground.


Re, Te, Ta, Wa, Me, Su, Mu.


Different world characters. They can be read, but several placed have been worn down.

White light shines under the characters, there was a necklace decorated with big beautiful ladybugs.


The ladybugs are beautiful crafted like a work of art.


A chain of gold is on the end of the decoration.

On the backside of the ladybug, there seem to be several lines of grooves like an ordinary necklace.


However, the light just now? The fog? Sort of……






When I hold it in my hand, a faint wind blows.

The ladybug pendant shined white for an instant.


“Being an insect, foreboding? For the time being, let’s take it……”


Muttering so, I hang the necklace around my neck.

The necklace stops shining then.


Leaving that place, again, I begin to advice along the side of bone mountain.


I walk determined.

The sea of bones spread out like an infinite hell.


Haa, how long will it take?


My sense of time is already completely out of order.

Only the sound of bones crunching echoes.



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