Chapter 13 – Training Course

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Shisho brought me to the 【Training Course】


We went down the cliff ladders from the Goldiba home, to a large forested area in a slightly removed pace.


“Here, is where young Goldiba since ancient times have come to train and polish their martial arts, cultivating themselves.”

“There’s a lot of different equipment……”


Looking around the area……placed in various places around the forest are laid down logs creating a path.



I see a lot of logs connected to chains and rope which lead into the sky. There’s also an object which has numerous claws attached to end of a log, hanging from rope in the air. There’s also traces of old blood on a bokujin shaped like a person.


“……This place is used for balance training on logs and the dogging this ‘Wind Mower,’ this ‘Claw Grinder’ is used to train attacking moving targets and is a high-level course. The Bokujin fitted with sharpened wooden blades pursues and is called ‘Dancing Prison.’


Beside the devices he mentioned just now, there are a lot of things I fear are special training devices.

To one which looks like a giant water jug around stairs, there’s even a training ground placed vertically.

The edge of the training ground is characteristic, a wall like a cliff extends up thirty feet up the cliff perpendicularly.


Somehow or other, that seems to be for training as well.


A groove going up lengthwise is dug.

Is it pull-up training?


The 【Training Course】 is the like the training ground at a Shaolin Monastery.


“When I was young, I too came here to train.”

“I said it before, but this training ground is from the old days?”

“That’s right. These seem to be from distant ancient times, I was taken care of in this place when I was a child. Shuya will train the spear here. At first from the basics. I think Shuya will get the hand of  it immediately. Well, let’s get started.”



Training takes place at the “Wind Mower.”


I’m made to stand on a shaking log hanging from a rope attached at each end.

While the log shakes randomly, it is the feeling of attacking the designate place with my black spear, there the bokujin was tied across with leather straps as my partner to destroy by balance.


“I’ll shake it.”



Shisho shakes the log.

Training begins.


“Faster, thrust quickly, that’s right. Walk forward, be careful of your steps. Be quicker, maintain your speed!”



It lasted for about 30 minutes, but I was able to perform well without losing my balance.

※Pikon※<Sense of Balance> Permanent Skill Acquired.


In no time, I get the permanent skill Sense of Balance.


“After all, Shuya is outside the norm. You adapted yourself immediately. I think it is difficult but how about you challenge ‘Claw Grinder’?”


I’m excited about what it will be.


“……What kind of training is it?”

“Walking on the log while blindfolded, feel the target while dodging the approaching log attack with the claws which I move, its purpose is to land an attack on the target.”


Blindfolded training……wow, are you serious?



“Yeah. Worried?”


Shisho smiles, but it’s not a smile.

Are you a demon coach?


I talk normally without saying that.


“No, I’ll try it.”


My eyes are covered with leather, and I carry out training.




Ooow, I abruptly failed.


Despite the log, an awful shock is taken from the right.

I fell from my foothold on the log splendidly.


“As expected, you can’t deal with it the first time. Is it the fear of losing your sight?”


I was surely scared.

But, if I imagine it, I have the feeling I can do something about it.


Later, well, by reckless intention.


“That’s so. Well, because the pain fades away immediately, I think I can manage it if I challenge it several times.”

“Alright, but stay alive. Keep trying. Feeling the interval, is the secret to avoid is to rotate.”



I collided many times with the claw log, falling.

However, as I did I became more familiar with it. Step and the sound, when to center the rotation on the sole of my foot, the pause of the approaching claws, when I grasp the range of the black spear, I become able to avoid the claws of the log.


The mental image unites with the foresight.

And, instantly I rotate on the toes of my feet, avoiding the pursuing talons for the second time.


※Pikon※ <Light Technique> Permanent Skill Acquired

※Pikon※ ※Conditions met for Light Technique Spearsman※

※Due to <Spearman> and <Light Technique> Class Up to <Light Technique Spearman>


Oooh, I acquired a skill, and my battle occupation classed up.


“It required some time, but it’s a ‘tip-toe half turn.’ Both the rotation speed and the pace have a way to go but this will be enough for the first day. Let’s move to the next training. Follow me.”


When I follow, we go to a rocky area piled up a cliff.


“I’ll have you climb the cliff here.”


Climb this cliff?


“Shisho, with this spear?”

“That’s right. Hold the black spear in both hands, using the recoil of the body scratch a groove to attack the metal bar of the spear, the training is to move up.” (TN: I thought it wasn’t but it is, IT’S THE SALMON LADDER)


On the cliff face leading to the top “lateral grooves” are dug in t intervals.


I have to climb while putting the spear in those grooves.

Is it something simple like pull-up strength training?


The feeling of the training is like Chinese martial art or Jeet Kune Do.

Putting emphasis on my arms, I hang from the black spear in the groove and while recoil, more to say, I lift the black spear, it’s that feeling. (TN: Salmon Ladder)


Partly because the training raised my physical abilities, I was able to do it without really being bothered. When I easily arrive at the top,


“–Fast. Get down by yourself.”



When I get down, Shisho begin speaking.


“This time climb while being conscious of managing your mana.”

“I understand.”


I can climb it, but my concentration is obviously interrupted.

While somehow being conscious of mana management, I finish going up and down.


“……For the next several days, I intend to perform training like this. Today repeat ‘wind mower,’ ‘claw grinder’ and ‘cliff climbing’ as a set.”



The training continues for one week.


During that time, training shifted to using the advanced training equipment ‘Dancing Prison,’ ‘Balance Runs,’ and ‘Killing Rotation’.”

But, the result was the training with “Dancing Prison” was full of desperate struggles


This training, is the feeling of the collective wisdom up until now.


The beginning is standing on a long log with small footing while blindfolded.

It’s the same as with “Claw Grinder,” the log begins swaying intensely.


Thus far, it’s generally normal, but–


Suddenly the wooden scarecrow doll equipped with sharpened wooden stakes, interrupting a great number of times with attacks, and whether I defeat or dodge the bokujin, a rope net is fired from all directions. Even if that can be avoided well with a light jump, the place I land changes by the rotating log, and again the intense attack by the bokujin’s stake blades approaches.


The first time a stake blade sticks in my arm and I fall from the log, failing.

The second time I’m stabbed in the abdomen and fail. The third time I’m stabbed in the foot and fail.


I suffer serious wounds several times, but I’m the new race originating from the vampires.




So, the wounds are immediately restored.

Continuing repeatedly, I perform “Continuous Chasing Pole” training.


First I quickly became familiar with the bokujin’s wooded stake blade, but my body was caught by the wide rope net which is fired at random.


As it’s trajectory is irregular it’s not easy to adjust to.


Around 50 times I got entangled in the net, falling to the ground and failing.

It might be the 200th time……

Finally, I just barely succeed with just a scratch.


That moment–


※Extra Skill※  ※Derivation Skill Condition Met for Cerebral Spine Demon Revolution※

※Pikon※  ※Light Exercise Brain Buff※  ※Permanent Skill Acquired※

※<Sense of Balance> <Light Technique> and <Light Exercise Brain Buff> Fuse※

※Pikon※  ※Super Light Brain Buff Intuition※ Permanent Skill Acquired


I acquire linked skills and they fuse.


I become able to perform all the training with no margin of error after obtaining this special skill.


I experience that this is an excellent skill.

My mobility performance improves rapidly.


Effects continued to be shown by training the physical ability system.

Shisho was amazed, I decided not to mind it.


And, two months passed.






As a result of training, various abilities have risen.


It was enjoyable to confirm with status that they rose 0.1 each day.


The abilities that matched what I trained tends to be easier to raise to some extent. The last trend, however.

I spend my life training favorably, but one thing was troubling.


It’s about my “sleep.”


–I can’t fall asleep.


Even after two months have passed, I can’t fall asleep.

The time I was living underground, it could be worse.


Therefore, even now I lay there looking at the view of the night sky through my wooden window.


For now, I’ll close my eyes again.


I have to be up early tomorrow, and because there’s training and work to do I need to sleep……while feeling the back of my eyelids, in order to sleep, I look back on the two months.


It’s almost like my daily montage.


Before the dim break of dawn, I see the figure of Achille-shisho and start training at the 【Training Course】.


I finish training when the morning sun rises, and then I help with distributing the livestock feed.

As soon as I finish, I eat breakfast.

Spreading water on the field after breakfast, I perform spear training with Shisho again.


And, lunch.

I take a light break.


In the afternoon I do training at the 【Training Course】, and I go out to the forest to help with hunting. I repeat process of drawing out mana which is the foundation of Moji, and repeat the training of taking the chain in and out.


Day pass in that pattern.


Around the time one month had passed.

The training of spear martial arts began in earnest.


【Training Couse】 training decreased, and I began simulating fights against Shisho firsthand.

In the end, I come out full of holes without landing one attack on Shisho.

Even so, I vowed in my own way before performing mock battles.


I must not use <Cerebral Demon Speed> which was derived from the extra skill.


This way encourages my own growth. It’s prohibited while I’m training.

I decided that I won’t use it “unless it is a serious crisis.”


This is a very useful skill which can significantly increase my body speed, but it’s because I decided that martial arts don’t grow when depending on this.


I don’t understand whether it’s the effect but my spear martial arts improved remarkably. My growth was realized my battle occupation “Light Technique Spearman” classed up to “Spear Dancer.”


In addition, for the first time I began inspection in regard to racial characteristics.

Regarding blood and soul sucking.

I tested soul sucking on the monsters injured while I helped with hunting.


At the time of death by drowning I “acquire a soul,” and a “strong awareness.” (TL: Don’t know what death by drowning refers to.)


At the moment that the large deer “soul” was absorbed, it dried up and became only bones. In some cases, even the bones may become dust and ash with nothing left. I tasted it before, but when I absorb a soul light is emitted from my body and I got the feeling boiling up of an “exhilarating sensation” and “vitality.”


But, I was worried about the looks of Achilles-shisho and Raguren so I restrained myself. So when I hunt alone, I suck in the blood and soul without reserve.


Whenever I absorb a soul, the mind value rises.


Exactly like killing two birds with one stone.

In addition to the fact that an exhilarating sensation is obtained, my spiritual strength increases too.

As the spirit value decreased from the Divine Beast contract, this was convenient.

Even if I say I had and exhilarating sensation, it’s not to the point of being addicting.


However, in the situation where I suck human blood, I don’t know yet.


When it comes to blood, as I knew beforehand even the blood of animals and monsters was all right.

Human blood isn’t necessary, even if seven days’ pass, I confirmed that again that my abilities don’t decrease.


But, I decided to do an experiment without sucking blood just to be sure.


I’ve already experienced it twice, but I purposely carry do it for some time to verify.


As before the body becomes heavy in the same way and suffers from plasma deficiency disease, my abilities are reduced by half.

I also tried making a small cut to bleed and drinking the blood on purpose. And then, it was a little, but I noticed that the symptoms being eased.


Wondering how much blood is necessary to drink, at that moment, I understood completely.


Still the drop isn’t restored.

However when I hold a drop in my mouth, it’s effective and the recovery effect is outstanding. Furthermore, the required amount of blood to finish filling up is one teaspoon.


The symptoms were completely restored with one teaspoon.


I was surprised the quantity was “only that much” to be all right.


From then on, I remember feeling relieved as it was a matter concerning my life.


And……this, I looked back on the two months, however, I still can’t become sleepy……




I sighed, tossing about it bed.


However, I’m a light sleeper and shortly I’ll get up early in the morning.

At first I thought it was the different environment, but it seems like it’s different.


As the body is from the vampire lineage, it might be the result of the extra skill <Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>, I don’t understand the definite reason yet……after all, I thought a while ago that the way this body is I might not need sleep anymore.


If sleepiness comes, I’ll sleep normally……


Still, sleepiness doesn’t come.

But, it may be a good thing.

I decide it will be good to have no sleepiness when I begin my life as an adventurer.


“Adventurer life–”


Speaking of adventurer–

I was taught the basics of being an adventurer by Shisho.


Summarizing it……


・Blood is needed when applying as an adventurer and the ranks go from G to S.

・There’s a rank increase examination from rank C, if there’s strength it’s possible to rank up to rank D in a day.

・Concerning Clan establishment and Party formation, there’s small rules in every city.

・To become C, B, or A rank expect for “exceptions,” it’s necessary to complete more than thirty D rank requests, furthermore you can also request a one on one combat test from the guild. Then if you succeed in passing and having your ability recognized at C, it becomes B rank.


About A and the exception.


The story about the “exception” seems to be called a pioneering mission in an “un-explored region.”


I remember Shisho’s words.


“A ‘exception’ is a special request to be jointly carried out. As the degree of difficulty is high and victims appear in large numbers it’s famous. However, you can become A and S rank when you complete this request. For example, even if your rank was C, it means you can become B rank without fighting against an examiner. If it’s B, then A, if it’s A then you become S. This is an ‘exception.’”


Then from A rank called “First Class Adventurers,” you come to be called by a title and nickname by the surrounding adventurers.


By the way, Achilles-shisho was rank A.


It’s been 300 years since Shisho was an adventurer.

I don’t know whether the adventurer guild still exists, but continuing from those days, I can expect that the adventurer’s guild has existed for more than 300 years.


It has a long history.


Then, again I turn over in bed.


“However, Shisho was called Wind like that.”


When Shisho traveled every nickname, his alias seemed to change.

“Achilles Two Swords” “Achilles Four Swords” “Achilles Flying Sword” “Achilles Moji” and so on, he seemed to be called by various names.


And then, the request in the un-explored region felt “immense.”

And, he talked about the experience.


Long-distance transfer.

People and Beast People who don’t speak the same language.

The monster of thieves and monster–


While pioneering the way there were difficulties preserving the magic stone energy for maintaining the condition of the magic formations, several adventurer companions lost their lives in a fight with mercenary forces employed by slave dealers, he survived a fierce battle……


I listened to Shisho’s story, fascinated.

Enjoyable, and I remember being excited.


Huaaaaaaa, at last, a yawn.

Naa, I’ve become sleepy. Sleep, sleep.






The next day–

Sleeping soundly after a long absence, the usual daily routine of training followed by going to give the livestock their feed, then I turned to the mushroom cultivating room with Shisho.


“Shisho. I finished doing the feed a few minutes ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Let return now.”


Shisho put a mushroom in a wooden serving bowl and returned.

Showing me the bulky mushrooms filling the bowl on purpose, he speaks with a puzzled look.


“From today, we’ll pickle to mushrooms for a while?”


His face twitches a little drawn.

As one would expect having mushroom dishes every day can be unpleasant.


“Haha, Rabbi-san cooking, because it’s delicious anything is good.”


Being sure to properly back-up Rabbi-san I continue the childish conversation with Shisho while returning to the house on top of the cliff.


After breakfast, I help collect weeds around the field, I have the black spear in hand as I became free a little early and head toward the open space of the training ground.


Now, repeating the ordinary thrust <Thrust>……


Doing spear training properly, Shisho walks up late.


That? In your hand?

Shisho doesn’t have a black spear in his hand.


“Today will be different from spear training, I want to teach life Magic and Moji.”

“Oh, seriously?”


Achilles-shisho, for and instant, moved his eyebrows in a dubious way and repeats back the same words, “Oh, seriously,” instantly tightening his expression and continued talking.


“Shuya, a master is basis of the foundation, it may be said that you have almost mastered mana manipulation.”

“Mastered it? My mana manipulation certainly has become smooth.”

“It’s important. The mana which leaked out as to be dazzling to the master, it’s because it isn’t released outside at all now.”


Oh, it doesn’t leak anymore. I hadn’t really noticed.


“I see, such manipulation……”


I say it’s the result of training, it was something like that. Climbing up and descending the cliff had a double purpose.


“That’s right. Not only the spear, but doesn’t it also you have talent for magic?”


He praised my mana manipulation.


“Haha, it’s embarrassing to be praised……”

“Hu, immediately getting carried away, learn life magic quickly. Shuya’s attribute is water. So, you should be able to produce water.”





“For you who is able to carry out mana manipulation it’s easy. Using your mana, you should imagine water. As your attribute is water it should be easy.”


Easy, an image.


“An image……”

“Yes. As it’s life magic only a little mana consumption is needed to do it. As it’s different from the magic language aria of handling a spirit its usability is limited. It’s life magic.


I imagine it with mana. Water, water, delicious cool water.

In addition, speaking of understanding water, it’s an ordinary chemical symbol. It’s made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.


Then easily, I imagine water flowing through a rive……


Twisting the faucet water flows, with a simple image.


※Pikon※  ※<Life Magic> Skill Acquire※

※Pikon※  ※Apprentice Magician Condition Met※


Oh, Apprentice Magician battle occupation, get.


Then, water appears from my hand. It begins to flow.

Oh, water. I can feel m mana is being lost little by little. Strange.

Similar to unified nature, the feeling that uses a part of nature.


Water stopped when I imagined the faucet being turned off.

Water was imagined, it went well.


“Oh, it succeeded.”

“This, can you regulate the temperature for hot water or ice?”

“It should work. It depends on your image, but since it’s life magic the range is small but it should be up to the task.”


First of all, I imagined hot water from water.

Furthermore, I have an image of warmth.


Oh–lukewarm water was made.


Next, I imagine a cold lump, the lukewarm water freezes in an instant and hardens.

The ice was made easily as well.


Normal science, when water becomes 0 degrees’ then hydrogen bonds.

Does the ice become hexagonal crystal?


It was an exothermic reaction when ice melts and becomes water.


Furthermore, since it’s magic the ice instantly turns back to water.

Normally, the ice absorbs heat and returns to water.


Are chemical reactions different?

I think the basics are kind of the same……

Does it change depending on the magic staying?


Well, even if I think about it, if ice is possible now this way, it’s the reason why the ice doesn’t change to water……


Also, I can change to form of the ice at will.

This is convenient.


With the sense of playing a bit with clay, I can play.


I make water with such a feeling, and when I create a horse and small person from ice and play, Shisho makes a surprised expression.


“……This is amazing. Molding the ice doll like that is interesting. Even though it’s Life Maho, it’s able to be molded to that extent……”

“If I imagine it, I can do it.”


Shisho shows an amazed face at my goofy behavior.


“Really, you’re playing……however, as outside I’m a magic follower (TL: something funky here), I’m not sure but, if it’s Shuya, maybe it’s the water Magician? You could aim for arch mage too.”

“What’s an arch mage?”

“Ah, but, well……it’s time. Learning this and that, I should mainly teach spear martial arts now.”

“Okay, well, it’s fun when I can make water freely.”


Saying so, producing water around, I created water rings in the sky and repeated water rings creating natural puzzle rings and played.


“Umu. Even when it’s this extend making the water this smooth? Watering the field can be left to you in the future. It’s because I don’t have to water attribute.”

“I see.”


Getting into the swing of it, my work has increased by one.


“Next is a Moji Skill. Purely on your own try doing ‘Mana Release’ and ‘Mana Stop.’”


I stop performing life magic, and nod slowly.

It’s the long-awaited moji, the tension is high, I’ll do my best.


“Release and Stop……”

“At first you should try release. Doing it is simple.”


As was said, manipulating mana, I put out my hand and try it……


Man like a pale light blue flame comes out of my hand.

※Pikon※  ※Moji Development Successful※  ※<Guidance Moji> Skill Acquired※


Oh, Guidance Moji appeared in the upper left of my vision.

And then the sound effect resounds in my head. I did it, I acquired the Guidance Moji Skill.


“Next be aware of keeping the mana in your body.”



Good! Concentrate.

……I draw up my mana, and diffuse it via my blood vessels inside my body.

I contain the diffusing mana.


I “contain” it in my body by “circulating” it in my blood flow. A feeling of wearing the mana to stimulate my cells.


※Pikon※  ※Moji Development Successful※  ※<Fighting Moji> Skill Acquired※

※Pikon※  ※<Fighting Moji Knowledge> Permanent Skill Acquired※


The red letters of skill acquisition appear in my view.


Achilles-shisho also seems surprised, frowning exaggeratedly and widening his eyes.





I’m surprised……this, is impressive……

I learned the Fighting Moji skill at the same time.


It changes from a sensation to a real feeling.




With a surprised expression on his face, Achilles-shisho utters a dry laughter.




Now he’s laughing……


“No no, I was surprised, wearing it. Shuya’s fighting moji……guidance moji really is a beginner, but I could be said you fighting moji is first class.”


First class……

I’m certainly able to spread out my mana smoothly.


“But I acquired “knowledge” at the same time

“Oh, as expected, you learned the fighting moji type skill at the same time, but as for acquiring <Fighting Moji Knowledge>, all the same fighting moji is equal to a top class. Guidance moji is the same as an amateur, but really……the amplitude of the guy is enormous. (TL: amplitude could also be swing of pendulum; I think the author is trying to say MC’s range of abilities is huge.) I think it’s related to performing the foundation of mana manipulation in precisely a month……what kind of classification is it?”


What kind of classification. After saying such a thing……

Is this a first-class kind?

I have the feeling that my body has surely adapted to “fighting moji”


Well, one possibility……


It may be thanks to <Cerebral Demon Speed> which was obtained with the extra skill <Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>. Well, the moment I got that skill, a strange sense ran though my whole body from my brain stem. “Something” spreads throughout my whole body, the feeling of the neural net increasing to spread through every micro detail of my cells.


By any chance was that “something” mana?

Well, by that, did the foundation magic moving inside my body increase?


And I wonder if……after, common……


“……Image. It’s easy to make an image of fighting moji, yeah.”


In old manga, games, anime, movies, novels……

I enjoyed various ones. Such an image is abundant.


“It’s easy to make the image, so I understand. Mana is controlled by a person’s own image. ……Then, concentrate your mana on your arm and try hitting the ground.”



I collect the mana in my right hand.

I cover my fingers with cold invigorating mana, hardening the joints.

From the fingers to the back of the hand and to the wrist I harden myself with mana.


In this condition, I try hitting the ground.



In the ground a fist sized hole appeared.




I’m surprised by myself.


“Nuo……that was so. Because from the start Shuya had high physical abilities from the vampire lineage, the hole appeared. Fighting moji seems to have increases the power even more……you can concentrate mana in one place that way to strengthen it. ……However, it may be more suitable for Strong Spear Style than Wind Spear Style……”


Shisho in conclusion absent-mindedly says something.


I look at both my palms wonderingly.

The back of the arm that penetrated the ground, it’s a little red.

Without fighting moji, blood would be flowing from my fist.


“This is fighting moji.”


Shisho continued his pedantic explanation.


“Fighting moji is a moji that invigorates the inside of the body and strengthens the body. It’s effective not only for attacking but also for defense to some extent. However, although fighting moji concentrates mana in one place to protect the body, It’s not a match for something with a blade. The basis is living flesh, flesh and bones. The defense only rises so much. This is also true for attacks. A sharp weapon is more effective for a sword or spear. When the physical ability is high like Shuya’s, the story is different. Even fighting with fighting moji will work well enough as a weapon……”


Hand-to-hand fighting type ability.


“Then with fighting moji, is it a simple hand-to-hand fighting type?”


Achilles-shisho shakes his head left and right.


“No, it’s not simple. It may be called the “most important” in Moji.”


Shisho tells me briskly and raises his index finger, emphasizing the importance.


‘What is it?”

“It varies, but……the first one. ‘Conditionally,’ but you’ll understand if you actually do it. Concentrate mana in your eyes using fighting moji and ‘look.’”

“Condition? In the eyes. I’ll try it.”


Concentrate on my eyes……


“Maintain that condition, try looking at me……”


I collect mana in my eyes as I am told and look at Shisho.


……and, there are the numerous shining branches spreading out from Shisho’s body is it mana? But I caught sight of something happening.


It extends winding all around.


Surprising, but what are those……

The innumerable shining bands were connected to four swords like branches.


“Oh, as one would expect. You easily cleared the condition just now. Can you see my guidance moji?”

“Yes. Well, it’s amazing……”

“With this, the mechanism looks like I’m floating four swords, but you should have understood it clearly. The act of holding fighting moji in the eyes is called ‘Observing Eye’ and ‘Magic Observing Eye.’”


I listened to the explanation with using magic observing eye.


“The is magic observing eye……well, what was the ‘condition’?”


Shisho points at his eyes and says,


“The condition is ‘eyes.’ Eyes that store mana and eyes don’t both exist. It’s said that there aren’t many people with these kind of eyes, but no one understands such a specific thing. It may increase now. I confronted someone with these magic observing eyes during my adventurer days, mostly it was ‘talent.’”


Eeh, eyes.


“I guess; these eyes are valuable or something?”


Achilles-shisho nods in agreement, explaining tangibly and begins demonstrating moving one’s own guidance moji “Light Band.”


“–That’s right. They will be valuable. And, the mana I emitting outside is called ‘Guidance Moji Line and Magic Line.’ If, you fight someone, but in the situation you’ve mastered the three Moji and are carrying a weapon and wearing armor, you can follow the movement of the magic lines. The reason I say that is that it’s obvious at a glance where mana is moving. Of course, when your opponent is a magic User you can see the structure of the magic. Furthermore, it can be used in place of <Night Vision>. Seeing a part of the source of magic, you can see the flow of mana which people and monsters use. With this, do you understand that this magic observing eye becomes extremely important?”


Certainly, it’s important that I know this information.

Know your enemy and know yourself I think it goes. The Art of War book it too great.



“Establishing this defensive and offensive moji is essential. It’s important to overcome what’s ahead. Fighting moji is considerably important.”


The guidance moji type magic released like an aureole by Shisho’s body looks like a work of art. The gathered “shining bands,” look to be collected settled shining wings……




“That’s so. Now I understand. The greatness of shisho.”

“Living for such a long time isn’t for show, and then, there’s one more important thing. Movement speed is increased when fighting moji is collected in the feet. It’s called ‘magic legs’ or ‘fighting magic legs.’ It’s an important breathing technique in emergencies–”


Every single word that Shisho said, brought back memories of my child hood.


“One short moment of action.”


Continuously holding my breath is okay at first, but it doesn’t follow.


‘With the cage style, without exception be sure to breathe while using all of the skills together.’


And add a “tempo.”


Achilles-shisho’s words overlaps with my grandfather’s in my previous life, echoing in my head.


When grandfather was still in good health……

Grandfather loved kendo. He called himself cressent style, and I was taken to a gymnasium and dojo frequently, though I cried being made to do kendo by force……


I didn’t last long; in the end I only did swimming.

Grandfather’s eyes were always earnest.

Achilles-shisho’s face doesn’t resemble the grandfather from my past life at all, but when the thing I see overlap I can see the same earnest look in his eyes.


So, I surely saw it.

I was a dull cowardly child at the time, it’s different now.


“What’s wrong?”

“Ah, yes. The tempo is important, timing, the interval changes.”


Achilles-shisho fixes his eyes on me, and nods in admiration.


“Just like that. As expected, you’re quick to learn. I think I’m a little jealous.”

“Eh? Shisho?”


I’m surprised. I look at Achilles-shisho’s eyes.

His eyes are serious. It doesn’t seem to be a joke.


“Isn’t that true? It’s because Shuya’s talent is staggering. Are there some irregular differences? But, such things are trivial. At any rate, the foundation itself is great. The ability like a great dragon as if reaching to the heavens. You had no trouble when the intensity of the 【Training Course】 increased, like a dry fish getting water, is because you absorb without sparing my techniques? Really, when you arrived here only a little more than two months ago……”


Great Isuparu?

I know what that is but he praised it.


“……It’s thanks to Shisho. Yasu!”


Without thinking, I bowed like in karate.


“Mm? What was that? Sono, that way of speaking to get fired up……Yasu!”



I didn’t particularly do karate in my past life, but I have done some before.


“You definitely have talent, but……your guidance moji still has a way to go. From now on I’ll give priority to training your guidance moji. Fairy Moji is learned immediately if you master guidance moji. Even if I say that no one one has ever told me fairy moji is my strong point.” (TL: Shisho isn’t that talented in fairy moji.)


Mm, there’s things you aren’t amazing at.


“When you say it’s not your forte, will different people have different strong points?”


Achilles-shiho, floating the short swords in the air with guidance moji, continues to talk normally.


“There are, but this can be said to be the result of preference. As for me, I study guidance moji because I enjoy it, it’s the result of continued use. It’s my forte now.”

“It’s dependent on what I study, huh. Anyways, it’s discipline.”


Achilles-shisho return to a strict expression, and adds.


“Exactly. At first improving the image, the light blue mana emission is useless. For now, aim at ‘colorless and transparent.’ And then, make your image even longer and thinner. Hmm, let’s go back. Work on blacksmithing to make metal fittings and alchemy.”


Emission……then colorless and transparent.


“……I understand.”


It’s a series of failures afterwards.

The light blue mana emission doesn’t become transparent.


Again and again, I attempt it but don’t succeed.


Even once it was night it was still no good.


It was no good the next day or the day after that.

As could be expected, it seems to be reflected in my face, in addition to Raguren and Rabbi-san at dinnertime, Refaa treated me like she’s was about me.

Rollo two feelers on my cheeks too and continues sending affectionate feelings for a long time.


I stroked her back in return.


For a while I continued training guidance moji in this condition, but I didn’t make progress, on the following day, and again on the next day, my released mana didn’t becomes transparent.


As one would expect I became a little depressed.

Achilles-shisho isn’t bothered by it? It can’t be helped by being impatient?


And, encouraging me,


“Let’s train the spear a bit.”


With such a feeling, in a hurry, for the first time I begin training the spear with a different intent.


I turn towards Achilles-shisho to perform a little form practice.

Each of us slowly moving our bodies, without aiming the spears at our bodies, stopping just before we hit.


The practice is fun as well as interesting.

The reason is the accuracy of the techniques becomes apparent from the slow movement of the body.


Various things, guidance moji doesn’t improve even after I train for one week, I didn’t do well, but because the things to do also increased I wasn’t so bothered.


That is, practicing riding the magic beast Popobumu.


Taking the opportunity to teach me while feeling it, Achilles-shisho told me it was time and I’m brought to the barn under the cliff.


“From today on, we’ll practice mounting Popobumu. First step on the saddle, This〜do it……”



Rough and bumpy……

The sensation of mounting Popobumu’s saddle for the first time, a brief sense of uneasiness.


Feeling like mounting rock hard muscle under the feeling of the soft saddle, it is stiff and unstable.


“That’s right. After holding the reins leave the rest to Popobumu.”



When I grasp the reins, a heavy bass sounds comes frmo Popobumu’s nostrils.

The sound of it breathing is a heavy bass sound bobu* is totally like the sound from a conch whistle, one step, one step, a foot was moved in a heavy manner.


The rock like muscles can be felt moving slowly under the saddle.

I’m surprised by the movement, it’s pleasantly, and the movement becomes habit.


“Only pull a little on the reins to stop.”

“I see.”


The day ends with just a walk.

I start practicing riding Popobumu and became able to run on the second day.


“Popobumu is smart.” Can you whistle?”

“Yes. Pipipipi.”


I comply with my simple special skill.


“I-is it the sound of a bird? If the whistle is blow simply, Popobumu will return even from faraway. You should remember this.”

“Okay. I’ll remember. Then, we’ll run a little bit.”


Accordingly, I speed up a little.

As a result of having continued riding Popobumu, I get hurt with a sore from my inner thigh to my bottom.


But, I recover immediately. Hey, it’s kosureta again!


My buuttt, it stings, fun ♪

Aaaah chaffiiiinnng, oretachi♪

I’m cold, suusuu, funfunfun♪ Butt huuurts.


I sing a strange song while humming a tune.


In addition, while I ride around, I cause a thigh sore, and recover. And, repeating this many times while riding around, I become accustomed to riding.


After about five days, as a result of repeated riding.


※Pikon※  ※<Magic Beast Riding> Skill Acquired※


I got magic beast riding.


While the guidance moji practice wasn’t going well, I was happy having acquired the enjoyable magic beast riding skill.


The handling of Popobumu progresses remarkably after that.

Even if I ride for a long time, the thigh sores stop happening, and the speed of running across the plateau has increased too. Run.


It became possible to turn without losing speed.


“You’re considerably accustomed now? It seems all right to guide the livestock. As it is rush over to the plateau belt over there.”


With Achilles-shisho on Popobumu, I race to the plateau.

The wind feels good. It’s enjoyable to ride an animal like this.


Feeling the wind, taking in the smell of the plateau grass.

I run though the splendor of nature.

I think about nothing, simply dash across the plateau, the action becomes habit.


But for a moment, the music I heard in my previous life is played back in my head.


It’s simple, however I feel a small happiness even in this.

Coming to this other world was good.


When I return to the barn feeling better, the black cat Rollodinu jumped up energetically.

Placing herself on the back of Popobumu’s head, she calls “Nya, Nya!” in an excited voice.


Mewing as if to be picked up by me, hurry! Hurry! Is that what you’re saying?


There was no helping it in the hurried condition where Rollodinu was riding on the back of Popobumu’s head. The black cat Rollo seems delighted when I run a little, and then, comfortably she begins to cry out  loud meow “Nya, Nyaa, Nya.”


Using the feeler like a whip, she strikes it on Popobumu’s neck and……


“Hahaha, Divine Beast-sama, she is pleased.”


Achilles-shiso was chasing from the side and laughing while watch Rollodinu.


Thus riding the magic beast Popobumu goes smoothly.

I ride around happily, without the important guidance moji going well, I continues the hard struggle the whole time.


With my mana as light blue as ever.

Aware of transparency, but it’s……




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