Chapter 14 – Harvesting x Danger x Slide

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Today, everyone aside from Raguren is going to harvest.

Apparently Raguren is busy hunting.


Shisho leads us going down to the bottom of the cliff and advancing for a few hours.


The place we took time to arrive at was a place full and abundant with nature. The uneven soft dirt ground, the abundant beautiful flowers in full bloom, and the clean air. I let the sensation of the sound of birds and murmuring of the river heal my heart. Grass wrapped around the edge of a small river seen flowing, creating a rich green ridgeline.


The river water is really beautiful.


I can understand that even with amateur eyes.

Here is blessed as a source of raw natural material.


A source of edibles flowers and oils, the stalks which become string, the navy blue stems, the dark green medicinal plants, the fragrant grass which will become the material for soap, and the poisonous plants I don’t touch, etc. These natural benefits “become the articles which are indispensable to life for the Goldiba,” Shisho explains to me while harvesting.


Continuing next to my ear, “Thanks to you, carrying a lot is possible.” Rabbi-san said with a smiling face. As I continued gathering many of the thickly growing flowers, Shisho


“Because there’s the presence of monsters ahead I’ll go look. Please stay here.”


Saying so, he walks ahead.


Then the black cat also cries a purr, and parts from me, chasing after Shisho.

When Shisho sees the black cat has come to his said, loudly “With this, I can hunt with Divine Beast-sama,” he said joyfully with reddened cheeks.


Rabbi-san shows a slightly astonished face at his childish behavior.


“But please be careful〜”


And, throwing words after Shisho’s back, she faces Refaa and me.


“Let’s hurry and harvest.”

“Okay. I’ll do my best.”

“Un, I won’t lose to Oka-san.”


In the place where the flowers grew thick, we harvest silently.


Flowers similar to morning glories, and hydrangeas too.

They’re twirled and blooming, there’s also a flower shaped like a tear flower.


I’m absorbed in harvesting while enjoying the flowers. Time passes in this way, and Rabbi-san, Refaa, and I put distance between each other little by little.


At that time,





The sound of Refaa screaming from behind me.

When I turn around, a green vine was wrapped around Refaa’s foot, lifting her into the air.


–Uha, oh, ah.


When I follow the green vine coiling itself around Refaa’s foot, I see it’s connected to a plant-like monster with huge dark red lips. There’s a big vine like a tree trunk under the huge crimson lips, and from there innumerable green feelers extended out in all directions.


The feelers of the plant, are totally like the legs of an octopus. (TL: Tentacle monsters uses tentacle grab on loli.)

Although there are no suction pads.


While thinking such a thing, I react instantly. I wield the black spear lengthwise while jumping for the captured Refaa–the flash style spearman ship cuts the feeler into pieces.


I cut off the feeler coiled around Refaa’s foot in the air. At the same time, I catch Refaa midair. Carrying her. Running immediately, I take a distance from the monster.


“Refaa, are you okay?”

“Un, I was caught, it hurts.”

“Then, stay here, I’ll kill that monster–”


Letting Refaa feel relieved with a smile, I turn back, and face the monster with huge crimson lips.


When I approach, the ghost monster lips (TN: I don’t know why he says ghost here.) discharges a green vine. The vine grows, extending like a whip. The green vine approaches, I ready my black spear, cutting it, and several vines fall to the ground.


As soon as the lopped of vines fall to the ground, they stopped moving and shrivel up.


The ghost lips continuously discharge numerous green vines.

The vines gather up, becoming one large vine and approaches me.


I try to avoid it, but its ability to pursue is unexpectedly high. It’s overbearing. And, I strike with my black spear in order to hit the fat green vine. The fat vine which was cut fell and scattered into pieces, but still, green vines extended from the body in swarms.


That is, it looks like it will give me a hard time.

Rollo and Shisho return here.


“Shuya. I’m sorry for being late.”



“There were several wolves there. Aside from that, I have to thank you for helping Refaa.”



A green feeler approaches me in the middle of our conversation.

Cutting the feeler with a strong stroke, I continue talking.


“It’s fine. Rabbi, take care of Refaa. Concentrate on that fellow for now. The fellow is called “Zekurshia”……it’s just right. Try to kill him on your own. Divine Beast-sama. You mustn’t help him.”

“Nn, Nya.”


Rollo lowered her ears and replied. She seems to want to help me.


“Okay, I’ll try. Rollo, can you watch?”


This also seems to be part of training. When Shisho returned I felt relieved, I turn cold eyes to the monster.


The crimson lips tremble up and down as if to say something.

The green feelers gather to the lower part of the boy. The lower body rises with a slithering sound, and the green feelers advance slowly while wriggling.


Those vines don’t multiply endlessly.

The numbers decrease.


So, I guess I’ll chop them up.


–I plunge forward.


Again, a green feeler is aimed at me while I run.


While I run I move the black spear head in a ∞ to hook the feeler, and chop it.  Again, I aim for the main body of the ghost lip monster, approaching it while maintain an overbearing bent forward posture.


–The sharp vines escaping from the movement of my spear, cut me and pain runs through my cheeks and arms, but I don’t mind it.


I approach the ghost lips monster, entering the range of air superiority of the spear, the moment. I rotate my body on my toes right in front of the approaching creeping plant to evade, and simultaneously I brace the black spear horizontally aiming for the root of the crimson lips with the black blade.


I succeeded by chopping the root of the crimson lips.

Revolving attack, it’s an action of a powerful sideways sweep.


When the huge lips cut off from the ground falls with a thud, it changes color, shriveling up becoming brown, and dies.


“You did well. The attack while dodging with the toe turn. It may be the results from ‘Dancing Prison.’”

“Shuya onii-chaaaan, so cooool–”



Approaching next to Rabbi-san, Refaa ran here holding my leg to her face.


The harvesting for this day ends here.

We return to the Goldiba home quickly.


However, since then Refaa clings to me.


She comes to wake me up early in the morning almost every day, and she makes advances to come to come play if I’m idle. She sometimes doesn’t only play and causes trouble.


Refaa came early in the morning today.


“Shuya onii-chan. Let’s play.”


Hoping for a such a thing in the morning.


“It’s secret. Follow me.”


What is it? And I wanted to practice the spear, but I endure it and follow Refaa. Going down several ladders we advance among the mountains becoming a stronghold.




A natural slide with a slope continuing for eighty to a hundred meters. Water flow swiftly and the bottom becomes the deep basin of a waterfall.


I find such a nice place.


I listen to Refaa explain how she watches Raguran and Achilles-ji for a chance to get away from home and how she enjoying playing in this place.


“Pleease. Sliding here–”


When Refaa puts both her small arms around my leg, she slides using the momentum of the water. She falls into the waterfall basin with a splash.


Well, isn’t it okay?”


“–Puhaa, Shuya onii-chaaan, come on〜”


Ho, Refaa seems to be all right.


Well then, I wanna try it,


I enjoy the slide the same way

I was worried about my butt, but it was needless anxiety.


My bottom is slippery from the water so I slide. Or should I say water gliding? Suddenly between my legs, I have gyun. (TL: I dunno.) Frozen in fear I drop to the water below. Giyui〜nnt–Amazing, it’s fun.


And like that, I plunged into the basin of the waterfall.


“Ahaha, a big water splash〜”

“Haha, yeah, I’m sorry. However, is this fun?”


“But, if it’s such a place, it seems there’ll be a danger of monsters……”

“Un, actually, it’s a monster like a monkey. But but, I run away fast, so it’s okay. I always escape, and the monkeys only give up strangely.”


I hear her, and I’m a little angry.


“It’s dangerous. That’s no good.”

“Eeeh, Shuya onii-can, until I say that kind of thing……”

“That’s right. The monster is dangerous. But, because I’ll keep my promise I’ll be careful to protect you.”

“Un, really, otosan, shi〜right?”


Refaa puts a finger on her small mouth asking me to keep it a secret.

I am reminded many times afterwards to keep our secret.


Watching Shisho and I train on different days to secretly imitate our actions. In addition to the hunting appearance of Raguren-otosan……


It’s fine, I did a dangerous thing……

I was careful, but she seems to want to try out her own bojutsu.


“I want to become strong.”


And, in talking in a state with a serious face, the future of this child became a little uneasy.


It looks to me like Raguren is struggling too, I sympathize with him inside.

I talk about myself. (TN: or “I tell my own story.”)

Becoming an adventurer is my goal, and I tell her about the goal regarding the precious sake orb for the sake of the black cat Rollodinu, we have a good time.


In that way, while giving priority to training Guidance Moji, three months pass.


At last, today I succeed.

Uu, I’m a little moved.


First I confirm it with magic observing eye.


I understood the sensation. I don’t see it if I emit mana.

This is because transparent mana was released.


When I check with magic observing eye, I understand from the light that the mana is being released properly.

After all, I did it!


“I did it, Shishoooo〜”


Opening her eyes wide the black sleeping next to me jumped in surprise, while the tentacles waved in the air and the fur on her back stood on end.


“Ah, Rollo……I’m sorry?”


Rollodinu runs outside like she’s angry.


“Shuya, is something wrong? You made a loud sound.”

“The color changed!”

“What, such a thing……I want to say you did well, but you still have a long way to go. What did the released mana look like?”

“Yes. Storing fighting moji in my eyes, I looked properly. Using magic observing eye.”

“–Is that so, try doing it again.”


Achilles-shisho nodded his head, and gave instructions.


“Okay, I’ll try.”


I concentrate on my eyes……


Mana is being released from my arm.

And, I clearly see the shining jagged band in front of my arm.


I try to stop releasing the mana.


“You’ve done well. You’ve successfully completed the first step of guidance moji. But, I see your movement. There’s a lot of study ahead……”


A short sword and long sword dances around Shisho.


When I have the spear again Shisho uses a skill similar to <Thrusting>, in order to follow the short sword and long sword into the air and cut them down.


Incredible, amazing.

The offensive of the sword and spear intertwining, there was no chance for an opening.


“It’s possible to communicate the feeling of the attack. The movement of the short sword, I’m aware as I move them one by one. As for this it’s using the sword every bit over long years, I practiced flying sword style and continued forging it, as a result of training ten thousand days, I was able to forge guidance magic to this point. ……I think it takes time at first, but it’s reaching the point of being able to float one knife.”


Shisho puts Miyamoto Musashi’s words into a tsukkomi.

The lesson of ten thousand days. That’s right. I must train myself more. However, this guidance moji, I feel there’s a frightening flexibility different from fighting moji which is limited to the body. I’ll try asking a question.


“I see. Then, I have a question.”

“Mm? What is it?”

“While I repeatedly practice, This mana in this guidance moji changes into a weapon. For example, strengthening to image of a knife a ‘mana sword,’ could this be possible with guidance moji?”


Achilles-shisho smiles at my question and replies, “Hou, did you notice that?” while staring at me with heat in his eyes.


“It’s possible. With fighting moji there is the limit flesh and bones. But guidance moji and fairy moji use an image so it’s much more free. Yet, can you actually form the image of a sharp ‘knife’ with mana? Saying that, there’s no choice but to ask the question.”


Surely, normally that’s right.


“It seems difficult.”

“Ah, it’s not that difficult. If I sleep with a knife enough and always eat and talk with it, it may be possible. This is half a joke, but it’s a thing where you should imagine it with this feeling.”


Uh, isn’t that some kind of hentai. (TL: Hahahahahahhaha. This made me happy.)


“Saying that it’s possible, it will have huge mana consumption in addition to requiring considerable time and effort on your part. As it’s also difficult to maintain it might not be realistic……for the one that trained themselves with a real sword, it will become worthwhile. But, this is only the prevailing view. If it’s a person with abundant mana like Shuya, it may be possible.”


It’s possible.


“……That’s so. Though I think it’s impossible I’ll think about it.”

“You won’t understand unless you try it? My thinking may be outdated. At any rate, the strength depends on the image.”


Shisho points to his head.


“In the old days, the time when Shisho was an adventurer, was there no such master?”

“There was such a master. But, in this world……I don’t know. By chance, I may have not met one. (TN: Not sure here.) If there is such a master, I think magic will be ruined too. That’s because there would be no aria or crest……”

“Is that so……”


If, there is an enemy life that……I have to be ready.

Or how should I say it, it’s a good thing for me to aim for something?

Ruling the world with the power of the spear and guidance moji!


“……you should use this knife for moji training.”


When I get excited like that, Shisho took a knife from his breast and handed it to me.


The blade of the knife is green.

Durable clothe is wound around the handle making it feel like a one-year term. (TL: Something about the period of an apprentice’s contract, it feels like something uniquely Japanese. If someone know I’d appreciate advice. 持ち手にはグルグル巻きに布が巻かれ年期を感じさせる物だった)


“Thank you. I’ll start right away.”


I lengthen the guidance moji with the image of lifting the knife with the released mana. But, it’s completely unaffected. There’s no feeling of touching it either……


“Do you have something like a hint for me?”

“Even if I say this or that, a person’s nature emerges strikingly……anyways, it’s to concentrate more and imagine it. I can only say that. Then, I’ll go see the field. I’ll see you later. And then……to advance to the next stage, as one would expect absorption is fast for you, but it seems it is impossible immediately. You should do it slowly and carefully.”



He says so, but I who very much love training continue training guidance moji. But, sure enough, the knife doesn’t move an inch at all. To move the knife I put on the ground, trying to invoke my telekinesis, I continue to release mana at random.


There’s no progress at all in guidance moji the next day.


As is doesn’t go well, I sulked, but……


That night.

I’m called by Raguren and Achilles-shisho.


The place where I am called to, is the living room of the cabin where we always eat.


What it will be, I feel, but I understand immediately. On the table I can see an array of earthenware sake bottles and sake barrels.


“How is Shuya, too?”


Raguren advances shouting with a sake bottle in hand.


“Then, I’ll have one cup?”


I poured sake into an earthenware cup and took hold of it.

Sake, after a long time……is it the first time in the new world?

The color is dark. I carry the cup from the table to the entrance.




There’s a sense of incongruity coming from the slight taste of the carbonic acid leaving behind a bad taste. But, the taste becomes strangely transparent as it passes through my throat. (TL: I don’t know anything about drinking so a “transparent” taste may be something like that, or, it might be unique to japanese/asian drinking culture or I may just be a failure as a translator.)


There’s a strong mint flavor.

It’s room temperature, but it tastes unexpectedly good.


This, if I cool it with the ice from my life Maho……

Nn〜, it’s nothing. As for this here……


–My stomach hurts.

Drinking alcohol after a long time, I get the feeling of it spreading throughout my body.




“How’s that? Now, speaking of ale, you should drink this one next.”


Raguren talks with a peculiar smile, and pouring liquor from a long bottle into an earthenware mug, he hands over the glass. I look at the liquor and find it to be red. When I smell it there’s a fruity fragrance.


As the fragrance is too pleasant, I carried the earthenware mug to my mouth and drank it in one go.




It’s similar to wine……it’s sour and it’s not, it’s also not too persistent.


A mellow taste……this, it might be better if I cool it.

So, I quickly make ice with life magic. I let the ice drop into the liquor and try drinking it. Ooo, chilled sake is yummmy.


“What, what? Ice.”

“Put it in mine too.”


The faces of the other two people are brought closer with great force. Please give me a minute, saying I would put ice in their cups, the two people overflow with delight.


“Oooo, this is good, having the water attribute is convenient.”


Raguren’s eyes open wide.


“O-oi, certainly, for making ice. It feels nice.”


Shisho is also pleased.

The tension had gone up in the two people.


“Wait, wait.”

“Uhahaha, this is delicious! Is it homemade?”

“Indeed, it’s Raguren’s prided alcohol. I love this taste too.”


Raguren drinks it up too, or rather drains his mug gulping. It looks like Shisho has gotten a little drunk, going on a drinking spree with an earthenware mug in hand……


“It’s really good. This is Raguren’s?”


I show an earnest expression, and talk to Raguren.


I wonder what kind of brewing……

There’s also no distilling equipment. Did he put it in a tsubo and let it ferment? While I think about it, Raguren answered after draining the new alcohol her poured.


“Speaking in detail, this is Rabbi and mine? Pure spring water from Mt. Heim and some herbs. And then, the liquid is heated with several secret fruits, and distilled into special liquor we trade with the elves for ‘magic bottles.’” While you we hunting today, didn’t you acquire several ingredients?”


Raguren laughs with a complacent smile. His face is tinged slightly red. Raguren normally has a serious expression, but now he has a happy face without a care in the world.  The alcohol is being drunk with great relish.


However, there’s doubtful voice.




The drawn out doubtful voice belongs to Rabbi-san.


“Ah…Rabbi-wa wa, how about together with you?”


Raguren is blinking in surprise. Sweat is dripping from his forehead. I thought the sweat was from the heat of the alcohol, but now that I look again it seems like a cold sweat.


“Mou…Achilles-ji and Shuya-san…please include me from the start next time!”





“Because Rabbi strong.”


Somehow or other, it seems Rabbi-san is a drinker too…


“Oh, Raguren, are you paying attention to how much you’re drinking? I understand how the alcohol is made and I’m glad-you left all of this scattered about, have it properly cleared up by morning.”


After Rabbi-san says so-she snatches away the bottle in Raguren’s hand and daringly chugs in down in one go.


Rabbi-san can be pushy.


Like this, everyone continues drinking. Rabbi-san brings snacks to go along with the alcohol, appearing from the kitchen with long and narrow dried meat and something similar to a fava bean.


Raguren begins to drunkenly sing something.


“We aaaare, divine beast protectors♪ Last family members ♪”


The prosperity of the Dwarfs fades away.

Left in the corner we sadly grow in to a petal scattering bloom.

The prosperity of the Gordekus Empire becomes dust.


Scattering across the world we go.

Living on and on, forgetting our past splendor.


The lyrics were like that.


Sung in deep bass voice similar to a baritone, Achilles-shisho and Rabbi-san sing together.


The melody is slightly nostalgic.


Since I am drunk, it’s difficult to catch parts here and there, but it is a proper song. The song is like an enk ballad with overtures from fantasy, and it is also interesting.


A song handed down in the Goldiba family.

Ah〜, regrettably no impromptu guitar could be put together, I was able to enjoy the simple classical and folk music.


So, happily drinking the night away, finally everyone other than me slept.


The sleeping family members. Their faces look happy.


Ah, did I finish taking care of Achilles-shisho and Raguren?

Everything is blown off by the liquor, my mood improved.


Thank you……


In the morning, because Raguren and Achilles-shisho drank too much, they looked unwell.


These guys are completely hung over.


At this point, Rabbi-san is the picture of health.

Let alone hung over, she is somehow in a condition full of vigor.


Seeing the table where the sake bottles drunk last night are scattered, she is furious. While Raguren’s face look like his condition is bad, I apologize to Rabbi-san.

The image of macho muscular man being scolded by a beautiful dainty woman, looked strangely heartwarming.


“Shuya, you don’t have a hangover?”


It is Achilles-shisho who asks me.

Just now, I finished feeding the domestic animals and came back from below.


“It seems so, there was a tipsy feeling.”

“Drinking so much, and only feeling tipsy? Is it another benefit of the vampire lineage? Good, as for me,  now, my head is splitting……”


Shisho makes a strange face, and hold his head with a hand.

It’s a face he usual doesn’t show. I laugh a little.


“Haha……Now, was Raguren badly scolded by Rabbi-san?”

“Humu. Rabbi can hold her liquor. She won’t get drunk no matter how much liquor she drinks. Please quickly cleanup for me! I was told that harshly just now, too……”

“……Before I say something, you can train.”

“That’s right, I’ll be in the workshop, secluding myself to make medicine.”


I continue training guidance moji while doing spear training afterwards, I also perform guidance magic training the next day, but with no progress, it didn’t go well even after 7 days.



After dinner that day, I can see signs during training in the hut I’m staying in.


It began with a trifling image.

I hold the image of a hand……releasing my mana, extend it out thinly creating a hand made from something like a woven silky fabric.


I see it clearly with magic observing eyes by storing mana in my eyes.

With countless small magic lines, a distorted hand is formed.


With that I grasp the knife.


“I can hold it!”


Un. I can hold it, but–the knife gasped with the mana hand falls immediately.

For mana ability, I fail in the construction of the hand. The image disperses. The thought to maintain the image is difficult, but the mana consumption is also considerably taxing. Achilles-shisho said it would be impossible to do so immediately.


It’s too much for me to do.


I release mana, molding the image, concentrate. And, it moves……

Holding a spear with guidance moji like Achilles-shisho, using several swords to attack continuously, I can easily imagine that it took an enormous amount of time.


However, if I manage to put together the small magic lines, when I mold them it seems to become easier. It can go somewhere else? (TN Not sure about this.)


“This is good enough for a start.”


That I was able to hold it is great.

It’s been a series of failures so far……coming to here today–turning around, I jump onto my back on the bed.


I look up at the ceiling while feeling the feathers touching my back.




A transparent window appears in front of me and status is displayed.


Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 20

Title: Divine Beast Contractor

Race: Rusivault

Battle Occupation: Spear Dancer : Chain User : Apprentice Magic User

Strength 12.2 – Agility 11.3 – Stamina 10.5 – Mana 14.1 – Dexterity 9.3 – Spirit 10.5 – Luck 6.0

Current Condition: Healthy


“Skill Status”


Acquired Skills:<Throwing>:<Cerebral Demon Speed>:<Hidden Body>:<Night Vision>:<Smell Secretion Technique>:<Blood Banquet>:<Thrusting>:<Meditation>:<Magic Beast Riding>:<Life Magic>:<Guidance Moji>:<Fighting Moji>


Permanent Skills:<Power of True Ancestor>:<Natural Demon Ability>:<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Soul Sucking>:<Undying>:<Darkness Adaptation>:<Blood Magic>:<Head of Household>:<Super Light Brain Buff Intuition>:<Fighting Moji Knowledge>


Extra Skills:<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>


Skills increased too.

So far the only spear skill is <Thrusting>.


Mana rose comparatively. Though I will understand that power is rising if I use magic, I haven’t learned magic.

On the other hand, every time the numerical value of agility rises there’s a reaction velocity (TN: No idea what reaction velocity is.) , because the toe rotation becomes quicker and the speed of my body increases I can understand it, so I’m able to accept it. As for strength, every time it rises the black spear feels lighter and the power behind the spear when I attack also increases. The fine handling of the fingers is dexterity, handling the knife, I reached the point where I can do the work of the tearing the bark off and helping with the carpentry work.


However, I can’t understand the stamina value very well. Even if I run, I don’t get tired, and……because my ability to continue fighting is ensured I have no complaints, well, since the number value has risen, I’ll assume it’s good.


When I’m satisfied with confirming my abilities, I close my eyes and fall asleep.



–The next day.


With Achilles-shisho, I perform combat exercises as usual.


Today we increase “motion control.”

Receiving (Defense), Return (Parry), Approach (Advance), Endgame (Shorten the distance), Sweep (Strike), a feint is mixed in–it was an intense spear exchange.


Probably because my ability to handle the spear rose, this sort of, being able to develop a good feeling with the exchange of blows.


Again, the metal bar of the black spears come together–the black spears seemed to collide, but Shisho makes an unexpected movement.




Shisho suddenly separates, and took the movement of the spear in the pause.






Achilles-shisho’s expression doesn’t change very much, and the black spear is silently aimed at my eyes. I also match the form, and point the black spear at the eyes. The form when the tip comes to the face, a dangerous atmosphere falls.


That moment–

A high-pitched metallic sound resounds through the open space of the training ground.


It’s the collision of thrusting.

Our black tanza spears collide, and a metallic sounds rang out.


Once, twice colliding violently together.


The <Trusting> skill of Shisho slightly exceeds my own.


–Chi, my hand is numb from the recoil……I slightly wrinkle my forehead, and shake the black spear. Shisho, seeing my movement is slightly sluggish, naturally doesn’t overlook it.


Achille-shisho slightly smiles “Hore”, and force comes out from his shout. Jumping lightly, and holding the spear above his head he swings down the black spear.


To protect against it, preparing the upper part of the black spear, I relax my feet and absorb the shock.

I try to turn the black spear and evade an impact.


But, even so–the moment black spear collided with black spear, I’m defeated by the shock and the black spear falls from my grip.


–However, the first attack is stopped with this.


But, Shisho makes a movement in anticipation of it.


Striking as if the first attack was a fake.

Achilles-shisho turns the black spear vertically, pushing just after with a jerk from the bottom of the black spear, aiming for my chin–that, I lean back and somehow the upper part of my body avoids it–but, the spear skill of Shisho isn’t over yet.


In fact, the spear turns around again, it’s the three sequential vertical attacks.


Once more, the spearhead swoops down, I don’t have enough time to evade it, and my left shoulder is cut. I grunt at the sharp pain, and falter.


Shisho’s pursuit isn’t over yet.

He approaches me with a shuffling walk while turning the black spear.


Quickly advancing with a half step to the left.


Achilles-shisho’s half stepping progress he displays while moving.

Looking, it appears simple, but……

The quality of the fluent movement without hesitation.


Only, half step progress. But, I know

The way Shisho is walking over there is an amazing skill–


The power flows from the legs into the arms, and finally the power is spread by the black spear. The black spear which has power transmitted through it, begins to hum as the power behind is grows.


When I notice, the black spear handled by Shisho is buried smoothly under the pit of my stomach. There’s a strange sound as the flesh of my body is destroyed, and I’m blown off backwards.




Ooow……the feeing of the first fake attack.

Honestly, it’s annoying.

An annoyed expression on my face, I stand up.


“Itetetete……this, even if the inside of my shoulder wasn’t hurt.”

“Well, it’s not likely……if it wasn’t Shuya, wouldn’t I focus on avoiding either striking or a killing in this kind of practice? Wouldn’t you simply “heal” from the fatal attack earlier?”

“That’s because of the vampire lineage.”


While we were talking, the wound in my shoulder and the one in my stomach faded away.


“Actually, it’s against the rules. It’s tough.”

“More and more, I’m becoming stronger.”

“It’s going, but……let’s go.”


Intensely, our spear cross each other.

Shisho, while holding the main shaft of the black tanza spear, mixes in different attacks, making it difficult–the movements are diverse, seeming to spin and dance about.


I, by referencing the movements, every time, return the spear attacking Shisho, but–every time, Achilles-shisho adjusts to my movement, easily counterattacking. Aware of the attack, already, the feints are to get through. the quality of the skillful movements integrated with the offense and defense. Kicking techniques, added to the whole, fist, knife-hand, elbow, not only, even the movement of the shoulder and back are used.


Shisho’s movements remind me of the training in the “Dancing Prison.”


A half turn on the toes, I freely repeat the turn on my toes, dodging an attack. When I think that, an attack is delivered like he has eyes in the back of his head. The spear seems to be hands and feet……I can’t keep up with them.


There, a dull *thwack* sound echoes.


I’m blown backward again, falling down on the ground.

Achilles-shisho hangs the black spear over the back of his neck like a scarecrow, with right shoulder pushed forward, he begins to spear while turning away.


“Your balance was destroyed; do you intend to dance?”

“Itete, what is it? The technique using your back, it’s a fair shock.”


Iteee, the skill was something like kung fu……I think so while I talk, and I stand up and again prepare for spearman ship.


“Humu. The name of the spear technique is ‘right back attack,’ let’s go.”



Metal is repelled again; a high-pitched sound resounds.


But, thereafter the sound of metal colliding decreases.

It’s shifts to a fight with jujutsu mixed in, because we’ve begun to dance to avoid each other’s attacks.


The training continues every day until the morning sun rises.

And like this, I became reliably strong.




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