Chapter 12 – With Goldiba, First Hunt

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Shisho raises one eyebrow while crossing his arms to watch me, his mouth breaks open in a smile.

“You said water with a happy face, so is that what you felt?”

“Yes. It was an image of water.”

When Achilles-shisho hears this he nods slightly.

“Water. At first it is so. Forgetting about the memory loss, I’ll speak about the basics. The main attributes are, fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, and neutral. These six exist. To reach the 6 high rank attributes “darkness” and “light” are the two other attributes. Darkness is vulnerable to light but is strong against the other attributes. Light is destroyed by excessive darkness and doesn’t have much to do with the other attributes. And then, the final special one is ‘Space-time attribute.’” (TL: I’m not sure about neutral. It could also be translated as “nothing” which makes me thinks of “void” but I’m not sure. Once we get more explanation or see examples of the attribute I’ll decide what to go with.)

Basic attributes.

It’s a common development, it’s important when using magic.

I drive it firmly into my head.

“The six basic attributes, the higher ranks are the two ‘darkness’ and ‘light’ attributes. Finally, is the space-time attribute……”

After all the space-time attribute is special. Based on the name.

“That’s right. Good. Grasp it with this.”

Shisho produces something like a glass stone.

I accept it, and grasped the stone as he said.

“That is called a magic measuring inspection stone. This fellow can identify your attribute. As there are other methods to easily know the attribute I taught it. It’s to touch a magic book. If mana is felt by a magic book, the person who touched will know what maho attribute they have.”

While listening to Shisho’s words for several seconds, I grasped the given stone.

“Like this?”

Saying so, when I open my palm the glass stone is colored with white, black, blue, and ashy silver light in order.

“Light, darkness, water, neutral, four of the space-time. When the neutral attribute is added to this, it’s five attributes in total. Darkness usually disagrees with light you should only be able to have one, but……in addition to that ashy silver ‘space-time attribute,’ it’s very rare. After all……Shuya really is a special type of vampire.”

Unique, that’s right. It’s a new race.

Having light and darkness, on top of that, it comes with a space-time attribute.

How many attributes does a normal person have?

“How many attributes does the average person have?”

“Saying normally, it varies with us Goldiba. The favored person with light and all attributes aside darkness, a person has only one or two attributes. Humans and other races will be like that too. Attributes are generally inherited from the parents.”

The basics vary, but more or less that’s a regular existence.

“It’s going to be varied. Well, with contradicting attributes……”

“That’s right. I’ve lived for a long time, but……people possessing both light and dark at the same time, I have never seen it, and I have not heard of it. Though the space-time attribute has been seen on occasion.”

He hasn’t seen it…….

Well, I get it.

I’m not human but a new race, Rusivault.

However, I must think about my plans for the future if I got to a big city or town.

“That’s certainly so……”

Sighing, I answer seriously, depressed.

“Not so much pessimism, you should learn it impressively. As for the darkness and light magic it’s up to the person who handles it. If you hate standing out, you should decide when and where you use it. Besides, Shuya hasn’t learned Maho yet.”

Shisho smiles gently, and claps my shoulder to cheer me up.

“That’s so. What kind of magic is darkness and light?”

“……Magic of the darkness attribute is mainly used by Mazoku. Humans who live as assassins in the shadow, people believing in the darkness god Volgraf and heretic religions are of primary concern. There are many clergymen of the church worshipping the light god Ilodis that heal using light attribute magic, an important figure who belongs to the church, a knight is important. The light attribute is sacred. The darkness attribute is evil. It’s called religion.”

A holy church……religious keywords.

“The person generally called magic user–”

Then I received an explanation about magic that take a long time.

Magic user, to start with people aiming at the magician system learn from a superior magician, or gradually reading a magic book, that method of learning maho is common, a child with talent aims for the Maho Academy to learn and can be found in every adventurer city. There seems to be a school at the pinnacle where geniuses gather at inside the tower city, Senapa and the city of arts and sciences, Ernst.

Next the conversation moved on from the basics and changed to more complex matters concerning Battle Occupations.

Mana or spiritual strength is necessary for magic.

I learn magic as I grow, from using magic Battle Occupation changes into various madoushis.

If the battle occupation of the magic job evolves, it’s possible to acquire special maho as a skill, basics can be read in a maho book, so I should to be able to learn maho.

The combination of magic and warrior battle occupations are endless.

As he had explained this part about occupation a little before, I got it right away. Anyway, a lot of battle occupations exist.

I received a simple explanation about the magic language and maho crests.

The magic language seems to be maho which works after reciting an aria praising the spirits or god.

Lower and higher rank magic exists.

Magic circles is magic which fires off maho after the characters are read, generally it seems to be called “high-ranking Maho” or “free Maho.” An aria isn’t necessary but it seems to take time to build a Maho formation.

On the other hand, I learned there’s an item which makes it easy to use spoken magic circle maho though not life maho.

It seems a piece of paper called a scroll which can mainly be bought in magic tool shops. If the mana attribute magic is used, by using the scroll, maho is invoked.

“–And, I feel like I explained it fast, but did you get it?”

“Yes. Somehow.”

“There aren’t many detailed magic books here……the knowledge I know is from 300 years ago.”

Knowledge from 300 years ago.

I wonder if the magic skills evolved over 300 years.

Shifts and changes are the way of the world.

There’s also a word. It may have changed.

“Even like this, I intend to only talk about what I know.”

“Just now, I understood a lot.”

“Humu, But, mana is still the source of moji, I have to put and say it.”

With timing, Shisho’s eyes became sharp, and begins to explain while gesturing.

“As I said before, if magic is used then mana is consumed. Is this obvious? When maryoku happens to run out you become tired, the body becomes listless, furthermore when you use up your maryoku, maryoku starvation happens. If it becomes extreme, you may pass out, it may even result in death. And, to restore the lost maryoku the basic necessity is to lay down and rest. Although some fast people recover quickly without sleeping……well, there are a lot of special exceptions, for now I’ll omit that. There are other recovery means as well such a skill, with enough money, if there’s knowledge of alchemy, special recovery potions can be drank.”

The management of mana is important. Supposing a value of my spirit is maximum MP, I wonder how much maryoku must be used to run out of MP.

It’s not displayed as a numerical value in status and……

“……Mana starvation, I understand it’s important, but if I use more magic in a dangerous area, or, for example, what if I want to understand the approximate amount?”

“I see. The time to know will come soon. Should I say.”

When will the time to know come……

I guess it will be a sensible thing.

“Let’s keep talking. The next is the main point of mana use in moji. This doesn’t apply only to a magic user, it’s the basis of all maryoku battle occupations and basic foundation.”

Foundation. Mana is important.

“Mana use……”

“That’s right. It has to be learned to acquire rare battle occupations. The three are ‘Guidance Moji,’ ‘Fighting Moji’ and ‘Fairy Moji.’” (TL: You think shit makes sense but then it doesn’t.)

While speaking Shisho raises one finger at a time, and holds up three fingers.

“These three skills are Moji. A first, it seems different from magic, but it uses mana the same as maho. However, these Moji can never be learned with the magic book, of course, it’s not taught at the Maho Academy either. There will be some who learn it inside, but at most it will only be Fighting Moji.”

I received a detailed explanation about moji.

“Guidance Moji releases the mana inside the body outward, the art of fighting.”

“Fighting Moji accumulates mana in the body, an art to strengthen the body.”

“Fairy Moji discharges internal mana out, aligning with the natural world, the art is used this way.”

When these three are put together the battle occupation called “Moji User” is acquired.

And, the practical use of mana seems very important.

“And, I said a condition is needed, but were you able to understand to some extent?”

“Yes. I somehow got the image.”

When Achilles-shisho hears this for a moment, his eyebrows twitched.

“Image……to tell the truth, isn’t that the most important thing?”

Confident in the image. I’m a delusion lover. (TL: He means sexual fantasies.)


“The explanation is to here. Let’s start from the basics right away. First confirm you mana. Next pull from the maryoku, gather the maryoku in a portion of the body. Finally let the mana which you collected disperse, and again repeat the action of gathering the maryoku. First, carefully from this foundation, you should manage.”


But, there was a desire for such training, and I’m enjoying it.

“Okay. I’ll try.”

Mana. Don’t be nervous.

“This much is good for today. Before night, you may come to have the hang of this art. However, is everyday accumulation important for using mana?”

Slow but steady wins the race, huh?

“Besides before long we’ll raise your physical ability in earnest using the 【Training Course,】 spear martial arts, and I’m going to train you to acquire the basics of wind spear style. During free time practicing the feeling of mana manipulation should always kept in mind.”


When Achilles-shisho is satisfied with my answer, I climbed up the stairs and left the smithing room.

Sometimes, I’m curious about the 【Training Course】 that comes up in conversations.

Well, let’s acquire a sense of mana now……

I begin zen meditation.

Closing my eyes, I try to restore the sensation from a little while ago.

I feel my mana.

Water is the original attribute of myself, so I was able to grasp it immediately.

The reason dates back before transmigrating.

During my childhood, the car I took with my parents was involved in a sudden landslide and every car fell into the river.

My parents died in the accident.

I had a serious injury but my body being small, I was saved by chance.

As a result of the persistent trauma I was scared of water, I came to have fear towards a bath. But, I was adopted by my grandfather who forced me to go to swimming class. For a while, in the process of going to and from the swimming class in despite of being a waterphobe I came to love water, even though I was a child it was a strange feeling.

In this way, because I cultivate (experience about water) by swimming, so my attribute being water is strangely acceptable.

The attributes other than water were at the time of transmigration with the choice of race and skills, I understand it with the attribute I acquired. Because I chose Dhampir the darkness attribute was acquired. Then from the Extra Skill “Crest of Light” I got light attribute.

With that I was the new race “Lucivault.”

Now the race evolved to “Rusivault.”

I think I’m completely human visually, but the race seems to be different.

I didn’t only notice, even so things could be somewhat different……

Well, with this, I’m okay.

I am me. I think, therefore I am.

Aside from that, only the space-time attribute may be special.

It wasn’t decided by my race or my heart, it seems to be an attribute acquired because I passed to another world and……

Well, I need to concentrate on mana.

Focus, focus.

Immediately–I am able to sense mana.

This inner heart is the cornerstone of mana, I turn my consciousness there.

The inner heart I move the mana like a water film at the bottom of my abdomen, I lift it.

The mana I pulled up permeates my finger, I increase my concentration. The sense of the width of the water film gradually through the depths of my heart was felt.

This is the cornerstone of mana.

A small ripple on the body of the mana cornerstone, I pull it through my chest attract it to my finger.

I succeeded in collecting dense mana on my fingertip.

When I let the mana I collected on my fingertip disperse, again I repeat the action of drawing up from my abdomen and collecting the maryoku in my fingertip before dispersing it.

Again, I feel for the source of the mana, and I repeat the same action moving the maryoku through my chest to my finger tip.

※Pikon※ ※ Skill※ Acquired

Oh, I learned it. Meditation skill……

Using mana many times, is it because I was aware of recovering it that it was meditation?

In this way, it repeats itself over and over.

“Shuya onii-chan, Dinner tiiime”

I hear Refaa calling for me. Before I noticed, it seems to have already become night.


Rollo calls.

Without noticing, she seems to have slept on my knee.

Her ear moved with a *piku* and reacted to the voice of Refaa. After turning a small face to Refaa, she turns her red eyes to me.

Surely the feeling of Rollo was to say 『Shall we go eat? 』

“I understand. Let’s go now.”

When I come to the living room with Refaa and the black cat, all the members are sitting in their chairs and waiting.

“Did you seem to be able to get the sense?”

Shisho asks.

“Yeah. Somehow, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.”

“It’s fine, fine, well, sit down, eat.”


When I sit in the seat, Achilles-shisho reported it to everybody.

“From tonight on for a while, Shuya becomes my official apprentice.”

I lowered my head immediately. With “Thank you in advance.”

Raguren-san has a worried face, when he understood what the old man said. Refaa’s expression becomes soft and rejoices.

“Wa, Shuya Onii-chan, will be here for a long time〜?”

Refaa misunderstands it, I remained silent.


“Huhu, new family. I’m glad that taking care of the livestock will become easier.” (TL: Shuya’s value is a work horse.)

And, sending me a gaze with a smile put together with expectations gently.

In this way, as the apprentice of Achilles-shisho, I will officially be a freeloader at the Goldiba house.

Night of that day.

While lying in bed, I mutter “Status” and the screen is displayed.

Name: Shuya Kagari

Age: 20

Title: Divine Beast Contractor

Race: Rusivault

Battle Occupation: Spear User : Chain User

Strength 6.2 – Agility 8.0 – Stamina 6.0 – Mana 9.1 – Dexterity 6.1 – Spirit 2.5 – Luck 4.0

Current Condition: Healthy

Spear User was added to Battle Occupation. The ability values rose slightly too.

It isn’t an RPG, I’m happy that growth can be realized.

It’s thanks to Achilles-shisho and the Goldiba family.

After this I’ll be steadily learn martial arts and becoming stronger.

I promise to grow fast in my heart, and fall asleep.


Like yesterday, I wake up before the break of dawn.

I move to the water jar in the shed.

I shove both hands into the surface of the water and putting my palms together to make a bowl I scoop up the water and wash my face. I grab the twig from the shelf feeling refreshed after washing myself with water.

The twig looks like a calligraphy brush. There’s the possibility that someone used it before me. For the time being, after moving the twig to the pail and washing it roughly, with the twig I brush my teeth.

I wonder if Shisho is also up. And, while wondering I go ahead through the field to the open area glancing sideways. After all, Shisho was waiting there. Standing with two spears.

“Good morning. I was waiting. Here.”

Achilles-shisho throws the spear with the tip attached here.


It’s abrupt. I catch the spear.

“It’s done nimbly, from the first wind spear style stand, ‘flame type.’”

Achilles-shisho sets the center of his gravity low, and thrusts out the black spear.

Thrust, thrust, thrust.

After three stabs, quickly the black spear is pulled back before the chest while holding the black spear diagonally. (TL: He says holding the black sear diagonally is a posture but it didn’t flow right in the translated sentence.)

Like that half of the body moves back the right stepping back diagonally.

If I think he stepped back, twisting his waist to return the half of his body back to the original position, the right foot is pushed back quickly.

At the same time, extending the butt end of the spear ahead.

This time he reverses the left half of his body and steps back holding the spear diagonally.

The reverse movement from before is repeated.

One movement set.

Seeming the end of the first movement, by jumping on the spot a sweeping blow was delivered to the ground.


“Today is this form.”

“It’s a form?”

“That’s right. When the form is compared to actual fighting, it’s only a childish dance. But, it’s just right to learn the basics of the spear.”

Mimicking I repeat the same thing.

After a short while, I, got the sense of wind spear style “Flame Form.”

And, suddenly, I decided to try asking the question I had.

“Shisho, it’s called Wind Spear Style, but are the other schools like that?”

“There are. The main spear technique schools are divided into three schools, ‘Wind Spear Style,’ the power school ‘Strong Spear Style,’ and the traditional school ‘King Spear Style.’”

Three schools.

“These are classes which generally express strength. Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master. Furthermore, the upper spear class, King Spear class, and God Spear Class. Three high ranks. Similarly, with the sword there are three schools of technique, the Flying Sword School, the school of absolute strength Absolute Sword Style, and the traditional school King Sword Style. The order of class is the same as with the spear. By the was, I’m a God Spear of the Wind Spear Style, as for sword I’m up to King Sword of the Flying Sword Style.”

Hiya, god class. Moreover, even sword styles.

“It’s the highest class. As expected–”

While praising Shisho, I flawlessly trace the movement.

“It’s so, but even if I saw God spear class of Wind Spear Style, my spear is sword technique, Moji, increasing skills, it’s almost my own original style.”

Original, I want it.

“So, is this art of spear fighting called Achilles Style?”

“No, it’s good as Wind Spear Style.”

It’s influenced by Wind Spear Style.

“Some reason?”

“In the old days I spent time and learned Wind Spear Style and Flying Sword Style at the “God of Combat Temple” in 【Mine City Tandart】, I repeatedly devoted myself. And, at that time I was challenged to a match against a god spear called ‘God Spear Akyurei.’ So with a good heart I accepted and participated in the match. When I won, I was told by Ashurei to introduce myself as a God Spear of Wind Spear Style in the future. I declined at first, but being followed persistently, there was no helping it, so I was made to promise to introduce myself as Wind Spear Style. ……since then, I introduce myself with Wind Spear Style.”

It’s amazing to win against a God Spear, but that partner is a little unpleasant.

If there’s an opportunity to go to Tandart city, in may be interesting to drop in. There may never be such an opportunity.

“……I see.”

“However, it’s premature. Already you seem to have mastered ‘Flame Style.’ Well, next–how about this movement?”

While saying so Achilles-shisho wears a little smile on his face, and in the morning fog, energetically dances into the sky.

If I think he jumped suddenly, the spear head is thrown against the ground.

Using the recoil of the flung black spear, when the black spear floated in the air, the black spear is caught under hand and grabbed.

So it suddenly turned into a comfortable movement.

Turning the black spear in a complete circle, the black spear is shifted to the right hand. The right arm and upper body is stretched out to grasp it, locking to body for a long time.

This, is it some kind of “Form?”

The movement of the body is stopped in a yoga-like pose for a while.

In the action, the spear and the body seem to become one, making the body look even longer.

And, Shisho suddenly repeats the jump flying in the sky.

From stillness to motion. Flourishing the black sear in order to disperse the morning fog, the tip is rotated dizzily.

Many drops of water stick to the black tip.

Splashing the water, the force disperses the air.

A short time later, around Shisho the fog was gone.

–I realize he has tremendous ability.

I try following the movement too, but for the movement which lets your body rotate once in the middle, I trip.

“–Oops, sorry, as expected it was too high-level.”

I failed.

“Yeah. I mimicked it desperately, but, well, as I follow the body to master it, it’s really interesting.”

“Umu. It’s a talent to be able to enjoy anything. Well, it’s time soon. Will you enjoy looking after the livestock?”

When Shisho leans on his black spear and smiles displaying his white teeth in spite of talking, I turn to the foot of the cliff with the barn. While walking I talked from behind Shisho.

“……Do you enjoy it?”

“Ah, I can’t enjoy changing the straw very much, but aren’t there pleasant things? One day is Lunga, another day, the eating condition of the feed changes. The meat quality or milk coming out changes too, and the taste also changes.”

Lunga is cute. The taste changes to feel a little awkward.

“It’s a thing where I enjoy everything. Daily life is study.”

Shisho started caring for the livestock as usual with me who had gotten down from the latter.

I carry the old stray in Popobumu’s bed, and exchange it with brand new dry straw after cleaning. In addition, I make the feed for the Lunga cow and other livestock, to get on with feeding.

I go up the latter after caring for the livestock.

Oh, it smells good.

An appetizing smell is drifting from the kitchen when I return to the house.

Refaa and Raguren-san rose with sleepy eyes, tempted by the smell.

“Ma, ma, Refaa, wash your face. Raguren you get up properly too! It’s breakfast.”

Rabbi-san is lively, shouting from the kitchen.

Refaa and Raguren went to wash their faces with movements that made them look just like parent and child.

“It’s fish today.”

Shisho says near Rabbi-san in a quiet voice.

“That’s right. It’s because it isn’t only mushrooms.”


In response to Shisho’s words, Rabbi-san looked a little offended, and puffed out her cheeks.

Like that everyone gathers in the living room, while I eat a river fish similar to a sweet fish in a harmonious atmosphere, Shisho opens his mouth.

“Shuya. Today I’ll guide you to the 【Training Course】, therefore I intended to start training, but it’s cancelled. Instead you’ll be doing “Hunting and Porterage.’”

“Okay. I understand.”

In Raguren’s slow tone, he adds something.

“There’s wood I want to carry from a tree I felled in the forest. There’s a risk that an animal or a monster may jump out then. So, it’s to serve as guards.”


“It’s fine, but is something to guard against?”

When Achilles-shisho hears my slightly frightened words, he shows a triumphant expression and smiles……

“Come out. Around here it’s an ash fang wolf Est Wolff, the large butterfly Blake Bee, Goblin, Orc……and above all the most difficult is the red fruit bear Degozabear. The darkness insect Darke Beetle is dangerous too. ……after that the huge dragon is indeed dangerous. Escape immediately if you meet it.”

It’s a rare tone from Shisho, fear was shown.

Eeh. It’s a huge dragon……

“……Eeeh, Shisho, a dragon.”

“Ahaha, old man. Are you bullying Shuya? Degozabears certainly are troublesome and appear around here. But, I don’t know about small dragons, such a big dragon appearing, but I suppose……they appear frequently in places with higher elevation, like the far-off crater in the northeastern mountain range, 【Mt. Bardok】 in the distant south, also around 【Pernette Prarie】 to the war west.”

Raguren-san talked about it happily.

“……Is that so?”

Achilles-shisho can also be mean.

Enjoying watching my reaction like a mischievous boy.

“It’s so, but……but? There’s absolutely nothing. Preparations are necessary.”

“……and Degozabear?”

To my question, Shisho’s smile reverses itself, ad his eyes turn stern.

“It’s the red fruit of Degoza, it’s a warlike bear that loves sweet fruits Another name, is the bear of fresh blood. As for the bear, yes its moth bright red.”

Shisho points at his mouth, imitating the bear, talking while showing his teeth. Raguren-san, going along with Shisho, joined the conversation with stern eyes.

“But it’s also carnivorous. You could also say omnivorous. On average to body is three to four meters, the claws and fangs are strong. It may be said it’s the most powerful enemy in this area. In addition to the fact that it’s easy to encounter, the smell is tight……hey, is it displayed right up there? The body has that kind of large build.”

Certainly, the skull and paws are displayed on the wall.

The claws and fangs look strong.

“I’ll remember.”

“That is so. Hunting isn’t only that you know? As there are a lot of common deer and animal like rabbits it should be easy. Moreover, isn’t blood necessary for Shuya?”

“Ah, that’s right.”

I was so. If there’s no blood sucking for seven days then my abilities fall, if it’s for 20 days mummification gradually begins……

“Don’t worry, I’m sorry. However, even if there’s no blood yet it shouldn’t be a concern.”

“Really? Well, hunting should come after guarding.”


“Then, gather in front of the latter.”

Everybody who had finished the meal leaves to prepare.

I return to the hut, and arranged preparations as well with black spear in hand.

I walk to latter at the bottom of the cliff, after leaving the hut–

Rollodinu rode on my shoulder.

“Are you coming too?” “Nya nya!”

The end of the word is strengthened in some respects.

I seemed like a 『Let’s go nya! 』to me.

As I’m unlikely to get her to leave, I move the black cat carried on my shoulder.

When I explained the black cat on my shoulder, Raguren-san and Shisho approved of it immediately.

Raguren-san said, I can fight with the Divine Beast-sama! Like that.

However, Shisho, I want you to see my skill……ah, my cheeks begin blushing when I start to say that.

I who brought the black cat there, observed the condition of the two people going down the latter with subtle expression.

Raguren-san has his big red axe.

The armor he’s wearing is a cuirass type, the brown leather on the chest seamed together with gold thread. A bristle stuck out from the edge of the red leather grieves on his shins.

Achilles-shisho has the usual black spear.

Four stilettos are placed around his waist.

On the normally worn leather clothes, clothes worn that I am seeing for the first time.

A black hooded leather jacket.

There’s a dagger in the lining of the jacket, I caught glimpses of a large number of knifes put stored there.

Which reminds me, we’ll probably be riding Popobumu

Though I think I can carry the baggage. I asked my question after I got off the bottom of the ladder.

“Will we be going down on Popobumu?”

“Mm, it’s not necessary because we don’t plan to carry so much wood. Also, it takes too much time going around.”

“It’s easier to fly in this cliff? It’s because Popobumu isn’t a dragon〜”

And, Achilles-san’s laughed and answered.


I get off the ladder and move from cliff to cliff while continuing such a conversation.

Eventually, we arrive at a place where the forest grows think.

“It’s close from here.”

Raguren-san walks in order to guide us into the forest a little, and stops at a place where the trees grow thick.

Rollodinu gets down from my shoulder, and walks together while restlessly moving her head, exploring the forest.

A mark is cut into many of the trees.

“It’s this big tree. I marked it before. Well then, let’s do it.”

Raguren-san like a destroyer, utilizing his muscles, powerfully swung the edge of his axe against the tree.

The blade of the broadaxe powerfully cuts into the big tree, a loud sound echoed around.

The birds in the forest, surprised by the sound, fly off at once.

It’s spectacular, I become a little anxious. I hear the sound of animals from the surrounding forest……it becomes noisy.

Raguren-san begins heartily swinging his broadaxe into the tree, chopping it grandly. Something about the blows being strong, enough to say blow three times with only two other words.

As the big tree is chopped in no time, is this a ? I stared unintentionally.

“–It’s falling. Be careful of the crash and monsters.”

When Raguren-san tell me to be cautious, the thick big tree falls.

With a thud, the big tree falls down and shakes the ground.

The surrounding forest stirs. From the thicket of the forest where the tree fell, something like a rabbit and raccoons, animals all jumped out at once.

“Come on, it’s work.”

Achilles-shisho throws a knife.

And, the short swords placed at his waist, already floated in the air with a *hyun* sound, and attacked the game.

Even if you tell me to do something there’s nothing I can do.

Four rabbits and one raccoon, they were hunted in the blink of an eye by the knife and short swords.

What was surprised by more than the quick work of Shisho, was Rollodinu’s weapon.

Lengthening the feelers growing from around her neck, they extended to the game like living things.

From the edge of the feelers looking like sharp knifes white protrusions popped out.

The appearance of the white protrusion is “Claw Bones Swords.” They seem to be very sharp.

A feeler with a bone sword collides with the stomach of a rabbit. The feeler’s bone sword penetrated the stomach of the rabbit, and the bone sword came out of its back. Wet with blood, the protrusion make *nyururi* sound when it separates from the rabbit, it’s retracted into the feeler. Thinking there was a bone sword contained in the feeler, the feelers grow, and an elegant bones sword came out of the tip.

The point of the bone sword catches the next game.

Certainly, a feeler bone sword. Incredible, the feeler is fast like a whip.

“Rollodinu’s feelers aren’t only paws.”

Without being too surprised, Achilles-shisho nods at my words with an impressed look.

“It looks that way. As expected of Divine Beast-sama. Let’s dismantle these immediately.”

I’m told in a calm matter-of-fact tone.

Shisho uses a knife, and lets the blood out of his prey. The skin is quickly removed from the meat of the animal.

“You do it too, Shuya.”

And, passing the knife, I copy Shisho and remove the skin……as I’m unable to do it well, when I strip it off, I take opportunity to drink the rabbit’s blood.


Incidentally, I see Rollodinu to the side, licking and tasting the blood of the rabbit she killed.

“Tasting the blood.”

“–Shuya, sorry……as much as possible please don’t show that figure to Refaa……”

Shisho isn’t like that, but the one who seems to dislike the image of me sucking blood is Raguren-san.

It’s a slight expression of disgust. Is it impossible for someone physiologically?

“I understand, Raguren-san. Without making such a hateful expression, don’t attack people.”

“I’m sorry, because I’m seeing it for the first time……”

“Nya Nyaaa!”

Rollo says some to Raguren-san too……

Certainly, being……no, it may be caused by the appearance of me sucking blood.

I seem to feel fear from Raguren-san’s look.

“Oi, Raguren, Shuya get ready, it seems to have been provoked by the smell of blood. Something is coming.”

Achilles-shisho seems to be able to sense a monster.

Immediately, I.

Activate .

“Four of them, no, more than seven, even more?”

I tell Shisho.

It’s the same. More. I sense a big one in the back.

It the strong smell of the beast.

Ahead of Shisho’s line of sight, a group of grey wolves appear from the forest.

The wolves, excited by the smell of blood, growl and attack all at once.

Calmly I keep my center of gravity low, and grasp my black spear. I receive a wolf and kill it.

I learned it the other day, I reveal it.

Kitakita, the next wolf comes from the front.

Here it is–!

The wolf collides with the tip of the black spear and I’m aware of the twist.

The black tip pierces the bottom of the wolf’s neck.

A dull sound was transmitted to me along with the weight of the wolf.

Incredible power.

“Shuya, they’re still coming.”


There seems to be no time to be impressed by the power of the skill.

The wolf which the spearhead is lodged in, shaking the black spear, I throw the wolf away.

It’s two this time.

A wolf appears from the right and left.

Without hesitating, I hold up my left hand.

Aimed at the wolf–I extend .

As planned, the chain goes straight to the wolf.

Without the wolf on the left dodging the chain, the chain hits directly–

While leaving the extended chain stuck, I turn to the right.

The chain drags the pierced wolf but I ignore it.

The remaining wolf, takes aim at me and runs while making a sound, I drew close in order to meet. Although it is running, I watch the approaching wolf, waiting for it to come into range of my spear.

Inviting the wolf’s attack, I slow down.

Good, the wolf came to my invitation.

When the wolf entered the range of my spear, promptly, I activate it. In order to pull in my right hand grasping the spear I lower my center of gravity, and foot, back–while aware of the “twist” I convey power to the tip of the black spear, and plunge the black spear into the skull of the wolf.

I decided to with all my power.

After all, the power of thrust is amazing–

I realize the skill’s greatness.

While the blade of the black spear didn’t seem too sharp, the wolf’s head had a hole like it had been drilled through by a sharp drill.

The image of the destroyed skull is shocking.

And, looking around–

As the wolves seemed to have attacked everybody, three wolf corpses were in front of Shisho, and two other wolf corpses were rolled in front of Raguren.


The moment I see Rollo, I made such a strange sound.

The body of Rollodinu had grown one size.

With a black velvet figure, much like a slim cheetah.

Like that, two wolf corpses lay in front of Rollo.

As for the two Goldiba, they looked just as surprised.

“Divine Beast-sama grew a little?”

“As expected of Divine Beast-sama. She’s become big as a result of hunting game.”

As she’s the object of their faith, the two of them accepted it immediately.

I was surprised by it, but……

“O- one more is still coming!”

Achilles-shisho urges me to be quiet with a loud voice. Everyone, hastily readies their weapon again.

Then, an especially big ash fang wolf suddenly appears from the brush.

After all, it’s the guy who was further back.

According the smell from

Its atmosphere is slightly different from the others.

The large ash fanged wolf stands still, fixing its black eyes on everyone it doesn’t move.


Something like that, I feel the dignity of a large Siberian husky.

“Greatest Large Fang Wolf”

“……Be careful.”


Even if Achilles-shisho says the body of the Greatest Large Fang Wolf is big, I don’t move an inch.

The eyes of the Greatest Large Fang Wolf, stare at where the black cat Rollo called.

Rollo is silent, back and forth, walking full of charm swaying her long tail back and forth, to the Greatest Large Fang Wolf, she carelessly drew closer.

“Divine Beast-sama.”

Raguren-san raises a voice in surprise.


Rollodinu raises a voice similar to the howling of a cat.

She appears to be speaking to the large fang wolf.

Rollo raises her face, and directs a triumphant look at the Greatest large fang wolf.

I don’t hear the wolf howling, is it all right?

The form has grown big too……

Is a conversation established……

“Divine Beast-sama?”

Achilles-shisho is worried, and says so.

The fang wolf raises its face a way very similar to the black cat.

Like that a reply is given and a roar “UOOOOO” is raised.

When the large wolf finished its roar, the big body moves quietly, and the large wolf stoops its face to introduce itself to Rollo the black cat. Rollo slightly raises her face, and the cheeks come into contact intimately.

Then Rollo moves first, smelling the butt of the Largest Large Fang Wolf, and in turn the Greatest Large Fang Wolf smells Rollo’s butt.

When the Greatest Large Fang Wolf is satisfied, it returned.

Did they communicate?

It feels like the tendencies of a cat and dog were put together.

“As expected of Divine Beast-sama. You talked with a beast.”

“It went away……”

Even then, Rollodinu surprised me……

Well, did she communicate with the butt of the Greatest Large Fang Wolf?

Or maybe it was a kin relation? I don’t get it, but it’s mysterious.

When the Greatest Large Fang Wolf goes away Rollodinu’s figure shrinks, returning to the figure of a cat.

Running that way, she jumps onto my shoulder.

It’s superbly skillful to get on this left shoulder.

Supporting herself using the paw of the feeler, she sits down keeping her balance……

“The Greatest Large Fang Wolf retreating in that way, it’s my first time seeing that.”

“I as well. Still, I was surprised seeing the figure grow large. Also communicating with the greatest large fang wolf……it’s certainly happened because of the Divine Beast.”

I think so too. This fellow is incredible. She is not an ordinary cat.


“In addition. What you did earlier Shuya? You used a projectile like a chain before, can you use it any time?”

That reminds me, that was its first appearance.

“I can produce it.”

Raguren-san looks at my left arm say, “Isn’t it an amazing weapon?”, and Achilles-shisho stared at the mark on my arm too.

“Is it some kind of secret art or secret weapon? Is it a unique vampire skill or something?”

With secret art system, again I don’t even know the words said.

“No, what is that? It’s not magic and……”

Saying so I play dumb.

“Is that so? At any rate, It’s a large advantage if used in battle. If I was taken by surprise……anyway, it’s that speed. It won’t be avoided when seen for the first time.”

“Grandfather hasn’t seen it before either?”

Raguren-san with a surprised face asks Achilles-shisho.

“I haven’t.”

Shisho shakes his head and replies.

‘Hoo……grandfather doesn’t know about it. It’s amazing. Also, Shuya. Those were very good movements. If it’s all right, I’ll ask for your help for hunting and assist as a woodcutter from now on.”

With a smiling face, Raguren-san tells me that.

I think we can be on good terms, and keep talking like this.

“Okay. Raguren-san. Please ask for help anytime.”

“Hahaha, thank you. With that, would you call me Raguren? Please treat me well, Shuya.”

“Yes, thank you. Raguren.”

“You two, it’s good to not be reserved, but first–”

When Achilles-san says so, I turn my eyes to the scattered bodies.

“Then, let’s collect these. As you would expect there’s no magic crystal stones, but……”

And, I began dismantling the game I had killed with a knife.

I’m somewhat interested in magic crystals, but I cooperated in dismantling the wolf hide to the best of my ability.

Anyhow, I’m used to dismantling the black rabbit, but it’s my first time dismantling a larger game.

Achilles-shisho and Raguren dismantle them very skillfully.

I drain the blood, and easily cut the meat into pieces and bag it up.

When I bound the meat up with a string some kind of powder was applied.

I helped desperately, but……

In the end, I was mostly watching.

A considerable amount is put in the bag.

It’s a strange bag. I’ll try asking about it.

“Yoshi, let’s return.”


“Shuya, because training has started to you intend to go to the 【Training Course】 tomorrow? Although I say that, your situation is outside the norm, so I think I’ll have to change it considerably. Well, it will be good to experience it once.”

It will probably become some type of training……

Apart from that, how do we carry the wood in front of us? When I think of such a question……

Raguren cut the wood.

They’re cut into pieces to carry them.

Around Shisho several pieces of lumber are floating thanks to guidance moji.

Well, the lumber floating in the air, it’s around several kilos……there seems to be thirty or forty kilos……

Anyway, it’s a considerable amount of weight to carry.

On the other hand, Raguren-san doesn’t seem to be able to use guidance moji, a bag filled to bursting is thrown over his back.

I can’t use guidance moji either.

Thus I carry the lumber luggage on my back and climb up the ladder.

Well, ano, I’m curious about the bag. I ask about it.

I asked my question while climbing.

“Excuse me. A large amount was put in that bag, but how is that?”

“A magic bag. Being robust a large quantity of object can be put inside. It’s something I bought many of during my time as an adventurer. It’s a bag that requires special fibers with the neutral attribute, I don’t know the specifics.” (TL: Void makes sense for the translation if it’s used to make magic bags.)

“That’s useful.”

“It is.”

Well, it’s fantasy. There’ll be something like that too.

Climbing the ladder, I catch sight of dazzling sunlight when I get up the cliff.

It’s the light of dusk.

I stack the wood I carried near the hut while taking in the orange setting sun. The three of us continue working silently.

After nearly an hour, we finish piling the wood.

However, so far, the light of the radiant sunset shone on me.

I want to see the sun properly so when I take a break I walk to the cliff edge.

I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful sunset from the cliff top.

I burn the scenery into my memory. Beautiful.

It’s the natural view from the Goldiba village.

Achilles-shisho told me I could see it anytime, but……

Every time, I pray to such beautiful scenery.

Putting both hand together while watching the beautiful sunset and nature, I worshipped it.

“Shuya onii-chan. Why, putting your hand’s together〜?”

Refaa asked with a worried expression.

“Ah, it’s not intentional. Well, I wanted to match my hands with the bright sun, together with wrinkles and creases, isn’t it just happy?” (TL: Yeah I don’t…)

“……Hmmm〜. Weird〜”

That……this child……

Pulling myself together, I brought up a different topic to distract Refaa.

“What did Refaa do today?”

“Study with Oka-san〜. Really……I wanted to go to the forest together……”

Since no one was here, did she feel lonely?

“Is that so. It’s not possible now, but if you diligently listened to what your oka-san and oto-san told you, we can go together someday.”

“Un! That’s right. Thank you, Shuya onii-chan!”

Refaa’s father Raguren and her grandfather Achilles-shisho seem to have overheard our conversation in the back of the hut.

Motionless, they listen to such a conversation.

“Is that right?”

“No, Refaa is still small……”

“But, won’t she become ten years old next year? It’s something for Goldiba, you must learn hunting with a weapon you are strong in.”

“……I understand. So I’ll aim at a rennu moose next time. That’s good for a bow.”

“Well, that large stag antler……it’s certainly good for a bow, no, well. I got suman. Will you think about it properly?”

“Of course.”

To the owners of those voices, I return with Refaa and the black cat.

“Ah, oto-san. You got this much wood?”

“I got enough.”

Raguren smiled and lifted Refaa to his shoulder.

“Wawa, look out!”

Riding on his shoulders. It’s heartwarming.

“Hahaha, did you get bigger, Refaa? Did you also get heavier?”

“Mou, I don’t know, humph!”

Refaa getting angry, gets down from Raguren’s shoulders and runs away.

“Oh no, Raguren. Even Refaa is a girl you know?”

There, hearing voices, Rabbi-san come next to Raguren with a hand over her mouth.

Rabbi-san is disappointed, making an expression with such a feeling, she tells off Raguren.

While the declining sun makes a shadow behind the hut–

I lean on the wall and fall silent……I watch the family.

Seeing the happy looking scene, I’m slightly sad, there’s nostalgia, there’s also some jealousy. Unintentionally, my mind became like that.

Haha, it doesn’t show on my face, I think.

The memory of my father and mother in my previous life, ever since the accident……it’s almost not there……

My expression suddenly sinks, as I watch the happy scene of such a family.

The feeling makes me want a smoke.


The voice of small cat is there.

Rollo rubs her head to fawn on me.

After rubbing her foot, as if worried about me, she turns her red eyes to me.


You, did you come to comfort me? How much do you understand?

Easing my expression a little, I pick up Rollo by the sides, and stare back at Rollodinu’s red eyes.

“Nyaa, Nya!”

Then, Rollo struggled in my arms as if she disliked it and left.

When the black cat lands on the ground, she ran towards the hut.

“……Mou, Rollo is fickle.”

While saying so, I recover my smiling face.




Here’s a comment posted by Jolee that helps exlain the magic system and fixes the problems in my translation.

Since many people are wondering about parts that seem to have been lost in the MTL, especially regarding the magic explanation…
I think most people would have realised that “maho” is magic. Since “maryoku” is used up for magic, it’s natural to understand “maho uses maryoku” as “magic uses MP”.
As Shion pointed out, “maho” in Japanese is “魔法”, with 魔 (ma) meaning magic, and 法 (hou) meaning rule.
“Moji” in Japanese is “魔技”. Incidentally, this is pronounced “majutsu”, and the TL provided is actually the Chinese pronounciation “mó jì” (for you pinyin readers). The meaning is the same in both Japanese and Chinese. The breakdown is 魔 (ma/mó) meaning magic, and 技 (jutsu/jì) meaning technique or skill.
“Maho” is magic, “maryoku” is mana, and “moji” is “majutsu” which is “magic skill”.
Casting magic costs mana, and the activation or toggling of magic skills also uses up mana.
Magic books or grimoires can teach you magic, but not magic skills. This is obvious if you realise “magic skill” really means “warrior skill” in this context.
nai wa

TL: So to summarize, Maho is now Magic, Maryoku is now Mana, and Moji is like magic skills. Moji is the underlying fundamentals of manipulating mana and needs to be mastered before one can use magic. The best part is, moji can be used to actually fight and has uses, so it immediately befomes useful. I’m going to keep translation Moji as I have been becuse it sounds better in a sentence than anything else I can think of.




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