Chapter 325 – Spirit Ball Conception


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This ain’t an issue of boobs. Is it possible to contact a nameless goddess or some unknown being? Getting in contact with unknown, intelligent life-forms has been an old dream of mankind. The search for life in outer space, err, for the goddess must go on.

That’s why attempting this can be the only possible choice.

『…Come to think of it, we still haven’t checked out the ability. I know <Spirit Ball Conception> is a skill for me to unify with you, but…is it really possible to get in contact with the statue through this?』

『It’s just a possibility. It’s necessary for me to directly touch the statue with <Spirit Ball Conception> activated by you, Your Excellency』

Just like when she blocked Hogbar’s attack?

『That means you’re going to absorb the statue’s mana like you did with Hogbar’s Time Baku’s mana?』

『No, we aren’t in combat, so I won’t do anything like that. The mana dwelling in this statue has mostly depleted by now. It’s such a tiny amount now that it could vanish at any moment. And yet it frantically tried it’s best for you…that’s why my past self…』

Aahh, so that’s the reason. The statue contains such a faint amount of mana that I haven’t even noticed it. Helme probably feels sympathy with the statue for straining itself to show a reaction to me.

Before Helme started to live in my butt…

『I am a humble, misfit spirit. My name is Water Spirit Helme. I’m the spirit of this lake who can gain life for just one day during this season, once per year』

Helme’s clear voice and her vibrant appearance back then… Moreover I also remember the feeling of burying my face in her cleavage veeeery well.

Well I had no choice as she was a spirit who was alive in the lake for just one day.

『…Understood. But, please wait. I’m going to explain to everyone. And we’ll do this after I check the ability first』

『Okay, whenever you’re ready』

With a sidelong glance at Helme who’s doing mid-air breaststroke movements as a nurse for some reason, I look at my friends.

“Sol’s house is probably ahead of this declined statue here. But, I’m not going yet. I’m going to run a little test here first. Mysty, it’s your brother’s former home. Feel free to go ahead.”

“Eh? Brother’s home already…” Mysty becomes shaken the instant she hears that her brother’s home is nearby.

I don’t know whether she’s worried, full of hatred, or desires blood. But, her eyes have changed, looking very vampiric now… Beautiful dark brown, amber, and light brown pigments are gradually encroaching upon her reddish brown irises.

At the same time, blue lines appear at the outer corners of her eyes and her cheeks, as if blood veins are surfacing on the skin. Her face carries an impact as Lucival bloodkin. Before being a doctor or teacher…she’s first one of my <Head Servant Leaders>, my chosen bloodkin. Her current appearance makes me realize it all over again.

The old man combo of Hankay and Tsuan naturally withdraws a few steps, apparently sensing the intensity emitted by Mysty as a vampire, going counter to her usual pretty young lady vibe.

At that moment I recall the ten big circles on the Lucival Crest Tree. Those circles stand for <Head Servant Leaders>. And while staring at Mysty, I strongly focus on the Extra Skill <Crest Tree of the Lucival>, instantly activating it.

Bloody Surgetaylor Deployment

Those blood characters I’ve never seen before suddenly expand in front of me. The unknown blood letters imitate fingers and hands. A head that resembles mine. The figure has gone as far as copying the belly button…

An imitation of me made out of blood?

But, it immediately falls apart, becoming narrow. While moving in a spiral, it coils itself around Mysty and Viine’s bodies. However, neither of them shows any reaction to the blood.

Am I the only one capable of seeing this as the owner of the Extra Skills <Crest Tree of the Lucival>, or <Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage>?

The lines of blood suddenly well up behind Mysty and Viine like a mist. The blood, looking like an aura that wobbles behind those two, squirms around. And just like that, the aura imitates the shape of the crest tree.

That aura tree also possesses the ten big circles carved into its trunk with Mysty and Viine’s name being written in two of them. The ten big circles each differ very slightly.

Viine is the first Lucival <Head Servant Leader>. Mysty is the fifth. The highlight is how each of the circles containing names are connected by small lines…as if forming a special magic crest that closely resembles the Life Tree in Kabbalah…

The 25 smaller circles of the <Servant Leaders> are also connected by small lines. Mamani, Fuu, Bia, Souther, and Kaldo who’s gone on a journey to fulfill his own ambitions. All of them have their names carved in cursive-styled ancient letters in the smaller circles.

Is this something like my family tree? It might be something similar to a simple status about the blood spreading between the Lucival.

As I look at it, I begin to wonder whether Mysty would also form her own family by distributing her blood like Veronica after growing. Maybe…she’s going to welcome a sorcery doll made out of blood and metal as <Servant Leader>. As long as it’s regarded as an intelligent life-form, it might be possible to welcome even steel into the family…

But, the Lucival are a vampire species. I think it’d be asking a bit too much to have something join that doesn’t even possess a blood flow. I wonder how it’s going to be with the new sorcery dolly that’s still in the middle of getting its final touches. If it possesses an artificial heart, brain, muscles, and blood vessels…will it be possible?

…It sounds difficult, but I feel a research nut like her could reach that level sooner or later. It should be possible if it’s metal at the level of intelligent slime mold. In the first place, countless fungi exist with a human’s body in a symbiotic relationship. I don’t really want to think about what would happen if fungi in a symbiotic relationship with people and animals are operating in the consciousness or sub-consciousness of people. I’d feel totally scared if a Light Demon Lucival fungus were to affect my consciousness.

Well, this planet, no, this world is abnormally vast on the surface, in the underground, and in the sky. No one is untouchable. But I guess my thoughts have diverted a bit.

If I point them in Mysty’s direction… Mysty researches sorcery dolls. Eva can work with metal.

Mysty possesses a crest and she’s also nobility. The number of nobles possessing such a crest appears to be low, though…

Sazihali mentioned that there exist state agencies carrying out research on crests to subdue dragons. Therefore, groups of reincarnators and researchers attempting to build an artificial life-form should also exist. Or wizards with excellent skills in alchemy who are backed by countries, nobles or secret societies. Weird life-forms possessing specialized skills likely exist as well.

Seeing how people like Mysty, who’s unrelated to transferees and reincarnators, exist here, the possibilities are infinite. And, I’m not Helme or Viine, but…maybe Mysty is going to reign as queen of a Holy Golem Empire in the future.

At that moment, I feel like having heard Mysty’s inner voice in my mind, telling me, 『Don’t be stupid! Rather than caring about some empire, I have to investigate and research various things!』.

Thinking things like that within an instant is also very typical of me. No, I suppose I should thank <Demonic Cerebral Spine Revolution>.

You have my gratitude for everything up until now. Amen.

While looking at the other side of the worn-down chapel, in the back on the right side, I point out, “…It’s around there where I met with Sol…”

A robed guy appeared from here. The peculiar, bald man had examined the fainted and injured Yui under some pretext. I keep recalling the crest on Sol’s forehead as if it’s overlapping with Mysty’s crest.

“…His house is on a small hill located behind this chapel. I think you’ll immediately find it if there are any bluish-white stone monuments left on the slope.”

“…Stone monuments. Which reminds me, there’s only few magic sources of monsters around, and all of them are distant.” Viine attaches her snake bow to the metal fixture hanging on her back. She’s talking while releasing the darkness spirits of Rasheena’s Bracelet into the vicinity.

The spirits’ colors have changed into bloody red, but why?

“…Hmm. You’re right…I think it’s also because we’ve continued to freely hunt the monsters coming at us, but…the monsters’ movements are weird. Are they avoiding this place?”

“N, nya.” Rollo shows her agreement with Hankay who’s currently looking like a bear who is holding up axes.

“At long last, it’s right around the corner…” Uneasiness is still written on Mysty’s face.

Tears have accumulated in her eyes. Sadness and hatred…they produce an expression that fits a vampire somewhat.

Hatred, huh…? He was family. Mysty might be thinking about all kinds of things as she recalls the past.

“…Mysty, you okay?”

“…Sorry, although I haven’t even seen the actual place yet…”

Her expression as she apologizes like that pierces my heart. In order to cheer her up at once, I deliberately press my hands against my cheeks.

“――Don’t worry about it. Do you want to borrow my chest?” I create a comical, weird face while asking.

“Pfft, lending the chest of you who’s pulling such a weird face, master?” Mysty answers with her expression quickly brightening up. “――Good grief, of course I’ll lend it! Idiot, it’s because you’re so kind!”

Misty leaps into my chest, causing a thud with her physical abilities as Lucival. Then she puts her arms around me, and tightly squeezes as if to constrict my back alongside my upper arms. The silver branch marks on my upper arms, created from me taking in the light rings, ends up warped, but I don’t pay any heed to it.

After gently stroking her arms, I put my hands around Mysty’s back.

“…Sol’s grave is up there as well, but if it’s impossible…”

“No, I’m going to be alright now.” Mysty’s expression as she replies while looking up to me feels like she’s crying albeit laughing. “But, after having smelled you, master, it woke my thirst for your blood.”

“Haha, sure. Going by your bloodshot eyes and the canines protruding out of your mouth, you planned to suck my blood from the very start, didn’t you?”

“True, was it that obvious? Anyway, I’m digging in!” Mysty places her fingers at the outer corner of her eye, performing a small salute, and then bites me.

“…Master, me too…”

She doesn’t come biting at me like Mysty, but Viine-san clearly voices her desires with her silver eyes having dyed red as she stares our way with moist eyes.

“Sure, in a while.”

In the meantime Mysty has finished sucking plenty of blood. While wearing an ecstatic expression and showing off her small, cute larynx as if to make her throat tremble, Mysty separates from my chest. She licks her lips, using her tongue as if to not allow a single drop of blood to go to waste.

“…Okay, I’ve calmed down after this feast. I intend to examine my brother’s home and the area around here first. Master, your experiment relates to the weird box you obtained from Hogbar?” She asks.

“You saw me picking up that box, huh? I’ll deal with that after Sol’s house. As for the experiment――” I place my index finger beneath my left eye and tap the area there, while continuing, “It’s about a new skill I acquired. It’s a skill related to the Water Spirit of Everlasting Darkness Helme who’s dwelling in this left eye here.”

“It’s related to spirit-sama?”

“Yep. We’re planning to use that new skill to get in contact with the ancient, tattered statue with the goal of trying to meet the unknown goddess lurking within.”

“Such a technique…it looks like the duel to death with those three anmul brothers wasn’t all in vain…” It’s not like she can see Helme, but Viine talks while gazing at my left eye.

“That’s how it is. Well, to be honest, I don’t have any idea how it’s going to turn out, though.”

“Boss, an ancient god…don’t tell me it’s a being like that right shoulder?” Tsuan asks after having silently watched the vicinity so far.

Previously he had personally experienced my shoulder dragon talking. Hmm, does that mean Tsuan is the only one who knows about Mmhwhee? Tsuan is a <Disciple of Light Evil>, or rather, my close aide. Since it looks like Catiza and Purin would jump at that, I won’t mention this in front of him, however.

“…Maybe. But, honestly, I don’t know what’s going to happen. Stay on guard.”

“If you’re telling me to stay on guard, boss, I guess I’ll put some spirit into this…” Tsuan’s eyes gleam.

He releases light threads from the edges of the khukri in his hands, and makes them head straight for a thick tree. He skilfully manipulates the threads with movements reminding me of a sickle-and-chain weapon.

Once they coil themselves around the trunk, the khukri blade’s middle part changes into something like an air vent, just like before, and begins to reel in the light threads. In response, Tsuan runs through the air as if being guided by the threads, and moves up to the tree while hanging from a thick branch with his look being razor-sharp. He keeps watching the vicinity while revolving around the tree as if fighting himself in that amusement park game.

It looks like he can cut off the light threads at any time, and they don’t entwine themselves around his body as you’d expect. Still, I must say, he’s quite a technician. Did he possibly possess an acrobat’s combat occupation?

“I see you’re leaving the lookout of the area to the disciple Tsuan-san. Spirit-sama, eh? I do have some interest in your experiment, master, but I’ll pass this time. Seeing how my brother’s home is so close, I’ll go the first and take a look.” Mysty says while walking a few steps ahead.


“Fufu, don’t look at me with such worry. I’m telling you, I’m really alright now.”

Oh? I guess I let it show on my face unintentionally.

Mysty laughs with her eyes making you feel her intelligence. Her eyes aren’t dyed with blood anymore. And, the glasses suit her really well. Viine also directs a wise smile often at me, but Mysty’s smile with an atmosphere of a female professor definitely has its charm as well.

“Sure, see you later then.”

“Oki, I’ll look around while testing out my simple golem and the <Rainbow-Colored Steel Lotus Blades>.”


With those words, Mysty takes a metallic ball out of her waist pouch, creates a simple golem, and keeps walking into the forest on the left. The simple golem forces its way through by breaking branches and shaving off the bark from trees.

“――Since Tsuan is around, I’ll also go check the outer perimeter. Just as planned first, I’ll put these Adamantine wood axes to good use in Mysty’s circumference.” Mr. Bear Hankay powerfully swings the ax in his right hand vertically.

With a slight delay, he swings the ax in his left to the side and vertically, forming a cross slash, while making the magic gems embedded on the back of his left hand glow.

I wonder, is that a new style? When it comes to 『Mountain Blow』, the name should be something like 『Bear Blow』 or similar.

Hankay walks after Mysty.

“――Boooss, it looks like there’s still monsters over there and there. Would it be better for me to also head over in Mysty’s direction?” Tsuan’s maneuvers capitalize on the centrifugal force after pulling the light threads to himself. He’s in the middle of rotating through a gap in the trees.

“Do as you like.”

“Roger. I’ll stay here then.”

At that moment, Mysty turns around and bows to the bear Hankay who’s approached her from behind. And then she briskly lifts her head again, and points at elephant monsters walking heavily in-between two trees behind her. It’s the monsters Rollo and the Burning Knights had hunted before. Their numbers are low, but I think they’ve chased after us.

At that point, the Burning Knights, who had drifted away from us, appear and start a surprise attack on the elephant monsters from behind. I’ve forgotten the names, but…they bisect a scorpion tail with their favorite bone swords.

However, then praying mantis-like monsters, which we haven’t seen so far, show up, turning the whole situation into something like a train chasing after the Burning Knights. Just as Tsuan has cautioned, it looks like it’ll develop into a melee over there.

Thereupon, Hankay swoops down on the Burning Knights who are clad in smoke, as if complaining about something. Ah, no, he’s joined up with them. Hankay protects Adomos’s back while adopting a daunting pose.

“Nuuoo! I’ll take on that white mantis! I’ll crush its guts――” Hankay yells loudly.

After readying his axes, he roars a war cry, and charges. Swinging an ax upwards from diagonally below as if performing a drive swing, he severs the mantis’ head. The head with its compound eyes on the left and right drops to the ground. Hankay uses the other ax, which he had thrown like a boomerang, to clash it against that falling head. The mantis head explodes in midair. The fragments of its compound eyes splatter in all directions.

“…There’s something I want to test on those mantis and elephant monsters, but I’m going to wait here for you, Master, with Rollo-sama.”

“Nya.” Rollo agrees with the lovable Viine.

I think she might want to join the unusual battle of the Burning Knights and Hankay, but Rollo looks at Viine, and then briskly walks over to her. After stopping at her feet, she greets Viine with a “Nn, nya.”

“Rollo-sama, judging by that look and your voice, you desire the new biscuit I received from Sweets Empress Rebecca, right?” Viine’s expression betrays that her feelings of motherhood got triggered.

She retrieves a single baked sweet from the waist pouch tied to her tight waist with a string. And then she bends down so as to match her eye line with Rollo’s, and offers Rollo the sweet.

“Nyano~” Rollo meows something like 『It’s great that you understood me nya~』, and sinks her teeth into the new biscuit on Viine’s palm.

“Fufu, Rollo-sama, I’ve still got more, so please eat at ease.”

The battlefield on the right, and the relaxed atmosphere over here are completely opposite to each other.

After chewing and swallowing down the biscuit, Rollo sniffs the scent of Viine’s slender angle, apparently happy, and bumps her small head against her shin. She’s fawning on Viine, but it doesn’t go as far as with Hankay.

Now then, I’ll use the time to take a quick peek at my abilities, I guess.


Name: Shuuya Kagari
Age: 22
Title: Emissary of Light Evil
Race: Light Demon Lucival
Combat Occupation: Spirit Spear Blood Chain Master : Sage Art Apprentice

Strength: 25 → 25.6
Agility: 25 → 25.8
Stamina: 23.2 → 23.6
Mana: 28.3 → 28.9
Dexterity: 23 → 23.4
Spirit: 31 → 31.3
Luck: 11.5 → 11.6

Current Status: Normal

First, the stats. Since I’ve gone through real combat at the Dignified Heaven’s Shrine and the banquet and have been continuing my hunting and training every day, they’ve grown well…

Oh? How unusual for luck to go up. Is this a congratulatory gift for having left Pelneet? Or maybe it’s a blessing by the God of Fate for having rescued the wandering troupe, including Nonno-chan?

That lamp-using grandfather Benjamin-san…that’s not actually possible, right?

Next, there’s the new combat occupation <Sage Art Apprentice> next to <Spirit Spear Blood Chain Master>. It hasn’t fused the spear one, and since it’s about apprenticeship, I think it’s an occupation that’s completely out of line.

Are new possibilities for me starting to bloom?

Anyway, the basics are important. The basics where you know the time has come after spending long, long hours of training. It might be best to consider this as something that will gradually keep piling up from now on. I’ll learn everything by happily studying it while playing around.

Skill Status.

Obtained Skills: <Throw>, <Demonic Brain Speed>, <Hide>, <Night Vision>, <Inhalation of Odour Technique>, <Blood Chains Banquet>, <Thrust>, <Meditation>, <Life Magic>, <Guidance Sorcery>, <Magic Combat Style>, <Magic Hand guided by Thought>, <Sage Art>, <Summoning>, <Ancient Magic>, <Crest Magic>, <Darkness Drill>, <Darkness Drill – Magic Spear Break>, <Language Magic>, <Chain Spear of the Ray System>, <Powerful Slash>, <Blood Acceleration>, <Beginning of Dusk>, <Dusk’s Stake>, <Blood Chain Search>, <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain>, <Spirit Cursing Chain Net>, <Waterwheel Slash>, <Thousand Palms of Darkness>, <Fang Stab> (NEW), <Spirit Ball Conception> (NEW)

Permanent Skills: <Power of True Ancestor>, <Natural Gift of Magic>, <Torrent of Light Darkness>, <Drain Soul>, <Immortality>, <Darkness Adaptation>, <Blood Mana>, <Suzerain of Bloodkin>, <Super Demonic Brain Nimble Sensation>, <Magic Combat Style Knowledge>, <Guidance Magic Knowledge>, <Spear Sparring>, <Chain Sense Guidance>, <Magic Crest Construction>, <Instant Staff of Water>, <Spirit Employment>, <Divine Beast Serene Mind ・ Soaring>, <Blood Path – Open First Gate>, <Blood Path – Open Second Gate>, <Blood Path – Open Third Gate>, <Factor Engraving Increase>, <Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage>, <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree>, <Dark Dream Celebration>, <Apostle of Light Evil>, <Sage Art – Understanding of the Yellow Water Ribbon> (NEW)

Extra Skills: <Language Comprehension>, <Granted Seal of Light>, <Chain Factor>, <Demonic Cerebral Spine Revolution>, <Crest Tree of the Lucival>, <Tree of the Evil King>

Next I check out the new spear skill by touching <Fang Stab>.

※Fang Stab※

※ Strong Spear Style Techniques: Basic lower stab. The number of variations is unknown, if one includes the variations among the high-ranking techniques ※

<Fang Stab> was categorized as part of the Strong Spear Style, huh? As for me, I’d like to acquire the skills of the Wind Spear Style through my own training as a connection with Master, but…as a result of learning it after watching Soleck use it, I’ve ended up learning a Strong Spear Style technique. I think it’s a power technique because a catman with four arms used it, but if I consider that my compatibility matches with the Strong Spear Style, it’s consistent. Like this story, then support the trasnlator by reading it on their blog. check novelupdates!

Currently I feel like exploring options to incorporate it with <Thrust>.

Next I touch <Spirit Ball Conception>.

※Spirit Ball Conception※

※ A Sage technique acquired through the growth of the contracted spirit and various other components. A skill inherent to the Sage Art skillset ※

Even after touching the ‘various other components’ part, it doesn’t show me any details. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter since we’re going to test it out soon anyway. It might be okay to consider it as a counter ability coming out of my left eye like it happened during the battle against Hogbar.

Next, the permanent skill <Sage Art – Understanding of the Yellow Water Ribbon>.

※Sage Art – Understanding of the Yellow Water Ribbon※

※ The cause lies with Water Goddess Akreshys’ Divine Protection. It’s a skill that will be automatically acquired by one using <Instant Staff of Water>, <Sage Art>, and the grown Water Spirit of Everlasting Darkness Helme. It brings about the inherent Sage technique <Spirit Ball Conception> ※

This doesn’t give me any further details upon touching either.

『Helme, are you ready? We’re going to start』


I invoke <Spirit Ball Conception>.

At that moment, a glittering Helme appears from the retina in my left eye. The end of Helme, who can be described as liquid or fluid that’s connected to my left eye, is clad with an orb. She floats while maintaining her three-dimensional shape, as if opposing the planet’s gravity.

The fluid Helme heads for the idol enshrined in the chapel, to the figure that might be an ancient goddess. At the same time, the source of Helme, which extends from my left eye, the fluid looking like a tree’s root slightly expands to the side, deploying towards the chest of Hal’Konk. While dyeing Hal’Konk’s dark green into a pretty turquoise blue, it engulfs a part of my left shoulder. And then the sight in my left eye becomes the same as during the last time.

The sight of looking through Helme’s semi-transparent body shows a mysterious and strange world. The act of her engulfing a part of my body with her liquid resembles the times when she cleans my body, but…now it’s widely different. Helme’s contents swirl through her body while blending, mixing, combining things like mana, space, the houseboat of the Seven Lucky Gods, slime, meteors, electron shells, amoeba, debonchichi, or something unknown.

It’s the effect of <Spirit Ball Conception>. This might have become the defensive layer as sage technique that blocked Hogbar’s attack. The external shape of the fluid Helme might be abnormal. It’s close to my <Magic Hand guided by Thought>? Yep, I guess it might be…


“Ooohh, the huge underground lake Adoban! It resembles the shadowgraph of the illusionary underground lord’s appearance… And, I can also see a secret art that seems to be used by a dark elf priest! The dome is wandering, and something similar to strange stars also…”

Rollo meows in confusion, and Viine is plainly excited. Seemingly being able to hear them, Helme creates delicate waves as if to answer them.

Helme’s round end heads to the headless idol that stands inside the chapel.




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