Chapter 326 – Kokbruuundozuu!


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The exterior of Helme’s, semi-transparent, round end has a vivid, turquoise blue hue. I don’t know whether you could call it skin, leaves, scales, or gems, but…that mysterious, blue object repeatedly waves in ripples.

In the next moment, the semi-transparent tip piles up skin layers, and bends while glittering in rainbow colors.

And then, at the moment when that mysterious Helme liquid comes in contact with the surface of the headless idol in the chapel, I sense a magic source deep within the statue.

…This is the effect of the <Spirit Ball Conception>. Is it because my perception and strength of responsiveness has been boosted manifold? Have we formed a connection with the idol?

『…Your Excellency, I’ve succeeded in getting in touch with the unknown magic source inside the statue. I will focus on keeping up the connection, so in case you wish to break off the connection, cancel <Spirit Ball Conception>. I’m going return into your left eye at that time』

『Got it』

Following that,

『Manz, nadz is jiino~ Wadajyaa kokbruuundozuu!』

I almost fell over in reflex. The voice coming from the idol is weird brabbling. My Extra Skill <Language Comprehension> isn’t catching up with that. Also, its appearance looks like nothing more than a small illusion through the sight of <Spirit Ball Conception>.

Just as Helme mentioned, the voice’s owner has scarce mana. It’s also mysterious how it looks like no more than a weather-beaten, damaged idol through the normal sight of my right eye.

『Umm, can I assume your name to be Bruuundozuu-sama?』

『Kokbruuundozuu! But, dode mana~ evah sinsh befour~ wansh mead~』

Oh shit, at most I understand that it wanted to meet me, maybe?

『Bruuundozuu-sama, sorry, but I don’t really understand what you want to tell me』

『Whaaaddooo, no manaaa. Shouga dooo!』


Thereupon, the faint mana response gets slightly stronger. In response, the Helme liquid sways and engulfs the small mana illusion of Kokbruuundozuu-sama dwelling deep inside the idol as if to protect it. It feels just like how red bean jam is being tenderly enveloped by the batter in a dumpling.

Probably because of that measure, the shape of Kokbruuundozuu-sama becomes a lot clearer through Helme forming its contours. This might be yet another power of <Spirit Ball Conception>.

A small head and a thin body. It’s clad in a vestment strongly reminding me of the Goddess of Wisdom, Handicraft, and Warfare, Athena. It looks like its chest is bulging out as well. It’s hard to tell because the chest area of the damaged idol has been shaved off, but as expected, I suppose she’s some kind of goddess.

The lips of that goddess-like silhouette flicker like a mirage, 『…How about this!? Can you hear me?』

A lovely voice with properly understandable words.

『Yes, I understand you now』

『Oh, how wonderful. My name is Kokbruuundozuu. Mortal being with a huge amount of mana, I remember you veeeery well. You are the one who offered a tribute and a precious prayer to me. For you to return and pray to me again…』

She doesn’t give me the feeling of being divine, but still, I’ll treat her as if praying.

『It pleases me to hear that my prayers got through to you, Kokbruuundozuu-sama』

『It’s my pleasure, dear. Because of your prayers, I am still existing here. Let me thank you for that. If possible, I’d love to hear your name…』, the tiny silhouette asks while swaying.

Back when I prayed last time…it was a small prayer for Yui’s safety, who was completely unrelated to me at that time, following my policy of small justice, but it looks like it gave Kokbruuundozuu-sama some strength.

While focusing on the name, 『…Shuuya Kagari』.

My introduction causes Kokbruuundozuu-sama to vibrate excessively.

『…It’s a name of one trudging through endless night like a bonfire billowing into the sky. A truly wonderful name, my dear. It gave me the shivers. And once again, I shall thank you for having prayed to me, you have my gratitude. Me who isn’t known by anyone, seen by anyone, remembered by anyone and who’s been damaged and cast away by everyone…you have given a prayer to someone like me without forsaking me…』

I don’t see her expression. But, the trembling in her voice allows me to imagine what kind of emotions she might be experiencing right now.

『If it’s now, I shall offer as many prayers to you as you wish, Bruuundozuu-sama』

『How delightful, how very delightful, my dear. You insolently left out the Kok part of my name on your own accord, but since I can feel your piety, I shall allow it as a special exception.』

Then Bruuundozuu-sama creates something like a cobble.

『What might this be?』

『…This is a part of me, but since I no longer possess my powers, I cannot create much more than an illusion…sorry』

She tries to give me the cobble-like object looking like a mud dumpling, but it appears impossible. Well, it’s not like I really need it. Just being able to get in contact with her is already plenty for me.

『Please don’t force yourself. I’m already very happy about being able to talk with you like this, Bruuu-sama』

『…Gnnhhh…you’ve shortened my name again… Oh well, seeing how I cannot hand you my proof of protection, I shall make an exception for you, and allow it. Still, you’re a trully unusual mortal, I must say』

『Am I really that unusual?』

『Yes, my dear. You should know, as far as I can remember, you are the first to get directly in contact with me in my sanctuary』, Bruuu-sama explains with a nod, 『I am fated to vanish slowly without power. Having said that, I am a goddess who was abandoned. It shouldn’t be an easy task to contact me in this sanctuary, but…engulfing me in such a way…especially the area around my butt…I can guess that this strange power is of a spirit kind, but I wonder…』

Helme, restrain yourself…is what I’m about to tell her through telepathy, but I guess I’ll hold back on it since she’s just engulfing Bruuu-sama.

『You’re right. This is a combined ability of a spirit and me』

『Oh, I see. So the gentle, warm and mysterious liquid trying to protect me and my butt is a spirit, as expected…』

Helme transforms a part of herself to give a reply. The part around the butt glows mysteriously.

Now then, after hearing that her existence is in the process of vanishing, I feel sympathy for her, but I’ve managed to get in contact with her, my original goal. Since I don’t have any particular intentions in regards to Bruuu-sama, I’m going to ask her one last thing.

『…Bruuu-sama, did you send something to me back when I offered you a prayer in the past?』

In response to my question, Bruuun-sama’s silhouette falters and shrinks down.

『Normally you shouldn’t even have known about it, but you noticed!? You’re right, I had my divinity wrap itself around you at the level of a faint fragrance…I mean, look, Shuuya, you’re my precious, only believer…I also had my pride as one of the main cursed gods of ancient times. Because of this as well, I got excited…』, Cursed Goddess Bruuu-sama says with a flustered voice.

But, I was sure she’s a goddess, and now I find out that she’s a cursed goddess… I don’t think that my body got afflicted by a curse like the shopkeeper of Suloza, but I wonder if it’s alright…I really don’t wanna hear any Bububa’s or some such… Am I soon going to hear something like bruuun bruuun?

I speak up while having such concerns, “『…Umm, Bruuu-sama, what kind of effect does your divinity possess?』

『A-Ah, it’s something trivial, nothing you’d need to worry about, my dear…』

Somehow she’s suddenly become evasive…

『It’s unfortunate that I can’t get an answer from you, N-sama. I guess we’re done here then』

I try to turn on my heels after those curt words spoken in a blunt manner.

『…W-Wait. Still, hasn’t my name somehow become extremely short…? I will tell you the answer, so could I have you return my name to what it was before?』

Even as a tiny illusion, it’s pretty obvious how Bruun-sama repeatedly performs the cute gesture of frantically waving her arms.

『Okay, Bruun-sama』

『How delightful. My name is still short, but I’ll answer you. The effect of my divinity is, to be exact, the slowing of the lucky fate growth, but it makes it easier to increase your mana! And! It has the super extra benefit of increasing the encounter rate with gems and women as well as increasing the lucky fate for the children around you!』

Tadah! is the feeling I get from how Bruun-sama explains proudly while shaking her small chest and pressing both hands against her waist, apparently acting defiantly.

But…a slowing of the lucky fate growth…don’t tell me that’s the reason why my Luck has been so hard to increase…? I’ve enjoyed the mana boost each time like a blessing. If gems also include crystals, I also got my hands on a Granad Level crystal, Twin Stones, and a Stone of Divine Evil.

I’ve definitely had many encounters with the other sex…I thought it might be related to the Light Demon Lucival’s <Power of the True Ancestor>, but…I guess this would mean it stemmed from the blessing of Cursed Goddess Bruun-sama.

I haven’t actually experienced the part about increasing the lucky fate of children, but it might be something like the effect of Jizo-sama.

Speaking of children…I remember rescuing a mother with her baby when we marched into the underground base during the battle against Naromivas, the apostle of the Goddess of Nightmares. That baby had the crest of a rose on its forehead.

…Maybe I raised that child’s luck…

In that case, it’d be great since it’d mean that the number of women able to lead a happy life has increased by one.

Also, I met the children who played with Rollo in Hekatrail, but…

『…I see』

『Just as I told you』

Okay then, I was able to hear some interesting things I hadn’t dreamed of. But, I think it’s about time for me to join the battle of my friends, and head over to Sol’s house.

『Very well, Bruun-sama, it pains me to part with you, but I have to go』

『W-Wait, Shu-Shuuya-dono!』

Just as I’m about to call out to Helme and cancel <Spirit Ball Conception> in order to leave this place, I’m respectfully held back by Bruun-sama.

『Is something the matter?』

『I think you can tell if you look at the state of my statue, but it doesn’t resemble its original appearance at all anymore. That’s why I’d love to have a new, special figure to settle in…could I have you choose one for me?』

『…A new statue?』

She might say statue, but…I’m sure some random stone would be bad.

『You don’t have to force yourself…just you having prayed to me will allow me to last another few years』

Having said that, her being a cursed goddess doesn’t change her cuteness in the least. She triggers the feeling of wanting to help her in me.

If I ask Mysty, she could make something suitable out of metal…

『…Would metal or a crystal work as well?』

『Those are no good』

In that case, I’ll take out the Stone of Divine Evil, huh? I’ve bought this for some reason. As soon as I’ve decided this, I retrieve the stone out of my item box.

『I wonder, is this stone too small?』

『…W-W-What!? A treasure tool of the divine domain!? It’s been released from right in the middle…the dense mana is too intense. For my sinister divinity…s-so b-briiiight… Pweash don’t bring it close to me…』

Uh-oh, she totally withered away as soon as I held out the Stone of Divine Evil to her. As expected, there’s got to be something to this stone as well.

Since it makes Bruun-sama wither away, I put the stone back into my item box.

◆: Human Model: Storage: List


Item Inventory: 76/490

Intermediate Healing Potions x 103
Intermediate Mana Recovery Potions x 99
High-Grade Healing Potions x 35
High-Grade Mana Recovery Potions x 30
Large Platinum Coins x 6
Platinum Coins x 986
Gold Coins x 1203
Silver Coins x 543
Large Copper Coins x 30
Great Wand of Moon Spirit Wood x 1
Necklace of Priest x 1
Mana Amplification Potion x 3
Stone of Return x 11
High Boots of Red Sharkskin x 1
Armrest of the Thunder Demon x 1
Ring of Twilight x 1
Notes of Ancient King Premos x 1
Petersen’s Literary Fragment x 1
Socks of Valurda x 3
Picture Scroll of the Gods of Sebdola x 1
Dawn’s Ancient Writing Stone x 3
Lont Codex x 1
Ten Heavenly Evil Figure Steertop x 1
Ten Heavenly Evil Figure Nicross x 1
Ring of Shadow Reading x 1
Ring of Firebeast Gem x 1
Ruby x 1
Jade x 1
Magic Gem of Wind x 1
Magic Gem of Fire x 1
Horn of Highcellcone x 1
Magic Sword Beet x 1
Bunch of Keys x 1
Hot Pot Cooking x 5
Bag of Selieu Powder x 1
Bag filled with Ingredients x 1
Leather Bag filled with Fresh Water x 1
Rainodal Leather Cloth x 2
Soap x 5
Leather Cloth x 11
Magic Jar x 3
First-class Slave Trader License x 1
Exclusive Armor Set of Hueprinopas x 1
Magically-built House x 1
Tiny Orbital x 1
Dagger of the Ancient Dragon Baldok x 29
Longsword of the Ancient Dragon Baldok x 2
Scale of the Ancient Dragon Baldok x 138
Small Scale of the Ancient Dragon Baldok x 243
Whiskers of the Ancient Dragon Baldok x 10
Sword of Rendil x 1
Navy-Blue Dull Steel Hammer x 1
Holy Flower’s Transparent Water Gem x 2
Magic Spear Gudorl x 1
Holy Spear Arost x 1 ☆
Tail of Hueprinopas x 1
Fold One Kareem Beam Rifle x 1
Fold One Kareem Beam Gun x 1
Lightningy-styled La Doola x 1
Sel Viper x 1
Golgonshura’s Key x 1
Phyffindo’s Heart x 1
Magic Gem of Evil Emperor Ciphot x 1
Granad Level Crystal x 1
Lute of Justice x 1
Tofinger’s Crying Axe x 1
Hazarn Identification Tag x 1
Hazarn Army Commander Sword x 1
Fast Pullover-Sword Belt x 1
Twin Loop Annihilation Box x 1
Divine Spear Ganghis x 1 ☆
Magic Halberd Baldok x 1 ☆
Stone of Divine Evil x 1
Eyeball of the Blood Bone Nymph x 1
Third Score of the Demon King x 1
Twin Stone x 1


Even when I took out a Stone of Return from among these, I had to put it back since I was told that she felt weird mana from it on top of it being too small. I keep taking out one item after the other.

『Ughyaa, don’t show me that sinister spear!!』, she scolds after getting scared by Holy Spear Arost.

Next, 『What an adorable, small ring stone! I feel a divinity similar to mine from it』, reacts Bruun-sama to Golgonshura’s Key.

After this, going with the flow, I show her the Tail of Hueprinopas, which looks like a crape myrtle’s shell.

『…A tail? It has a pretty color that seems to be absorbed by something, but…is it related to the Spirit World? No, I feel the presence of something unknown. It won’t work. Besides, turning it into a statue is impossible』

Lastly, since I’ve got nothing to lose anyway, I show her the Necklace of the Priest.

『Ooohh, at a glance they look like simple gems. But, that’s wrong! It’s a decoration composed of beautiful gems of the Halmodella Era, an epoch before the wild gods such as the fussy, ancient Wild God Femt were born. The white gem cut in a perfect circle right in the middle is empty, but that’s because it also serves as a container for mana. It’s more than a perfect replacement for a statue. It will take time, but I will be able to accumulate power with this』

That necklace didn’t sound really special when I got it appraised, though… Does that mean the shopkeeper of Suloza couldn’t see through it? Hmm, he did say that his appraisals aren’t perfect. There were some other items that also repelled his appraisal.

『In that case I’ll give this to you』

『…Oh my, how wonderful. Do feel like genuinely marrying, err, worshiping me?』

Let’s desist since I felt a passion with a tinge of some blood thirst from Bruun-sama who’s wrapped up by Helme. Besides, I’m not one for religions, and I’ve got to go to Sol’s house.

『Sorry, no. That’s going a bit too far…』

『What are you going to do about my momentary throbbing…?』

What’s the point in asking me?

『I’m going to offer you this necklace, so please soothe your throbbing with that』

『I will! Fufun♪』

Bruun-sama seems to be in a good mood. I hang the Necklace of the Priest, consisting of gems with little to no mana, over the damaged statue. The statue doesn’t show much of a change.

『You mentioned storing power, but do you want to absorb my mana?』

『…That’s impossible. Shuuya, you’re the owner of deep darkness, but at the same time you possess dazzling light』

Makes sense…mana from me isn’t going to work, I guess.

『Also, I’ve procured a faint amount of mana from the spirit enclosing me, allowing me to finally stand in front of you, Shuuya. Any more than this would be asking too much, and your mana, which teems with the presence of the divine domain, is too radiant for me…』, she says with a somewhat sorrowful tone.

Helme doesn’t possess the light attribute, only water and darkness. Do cursed gods fall into the category of darkness? No, it might just mean that Kokbruuundozuu-sama is weak to light by chance. She isn’t a goddess of the Spirit World, after all. It could be that some cursed gods like the light attribute, just like some evil gods.

『Alright, we’re leaving』

『My believer, Shuuya, I’m going to grant you my blessing when I have stored some power, so would you visit me again?』

『Sure, someday』

At that moment, Bruun-sama makes the illusion fade away. The way of her disappearance was a bit heartrending. Bruun-sama might have forced herself to project an illusion by combining with Helme, despite being a cursed god.

And then I cancel <Spirit Ball Conception>, causing Helme to unwrap from the statue and instantly return into my left eye.

I shift my eyes to Viine who’s holding Rollo at her chest. Tsuan is standing on top of a branch above us. He’s apparently determined that he doesn’t need to watch this area. On the right side I can see my friends being in the middle of a melee.

Then, while swimming in her tiny form, Helme tells me, 『Your Excellency, it was a strange experience. You’ve met that goddess in the past, didn’t you?』

『Yep, I believed I was praying to a Jizo statue, but it turns out that it was a cursed goddess』

『She gave me quite the cute impression for something like a cursed goddess. Also, I heard that she’s going to grant you a blessing, but I wonder what kind of blessing she’s planning to give you』

『Who knows. I think I’d be happy about one that returns my lucky fate to me…』

Viine, whom I’ve been looking at, speaks up, “Master, you’ve put a necklace around the statue, but should I also pray to the statue?”

“Feel free to do as you please. I only gave it to her because the goddess in that statue said that she wanted it.”


“Rollo, are you curious about this statue?”

Rollo-san has meowed while having both her forepaws placed on Viine’s arm.

“Okay, we’re going to pray for just a bit then.”

“Nn, nyan.”

Rollo has been sandwiched between Viine’s big boobs, but she escapes the enclosure by wriggling her body.

I’m completely charmed by Viine who’s got boobs that are capable of swaying with a boing.

“Ahn, Rollo-sama!”

My partner lands on the ground, outside the reach of Viine who calls out to her with a slightly seductive voice. Rollo briskly approaches the statue with small steps, and delivers several cat punches against the base of the idol, as if to show off her pads.

It’s just for an instant, but I feel like I saw an angry Bruun-sama.

“Anyway, let’s join up with Mysty and the others before going to Sol’s place.”



Rollo changes into a black panther and dashes ahead. Viine places a hand on the hilt of Gadorices with its pretty red scales, positions herself as if performing an iai, and draws a semicircle by turning one foot sideways, resulting in her turning around. With her body facing Mysty’s group, she starts running.

That kind of movement resembles Yui, doesn’t it? Though it’s kinda natural since they use similar sword styles.

Viine heads to the battlefield with her glossy, silver hair trailing after her. On the way, she leaps towards a tree while adopting a weird posture, seemingly intending to use Rasheena’s Bracelet, and performs a triangle jump.

“How fast. Did she get influenced by Tsuan?” I chase after her.

“Boooss, don’t leave me behind, please!”

“Sure, let’s go.”

Since I feel Tsuan’s presence behind me, I resume running.

“Nuuuh, what amazing numbers――” Hankay cries out while blocking a white mantis’ hammer-like blow with the ax in his left hand. “Ah, you’re finally back, Shuuya.”

“Welcome back, master. My brother’s house is to the left, right?”

A lake of blood and metal is spreading at Mysty’s feet as she’s used <Rainbow-Colored Lotus Steel Blades>. While fixing the position of her glasses with one hand, she uses the other to swing it around as if directing an orchestra.

Immediately following, metallic stakes pierce through the mantises, who’ve invaded the lake, after being created out of the lotus petals floating on the lake’s surface. The stakes don’t penetrate the hard mantis arms. But, various places from their heads to their torsos are skewered.

The metallic stakes keep extending while stabbing through the surrounding trees, as if creating a new forest of metal. The white mantises themselves look like a bloody mess. But then again, they also look like white, murky branches.

Meanwhile Mysty confirms the effect and jots down some notes with a writing implement, seemingly calculating the angle of the protruding stakes, and then jumps, landing on a lotus leaf drifting on the lake.

Amazing. Her standing on that leaf doesn’t remind me of a researcher at all, but rather of a nimble, light fairy.

I summon Baldok, and focus on <Tree of the Evil King>. I grab the wood spear, which got created in front of me, with my left hand, and <Throw> it, since I’ve seen how the Burning Knights got surrounded by mantises and big bears.

“Your Excellencyyyy.”

“For you to help us!”

Using the opportunity of my wood spear clashing against a mantis, the Burning Knights work some teamplay by repeatedly slashing and stabbing. Even while receiving claw attacks by the bears’ forepaws with their bodies, they skilfully wield their bone shields, breaking out of the encirclement of bears and mantises.

At that moment, a swarm of bone tentacle swords heads into the bulk, stabbing through several mantises. But, the bears, who’ve managed to escape the tentacles, lumber across the ground, closing in on the Burning Knights.

“I’ll take them on――” I announce to everyone while casting 《Ice Sphere》 as restraint.

A rain of ice bullets keeps raining down on the bears who seem to be as tall as five meters. Using the moment the bears stopped moving, I prepare some wood spears and <Throw> them. At the same time I fire five instances of <Chain Spear of the Ray System> at a mantis approaching from the opposite site, trying to attack me.

A light spear stabs into the abdomen of the mantis that has raised its forearm to brandish its scythe. The other spears fly in a straight line, also penetrating through its abdomen. Each time they open up a big, round hole, the mantis gets further hurled into the air from the impact.

Its abdomen continues to get penetrated, but just one light spear remains embedded. Of course, the rear part of that light spear transforms while emitting a flash, just like usual. The spear’s butt end wriggles like a sea anemone, splits apart, and changes into a light net. The net fully covers the mantis’ belly while spiraling.

If just stabbed, the mantis might not have died. But, with its abdomen cut into cubes, it completely stops moving.

“Boooss, I know that you’re an Emissary-sama, but are you possibly a Holy King as well? Or maybe a messiah? For you to employ such light magic; how terrifying.” Tsuan throws those words at me from diagonally above.

Tsuan’s kukri are shooting light threads out. He’s apparently watching my actions even while having an air battle against a bat monster.

But, his back is wide open. Just in case, I shot <Chain> from my left wrist, killing a bat, which had approached to bite Tsuan’s head off from behind, with the chain’s pointed end drilling through it. Afterwards, I keep covering for Tsuan.

“Boss, sorry, and thanks.”

While nodding at him, I don’t even spare a look at the mantis that died from the light spear, but instead look at a bear that got hit by my magic while strengthening my grip of Baldok.

The bear lifts a thick arm to protect its head despite having its arm stabbed by a wood spear and having suffered some hits from 《Ice Sphere》. The instant I see that, I invoke <Dusk’s Stake>. And then, after delicately adjusting the tip of Baldok’s red spear by tampering with the angle of my right hand’s hold, I charge in a forward-bent posture.

I approach the location where the bear has stopped after getting stabbed by a stake of darkness.

While feinting with step work focused on a body weight shifting from the right to left leg, I twist my waist, pass the power to my right hand, and unleash a <Thrust> to the front. The spiraling spear drills into the bear’s torso.


Since the bear has fallen for the feint and opened up its torso, it suffers the full extent of the spiraling blades of the red spear and the ax blade. A huge, semicircular hole is left in the wake of Baldok.

The bear leaks a pained cry, pitches forward and collapses. With its light brown, huge frame fallen prostate, the ground trembles from the impact.

“That one’s mine!” Hankay’s voice reaches my ears.

As soon as the ax in his right hand reduces the distance to a mantis with a speed that makes it look like a different life-form, Hankay runs past the mantis’ flank.

Intestines gush out of the mantis’ flank. Yep, Hankay’s ax cut open the mantis’ flank. Its intestines spill out of there, but even those get torn apart, causing the surface of Hankay’s axes to become dyed in a murky white.

“――This is the last one, right?” Viine swings her red, scaled scabbard from below, smashing the leg of a mantis by imitating a golf swing with her scabbard.

And then she uses the darkness spirits. Those lil’ ones are pretty good. They restrain the movements of the opponents during battle. Since they’re small, they’re weak despite their numbers. Still, there’s another very important part.

“Viine, those spirits have turned crimson…”

“Yes, during my private training some time ago, I discovered something that’s more important than their use for slowing or stopping enemy movements――” She lops off the head of the immobile mantis with Gadorices.

As she confirms her left and right side while swinging her evil dragon sword, I ask her, “Hoh, what is it?”

“It was just by chance, but I noticed some of the spirits sucking monster blood when I was dealing with a big number of monsters while being surrounded. Once they suck blood, they become faster and stronger, and they also become capable of using something like a barrier. I think it’s an especially great ability against surprise attacks within a limited space.”

“…Ah, so that’s why you’ve been restraining the movements of other mantises as well.”

“You guys got enough leeway to stand around and talk on the battlefield, huh?”

“No kidding.”

Hankay and Tsuan approach while putting their weapons away.

“Don’t worry, I make sure to abide to my elder sister’s instructions.” Viine bares her unadorned emotions, answering the two.

I’m slightly bothered by her way of talking, but for now I turn my eyes to Mysty. She’s been collecting mantis arms.

Rollo, who’s turned back into a cat, runs up to her. Then she hits the arms, legs, and head of fallen monsters with her forepaws. Since she’s started an ice hockey-like game, Mysty cautions her.

“I’m going to ignore the monsters around here, and head over to Sol’s house.”

While gazing at the lifted spearhead of Baldok, I wonder whether the grave of Sol, where I prayed in the past, is still left there as it was…



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