Chapter 249 – Dragon Eagle Medal

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“…Just like 【Green Dragon City Rulexand】, it’s a city that has repeatedly changed hands in the past. It’s inevitable for the local government to have become relentless. However, I’ve said it many times, but I don’t intend to allow the imperial soldiers to head to 【Deep Lake City Luluzack】. Before that, we will face them at the last castle and stronghold close to the Dragon Cliff in the Southerion Earldom. That area will likely turn into the main battleground in this war. It will be on a small scale, but we will force them into a Hammer and Anvil tactic. Cooperating with the earl of the castle and fortress, we will lead the Empire around by the nose.”

The Southerion Earldom? Somehow I feel like I’ve heard that name somewhere. Well, I guess I’ll believe in the military power of Galkiv, the refined military commander, here.
Before I realized it, I had started to root for Oseberia’s side.

“…Galkiv-sama, may the fortunes of war be with you.” I voiced out my true feelings.

“Leave it to me. By the way, umm…”

He put his thick hands together at his chest, and started to act hesitant by repeatedly pressing his index fingers against each other.
A beefy, middle-aged guy who’s a lancer just like me acting like this…

“…What might it be?”

“I’d like you to allow me to touch your familiar!” Galkiv-san suddenly shouted with his face bright red.

For an instant I got startled. Hal’Konk might have let a “Mmhwhee” escape at this.
It looks like he wants to touch Rollo.

“…Rollo, he says he wants to touch you.”

“N, nyao~”

I don’t know whether Rollo said 『Sure nya〜』 on my shoulder, but after meowing, she jumped as if to show off her underbelly. Then she landed on all four, trotted over to Galkiv, and rubbed his thick shin with her cheek and its white whiskers after bumping her little head against it once.


Galkiv got so excited by the cute actions of Rollo that his muscles bulged. He tried to caress Rollo’s head, but Rollo is a contrarian.
Dodging his arm, obviously escaping from him, she moved over to Remrona’s feet.

“――Guuh, she got away.”

Even after Rollo escaped, Galkiv didn’t get angry at her.

“But, how to say it…her behavior is adorable! Her black fur is magnificent. She gives me a feeling of happiness by just looking at her…” Galkiv said with a smooth, manly voice and a gentle smile as he watched Rollo getting spoiled by Remrona.

Great Knight Galkiv, the cat lover.
He’s an interesting, beefy old guy, but…I like beauties. Therefore I shift my look towards Remrona.
It’s not about the decisive battle ground from just now, but I think I’ll ask her about the war as I’m still curious.

“…Remrona-sama, do the Special Land War Brigade, the Battle Steel Ogre Knight Order, and the unexpected, unknown unit possess powers exceeding those of dragon knights?”

“Yes, they do. Just as I said the other day, a Great Knight was defeated on the battlefield, with his dragon being done in and he himself having suffered heavy injuries.”

The dragon has died? I wonder what kind of unit the enemy has fielded.
Exactly because I’ve seen big dragons such as Fanfan, Sirjes, and Bigzam, I’m curious about the existence of a powerful, imperial unit routing those…but, if I probe too deeply into this, it’ll instead be interpreted as me being interested. I guess I’ll leave it at giving a safe answer here.

“…It must have been a fierce battle.”

“Yeah, that’s exactly why. If we can realize what…I recommended the other day, you will be able to give us quite a bit of relief…” Remrona said with a laugh.

It’s the invitation of a beauty, but the matter of me becoming a Great Knight is a big no.

“The answer hasn’t changed.”

“Fufu, ahaha ―― I had expected you to say so, Shuuya.” Remrona smiled broadly.

It was a much cuter smile than before.

“For me to hear Remrona laughing in such a way…it’s been quite a while.”

Galkiv stopped looking at Rollo, and shifted his eyes to Remrona.

“Really? As I was talking with Shuuya, I’ve become strangely uninhibited against my better judgment…”

She averted her eyes as if dodging the issue while tampering with her red hair. I really wanna see that expression of her in bed next to me.
Anyway, it’s time to get down to my real business here, and sell the items.

“…I shall go to His Highness then.”

“Sure. On another occasion…I will have you allow me to touch black cat-dono once again.”

Galkiv sent a passionate look in Rollo’s direction, but…Rollo only answered by lightly waving her tail left and right. It looks like she isn’t overly interested in the beefy, old guy.

“…Okay, see you again, Remrona-sama.”


I bowed my head towards the two Great Knights, and then headed to the entrance door of the prince’s mansion.
Rollo returned on my shoulder, and Viine followed behind me while remaining silent. Passing around the entranceway, where new bluish-white and red-violet flowers had been planted, I pushed the big, massive door open. We passed a room with a red carpet, and went through the audience room, heading towards the area housing the prince’s bedroom and collection room.
The area’s design hadn’t changed.
The prince was in his luxurious bedroom, located beyond the collection room with its various exhibition items. He immediately called for a maid called Liz. The prince explained that the maid would perform Midolga’s Book Appraisal.
And then Liz nonchalantly cut her palm with a knife. She used Midolga’s Book, apparently offering her mana by spilling her blood.
It was a summoning where a dense mana aura was emitted into the surroundings from her while the grimoire’s pages were automatically turned over. A dark red, soft-bodied creature appeared with a wet, squirming sound from one of the pages in the grimoire she held with one hand.
That’s Midolga, eh? I had imagined it as giant or something like that…
Its appearance reminded me of sea monsters or specters appearing as mysterious ocean phenomenons. It startled me. It means she’s not a maid who’s just capable of appraisal.
Once the appraisal came to an end, the prince had become all excited and fidgety. He looked very happy.
Going with the flow, I palmed off the items at a nice pace while answering him as suitable. In the end I got a big amount of platinum coins.
It looks like the prince had a special knack for collecting different kinds of grimoires. I listened to his stories showing his extensive knowledge about grimoires, such as why the church tabooed them and so on.

“I’m curious about the treasure chest that contained taboo grimoires that even the six top clans couldn’t obtain. Did you possibly get them from a rainbow treasure chest, said to surpass golden treasure chests?”

“No, it wasn’t rainbow-colored.”

“Even items such as these don’t originate from a rainbow-colored treasure chest, huh? However, you can also say that my eyes weren’t wrong. Those are magnificent items, Shuuya Kagari. I fully understand the reason why Remrona recommended you for becoming the eighth-ranked Great Knight.” The prince said with his eyes sparkling.

As expected, I guess Remrona had already officially proposed this to the prince, even though she said that those were her inner feelings.

“――That’s unthinkable for someone like me.”

I lowered my head while genuflecting. Viine followed my example.

After lifting my head a bit, looking at the prince, I continued, “…I hold pride as a spearmaster and as an adventurer who entertains His Highness every so often.”

“Hahaha, you don’t say, spearmaster.”

“…I’m truly sorry.”

The prince narrowed his eyes after hearing my words.

“…Spearmaster Shuuya, I have already heard that you rescued Remrona, Great Knight Remrona, out of the hands of a heretic demon.”


“And I also heard some information from our kingdom’s special agent Fran. Having had unusual information concealed from me irritated me, but…based on it, Ney, Al――”

The prince clapped his hands. Upon calling the names Ney and Al, a small maid and a servant came close.

“Shuuya, please wait a moment.”


The maid, who wore a calico apron, and the female attendant carried various items such as a linen cloth and an extravagant attire in their hands.
It looks like the prince is going to change his clothes.
The pretty servant briskly made the prince change his clothes into pants with a beautiful design and a silver belt on top of a haori with beautifully colored feathers with practiced hand movements.
However, is Fran going to be okay? She apparently didn’t pass on the information about me to her boss, or rather, the prince of this country. She has faithfully protected the verbal promise she had given me on the courtyard.
Fran also said that she wanted to thank me privately together with her older sister. I wonder what kind of thanks it’ll be. I’m looking forward to it. I hope it’s going to be something lewd.
…While thinking about such stuff, I waited for the prince to finish changing.
A short time later, the prince wore a luxurious and gorgeous outfit.

That prince…who looked like he was going to announce his orders in an audience hall, said “…I have kept you waiting.”

“No, don’t mind it.”

“Very well. Shuuya Kagari, I shall praise and reward you for Remrona’s rescue. That heroic deed was a great contribution to me, Fals Load Oseberia, and likewise a service to the Oseberia Kingdom. This piece of news can’t be published due to certain circumstances, but I shall officially reward this favor of yours.”

“Prince, I feel very thankful, but…”

In response, the prince put on a stern look, and held out his hand with “Just stay silent.”

Just like that he continued with a majestic tone, “――Right now and here, in the name of Fals Load Oseberia…”

It reminded me of the scene when he previously gave his order to the Great Knights.

“A written note of gratitude by Oseberia’s royalty and 60 platinum coins shall be presented to Shuuya Kagari. Moreover, I shall award Pelneet’s Dragon Eagle Medal to you.”

The maid with the calico apron, who stood next to him, brought a medal placed on a hemp cloth to me. Another servant carried a coin bag over and put it down at my feet.
Rollo was about to start meddling with that servant, but I held her back.



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