Chapter 248 – Second Magic Dragon Rider Corps Commander

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I explained Hal’Konk and the new Evil Dragon King armor to Viine as we were riding on RollodeenHorse Lion. While freely extending and retracting the thick, dark green cloth form the shoulder dragon’s mouth, I played around by creating cloth patterns.

“So you can unrestrictedly use the armor and coat. The dark green and silver branch designs are pretty…”

With her long ears drooping, Viine extended her bluish-white fingers, tracing and fiddling with the branch designs and metal fittings next to the dark green chest buttons.
As I grasped those fingers, Rollodeen arrived at the prince’s mansion. She trespassed the mansion’s grounds by jumping over the main gate just like that.

The guards attached to the prince looked at Rollodeen and me, “Ah, the guys from the other day, huh?”

“They’re the prince’s favorite adventurers, and yet they don’t seem to belong to a top clan.”

“Speaking of the six top clans, I happened to see the Blue-armed Treasure Party on the ring road.”

“I’ve seen the babe leading Light of the Yellow Birds with my own eyes from very close! She’s a beastwoman with her name being something-heart.”

“Yeah, I totally heard about it as well. I couldn’t meet her since I was off-duty on that day, y’know?”

“You’ve got bad luck then. I don’t think you’ll ever get to see her again. She said they were goin’ to leave Pelneet or something like that.”

“That sucks. She passed us guards some stuff like gold coins and fine booze, didn’t she?”

“Well yeah, after finishing the chat with the prince. She was a gentle, beautiful beastwoman who didn’t forget distributing gifts to us.”

The guards had completely lost interest in us, and started a chat about some beautiful adventurer.
Thus I turned my eyes in the direction of the mansion’s front, behind those soldiers. The Great Knights Remrona and Galkiv were both standing together over there. One more unknown, tall knight was with them.

“…I will go greet them for a bit.”

“Okay, I shall accompany you…”

Viine was a dark elf, which is why she had a bluish-white skin to begin with, but currently she looked even bluer. Her long ears were still drooping. At this rate she might wet herself…
While pondering about such things, I nimbly dismounted Rollodeen, and then waited for Viine to get off as well.
She lifted her long, pretty legs with their conspicuous red sandals, and dismounted, but since she staggered ― looking as if she would fall down any moment ― I propped her up.

“T-Thank you very much.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s because Rollo went at pace that felt nice to her.”

Given that both of us got off her, Rollo returned from her horse lion form to her usual black cat form.


She turned her round, crimson eyes in our direction while tilting her small head to the side in wonder. The black pupils within those crimson eyes are definitely cute.

“Rollo, I just told her that you’re a cutie.”


Rollo returned on my shoulder, and nuzzled her whiskers against my cheek.
After this exchange, I headed over to the Great Knights.


“Shuuya-dono. I see, your cute familiar is with you as well.”

“Shuuya! Do you have business with His Highness? Or…”

Galkiv and Remrona had been talking with serious expressions, but I greeted them in a light-hearted manner.

“Yes, seeing how I obtained rare items in the labyrinth, I planned to have His Highness the Prince take a look.”

“What, so it was His Highness…I’m sure His Highness will be delighted over the rare items.” Remrona first muttered with a slight blush on her face and a disappointed look, and then continued with a smile.

“Remrona-dono, this person is?”

The one asking was a middle-aged hunk with distinct eye sockets. A cloth mask covered his mouth. Unlike the white mark of the other Great Knights, his mask was made out of a special cloth with an emerald dragon mark. He hid his mouth with a magic tool having different colors.

“Bahral-dono, this is the B rank adventurer and remarkable lancer Shuuya Kagari, who has formed a contract with His Highness.” Remrona introduced me.

“Hello, I’m Shuuya.”

“I see. One of those humoring His Highness in his hobby, huh? I’m the commander of the Second Magic Dragon Rider Corps. My name is Bahral Colzard.”

The appearance of an army big shot, eh? The reason for them having pulled such grim faces might be related to the urgent war reports they heard.

“…Second Magic Dragon Rider Corps Commander-sama, was it? Please excuse my previous, rude conduct.”

“Don’t mind it. You must be a considerably excellent adventurer, seeing that you made a personal contract with His Highness.”

“I have some confidence in my spearmanship.”

“…Spearmanship, eh? You’ve got an outspoken attitude. Hmm, your physique is good, and you also have a suitable atmosphere…”

Bahral Colzard started to examine me with the stabbing look typical of a soldier.

“I’d like to have a match with you, Shuuya-dono…” The big hunk of brawn Glakiv said, but his eyes were fixated on Rollo.

“Hoh, a man who piques Galkiv-dono’s interest to such an extent…?”

“No, no, I’m a normal adventurer.”

Given that the big shot of the rider corps stared at me with an expression that made his growing interest in me obvious, I took the safe approach of pulling out early on.

“If you’re such a capable man, I’d like to have you join my dragon rider corps.”

It looks like he’s going to start his solicitation, so I’ll forcibly change the topic here. I think I’ll try asking for information about the lost battles Remrona and Fran mentioned previously.

“…Excuse me for being so abrupt, but I have heard a little bit of information on the war. Has the situation turned to the better since then?”


With a grave look returning on his face, Bahral looked not only at me, but also Remrona.

“…Given that the announcers are circulating the information, even the normal citizens should have heard about it…to some extent.”

“I see. Just as you’ve heard…we’re in a bind. However, war is ever changing. It’s too soon to tell how it will pan out.”

“I also plan to quickly head over there very soon.”

It looks like Galkiv is going to depart to the front as well.

“…It will be very reassuring to have the soldier Galkiv participate in the war.”

“I’m itching to put my skills to use.”

“Great. I’m going to return to the frontline any time now. The details of the strategy will be just as we spoke about before…”

“Very well. We won’t allow the Empire to cross the Griffon Hill.”


Galkiv and Remrona both answered Bahral Colzard.

“Then, all of you, please excuse me with this. ――Fanfan!”




I was surprised since a green, saddled dragon came running over. It had apparently reacted to Bahral’s voice. So Fanfan is the dragon’s name, huh? Kinda cute.
Since Bahral’s mask was shining, he might be connected with his dragon in the same way as the Great Knights. He magnificently jumped into the saddle, and grabbed the reins.
The dragon spread its wings to the sides, and immediately leaped into the air.
I think I’ll ask about the war’s progress.

“…Remrona-sama, the other day you’ve talked a bit about it, but is the war situation that bad?”

“Sama, it is?”

Remrona apparently wanted me to call her a lot more casually, but so far as it went, she was a big shot. And, this is the prince’s residence with her being on duty.

“…Remrona-sama, someday, at a private place…” I said while also implicitly including the matter we talked about back at my home.

“…O-Okay, it’s something…I’d like to get on with it quickly. N-No, what are you making me say.” Remrona said while blushing furiously.

“…You said that on your own accord, Remrona-sama.”

“Y-Yeah, sorry…” Remrona deliberately cleared her throat and pulled herself together, “…The war situation is certainly bad. Just as you heard when I talked about the situation with my sister, most of the Kingdom’s western territories were taken. And, including the case where you rescued me, just this city alone has a mountain of missing people cases, murders, and other problems…”

I guess there are also the missing people cases where imperial agents are involved.
Just like Viine, White Nine was apparently able to grasp the trail of the Western Frong Company, but…the guard unit doesn’t appear overly useful, does it?

“…You haven’t caught up with them even after cooperating with the guards?”

“Naturally. Even with the White Nine Great Knights and the Second Blue Iron Knight Order working together, we haven’t caught up with them.”

So that’s why. However, that’s only looking at the inside, isn’t it? If the Empire comes from outside as well, I will likely fight as well, whether I like it or not…

“…Remrona-sama, are you going to head out on the battlefield as well?”

“At present it will only be our troops led by Great Knight Galkiv. However, since the Radford Empire doesn’t only field the Special Land War Brigade and the Battle Steel Ogre Knight Order, but also an unknown unit…I don’t know what will happen from now on, to be honest.”

“What, there’s no need to worry. I hear their front is slow, and their rear is in chaos as well.” Galkiv said as if to give the uneasy Remrona some peace of mind.

However, their rear is in chaos, he said? I feel like he casually leaked some important, highly classified information… I guess he has told me this because he’s trusting me after the matter with Remrona’s rescue. Maybe the story about the Great Knight referral is genuinely proceeding or something like that…

“You’re going to crush them separately when they break up, right?”

“…Correct. Our powerful White Nine’s heavy cavalry will scatter the imperial soldiers who lost their fighting spirit. I will never allow them to step on Luluzack’s land.”

Galkiv nodded at Remrona’s words. I wonder whether the tactic of using a cavalry regiment qualifies as their forte. They seem to be quite confident in it.

“Okay, Galkiv-dono. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Aye. I leave the prince to you while I’m away. Although his deep sorrow vanished, there’s still the matter with the imperial agents.”

“You’re right. However, how could an enemy unit infiltrate all the way here even though the Empire should be in battle with the western Florseil and the southern Seven Pholia? I cannot help but feel curious about that.” Remrona revealed a brooding expression.

She sent a gaze to me after Galkiv.

“Is it fine for me to hear all this information?”

“Yes, you won’t leak it anywhere, will you Shuuya? Your attendant over there should be fully aware as well.”

“Yes, as long as Master doesn’t order me to.”

Remrona silently nodded at Viine’s reply.

“…As far as I can hear from your conversation, it sounds like Luluzack is also in danger.”

Once I brought up that topic with Remrona and Galkiv, Galkiv spoke up.



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