Chapter 250 – Words as Adventurer and Spearmaster

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“It’s my heartfelt thanks. Accept it.”

I don’t know what this Dragon Eagle Medal is supposed to be. I wonder whether I’ll get some annuity with this. But, if it’s his genuine thanks, I’ll take it.

“…Thank you very much.” I accepted it obediently.

The beautiful female servant attempted to pin the medal to the left chest of Hal’Konk, struggling very hard…but, the pin on the backside of the medal was repelled by the thick cloth, resulting in the pin snapping. Because Hal’Konk looked like a trendy husky jacket or an overcoat, she apparently believed that she could pierce it with the pin. However, the pin didn’t get through Hal’Konk’s thick fabric.
The servant’s face immediately cramped up. I’m sorry, but it’s not my fault that the pin didn’t pierce through it. Rather, I’d be totally shocked if a simple pin would have been able to simply stab through a Mythological item. I’d probably be so shocked that I’d cried out with a “Mmhwhee,” I’m sure.

“…Sorry, this attire is special, so I think that it might be difficult to pierce through it. I will accept the medal just like that――”

“Oh, okay.” The servant put on an expression making it obvious that she was apologetic about it.

I forcibly snatched the medal out of her hand, and then tightly squeezed her hand with my other hand to give her a peace of mind.
I got a retort by the Dragon Eagle Medal, which pierced my palm instead. But, if Mmhwhee were to be awake…yep, I’d feed this medal to him… By doing so, it’d be possible for the medal to appear on the surface of my left chest.
While pondering about such things, I picked up the bag with the platinum coins. Its bulky and heavy feel, and the jingling of the coins lifted my mood.

“…In addition to that medal, I had planned to also thank you with the title of Great Knight, but…you turned it down.”

“Your Highness…that’s…”

“…Hah, I guess that means you’re dissatisfied with the position as eighth-ranked Great Knight?” Prince Fals asked while lifting an eyebrow and smirking.

“Absolutely not… I think I’m repeating myself, but I’m very satisfied with being a B rank adventurer and a spear-only guy.”

“I know. You’ve probably seen through the intention of our side as well, haven’t you? You likely declined it while fully understanding the reason why we haven’t made the recommendation public. Or am I wrong?” The prince grinned broadly.

He had apparently asked while anticipating that I’d turn it down. The intention behind it is… 【Remains of the Moon】, I guess. If I become a Great Knight, I’d naturally become one of the prince’s guards, I think. In such a case, the prince would naturally get his hands on 【Remains of the Moon】, the strongest dark guild of Pelneet.

“…Yes, it’s about my dark guild.”

Second Prince Fals. At first he didn’t look like an ambitious man targeting the crown, but…I suppose he plans to raise his standing with the scandal of the upper and average nobles connected to the crown prince faction that was involved with Eribol, the lost battles in the war, and the major scandal involving the heretics led by the son of a Duke belonging to the crown prince’s faction.
Or rather, if he doesn’t step up here under these conditions, when would he anyway?

“…Correct. That’s a reason, but don’t misunderstand me, okay? One of the reasons why I didn’t cooperate with Eribol Macbayn’s 【Owl’s Fangs】 was their involvement with my elder brother’s side, but likewise I don’t harbor good impressions about dark guilds. Please consider this time’s invitation as Great Knight an acknowledgment of the way how 【Remains of the Moon】 under you works, Shuuya. According to the reports, you help out with fire fighting, you crushed the shitty, illegal slave traders dabbling in human trafficking which includes children in the port area located in the Warehouse District, and you moved to eradicate the dealers selling dangerous magic drugs with high concentrations in the Pleasure Quarter… I will turn a blind eye on you secretly slaughtering the damned nobles who had given their permission for the magic drug trade to go on with the guards being involved in it. No, that was good. Furthermore, I’ve heard that you sent the folks, who received assistance from Marquis Langrid’s dogs, 【Hand of Baycala】, aiming for Pelneet’s spoils, packing. Well, I do understand that crushing the troops of that scheming Langrid geezer wasn’t for my sake but rather a move to oppose the other 【Dark Guilds】 reaching out for Pelneet’s turf, but including those virtues, I judged your guild to be a fine dark guild that also takes care of public order, putting the way how our guards work to shame. There are some parts where I’d like to file complaints like the illegal collection of gold in your turf and the illegal drugs of the Refined Gold Company…but, I will turn a blind eye on those things.”

It looks like he got Fran or someone else to investigate the activities of 【Remains of the Moon】 while also checking the matter with my recommendation. In that case, I’ll be honest with him.

“…I hold the name as guild master of 【Remains of the Moon】, but to be honest, I don’t know all the small details about the activities of 【Remains of the Moon】. I just know of the movements of the other dark guilds.”

“…Those are words and actions possible because you can trust your subordinates, right? As I thought, you’re suited for being a Great Knight.”

“I turned down the matter with the Great Knight position, so…”

At that point I tried to wrap up that topic.

“…Let me be frank with you then. If Great Knight doesn’t work for you, what would you think about becoming my personal subordinate as leader of 【Remains of the Moon】?”

That was fairly straight. I guess he hates being roundabout and watch things moving slowly. It looks like he has perceived this as a good chance to seriously go for the crown as various conditions have been met at the same time. Oh, so that’s why Galkiv has been dispatched?
The idea here is that the second prince would help his big brother with his losing streak in the war. With Galkiv’s dispatch as chance, Prince Fals would get the upper hand in the factional strife…if the war situation improves?
Even if Galkiv were to lose on the battlefield for argument’s sake, the fact that he had been dispatched to help his brother would still remain. It’d also fit with the fact that he hadn’t allowed for the news of the incidents related to the heretics to be circulated by the announcers. Just as the prince himself had said earlier that he couldn’t talk about it due to certain circumstances.
There are probably times where the nobles’ honor and the power balance between nobility are shifting subtly. Prince Fals is anticipating that he’ll be able to use the matters of crushing the heretics and the illegal traders as political tools, and thus deliberately holds back the official announcement of the scandal.
Well, this is no more than my own conjecture, though. That’s why he might also have completely different plans.
It appears that he’s employing Remrona of 【White Nine Great Knights】 and Fran of 【Gate of Hidden Evil】. Now then, I have to answer him rather than pondering about all this.

I’m going to refuse being the prince’s subordinate, just as I did with the position as Great Knight….however, “…Your Highness, I must decline. But…”


“Since I want to stay on good terms with Remrona and Fran in the future…”

“Hoh, did you fall in love with those two? A Great Knight as first wife, and her little sister as second wife…I see.”

“Your Highness, you’re going too far. It won’t be in the shape of me being your subordinate, but I’d like to get along with you, their boss, from now on as well.”

It has the subtle implication of our relationship not being too deep nor too shallow, but I hope it gets through to him.

“Humph, how boring. Isn’t it fine to be slightly ambitious? Besides, Remrona is my favorite subordinate, you know?”


I put strength into my eyes while remaining silent.

“Hoh, you’re rather bold, aren’t you Shuuya Kagari?” The prince said while having a sharp glint in his eyes to match my gaze.

I felt like I could see the illusion of some animal behind the prince. I guess it’s my imagination.
Then, let’s answer him.

“Yes, but is that wrong?”

It was rude toward the prince, but I emphasized my glare.

“…Haha, fuhaha, to apply such heavy pressure on me with your jet-black eyes. I got it, I got it, I will give you my blessing if Remrona and Fran accept it. Then, let me ask you not as spearmaster, but as guild master of 【Remains of the Moon】. How far is that association supposed to go? Are you going to cooperate with the public order like Remrona? Are you going to openly participate in the war against the Empire like Galkiv? Are you going to help behind the scenes like 【Bloody Long Ears】 with whom we have a pact? Are you going to cooperate in the same way as Fran by taking steps to ensnare the military Duke Alosange, the leader of the Red Horse Knight Order, that intriguing Minister of the Navy geezer, Marquis Langrid, who owns 【Hand of Baycala】, one of the Eight Lights as pawns, and the vassals, small, medium and high-ranking nobles close to the crown prince’s centralized authoritarian rule faction? Or, are you going to cooperate in the negotiations for a secret pact with the female fox Chardonnay aiming at the eastern Zamalia and Leften which is planned to take place in this city at the end of the year?”

Take steps is a secret jargon for assassination? But rather than that, Chardonnay is going to come to this city?
Well, she mentioned that she had interest in the underground auction. Her subordinate, the refined, white-haired old man Same talked about being busy towards the end of the year.
I recall that he stopped her from going to the auction. But it looks like in the end Chardonnay is going to attend the underground auction just as she wanted. She might use the meeting with the prince as an opportunity for that. That means Chardonnay is going to join the second prince’s faction, huh?
I have absolutely no idea what faction she belongs to, though. …Let’s try simulating things a bit.
At this rate, I’m going to become…the second prince’s dog… While dealing with the sludge that gathered at the bottom of the ditch, just as he wishes…
I’d destroy the crown prince’s faction behind the scenes and officially, gain a foothold in the royal court, get the present king to give me a peerage and territory by having an audience with him, drive away the Radford Empire, take Chardonnay as wife while at it, seize Hekatrail, support King Fals, and turn Oseberia into the sole major power of the Southern Mahaheim continent.
Just like Sanada Masayuki stole the Numata Castle on the way… A course towards independence by stealing territories and small castles with Hekatrail as bait?
And then I’d promote a radical revolution while building a sturdy castle and having the capable people of the Kingdom do the political maneuvers, turning the Empire, the Kingdom, and everyone else into enemies. Yep, it’d be the founding of Helme’s beloved Lucival Empire.
If Helme were here, she’d likely call the prince a cheeky butt or something like that, and attack him, and that’d be bad.
However, such a success story might also make for a good life. That kind of route might actually exist in another world line…

“…You’re taking quite long, aren’t you?”

“I’m terribly sorry. To answer your previous question, I will cooperate with the public order like Remrona. But I think that might already fall into the category of what we’re doing in Pelneet. It means, our association will go to that extent.”

“…I’m telling you to talk openly without reservations. It’s boring and superficial like this.”

I suppose he’s telling me to cooperate more. In that case…

“Just as you were told, the other day Mel, my vice guild master, moved independently, and won against a dark guild which was backed by 【Hand of Baycala】, the pawns of Minister Langrid.”

Aren’t we already cooperating there? I implicitly asked him.

“I know that the cunning geezer moved…he likely tried to lay the groundwork before I made a move, because 【Owl’s Fangs】, which had expanded to many cities including this one, suddenly vanished. That intrigue-loving geezer might think nothing of me who has a reputation as item-addicted foolish kid, though.”

Item-addicted foolish kid, huh? This is the moment for that, isn’t it? It looks like he has a precious sunglasses-like item, so while borrowing that, I should maybe mutter here 『Because he was a stupid kid』 as I drink some wine, although it’d be rude to the prince? 1 Speaking of foolish, he’s similar to Oda Nobunaga. Prince Fals…is he actually a strategist who had been acting like a fool for the sake of aiming for a chance? Analyzing it from there…
It seems there’s some reason for him to collect items. I’m also curious about the mystical beast-like thing behind him. And, I don’t know all the complicated matters dwelling within Prince Fals’ heart… Let’s take a safe approach here.

“…That means, it turned into a natural, cooperative relationship without any ulterior motives. That’s how I think about it.”

“That’s true, but…what do you mean with your vice guild master having moved on her own accord? You’re the guild master, aren’t you?”

That’s a reasonable question. I’ll tell him the truth, I guess.

“I’m a figurehead. After all, I’m a spear-only guy.”

“The leader calls himself a figurehead…? That’s a surprise… No, wait. Exactly because you’re fully convinced of it, the words come out naturally, huh…? That kind of meaning was included in the earlier talk about your pride as spearmaster and adventurer as well, wasn’t it?”

I focused on showing a stern expression, and gave a short answer after nodding, “Yes.”

Thereupon happiness bloomed on the prince’s face.

“…Shuuya Kagari, it’s regrettable, truly regrettable, but…also free and uninhibited. It’s a very dazzling and enviable way of life. If you possessed pride towards this country as a soldier…you should be a person capable of pushing me all the way to kingship…as general and hero…no, if you had the ambition, you’d surpass even me…” The prince said full of admiration.

He swallowed too much of Remrona’s and Fran’s biased information.

“…Prince, you’re overestimating me.”

“…Hahaha, overestimation, eh? If you go too far with your modesty while having such a pretty dark elf attendant wait upon you in the back, it sounds like spite, you know?”

Viine lowered her head after looking at the prince with eyes as cold as ice.

“That wasn’t my intention…”

“I know, I know…enough of this.” The prince laughed, but it wasn’t a laugh similar to the one before.


“However, you have my heartfelt gratitude for bringing up such an enjoyable topic in a time where we’re in a war over hegemony with the Radford Empire in the southeast and the western plains, Shuuya! It would be nice for you to strive as an adventurer from now on. I will buy up all the unknown items you find for plenty of money!”

The prince had a completely satisfied look. It gave me the impression that he had become clear-headed in some way. As if saying that a refreshing young man was present here.

Let’s bow my head to that. “Yes, You Highness! ――I shall do my very best.”

“I see, I see. Well then, you may leave now.”


I stood up with movements that focused on politeness, and left the prince’s room together with Viine.

“Master, I’m proud of you.”

Viine moved up next to me from behind, and told me her unvarnished feelings.
Probably because we were walking at a slightly high pace, her silver hair got caught at the edge of her mouth. Whoa, that’s really erotic.

“You mean this medal?”

I showed the medal to her. Because it was made out of metal, it weighed quite a bit. It might be pure gold. The design of a dragon and an eagle being intertwined is pretty neat. Since it’s plenty fashionable, I think I can normally use it as a broach accessory, too. That’s why I want Mmhwhee to absorb it. However, the Violent Devourer Hal’Konk is still asleep.
As I was thinking about this…
Viine stared at that medal with a look as if she’d devour it any moment like Mmhwhee.

“…It’s a magnificent Dragon Eagle Medal. It made my heart tremble when I saw it earlier.”

You must be kidding, Viine-chan. That goes too far, y’know?
She was totally excited with her silver eyes sparkling like the stars in the sky. But, that’s another cute part of her.

“To such an extent, huh?”

“Indeed. Even the Blue-armed Treasure Party, one of the six top clans, who broke into the labyrinth’s eleventh floor, is limited to a third class meritorious service awarded the Labyrinth Administration Bureau.”

“I see. I didn’t see it as anything but a simple piece of accessory, but for the prince to go this far…”

…Prince Fals mentioned that he was jealous of me. I only knew one side of the item-loving prince, but I feel like he allowed me to take a little peek at another side of him.
He should have invited me to join his cause exactly because he’s in a position where he must aim for the crown while repeatedly fighting political battles with his other siblings and blood relatives. Even after I declined such an important invitation, he still listened to my words properly while being positive about them.
As it looks like he has truly approved of me as an adventurer, I’m very happy. That’s why…I’m curious whether Prince Fals can truly become Oseberia’s king. I think that he was hard pressed at the moment when the crown prince has been decided, but…he woke the wish in me to root for him.
That might also have moved Remrona’s heart who had been attached to the crown prince. Well, I guess I’d have naturally supported him as well if the conversation kept going.
Still, I’ve got no interest in power struggles, even if I were to receive land and the rank of a noble. I want to live as a martial artist. Besides, I’m fully aware that I would be constantly unable to make up my mind as a ruler thinking of his people.
For this reason, it has turned into a chance to reconsider my feelings as an adventurer. Thanks, prince. You have my gratitude.
While possessing pride as an adventurer, I’ll aim to become an A rank just like Master. I guess I’ll search for requests like the Evil Dragon King one and the one about the reclamation of the undeveloped area.
However, although I have the goal of A rank, I’ve got to also deliver the feelings of Evil Emperor Ciphot who existed in Hal’Konk’s mental world, don’t I…? Damn it, that’s unfair! If you pull off such a way of disappearing on me…I won’t be able to forget about you crescent-moon jerk, you know!?
『There’s no way that it will come to nothing. I believe that it will guide you…to…』 He was crescent-moon-shaped, but his last words were way too friggin’ awesome.
【Ciphot Shrine】. I don’t have the slightest clue where to find that in the spirit world,…but I suppose I’ll deliver it.
I’ll try winning the item necessary to go to the spirit world at the underground auction… Since I already have a Highcellcone’s horn, I just gotta get a Score Sheet of the Demon King.
But, is something like that really put up for bidding each and every single time at the underground auction? That’s the fundamental question here…
Well, I’ve got no choice but to rely on my luck for this. After all there should be various people exhibiting their items such as big companies, dark guilds, rich people, and high-ranking nobles…
After that auction, I’ll go travel around aimlessly. There’s also the cute princesses in the Holy Kingdom close to the Tear. And, travel…also means Tsuan’s home, I guess. Additionally, there’s also my spearmanship and swordsmanship training to take care of.
Ah, but I wanna first go to the nearby Benrack Village. I wonder what Quiche is doing right now.
Traveling by boat would be awesome as well. Diving into the deep sea and trying to challenge how deep I can dive with <Blood Chains Banquet>…how nice.
Come to think of it, there’s also the mirror exploration. Well, since I’ll live eternally anyway, it should be okay to not rush the exploration. Sooner or later…I’m going to take a stroll.
I want to meet Master and his family, too. There’s also the part about me having to feed the item box with magic stones. Na Palm-something alliance, was it? I can look forward to the magic stone collection and the results of the trained blood beast unit.
And, I mustn’t forget to make out with my cherished bloodkin, and to chat with other pretty women. If they’re in trouble, I’ll save them while upholding my selfish policy of 『Small Justice』.
All of this while enjoying playing around with my partner! Yep! Let’s do it like that!
This is an important vow no different from the time when I tried to get clues about the promise with Rollo.

After putting the medal away into my item box, “…Viine, we’re leaving.”

“Okay. Master, you look happy?”

Nothing less of my first darling <Head Servant Leader>. She understands my feelings from simply looking at my face.

“You can see?”


Her saying so with a sweet smile made her lovely.
I closed the distance to her in an instant with Magic Combat Step, put my hands around her waist, and pulled her into an embrace.




She closed her eyes and brought her violet lips close while standing on tiptoes. Her silver hair was still stuck in a sexy manner to the corner of her mouth, so I gently brushed it away with my new sixth finger, and stole her lips – those wonderfully soft lips.
The faint sound of her blood and her body temperature were transmitted to me through her cute lips. Because I possessed my powers as Lucival, I grasped a lot more details. At the same time, I sensed a powerful passion and thirst for blood.
Her vanilla scent traveled through my nostrils.
――Viine’s dear smell.
The coldness of her mask that touched me at times. This as well is something irresistible.
There’s also the touch of her nose which makes me feel her deep love.
I continued the long, deep kiss…as if to tell her my feelings by tenderly caressing her lips.
Then I moved my hands from her waist to her upper back. After sliding my palms beneath the metal fittings connected to her chest strap…I gently stroked the protrusions and valleys of her shoulder blades above her Muntomi outfit that’s adorned with red and black feathers.


Feeling it, Viine’s body trembled as she kept kissing me. I continued to caress her cute back.
She’s as tall as a model, and the sensation of embracing her back is also irresistible.
I strengthened my hug to restrain Viine’s trembling, no, to make her feel safe. Then, after shifting my hands, which had fully enjoyed her back, on her shoulders, I gently removed my lips from hers.


“Did you cum from just a kiss?”

I looked at Viine after separating my body from her by extending my arms. Her eyes were blurred.

“…Master…let’s continue.”

Obvious from her face, she was caught in a lewd ecstasy.

“That’ll have to wait, okay?”

Hearing my words, Viine revealed a pained look, and said with a powerful voice, ” No, I don’t wanna wait――”

Seemingly unable to endure, she embraced me as if entrusting her own breasts to me. She hugs my back with a force as if to squeeze the life out of me, demonstrating her strength after having taken in a Lucival’s blood… It’s a pressure that would make Hal’Konk scream Mmhwhee.

“――Viine. I’m overjoyed, but look around us. Since a while ago, the soldiers here and there are…”

Though I started it with the kiss…

“Ah, y-you’re right.”

Her embarrassed look is yet another nice part of her.
I grasped the slender hand of Viine who separated from me. I could feel that her palm was damp, but I didn’t mind it. While holding hands with our fingers intertwined, we left the prince’s mansion together.

“Nn, nyaa.”

I felt the air outside, and at the same time, Rollo ran towards the courtyard, and transformed into a divine beast with a poof in the next moment.
Remrona and Galkiv had already left. I wished them all the best in their battles, and then looked at the imposing appearance of Rollodeen who vividly reminded me of a horse, lion and griffon. She was watching the sky with her black panther-like, aerodynamic face. The bushy, black fur beneath her head flew in the wind. It was awe-inspiring.
I wonder what has caught her attention…
I also looked up to the sky, but…I don’t know. Did space just warp a bit or something? I guess it’s just my imagination. Thin clouds were trailing across the blue sky.
My partner was still looking at the sky. Cats are sometimes like that, aren’t they? They simply stare in a direction with no one there. I think it’s not just an unconsciousness as animals possess.
She might be looking at a transparent, gasiform, space life-form only visible to cats, to a cat’s tapetum.
My partner didn’t extend her tentacles, so I first helped Viine up on the back of the entranced Rollodeen, and then straddled it myself as if climbing on a horse or bike.

“――Next we’re going to Zaga’s place.”


I lightly hit Rollodeen’s belly with my foot.

“Nn, nyaaa.”

Rollodeen stopped staring at the sky, and put her tentacles around Viine’s and mine waists.
After I grasped the rein tentacle, we departed.
Feeling Viine’s soft boobs against my chest, it was a core since my fleshly desires were strongly stimulated after it turned into a direct attack of our genitals touching, but without having any sex, we headed non-stop to the workshop of Zaga, Bon, and Rubia.

My partner jumped, “Kyaa.”

Just as Viine’s scream was audible, my partner moved her powerful muscles as usual. Did she imitate the dragon riders’ leader’s dragon Fanfan?
So you concentrated on the dragon who performed that cool take-off, partner!?

“Nn, nyaoooo.”

A huge roar resounded in reply.
――In the blink of an eye, Pelneet’s sky.
Rollodeen looks happy as she transmits those emotions to me. Should we play a bit in the sky? But, 『Poop』 is forbidden, okay?




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  1. A reference to a famous line of Char Aznable in Kidou Senshi Gundam

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