Chapter 243 – Bewitching Blue Flames

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After the appraisal, we gathered in a section of the First Ring Road while getting excited over a boiled egg talk, and then discussed our future plans.

“Nn, I have something to do at the restaurant. See you tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it, Shuuya!”

“Sure thing.”

Eva left on her magic wheelchair.
It was scheduled for me to join her at the Ligna Dee Restaurant tomorrow.

“I plan to come home after looking up something at the academy. There’s the new Soft Rainbow Steel, and Munjay’s Rock Heart, but I also want to examine the white flesh of the guardian.”

No way! Is she going to synthesize an artificial skin by using that flesh?

“…That flesh, huh?”

Sooner or later she’s going to ask for fresh corpses or something like that…it reminds me of the creation of Frankenstein.

“Yeah, right, I might use it in experiments by combining it with the Firebird Horn’s Powder and splinters of broken mana glass. I’m going to throw it all into the mana furnace with the improved bellows, fufu.” Mysty was in a really great mood.

“You sure are happy about this.”

“Yeah, it’s wrong to not take the balance between Konald and Secur into consideration, but I will make a compromise between those two by using Demonic Spirit Steel. The other day we talked about how the simple, improved sorcery doll’s arm was a bit off-balance, didn’t we? I intend to start building the frame of a sorcery doll by combining a bit of the White Imperial Mineral I received from Eva and the Soft Rainbow Steel while using the Black Soft Demonic Steel for the joints between its shoulders and the elbows. Of course it will be difficult since I will fiddle with the blueprints while at the same time adjusting the winding device, but since there’s actually a difference between the stones on Sela and the ones in Hellrhone, I want to also experiment on mana extraction methods, you know? I have to also be careful of tremendous effects because of the equilibrium related to the analysis of demonic stones, the improvement of magic tools using pure, heated mana, and a possible fixed connection between the world’s mana and the mana from simple experiments of spheres bumping against each other. It’s a delicate prescription where I want to hear the opinion of a skilled craftsman, but…because of the Underveil’s Relation, I think I will do that after hitting the books…”

…Shit, she got me somewhat confused. It looks like her researching professor switch has been flipped on.
Mysty still continued to ramble on while mixing in her usual “Shit, shit, shit” from time to time. Given that she was a beautiful professor who looked great with glasses on, this exhilarated way of holding a fervent speech suited her.
I saw off Mysty with an ambiguous smile on my lips.




After a short while, we arrived at the front gate of my home. From there we proceeded towards the courtyard.

“I’m going to water the plants.” Helme walked away while creating sheets of water spray at her feet, heading to the place on the terrace where flowerpots were lined up.

“Nn, nya.”

Rollo made a throaty purr, and approached Popobumu and Balmint, who were resting in front of the stables, apparently wanting to join up with them. After sniffing the scent of the two, Rollo curled up her small body next to them.
It looks like she’s going to sleep together with them.

As I was watching that pleasant scene, Yui and Kaldo said, “I guess I will try it out.” “Yeah, I want to get a feel on the sword drawing with the dark form.”

They were fully motivated to have a training session while simultaneously checking their new equipment. Both walked away while chatting with each other.
I think I will observe them for a bit…as reference for my swordsmanship.
The two arrived at the left-hand corner. They swung their swords to the left and right several times to check the blades of their new weapons, and then thrust them out at empty air to get a feel. Then, after harmonizing mentally and physically, the two began their showdown.
After katana clashed against katana a few times, Kaldo abruptly lowered his waist, and advanced in a forward-bent posture in an instant, diving into Yui’s bosom. While rotating his body to the left with a blurring speed I had never seen him use before, he used a low slash capitalizing on the different range of Illusionary Heron, and unleashed a chain attack of rotational slashes.


Yui fell down before having her legs cut.
Ooh, Kaldo has…

“Wow.” Rebecca muttered.

Yui was a <Head Servant Leader>. For him to cut Yui whose stats had been strengthened overall…
Not bad, Kaldo.
Going by his sword handling and taijutsu moves, it might be correct to say that he has grown remarkably.
Oh, did the previous chat about his dreams actually incite his growth?

“Kuh, Dad, the woodpecker just now was a feint, huh?”

“Correct. I made use of the altered range of my new weapon. The improved dark blade art was sharp as well, wasn’t it? It’s just advancing bit-by-bit, but I have reached a point where I can use my great powers as <Servant Leader> for finer techniques.”

“Nothing less of you, Dad. However, as one of the <Head Servant Leaders>, I can’t yield here.”

After this Yui kept overwhelming Kaldo with her movements, apparently having rallied her fighting spirit.
There was blood all over the place due to the sword fight…however, that lasted only for an instant. Given that both quickly absorbed the blood by focusing on <First Gate>, the blood didn’t spread any further.
My bloodkin are are Light Demon Lucivals, a species of vampires. The improvement of their martial arts is probably nothing to scoff at. Their wounds heal immediately, after all.
…Once I recalled the time when I continued the terrifying training under Master Archilles tutelage on the 【Training Path】, their growth made sense to me in a strange way.
Helme also watched the bloodkin training from afar as she watered the big trees in the garden, and the potted plant friends of the Millennium Plant on the terrace.
I had stuff to do as well. Namely, setting up the refrigerator, and giving the appraised items to Mamani and the others. Thus I headed to the big boarding house on the right side of the courtyard while taking Viine along.


When we entered the building, the combat slaves, who had been relaxing on their chairs, all stood up at once, and saluted.

“Yo, stay at ease. I’m going to install your exclusive refrigerator in the kitchen.”


“No way, for us to get such a magic tool!”

“That’s thoughtful of you, milord. I’m happy.”

“Our exclusive…wow. I wonder whether it’s just my imagination that life has become easier than during my time as an adventurer…”

“Fuu, it’s not. Food, clothing, shelter, and the best environment for high-class combat slaves…Rollo-sama is slightly scary, though.”

I ignored their comments, and walked to the left inner part of the room. I think this corner of the simple kitchen should do.
I operated my item box…and after the refrigerator appeared from within the fourth dimension pocket, I set it up.

“Master, thank you very much!” Mamani frankly thanked me as representative of the slaves.

“That’s only natural. You managed to survive an encounter with a monster. Also, I need to you do your best on your regular magic stone collections from now one as well.”

Mostly, as energy to charge my item box, though.

“I’m deeply moved. You’re a very kind man…”

“Don’t say that with a serious look. Besides, I still have some souvenirs for you guys. All of you, come over here.” I called the slaves over. “First, those boots with feathers are for Souther. They are called Jarjar Boots. They have the effect of increasing the speed so much that it would seem like you’re flying.”

I handed the boots to Souther.


After lifting up the small boots over her head as if showing her gratitude to the gods, she immediately put them on. As the size automatically adjusted itself, they fit their small feet perfectly.

“Wow, it looks as though I can float a bit.”

She’s right…she’s floating a tiny bit.
There was the effect of its flying-like speed, but maybe it’s owed to the exceedingly low body weight of Souther?

“Next, the Arrows of Shishik and Hawolk’s Bow. The arrows’ effect is poison. It looks like the place hit by an arrow gets petrified. The bow appears to have an increased shooting power and precision as you will have the wind spirits as your allies each time you shoot an arrow. This set of bow and arrows is for Mamani.”

“It’s my humble pleasure!” Mamani humbled herself as if receiving an honorable certificate.

“Next, this Demonic Shield of Sebol Galdory goes to Bia.”

“You’re giving this shield with the eye to me!?”

“Indeed. If you pour mana into it, you can make it deploy an anti-magic shield around you.”

“Thanks, milord! This will make it easier to deal with enemies of different calibers like that monster woman from the other day!” Bia accepted the shield while extending her snake tongue.

She put down her old shield on the floor, and raised the new shield over her head after putting it on her left arm. For an instant, the idea that she might use two shields crossed my mind.

“…Next Fuu. I will give the Godtroll Set to you. Since this also includes armor, feel free to equip it as you like.”

I put the great amount of set pieces on the floor.

“W-What an amazing number of pieces…”

“It’s a full set…but if you don’t want the helmet or armor, you can also give them to Souther or Mamani who wrecked her armor.”

“Thank you, Master.”

All of them were overjoyed. That’s wonderful. But I guess I got to add one more thing.

“…I think that it will be fine now that I killed & absorbed the monster woman, but don’t lower your guard. Though it’s likely nothing I have to worry about with you guys. Anyway, please do your best on the future magic stone collections.”

“As you wish, Master.”

“Affirmative, I shall live up to your expectations, milord. I also want to have a training session.”

“I will work hard! I will do my best while wearing the boots I received from you, Master!”

“Yep! I will support everyone while wearing this overcoat and Godtroll armor.”

Alright, after this…

“Seeing as you obtained a fishing rod, are you going to visit the workshop of Zaga & Bon & Rubia?” Viine asked from behind me.

She had apparently fiddled around with her silver hair during the short time now. Using the newly obtained Gold Titan’s golden thread, she had bound a part of her hair into a braid, and let it drop behind her left ear.

“Rather than that, your new hairstyle is nice. It suits you well.”

“T-Thank you very much!” Viine lowered the outer corners of her eyes, and revealed a smile which combined happiness and bashfulness.

“…I might go to the prince’s place or shop for pastry ingredients before heading over to their workshop. At the moment, there’s only one magic item I plan to sell, though.”


“Milord, are you going to go out? I want to have a mock battle.” Bia pleaded enthusiastically.

“A mock battle? With the intention to test out your new gear? I’m busy, so let’s have you join up with Yui and Kaldo who’re training in the courtyard right now. Follow me.”


“Kaldo-sama, huh? That will be hard, but I will give it my best.” Mamani said.

Which reminds me, I had them head out for the magic stone collections while being led by Kaldo.

“I will prepare right away.”

“Fuu, I’d like to check whether I can wear that armor, if you’re okay with it.”

“Sure, for me the overcoat is better than the armor, so you can have the armor.”

Mamani and the others got their preparations in order while consulting with each other. After waiting for them a bit, we went together to the courtyard, heading for the place where Yui and Kaldo were fighting.

“Yui, Kaldo, it looks like the combat slaves would like to train.”

Yui and Kaldo were just at the point of locking their swords after making their blades clash.


Yui was grabbing her new sword, Fierce God – Spirit Wind, with one hand. Its blade was clad by a wind blade.


Kaldo was dual-wielding. He was holding the double-edged Illusionary Heron, and an Illusionary Heron that seemed to be a bluish-white illusion.
Hearing my words, both took some distance with quick movements.

“In other words, please be their practice partners.”

“Sure. Since Souther’s swordsmanship shows promise, I’m looking forward to it.”

“That’s fine with me, but I will drill them as harshly as I commanded them recently.”

And then a mock battle of combat slaves vs. Yui & Kaldo began. At first the combat slaves were overwhelmed by the abilities of <Head Servant Leader> Yui and <Servant Leader> Kaldo.
Kaldo, who looked dashing and majestic, whirled around his sword’s blade while drawing a lower semi-circle with the Illusionary Heron in one hand.

Once he set it up in a low position while making the naked blade glitter, he scolded the slaves with a deep voice, “――Is the job of combat slaves to lie around on the ground?”


“So easily…”

“What’s with those katana movements, which were unleashed with one hand, and heavy kicks…that surpass an Armed Knight Leader!”

It might be rare for Bia with her heavy torso to lie stretched out on the ground.

“Dad, did your body and katana movements just now imitate my techniques?”

“Oh, you realized?”

“Obviously. Moreover, you have made them even sharper.”

“Haha, Yui, if you’re careless…I’ll surpass your sword techniques, you know?”

“――That look of yours is so irritating!”

After that, Yui and Kaldo split up, and it developed into a melee of different teams. The battles started to drag on.
Given that the two chosen bloodkin’s movements were clearly visible, they weren’t going at it for real, but…

“…It’s pretty obvious that the high-class combat slaves have outstanding abilities. They can fight and take on the bloodkin in close combat, despite Yui and Kaldo going easy on them.” Rebecca said in admiration as someone who had recently been very interested in close combat.

“That’s certainly true.”

“However, they end up being a little bit fearful because they aren’t bloodkin. For the time being, I’m going to prepare some healing potions, just in case.” Rebecca put her leather bag down on the ground at her feet.

Somehow she looked like a beautiful manager of a club.

At that moment, “Lulalalaaa, lubululu~ Lulalalaaa~♪ Father’s, child, yay!”, a strange voice, the Millennium Plant’s song, could be heard.

Helme came closer while holding the plant in one hand.

“Everyone is working hard, aren’t they?”

“Yo, you’re on good terms with the Millennium Plant, aren’t you?”

“Faaather, I wanted to meeeet youuu.”

Even now the Millennium Plant apparently intended to be my child.

“Yes! Once I watered it, Millennium-chan’s singing voice changed.”

“Hee, in what way?”

“Please watch!”


He hates it, though…
Helme released water from her fingertip, hitting the plant in her hand.

“Uuooooohhh, deliciouuus, buuuut I’m drooowning, yooo! Faaather, heeelp, uoooohh――”

Well, you could definitely say that his singing had changed.

“…Helme, don’t overdo it.”

“Okay. Putting that aside, the mock battle seems interesting. Everyone, I’m going to participate as well! I shall take you on――”

With those words, Helme transformed her other hand into an ice sword, and plunged into the mock battle while dancing in tact with the Millennium Plant’s song.



Mamani, who blocked an attack by using Ashram as shield, and Souther, who unleashed a slash while floating, screamed out in surprise.

“Dad, I can’t cut spirit-sama.”

“Me neither. We will let her pass while hiding behind that lamia, Bia.”


It naturally developed into a messy group mock battle.
…It’s great for the courtyard to be so spacious. However, it’s different because of the glum feeling of the Millennium Plant’s singing.
He’s kind of like an opera singer… Previously Helme had danced in the underground spring, but now she exhibited a much more lovely and evolved ice sword dance that matched with the Millennium Plant’s singing which had become louder than before.
After creating ice beneath her feet, she moved her feet like an ice skater, and in the middle of that she shot ice pebbles into the surroundings while performing a Biellmann Spin.
For a while I ended up being fascinated by her as a spectator. Accordingly, I wondered what the animals were doing…and turned my eyes in the direction of the stables, but Rollo, Balmint, and Popobumu were still sleeping peacefully next to each other.
The servants, including Mimi, were cleaning the stables while observing them with kind looks.

“Shuuya, the mock battle has turned into something amazing, but weren’t you going to the Free Market to buy ingredients for sweets? I will go together with you as I’ll go back to Betty-san’s place.” Rebecca asked watching the mock battle without joining in.

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go. Rollo~”

Rollo’s ears moved with a twitch. She briskly raised her upper body, turning her small face in my direction.

“Come. We’re going out.”

“Nn, nyao――”

Rollo ran over while transforming in a Horse Lion. She’s cute, but seeing her transformation from the front is funny.

“Master, I’d like to also join the mock battle to test out Gadorices.”

“Got it. Make sure that the combat slaves don’t get injured.”


While drawing her new sword from its red-scaled scabbard, Viine rushed over to the place where the mock battle was on the way. The melee immediately turned more intense. Souther crossed swords with Viine while rotating.
That looks pretty cool.
While looking at it for a bit, I got on RollodeenHorse Lion together with Rebecca.
We left through the front gate towards the Martial Arts District’s street. Egg sellers and martial arts practitioners were coming and going on the street. At the roadside, a female dwarf and a female karamnianScaled Person were brawling, but we ignored them.

“Rollo, head over to the Free Market at a chilled pace.”

“Nn, nyaa~” She answered and then got going.


As we were casually advancing along the streets, Rebecca laughed in a good mood. She had a hairstyle that revealed her forehead. As if to show off that forehead, her blond hair spilled down to the left and right while being tied by blue strings. A bunch of her hair also reached her shoulders after passing her long ears.
It’s very charming. Her blond hair swayed in the wind. Her hair strands looked like very thin golden threads.
Rebecca put her white hands around my waist, hugged me in order to bury her face in my chest. She sat on me in a lotus position, albeit a decent one.

“What’s up?”

“Yeah, well…” Rebecca lifted her face.

Her blue eyes reminded me of the azure sky. Her thin, golden eyebrows were put in order. Her nose bridge was straight, and the small valley between her upper lip and her nose was lovely. Given that her red lips were close, I felt an urge to kiss her.

“I mean, it’s because I always sit behind you when we move with Rollo-chan.”

“Ah, that’s what you mean…”

“Yep. Viine always sits in this place here…” She stared at me while having a sharp glint in her eyes for a fleeting moment.

Although her expression was cute for a moment there…grudges over food and love are terrifying. Usually Rebecca is also holding back in various ways.

After I poked her lovely nostrils with a finger, I said, “I know.”

I lifted her small body up, snatched a passionate kiss from her small lips, and separated my face.

“――Jeez, that’s too sudden.” Even while saying so, Rebecca relaxed her body.

She got me to hold her as if entrusting her body to me. Her forehead and cheeks had become bright red like a red apple.

“…You’re saying it’s sudden, but you’re happy about it, aren’t you?”

“…Gimme one more, okay?”

Without answering her question, I kissed Rebecca.


We continued to overlap our lips. I gently caressed her long ears, too.

“Yan! You’ve become really good at this.” She averted her face as she was apparently ticklish there.

“Well of course. Because of the new finger, the divine acts of the Ear Touching Committee have grown in number…”

“…That…isn’t the usual Boob-something, is it?”

“Correct. It’s equivalent to a subdivision of that.”

“Pfft, the hell’s up with that?”

“Rather than that…you have a small birthmark below your chin on the right.” I tenderly touched her beneath the chin with a fingertip.

“…Nn, it’s ticklish. But, there? I didn’t know. Oh, it’s a secret between just us, Shuuya.”

“Of course.”

“Fufu――” Rebecca embraced my chest once more.

“Mmh~ Mmh~ It would be wonderful if this happiness could last forever.”

“It will.”

“…But, it’s still a good while ahead, but after the auction, you’re going on a journey, no?” Rebecca gazed at me.

“That’s the plan, but…”

“…I want to come with you on that journey. Back then no one said it, but I’m pretty sure that all of them think the same.”

“Isn’t it fine for you to tag along then?”

“Yeah, but, I don’t want to be separated from Betty-san for an extended period of time. I don’t have her blood in me, but I consider her my real mother. Besides, I want to learn martial arts. I want to reach the level where I can handle that awesome weapon.”

“New goals, huh?”

Aiming for a goal is something great. Her spiritual nature might have grown because of the Lucival blood.

“Yeah, that’s why I’ll fully indulge in you while I still can, okay Shuuya?”

At least that’s what I thought, but maybe I’m wrong? Rebecca-san is revealing an impish look.
She hugged me while making use of her physical power.
It’s slightly painful, but the feeling of her skin and forelocks as she’s glued to me…and her nice smell…


“Fufu, I said something self-important there, but I also have the selfish wish to monopolize you while doing what I want to do…”

I see, I guess those are her honest feelings as a woman. She’s a frank girl.

“Right now you’re monopolizing me, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yeah.”

What a cute face. As Rebecca looks at me, she says in order to hide her embarrassment, “Oh my, what’s this that I’m feeling below?”

She laughed through her nose while bending her body back as if to display her slender throat. Triumph was visible on her face. Usually her blue eyes were cute, but now bewitching blue flames dwelt in them.

“…You’ve known about it for a while now, right? Playing dumb is no good, you know?”

“Eeh? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Good grief, that perverted Rebecca-san.

“Hoh…” I attacked her weak spot by tickling her sides.

“Kya! It tickles!”

“Haha, if you continue dodging the issue, I will go at it more intensely.”


As we continued to proceed slowly while making out, Rollodeen apparently read the mood, and jumped atop a roof. She went into the shade of a roof with no one there, and stopped moving.
I don’t know whether Rollodeen was astonished or anything, but we had some good sex while mounting her.



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