Chapter 244 – Ornaments of the Magic Tiger Create

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We arrived at the Free Market at a relaxed walking pace. The market was bustling, making me feel that it was even more congested here than on the ring road.
After getting off Rollodeen who resembled a horse, I surveyed the surroundings.

“It’s packed, but leave it to me. This way.”


Being led by Rebecca, I walked along the crowded street.
I saw an adventurer with a beautiful shark skin coiled around his longsword’s hilt, a dwarven pelt trader leading a donkey that carried baskets filled with cargo, a mysterious human with one of his arms being a sword and countless daggers dangling at his waist, and a bespectacled elven scholar.
There was a fist fight going on between ugly men. Blood splattered into the vicinity, but no one tried to stop them.
Furthermore, I spotted a tiger beastman cattle trader, selling magic beasts, and I think hippopotamus? There was also someone leading a big, black beast like Rollodeen, which I didn’t really see before. Rollo, who was resting on my shoulder, looked at that beast, apparently having a keen interest.
We advanced as we weaved our way through all those people. Rebecca wasn’t a local for nothing. She told me names of places such as 『Delars』 and 『Star Dust Street』.

“Over there is Falconeer Tom-san. His rates are a bit high, but he’s a handyman who will deliver your letters and such with the falcons he’s raising,” she told me.

I was precisely guided around by her. Rebecca walked in front while frequently skipping rhythmically. Her occasionally turning back in my direction was cute. My mood naturally shifted into a harmonious one. She herself had denied it, but I wonder whether she hadn’t been fairly popular at the Magic Academy.
As I was pondering about Rebecca’s past, a general store entered my field of vision along the way.

“Rebecca, just a moment.”

“The fruits are this way, though.”

“I know. But first this place, okay?”

We visited the general store for a moment. It was selling goods such as baskets similar to seven flowers baskets1, pelts, garn, spices, feathers, empty potion bottles, earthenware cups, crystals, frying pans, hammers, nails, and scrap iron.
I bought several empty bottles and a wooden bowl in that store. I had bottles and bowls back home in the kitchen, but I planned to give these to Dee-san.

“Shuuya, you’re done here, right?”

“Yep. Please lead on the way.”

“It’s right around the corner. Come.”

“Aye, aye, ma’am.”

I bought banago, coconuts, and ichigon2 at the fruit seller. The yellow, round kiwis or the avocado species I bought in the past would work as well, but this time I intended to use the ichigon, and the coconuts, which were nuts of a yashi3.

Those were fruits that would originate from southern countries close to the equator on Earth, but when I asked Rebecca whether it was different here, she replied, “Coconuts are being cultivated universally. It looks like they properly grow at coastlands, though. I heard there are Yashi Tree plantations along the southern Leeria Beach. Given that 【Royal Capital Gromheim】, 【Ocean Current City Cesdolzen】, and 【Iron Square City Lalarbuin】 are relatively close to the Leeria Beach, the prices of coconuts over there are cheaper than in this city.”

I wonder whether it’s not really related to the climate. It was a fairly popular fruit.
At that moment, my eyes suddenly caught onto pears which were divided and sold in boxes. Just one of them was teeming with a dense magic source, mana. Its price wasn’t different from the other pears. I could sense mana from the other pears as well, but only a very typical response.
It might be a juicy, very healthy, delicious pear. Let’s buy it. I paid the shopkeeper, but he didn’t say anything. Better I put away the mana-laden pear into my item box. I will eat it, or give it to someone else…later on.
Afterwards we passed the butchers, and moved ahead to the spices seller located in the western part of the Free Market. I caught sight of the same pickpocket group as before, but they never got close to us. And then we arrived in front of the curtained stand I had visited before.
Dried squids were hanging down from above on strings. On the carpet below, open jute bags lined up. All the bags were stuffed with a variety of colorful, considerably expensive powders and beads. Many of the price tags were in the range of gold or platinum coins.
While talking with Rebecca, I bought spices similar to salt, sugar, and cinnamon. There were other guests, such as servants, merchants, and adventurers, also buying those expensive spices. I wonder whether they are going to use them for curry or something? Then again, they might use them for completely different dishes.

“Shuuya, those were the last ingredients you needed?”

“Yeah, this wraps it up.”

“Then my guiding ends here. I’m going over to Betty-san’s place to work.” Rebecca said while smiling sweetly.

“You sound like you’re looking forward to it.”

“Yep. Actually I got a souvenir for Betty-san.”


“You got it. The necklace and earrings that can store mana, remember?”

Ah, the ones from the treasure chest.

“I see.”

Rebecca smiled all over her face. Her adorable smile possessed a radiance and charm that caused the people around us to look back at her. Betty-san must have realized it as well, seeing how she’s having Rebecca work as a salesgirl.

“I wonder whether she will be happy?”

“I’m pretty sure she will as long as it comes from you, Rebecca.”

“I see, thanks♪. I gotta show some guts. I’m off then.”

“Sure. Thanks for tagging along on the shopping.”

Rebecca puffed up her cheeks a bit a bit when I thanked her. She pressed her left hand against her hip, and extended her right hand towards me. Her index finger pointed directly at me while her thumb was turned downwards. After Rebecca formed an inverted gun with her fingers, she acted as if having really shot a rifle at me with a bang. I played along, pretending to actually have been shot.

Rebecca smiled, and declared, “What are you saying! I had fun as well, so no need to mention it!”

Rebecca was smiling, but her attitude gave away that she was angry as well. Well, I guess it was something like a date.

“Gotcha. I enjoyed it as well.”


“――Oki, fufu…Rollo-chan, too. See ya――”

Rebecca poked the nostrils of Rollo, who was at her feet, with her index finger, and after bidding farewell, she turned on her heels, and vanished into the Free Market while skipping.
Her retreating figure…reminded me of an affable, small animal, although she wasn’t Rollo.

“Come, Rollo, we’re going home.”





The divine beast Rollodeen landed atop the front gate’s roof of my home, and showed off her dignity as divine beast and her delight with a “Nyaooon――” and a wheelie.
She sure is brimming with vigor.
While grasping the rein tentacle, I focused on the hind legs of Rollodeen who was in her wheelie posture. As if leaping towards the courtyard using just the two hind legs, she jumped, flying splendidly through the air.
I had her land on top of the stone paving while concentrating on the movements of her powerful limbs.
Sword clashes resounded from the left side of the courtyard. The intense mock battle was still going on.
Fuu, who was chanting behind Bia, released earth magic at Helme. Helme displayed magnificent agility while listening to the song of the Millennium Plant. After completely cutting apart the lumps of earth approaching as if homing in on her chest with the ice sword she had produced in her right arm, she trampled down the further gathering lumps of earth with one of her long and slender legs. Then she leaped into the sky while scattering sheets of water spray at her feet.
Helme floated while emitting a color similar to the blue gown worn by the holy mother. Her long eyelashes gave an impression as if the cuticles had increased at some point. Her lake-like eyes filled with a blueness peeking out through the shades of a forest were beautiful. Those blue eyes gave me the feeling of her being the holy mother of water.
She looked down at everyone on the courtyard with those eyes. As a water spirit of everlasting darkness she had an intensity that seemed to overpower all of them.

“…No need to mention the bloodkin, but even the slaves have displayed wonderful teamwork. It was no mistake of His Excellency to have bought you.” She said with a tone as a spirit of everlasting darkness, an inhumane being.

She made the ice sword in her hand disappear, and created an ice cocoon wrapping up the palm of her free, right hand. The Millennium Plant, which she had been holding in one hand, remained in her left arm after being frozen. She pointed her right hand towards the courtyard diagonally below.

“Next, deal with this spell.”

She released ice pebbles at Bia.

Bia didn’t show the slightest hint of being perturbed, and yelled with a voice full of spirit, “It’s my new shield’s turn!”

Then she held up her magic shield above her head. The living compound eye on the shield released mana while squirming around. As drops of mana were scattered into the vicinity from the demonic eye as if being sprayed with an aerosol can, the drops started to connect with each other, forming a spherical shape with an oily glaze on its surface.
I guess that’s the spherical mana barrier of Sebol’s Magic Belt.
The ice pebbles stabbed the mana barrier with its pretty brilliance in succession. However, each time the spell got stuck in it, countless streaks were generated from the barrier, protecting Bia. Moreover, it looked as though it was absorbing the spell’s mana.
As a result, it magnificently shut out all of the ice pebbles by absorbing them. The power of the shield’s demonic eye is definitely useful.
However, the spell Fuu had released just now was an advanced spell, wasn’t it? I was very interested since she had focused it on Helme while even including the surrounding soil on the courtyard after making it float. Giving her a magic scroll of that class as present might make her stronger than some equipment pieces.
I suppose I have to occasionally go to the Magic Street to have a look at the magic scrolls. Well, that only applies when it’s a magic scroll of the earth attribute that I haven’t acquired conveniently, though…
While thinking about such matters, I got off RollodeenHorse Lion. I have my own preparations for tomorrow to handle.
I walked towards the right side from the courtyard’s stone paving. While moving across the slightly grown lawn, I took out the bowl I had bought, and then stopped at a suitable spot. After placing the bowl on the lawn, I retrieved the hard coconuts.
I washed the nuts with water from life magic, and peeled off the hard skin. Next I squeezed the white fruit flesh that appeared after peeling off the skin with my grip strength, letting it drop into the bowl. White milk continued to amass in the bowl.

“Nyaaa~ nyan.”

“You want to eat this fruit flesh? I have plenty of it, so you can have some.”

I split new fruit flesh into a small bowl, and placed it down. Rollo jumped at it, devouring the white coconut flesh.

“Tastes good?”


“Nice, nice.”

While smiling, I added a bit of water, and filtered the milk several times.
Given that Rollo was eating the fruit flesh so happily, I got interested in it myself as well. I dipped a finger into the filtered milk, and licked it.
Once I checked the taste…it was definitely delicious. I felt like it had a sweet taste that was stronger than I had imagined. Its name is coconut, but it might actually be a different kind of fruit.
As I continued my filtering work while considering this, I heard heavy, lumbering footsteps approaching me from my right back.


Balmint. Isn’t Popobumu going to come?

“Balmint, you woke up? It looks like you were drawn in by the sweet aroma, doesn’t it? You want to lick some as well?”


Bal pleaded with his big and round, black eyes.

“Alright, just wait a sec.”

I swapped the coconut milk I had squeezed from the fruit flesh into a big bowl in the same way as with Rollo, and placed it down on the lawn.

“Gaogaooon.” The small dragon thanked me.

He looked adorable, but I could feel a reasonable, draconic majesty from him. Well, it’s because Bal-chan is a subspecies of high ancient dragons. Right now he had thrust his draconic beak into the wooden bowl as if to break it, and was eating the fruit flesh and gulping down the milk, though.
I ended up suspending my work for a short while to watch his cute behavior… No good! I have to get on with my task.
I poured the filtered coconut milk into empty bottles, creating a great amount of coconut milk bottles. Carrying the wooden bowl and the bottles, I went away from Rollo and Balmint, heading to the main building. I transported all of it while having <Magic Hand guided by Thought> hold the bowl. This distorted mana hand wasn’t visible unless you could amass mana in your eyes.
Does the bowl look like it’s floating to the servants?

While wondering about that, I entered through the entrance hall, just to be immediately asked by Isabell, who had several servants in tow, “Master, what are you making?”

“Oh, it’s milk. Please tell the servants to not use it as it’s an ingredient for tomorrow.”

“As you wish. Do you need help carrying it?”

“No, it’s okay. Focus on your own duties.”

“Of course, Master.”

Even after seeing the bowl floating, Isabell lowered her head humbly without commenting on it. Then she quickly raised her head, and started to give instructions to the servants. While feeling how my heart throbbed as I admired her attitude befitting a professional, I went over to the kitchen on the right side of the living room.
Adding little amounts of ice and water into the bowl, I put a great amount of coconut milk bottles into the ice water, and then stored the cooled bowl in the refrigerator.
Afterwards I went into the hallway through the living room, returning to my own room.
The preserved vanilla beans were…ah, there they are. I grabbed the jar, and took out a few beans.
Alright, all preliminary preparations are done with this. Hmm, how should I spend my time till tomorrow? I could join the training in the courtyard…
Nah, I guess I will try out just one of the items I had appraised. Violent Devourer Hal’Konk, the divine spear, sword, ax, Magic Tiger Create…
No doubt, as representative of the Lucival, a race loving all cats, the one I will try out first is…the Magic Tiger Create.
I’m also curious about the demon king seed’s crossbreed and Hueprinopas, but…I think I will postpone those two far into the future since it might result in something terrifying.
With this out of the way, I took Magic Tiger Create out of my item box. The names of these two porcelain decorations are Alray and Hueremy. Given that they look like porcelain-made ornaments, they also look usable as room decorations. However, looks are ultimately just looks.
Suloza’s shopkeeper had solemnly explained…that it’s a magic tool produced with unknown ancient magic. I’m going to send mana at the level of a Greater Sorcerer into these tiger ornaments, and form a contract or whatever.
I’m totally excited. I just have to pour mana into them, right?

Just when I placed the palms of my right and left hand on the two tiger heads, Rollo entered my room with a “Nn, nyaaa.”

Her whiskers and muzzle were slightly covered with milk. She came up to me, and turned her face in my direction from below as if asking 『What are you doing nya?』.

“Maybe the number of your friends will increase, Rollo. I’m going to employ these big tigers.”

“Nya? Nya, nyaanyaaaa.”

Rollo made a long row of meows, seemingly delighted. She bumped her small head against my shin, and acted like a spoiled child while going back and forth. Then she extended a tentacle from her neck, and pressed the flat end against my neck.
『Friends?』『Play?』『Fun』『Love』『Let’s play』『Play』
Starting with the middle, Rollo’s head became full with playing. While laughing, I placed one knee on the floor, and gently stroked her head while matching my line of sight with hers.
Is it an effect of the new finger? I don’t really know, but Rollo seems to feel nice.
She withdrew the tentacle, and tilted her head in order to nestle it into my palm while closing her eyes. That wooing gesture was irresistible and cute. It was also accompanied by a purring. After making sure to pull Rollo’s cute ears at the end, I stopped caressing her.
She looked at me wondering whether it ended, adorably appealing for more, but seeing me stand up, she apparently grasped that the stroking time had come to an end, and turned her crimson eyes in the direction of the two tiger decorations.
And then she started unleashing right cat hooks, err, paw touches towards the tiger ornaments.

“Haha, Rollo, you’re looking forward to it, aren’t you? But, step back a bit for now.”

“Nn, nya.”

Acting reasonably, Rollo drew back her paw, and moved behind my feet. For some reason she curled her tail around my leg, but I didn’t caution her about it.


After placing my palms on the tiger heads, I directly sent my mana into them. As I did, I shared a strange sensation how my mana flowed into the ornaments, and in that very moment, my mana was sucked into the ornaments with a feeling similar to my body being drawn by a typhoon’s wind. At the same time, I experienced how something heavy weighed down inside my stomach…
Let alone sage arts, this was a sensation of mana being absorbed in quantities going beyond the creation of the <Apostle of Light Evil> which I had experienced the other day. The ornaments were engulfed by a faint, white mana as they sucked out my mana. Once that white mana permeated inside the porcelain…stripes traveled across the porcelain like knitting wool that floated up on a water’s surface, and in the next instant, fur – real yellow, white, and black hair – came into existence while moving in waves.
It took the shape of two big tigers with audible beastly breathing. For a moment the eyes of the tigers, combining black and red colors, gleamed. Their torsos and limbs stirred as if having gained life, they moved.
Ooohh, they sure got some impact…
A big tiger with yellow, black, and white fur, and a big tiger with black and white fur. Both of them turned their heads upwards.



They howled like wolves. The intent might be a first cry after their birth?
Once they stopped howling, the tigers surveyed their left and right. The way they did it appeared as if they were grasping for the rules around here with their five senses. Right afterwards, they moved up close to me, and sat down with their front and hind paws put together in front of my eyes, fixedly staring at me in postures similar to dolls.

“…You guys are Alray and Hueremy?”



Oh, how adorable. They answered in cat tongue.

“Nn, nyao, nyaoo.” Surprised, Rollo gave her greetings as well.

She then changed her form into that of a panther with a poof. Her eyes were somewhat larger than when she transformed into her usual hunter form, and she had a size similar to the tigers, as if to counterbalance the tigers’ big sizes.

The tigers greeted Rollodeen back with “Nyaa,” and, “Nyan.”

Next, the two tigers bowed their heads. And then, they approached the imposing Rollodeen with slow movements that might as well be called timid…
Is it an animal turf war? A wild and dangerous atmosphere as if we were in a primeval forest?
That’s what I thought, but I was wrong. The two big tigers flopped down on the ground, making sure to show their belly to the handsome black panther. Withdrawing the sharp claws at the ends of their front paws, they raised those paws into a hurrah pose, showing off their big pads.
This is the universal, commonly-shared, certain death pose owned by all races of the cat family. In short, they started to act like spoiled kitties.
Haha, funny. I guess they are emphasizing their submission. Or rather, them appealing to Rollodeen instead of me…guys, I’ve been the one giving you the mana, you know?
Rollodeen sniffed the butts of Alray and Hueremy. Given that they revealed all their important places, including their anuses, it was obvious that both of them were female.
It’s Magic Tiger Create, so I don’t think that there’s any meaning in a distinction by gender, but…I wonder, can they create boobs like Rollo or something?

“Nn, nya.”

Having finished her sniffing routine, Rollodeen gently addressed the tigers. She had an expression similar to that of a mother. Did she check their health by smelling them?
Her expression overflowing with maternity reminded me of the time when she offered her boobs to Balmint. Still, which of those two tigers is actually Alray?

“Say, Alray, are you the yellow-black one?”

In response to my question, the big tiger with the yellow-black fur sat up abruptly, “Nyaaa――”

After meowing as if saying 『Correct nya』, she moved around on the spot with her limbs moving fluently as typical for a tiger, and then adopted the same doll-like posture as before while rolling up her tail. The muscles hidden beneath her two-colored fur made her nature as a wild carnivore obvious. The black color within her yellow eyeballs had impact. The black fur bordering those eyes, and the fur, which combined yellow and white, covering that black fur added to her tigerish face.
Well, she’s a tiger, so it’s kind of logical, but her nose is imposingly big as well. Same can be said about her nostrils and white whiskers. There were many black dots at the base of her whiskers. I wanna poke those dots. Her fangs are like those of a sabre-toothed tiger. So this is Alray…she’s a pretty cool, big tiger. You might as well say a tiger among tigers. Her size truly exceeds that of a Bengal tiger.
Alray gazed at me as if she was going to say something. Is it because she’s basically originating from a porcelain ornament?

“…I see. That means, you’re Hueremy, right?”


The other big tiger is pretty neat as well…
Hueremy had placed her hind paws together on the floor in the same way as Alray. Her forepaws were placed in front of her chest. The layered milky white color of her chest was nice. The hue with its black colors added into those layers was altering subtlety, but because of her having only two colors, it was a simple zebra pattern. That layered fur closely resembled a griffon. However, its bushiness made it look like a bow tie. The feather-like white and black fur on her face bordered her sharp, light purple eyes.
Both Alray and Hueremy possessed profound chests, and a lower body half with refined muscularity. Those features made me feel the elegance characteristic to tigers from them.

“…Both of you, I think you’re aware of it, but I’m Shuuya Kagari, the one who provided the mana to you. The black panther next to me is Rollodeen. Nice to meet you.”



Both tigers replied cheerfully, and leaped on me.


I was pushed down to the floor, obviously being hugged. Both licked my face with their tongue, using an amazing vigor that seemed to cause wet, smacking sounds. Although they might be called Magic Tiger Create, their saliva…smelled just like that of animals. Or rather, Rollodeen also joined the fray in licking me, apparently believing that we were playing around.

After getting thoroughly licked all over by all three cats, I cautioned them, “Yeah, I got it, I got it. Get off me, okay?”



The tigers separated from me whereas Rollodeen continued to lick me.

“Rollo, you too.”

“N, nyaa.”

I got her to back off as well. Then I stood up, and faced the two tigers once more.
Their appearance looks as if they are excited or overjoyed, but…it’s strangely cute. Their eyes are sparkling.

“So, Alray, Hueremy, what kind of abilities do you possess?”

The instant I asked this, the big tigers transformed into cats.



“N, nyaaa.”

Rollodeen – in her black panther form – was delighted over this. After returning to her cat form, she ran over next to the two cats.

“So you can turn into cats as well. Wonderful.”

The yellow-black colored cat was Alray. The one with black-white colors was Hueremy. There wasn’t much of a change in their eyes’ colors between their tiger and cat forms. It doesn’t look like they possess tentacles either, but…

“…They’re going to be your sisters from now on, okay Rollo?”

“N, nyao.”

Rollo-san pulled off a triumphant look as if saying, 『You can bet on it nya』.



Alray and Hueremy imitated Rollo, also looking triumphantly.

“…Team Rollo, you can do anything else?”

In response, Alray and Hueremy transformed into small cat ornaments. Their appearance was similar to the original porcelain decoration. Since the size was different from their big tiger forms, it also seemed possible to use them as strap-like accessories. They were nicely-looking kitties.

“…I guess that means you can also return to the original big tiger ornaments?”

“N, nyaa, nyan.”

Rollo was unleashing cat punches at the two who had turned into ornaments.

“Rollo, you’re not allowed to break them. Well, I believe they’re sturdy. Can you freely change your shape?”


The ornaments didn’t answer. I wonder whether it won’t work unless I touch them?
Just when I extended my hand, stripes ran through the cat porcelain, starting to produce hair. In the blink of an eye they turned into living cats.



“Yo, welcome back.”

After the two cats exchanged greetings with Rollo by touching noses, they started to bump their heads against my knees.
Okay, I’m going to check out the tigers’ transformations later on.
We headed over to the living room to introduce the two to everyone. Then we moved over to the courtyard while they were tampered with by Isabell, Krychiwa, and Anna. There I explained to everyone, who was having their mock battle, about the new tigers & cats.

“Magnificent! For Magic Tiger Create to also be cats, how wonderful! I wonder whether they will like my water in the same way as Rollo-sama.”

“Given that they are cute kitties, I’m pretty sure that they’ll love your clear water, spirit-sama.”

Helme and Viine said while going down on their knees, matching their line of sight with with the kitties Alray and Hueremy.

“Rollo-chan’s new friends, huh? How adorable~”

“They really remind me of Ryuryu…what superb fur…” Kaldo was thrilled as well.

But, Ryuryu? Is that a cat he bought in the past?

“Whaaaa~ It’s kitties! Unlike Rollo-sama, they won’t attack me, will they?”

“This one has fur colors making me feel an affinity with her.” Mamani muttered while looking at Alray’s fur.

Come to think of it, she’s a tiger beastman. Her appearance resembles that of Alray as a big tiger.

“Is this your new magic tool, Magic Tiger Create, milord? Mysterious, to me they just look like cats.”



Alray and Hueremy were showered with bustling attention.
Now then, I’m going to observe whom of the female camp – Viine, Yui, Helme, Souther, Mamani, and Fuu – those cute kitties will like and choose first.
But then, Alray and Hueremy moved over beneath Bia, the lamia with her slithering tongue.
Bia, huh? That’s unexpected.

“Are you interested in mine tongue?”

“Nya, nyaa.”

“Nyago, nyago.”

It looks like they want to toy around with her tongue.

“Bia, it might be better for you to not let them get close to your tongue, I think. Otherwise, they will throw cat punches at it.”

“Unghh, affirmative.”

“Okay, Alray, Hueremy, come over here.” After calling the cats over and caressing their heads, “Show them your tiger forms.”

“Nya, nyaa.”


I had them transform into big tigers. Everyone was surprised by the sudden occurrence, and Mamani even got her weapon ready. At that moment, Alray pounced on Mamani, seemingly perceiving her as a kindred spirit because of the same fur colors.

“Hyaaa.” Mamani raised a weird scream with her body freezing in her stance of holding Ashram at the ready.

She got pushed down on the ground, and had her face licked by Alray. Both of them are female, but somehow…it’s a weird scene, no, I guess it’s because of Alray’s big size.

“Okay, Alray, Hueremy, come here.”



Both Alray and Hueremy assembled and waited for further instructions in front of me.

“Alright. For the time being you will work as gatekeepers of this mansion.”



Both tigers gave me energetic replies as if howling. Afterwards I had them return into the ornament state, and set those ornaments up at the sides of the gate. Kind of like guardian lions or deities protecting temples.
However, since I allowed them to act freely, Alray and Hueremy returned into their tiger forms. Both of them bumped their heads against my body, and then walked over to the stables where Popobumu, Balmint and Rollodeen were napping.
Popobumu woke up and blew his trumpet shell, greeting the big tigers. Balmint was slightly surprised, and hid behind Popobumu…Bal, what’s the idea with a dragon hiding behind a magic beast?
It made me somewhat worried about Balmint’s future, but well, I’m sure he will get along with them as new members of the animal team.
Even the servants, who had been cleaning the stables, were frightened by the tigers, and didn’t really want to get close to them.

Just when I considered helping out a bit…the small Mimi skilfully explained, “They are Master’s new pets. It’s alright.”

She threw out her chest and walked over to Alray. Even though her hands trembled…she gently stroked the throat of the huge tiger.
…Quite the gutsy one, isn’t she? Alray started to hum deeply.
Mimi continued by stroking Hueremy’s throat as well.

“Nyaan, nyan.”

“Nyaon, nyan.”

I think Alray and Hueremy wanted to tell Mimi that it felt pleasant. They flopped down on the spot, showing off their bellies, and acted like spoiled kitties.
I don’t know whether it was because they were encouraged by Mimi or because they were deeply moved by those cute antics of Alray and Hueremy, but the other servants also had drawn close.
It looks like them serving as gatekeepers is asking too much. They might act like spoiled kitties even when burglars show up.
Alray and Hueremy were caressed by several hands. Before long, they left the servants, who had been stroking them in excitement…and started to frolic around. It was the playing around of tigers, betraying their previous, carefree atmosphere. While growling, they embraced and bit at each other, and also unleashed cat punches.
Watching their behavior that had a tinge of a wild animal vs. wild animal match, the servants’ faces turned pale. However, I became relieved instead. If they are like that, it means that it’ll be okay to leave guarding the gate to them.
Now then, the animal time is over. I think I will continuously train various weapons and spearmanship with my new arm until evening.



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