Chapter 242 – Tail of Hueprinopas

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“Next, the red ink is a Unique item. Its name is Tonycline’s Red. It give a small increase to mana, and if you apply it on your body, it prevents your skin from getting dry.”

“That sounds usable.”

“It looks useful for applications other than makeup and dryness prevention, and it also seems to raise your mana a bit.” Mysty apparently wanted to get her hands on it.

“Then this beige-colored magic tool painting material. It’s Unique and is called Amaldo’s Eyes. It has the effect of a small boost to your mana and keeps your skin healthy. As its colors appear to cause the wearer to give off a calm impression, it’s an item as popular as Angel’s Veil among the noble ladies. I hear that it doesn’t appear on the market often.”

A combination of raising one’s mana and keeping the skin healthy, huh? That sure sounds as if it’d be popular.

“Seeing how the Alcony Company gathers such items, it might be a smart move to sell it to them for a high price rather than to the shopkeeper?”

“Well, they are a company specialized in products for nobles. Their scale seems small, though.”

Rebecca and Mysty said.

“Nn, don’t sell. Cosmetics are a woman’s weapons.”

“But, Eva, your skin is so smooth that you don’t really need any cosmetics.”

“Nn, Yui, your white skin is beautiful as well.”

“Fufu, thanks.”

“Yui, Eva, both of you have very pretty skin…” Rebecca commented while looking envious.

However, in my eyes they all have beautiful skins. It’s truly a world only known to women.

“This on the skin of a sorcery doll…” Mysty mumbled.

Don’t tell me, on the skin of an artificial life-form like her brother Sol…

“Mysty, your urge to research is at full power again, isn’t it? But, does that iron doll need something like a skin?”

“It’s questionable whether it needs it, but there’s an infinite number of possibilities, no?”

Indeed, our drilling power is infinite.1

“It’s half in jest, but of course I want to try using it on myself as well.”

“…I’m going to explain the next item. Are you ready?”

The shopkeeper looks like he still has plenty of items he wants to explain. At least his words sound as if that’s what he wants to say.

“Go ahead.”

“Okay, then…”

It was the same with the eye liner-like brush as well. It had an anti-aging-like effect and would provide a skin color maintaining the skin’s softness and warmth. In case of an application on the lips, it would trigger a peculiar oily gloss. On top of raising a woman’s charm by several degrees, it also slightly increased the amount of mana.

“This jar with the mystery-character-like liquid is Unique and has the name of Gepeil’s Nail Fluid. It’s exclusively for the use on nails. If you apply it, the agility will be raised by a small amount. In addition it will release an aroma with a relaxing effect into the surroundings.”

It’s useless except for the nails? I don’t get the logic behind this. However, a relaxing effect will be nice.

“So there are items limited to nails, eh? Using these items, it might be fine to even get invited to balls of high-ranking nobles.” Rebecca said joyfully.

“Nn, I don’t have much interest in balls, but I will put it on if Shuuya likes it.”

Eva is so lovable.

“Makeup, huh? Though, in Shuuya’s case he often tells me that he likes my natural face.” Yui answered while staring at me.

“Ah, he told me that as well. Showing ourselves to Shuuya after applying makeup for real…it might be funny to startle him.” Eva revealed an impish smile.

“So far he hasn’t told me that he likes my natural face…that’s why I think I will do my best with makeup. If it raises mana, it will be useful in combination with various metals…”

Next time I got to tell Mysty as well… She’s a beautiful teacher. I feel like she skillfully applies makeup to begin with, though.
My <Head Servant LeadersGirlfriends> peacefully talked it over. They didn’t play rock-paper-scissors. They divided the various cosmetic items, and discussed how to use them. Yui, Mysty, Rebecca, Eva, and Viine didn’t make a Black Tea Oath, but instead a Suloza Oath.

“The shopkeeper cleared his throat, “…I’m moving on the next item then. This bloodstained scroll is a magic creation scroll.”

That shady scroll, huh?

“It’s a Legendary item called Midorga’s Scroll. Using the blood, mana, and stamina of its user, it can summon something called Midorga from the spirit world. It’s one of the magic tools labeled as taboo by the churchs’ authorities. …This magic creation scroll is something I’d like to request to buy alongside the big refrigerator.”

It’s fine for us to use it as well, but there might also be the move to sell it to the prince, I think.

“…Shopkeeper, I’m sorry, but there’s another party we have promised to sell such items to.”

“Is that so…? That’s regrettable.”

“Say, is that Midorga’s Scroll similar to the one used by the opponent we fought the other day?”

“Nn, the dwarf’s?”

“Yeah, the one looted by Mel.”

Rebecca and Eva said. I had heard about them having fought against an opponent that used a magic creation scroll, though.

“Let me explain the next item then. This picture frame is Unique. It’s an Magic Painter-exclusive item with the name Heidegger’s Frame. It appears to make it easier to confine monsters within.”

Rebecca nodded at the shopkeeper’s explanation, and placed her hand on the frame. She carefully examined Heidegger’s Frame by touching it with her fingers as if stroking its surface, and in the middle of that, she looked back at me.
Disappointment was written all over her face. Rebecca’s combat occupation had also evolved after she became a <Head Servant Leader>, but it’s not like can use the frame.

“…I really would love to use this. Magic Painter is my yearning. Employing a super cat-chan like Rollo-chan…” Rebecca surrendered herself to her delusions.

Making her golden hair sway, she turned her blue eyes left and right. Given that she’s a small, transcendental beauty, each and every of her moves would make for a great picture. It wouldn’t be strange if a picture of the high elf her were to decorate that magic picture frame either.

While I indulged in such thoughts, “…I’m sorry, but if we can’t use it, we will sell it to the shopkeeper.”

“No problem. I have a new goal, so I don’t mind.” Rebecca replied as if to persuade herself, and nodded while staring at the picture frame enviously.

“Then, the next item…” The shopkeeper suddenly put on a special glove, picked up the black figure, and carefully placed it down on the edge of the counter. “This black figure is a cursed item. I don’t know…to which cursed god it belongs, but it will be classified as a first danger degree item. The appraisal doesn’t work normally as it’s repelled. It’s an object that you better shouldn’t touch directly…unless it’s a special person or through a unique item. If you don’t want to get cursed like me, that is.”

Oof, the shopkeeper is serious here, so it’s scary. His eyes are shining.

“…If you’re the one saying it, it frightens me all the more, shopkeeper.” Rebecca had fear dye her face.

“Okay, we’re going to sell it…shopkeeper, can you buy it?”

“Is it okay for me to do so? I’m fairly sure that the other buyer, whom you mentioned before, would be very happy with this item. It’s quite the cursed item, after all.”

It’s also fine to follow the shopkeeper’s words and sell it to the prince. However, the curse might cause damage. In such a case I would be the one blamed for it. You can also say that selling it to the shopkeeper here is the safe approach. Besides, he can estimate the precise market prince of cursed items, so I expect he will be happy as well.

“…No problem. I want to foster our business relationship as well.”

“I’m happy to hear that. Very well, I will have you allow me to sell it for a high price.” The shopkeeper grabbed the doll while speaking with a slightly heightened voice, and placed it on a shelf behind him.

Next he gave us an explanation about the baseball cap, the pencil, the bluish white fishing rod, the flag cloth, and others. The cap only improved the eyesight. The pencil was an unusual tool to take notes, or in other words, a normal pencil. The flag used a cloth that was difficult to cut, and it would automatically shrink if you poured mana into it. The rod was apparently capable of catching fish without using any bait. Something like a lure, I’d say?
I will give the cap and the rod as presents to Zaga and Bon. I asked the shopkeeper to sell the rest.

“These glasses are a normal magic tool. They boost the eyesight.”

Boost the eyesight…normal glasses then.

“Since it’s something I received from master, I will cherish them.”

It’s an ordinary item, but Mysty seems to be happy with it.
After looking at us, the shopkeeper appraised the slate.

“This slate with the magic characters seems to be a gravestone, but I can’t read it. It’s magic effect is unknown as well.” The shopkeeper said while looking mortified, and put down the slate at the edge of the counter.

I didn’t see the characters on the slate well, but Anko Kudo, Keiko Tachibana, Katy Lombard, and John Maclain were carved into it. Maybe it’s a gravestone for reincarnators. Going by the names, they would have been Japanese and American, I suppose? This also has some kind of connection. I guess I will create a gravesite at the edge of my home’s courtyard, and offer a prayer.

“Those five steel balls are Legendary called Sergelon’s Balls. The five balls seem to be tied together through mana. It’s a rare weapon exclusive for people using guidance sorcery or some skill close to it. The metal used, and their origin are unknown. Their effect is a raise of the efficiency of mana manipulation, and they double the effects of special skills.”

Isn’t this the perfect item for Eva?
My guidance sorcery’s <Magic Hand guided by Thought> is super easy to use. Should I also include the development of <Magic Hand guided by Thought> into my training as well from now on?
Well, my main weapon style is the spear, so I think I can work it in as it fits with no stress.
I have digressed a bit. I will recommend this weapon to Eva.

“…I think it’s a tool that should be used by you, Eva. It’s usable as a weapon, and it will also strengthen your powers.”

“Nn, it’s okay?”

“Everyone else is fine with as well, right?”

When I said so and looked at the others, Rebecca answered, “Yep, I don’t really mind.”

“True. I could at most use them for <Throwing>.”

“I’m the same as Viine-dono. For us the way to use those balls will be limited.”

“I agree with Dad.”

“I fully support it. As a fellow metal lover, I’m delighted about Eva becoming stronger.”

While nodding, the tiny Helme in my visual field said, 『It fits well with your plan, Your Excellency. It will increase Eva’s attack moves even further.』

Then I looked at Eva again, “There you have it. This is yours, Eva.”

“Nn, thanks.”

The shopkeeper picked up the next item.

“…The next item is the mysterious, living heart in its exclusive, round box. Its rank is unknown. Its name is Phyffindo’s Heart. Its effects are unknown, too. It’s only mentioned that it’s possible to store it in the control room… I’m sorry, it’s a failure for an appraiser. It might be a good idea to consult with another appraiser, just in case.”

Since Suloza’s Old Sorcery Store can’t identify it, it will likely yield the same result…even if I consult with another appraiser. Though there might be individual differences in the appraisal result.

“…Please don’t worry about it. Going by its appearance, it’s a mystery item.”

Even after hearing my words, the shopkeeper spoke up with an apologetic, depressed face. He seemed to have pride in his own work. I’m sure he wants to give flawless appraisals as part of his job.

“…I feel ashamed, but even for the next square crystal…I only know that it’s Mythological. It’s definite that a massive amount of mana is being released from the black part directly in the middle, but…my appraisal has been repelled. By the way, it’s not cursed.”

The last one is the thin steel plate, huh?

“Don’t mind it. What about this thin steel plate?”

“This also has an unknown rank and name. Since it has characters with locks attached – a proof of it being older than the ancient 【Empire of Dawn】 – carved into it…it must be something very ancient.”

An ancient object, huh? It has scratches, but…I think I will examine it myself at some point.
Mysty continued checking the steel plate, which the shopkeeper put down, by touching it all over.

“…It seems to be some metal, but I think it’s a kind of magic tool.”

“Nn, give it to me.”

Mysty handed the plate over to Eva.

“…I don’t feel much mana. I don’t know.”

Eva apparently didn’t understand anything about it beyond Mysty’s analysis. She placed the plate on the table while being puzzled.
Now then, there are other items I want to have appraised as well.

“Shopkeeper, actually there’s something else I’d like you to appraise for me…”

From the item box Kuna owned, I took out the Picture Scroll of the Gods of Sebdola, Socks of Valurda, High Boots of Red Sharkskin, Armrest of the Thunder Demon, Ring of Shadow Reading, Ring of Twilight, Necklace of Priest, Dawn’s Ancient Writing Stone, and Notes of Ancient King Premos.
And then I took out my main weapon, the Magic Halberd Baldok, Magic Sword Beet, Yazekapos’ Dagger which had been in my bandolier, and Magic Spear Gudorl with the orange blade which Pax had possessed, and put them on the counter and floor. The celebratory ring with the Duke family’s crest, which had been created from the Evil Dragon King’s navel, the ancient dragon daggers, and the Blue Eye of the Ancient Dragon don’t really need any appraisal, I think…
Next, the green magic swords which Kreuz had used, and the items which Liliza, the third apostle of Evil God Nicross, had with her: plant seeds; long, thin bone needles; the tail of a devil; a golden mask with large openings at the mouth and nose; a corset armor with a black-clothed apron attached to it, which gave one the impression of being lingerie, decorated with angel-like inlays and an obsidian at the chest; a tube-shaped arm protector with an integrated bracelet; a jet-black robe with a golden bordering; a stone heart or something like that; an ornament with two tiger heads; a two-folded waist belt; the skeleton decoration for that belt; a bound book with silver, decorative rivets that released mana.
And at the end, the lute I was granted by God of Justice Shafa.

“That’s a lot. Then I shall start from this…” The shopkeeper tried to hold the Magic Halberd with his right hand, but it was too heavy for him to lift it up with one hand. “T-This is heavy. I will appraise it just like that.”

“Please do.”

I wonder whether the names of Zaga and Bon will come up here.

“It’s a Legendary item with the name Magic Halberd Baldok. It’s a magnificent item created as a joint work by Zaga Aulonso and Bon Aulonso with a huge Magic Dragon Gem that’s far more valuable than a magic gem at the bottom.”


I guess that the dwarven family name of Bon and Zaga. It makes me curious about their family…I think I will ask them next time.

“…Is there anything wrong?”

“No, don’t worry about it. Please go on.”

“Okay…it seems to contain enchantment magic of a scale you don’t see often, and is powerful on the whole. It has a gimmick of possessing contradicting elemental attributes with the tip being fire attribute-based, and the butt end with the gem water attribute-based. Moreover, the red spear and the ax blade will be automatically repaired through mana, but I can see traces that it absorbed various kinds of mana, or rather, had the mana driven into it. Thanks to that, it appears to have been endowed with an effect of increasing the sharpness.”

Just when did such an effect…
However, I kind of feel like I understand. Using this Magic Halberd Baldok, I have truly and continuously slaughtered, pierced, and cut through demonoids, monsters of the evil domain, fragments of gods, monsters, and other people… That’s why I don’t consider it weird for a strange consciousness that increased its sharpness to bud within.
As I looked at the halberd…deeply moved, the shopkeeper indifferently moved on to the next item appraisal.

“Next…the one with the purple magic characters on the reddish blade edge, and the black mist faintly cladding the dark red surface of the blade. At a glance it’s obviously a magic sword…its name is Magic Sword Beet, a Legendary item. It’s a gem offered to the Darkness God and made by the Eight Geniuses of the Spirit World Zedel’Guo Sail. Its effect is a small increase in the physical abilities and an increase in mana of its wielder. It has the possibility to bring about a blessing by the Dark God.”

It had an effect of raising abilities, huh? Though I haven’t yet experienced the blessing of the Dark God.

“Next is the spear with the orange blade. It’s Legendary and has the name of Magic Spear Gudorl. When a woman called Gudorl sacrificed her own life to save her island, the one called 『Spirit Fog Island』, her life turned into an orange blade. You could call its fire attribute a proof of the strong life in this orange blade.”

Such a story behind the spear owned by Pax…I wonder whether it was a relic of the time when he was still a human? Did Pax have a close relationship with that Gudorl woman? Pax might have had some sad past before becoming a bug.

“…Next is this dagger. Its name is Yazekapos’s Dagger, and it’s Legendary. It has an effect of draining the opponent’s mana and stamina. It was apparently created based on the legendary crow monster Yazekapos, but its creator is unknown.”

Such a crow exists?
Next the shopkeeper appraised the Picture Scroll of the Gods of Sebdola.

“Oooh…this wakes memories. It’s the Mythological-class Picture Scroll of the Gods of Sebdola that had been put up for sale at the underground auction in the past. It’s said to fully portray the gods with strong influence on the surface and in the spirit world…something outrageous. If I remember correctly, this was bought by…Kuna-san, a leader of 【Thorny Tail】. She hasn’t contacted me for a good while, but…with this…”


This shopkeeper was Kuna’s acquaintance, I suppose.

The shopkeeper coughed, “Then, these black tights. They are called Socks of Valurda, a Unique item. They grant a small increase of stamina, mental force, and mana. The boots are the High Boots of Red Sharkskin. They are a simple magic item with just a small increase in mana. The name of this armrest is Armrest of the Thunder Demon, and it has the same effect as the boots. Furthermore, it increases the likelihood to be approached by the Lightning Spirit Loreley.”

Next, the Ring of Shadow Reading and the Necklace of the Priest were trivial items, so I omit them.

“The next ring is…Mythological. Its name is Ring of Twilight. This is something created from the body fluids that spilled over when Queen of Twilight Lebra and Vampire God Luganad signed a contract. Its effect can only be used three times. If you pour mana into this ring, press it against the skin of a vampire, and chant the names Lebra and Luganad, only the blood will be pulled out from the vampire.”

Only the blood? Drawing out the blood = return to being a human?

“…Is it correct to perceive it as an item that can return a vampire to being a human?”

“Correct. It’s possible to return the target to their previous race while they keep the abilities they obtained as a vampire. Moreover, this ring is unused. It’s an item category that I haven’t seen often so far…it’s precious enough to put it for sale in the underground auction…I can’t believe that it originates from the labyrinth.”

He’s perceptive. It’s something that the demon Kuna possessed.

“Does this also work on vampire halves, dhampirs, and similar?”

“I wonder. I think it’s probably possible as long as it’s someone connected to Luganad.”

Returning a vampire to a normal person, huh…? A contract between Lebra and Luganad. Does that mean they are on good terms as fellow spirit world gods?
Come to think of it, there was someone like a vampire among the subordinates of Collector Shiki who is an apostle of Lebra…it might be related to this in some way. And, if I have this, Veronica…if I return her to a human, it will be possible to turn her into my bloodkin. However, it also depends on her thoughts about it. She will lose her blood, her connection to her father, Slot.
I think I will leave the decision to her after asking her about it during my free time.

“The next are the stones with the matching shapes. Their ranks are unknown. They are called Dawn’s Ancient Writing Stone. I estimate that they originate from the era of the ancient 【Empire of Dawn】. Because of the ancient characters, there’s only one part I can decipher right now. “A box covered by a transparent film” is carved into one of the stones. Next is the old piece of paper, but this also has an unknown rank. The name is Notes of Ancient King Premos. I don’t know anything besides the deciphered “Blue hair, lake.””

I think it’s just like I saw long ago on the slate and memorandum.

“I’m moving on to the next item.” The shopkeeper picked up a bone needle.

At that moment I felt mana stir within my new finger. The shopkeeper looked with a frown at that finger. However, as he apparently was devoted to his work, he didn’t try probing any further and left it at a fleeting glance.

“…The long bone needle is a Legendary item. Its name is Selene’s Bone Pipe. Its effect is to automatically create bone needles. It’s possible to shoot several of those bone needles. It’s a weapon ranging from close combat to middle range. Handling this weapon seems to be a characteristic skill exclusive to the Selene race. The Selene race’s ancestor dwells in this item…”

Bone needles, huh? They might be used by Purin. The shopkeeper silently went on to the next appraisal, the green swords of Kreuz.

“…This pair of green swords is Legendary with the name Mad Swords of Lanwen. The effect is the possibility to acquire <Calm Sword – Speed King> said to have been created by the Mad Spirit World Swordsman Hazan. They give their wielder a small increase in body speed. Moreover, on rare occasions they afflict the target with a poisonous skin disease passed on in an unknown darkness world. The creator is one of the spirit world’s Eight Geniuses, Lanwen. It’s one of the 68 swords created by Lanwen. There exists a legend that Hazan used these swords as his favorites during the spirit world’s great war to slay countless first-class warriors, spirit world knights, and a part of the spirit world dukes.”

It feels like a cursed item, but it looks like it’s not. There are 68 more of such swords.

“This is also amazing.”

Should I aim to obtain <Calm Sword – Speed King> by piling up training with this? It might also be fine to sell it to the prince. Or I could give it to Yui, Kaldo, Viine, or Souther. However, since all of them have new weapons…I think I will put it on hold.

“…The name of the plant seeds is Crossbreed of the Demon King Seeds. It’s not possible to appraise its classification. It originates from the 15th floor!? It seems to be something of a different quality born between fellow Demon King seed monsters. If you pour mana into the seed and plant it into the ground, a unique monster or something else will be born while absorbing that mana and a certain extent of the soil around it. Any further details are unknown.”

Yet another mysterious item. The 15th floor of the labyrinth, huh?
The shopkeeper was surprised when he learned about it being from the 15th floor, but he made an effort to focus on his appraisal job, and talked calmly.
Which reminds me…the <Apostle of Light Evil> Ca-chan talked about a memory of a big three-way-fight that took place on the 15th floor when she still was Liliza, the third apostle of Nicross. Going by that, it must be something the past Liliza obtained on the 15th floor.

“…Next is the long tail, but…this is also a strange item.”

…I’m gradually getting used to the shopkeeper’s stock of reactions. This is going to be a Mythological item.

“Its rank is Mythological…”

Yep, bingo.

“Anything wrong?”

It looks like me smirking rubbed him the wrong way.

“No, please don’t mind me, and go on.”

Once urged on like that, the shopkeeper shifted back into his appraiser mode.

“…The item’s name is Tail of Hueprinopas. Its effect is something like carrying out a blood oath. The blood of the one doing the oath, mana at the level of a Greater Sorcerer, and mental strength is necessary. It seems to be an evil spirit tool allowing to revive something with the name Hueprinopas, a member of the Ral race from the demonoid world that’s different from Spirit World Sebdola, on the surface…”

The shopkeeper’s voice as he examined the tail that looked like a tortoiseshell of a crape myrtle started to tremble towards the end of his explanation. It must be a terrifying item. Though, I believe you, who analyze such items, are terrifying as well, sir.

“However, a Mythological item of such a level…Shuuya-san, if you exhibit this item at the underground auction, it will become a hit. Or rather, I want it!!”

“The shopkeeper is excited, how unusual…”

Is that actually his strongest reaction of excitement today, just as Rebecca muttered? Anyway, everyone was surprised by the shopkeeper’s response.

“…I don’t think I will sell it.”

The Tail of Hueprinopas item has this much of a value?

“…I-I see. Then the next item…”

After being turned down, the shopkeeper pulled himself together, and appraised the armor, mask, arm protector, and robe.

“The corset armor is Legendary with the name Hueprinopas’ Exclusive Armor. It increases mana and mental strength. Moreover, the mask, arm protector, and robe are all exclusive items of Hueprinopas, too. The effect of an increase in mana and mental strength is the same for all of them, but if you equip all of them, it becomes possible to deploy a two-layered anti-magic field as a set bonus. However, it’s a special armor set with a security system to increase in weight if anyone but Hueprinopas himself equips them.”

Is it all Hueprinopas’ personal stuff?

“I will hold onto those items.”

I think I will test out that blood oath or whatever someday. Hmm? Blood oath? Somewhere I’ve…well, there’s several items, so I will postpone that for now.

“The next is the rock heart-like item then. It’s Legendary and has the name Munjay’s Heart. It’s an item charged with the mana of shaman orcs as a vessel of mana at 【Lohrend’s Wayside Shrine】 that enshrines Demi-God Munjay. Currently it has lost most of its mana. It’s an item that can store mana, but it’s also a evil spirit tool used to resurrect Demi-God Munjay.”

Demi-god? Maybe a demihuman.

“…I think I will take this to my buyer.”

“Master, I think I’d like to have this item since it might be possible to use it for creating sorcery dolls.” Mysty brought up.


“Yahoo, thanks!” Mysty rejoiced in a way similar to Rebecca.

“Well then, I’m going to appraise the next item… This is, also, amazing. This ornament with the two big tiger heads is Legendary, but it’s an ancient item of a class that you might as well call Mythological. Its name is Magic Tiger Create of Alray and Hueremy. It seems to date back to an era before Dawn, but the details are unknown. I can guess that it’s a magic tool created by an unknown <Ancient Magic>. Only in case of sending mana at the level of a Greater Sorcerer into these two big tigers and succeeding in forming a contract, you will become capable of manipulating this magic tiger creation…”

Once again the shopkeeper talked while trembling. Magic Tiger Create of Alray and Hueremy, eh?
At that point I looked at Rollo who had been silently watching in a cat loaf posture.

“Nnn.” She only answered with a throaty growl, but the cute Rollo had noticed my look.

She looked at me with her lovely, red eyes. It might be slightly different, but…with this I might be able to give her siblings. However, only if I sent mana into it and succeeded in forming a contract…

“Lastly, this two-folded belt, but it’s nothing worthy of mention. It seems to have been created by using a spirit copper thread…and the bound book is a plain magic item. Its effect is a small increase in mana.”

Blah, I was certain that it’d be some kind of magic create scroll.

“No, wait a little moment…this belt’s buckle part seems to have a mechanism…”

He’s right. It has the shape of a small shell, but a screw has been added to it.
Once he turned that screw, the central part of the buckle turned over, and three numbers appeared. There was a small space beneath the buckle. A small strongbox, huh?

“If you turn this screw, the numbers change. If you press it, the numbers will be set. It seems to be a code for the lock. The name of the owner…do you know it?”

“The owner was called Liliza, but I don’t know whether she was related to the true owner of this belt.”

“Okay. I’m going to analyze its structure a bit…” The shopkeeper smoothly manipulated his mana while speaking with a sullen tone.

He concentrated his mana in his head, and sent it to his monocle. Given that the appraisal was already in progress, it was a monocle that had shifted into the shape of a crooked night vision scope, but…the instant he poured new mana into it, crack-like bluish white lines ran across the surface of the glass, and transformed into many objects similar to tiny mechanical snakes.
The tentacles of those small snakes released green rays towards the buckle, scanning it.

“…I see.”

Is it the effect of this special monocle? The shopkeeper apparently understood the trick behind the code. He nodded, and turned the screw, easily cracking the belt’s code.
The belt’s surface was opened up. Inside was a silver medal. The medal had a blue, glittering butterfly pattern carved into its middle. It’s a beautiful color…it resembles a morpho butterfly.


“It’s a stronger blue than Rebecca’s eyes, but it’s a very pretty, blue butterfly.”

“Nn, blue butterfly, it also has mana.”

“How very interesting…” Viine said while touching her own silver mask.

Ah, true, there was a beautiful Extra skill on her cheek.

“…I’m going to appraise it.” The shopkeeper said with a deep voice while directly grabbing the medal.

It’s obvious from his objective to examine it, but it doesn’t seem to be a cursed item.

“…The name is Golgonshura’s Key. The rest is unknown. Exactly because it’s a beautiful medal, I want to know more about it, but I’m sorry, it’s beyond my abilities.” The shopkeeper muttered while looking vexed towards the end of his words.

“It’s a key as a medal?”

I wondered whether I should have him appraise the necklace I received from Master, but I guess it’s not really necessary.

“Yes, it’s a key for some place, I think. Since it has mana sealed within, I believe it to be a magic item, though.”

At the end I have him appraise the lute I received from Shafa.

“This instrument is once again Mythological…God of Justice Shafa has…eh?”


The shopkeeper looked at me and the instrument in alternation.

“The instrument’s name is Lute of Justice. It’s something granted to Shuuya Kagari?”

The shopkeeper stared at me with his monocle still on his eye. Because the tentacles of the special monocle were wriggling around, it was eerie, but I could fully understand the shopkeeper’s surprise.

“…First the explanation.”

I urged him on.

“Got it… If Shuuya, the successor of this lute, plays it, a magic sound aligned with a just heart will expand to the vicinity. It will heal the hearts of those listening to the melody. It will also bring about concern, good will, and a blessing of the path leading to the Divine Domain Seuros…and, it will become possible to have the Silver Sword of JusticeShafa Sword, a secret art of counter magic, dwell in the hearts of women who hear it – limited to sympathizing women.”

Once the shopkeeper finished his explanation, he folded the monocle and put it on top of his head. As if to appeal with both his eyes, he stared at me once more.
I will honestly tell him about this instrument.

“…It’s just as you’ve heard now, I spoke with God of Justice Shafa.”


All bloodkin except for Eva were surprised as well.

“Among the women we rescued from the heretics was a war maiden affiliated to God of Justice Shafa.”

“Humph, I could sense the scent of some other woman on you, but that’s what it was about.”

“…As expected.”

My bloodkin continued to speak about this and that. …Let’s change the topic here. I will have the shopkeeper appraise Viine’s bow as well.

“Viine, you want to have that bow appraised?”

“Oh, yes.”

She handed the Jade Snake Bow over to the shopkeeper. He placed the monocle back on his eye again, and poured mana into it.

“I’m going to appraise it…”

Small, green mana snakes were created from the tip of the monocle.

“…This is also a Mythological item. Its name is Jade Snake Bow. The blessing of Goddess of Magic Poison Misea is…consider it as compensation for the actions of her master, who is chaos. To the person who appraised this: your appraisal eyes are exceptional. But, know that you will play with my mood…it’s best to look any further with a suitable resolve…she said, so I will stop examining it any further.”

The shopkeeper’s face had turned pale. After he swiftly returned the bow to Viine, he took off the monocle, pulled it back up on his head, and pressed his fingers against his temples while shaking his head. He seemed to somehow be exhausted.
…Now then, I think that should have been all to be appraised.
I prepared the payment for the appraisals.

“…I will leave the money here.”

“…Okay, certainly. Well then, this――”

He placed a bundle of platinum coins on the counter.

“It’s the money for buying the various items including the cursed doll. Please take it.”

While nodding, I accepted the money, and then turned my eyes towards everyone.

“Everyone, please pick up your items.”

“Yeah, I’m going to put it on.”

“I will take this red Gadorices…”

“Hmm, I guess I will store away one of Azelos & Versage, and use Fierce God – Spirit Wind as core weapon.”

“I have the Illusionary Heron, and also Magic Sword Hyuzoy. I plan to keep piling up training while keeping dual and triple wield as an outlook in sight.”


Eva stored away her items while releasing violet mana from her whole body.

“Eva, you sure are excited.”

Hearing Mysty’s words, Eva answered with a smile, “Nn, exposed. There’s something I want to test with the new metal,” and stuck out her tongue a bit.

“Yep, I’m thrilled as well…I wanna become capable of mastering this.” Rebecca said with eyes full of determination while holding the Legendary Katar in her hand.

Blue flames dwelt in her eyes.

“――An item box is handy, isn’t it? After all it can hold such a big Soft Rainbow Steel, and Munjay’s Heart.” Mysty put away the items while giving a casual comment.

Following everyone, I put all my items and the rest into my item box.
I wonder whether I should sell or keep Sel Viper. I will keep the mysterious heart as well. I will sell Midorga’s Scroll to the prince. Casheen’s Sword will be a present for Bia. I think I will give the cap, the special ink, and the fishing rod to Zaga and Bon. The Arrows of Shishik and Hawolk’s Bow will go to Mamani. Jarjar’s Boots to Souther. The Demonic Shield of Sebol Galdory to Bia. The complete Godtroll set to Fuu and Mamani.
Let’s leave the choice whether they will equip them to the girls. I think I will use the big refrigerator for the boarding house.
After splitting the gift items and the ones for sale into different bags, I stored them all into my item box.

“Hey, hey, should we test the cosmetics a bit?”

“Nn, apply!”


“Eva, your skin is so smooooth. Like a boiled egg after being peeled~”

A boiled egg, eh? Hmm, maybe I should make boiled egg for today’s dinner.



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  1. A reference to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

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