Chapter 241 – Mythological Items & Cursed God Tengaln Bububa

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Today I went on an outing together with my bloodkin. It was the day of appraising our treasures.
We headed towards the First Ring Road beneath sun rays that were brilliantly blazing down. The place was as crowded as ever. The voices of vendors selling their wares and adventurers promoting themselves blended into a loud cacophony. Many people passed us such as a monk holding a spear who reminded me of the warrior monks from the Enryaku temple, a scaled people adventurer holding up a commander’s battle standard with a baren attached like the ones used when extinguishing fires in the Edo period1, a female, elven adventurer walking while carrying a maple umbrella on her shoulder, a merchant selling freshly harvested vegetables placed in a woven grass basket, a gigantic leopard man holding a tree branch decorated with various items hanging from it such as crosses, masks, dumplings, and cocoons, and a group of Zen priests who held thick rain umbrellas.
At that moment I heard a sound of two metallic objects grazing against each other. Naturally I turned my eyes in the direction of the source, just to find a wooden carriage pulled by a huge turtle. Next to it was a carriage with a slightly artistic design possessing several folding doors. The driver was a dwarf with a beard.
Inside the elaborate carriage was a human, no, given that they have five eyes despite their good-looking face, I guess they are from another race…their hair color is silver, and they look like they might be female. The five-eyed woman was complaining about something to a collared elven slave, who was sharing a table with her, while having a grim look.
Those carriages passed us. The announcer’s voices at the booths were loud as well.
While the small mansion of Collector entered my visual field, I passed through this crowded First Ring Road.
And then, at long last we arrived at the tasteful, reddish brown, wooden door of the Old Sorcery Shop, opened it, and entered. As we did, a brass bell rang. The oblong, cafe-like interior hadn’t changed.
The refined shop owner was on the other side of the counter. He was wiping something like a magic clock while holding a coffee cup with a straight body posture. He looked like an elegant master running a coffee shop.
However, in reality he was a distinguished item appraiser. As if proving that, he was still continuing to wipe the magic clock while using a unique cloth with a red eye squirming on it. Since a faint amount of mana was emitted from the red eye, it might give the polishing a boost.
We went down the wide but small stairway, and after finishing our greetings with the shop owner who kept wiping, I took out the silver treasure chest from my item box onto the floor, and had him appraise the great variety of items within.

“…All of them are w-wonderful treasures. A floor where this many treasures would appear…”

Each time the bald shopkeeper performed an appraisal, he visibly trembled with deep excitement.
It’s very unlike Die Hard. However, he didn’t ask where we got this treasure chest.

“So, what kind is my close-combat weapon?” Rebecca asked the shopkeeper.

Having finished appraising several items, the shopkeeper returned a smile at her, and then returned to his usual stern look.

“Okay, then I shall start from there.” He said and placed the close-combat weapon of the katar family with its silver-shining blade on the counter.

“It’s a Legendary item with the name Katar. It’s an item said to have been worn by Spirit World Warrior Jahar Do Grubourche who slaughtered a hundred divine domain soldiers in the past according to folklore. It increases your body’s speed with mana as price. Furthermore, it also seems to have an effect of increasing the blade’s sharpness. Moreover, it apparently sucks a bit of mana from any target it cuts.”

“Whooaaa, Shuuya, did you hear?” Rebecca appealed with her whole body.

She was in her state of having her switch flipped on. She had placed both arms on the counter, and was flapping her slender legs, overflowing with excitement. While keeping that posture, she looked back at me. Her blue eyes released a radiance like jewels. A happy face, just like that of a child.

“…Of course, I did. It’s a magnificent weapon. However, no retorts while having it equipped, okay?”

“Eeehh? It’s not like you’d die anyway, Shuuya!”

I think she’s joking, but since it doesn’t sound like a joke, it’s scary. Since I’m reluctant to answer here, I turn my eyes towards the shopkeeper.

“The next item please.”

“Okay, then it’s this tachi that’s emitting mana.”

“Ah, Shuuya! Look, it’s mine!” Yui cheerfully widened her eyes, lifting her slender eyebrows.

And then she revealed an energetic expression similar to breathing in through the nose with overflowing emotions. It made me sense a feeling of brimming anticipation from her black eyes.

“Aye, I’m looking.” I answered with a smile.

And, as if to answer everyone’s looks, the shop owner touched the tachi, narrowed his eyes, and said, “…It’s a likewise magnificent Legendary item. Its name is Fierce God – Spirit Wind. Its origins are unknown. Using the mana of its wielder – unrelated to their attribute – it’s possible to clad the blade with two mana blades of darkness and wind. If you unleash a slash while it’s clad in those mana blades, it has the effect of inflicting a slash wound not once but thrice. Moreover, depending on how much mana you pour into it, the speed of your body will be boosted. It’s a very sharp sword.”

“…The name’s nice, and it has amazing effects. A slashing effect of three strikes as katana clad in a wind and darkness blade. And it also raises the body speed.”

I guess it increases the number of slashes. Yui’s sword attacks will become even more refined, I’m sure.

“Yui, it might be a tachi brought about by God Baycala.” Kaldo whispered.

In response, the shop owner fleetingly glanced at Kaldo, and then looked at Yui’s face as well. He might have guessed that she’s someone under Baycala’s divine protection.


After looking at her beautiful face, the shopkeeper smiled broadly and picked up the next item.

“Next is this double-edged katana containing mana.”

“Oh, that’s mine.” Kaldo had a slight frown on his face.

However, he showed an expression as if he was pinning some hope into this. His laugh lines clearly showed, and his pupils were widened as well. The wrinkled ocular muscles around his eyes expanded as if growing a bit.

“It’s a Legendary item with the name Illusionary Heron. Its origin is a city I have never heard of, called Firebird City Seifon.”

Firebird City Seifon? The name is Asian-styled, so maybe it’s a city of the archipelago nations? Firebird…wild gods, is it related to the battle between the Azra’s side and Ho-Oh’s side?2

“If you pour mana into this katana while holding the leather at the hilt, another illusionary double-edged katana will appear, unrelated to the wielder’s attribute. The blade will extend a bit, and it will be able to obtain an effect of cutting through real things, or similar. Moreover, by holding it, your physical abilities are raised.”

No wonder it’s called illusionary.

“Exactly because it’s illusionary, it’s called a pair of double-edged katana?”

“Dad, isn’t that quite the neat weapon?”

“Yeah, it’s thanks to milord. And, it will allow me to exhibit my powers for my goal.” Kaldo looked into Yui’s eyes, and nodded.

“That goal of yours, when are you going to genuinely go for it?”

Kaldo had apparently talked to Yui about his dreams.

After looking at me, he answered, “…It’s still a good while ahead. I sent a mail to an old connection using one of the high-classed courier guilds, but since he’s far away, it likely hasn’t reached him yet.”

“Dad’s old connection…means a corpse master of the Rasunyu faction or Crow of 【Commandments of Rosen】?”

“It’s as you say. Because it’s Zamalia, I think that it will take some time for a reply to get here.”

“Since they also crushed the biggest dark guild, it’d be unexpected…”

Yui and Kaldo stared at each other. She might want to help her father to achieve his dreams.

“I wonder. I hear skirmishes with Oseberia have broken out. It looks like the Rolju faction has also started to move for real in the underworld as well as on the surface.”

“Then there’s a chance. For the present, new members are postponed to the future?”

“…I’m doubtful whether Corpse Master Ugasaki will follow the invitation. Crow might accept my invitation. I have asked her to get my uniform hidden in the basement of the mansion in Halphonia. It’s in exchange for providing something she wants, though.”

It looks like he has invited a woman related to a thief guild or a dark guild called Crow. Come to think of it, Kaldo and Yui still have their house in Halphonia, don’t they?

“The old combat armor you’ve worn on the battlefields, eh? Something Crow wants…don’t tell me…”

“Right. It’s the ancient short sword originating from the Cursed Island Zeden.”

“That one, huh? It’s old and can’t be used as a weapon anymore, but I previously heard that it has value as a work of art or something, but…going by the fact of you calling Crow over with that, the base will be this city?”

“That’s still pending. Joining up with Crow will allow me to freely use her information network. It’s just a guess at present, but maybe we will head to another city.”

Kaldo will go on a journey to search for personnel, huh?

“I see. What will be the guild’s name?”

“Hmm. I’ve been thinking about it, but…Spear of Moonlight, Canopy of Sun and Moon, Remains of Crescent Moon, Beginnings of Blood, Crimson Thread…”

Apparently he has come up with various names. Kaldo is having a chat about his dark guild with his daughter.

The shopkeeper cleared his throat, and asked with a stabbing gaze, “…Is it fine for me to explain the next appraised item?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Okay, next is this red scaled longsword containing mana.”

“Ah, mine’s next!” Viine’s eyes were full of expectation.

“It’s a Legendary item called Gadorices. It seems to have been made out of the huge fangs of Ancient Evil Dragon Gadorices, but its origin is unknown. If you use mana, a thin flame layer will form around the wielder, raising the physical defense abilities. Moreover, it increases the sharpness of the blade, and is equipped with the gadget of being able to extend the sword’s point a bit. The red scaled scabbard will apparently extend alongside the sword, and the scabbard itself can also be used as a tool for attacking.”

“Wow, it’s a weapon possessing plenty of functions. I really like it.” Viine said while nodding.

Because of her bluish-white skin, the red color will stand out. It’s going to suit her.

“Next is this silver-colored metal, the White Emperor Mineral. It’s one of the rare metals with an exceedingly high mana penetration degree. If you refine it, it will probably turn into a steel exceeding Green Emperor Steel. Magnificent. I want it.”

At the end, the shopkeeper’s true feelings spilled out.

“Nn, hooray, amazing metal.” Eva’s comment was short, but she seemed to agree with him.

“Next, this rainbow-colored steel.”

“Ah, that’s mine. I don’t know its name, but I can generally predict what it is.”

“Soft Rainbow Steel. I’m expecting that it can be applied in various fields such as sorcery dolls, all kinds of items, mana composite furnaces, magic items, and patching. Its mana penetration degree is high as a rare metal which is extremely easy to process. Of course that’s limited to crafters who can handle it, but…since those two metals rarely appear on the market, you will be envied by the Magic Gold Department under the direct control of the royal family, the craftsmen alliance, or the Odebariel House. You can call it a rare metal exceeding the magic gems for refining. …It might be at the level of being tradable on the underground auction.”

“As I thought.” Mysty’s reddish brown eyes sparkled.

She comprehended in the same way as Eva.

“Next is this mana-laden white spear…the Silver-Type Heaven’s Spear.” The shopkeeper created a feeling of tension.

“That’s mine…”

I’m totally excited. This little break is unbearable. You damn Die Hard shopkeeper!

“…T-This is terrific. It’s a Mythological item. Its name is Divine Spear Ganghis. It’s said that this spear suddenly appeared from the underworld, piercing through the Ancient God Girimehkala. It has been used as his favorite spear by Demonoid Military Arts King Ganghis or something…”

Ooh, Demonoid Military Arts King. That title sounds familiar. …Naromivas had mentioned it. Demonoid Military Arts King Ganghis who’s considered to have used 【Labyrinth City Ysolgand】 located at the Ysoln Mountain in the former nation Ysoln, a land southwest from here.

“Its metal is unknown just like its origin. If you pour mana into it, it will cause a minute vibration in the spearhead, allowing you to obtain an effect that increases the damage of spear techniques.”

A minute vibration? It’s going to increase the power of <Thrust> and <Darkness Drill>? Awesome.

“And then the tassel part with the blue hair…it seems to be a combination of countless monster hairs, including a part of Girimehkala’s blue hair. Moreover, if the wielder focuses on the tassel after pouring their mana into the spear, it becomes possible to manipulate it.”

So that’s why the blue hair wriggled back then, huh?

“Maintenance for the spearhead is unnecessary as well. It will remain sharp for eternity. In addition, there’s some kind of crest at the blade part, but I can’t analyze it…I can only speculate that there is something to this mysterious crest situated at the square part of the blade, but…it’s a total riddle to me. I’m terribly sorry.”

That square sword blade, huh? Is it going to set free the power of the crest? But, I wonder what’s that Ancient God part about? Wild gods I get since I have heard about them. Previously Goddess of Magic Poison Misea had talked about something along those line, but…

“Don’t worry, it’s the very definition of a divine spear. It’s obvious that it’s amazing. So, what’s an ancient god?”

I ask nonchalantly, but…for some reason the eyes of the die hard shopkeeper take on a sharp glint.

『Your Excellency, there’s mana in his eyes I hadn’t felt until now!』

『You’re right… His mana manipulation skills are quite high up there. This shopkeeper…』

“…Who knows? Such gods might have existed in distant, ancient times.”

“…You’re saying they’re different from wild or cursed gods?”

In response to my question, the shopkeeper furrowed his eyebrows, causing his wrinkles to overlap. His eyes had a glare to them.

“…I guess it’s no surprise of the magic spear user called Violet Deathgod. Your character is completely different from other adventurers. By the way, the term cursed gods…where did you hear about it?”

His demeanor had changed from his usual one as he threw that question at me. The monocle was installed at his eye, but a special mana crest surfaced from the outer corners of his eyes to his ears.
It feels like he’s getting ready to launch some kind of attack.

『I wonder what that is. It’s close to what’s contained in Magit’s gem. A mana of a different quality…』

Helme analyzed.

“What’s with that look towards Master!” Viine got her Jade Snake Bow ready.

“Just a sec, owner, what’s wrong?”

“Nn, angry over something?”

“It’s a different type of mana. ――It might be a great opportunity to test the sharpness of this new katana.” Yui picked up Fierce God – Spirit Wind from its place on the counter with those calm words. She silently drew the katana from its scabbard, and pointed the blade’s tip at the shopkeeper.

With her apparently mastering its use at once, something like a windy mist rose up around the blade.

“I shall protect you, milord!”

“――All of you, don’t get so edgy. And shopkeeper, because it’s you, I will tell you. I have heard the term cursed gods from a goddess of the spirit world.” After soothing everyone’s temper a bit, I answered the shopkeeper’s question.

“…The spirit world? So you’re saying you’re in the same category as Collector Shiki-san…I understand. If you know of cursed gods, I will also tell you about ancient gods. The aboriginal gods of old, who have lived on this Mahaheim Continent before the wild gods came into existence…they are called the forgotten gods. By the way, depending on the region, there are places where the powers of demi-gods, wild gods, and cursed gods are deeply rooted.” The shopkeeper explained while the mana crests returned into his eyes, reverting his look to before.

“Aboriginal gods, you say? Have they possibly been enshrined as clay dolls or something?”

“Indeed, there are altars deep in the forests and elsewhere.”

At that point I remembered about the abandoned altar in the Whirlpool Forest of Demon Fog. So the goddess statues, clay dolls could have been cursed gods…
I prayed to several of them, didn’t I…?

“…I see. But, why are you so well-informed about this?”

“That’s because my body is being gnawed at by the power of Cursed God Tengaln Bububa…”

Come again?

“You’re cursed, shopkeeper?”

“Yes, in my youth I failed at appraising an old, unknown item. Something like a round, red mark on a part of my body…that mark seems to have another consciousness, and keeps saying bububa, bububa, bububa…”

Another consciousness…ah, so that’s why the voice during the appraisal on the other day.
I heard it alongside an ominous mana from his waist…that mysterious voice repeating bububa.

“…In addition, I can see another moon, and as if watching a nightmare of people living in housing complexes which allow me to guess that it’s an unknown world with a different language…given that I luckily possess items to seal curses, the expansion of those nightmares and the mark were suppressed.”

Hearing about a mark and nightmares, I lightly touched my neck for a moment. I also have a mark of the Goddess of Nightmares. That means I would have possibly become Vaamina’s captive if I didn’t possess <Torrent of Light Darkness>. In that case I might have been able to enjoy another fate, though. The goddess was a beauty after all.
However, the shopkeeper’s cursed god sounds like an evil spirit with unknown character, so…

“…That’s scary.” I said after listening to the shopkeeper while putting myself in his shoes.

“Yes. But it might have a meaning. Since my stamina, spirit, mana, and mana manipulation skills have all jumped up remarkably due to this cursed god’s influence, I’ve become able to regard it positively.”

That’s an optimistic view. The shopkeeper’s handsome face looked very cool at this moment. Nothing less of Die Hard. Oh, maybe he’s an apostle approved of by Tengaln Bububa? He might also be a simple victim, though.

“…I see.” I muttered while admiring him.

“I will continue with the explanation of the other weapons then. This longsword with round, deep patterns on its blade is a Legendary item. Its name is Sword of Casheen. It’s something said to have been used by Hero Casheen in the Azel Boundary. Unrelated to the wielder’s attribute, it’s possible to clad the blade in wind in exchange for mana. By just holding it, the body’s speed increases a bit as well.”

Azel Boundary? Well, I think I will gift this to Rubia.

“Next is the emerald, metallic handaxes. It’s Legendary. Its name is Tofinger’s Crying Axes. They’re made out of an unknown magic beast metal. If you pour mana into them, a mana string will be created from the hilts while the two axes will grow vertically. If you combine the magic strings, they will change into a shape similar to that of a long, big ax. And sometimes, when wielding these axes, Tofinger’s phantom will appear and assist you in battle, it seems.”

You might as well call it a gimmick-type of weapon. However, none of us uses axes. I think I could use them, but…I’m troubled whether I should rather sell them.
I have gained a new arm, so it might be fun to try using axes for a change of pace, so I guess I will keep them for now.

“…I’m going to explain the next item. You’re ready?”

“Yes, please go ahead.”

“Okay, then this special, double-edged weapon that seems to use scissors as motif is Legendary class. Its name is Sel Viper. Its origins are unknown. I know as much that it has been influenced by Evil God Sel Viper. It can be used as a two-handed sword because of its handling in a scissors-shape after putting it together. It increases the speed, mana, spirit, dexterity, and strength of its wielder. Moreover, it becomes possible to acquire the weapon’s characteristic skill <Ogre Eater>.”

It seems to be an excellent weapon, and I’m curious about that <Ogre Eater> or whatever. …I think I will store it away for now.
Next was the mace with the burning tip. A Unique weapon with the name of Mace of Flame Death. If you poured mana into it, a great amount of thorny flame shrubs looking like fire wires would coil themselves around the tip. It was a murder bat that would perfectly fit into the hands of a boss in a biker outfit or a boss in a zombie drama. Shouldering it while laughing like a madman…then using it…no, that’s a no-go. What an ill omen. Let’s sell it since it looks like it would incite the deaths of my comrades.
I will have the shopkeeper buy this. It’s definitely up for sale.

“…Next are the defense items. First the dark green protective coat with the cape and hood as well as the metallic defense plates on its shoulder part.”

“That’s mine.”

The shopkeeper nodded, “…This will also choose its wearer, but it’s amazing. It’s a Mythological item with the name Coat of Hal’Konk. All its materials except for the metal plating on the shoulders are unknown.”

Just the shoulder parts? He doesn’t know the dark green material, huh?

“The thick, dark green leather, the collar, the clasps of the metal fittings, the sleeve belts, and the patterns at the chest?”

“Yes. I only know that they are linked together in some way.”

I suppose we won’t find out through the appraisal.

“…Is that so? What’s the shoulder metal plating that you do know?”

“It’s the metallic skin of Violent Devourer Hal’Konk. It’s a metallic plating that was filled with something that seems to be a condensation of what was called High King Hal’Konk…it seems to have a gimmick that tests the mental strength of its user, wearer, but…I can’t tell you anything else. A cursed item that will be classified as second-level danger degree, exceedingly close to a first-class danger degree.”

A Mythological item, but also a second-level cursed item. Nice, the gimmick that tests your mental strength makes me feel thrilled. Is it possibly an item with a consciousness? I guess I will give it a try soon…
If it goes well, I will make this coat my main defense armor. Most recently I have always worn leather clothes after all.

“…The black leather boots are Legendary. They’re called Alzen’s Boots. By the way, they don’t have anything to do with the Alzen Dynasty’s Civilization. They are boots created in the spirit world by Alzen who’s a spirit world knight and a spirit world enchanter. As basic material they seem to use Magic Beast Payvua-like leather, but the details are unclear. Since it seems to be a material softer and sturdier than Demonic Steel types, I think that it’s a safe bet to say that an unknown material is used as the main part. The effect is to raise your physical abilities and only works when worn.”

Hee, there are all kinds of fellows in the spirit world.

“Next are the beautiful skirts and outer garments that seem to have been produced out of twill and use red and black feathers.”

“Ah, those are ours.”

“Nn, curious.”

“The feathers are pretty.”

“You’re right. Those are Legendary items. They are called Muntomi’s Clothes. They raise magic resistance when worn. If you pour mana into them, you can expect Muntomi’s Veil to cover the clothes, boosting physical defense and raising your mana.” The shopkeeper explained.

In response, “Legendary and exceptional items that can also be used for its fashion.”

“Nn, if all of us wear them, we’ll have matching outfits, though.”

Rebecca and Eva chatted happily with each other.

“Since it’s also possible to combine those with other clothes, that’s no worry.”

“Nn, Rebecca, you’re a fashion expert, so I will rely on you.”

“Fufu, thanks. Next time I will arrange cute clothes that suit you, Eva!”

“They are thin, and it looks like it’s possible to also use them as combat wear.”

“It might be possible to remove these feathers and use them for my research.”

Yui and Mysty joined the girls’ talk. The shopkeeper remained silent for a while, listening to them, but…then he began to explain the next item while sighing, “…The next item, the white carapace overcoat is Unique. Its name is Cloak of Godtroll. The white carapace gauntlets, the white carapace leather armor, the white carapace brigandine, the white carapace armet, and the white carapace boots are all part of the Godtroll set. They all have the same effect of slightly raising the physical abilities and the mana defense abilities.”

Hmm, tricky, but I think I will give all of them to Fuu or Mamani.

“Next the black leather underwear with garter belt. It’s a Unique item. Its name is Underwear of the Two Wind Kings. It has the effect of faintly raising the physical abilities, and softening the body. It seems to also have a deodorization effect.”

“Its name is somewhat…but, I think it’s an excellent underwear…”

Softening the body? Does that mean increasing the flexibility? Going by its name, it seems to have been worn by two kings, but it’s woman underwear.

“I want it. It looks like Shuuya likes it.” Yui mumbled while directing a passionate look in my direction.

It’s an adorable expression. But yes, if Yui were to wear those, her white thighs would stand out even more. I’m sure it’d be fascinating…and they might demonstrate their power in close combat.

“Kuuh, I want them as well…” Viine, who noticed Yui staring at me, muttered openly showing her emotions, seemingly burning with a will to oppose Yui.

“Erasing the smell sure is a nice feature. I’m applying for those as well.”

It looks like Mysty has joined the fray as well.

“Nn, wear together with violet pantyhose!”

“Everyone seems to think the same…”

Eva and Rebecca followed, too.

『I don’t need them.』

『Helme you don’t need them since you’re beautiful anyway.』

『…I’m happy to hear that, Your Excellency…』

The tiny Helme-chan, who appeared at the edge of my visual field, shut her eyes and tried to kiss me. I ignore her.

“Nn, rock-paper-scissors?” Eva was full of will to win this.

Does she plan to do it while reading their thoughts again?

“I won’t lose anymore.”

“I’m going to win this time! I want to please Master by wearing this underwear!” Viine was excited while openly revealing her feelings.

They get ready to play rock-paper-scissors.

“I planned to use them for research, but master likes them, I can’t lose this…” Mysty said with her eyes gleaming.

And then my <Head Servant Leaders> started the rock-paper-scissors match. It’s only underwear, but it looks like a battle they can’t lose.




“Yahooo! I won!”

The match winner unexpectedly wasn’t Eva but Yui. It looks like Eva didn’t cheat by reading their thoughts.

“Raising the physical abilities and softening the body…”

“Dad? You might want to use them for servicing your katana, but since I’m going to wear them, they are off-limit, okay?”

“I know. However, that item is suited for close combat fighters and martial arts practitioners. There might come life and death struggles that you’re going to win because you’re wearing that garter belt.”

“Yep. That’s why I’m happy.”

Kaldo plainly wants them, but they are black leather underwear with a garter belt. A handsome, middle-aged man, who’s going to lead a dark guild sooner or later, actually likes wearing garter belts? I really don’t wanna imagine that. It makes sense if it’s briefs or trunks, though.
Next the bundle of arrows with white arrowheads and the metallic bow wrapped up with a beast hide were appraised.

“There are 50 arrows. They are Unique items with the name Arrow of Shishik. Their effect is poison and a petrification of the place they stab. The metallic bow is Unique and has the name Hawolk’s Bow. Each time you shoot an arrow with it, the wind spirits will be your allies, or something like that. They will apparently raise the shooting precision and power.”

I will give bow and arrows to Mamani. I suppose the small boots with feathers are next.

“The boots are Legendary. Their name is Jarjar’s Boots. They will raise your speed to a level as if flying. They have a small size.”

As I was pondering whether to give those to Souther because of their size, the shopkeeper picked up the Hoplon-shaped magic shield with the living compound eye in its center.

“The next item is this shield. It’s Legendary. Its name is Demonic Shield of Sebol Galdory. It has the effect of raising physical defense. If the holder pours mana into this shield, the power of the demonic eye of Sebol Galdory dwelling in this shield will activate, and it becomes possible to deploy a spherical mana barrier against magic in a fixed range centered on this eyeball.”

It’s fairly decent. Let’s give this shield to Bia.
The potions agreed with their appearance. There were several high-ranking healing potions.
The shopkeeper moved on to the explanation of the black ring.

“This black ring is Unique and has the name of Black Lord Demon Ring. Its effects are a slight mana increase, the ability to store a bit of mana, and a slightly quickening of mana regeneration and recovery from exhaustion. The silver bracelet is a normal magic item with the name Bracelet of Silver Evil. It adds a small increase to mana regeneration.”

After the ring came the black belts. The belts gave a little increase in magic resistance. Their buckles had a geometrical pattern carved in, adorned with small jewels.

Next, “This gold thread is Unique. If you pour mana into it, it will turn into a glove-shaped defense item. It’s a sturdy, magic thread extracted from a monster called Gold Titan. You can also use it as hair ornament as thread. The light brown cloth is Unique. It’s a cloth made out of the magic thread of a monster called Interruldar. If you twine it around a place that had been wounded, it’s a magic healing cloth that will speed up the wound’s recovery somewhat.”

After the brocade thread…the necklaces and earrings were Unique items, capable of storing mana.

“These look fashionable, more or less.”

“The earrings that can store mana are great, and the golden thread seems to be usable for putting hair together.”

“Nn, simple and important.”

“I might want them as well.”

Rock-paper-scissors began once more. This time it was Eva’s victory. She received the silver bracelet.

“That’s all I need. There are enough earrings and necklaces for everyone. Viine, Yui, Rebecca, you can split the rest among yourselves.”

The gold thread went to Viine. Yui got the black ring, and Rebecca received the light brown cloth. The belts, necklaces, and earrings were peacefully divided among everyone, including Mysty.

“This ink is Unique. Its name is Magic Secret Ink. It reacts to a certain, fixed amount of mana, a special ink said to change its color. Whether it’s nobility or royalty, it seems to be often used for secret messages.”

I think I will sell this to the prince. Though, it might also be a good idea to take it to Zaga’s place.

“This jar is a normal magic item. It’s a sacred lotion made out of brain fluid of a certain creature and the feathers of the Holy Bird Kunkurd. If you apply it, the skin will be slightly rejuvenated for a fixed period of time. You can obtain the divine protection of the light attribute or something. It’s an item resembling the Angel’s Veil which is popular on the market these days.”

“It’s a bit questionable for us.” I said and the female group nodded.

Figures. All of them are kin of a Light Demon Lucival.



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Translation Notes:

  1. … something like the second one from the right.
  2. Ho-Oh is written as katakana, but going by its pronunciation it’s 鳳凰 which refers to a Chinese phoenix/firebird

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