Chapter 237 – Don’t Forget Your Original Intention

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“Rollo, let’s go with a relaxed walking pace.”


We slowly proceeded through the streets of the Religion District. I used that time to check my abilities.


Name: Shuuya Kagari
Age: 22
Title: Emissary of Light Evil (NEW)
Race: Light Demon Lucival
Combat Occupation: Spirit Spear Blood Chain Master (NEW)

Strength: 23.3 → 24.1
Agility: 23.8 → 24.6
Stamina: 22.4 → 22.9
Mana: 24.5 → 28.9
Dexterity: 21.1 → 22.4
Spirit: 27.2 → 31.2
Luck: 11.4 → 11.5

Current Status: Exalted

That’s quite the growth… It’s the result of me having eaten the delicious Evil Guniguni steak…no, just kidding. Of course, I think that the guniguni steak has added to it a bit, but…the bigger part comes from me having fought many monsters on the plains and as single rider charging through a battlefield, the godolin who stole the deidans’ treasure, the battle royale battle against the big flies and the spiders who tried to steal the treasure from the godolin, the battle against the deidan monster that crawled out of the Igni Lake, the observation of the violent clash between the unknown, huge kaiju, the kicking techniques and clones of Evil Domain Monk Kire, and the Cycluse-styled quad-swordsmanship of Four Eye Rulizeze…
Especially the battle against her resulted in a rich combat experience.
Next, the fierce battle against the tough, metamorphosing guardian and the various monsters of the magic treasure map. And lastly, it’s probably because of the annihilation of 【Apostles of Nightmares】, and the absorption of the soul of the Third Apostle of Evil God Nicross, Liliza.
All this experience allowed me to grow.

Skill Status

Obtained Skills: <Throwing>, <Demonic Brain Speed>, <Hide>, <Night Vision>, <Inhalation of Odour Technique>, <Blood Chains Banquet>, <Thrust>, <Meditation>, <Life Magic>, <Guidance Sorcery>, <Magic Combat Style>, <Magic Hand guided by Thought>, <Sage Art>, <Summoning>, <Ancient Magic>, <Crest Magic>, <Darkness Drill>, <Darkness Drill – Magic Spear Break>, <Language Magic>, <Chain Spear of the Ray System>, <Powerful Slash>, <Blood Acceleration>, <Beginning of Dusk>, <Dusk’s Stake>, <Blood Chain Search>, <Dimension of Darkness Blood Chain>, <Spirit Cursing Chain Net>, <Waterwheel Slash> (NEW), <Thousand Palms of Darkness> (NEW)

Permanent Skills: <Power of True Ancestor>, <Natural Gift of Magic>, <Torrent of Light Darkness>, <Drain Soul>, <Immortality>, <Darkness Adaptation>, <Blood Mana>, <Suzerain of Bloodkin>, <Super Demonic Brain Nimble Sensation>, <Magic Combat Style Knowledge>, <Guidance Magic Knowledge>, <Spear Sparring>, <Chain Sense Guidance>, <Magic Crest Construction>, <Instant Staff of Water>, <Spirit Employment>, <Divine Beast Serene Mind ・ Soaring>, <Blood Path – Open First Gate>, <Blood Path – Open Second Gate>, <Blood Path – Open Third Gate>, <Factor Engraving Increase>, <Central Pillar of a Greater True Ancestor’s Lineage>, <Tail of the Crushing Evil Spirit Tree>, <Dark Dream Celebration> (NEW), <Apostle of Light Evil> (NEW)

Extra Skills: <Language Comprehension>, <Granted Seal of Light>, <Chain Factor>, <Demonic Cerebral Spine Revolution>, <Crest Tree of the Lucival>, <Tree of the Evil King>

I guess, I will check Apostle of Light Evil first.

Apostle of Light Evil

One who created a new principle of causality, even if by accident, after acquiring the soul of an evil god’s apostle while possessing the qualification as King of Chaos

Hoh, so it created a new principle of causality, huh?
The timing was coincidental, but I obtained Catiza1 by stealing her from the apostle through a skill.
Next is this.

Spirit Spear Blood Chain Master

Spearmaster treading the path of Righteous Void Spirit Light spearmanship
One of the rare combat occupations that can be acquired by meeting exceedingly complicated and mysterious conditions
A superior combat occupation belonging to the Spirit Spearmaster system which had been acquired by Azolos Fortonarl in the past who was referred to as Spear Sorcerer of the Silent Uninhabited Valley
It’s possible to equip the spirit spear of Spirit King Chirim, the sole <Apostle of Light>, who fell in love with Goddess of Love Aria
Your flexible and unfettered mind might allow you to inspire feelings of awe in those around you

<Apostle of Light> Spirit King Chirim. I think it’s said that he’s a man who loved Goddess of Love Aria who lives in the Divine Domain Seuros. I suppose that means he’s a comrade who likes beautiful women.
I almost forgot, but luckily I remembered and touched <Waterwheel Slash>.

Waterwheel Slash

A basic sword technique that’s commonly used with one or two hands

Basics are great.
Next I touched <Thousand Palms of Darkness>

Thousand Palms of Darkness

An effect of the infinite critical period of the Extra Skill <Demonic Cerebral Spine Revolution>. Exactly because your current status fulfills the conditions of Mana, Spirit, and Dexterity, it’s a completely unique, rare technique

Hee, infinite critical period. Is the reason for that naming because it developed into a technique based on an instantaneous image during the fierce battle against the deidan while rain was pouring down? Well, the deidan was surely a formidable enemy…
At the time I was covered by that squid ink-like liquid, I would have probably gone through a lot of pain after suffering damage to my skin if Helme hadn’t been there…my gratitude to her.
Next I touched <Dark Dream Celebration> with my finger.

Dark Dream Celebration

Originally it’s a <Nightmare Mark> that turns those affiliated to Goddess of Nightmares Vaamina into tools that can be summoned at any time. However, thanks to the effect of <Torrent of Light Darkness>, a part of Goddess of Nightmares Vaamina’s power has been absorbed
<Dark Dream Celebration> is a crystallization of that power turned into a skill
If someone affiliated with Goddess of Nightmares Vaamina is nearby, you will perceive them through a light pain and blood shed. It improves the probability to project the true form of something possessing a divine will with a huge magic source. There will also be times where you will align with Goddess of Nightmares Vaamina’s wavelength while asleep

Ugh, it actually feels more like a curse, doesn’t it?
If those affiliated with Vaamina get close to me, <Dark Dream Celebration> at my neck will naturally react by shedding blood…it says. So that’s the reason why the mark reacted when the Giant Black Rabbit Shaysad made his entry.
Matching her wavelength while asleep means I can get in contact with Vaamina, huh? Something like electromagnetic waves?
I hate nightmares, but that goddess is pretty, so I’m slightly happy.
The last one is <Apostle of Light Evil>.

Apostle of Light Evil

A newly born apostle as result of you having carved your seal into them as Emissary of Light Evil

I unleashed a barrage of taps all over the screen. I would lose out to (a) master, but I did my best with 16 touches per second.2

In response,

It’s <Apostle of Light Evil> cuz Light Demon Lucival
A special life-form on Sela

For a change I got a continuation. Well, it’s a special life-form, but to put it simply, my subordinates increased. Right now Ca-chan, who contained the three souls of my <Apostle of Light Evil>, has become a new finger on my hand.
Okay, that’s all for checking my status. Time to go back home.

While gently stroking Rollodeen’s bushy, black fur, “Rollo, you can now run as fast as you want.”

“Nn, nyaa~”




As we arrived on the roof of my mansion’s large front gate――

“――Milord, welcome back.”

Kaldo appeared quickly, seemingly having been on watch, and genuflected.

“…Kaldo, I think you have heard from Yui and Viine due to the blood message, but since we have removed all hindrances, you can lower your vigilance. And, thank you for taking command of the combat slaves.”

Although I was still riding the horse-like Rollodeen, I still extend my thanks to Kaldo.

“――Yes, milord!”

“So, do you have something to report?”

At that moment, the mischievous girl, Rollodeen, extended several tentacles towards Kaldo, using them to ransack his refined hair style, tamper with his bushy eyebrows, and gently brush his torso.
However, Kaldo didn’t even twitch as he took the brunt of Rollodeen’s prank. Without reacting, Kaldo kept gazing at me with his narrow eyes.
Good job, Kaldo. I praised him like that in my mind for some reason.

“…Yes. As head advisor of 【Remains of the Moon】, I got in touch with vice-guild master Mel and leader Benett through the contact person stationed here after returning. According to vice-guild master Mel, she’s very sorry that she couldn’t contribute much in this time’s kidnapping case…”

I think that’s inevitable. It was such an underground labyrinth, so it would be difficult to get there unless she had some kind of tracking skill. However, it looks like there’s various other reasons as well.

“…Something else happened, right?”

“Yes. According to what I heard, it was apparently a second clash between Demonoid Zarlp and Assashin of Crimson at first.”

Demonoid Zarlp…it looks like Mel considers him to be her father, but…if assuming from his titles as demonoid, he might be related to the 【Black Prophets】 which Naromivas mentioned?
Well, him being called demonoid might simply be owed to his elusive behavior. I don’t know because it’s a dispute unrelated to me.

“And, Mel said that the number of bats fluttering around Veronica has increased.”

The number of reconnaissance bats has grown, huh? Did they increase their scouting personnel because I wasn’t there? It might be an order by Empress Familia Ravahl Valmask Lugnado, or the three <Head Servants> beneath the empress.
One of the <Head Servants> who bears a grudge against Veronica is Lunz Ravahl Valmask. Has that guy started to genuinely work towards killing the tabooed Veronica? However, it’s still only at the level of reconnaissance.
As people who live forever, their thought processes are different from ordinary people. They might estimate that there will be a chance to erase Veronica at some point during their long lives. In their minds they might not have such a deliberateness, and be frantic to kill Veronica, though…
Is there any persuasiveness to the latter momentary thinking?
Veronica mentioned that she frequently fought against assassins of the Valmask family.

“…Afterwards, the leaders Kitts, Ito, Zetekenny, and Dominique of 【Black Glove】, believed to be supported by 【Hand of Baycala】 which is one of the Eight Lights, invaded the pleasure quarter while taking their soldiers along. According to Mel, they were busy going around and participating in the battles of Robalt, Lulu, and Lala who protect the area.”

And the last one is a turf war of dark guilds, eh? Support by 【Hand of Baycala】, one of the Eight Lights…
Although they didn’t get involved directly, it’s a detestable move. It will allow them to fake complete ignorance.
However…in a situation with such events taking place, countermeasures by the heretics will be definitely impossible.

“…So, how did it go with the fight against 【Black Glove】?”

“It was a victory for 【Remains of the Moon】. Strong Fist Kazun, Slaughterer Paulsen, and Angie of the Ice Bell staged a surprise attack on 【Black Glove】 from behind. At the moment when two leaders died, the enemy soldiers apparently fell in chaos.” Kaldo recounted with a tone that showed his admiration.

“I see. It was Mel’s idea, right?”

“Yes. The one who executed this plan was vice-guildmaster Mel. Her individual, command, and strategic abilities are excellent. I think she could even flourish in Zamalia’s underworld.”

He’s right. Mel’s abilities are high. She is the vice-guild master, but for all that matters, Mel is actually the guildmaster of 【Remains of the Moon】. She put me on the post of guildmaster, but she might actually follow the guideline of my wish, which we discussed at first, about me giving orders from the shadows.

“…Did you fall in love with Mel?”

“…Milord, you must be joking…”

Kaldo moved his eyebrows in a way typical for a soldier. His narrow eyes became even more narrow. Him not denying it…means that he’s not completely uninterested.
He’s my bloodkin, but at the same time also a man… And there’s probably many other things he wants to do with women as well.

“…The matter about Mel was a joke, but Kaldo, from now on I plan to have you act independently without keeping you at hand.”

『Your Excellency, that will free Kaldo, and serve as groundwork towards making him the leader of the future Grand Lucival Empire’s imperial guards!』

Strategist Helme has misunderstood me again. I won’t build anything like that.

“Milord…are you discharging me?” Kaldo had a pale face as if having received a shock.

“…Wrong, don’t misunderstand. I won’t discharge you. I can’t do it either. Speaking through blood messages is always possible. It’s because you’re like family to me, okay?”


He recovered his good mood, but he still looked puzzled. I guess I will expand on it a bit.

“Although it’s out of character, I have occasionally been asking myself whether I’m a decent leader as someone employing others… A man of virtue never goes back on his word, a man of virtue condemns the offense, but not the offender, and friendship between men of virtue is light like water. There are various such proverbs…however, I seem to act contrary to those…”

At that point, a tiny Helme-chan in a nurse outfit appeared on the left edge of my visual field.

『Your Excellency…that mental attitude is already proof of a man of virtue with the caliber to be a ruler.』

She folded her arms cutely and adopted a haughty attitude, but she praised me.

『Thanks, Helme.』

『Don’t mention it.』

Kaldo shook his head, “No, milord, you’re sincere. If you were to be contrary, you wouldn’t deliberately tell me something like this…”

“That’s appreciated, but I’m telling you this because there are several things I want to do.”

“Things you want to do?”

For example, “I want to see yet unknown places on the surface.”

This feeling hasn’t changed from the very beginning. At the time when I saw that grand, solemn landscape visible from the Goldiba village…the feeling that the world is full of unknown places gained in strength instead…
And not only the surface. There are countless locations like the evil domain, the destinations of the mirrors, space, the underground, and different dimensions.

“…Seeing Sela. You’re saying that you will leave Pelneet then?”

“It won’t be right away. I’ve been looking forward to the underground auction at the end of the year. I think, until then I will remain here.”

It’s because I was recommended to become one of the Eight Lights. I will be able to directly get involved with the festival of the underground auction. And, there’s also an agreement. I’m in a position where I can treat it as scrap, but I won’t do something like that.
I will properly pay the money to Dino-san of the thieves guild 【Belgart】.

As I’m pondering about this, “…I see. Once that happens…you will turn over the seat of guildmaster and leader of 【Remains of the Moon】 to me?”

Kaldo asked while narrowing his eyes.

“Let’s see. That might be a good idea as well. To begin with, I tried to use the dark guild to protect my friends, but because of the shrewd Mel, it feels more like I have been appointed as guildmaster of 【Remains of the Moon】 while being led around by the nose.”

“The vice-guild master was such a capable person, huh…?”

“Yeah, she’s a truly sharp and capable woman. I think she possesses talent that eclipses mine by far.”

“Milord, that’s a little bit too menial from you. Without any need to mention combat prowess here, you stand above the rest in regards to quick-wittedness and discernment.”

『Magnificent, Kaldo has properly observed you, Your Excellency.』

Helme-chan was swimming in a breaststroke in the right corner of my visual field. Though, I won’t retort why she’s swimming there. I disregarded Helme’s telepathic message.

“Thanks, Kaldo. But, I’m basically an adventurer, and a spearmaster who also studies hand-to-hand fighting and swordsmanship. And, as you just mentioned in your reports, it’s mostly vice-guild master Mel who carries out the dark guild work and deals with wars, right?”

“Certainly, Mel-san is excellent.”

“Well, until the auction I plan to remain acting as figurehead.”

“Adventurer, traveling, and spearmaster. Those are the things you want to do, right milord?”

“…I especially want to develop my spear techniques with the Wind Spear Style I was taught by Master as core…it’s no conceit, but I think that I can still further my spearmanship. To be honest, I can’t see the end of it yet, but…I want to become a lot stronger. I want to study skillful, pure spearmanship. And it’s not just the spear. I also want to develop my swordsmanship just like I was taught by you and the others, Kaldo.”

It might also be nice to master martial arts that would make use of my new arm. And there’s also taijutsu, sage art, guidance sorcery, magic…

“…Yes. I also want to improve my sword techniques using the <Blood Phase> skill as <Black Sword Blood Lunatic>.”

<Blood Phase> is Kaldo’s skill, huh? Come to think of it, blood plastered his face when he was cut by the evil domain monk…

“Besides your loyalty to me and your wish to improve your swordsmanship, you probably had dreams and goals during your time as a human, or something you wanted to do, right?”

Kaldo blinked repeatedly. “T-That’s…”

“Kaldo, I don’t have any intention to tie you guys down in exchange for the eternal life and power as kin of a Light Demon Lucival. It’s just like a family you can find anywhere. That’s why, don’t hold back, and speak freely.”

“Understood. You’re kind, milord…. Are you saying this with the meaning of having me develop my power as <Servant Leader>?”

“You could also say that, but it’s simpler. I’m telling you to do what you want to do, Kaldo.”

“…What I want to do…there’s actually something.”

At that moment I felt like a fire dwelt deep in Kaldo’s eyes. His eyes were glittering.

“So there was something after all…what is it that you want to do?”

“I want to make an effort as a single soldier on the battlefield. Or start a 【Dark Guild】 from scratch. Just as I mentioned before, there’s also my wish to improve my sword skills using the sword I received from you, milord. I’m proud of my daughter, but I don’t want to lose to Yui. I love my daughter. However, I felt jealousy towards her swordsmanship skills several times …as a result, my blade became dull, making me display a miserable performance during the battle against the evil domain monk we fought in the depths of the forest during our adventure on the 20th floor.”

Ah, that’s why…his chest was scythed by Evil Domain Monk Kire. Back then, huh? Influenced by his daughter, he thought that he must act quickly. After being cut…he used his final card, <Blood Phase>.
However, I’m slightly happy that I can hear Kaldo talk about his true intentions and dreams.
Flourishing as a single soldier, starting a 【Dark Guild】 from scratch, and jealousy towards his daughter’s swordsmanship.

“…Kaldo, you can do it. Returning as a noble of the military faction who is active on the battlefield, and building a 【Dark Guild】 that will surpass 【Remains of the Moon】 is possible for you, I think. However, to gather excellent comrades you can trust…will require quite a bit of time.”

“…Yes. Isn’t it fine then? The task of head advisor I was granted while guarding milord’s mansion…”

The post of head advisor is something I suitably created to make it easier for the veteran Kaldo to work in the underworld in a city that’s new to him.

“…Why not. Even things that are impossible for a human should be possible to you now that you’ve become the bloodkin of a Light Demon Lucival.”

“…Those are truly deep words.”

You sure? I think that’s very normal, though.

“…Also, it might be strange for me, who isn’t affected by time, to say so, but…I believe the possibilities for all chosen bloodkin, including you, are branching out infinitely. That’s why I think that you should chase after your own dreams.”

I spoke my true feelings while putting my feelings into it.

“…Understood. Chase my dreams…what magnificent words. They make my heart boil with passion.”

He donned a serious expression, but to me it looked as if his eyes were slightly teary.

“…No matter what hardships might await me, I want to do my best with those words at heart. At the same time, I feel a deep gratitude towards you, milord…a love exceeding eternal loyalty…”

I’m happy about your love, but umm, please spare me…

“S-Sure, you will definitely succeed. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Such a proverb exists as well.”

He’s a subordinate and bloodkin with whom I shared my blood, and I can respect Kaldo-san. As for the matter with his love, I disregarded it with a proverb.

“…Yes! After creating the best, peerless dark guild, I plan to offer all of it to you, milord!”

Offer it to me, huh…? Yet another admirable thinking.

While focusing on smiling, “…Kaldo, I value this spirit of yours, but it’s a restart of you having the freedom to do what you want. It’s fine even if you don’t actually offer it to me.”

Kaldo looked slightly bewildered. “Freedom…”

“…It’s said that the strong will act within limitations, but that’s why freedom is great. You can accept anyone that comes at you, and not pursue those who leave you.”

“…Gradually I’m starting to understand milord’s words in my own way. I think I will take it slow.”

Understanding in his own way, eh? Well, I suppose, how you perceive it depends on the individual.

“…I see. Since I think that you will need funds, I will give you some in advance.”

“No, that’s not necessary, but if it’s you, milord, you should understand…”

I was turned down. He’s right…he had summarized it in the words from scratch.
He’s a soldier. You can also say, hardships make the man…he’s probably also planning to enjoy the effort. He resembles Rulizeze. She’s a swordswoman, and a spirit world knight. She challenged herself by enjoying an adventure on this surface world without even understanding the language.
I mustn’t forget my original intention either. I recalled what I had humbly learned from Master: To enjoy everything…
At that point, Kaldo lifted his head and stood up.

“Well then, I shall go back to inform the combat slaves, who are standing by below, about you having returned, milord.”

“Okay, please take care of it.”

Kaldo immediately moved, so swiftly that it seemed as if he left an afterimage behind. He joined up with Mamani and the others, whom he made wait for further orders beneath the front gate.



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  1. A combination of Caterpillar and Liliza. In the raw it’s Imoliza
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