Chapter 236 – God of Justice Shafa

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――A crisp and clear air pricked my skin. I felt as though I had changed thanks to the clean wind. It was completely different to the stagnant, gloomy air underground. Though, it might also be owed to us having entered an area that had many temple-like buildings lined up along the street.
The usual lights of the city looked beautiful and at the same time overwhelming.
And then we entered a congested street, causing RollodeenHorse Lion to drop her speed.
On the right side I could see a farmer enter a temple while bringing a large amount of fruits similar to pineapples, chickens, goats, and pigs with him while leading a runga.

“To take their cattle along…”

“Over there is the first temple of God Gaia, so he’s probably trying to get the priests to offer prayers for him so that his cattle grows up well, and gets through the winter.” Ivanka explained to me politely.

Right now Rollodeen was advancing at a walking pace, but her speed as she escaped the underground and dashed through the city wasn’t normal. Even after experiencing that roller coaster speed…Ivanka seemed to be alright.

“…Hee, if it’s such an amount, he must actually have something like a cattle shed.”

“You’re right. I think it depends on the nobles and merchants, but in case of a good feudal lord, they will consider the farmers and adopt policies like allowing the farmers to profit by raising cattle besides sowing seeds. In case of a noble who has plenty of magicians employed, the development of the soil becomes easier. Since Pelneet is a metropolis, that farmer might be someone hailing from a mercantile house, though.”

I see. I learned something about society. Even in the streets of the Martial Arts District where I live, I often spot fresh egg sellers. I guess it means that the distribution of goods is well developed around here.
However, it’s a world of difference compared to Naromivas. Excellent noble lords who adhere to the principle of noblesse oblige exist as well. Or rather, a normal feudal lord will act while considering how to improve his territory.
And then, while being led by Ivanka’s voice from behind, we arrived after making turns at several three-way crossroads.

“We’re here. Please stop.”

Rollodeen stopped moving in response to her call. Ivanka lifted her long legs which had been straddled on Rollodeen’s back, and magnificently dismounted. I was able to see something wonderful since she wore no panties beneath her dress, but I didn’t point it out.
War Maiden Ivanka of God of Justice Shafa, huh?
She pointed upwards with her supple, agalmatolite-like arm while allowing her golden hair to flutter in the wind.

“It’s small compared to the other temples, but over there you can see the Shafa temple.”

It was a temple with stairs leading up to it. The symmetrical, ocher, Parthenon-like pillars on both sides stood out. The pillars and walls were made out of building stones as they would exist in Holker, but the roof was made out of wood. It looked as if it didn’t cost overly to build it.
While pondering about such things, I got off Rollodeen. Immediately afterwards, Rollo returned to her usual black cat form.

“N, nya.” While meowing softly, she climbed on her usual spot on my shoulder.

I looked around me while feeling her lovely weight on my shoulder.
Other religious people were moving about on the street in front of the stairs. The area was crowded with many, various people. A person, who went on a small stage, was shouting nearby.

――Without covering our faces, all of us look like the god’s glory reflected in a mirror. From glory to glory. We have been shaped in the same way as god.

I don’t know which denomination or god he’s talking about, but maybe he’s a wandering pilgrim of Light God Lulodis.
A young man and woman were listening to his propounding. They seemed to still be around twenty. They hugged each other, and listened to the sermon while ecstatically enjoying the sensations of touching each other. The woman’s face was resting on the shoulder of the thin young man. The man had put his hand around the woman’s shoulders. They looked poor with their linen clothes, but they still looked happy.
They are probably youths living around this area. I suppose, they are enjoying their springtime of youth which they will never experience in their lives again.
Along this street, in addition to the temple worshiping Shafa…there were various temples and religious facilities. A group of completely black nuns passed us and others.

【Black Witch Sect】, did they come from the city with the 【Ancient Ruin Moongo】 in the great desert?”

“They believe in Mephalla, Kyulha, and Lulodis…”

“Shh, be quiet! What you gonna do if the 【Witches of Damo’Anun】 take notice of you?”

“S-Sorry, I’d be buried at a small wayside shrine of Mephalla before even realizing what’s going on.”

The nuns in all black are being slandered or something behind their back…
Hmm? My eyes met with one of them, a nun with golden eyes that shone suspiciously. Because of her black lipstick, she was a nun with a somewhat bewitching atmosphere around her. Her chest looking big was probably owed to her corset-like, black belt. I felt like she laughed softly, but then averted her eyes to continue surveying the vicinity.
There was also an area with incense being burned, and a temple where the temple bell was hit with a wooden bell hammer. A group of monks recited scriptures from memory.
A crowd of believers, who were holding up fruits such as apples and persimmons in their hands, surrounded a religious guide in a half circle at another place. I wonder whether that’s also linked to some religious ritual.

“――It’s this way. Please come.”

Ivanka invited me as I was moving my head around, restlessly peeking at the things happening around us.

“Sure.” As I answered casually, she went up the stone stairs at a light pace.

One could see her fresh scars on the shoulders of her sleeveless dress, but she didn’t seem to mind it. In the middle of climbing the stairs, Ivanka turned around in my direction.
The hair at the sides of her head had a length that allowed for the ears to be covered, and her forelocks were put together tidily. She possessed slender, golden eyebrows, beautiful blue eyes, and a straight, high nose. Her lips were somewhat thick, but their faint red color had a gloss. There was also a birthmark on the lower left beneath her lips.

“――I had remained silent about it during the ride, but it was a speed I have never experienced so far. Right now she has a cute black cat form, but she’s a really amazing magic beast.”

Ivanka’s deep blue, wide eyes focused on Rollo.
I totally get her. If you experience that speed, it leaves a deep impression behind.


Rollo gave an answer that sounded like 『What is it nya』.

“…I can imagine that your skill as a beast spirit or familiar master must be quite advanced, Shuuya-dono. Did you study in the 【Magic City Alnst】 said to exist in the distant north, far beyond the northern Great Desert Goldix? Or is she a kin of the sacred beasts handed down in the east and belonging to the Fujique Confederation which is located in the distant east, far beyond 【Independent Stronghold City Relic】…or is she maybe an unknown magic tool that had been sealed?”

I might have heard about the magic city somewhere, but sacred beasts of the area around Relic…
It made me recall Azola and the sacred beast Pau, who fell in the battle against the Evil Dragon King.

“…I haven’t studied it, nor is Rollo a magic tool. Rollo is a sacred beast, or rather, a divine beast.”

“What! Is she a legendary being as introduced in the fairy-tales of the Human God Almeph…? But, you haven’t studied it? What do you mean…? I don’t understand, but anyway, I suppose the world of beast spirits and familiars is a truly deep one?”

I don’t get that part about the human god, but she asked me with a nod and full of admiration. I’m not a lesser spirit user, though. Well, I guess the details don’t really matter here.

“…I do think that it’s deep, but…as a matter of fact, I’m no lesser spirit user. What I know is only that Rollo is the one and only partner with whom I shared my soul.”

“I see. To such an extent…”

I told her the truth, but she might have perceived the meaning in a different way.

“N, nyaon.” Rollo-san revealed a triumphant look on my shoulder.

Ivanka, who looked lively, relaxed her stare after seeing the proud face of Rollo. Her face bloomed into a smile with the outer corners of her eyes narrowing down, reminding me of a sunflower, as if Rollo’s behavior had stimulated her feelings of motherhood. She happily turned back to the entrance of the Shafa temple, finished climbing the last stairs.
I also went up the stairs with Rollo on my shoulder.
The entrance was an arched stone gate with a pathway continuing from the stone wall deeper inside. There was no door. The walls had cracks at some parts, but the meandering patterns that had a trace of roundness to them were beautiful. The stone pathway was fully surrounded by thick stone walls. It was small in scale, but possessed the atmosphere of a temple. It reminded me of the place where Water Goddess Akreshys was worshiped.
And then I walked inside, advancing through the pathway together with Ivanka.

“Ivanka-sama has come back!”

“It’s terrible. Her wounds…”

“War Maiden-sama!”

“No way, by the monsters in the great prairie!? We were worried since you’re very late for having gone hunting.”

“The scars on her face and arms…also that bold dress…”

“Ivanka-sama has been wounded…”

The believers approached us.
It looks like she’s fairly popular. Certainly, seeing how she’s a beauty with big boobs and pretty, golden hair like that of Rebecca, I can fully assent.

“I’m alright. Things like these are no more than simple scars.” Ivanka said confidently. You wouldn’t think of her as a woman who had been placed on an offering table.

She continued to speak with the believers who came close to us. There was one person who showed up by pushing his way through the crowd of believers.

“Ivanka…I’m truly glad.” Those were the words of an elderly lady with conspicuous wrinkles on her face and gray hair tied into a ponytail.

The old lady wore a Dalmatica-styled attire. She might be someone important as she had dignity to her.

“Priestess Delian-sama, I’m terribly sorry for my late return. I was caught by certain heretics…”

Afterwards Ivanka explained about her being captured and getting rescued by me.

“I see. You experienced something terrible…” The priestess nodded and hugged Ivanka.

Is she something like a mother?

“Kind gentleman, I’m very grateful for you having rescued our Ivanka.”

“No, don’t mention it.”

“Delian-sama, you were supposed to be at a meeting with the archbishop of the Aria faith after the Enlightenment Festival of Love, so…”

“Yes, about that…”

Priestess Delian and Ivanka talked about religious matters. Since I wasn’t overly interested, I took my eyes off them, checking my surroundings.
Still, we are deep inside, but the interior of the temple is rather small…and plain. A huge idol had been erected in the center beyond thick pillars. I got close to that idol, trying to take a closer look at it.
It didn’t wear a helmet, but the area around its eyes was covered by something like a mask. It wore an armor similar to a chain mail. It was the statue of a man holding a longsword in his right hand and a Hoplon-like shield in his left.
I suppose Shafa isn’t a goddess. That mask might be cool…is what I thought as I stared at the idol.

『Your Excellency, I sense a divinity similar to that of Water Goddess Akreshys-sama, and a magic source overflowing from the idol.』

『God of Justice Shafa might be delighted as well.』


Just as Helme told me, I felt a magic source from Shafa’s idol. Since child spirits were floating around it, this place must be a holy precinct.
At that moment, an even greater amount of the magic source that had a trace of divinity poured out of the idol.

『――The one over there, are you the one who save mine war maiden from the evil impurity?』

A solemn, heavy voice echoed directly in my mind.
Oooh, God of Justice Shafa, huh? Moreover, the mask of the idol is shining? The light extending from that mask created an illusionary image in midair like a projector.
That illusionary appearance bore not the slightest resemblance with the idol in front of me…
Its whole body was made out of a white metal. Having said that, its body had an appearance as if countless thin origami had been piled on top of each other.
…I guess you can barely call it human-shaped?
The head was of whitish metal in the shape of a crooked fish hook. Flames were released on the surface of the metal, seemingly with the intention to serve as hair. Those flames formed into a halo above its head, resembling Buu-san’s golden halo.
Come to think of it, its abnormal appearance is somewhat close to that of Buu-san, I think.
Both shoulders were represented by a shoulder armor out of white metal that was bent manifold. Golden orbs, which seemed to house an infinite amount of mana, apparently signifying pauldron shoulders, were buried in the center of the shoulders.
Wow…the torso was a smooth shell of white metal. It gave me the impression of a metallic life-form. The arms and legs were long and similar to cranes built by thinly piling up layers of white metal. And yet, its fingers shone golden. It’s Goldfinger.

“Nn, nyaa~”

Rollo reacted to the mysterious illusion. Probably because she was connected to me, she could see it.

While being taken aback by that illusion, 『…Yes. It was a coincidence, but I saved her』, I answered in my mind.

The illusion, which appeared to be God of Justice Shafa, moved slightly, 『――Honest hero, I like you. There’s righteousness in your heart. There are many parts conflicting with me as there are dark and cursed divinities, and thoughts of darkness full of brutality. However…you saved my war maiden, and I feel something like a gentle, sacred tree tinged in light and the sound of bottomless water in you…you’re a strange hero of chaos, owning light and darkness at the same time. You’re a truly interesting man…』

『God of Justice Shafa-sama is pointing out the depth of Your Excellency’s water attribute, isn’t he? I’m happy.』

Helme seemed to be delighted over having the matter with the water pointed out by a god. Her tone was shriller than usual. However, I think Shafa has been peeking at my heart. It’s somewhat embarrassing.

『…This place is my sanctuary. It’s only natural for me to feel a part of your heart. However, I can’t see…your heroic powers. For such thing to happen in mine own sanctuary…I wonder whether it has happened even once in thousands or tens of thousands years…』

I suppose, even the power of Shafa can’t see through everything. If he can feel a part of my heart, I think it wouldn’t be strange even if he could see through all, though…
I don’t really get the theory behind this. Well, even Kazane, an apostle or shrine maiden of God Ashura, was capable of seeing only a portion of my powers, so I guess that’s how it works.

『Hahahaha, if even Ashura can’t see through it, there’s no way that I could.』

Was he laughing? Since the illusionary head had no mouth, it felt out of place.

『Yes, Shafa-sama.』

『Out of place, huh? It’s a surprise that you can see through my true form…hero of chaos. Let me hear your name.』

Shafa bent his crooked, curved head loosely back. Just like the god pointed out, there was no uproar around us. Has no one noticed this image? The old priestess, and Ivanka weren’t able to see it either. Only Helme and Rollo, eh?
Apart from that, my name, eh…?

『…Shuuya Kagari.』

『Shuuya Kagari. Hero of chaos. I have certainly memorized it… Let me reward you for the great deed of saving my war maiden. It was a magnificent act of justice. This is the reward…accept it――』

The instant the illusion and the dignified voice disappeared, the mask of Shafa’s idol shone even brighter. Dazzling, rainbow-colored rays of light were emitted from the two eyes peeking out from beneath the mask.
Ooh, this feels like receiving a baptism. With an attitude of “Come at me with full power!”, I spread my arms to the sides as if forming a cross with my body, and waited. I was going to embrace the rainbow…but the rainbow light didn’t descend upon me.
The rays drew an arc in the air as if sneering at me who acted comically. Once the rays fell down in a curve, creating a rainbow within the temple, they directly hit a lute that had been decorating the temple’s interior.
Showered by the light, the lute shone in seven colors, independently floated up into the air, and flew over to me. This? Interesting…
While casually pulling back my extended arms, I grabbed the lute that was floating up and down in front of me, accepting it. Once I did, its light gradually turned from rainbow colors to a silver shine.
Due to that chain of mysterious events, the believers, including the priestess and Ivanka, immediately went down on their knees, and began to pray to Shafa’s idol. Well, as expected, even they had seen this physical phenomenon.

『That’s the Lute of Justice. You might be able to play it as part of my power. Farewell.』

Shafa addressed me in my mind. And, at the same time as his words finished, the light vanished from the idol’s mask, and the divinity faded as well.

“――Did God of Justice Shafa-sama descend!?”

Once the divinity faded away, Ivanka stood up and rushed over in excitement.

“It looks like it. He said it was his thanks for having rescued you.”


The believers made a stir after hearing my words. Ivanka reacted by bending her arms in a weird way. Her splendid boobs swayed.

“For me to witness the creation of a divine relic with my own eyes…”

“A miracle…?”

“How wonderful.”

“Magnificent…” The priestess muttered.

With her eyes sparkling, she started to pay her respects to the idol once more.

“Whooaa, it’s the first time for me to have seen a miracle. The lute flew while shining, onee-chan.”

“Yep, we should also follow the example of that onii-san. Let’s pray.”

Even while the devotee and ordinary believers adopted poses of praying, they spoke to each other while staring at the lute with undivided attention.

“…A blessed lute…” Ivanka murmured with wet eyes.

I can play a guitar. I suppose that means I can use this instrument to soothe my surroundings by becoming a minstrel, eh? I’m not sure, but I will try playing it for a bit later on, I think…

“God of Justice Shafa-sama…”

Just like the priestess and the other believers, Ivanka put her hands together, and started to pray towards the lute.

“…Well then, I received a reward from the god…”

Time to go back, I’d say.

“――Ah, no! Wait!”

Whoa, Ivanka interrupted her prayer, and stopped me in panic. I got slightly startled by the way of her reaction.


“I want to thank you as well! I will lead you to my room, so please wait just a moment――”

She rattled down with a frantic look, and then headed to a section where several doors lined up next to each other. It looks like she’s cleaning her own room. Even though I wouldn’t mind it either way.
Now then, seeing as I have to wait for her, I pray to Shafa for the time being.
Shafa-sama, it’s great that Mimi and Remrona were safe. It might be thanks to you. You have my gratitude. Thank you for granting me an item that I can play as an instrument.
After putting my hands together in a Buddhistic style, I bowed. Then I sent a blood message to my chosen bloodkin.

『No need to answer. I got rid of the Apostles of Nightmares ringleaders and the monster that had chased after Mamani. I will return to the mansion in a while.』

While at it, I inspected the temple’s interior. Pictures of men handling animals like shepherds and women holding swords and shields standing in a row were chiseled into the thick pillars. A part of the side wall was covered by a big relief. It depicted the scene of people praying to an idol, which wore a mask on its face, covered its torso with armor, and held a sword and shield in hands, as it emitted a halo.
I suppose it’s a drawing of Shafa who had been placed in the temple’s center.
People that seemed to be believers also sat on stone chairs which were located next to it.
There were several bucolic old men with round faces and old women revealing bashful smiles. Men who appeared to be vagrants were present as well. All of them stared at the lute in my hand, but they didn’t try to approach me.

At that point,

――Oh God of Justice, I was born here, grew up in accordance with your teachings, and studied under you. I also carried out hard work. Even lowly work…only when I reached the point of being able to take responsibility for the burdens of those, who suffer from mental and spiritual impairments, and those, who were discriminated, after talking with them, I understood how my own foolishness and my empty, silly words and actions hurt the discriminated. Please, God of Justice, bestow me a deep love allowing me to understand the distress and grief of others.

Was it the effect of the lute? A woman offered a prayer in a loud voice.

――Oh God of Justice, we have lived as peddlers traveling from one desert city to the other. Our special garden shrubs and water will be soon sold out. Afterwards, we will have to stock up again. Please make it so that our peddling in this Southern Mahaheim goes well.

――God of Juuustice, make it so I can safely peddle with onee-chan.

“Alright. This finishes the prayer. Mai, while going around the temples of the other gods, we will stock up on special props and amulets that aren’t sold anywhere but here.”

“Oki, I got it.”

They were beautiful elven sisters whose light brown skin seemed to shine. In addition to them, there were other people praying for happiness or health.


Rollo watched the spectacle of them praying in a mystified manner, and meowed.

As I was watching their states, “――Shuuya-dono, sorry for having kept you waiting. My room is this way. Please come,” Ivanka came back with those words.

She tucked her golden hair back which got entangled at the corner of her mouth after swaying. That casual movement made my heart beat faster.
But, is it fine for me to enter an inner room without talking to the priestess first?

“…The priestess hasn’t moved while praying. Is it alright?”

“Once Delian-sama becomes like this, she won’t move for a while. It’s okay.”


While carrying Shafa’s lute, I headed to the inner right of the temple while watching her back.
Opening the door, we entered a room. Given that there were other doors as well, everyone seemed to live in this temple. We walked through a straight, short corridor with a wooden floor, advancing deeper inside. Then we arrived at a single room that hadn’t been divided by a wall.
I guess this is Ivanka’s room. A clean table was placed in the middle. A pot with white flowers similar to azaleas, as if to divine the day of the second month in the lunar calendar, and a plate with fruits were placed on the table which was illuminated by the light shining into the room through a wooden window. Four wooden chairs were situated at the table. A kitchen with plenty of seasonings and foodstuff was on the left. A drawer and bookshelf were on the right. Deeper inside were a bed and a sill with a pretty cloth curtain. Folded women’s clothing, strings, and underwear were placed on the right side’s drawer, apparently not fitting inside anymore. A dream catcher-like decoration was hanging on the wall, but I couldn’t sense any mana from it.
It was a room that seemed comfortable for living.


Rollo jumped off my shoulder, apparently wanting to explore the room. Once she landed on the floor, she started to walk around while sniffing.
The reason why Rollo is sniffing is the aroma? It’s a nice scent of a newly burned incense.
Ah, she’s rubbing her face against a protruding corner. I guess it’s Rollo’s usual habit of leaving behind an olfactory mark. She’s marking this room as hers, as her turf. It’s probable that it would lead to a fight if any other cat lives here, but…

As I was pondering about such things, “…Please sit down on the chair over there,” Ivanka encouraged me.


Since it’s the room of a woman, I’m slightly nervous.
I sat down on a chair which had a cute zabuton.

“…Fufu, you can stop with the honorific speech now. You’re the person who saved my life, after all.”

“Sure thing. It’s a nice room with a calm atmosphere.”

“Does it seem so to you? Thanks.”

Lured by her smile as she sat down next to me, I returned a smile, too.
The last time I was in a woman’s was when I visited Mia’s…?

With the intention to relax the tension a bit, “…As commemoration having invited me to this room, I will play a song with this lute as present.”

As if having become a minstrel, I check the cords of the lute I received from Shafa.

“Oooh, you can play the god’s lute? That’s why Shafa-sama has…”

The excited Ivanka stared at the blessed lute in my hands with great interest.
I continued to check the lute’s sound while being showered by her looks. The number of my fingers has increased by one, so it’ll be alright even if there’s one more cord as well…
The cords’ tune wasn’t out-of-sync, and by just pulling them, a nice sound was audible. I continued pulling them while sieving through my hazy, dream-like memories of the past. I lightly sang, intoning my sentiments.

『Your Excellency’s sombre voice…and the beautiful melody…how mesmerizing.』

Helme muttered something like that in my mind, but I ignored her since it was embarrassing. A tone quality blessed by Shafa resounded from the lute. Moreover, countless rainbow-colored mana strings appeared from the lute, making me sense the wave motions. The strings expanded like an aurora. Ivanka and I were engulfed by a mysterious mana curtain as if being blessed.
…This is a surprise. It’s not that I acquired a skill, so it must be the power of this instrument.
While wrapped up by a warm feeling, I finished playing the lute blessed by Shafa. At the same time, the rainbow-colored mana strings seeping out of the lute vanished.

“…I’m deeply moved.” Ivanka said next to me with tears streaming down from her eyes. “…I can’t express it with words, but a fleeting deep impression has permeated into my chest. It was a wonderful song and melody… And, my body is warm. I feel like my painful memories have been purified.”

I didn’t intend to make her cry, but large tear drops traced down along her cheeks…
Reflexively, I wiped away those tears with my thumb. Even on her cheek there was a scar remaining…

“…It’s thanks to this instrument.”

The rainbow-colored mana strings might have touched the strings of her heart.

“The melody was really nice and gentle…that’s the very reason why Shafa-sama entrusted this lute to you, Shuuya-dono…”

“It’s an honor if the god of justice thinks of me so highly.”

Ivanka fixedly gazed at my face.

“I had thought so since the time you saved me, but…I’m being pulled in by your eyes, Shuuya-dono…”

She clearly revealed her feelings on her face. Her eyes, which were a mix of green and golden colors, were solemn. It might be owed to her being a war maiden.

“…Ivanka, you have beautiful eyes as well.”

And then I picked out a piece of silken thread stuck to her blond hair.


Dimples rose to the surface on her cheeks. We stared at each other. I could sense a pure passion from her. It might be an effect of the lute, but since I’m no blockhead, I fully perceived her passionate feelings.
It’s been a while since the last invitation by a beauty. I don’t have any plans to reject it.
We naturally stared at each other’s lips, and then into each other’s eyes once more. Ivanka’s face was filled with such a strong charm that I wanted to hug her.
We brought our faces close, and our lips overlapped. While feeling how her nose rubbed against mine, I gently caressed her upper lip. When I focused on the whole of her lips, our faces separated.

“…Shuuya-dono…normally I don’t do something like this. Umm, it’s the first time for me to bring a man to this room.”

Out of embarrassment, Ivanka averted her face as if to deny her feminine behavior overflowing with emotions. That was innocent and cute in yet another way.

“…Am I possibly acting so boldly because I’m wearing this mana-laden dress…?” Ivanka shyly and bashfully mumbled while touching her wet lips.

Because the clothes I gave her are those which Kuna had worn, they might have some effect that stimulates sexual desires.

“Clothes…sure, those clothes are beautiful as well, but I think that’s only because you’re wearing them.”

“…I’m a boorish woman, with many scars.”

She appears to be worried about the scars on her body, no, the scar of having her heart completely exposed. It’s possible to heal her scars with the Permeated Drops of the Sacred Flower, but…

“That’s not true――”

I grasped Ivanka’s arms, which she used gracefully despite being scarred, and pulled her into an embrace. She also hugged me while burying her face in my chest.

“Thanks…Shuuya. Please make me forget all those nasty things.”

No further words were needed from then on. We kissed each other once more, and while I caressed her soft tits, which spilled out of my palms, with both hands, I embraced her gently. As our sweet scents and desires blended with each other, we immersed ourselves in loving each other as if gradually sinking into an intense fury. It turned into sex where our thick lust and odors melted together.
I don’t know whether it went as far as making Rollo shocked, but we fucked like rabbits.
After I went at full throttle with the beautiful Ivanka, she fell asleep first, seemingly feeling relieved. She had acted stout-hearted, but…she must have been exhausted.
I earnestly wish that I could alleviate her painful memories at least a bit…
And then I stored the lute from Shafa into my item box, and left the temple after making sure to not wake Ivanka.

“Rollo, we’re going home.”


Just like that, I headed back home while riding Rollodeen.



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