Chapter 235 – My Partner’s Massage, Tsuan and Purin

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Now then, I’m going to collect the large magic stones and the various items. This…Ten Heavenly Evil Statue as well, I suppose.

“I will help, too~”

<Apostle of Light Evil> Liliza helped me with the retrieval.

“The evil god’s apostle had stored items inside her body, can you do the same?”

“Yes. A big bag like back when I was an evil god’s apostle is impossible, but if it’s a small flesh box, I can create it as well.”

She made the dark skin on her arm expand to the left and right, actually transforming her arm’s shape into something like a small box.
A flesh box…huh?

“…Even if it’s limited, it’s a handy ability.”

“Please leave the luggage to me, Emissary-sama♪”

“It’s fine since I’ve got an item box. You might as well use that flesh box for yourself.”


While having such an exchange, she passed me the magic stones she had picked up. I put the leather bag with a great amount of magic stones away into my item box.

At that point, “N, nyao, nya~”

Rollo had turned back from her black panther form to her usual black cat form.
I didn’t know whether she said it with a tune of 『You defeated her, partner』, but she came next to me while meowing in such a style. Her perfectly round eyes dominated her face.

“Rollo, good job on bringing down that large demonic dog beast. You did well~”

While keeping her eyes pointed upwards, she meowed lowly, “Nyan,” turned around, and jumped. Once she landed on my shoulder, she fixed her posture by using her tentacles that latched themselves onto my shoulder and neck. At the end, she delivered a mischievous punch against my earlobe with the pad of a tentacle. Since her rough nasal breathing was cute, I forgave her.
Seemingly wanting to spoil me, Rollo rubbed her small head against my chin and cheek. At the same time, she licked my face with her tongue, which felt a bit rough.
That was also adorable. In return, I lifted her throat with my finger, stretched her black hair, and continuously caressed her. While at it, I spread her fur to the sides with a gentle brushing with the feel of pinching her cheeks. Then I tightly sandwiched her small head between my two hands, creating a weird face on her cat head.
Rollo’s weirdo face in the style of laughing with crossed eyes (XD) has been completed~. Pulling the thin fur on her head with the pulps of my fingers, I massaged her by stretching her ears. And then, after toying with her ears, I returned my fingers to the top of her head again, and continued to stroke it.
The texture of these short fur strands growing on her head is quite irresistible.
Rollo squinted her eyes, looking quite comfortable. She released a throaty growl.
I’m confident that my cat spoiling techniques have leveled up. Rollo also closed her eyes as if going to sleep with the words, 『What supreme bliss nyao~』. Her entrusting her body’s weight on my fingers that are caressing her and snuggling up to me is also adorable.
A loud purring sound escaped her throat. And then I moved back to massaging her ears again.
As I did so, Liliza watched the relaxed face of Rollo while smiling all over her face.

“…It’s the cute cat-sama who defeated the doggy.”

She was a beauty possessing a milky chocolate skin. However, since she had the same face as the evil god’s apostle Liliza I had killed moments ago, I harbored complicated feelings about her.
Well, she’s a new friend. I gotta get used to her, I guess.
Come to think of it, I haven’t properly introduced myself to her. I suppose I will only give her my name for starters.
I interrupted my animal therapist activity that had a soothing effect on myself.

“…You’re right. This is my cute partner Rollo, and I’m Shuuya Kagari.”

“N, nya.” Rollo greeted her from her location on my shoulder.

She unleashed a cat punch into the air as if to show her pad. It was Rollo’s very own style of greeting.

“Rollo-sama and Emissary Shuuya-sama, okay. As you know, I’m a newly born <Apostle of Light Evil>, possessing the three names Liliza, Purin, and Tsuan.”

Three names, eh?

“<Apostle of Light Evil>? Having three names means that you can change into those three people?”

“Yes, I can.”

I think I will ask since I’m curious about her abilities. It will delay things a bit, but let’s postpone going back to Helme who’s protecting the blond woman.

“Is it only three transformations? How often per day can you do it? Are there any demerits?”

“It’s only three human-shaped transformations, but there’s no limit on the number of transformations. I can also tamper with my shape to some extent. The demerit is that I lost the ability to absorb other souls and abilities.”

Hee, she lost the evil god’s powers? No, since she can freely switch between Liliza, Purin, and Tsuan, I’d say it’s not like she has completely lost the evil god’s powers. And yet I feel a special link to her.
Just like I had gained a combat occupation and title as Emissary of Light Evil after stealing a part of the evil god’s power through <Spirit Cursing Chain Net>, which was a derivation of <Chain Factor> after an interference by <Granted Seal of Light>, she had become my kin as <Apostle of Light Evil>.
That probably means a new intelligent life had been created as kin.

“…<Apostle of Light Evil>, I feel a connection with you. But, let me deliberately ask: you don’t hate that you can’t wield the power as third apostle of Evil God Nicross?”

“I don’t. There remain only very few memories of my time as an evil god apostle, but I don’t feel anything in particular about them. Being able to wield my power as <Apostle of Light Evil> is all that matters to me, Emissary-sama♪”

She winked at me at the end of her reply.

“…I see. I will return to the previous topic then. Is it possible for you to transform into anything besides people?”

“If you ask whether it’s possible, yes, it is. I can return to my old, original form or…it requires your mana, but in addition…”

Old form?

“…What kind of form is it?”

“I will demonstrate it to you, Emissary-sama. It’s this kind of form――”

My <Apostle of Light Evil> transformed with a bright voice, seemingly happy. Once her body deflated while her face seemed to collapse…
Whoa, that’s a surprise.
She had turned into a small caterpillar or hairy caterpillar with a strangely glossy, golden skin.

“…That’s your true form, huh…? You were a golden caterpillar originally?”

“Chui chui.”

The <Apostle of Light Evil> caterpillar looked upwards while loosely bending her upper body back and forth. It was apparently a nod.

“Nyaa, nyaa~~n, nyao.”

Rollo-san showed a reaction towards the caterpillar. She swiftly jumped down on the ground. She didn’t unleash cat punches, but instead brought the tip of her nose close to the golden caterpillar. Restlessly moving her nostrils, seemingly very curious, she sniffed the scent of the caterpillar.

“…Rollo, you’re not allowed to eat her. So far as it goes, she’s my subordinate…or something like that, I suppose.”

Being smelled by Rollo, the caterpillar rolled itself up like a pillbug, apparently scared.

“Nyao.” Rollo meowed something like 『I know nya』.

However, it looks like she wants to hit the caterpillar with a cat punch. It’s pretty obvious that she’s itching to go for it.

“…It seems that you can’t speak in that state, but can you understand my words?”

“Chui chui.”

The caterpillar softly moved its rolled up body, answering by wiggling its upper body.
Once I closely checked the tip of the caterpillar, it had small compound eyes and something small and circular with fangs growing out. Caterpillars might actually be cute as well.
It looks like it can spit a thread or something like that from its mouth. I think I will ask it about its abilities.

“What can you do in that state?”

“Chui chui~♪”

At that moment, it made its body slowly stretch with the agility of a hairy caterpillar. It clung to the back of my right hand. Then the caterpillar imitated my finger, creating a mimesis.
Eh? A finger?

“Nyaa~” Rollo was surprised as well.

Suddenly a finger had grown out on top of my hand’s back…
The finger was independent. Moreover, it felt like a real finger, meaning I could use it as well…
Wow. Now I’m a real mutant.
However, since it’s just one finger, I can at least equip an extra magic ring on it?
Well, whatever. It doesn’t change that it’s a new power anyway.

“…Anything else you are capable of?”


Ca-chan, who had turned into a finger, couldn’t talk, but it gave me a cute answer by moving the finger up and down.
Oh, nice. It looks like it still has some other abilities in stock.
Ca-chan nonchalantly sucked my mana. Expanding with a poof, it turned into another arm.
…For real? Wow, that’s much more awesome than a finger.
A right arm was mounted on the back of my right hand. As expected, the <Chain Factor> mark hadn’t been reproduced, but otherwise it was completely identical to my right arm.
…This is great. Finally I can become a three-handed spear user…I wonder, can it extend its length beyond my wrist? In that case, will it grow as far as my back? Or, is it possible to create a gimmick-like clone arm while having it grow out from the area around the wrist? Plenty of issues to be resolved…
Surprising others by growing an arm or a finger out of my forehead as a party trick might be perfectly possible, though.

“…However, it sure consumes quite a bit mana…this arm transformation…”


<Apostle of Light Evil> Ca-chan moved the third arm which only went up to my wrist as if doing air quotes. Thinking about it now, she was the third apostle of an evil god, but it might have been her fate to become my third arm Ca-chan. I wonder whether it has any other abilities.

“Ca-chan, what else can you do?”

She snapped her five fingers, creating a nice sound.
Once I wondered whether that was all, the fingers withered away, and the arm changed into a person’s head…
It’s the previous man, Tsuan. He spoke.

“…What the hell…what happened to my body? Why am I just a head? Moreover, what’s that strange voice that has been reverberating inside my head since a while ago?”

It’s my side who’s completely baffled about what happened.
That’s what I wanted to answer, but…the composition of a man’s head growing out of my right arm…that’s bloody more dangerous than an alien.
Rollo was also startled by the sight of a human head growing out of my arm. The hair on her back stood on end, and she extended the bone swords from her tentacles.

“…Umm, Tsuan-san, right?”

“That’s right. My name is Tsuan. Having said that, boss…you’re the emissary of light evil, Shuuya, huh? The voice in my head is annoying. Be quiet for now, you damn monster!”

…Tsuan-san, trying to speak to your own brain with your eyes crossed…you’re a monster too. That’s a retort I couldn’t honestly tell him.

“…Ca-chan, who’s Tsuan-san’s mental consciousness or the pineal brain body, be silent for a bit.”

The consciousness is located in the brain?
If you consider it with the φ-theory of time travel, it should be an enormous information content with three consciousnesses…
The troublesome part of the information synthesis theory crosses my mind for an instant, but then flows away.1

“…I heard something like a confirmation from within me… Phew, finally some peace n’ quiet, huh? By the way boss, why am I just a head growing out of your arm?”

“Ah, before that…”

It looks like he can speak with Ca-chan in his brain, but it appears that not all of the visual data is being shared with all personalities through Ca-chan. It might be because he’s a different soul…I think it’s Ca-chan, or rather, Liliza who’s moving the body as main host.


“No need for any formal speech, boss.”

“Got it.”

Tsuan nodded upon my confirmation.

“You don’t remember what’s going on when Liliza is out on the surface?”

“If she’s in a state of a golden caterpillar, a finger, or an arm, there seem to be times when I know and don’t know what’s happening outside. It appears to change depending on the circumstances. Liliza is holding the control over this body…”

He was dissatisfied towards the end of his remark.
In other words, Liliza is the main personality, and Tsuan and Purin are side personalities, huh?
Accordingly I explained the details to Tsuan after introducing myself.

“No wonder that you have a black cat with you…boss is that spearmaster and black cat, huh? The one dubbed as demonic spear user and violet death god…the spearmaster who defeated Mad Knight. The new guildmaster of 【Remains of the Moon】 which crushed our 【Eyes of Twilight】. Ironic, far too ironic…for me to grow on the arm of the man I had been complaining about…I was about to try a bit harder to reorganize my life! But, why was I eaten by a monster, died, and am now growing out of boss’ arm!! Aaaagghh, is this a nightmare? Right, it must be a nightmare, right?”

Tsuan was crying. He’s pitiable, but…that part is an irony as well. After all he had taken on 【Apostle of Nightmares】 as opponents.

“…I’m sorry, but it’s the reality. Tsuan, don’t be pessimistic and consider it as having gained a new life. You’re my kin, but the power of a <Apostle of Light Evil> dwells in you as well.”

“…You’re not wrong…it’s correct what you say, but…I have become a head only…will I be able to move my body freely?”

“Please telepathically ask Liliza about that as she’s the main personality according to your own words.”

“I understand…”

Tsuan crossed his eyes once more, beginning a conversation inside his head. Shit…since it’s a funny face, I end up laughing.

“…I see. We can’t separate, but it looks like my body exists. What a relief. And, I also sense a strong bond to you, boss, exceeding that of family. This is a <Apostle of Light Evil>…boss, I’m a former dark guild member, but I also used to be a templar. If it’s a field where I can capitalize on that experience, I can help you. It might be unnecessary since you’re strong, but well, I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Tsuan apparently calmed down after talking with Ca-chan.

“Sure, best regards to you too. By the way, there was another woman called Purin, wasn’t there?”

“Looks like it. I will pass back control to Liliza for the time being.”

Tsuan’s face changed into Liliza’s.

“――I’m back♪”

It was a cute voice, albeit being a silver-haired woman’s head growing out from my arm.

“Welcome back. So, you can do one more transformation, right?”

“Yes, I’m changing――”

The silver hair turned into blond hair. There was a tattoo on the forehead, and light blue eyes. With her bright blush, this girl was a beauty, too. Head-only, though.

“Hello, I’m Purin.”

“Yo, Purin-san. You’re also a part of the <Apostle of Light Evil>, but I wonder whether you can understand that…”

“You can call it comprehension, or bond. I feel a deep bond with you. A bond…surpassing that with my ancestors. It’s mysterious. Also, I can hear a voice giving me an explanation inside my head, to some extent…”

“Liliza, be quiet for now.”

“Ah, I stopped hearing the voice. However, even though I died after being eaten…I’m alive? Moreover, right now I’m just a head…”

She looks bitter, but that’s something I can relate to.

“…You’re correct. Purin-san, you have been eaten and absorbed by an evil god’s apostle, but by coincidence, you were revived as my <Apostle of Light Evil>. That’s how it is.”

“…Yes. Thanks for your kindness. However, honorific language from the person whom I consider my Emissary-sama feels a bit embarrassing.”

“Understood. Is it fine to call you Purin then?”

“Sure. But, although it was coincidence, I feel happy to be able to live like this. And, I said so before, but I feel a special bond…exceeding the one towards my Selene brethren…one I have never felt so far…”

I knew that she was telling me her true feelings. Something similar to a gentle feeling was faintly transmitted to me. Is she different from Tsuan?

“Please tell me if there’s anything I can do for you. I will do anything. If it comes to battle, there’s my technique of using the bone needles characteristic to the Selene race, and I will do my best, making use of my experience as a B rank adventurer.”

She will do anything…huh? I’m happy to be told that by the cute Purin. A B rank adventurer, eh? If she passed that exam, I guess you can say that her abilities as an individual aren’t all that bad.

“I see. I’m counting on you together with Tsuan. Please switch to Liliza then.”


Purin’s face wriggled, and transformed. What appeared wasn’t Liliza’s face, but a new arm.

“It’s fine for you to take a human shape, as Liliza.”

Ca-chan formed an OK sign by putting her thumb and index finger together. The flesh wriggled with squishy sounds, went down to the ground, and transformed from its arm shape into a human shape.
It took her a bit of time to transform, but she returned to her form as Liliza.

“Emissary-sama, I’m back.”

She told me about having a few remaining memories from her time as the third apostle of an evil god. Hence I will try asking her about those. I’m kind of interested in what kind of fellow Evil God Nicross is.

“Aye. About your memories as a third apostle, what kind of god was that Evil God Nicross?”

“He possesses a rhinoceros beetle-like head. His whole body has thick bones as foundation, and is covered by something similar to decaying flesh. Usually he’s enveloping his body with a Wicked Wave Spirit Garment.”

A rhinoceros beetle-like head, huh? There was such an evil god statue among the ones in the ruin on the fifth, tenth, and twentieth floor we passed.

“Do you have any memories about the reason for attacking Mamani and the others?”

“Yes, I think it was immediately after tricking and eating the adventurer party that I encountered a tiger beastman who was fairly strong. I thought that she simply looked delicious and that I might become stronger if I were to absorb her abilities.”

I see. I can imagine.

“…It looks like the third apostle had been collecting magic stones and items, but was there any purpose in that?”

“There is. Evil God Nicross’ favorite dish are magic stones because they become the source of his mana. You can regard magic stones like minerals♪”

Is winking a habit of hers? I also disregarded the play on words. 2

“Are there any other memories you recall?”

“Yes, two more. First, the initial memory, my origin. In the past I was simply a golden, caterpillar-shaped monster called Golden Securion. It was at a time when I was living every day eating leaves, fruits, and insects in Fubalph’s Forest. Suddenly, because of Evil God Nicross who arrived there, I acquired the strange ability to absorb various things by eating them and the delight that I could get stronger by absorbing them. Soon after I ate a human adventurer, who had been hunting nearby, and absorbed her. It was Liliza. Liliza strongly fused with me. Even now her pronounced traits remain, including her habits.”

Liliza’s origin, huh?

“And the other one?”

“The second memory is about a three-way battle that took place on the 15th floor of the labyrinth.”


The battle from just now crossed my mind…

“Yes, the Demon King Class monster Eggword Metal vs. the evil god apostles vs. a great number of human adventurers. It’s a memory of a melee combat between those three groups. The first apostle Cherubim remained unscathed, but the fourth apostle Otherheart and the fifth apostle Do Al Derel were petrified and locked up inside a slate. The second apostle Noma Amud was injured by having his right arm turned into stone. It was a big, fierce battle.”

Why did they fight?

“Why fight on the 15th floor? With a Demon King Class? To begin with, on the 15th floor?”

I quickly threw my questions at Liliza.

“The 15th floor is called New World. There are countless Demon King class monsters such as Eggword Metal, Barbaryo’s Emissary, and so on. They are one of the great enemies of Evil God Nicross who’s spreading his influence in the New World. The adventurers are enemies, too. Since the adventurers fought against Eggword Metal as well, it turned into a three-way battle.”

So, the 15th floor is another world just like the 20th floor? That means, the 20th floor might also have a name like New World. Have the people living in New World three eyes like the evil races living on the 20th floor? I’m curious about those humans.

“…Those human adventurers…do they look like me? Or did they have three or four eyes?”

“I think there were only two-eyes like Emissary-sama, but since it’s not like I know all of them, I’m not completely sure. Just that the humans are one of the major forces on the 15th floor.”

I see. Is it fine to think that the 15th floor has an Earth-like planet as well then? Evil God Steertop said so as well, that it’s huge.

“How many apostles does Evil God Nicross possess?”

“Evil God Nicross’ apostles were six in total. Since I dropped out, it’s currently only the first, second and sixth, I believe.”

Is the probability low that those apostles will come to meddle with me if there’s another battle?
Well, I wonder. Liliza has no memory of it, but maybe there was an apostle among them who was close to her? Thus I think it’s possible that they will come looking for her. It’s fine to talk it out if possible, but if it comes to a battle…

“…I got it. Thanks for telling me. For the time being, mimic my finger.”


Liliza transformed into a golden caterpillar, moved on the palm of my right hand like a stretching spring, and then shifted between my thumb and index finger. There she transformed into a finger again, becoming my new sixth finger.
――Instinctively I brought it close to my eyes, staring at it very carefully. It’s quite real with nice nails.

“…Rollo, we’re going back to Helme.”

“Nn, nya.”

After Rollo got on my shoulder, we went back to the place where Helme was protecting the blond-haired woman.




Helme greeted me with a smile when I came back to her. The woman she had been protecting was still sleeping. However, currently it looked as if she was imprisoned by a magic water cage instead.

“Welcome back, Your Excellency.”

“I’m back. I killed the ringleaders of 【Apostles of Nightmares】.”

“The demons leading the evil heretics perished, haven’t they? I wanted to stab their butts with my ice stakes.”

Ah, wise men say detest the sin but weep for the sinner, but that’s really impossible here.
I’m also a monster on the side of the tainted who likes blood, but I can’t forgive those who capture innocent women, rape them, and delightfully devour them.

“…I think for the time being there won’t be any wicked ceremonies held in this city anymore. I absorbed a part of the evil god’s apostle and turned the other part into our comrade, though.”

“Comrade, you say…is it the person who split off earlier?”

“Yep, she can also transform into something like this finger.”

I showed my new finger to Helme.

“Eh!? You have six fingers!”

“In addition, she can transform into an arm, grow a head, and change into three personalities, including the silver-haired woman who had split off earlier.”


“Nn, nyan, nyaa~”

Rollo meowed with a triumphant look.
I guess I can demonstrate it a bit to her. I focus on the finger, triggering its transformation into an arm.

“Whoaa…there’s really another arm on your hand, Your Excellency…amazing. You accomplished an even stronger evolution. I’m happy…it makes me tremble.”

She really caused the bluish-black and blue leaves across her whole body to tremble and wave. Somehow I feel like we already had such an exchange in the past.

“Your skin is truly trembling, isn’t it?”

Helme nodded many times in response to my question. While excited, she approached me as she emitted sheets of water spray from her whole body.
She started to touch my new hand…with her soft palm.
I grasped her palm just like that. Of course with a lover’s hold.


She revealed a beautiful smile befitting a spirit. No matter how often I look at her big eyes and long eyelashes, she’s a pretty woman. Albeit a spirit with a blue, leafy skin.
I’m being healed by her.


At that moment, the woman, who had been sleeping on the ground, woke up.

“…This is? Did I finally arrive at the path leading to Seuros…? To the place of God of Justice Shafa-sama…huh?…I’m alive? My body is healed? I wasn’t eaten?”

I turned my eyes towards Helme. She released the lover’s hold, and after my new hand changed back into a finger, I instructed Helme, “Cancel the spell.”


The water cage that had concealed the blond-haired woman vanished.

“It looks like you woke up. I’m a B rank adventurer called Shuuya. I killed Naromivas, who seemed to be the mastermind of the 【Apostles of Nightmares】, and the man who hurt you.”

“What did you say!? That demonoid…you, Shuuya-dono, defeated with just that woman over there?”

Talking excitedly, the woman surveyed the vicinity while standing up.


Rollo meowed from atop my shoulder. It might be 『I did my best as well nya』.

“Ooooh, what a lovely black cat…with round and cute, red eyes.”

“She’s Rollo, my partner, who participated in the battle. Rollodeen is her full name. And, the one you see on the left is Helme.”

“…Got it. Rollo-dono, you’re a strong cat, aren’t you? And, Helme-dono, thank you.”

“No, don’t mention it. I just followed His Excellency’s orders.”

Helme had transformed so that it looked as though she was wearing clothes.

“His Excellency…? Helme-dono, you’re Shuuya-dono’s subordinate? B rank adventurer means you belong to some large clan?”

“No, I have a party, but we aren’t that big.”

Innocent Arms is a small scaled party. However, there are probably no other adventurers who have stepped onto the labyrinth’s 20th floor besides us.

“Shuuya-dono, are you a magic beast tamer? Or is she a skill-based familiar? Either way…it’s a fact that you saved my life…this body with its nice clothes. I’m truly grateful. Aaah, I’m terribly sorry! I forgot to introduce myself!”

At that point the woman held her head.

“Don’t mind it…”

“No, that’s an outrageous blunder. I’m Ivanka. I’m serving as Shafa’s battle priestess in a temple worshiping God of Justice Shafa. And I want to show my gratitude to you, Shuuya-dono. Since I can’t do anything for you here, can I have you come to the Shafa temple by all means?”

So she says, but currently I want to go back home and inform the others…

“…Gratitude, you say? Just your feelings are plenty. We’re going back to our friends.”

“…Can’t you somehow concede here? At this rate I won’t be able to escape the slander of ingratitude. Besides, my hot feelings…”

Her eyes that combined blue and golden colors were moist. It was a womanly expression.
…If I’m told something like this by a beauty who has scars left on her face, I can’t really refuse, can I?

“…Understood, I will just escort you to the Shafa temple…that’s okay with you?”

“Then it won’t be any thanks. But, fine. Anyway, I want to show you my gratitude…”

“Got it. Let’s go to the entrance then. Helme, into my left eye. Rollo, transform as well.”


“Nn, nya~”

Rollo jumped off my shoulder, landing on the ground. She grew her body with a poof. She had transformed into a reliable, black beast with an aerodynamic, imposing head.
Helme turned into liquid in an instant, and went into my left eye in a spiral.

“Whaaat, for them to transform…I guess that settles it that you’re a remarkable magic beast user. It’s been a while since I last saw a transforming beast. And yet, her black fur is pretty and glossy…and Helme-dono has gone into your left eye…”

Ivanka was taken aback with her lips trembling.

“If possible, I’d be happy if you could keep it a secret.”

“Of course! ――Kyaaa.”

Suddenly Ivanka screamed with her boobs bouncing.
Yep, Rollodeen’sHorse Lion tentacle had coiled itself around her waist and lifted her up, carrying her on top of Rollodeen’s back with its bushy fur. I jumped on Rollodeen as if taking part in a pommel horse contest, straddling on her back. At the same time as I grasped the tentacle rein, our senses were shared.

“Shuuya-dono, umm…”

She timidly asked from behind whether it was fine for her to hug my back.

“Go ahead.”

I answered with a cool face, but…the elemental devices of the Boobs Research Society that were located on my back squirmed around.

“I see, then please excuse me!” She put her arms around my waist and embraced me.

How nice. The elasticity of her boobs is irresistible…she was at the level of Eva, the hidden big-boob owner.

While enjoying Ivanka’s soft sensation on my back, “…Rollo, you remember the way to the entrance, right? Time to bid farewell to this gloomy place.”


Rollodeen kicked off the ground with a powerful movement of her limbs, and started to run as if flying.
――She plunged through the madder red cave.
Since Ivanka was with us, it wasn’t an explosive speed. I think it’s alright, but it’s still quite fast.
――She might end up fainting despite being a war maiden of the Shafa temple.
My partner was quickly proceeding through the cave. If seen from the side, it might look as if we’re riding through a narrow tunnel on a huge motorbike with a jet propulsion installed. I even felt as if my visual field within the cave we ran through narrowed down.
It was such a visual effect, but my dynamic vision had remarkably improved as Light Demon Lucival. I don’t know into what category of my status, be it strength, agility, stamina, mana, dexterity, or spirit, it belonged, but ― is it simply because I’m endowed with demonic eyes?
While pondering about such things, I let my eyes carefully wander, making sure that there were no evil heretics left in the corners of the cave.



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  1. This whole part sounds like a Stein’s Gate reference
  2. In the line above Liliza used favorite dish (好物) and mineral (鉱物). Both are read as koubutsu, but mean different things. The ♪ marks her winking.

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