Chapter 238 – The Beautiful Sisters’ Relief

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“Rollo, get down on the courtyard.”


Rollodeen did as told, and touched down on the stone paving with her limbs that possess power and flexibility at the same time.
I stroked her torso with a deep feeling of gratitude for her hard work.
――This bushy, soft and fluffy fur is wonderful.
I caressed her black fur and her skin beneath the fur with my fingers for a while.1 Then, after wrapping it up by gently clapping the back of my partner with one hand, and poking her with the other hand, I lifted one leg, and while putting both legs together in the air as I sat on Rollodeen, I drew an arc with them, and landed on the ground. Kind of like the finishing move in a pommel horse contest.
Immediately after I got down in such a way, Divine Beast Rollodeen filled her body with power, seemingly influenced by my moves, and made a wheelie as she raised both her front legs, trying to pull an gymnastic stunt.
Haha, how funny.


With that boastful cry, my partner kicked the ground with her hooves, and jumped high up in the air. As if to hide her exposed belly, Rollodeen twisted her body while making it shrink, switching from her horse size to her usual kitten size.

“Rollo, that was cool.”


Huh? I praised her, but she only meowed, ignored me and ran off without coming on my shoulder. Rollo-san proceeded onward, apparently focusing on not stepping off the boundary line between stone paving and lawn. She skillfully trotted ahead, placing one leg in front after the other.

“A new game, huh?”

“Nnn.” She answered with just a throaty purr while shaking her tail.

Watching the carefree playing of Rollo…
You lose if you step off the road’s white line or something like that…a mysterious game I also played in my childhood. I also did kick the can, red light green light, and watermelon splitting in the park, didn’t I?
I also did stunts like flying through the air after jumping off a swing that had gained too much momentum…Grandpa sure scolded me when I injured myself after falling down flashily.
Rollo-san acted like playing such a white line game, but…it’s odd for her to not go over to Popobumu and Balmint. Popo and Bal haven’t come here either. How unusual.
Is Popo eating fodder in the stable? I thought that Bal might charge at me while gaoing, but―― I looked in the direction of the stable.
Ah, I see…Popo and Bal have been asleep.
They were lazily sleeping on the lawn in front of the stable in comfortable postures, huddling their bodies together like parent and child.
That sight has some cuteness to it. Did Rollo want to avoid waking the two? Though, she might simply be engrossed with her new game.
Now then――
Although it’d be fun to play with Rollo, I guess I will go inform everyone.
I turned my feet towards the main building while watching Rollo’s retreating figure. At that point, I sensed magic sources from behind me. It’s Kaldo and the others.
They ran up to me from the front gate. Let’s head to the main building together with them. I think everyone has already heard the news, but…just in case, I will tell them.

“Mamani, Bia, Souther, Fuu, it’s alright now. I defeated the silver-haired monster woman that chased after you. Her name was Liliza. But, rather than having killed her, you might as well say that I defeated her by absorbing her, but well, the finer details can wait for later. Come with me since I’m going to explain it to everyone.”

I should also collect some blood as a countermeasure against abductions, huh?




I moved to the entrance area of the main building with Kaldo and Mamani’s group. My partner also stopped playing around, and gave a reply. She had switched towards pranking Kaldo by nudging his face with her tentacles, but Kaldo didn’t react to it at all. However, sometimes his cheeks slackened, and it felt as though he was smirking.

“Rollo-sama…too cute…suppressing my excitement every time is…” Kaldo muttered under his breath, but I disregarded him.

I don’t think that she did it to imitate me, but Rollo ignored Kaldo, too. She headed with small, brisk and rhythmical steps to the entry hall.
Then she pressed both her front paws against the closed entrance door, and looked my way as if asking, 『Is it fine nya, to scratch this place nya?』.
As I remained silent, Rollo started to move her front paws up and down as if saying 『I can’t endure it any longer nya』.
Again? But her paws didn’t stop moving. She went at it for dear life, scratching away at the surface of the door with her claws as if shouting, 『Open this door, open nya!』.

“Rollo, the entrance door will…”


Ugh, that face and those perfectly round eyes looking up to me…too cute!
I opened the entrance door that had Rollo’s scratch marks left on it. Sorry, Mr. Door.
At once, Rollo-san single-mindedly and quickly ran inside the building. On the way, her hind legs slipped and she was about to flop down. How funny.
At the living room, Rollo’s destination,…Great Knight Remrona, Fran, and my <Head Servant Leaders> had gathered.

“Ah, Shuuya, good job~ Welcome back~” Rebecca greeted me in the style of saluting.

Her two arms and armpits were charming.

“Welcome home.”

“Nn, welcome back.”

“Master, we have put Mimi to rest.”

Everyone was on standby while sitting on their chairs. They wore getups that looked sturdy, allowing them to go into battle at any time. It’s obvious that they were focusing on protecting Remrona, Fran, and Mimi.

While looking at their appearance, I headed to the living room’s table. “…I’m home. Thanks for watching the house as a countermeasure against the monster. Viine, good work on your rescue mission of Mimi, and Yui, good work on guarding Fran and Remrona. It’s a big help to have all of you with me.”

“No problem.”

“Sure thing.”

“Where is Mimi resting?” I asked Viine.

“On a bed inside the mansion. I have also made Isabell and the vice-head maids take a rest. It looked like they haven’t slept much in the last few days.”

Viine apparently handed out various instructions. But yes, Mimi definitely needs some rest.

“I see. It was an appropriate measure.”

“Nn, Shuuya, I saw in your blood message that you defeated the heretics’ leaders and the monster woman, but were they strong?” Eva asked with Rollo resting on her knees.

That cheeky cat secured herself the spot on Eva’s lap. Eva had put her black hair together. The hair ends of that short, bundled hair were swaying around her nape.

“…They were strong, but I managed to defeat them without a hitch.”


Eva extended a slender arm towards me, and touched me, apparently wanting to read my mind. Certainly, reading my mind is the quicker method, I suppose. She will also learn about the situation with Ivanka, but…I think I will let her know, while relying on Eva’s kindness.
However, as it seems that I’m pushing my selfishness on her, I experience a painful feeling of guiltiness. But, I am who I am.
While harboring such feelings, I moved behind her magic wheelchair, placed my right hand on the handle of the backrest’s top part, and at the same time, put my left palm on Eva’s left shoulder.
A nice aroma wafted over to me from Eva’s glossy black hair. Eva faintly said, “Nn,” and looked up at me while sitting by bending her head backwards.
I won’t look at her seductive chest, maintaining a gentlemanliness. Probably because Rollo is sitting in her lap, it’s an appearance as if she’s hugging a cute pet. Her angelic smile…is soothing.
Thereupon, that angel gently placed her palm on the back of my hand that rested on her shoulder.

“Nn…the fingers…”

Eva stared at my hand with crossed eyes. She had apparently noticed that my hand had gained another finger.

“Fran-san and Remrona-san are in good health.” Yui said.

She was sitting next to the two sisters.

Remrona added, “Shuuya. Thank you for taking care of Fran. Representing Oseberia, I thank you for coming to rescue the many women, including myself. However, I’m bothered by the mysterious split-mouthed man, who saved everyone by opening the cage’s doors…”

Remrona’s voice was deep for a woman.
Black tea and sweets for guests were lined up on the table in front of her. I wonder whether Viine had arranged for them.
Nothing less of such a smart girl. She doesn’t miss anything. The other party is a Great Knight and a Viscountess, in other words, a big shot.
The mysterious man mentioned by her coincided with the matter Mimi talked about. He was the man who created that chaos.

“…When I escaped the underground, that split-mouthed man wasn’t present anymore. Going by his actions, I can guess that he’s quite powerful.”

“An enemy of our enemy, who infiltrated 【Apostles of Nightmares】, huh?”

I think a Great Knight will be able to find an answer.
Naromivas, the leader of 【Apostles of Nightmares】, was the son of a Duke. If it comes to organizations likely to be hostile towards him, I’d say that man might have been a spy of Zamalia, Leften, or Radford, or a member of a normal organization under a high-ranking noble of Oseberia who’s hostile to Naromivas. Otherwise, a dark guild…
Naromivas himself fluently talked about it as well. That there are many organizations who are on bad terms with him.
【Black Prophet】 or such. That’s how he called himself.
There might be various, complicated drama going on in the underworld. Given that I have absolutely no interest in it, let’s ignore it. If heretics come to meddle with me, it’s “Slay Evil Immediately.” 2 For the time being, I guess I will give Remrona a rundown.

“…The founder of 【Apostles of Nightmares】, Naromivas, mentioned some 【Black Prophets】 and 【Pivot Council of Darkness】, but do you have any clues on them?”

“I have heard about the 【Black Prophets】. It’s about people who managed to transmigrate from being humans to demonoids, demons, or kin of spirit world gods, hiding tremendous powers, I think. Their numbers seem to be low, though…”

She’s not overly well-informed about them? Or maybe she doesn’t want the overall power of the state agency White Nine to become obvious…
Anyway, the underworld is the underworld, and the surface is the surface. No matter how high the ability to trace a target might be among the soldiers of White Nine and the Great Knights, I’m sure it’s difficult for them to cover all of the underground caves and tunnels. There are countless religious groups and dark guilds. Various ulterior motives such as keeping an equilibrium with the kingdom’s central figures might play into this.
Not to mention that there are likely normal criminals and murderers seeking the bizarre without any connections to religious fanatics and their ilk. The things Remrona can do in this big city are limited, I’m certain. And despite all that, there’s also the war against the empire, and relationships to nobles connected to the prince…
Just imagining it, it must be an absurd workload.
That’s why she’s using her younger sister, Fran, as a spy. I think Remrona can place her trust in her exactly because they are family, much more so than because of her abilities and such.
I slightly pity her for her workload…

“…Anyway, it’s great that Mimi and Remrona are safe and sound. Fran, I’m sure you’re relieved as well.” I looked at the other red-haired woman – Fran.

She had been hiding her left arm with the compound eyes beneath a cloth. Her transparent falcon still didn’t come back. I wonder whether she sent it out for further work.

“Yeah, I am. Being able to save sis is thanks to you, Shuuya. As expected, it was the correct choice to rely on you. I’m…”

Fran revealed a smile up to the middle of her reply, but had she been holding back her emotions? Suddenly tears burst out of her eyes.
Remrona lent her shoulder to her crying sister after looking at her gently. Both of them had expressions full of relief. It moved me to tears. Precisely because I had seen the gruesome location of the crimes…
I’m truly happy that I could rescue these sisters.

“…Yep, it was a great idea. The judgment to urgently request Shuuya’s help at that time and place was calm and correct, I believe.” Yui said while warmly looking at the two sisters, and she added, “I was easily able to escort Fran-san and Remrona-san out while getting rid of the evil heretics chasing after the escaping women.”

It looks like she managed to finish her guard duty without problems.

“Yui, thanks to you as well.”

Yui, who replied with a pleasant smile as if saying that it was no problem, said, “I’d like us to speak about Shuuya’s actual fights not mentioned in the blood message, rather than me. The demonoid-like man, who had been in the center of that underground, the boss of the 【Apostles of Nightmares】, the tall, cow-faced man, a leader of 【Apostles of Nightmares】, and a silver-haired woman who fought against those heretic forces? That silver-haired woman was an ominous monster who had attacked Mamani and the others. Shuuya, you fought and defeated all of them, right?”

“Yeah, I did. But to be precise, only the end was slightly different.”

“Different?” Yui looked puzzled.

At the moment when I intended to talk about the battle situation, Mysty said, “――I heard a bit from Yui, but I didn’t imagine that the silver-haired monster woman would go for the 【Apostles of Nightmares】.”

Being drawn in by her voice, I looked at Mysty.

“Since I fully believed that she would attack this mansion, I hurried frantically, and even if it’s just the right arm of the sorcery doll…I improved it so that I could move it.”

Behind her chair stood the simple golem, operated by her. Only the right arm of the golem was abnormally thick. It felt as if there’s some kind of gimmick to it. It appears she finished the improvement in this short period of time.
However, is it because its body weight is distributed unevenly…? The golem is swaying unsteadily. I should thank the girls who did their best in their research. Also, once more toward Kaldo.

“Mysty, Eva, Rebecca, and Kaldo, thanks for having stayed and watched the mansion.”

“――Kind comrades of Master, thank you very much.” Following me, Mamani also extended her thanks as representative of the combat slaves.

“Fufu, it was your instruction, wasn’t it Shuuya? However, I really love that honest side of yours. Also, you combat slaves don’t have to humble yourself so much. We’re like comrades now, you know.” Rebecca was small, but the way she talked made you sense an elder sister aura.

“Nn, I want to try touching Mamani’s tiger pelt once.” Eva said while looking at Mamani with her violet eyes.

It looks like she’s interested that white, yellow, black tiger-like fur. But she’s right, it does look fluffy. I want to touch it as well.

“True, for me it’s puppy-chan. I think I want to study Souther’s movements as a swordfighter more. She allowed me to observe it once before, but I’m curious why you became a slave despite displaying such a high quality of swordsmanship.”

It seemed as though Yui had memorized Souther’s swordsmanship moves, and wanted to know about his, no, her past.

“The disadvantage of being small, no, putting that small build to use, the moves of the Flying Sword Style are close to that of a martial artist. Did you possibly train at the God of Military Arts Temple in 【Mine City Tandarl】?”

Because Kaldo was also using the sword, he was curious, I think. Don’t tell me, to take her as a member of his dark guild? Does he want a boyish girl as a leader candidate or something?
When I indulged in such doubts, Souther moved her small mouth.

“I know the God of Military Arts Temple, but I’ve never been there. My origin is the Noir Forest located in front of the Housand Plateau in the east of Oseberia. I lived there together with my brethren.”

I have heard the name of Housand before. However, Noir Forest? That’s a first for me. Is it it a place similar to a hometown where Souther’s brethren live? Cute, tiny beastmen with fluffy fur, the homeland of a race with ears resembling those of a dachshund.

While imagining all that, I asked, “…Noir Forest?”

“Yes, our race calls it like that. It might be fairly unknown. But, a few of the Sosariel race are also living deep in the forest, in secluded areas. Moreover, you can find plenty of cuton nuts which resemble pesoto nuts. It’s also known a bit as the grazing place of tolerme sheep.”

Sosariel race. I haven’t forgotten that characteristic face. The alien priestess Marin Peradas, who’s protecting the Large Tree of Holker, is one of them. I hope she’s doing fine. I wonder how things would have turned out, had I married that priestess and lived in Holker. A life…in good health, no, no, that’s impossible.
Let’s get back to imagining the hometown of the fluffy, boyish-girl beastmen. I dream how Alpaca-styled humans eat mugwort dangos and put wasabi on huge, mysterious dango skewers at the school’s lunch cafeteria.

“…Shuuya, why are you looking upwards?” Rebecca had her eyes drawn by my delusional stare. While whispering, she looked in the same direction.

It made me want to touch Rebecca’s long ears, but without teasing her…I stopped dreaming around, and properly imagined the Noir Forest.
Noir Forest. A place with many small beastmen, Souther’s kin. A world surpassing the Alpaca Land… I wanna see that land of fluff. Rollo will likely be delighted as well.

As I continued that delusion, err, imagination, Souther said with a gloomy face, “…After I came to this city, I frequented the swordsmanship dojo of Tyler Oldarson, located southeast of the arena. I continued working as an adventurer while training diligently with my friend. And the reason why I fell into slavery was a betrayal by that friend…someone dear to me…I was double-crossed by a small beastman.”

Betrayal. Mamani and Bia showed a pained expression in response to that word. The snake tongue extending from Bia’s mouth drooped down for a change. On the other hand, Fuu’s beautiful face didn’t show any reaction. She had her head possessed by the Evil God Hyuriox’ bug.
Going by those reactions, all my slaves except for her might have fallen into slavery because of betrayals.

“…I see. Sorry. Since you’re Shuuya’s personal combat slave, I won’t pry any further into your past anymore, Souther.”

Souther glanced at Yui and smiled, but her face revealed her depression.

At that point, “Nnn~, nyao.”

Rollo, who loves Souther, appeared in front of her, as if saying 『Stop pulling such a face nya』. She approached Souther while releasing such a throaty purr, and extended several tentacles from her neck towards Souther’s gloomy face.


Souther couldn’t deal with the sudden attack by Rollo’s beansprout-shaped tentacles, and had her furry tiny body massaged.

As her fluffy fur continued to bulge, “Rollo-samaaa, aahn.”

She was unable to stand any longer as she leaked such seductive voice. She flopped down on the floor with her small butt as she rubbed her inner thighs against each other.

“…Rollo, you shouldn’t tease her too much.”

“Nn, nya?”

Rollo responded to my voice. She stopped with the mysterious game that maybe had the intention to encourage Souther. Rollo returned to my feet and bumped her small head against my legs several times. She was going back and forth between my feet.
Once she rubbed her head, back, and even her tail against my legs, she bumped her head against Eva, too.

A thick sound of hitting metal resounded from my partner’s head, but Rollo only looked my way with crossed eyes. What a funny face. My partner purred throatily, and then meowed, “Nyao? Fuuu, nya?”

It was a cry I haven’t heard often from her. I felt like it sounded like a confused voice of 『Whyat this nya? Just whyat is this suppyosed to be nya?』, but…probably it’s because she was confused by me.

“Fufu, Rollo-chan, out of enthusiasm you ran into the magic wheelchair.” Eva said while grasping my hand, and smiling at Rollo’s state, who was restlessly scurrying around at her feet.

“Pfft, Shuuya is also laughing with a weirdo face.” Rebecca laughed at me, but I didn’t mind.

Now then, with them having calmed down…I have to explain.
Eva looked at my memories while touching my hand. That’s why I think that she knows to some extent.
Behind that Eva…towards everyone present here…I recounted the battles against the 【Apostles of Nightmares】, the boss Naromivas and the highest leader, Kreuz. I informed them in detail about the fight against the 【Apostles of Nightmares】, who worshiped Goddess of Nightmares Vaamina, and Liliza, the third apostle of Evil God Nicross.
By the way, I skipped out on the parts about my new subordinate and her ability to turn into a finger or arm. As expected, it’s nothing I can mention in front of Oseberia’s Great Knight Remrona, and her sister and subordinate (?), Fran.

“…The ones who caught sis were the guys under Naromivas, a kin of Goddess Vamina, huh…?”

“What an unbelievable story. A duke’s son…I have to urgently inform Prince Fals about the details of this incident.”

“Sis, albeit for a short time, you were kept as a prisoner. I think you should rest…”

“I’m okay.”

“I also tried to persuade her to go lay down in the mansion like Mimi, but…” Viine muttered.

Thereupon, Remrona stared at me meaningfully. Going by her position, it’s probably inevitable. Though it would be better for her to rest like Fran and Viine said.

After making eye contact with Remrona, “I think that it’s better for you to take a rest, okay?” I encouraged her.

“…Are you going to take a rest together with me?”

What a bold statement.


All present looked at Remrona in surprise.

『She fell in love with you after hearing of your feats, Your Excellency. But that’s only natural.』

Helme showed her understanding.

“Sis, you like Shuuya?”

“Fufu, it’s a joke. No, the truth is…” After saying so to Fran, Remrona looked at me with a gentle look again.

It was a look different from the inquisitive expression she showed me in the past as Great Knight. It was a private smile as a woman. Her dimples that stuck out like needles were adorable.

“…No, I don’t really need to take a rest.” Remrona used a womanly tone as if persuading herself, and looked at her sister once more. “…The recent events might cause a major collapse among the crown prince’s faction. However, right now we’re in the middle of a war against Radford.”

Remrona reverted to her knightly speech pattern. As for me, I think her womanly speech pattern is much nicer.

“…Yep, even if you use the Sacred Guardian Aldit-sama, the ancient dragon mounted by the leader of the Magic Dragoon Unit, Crown Prince Relsan-sama, the war situation is bad.” Fran explained with a serious expression.

“You’re right. The empire is strong. We lost the battle while fielding the First Magic Dragoon Unit’s leader, the second unit’s leader, the First Blue Iron Knight Order, the duke’s Red Horse Knight Order, and moreover three Great Knights affiliated to the crown prince. I hear that even the ceasefire negotiations didn’t go well. And then there was the scandal in the duke house that’s one of the two big cornerstones of the first prince’s faction that’s supporting those advocating the war…it was a serious blow for the kingdom, but for His Highness Fals…Fran, I can’t take a rest right now.”

I have heard that the war was going badly for the kingdom, but isn’t it getting quite dangerous?
I kind of don’t think that it’s a situation for factional disputes. Well, I won’t poke my nose too deeply into it.

“…Okay. Since Marquis Langrid, Earl Decoure, other main nobles, the guard unit let by Lord Tanguen, the first ranked Great Knight, who have been staying on standby in the capital, and the Second Blue Iron Knight Order’s Captain Viscount Reed have switched sides, we will omit this guy…I have to lay the groundwork, and also contact 【Bloody Long Ears of the White Whale】. We have to carefully aim at splitting the king’s hands and the royal magicians while the Central Noble Council matches their moves with the female fox…and, what are you going to do about the recommendation for the vacant Great Knight spot?”

The two seem rather busy over there.

“About that…” Remrona muttered as if agreeing with her sister, and gazed my way. “Shuuya Kagari-dono…”

Hmm? Why so formal all of a sudden?

“I’d like to recommend you for the post of 8th-ranked Great Knight of the Oseberia Kingdom, but what’s your take on it? Won’t you accept the call?”

Me as a Great Knight? That will just turn into an enactment of the proverb, reaching for the stars.

“I decline.”

“Wh-, fast…”

“Sorry. Or rather, did you forget that I’m the guildmaster of a dark guild?”

“The recommendation is based on that.”

I guess that means it’s an invitation that includes the dark side.

“I’m happy about you valuing me so highly. But, I have no intention to serve a country. I mean, I love my freedom.”

“…Taking it leisurely without being tied down by worldly affairs… Well, I guess I brought up the topic way too quickly. I will lock away the talk about the recommendation in my heart. For now!”

Even if you lock it away, I don’t have any plans to accept it anyway. If it’s your boobs, I will gladly accept them, though.3

“…So, Shuuya, unrelated to the recommendation, let me thank you once more. I’m deeply thankful for you having rescued me.”

“Don’t worry about it. Rather than worrying about me, it looks like you and Fran got your fair share of troubles.”

“Yeah. I have to return to His Highness’ mansion and the grounds where the nine Great Knights are stationed. Fran also has another job to do.”


The sisters nodded at each other. Then the elder one turned her eyes in my direction, and grinned broadly.

As Remrona sent me a passionate gaze, “Lastly, I intend to properly thank you in private other than the matter with the recommendation.”

Those words…had a tinge of love in them. I’m looking forward to that private thanks.

“…Roger, I’m waiting in anticipation.”

“I also plan to privately thank you together with sis.”

Fran as well, huh?
I’m happy about the private thanks by the two beautiful sisters.

“Wait a sec there~ All I hear is private here, private there…it bothers me a bit.”

“Nn, Shuuya possesses a charm pulling in people――”

Eva released violet mana from her body, cladding it in something like an aura. She pinched the edges of her dress, and rolled it up. She made her wheelchair transform while showing off her metal legs and soft-looking thighs.
The instant she shifted from her Segway mode into her new metallic legs while switching the metals of her metallic legs was artistic. It had a cuteness to it due to the refined moves. Her slender legs and the thin, green and black metal stripes running down from her knees’ sides to her calves were lovely…
I’m getting excited by just her slender, metal legs. Huh? The shapes of the wheels attached to her ankles have become slightly sharp? Did she improve on them?
As I was fascinated by her transformed appearance, Eva performed a turn with one leg as axis, and threw herself into an embrace by my arm while spinning.
She was wearing a one-piece dress and a leather armor. I only wore leather clothes.
Right, the soft sensation of her boobs was fully transmitted to my arm. It was the feeling of Eva’s hidden big boobs. It directly encroached my arm’s nerve network and stimulated my <Demonic Cerebral Spine Revolution> that surpasses the speed of <Demonic Brain Speed>, err, my worldly desires.
Eva-san gifted me with a delightful sensation.
After pressing her boobs against my arm, she clung to me even closer so as to sandwich my arm between her boobs. While pushing her body against my arm, and even up to the area of my shoulder, as if to tend to it with her boobs, she made her body move with her violet mana…and whispered into my ear.

“Nn, Shuuya…” An erotic voice and a hot breath.

Due to Eva’s sexy super Esper’s magic voice, I received a sensation similar to having my brain and eardrums jolted.

“I will stay silent about the matter with the war maiden. In return you will make sweets together with me, right?” She whispered with her violet eyes gleaming.

Then she landed on her new metallic feet. It looks like she watched my sex affair with the erotic Ivanka with her psychic ability.
Did she turn proactive after becoming excited? Her eyes are a bit bloodshot, and her cheeks and ears have become slightly red. At the same time, the smell of a woman drifted over from Eva.
She’s way too cute…at that moment I sensed mana filled with bloodlust.

“Master! Although you’re a strong male…it can’t be helped, but! As an individual I won’t lose!” Viine’s voice reverberated.

Then again, Viine also sent me an alluring look that was hard to resist for a man. She pursed her small, violet lips a bit, a nice gesture as if demanding a kiss!

“――I won’t lose to Eva.” Rebecca energetically spoke up next to Viine.

Blue flames dwelt in her eyes. She swiftly moved close to my side, and grasped my hand.

“Master, me too…”

“Eh? Even Mysty? All of you, a Great Knight is present, you know?” Yui calmly retorted, but I felt like I could read 『I want to be embraced』 from Yui’s face.

“Hahaha, Yui-dono, don’t mind me. Besides…” Remrona looked at me as she laughed heartily. “…He’s the man I fell in love with. I think that’s the very proof of a man’s dependability. Otherwise I’d be troubled.”

Hearing her sister’s casual confession, Fran repeatedly blinked her eyes. Everyone else also became noisy.

Remrona loudly cleared her throat, “…Well then everyone, thanks for taking care of us. Fran, let’s go――”

“Ah, okay. Shuuya, and everyone, thank you very much.”

Fran was in a fluster, but following Remrona’s deep bow, she bowed her head as well, and then headed towards the entrance door as if chasing after her sister.
The sisters left the house.
He’s the man I fell in love with, huh? Even at the very end, she was cool as a female knight.
However, I don’t know whether it was influenced by Remrona’s confession, but…Eva and Rebecca, who were nestling close to my arms on both sides, looked at me with anxious expressions.


“…Remrona and Fran are beauties, aren’t they…?”

Their worried looks were cute as well. I immediately squeezed their hands, and gently but tightly hugged their bodies with the idea of giving them a peace of mind.

“Aaah, Shuuya.”

“Nn, thanks, Shuuya…”

…The characteristic softness of women, and a nice scent. It’s heaven. I’m being healed.
Now then, I guess I have to explain my new powers and comrade. While experiencing a small happiness, I separated from the girls’ bodies.

“There’s still something I have to tell all of you, so please hear me out…”



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  1. Cutting out a paragraph of comments about black fur here. Why? Cuz cat love has its limits.
  2. A line from the Shinsengumi guy in Ruruoni Kenshin, look
  3. The lock away in my heart…heart here is in the raw chest…but it doesn’t fit well with English. That’s why the pun on accepting her boobs makes more sense if you know that chest was originally used here

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