The Spearmaster and the Black Cat – Chapter 82: Battle without Honour and Humanity in the Garden Lantern Avenue

Heyas folks,

here’s your battle chapter.

Two notes before that though:

1.) The chapter’s title part “Battle without Honour and Humanity” refers to a Japanese yakuza movie from 1973.

2.) You will notice that I sometimes write magic spear with capital letters (Magic Spear) and sometimes not. Capital letters means the magic spear wand as a whole as we couldn’t find a proper item name for it (though there are such weapons in various games). Without capital letters it means the spear part of the magic spear wand.

This chapter has been translated by Shasu and edited by Kelechi and Marco.


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  1. It’s yakuza time!

  2. Well if she is bleeding out he can fix that if he remembers. I mean she does fill his criteria for Vampire (though probably the lesser version of whatever he is) subordinate.

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