The Spearmaster and the Black Cat – Chapter 77: Thieves Guild 【Belgart】

Heyas folks,

sorry for the delay. Originally this one should have been posted on Saturday but as I’ve been the last days down with the flu and basically only posted what I had in stock anyway, this one took me a bit longer.

Now for two additional news: First, I decided to up the release rate from bi-weekly to 3 per 4 weeks, meaning Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! will become monthly and this series will fill out the remaining spots. Starting with 10th March.

Second, I uploaded chapters 1-4 on this blog as the original translator’s site doesn’t host them anymore. No, I won’t edit them. It’s just a re-post. I won’t change anything there. It’s just for those wanting to read the series from the start but having problems using google to find chapters. You will find the chapters 1-4 here.

Chapter 77 translated by Shasu, edited by Marco. Enjoy~~


  1. Oh thank bob it was just a cold, I don’t think i could deal with that being the actual release speed for each chapter……

    My moral compass:

  2. theofilo otoni

    Thx for the chapter, and for the up in the speed to come!

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