The Spearmaster and the Black Cat – Chapter 132: Impersonification of the Peerless Lǚ Bù

Heyas folks,

first off, I added the illustrations of Volume 8 to the Gallery and also into the respective chapters (some might seem weirdly placed but I checked the LN – those not fitting at all have been left away and can only be seen in the Gallery).

Secondly, I’d like people to help with the Glossary. The author himself has one as well, and I checked it out today, but it was like a major spoiler festival (Author-san warns to read up to the latest raw chapter – I can confirm, it makes sense). As such we will have to work on a separate Glossary that doesn’t contain that many spoilers. You can find the link to the Google Doc at the bottom of this chapter or here.

Lastly, this chapter would have originally been a 2-part chapter but as the next chapters are even much longer than this one, you get one release this week and the next ones will be split into parts.

Edited by DPalmz.


Enjoy the chapter~

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