The Spearmaster and the Black Cat – Chapter 107: Buying Magic Scrolls

Heyas folks,

today at work I had some time and checked out the reviews of Spearmaster over at Novel Updates. And there I stumbled upon a guy bashing all people involved (author + both translators that worked/are working on the series) in Spearmaster in the most recent review. In our case he claimed that the English language is error-ridden all across the board.

Well, since I’m no native speaker (never claimed to be so either), that might be so? I do think that Marco (and Kelechi in the past) did a fairly good job until now, but maybe I’m biased? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Since Kelechi has gone poof and Marco is recently busy with RL, I wanted to use this as opportunity to look for a new editor or two to help out to improve the “faulty” English.

The novel is currently at 478 chapters in the raw and still ongoing, so I’m looking for people willing to join in for the long run. Native English language skill is required. The releases are weekly, so you need to have a schedule allowing you to edit the chapters properly. And once again, this is a long-term project.

If you are interested DM me on Discord (you can join our server at the side bar) or contact me at

This chapter has been edited by Marco.



  1. i mean, you can definitely see that it’s english that came from japanese and there’s some mistakes here and there but not enough to really complain about, let alone bash you guys

    • Agreed

    • If the guy got time to write a complaint in NU then he should just f*cking help the translators and comment the ‘mistakes’ he saw.
      If so h better GTFO

    • Yeah, I know that I tend to stick close to the author’s way of wording so it’s probably obvious that it’s English coming from Japanese. I try to improve my English skills by adopting what my editors fix and including phraseology I pick up from English novels etc. but when I get home from work after 9 hrs work, I tend to fall back into the easy way of translating, namely what the author writes without prettying it up in English (which is difficult for me as a non-native anyways).
      But that’s also the reason why I keep looking for editors. I do wish to improve the chapter quality for the readers as I’m a bit of a perfectionist myself as well. 🙂

  2. Well if that person really had a problem with how the English Language is edited, then why not put his hand up to help instead of bashing you guys. The past translator didn’t even have an editor for his work. At least INT Team is trying to (and doing a good job) of making the chapters readable. Half the time those that complain aren’t from an English speaking country (USA or Europe).

    Keep up the good on this and the other novels guys. It is readable to me and I can understand in which direction the story is going.

  3. Thanks for doing this chapter!?

  4. If you look at that persons other reviews you’ll see that they seem to just give 1 star to popular jp series

  5. oh man that guy always gave 1 star to every popular jp, be it good translation or not. Might be a Jp WN/LN hater dunno.

  6. Some time bad reviews can be constructive, others time they just want to annoy, ignore fools like that, your work on this has been good, and more importantly understandable, so if you really need to is ok to add more help but worry not, your true fans will stick even without it.

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