Summoned Slaughterer – Chapter 87: Walking Disaster

New country, new victims…


Translated by Shasu

Terminology Change:

With all the different beastmen tribes etc. I feel like there is a need to streamline the terminology a bit.

The race with no specific gender or tribe: beastmen
The race with no specific gender but a defined tribe: <tribe> beastmen, e.g. tiger beastmen
The race with defined gender but no specific tribes / group of mixed tribes: beast<gender>, e.g. beastwomen, beastmales, beastgirls, beastboys, etc.
The race with defined race and tribe: <tribe><gender>, e.g. tigerman, bearwoman, rabbitgirl, wolfboy

As for the regular animals, they will be simply called by their type, e.g. wolf, bear etc.

This should make it a bit less typing intense and a bit clearer.

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  1. Thank you for the clarification. Considering their arrogance towards Kami-sama though, I don’t know if their scarce, doomed lives are worth such consideration.

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