Hakai no Miko – Foreword: Myth of Creation

Heyas folks,

recently I have been reading some novels on Syousetsu and stumbled on this little novel. After reading a bit into the story, it drew me in. Seeing that the translation hasn’t been updated for over a year now, I decided to spark the interest in the novel once more.

The language is quite sophisticated and rich for a web novel. The author is still active and releases a chapter once every 2-3 weeks with 267 chapters in total at the moment.

I don’t know yet whether I will dedicate myself fully to it, but I kind of find it saddening that no one picked it up, so I will release it as time permits. As for what to expect, read the author’s notes at the start of the foreword.

Translated by Shasu and edited by Kelechi.


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  1. y im so happy for taking this series im waiting for someone to take the series like forever pliz make this like main project

  2. Please whether a chapter every week or everyday please spare some love to this novel..#demihumanlivesmatter

  3. esta es una de las novelas mas interesante que e leido aun con ayuda de programas de traducción y me alegra que alguien se animase con esta novela asi pueda leerla como corresponde en unos de los idiomas que se gracias

  4. Chance Thompson

    I’m so Glade someone finally picked this novel up.

  5. I found this from Novelupdates and found this story really interesting.
    Thank you for the hard-work for bringing this good story.
    Alos, would you mind if I made an epub and pdf when the first arc finished?

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