Hakai no Miko – Chapter 1.21: Illusions

Heyas folks,

with this we have already passed the 20-chapter mark and the plot is starting slowly to thicken. If you have read this far already, be as kind to write a review on NovelUpdates or at least give the novel a voting. I kind of feel saddened every time I see those reviews judging the early stages of the novel and the initial votes that are heavily influenced by the typical tag-based voting.

Chapter 22 is twice as long as chapter 19, in other words the longest chapter so far, but since my editor won a game I played with him, I will do my very best to finish TLing the chapter tomorrow.

Anyway, edited by Quillshot; evil is lurking around the corner~



  1. Thanks for the chapter

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  2. No worries man I’m gonna launch a campaign.

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