Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 57: Competition

Heyas folks,

today you’ve got to praise me. Shasu-jiji stood up at 8 am on a Saturday and sat down to translate your favourite series at around 9 am! As such, I’ve been diligent and finished the entire chapter until 4 pm! Thus I’ve got next Sunday off !!!! No Hachinan for you, but time for me to work ahead!!! kukuku

That also allowed Kruncs-san to edit the chapter in advance for a change instead of after release!

Next is an announcement:

Starting 10th April I’ve got 2 weeks of vacations. Well, I plan to stock up on this n’ that but I also considered whether there might be some interested in extra chapters. Of course the regular Sunday releases will continue as before, no matter what. But as we are now through the majority of interludes of the entire series, I thought we might as well switch to extra chapters during my vacations.

Now, how do I charge those? Well, I took the example of another Translator, who seems to mostly release extra chapters and made a simple calculation: I tossed the next 20 chapters into one file and made an average excluding the spaces. The result is 16,9k characters per chapter. There seem to be professional sites translating at a rate of 0,03$ per character. That would result in around 500$ per chapter. However, I don’t claim to be a professional neither do I try to run a business here. The rate per chapter will be 100 Euro.

Please be advised that I don’t demand it of you nor do I encourage you to donate for the extra chapters. I personally prefer to stockpile chapters for series’ I choose. But, considering that the author has picked up the release speed, I’m offering a way to boost the release speed of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! in the free time I have. I will limit the amount of extra chapters to 5 for my vacation. Anything that goes beyond that will be handled during work time with a delay.

Anyways, |>> here’s the chapter <<|


  1. Good boy. Such a good boy… *Pats his head*
    Here, a bone!
    *Hands him a candy bone. The exterior was hard candy with an interior of gelatine candy. Tasty, surely!*

  2. A whole chapter?
    *drool* Yumm… *drool* ah no, thank you.

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