Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 54: (hidden) – Part 1

Heyas folks,

I’m not into spoiling content with stupidly chosen titles, so I will announce the title at the end of the chapter. This chapter will be in best case split into 2 parts and in worst case, 3. As I have some RL stuff coming up next weekend, I gotta see first how much time I will have to translate.

If you haven’t yet, please take a few seconds and vote here. The vote’s final results will be polled by me next week.

Ah, I will announce how I will handle the anti-theft topic next week too as I got a pretty much good idea of a compromise. If you are interested, feel free to follow this blog as non-release posts aren’t posted on NU or such, naturally. ^^

|>> Well enjoy! <<|






  1. Do what you want, but helping to point out errors in your spelling, grammar, or translation will more of a hassle.

  2. Thanks for doing this chapter! ?

  3. Is there anyway to secure epub version so it won’t get stolen?

    • Well there is nothing that can’t get stolen at all. Epub/PDF is no exception to that. You probably can make it difficult, but ultimately it will have some kind of flaw either way. In the worst case one can always OCR it and just fix the result. But then again that would also mean some work for the one doing it.
      The translator of Japan: A new age (a very decent novel btw) uses embedded PDF’s for the releases. That seems to work too as his translations aren’t stolen as far as I’ve seen. But I think that option would make it even more difficult for those needing to translate or to copy the stuff somewhere else than the compromise I’m planning (will announce it tomorrow).

  4. Hi, I saw someone was talking about me here (:

    While I have used PDFs along with some other techniques, at least one user has complained about readability, and personally I feel it is an awkward experience.

    So at this point I am debating whether I just go back to straight posting on my site. I could write a long comment here but I was thinking about writing a post about this topic so maybe will do that instead.

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