Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 46: Coming home after a long while – Part 1

Hello folks,

before I get to today’s release, I feel like I have to vent some anger.

Having read the the comments at another translator’s novel translation, I realized there are some people who think it is alright to steal other people’s work and put them up on their site without even having any permission to do that.

Now I do know that this topic isn’t anything new as I’ve seen the thread on NU forum but after checking out the offender’s site today, I was saddened and disappointed that there are such people.

In the first place, we, the translators, already have a problematic standing as we don’t have any official license to translate these novels (otherwise it would be quite easy to bring down such site with legal claims). But I, and I think I can talk for the other other translators on this too, put in a lot effort into translating, editing, releasing and running my site, so that you, the readers, can enjoy the novels.

Therefore, a person or people stealing the content to use it for their own site and, to top it off, claim the content to be their property is the lowest thing someone could do towards someone else’s work.

Of course I could ignore the theft, but I don’t feel like doing so. Thus, I considered my options.

With wordpress.com those are pretty much limited. To avoid site scrapping bots to do their work, the easiest way would be to use JavaScript or such to cloud the content, but that isn’t possible here. I’m no web hacker to know all tricks and gaps possible to use, therefore I decided to use the sole tool available to me with wordpress.com: Password-protect each chapter release in the hope that the bots won’t be able to simply grab the content. The passwords will change with each release.

This will be a heavy blow for binge readers, I know. But, if you want to blame someone, then blame those who take other people’s work lightly.

Of course, I’m open for other suggestions that would work with wordpress.com and are easy to implement.

Well, enough of that for now.

Chapter 46 of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! is longer than the previous chapter. Thus I decided to split it apart into 2 parts once again. The second part will follow next weekend.

Please extend your thanks to Kruncs for editing it for your reading entertainment!

Also thank Zazabooze for re-editing chapters 21 and 22!

The password for this chapter is Artur

|>> Enjoy part 1 <<|





  1. Though I have I have no idea how it works. I think encryption is the best option. That way they won’t be able to ctrl + c it.

  2. What’s the point of people stealing others works anyways? Is it to direct people to their site so their ads generate revenue or something? I think the person who I’ve seen hates those people more than you is GM Rusaku, I mean, look at their site, they’re trying to hard to prevent those kinds of peoples from taking their work. Hopefully we can get this issue resolved some day, Thanks for the chapter.

  3. i really angry at those whos steal others work after reading your comment. the other way to “defeat” those kind of site is exposure i guess. probably they will died out as long as we as your reader can rise awareness that they are stealing your content. anyway that just my oppinion. thank you as always

    • Exposure only works in a big community. Ours is a really small one. The problem doesn’t really concern the regular novel readers either.
      The problem concerns the new people who aren’t accustomed to the scene. -.-

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  5. Thanks for the chapter, I was thinking, isn’t it possible to use recaptcha to protect from bots too, more easy than passwords I think? not that I’m a hacker too

    • I can’t include captcha due to wp.com. They block most of foreign code except HTML.
      Also Captcha is too common thus there are many bots working around it.

      • not captcha but recaptcha, the last one works by identifying your cookies and the way you browse the net so it’s more reliable than making you write on a box whats on the picture, and there seems to be a plugin for wp too

    • They seem to be manually copy/pasting some works when their bot fails. Captcha and passwords are a deterrent and most other methods will bother people that use readers.

      • makes me want to do a DDos attack right now to those sites!! until their servers crash and the have no money to buy bigger ones!!!! damn them!

  6. Cant see the chapter. I’ve typed up the password multiple times but it still doesnt let me see it. Pls help.

  7. umm, is the password still available? cuz i still can’t enter it.

  8. Word press copy protection plug in….

    • That works for wordpress.org, not for wordpress.com xD

      • Same people, just who hosts the server is different and since it’s put out by wp, it might let you use it since they in theory could install it themselves

  9. curse on those pirates…

  10. -how about putting your name on different parts of the chapter to hassle the copier dude

  11. Then how can we read your translations? Where do we get the password from? I love the story and appreciate your hard-work. I can’t drop this cuz a lot of good stories have either been dropped or refused to be translated. Hell most sucked. This and and 5 other light novel translations get me through the week.

  12. Welp didn’t see that it’s capital a there. thank you 😀

  13. I wonder if it would help to post random text some time before replacing it with the actual translation?

  14. Which site plagiarised your work? I don’t see anyone else listed on NU as working on Hachi other than you. You can mail me the link if you don’t want it listed in the comments.

    Oh, and thanks for the chapter, as always. ^_^

  15. just for the record i do not endorse people who steal other peoples works and for those who make pdf volumes of said translations i know that they will ask permission first and will only credet themselves in the setting of pictures and stuff making it book like while still giving cred to the translators!

  16. you can do as others guys and put something on different parts of the chapter like “dont read stealed translations, read the original in infinitenoveltranslations.wordpress.com” or whatever you like :/

  17. Hey I don’t blame you once bit keep up the good work and thanks for the Chap. 😛

  18. did you disable the pw? because i didn’t need to put it in

    • Yea I disabled it since it was copypasted already anyway.

      • Make a chapter release with a catchy title “They stole my translation” and ranting about it.

        It will appear on NovelUpdate and I bet it’ll lure in quite a number of people.

      • Ah and also inform others translators who got their works stolen to make a united front.
        “if they aren’t bothered with the wind then make the wave”
        Order some beers… and pizza. It’ll be merry

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