Chapter 264 – 265


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As some of you may have noticed on the Novel Updates page of this series, the author has been on hiatus. Just recently he came back after a break of one year, but so far he is showing no interest in continuing Dunbat, instead focusing on one of his other series he has started but never finished.

In short, the author for this series is as erratic and flaky as they come. Since he hasn’t officially announced that he’s going to abandon Dunbat as far as I know, there’s still a chance for it to continue at some point.

With these two chapters, there’s roughly 50 chapters left of the raw material. Two smaller arcs and an unfinished arc. But seeing how I don’t know when and if the author will continue this series, I’ll change the public release rate henceforth as follows: Arc X (Chapters 264-275) one release every two weeks, Arc XI (276-295) one release per month. The unfinished Arc XII won’t be released publicly.

If the author should resume writing Dunbat, I’ll switch back to a weekly release once it’s clear that he either finishes it in some way or maintains a regular release rate of some kind.

On Patreon the weekly releases are going to continue until I reach the counterstop. Moreover I have already started the process for finding a successor for this series, since the translation of Dunbat (including the unfinished arc) will be done in around 3 months over on Patreon. 







Chapter 264 – Kanon’s Growth ①


I’ve been putting together the new information I’ve obtained thanks to Kanon’s Knowledge having reached A. I guess two pieces of information are especially significant for me.

Well, it was Kanon and not me who actually raised her Knowledge, so I can’t say with certainty that I’ve grasped everything, but…the new information covers a wide range of fields.

What was amusing to know although not having any relevant impact at this point――

① Evolution Conditions for Demon King (Fallen Angel)
② Evolution Conditions for Demon King (Dragon)

――were probably these two.

① The Evolution Conditions for Demon King (Fallen Angel): The Demon King has to kill 100 humans with their own hands.
② The Evolution Conditions for Demon King (Dragon): The Demon King has to kill 100 monsters with his own hands.

Looking at them now, they sound like easy conditions, but…that’s stupid! As if any Demon King could have met such conditions without knowing about them in advance!!

The main point here is that you have to meet those conditions before going through your first evolution. A Demon King evolves for the first time at level 3.

Speaking of level 3…back then I was still a newbie as Demon King who didn’t know left from right. Many Demon Kings might have defeated invaders through their created subordinates. Even if a pure combat maniac Demon King had repelled all invaders himself…he’d still reach level 3 before killing 100 people.

The specifications are way too weird…

For the sake of meeting the conditions, you’d need to put the first evolution on hold ― choosing Human Demon King ― and then work on the killing. By the way, if you choose Human Demon King, you apparently get to choose the evolution path alongside a level-up.

“The Mastermind, who came up with this setting, got to be an idiot…”

“It’s a blind spot, or rather…it’s an unfair setting, isn’t it…?”

“Theoretically…and I really mean theoretically…a Demon King, who chose Human Demon King and defeated 100 humans, might exist. But, 100 monsters would be impossible!”

“Even if you tell me…”

A Demon King can only fight monsters if they reach level 10, allowing them to leave their own Domain, or if they wait for the surrounding Demon Kings to reach level 5, allowing them to create kin, which then can be used to send out monsters as invaders. Surviving until then while withholding your own evolution and defeating 100 monsters with your hands is impossible…


The possibility isn’t zero… There are many issues I’d need to resolve, but…even if a Fallen Angel Demon King might be impossible, creating a Dragon Demon King might be possible, I think.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, I just thought that a Dragon Demon King might be actually possible.”

“Eh? You can’t redo your evolution. Shion-san, your only option from now on is to evolve along the Vampire Demon King line, you know?”

“I do. But I didn’t mean myself.”

“Eh? I’m no option either though!”

“Obviously. It’s that guy who I could make evolve.”

“That guy…? Who are you talking about?”

“I forgot his name, but…it’s that monster-cultivation-loving Demon King.”

“――! Ohhh!! You mean Demon King Tomio?”

“Tomio? That was his name?”

“Yes. Didn’t he introduce himself in front of you, Shion-san?”

Demon King Tomio ― that was the name of the pathetic Demon King who’s surrounded by my Domain while still being stuck at level 2.

“But, wouldn’t it be difficult for Tomio to defeat 100 monsters?”

“That part would be fine if I sent in 100 slimes from my side.”

“Maybe, but…even if you sent in slimes, I think Tomio’s goblins and wolves would defeat them.”

“Right…moreover, he’d probably level up before they even defeat a hundred of them…if he did, he’ll become able to evolve.”

“Furthermore, Tomio hates you from the bottom of his heart, so he’ll definitely not listen to anything you tell him.”

I’ve a history of having slaughtered Tomio’s subordinates ― the wolves and goblins he considers to be his precious friends ― for the sake of leveling our Growth weapons. Remembering the raging Tomio…he won’t listen to me even if I tell him to kill the hundred slimes himself and choose Demon King (Human) after reaching level 3, I’m pretty damn sure.

“Kanon, what do you think would happen if I turned Tomio into my subordinate for argument’s sake?”

“Since Demon King would vanish as his race once he becomes your subordinate, that option wouldn’t work, would it?”

“True…moreover, he’d lose the skill 《Subordinate Creation》 if he became my subordinate. And that would suck.”

“You want the monsters created by a Dragon Demon King as subordinates after all.”

“For the time being, I’ll put this matter on hold, I guess.”

I had voiced out an idea that suddenly struck me, but after considering how difficult it’d be to implement it, I decided to shelve it for the moment.

“On another note…that information is definitely correct, right?”

“That information as in which?”

“The matter with my 【Body】.”

“Ah, you mean your 【Body】 reaching rank A if you add another 10 BP to it?”


This was one of the significant pieces of information I’ve obtained on this occasion. According to Kanon, the evolution path I chose when I hit level 10 seems to give me as Demon King: 『【Body】 +40 and 【Mana】 +10 in places without sunlight. However, the limit is two rank-ups. 【Body】 -20 and 【Mana】 -20 under the sun. However, the limit is losing one rank』.

This isn’t shown on the stat screen, so I guess you can call it masked data, but I seem to currently have 40 BP invested into 【Body】. My current 【Body】 rank is B. 50 BP are necessary to rank up from B to A. In other words, if I allocate another 10 BP into 【Body】, it’ll go up to Rank A.

Right now I’m level 27, and I possess 42 BP. So it’s easy for me to allot 10 BP to 【Body】, but…if I level up two more times, I’ll be able to rank up 【Creation】 to A.

“A-Rank for 10 BP is a bargain, but…10 BP are unexpectedly big at this point.”

“It’s two level ups, after all.”

“Yep, those have become tough.”

Recently the path to reaching the next level has become truly long and draggy. If I were to only rely on my subordinates for experience…they’d need to kill enemies in the ten thousands, if it’s only small fry. Even if I were to kill the small fry myself, I’d still need to kill thousands.

“But, since Kaoru has recently reached 【Creation】 A, he’ll give you a lot of experience points once you kill him.”

“The experience points might be big, but the number of such targets is rather low.”

“Well, I think it’s about time for them to have noticed what we’re doing.”

The higher the enemy’s level, the more experience I can gain from them, but of course the risk goes up in proportion, too. I don’t have any places where I can carefreely farm experience points.

“Moreover, if that information is true…it’ll become necessary to be even more careful about how to spend BP.”

“Makes sense. By the way, the information coming from me is true!”

It’s not like I doubted her, but my skeptical words triggered Kanon to become upset with her cheeks puffed out. The other significant piece of information I’ve obtained has been making me rack my brain.


Chapter 265 – Kanon’s Growth ②


The other important piece of information I obtained thanks to Kanon’s Knowledge A is the existence of an S-Rank. The stats start for Demon Kings from E, but she says that S-Rank is above A-Rank which I had always considered to be the highest rank.

“Why does it go EDCBA…? And why is S next? What does S mean anyway?”

“According to one theory, it seems to be an abbreviation for Supreme.”

“I’m not Yataro, but there’s no SSR or UR above S, right…?”

“No…according to the knowledge I obtained, they don’t exist, but…possibly…ah, but the R mentioned by Yataro is an abbreviation for Rare, so it’d be kinda illogical for a SSR stat to exist.” Kanon diligently replies to my childish grumbling.

“So, the BP required to reach S-Rank――”


“100 BP equals 20 levels!”

“The experience points required per level increase with each level, so it’s a very, very long path.”

According to Kanon, the experience points required for a Demon King to go up by one level is calculated with Enemy of Same Level x Current Level x 20. The experience points I can get from enemies who are lower than me decrease by 50% with each level of difference.

Currently I’m level 27. That means I’d need to defeat 1458 level 27 enemies (27 people x 27 x 2), but…Kanon says the calculation formula gets even more complex… It looks like the necessary experience points increase as you go up in levels by adding factors, or in other words, if you’re above level 10, a factor of 2 is added, if you go beyond level 20, a factor of 3, and if you go beyond level 30, you get a factor of 4.

I already thought that it’s become pretty tough to level ever since I reached level 10, but…it had such a retarded setting on top of it all, huh…?

“Is the Mastermind trying to hinder the Demon Kings from leveling?”

“B-But…Demon Kings are also given a part of the experience points their subordinates get!”

“5%, right…?”

“10% within the Domain!”

“Either way, it’s waaaay too little.”

That said, it becomes necessary for me to become even more careful about the way I spend my BP since leveling will get only worse.

“Kanon, how many do you think know this information on this planet?”

“Knowledge A information? I wonder…as long as it’s not a Demon King with the foresight to bring up an excellent Knowledge-specialized subordinate like you, Shion-san, it’ll be difficult to obtain the Knowledge A information.”

Probably wanting to promote her own value, Kanon answers while adding some unnecessary stuff about having foresight and excellent subordinates.

“Well, considering it normally, no Demon King would be stupid enough to go with a Knowledge specialization…and even if they did exist, they’d have perished before reaching Knowledge A.”

“Gu…I wonder why…I feel so much spite from your words, Shion-san.”

“Isn’t that your imagination?”

Until moments ago Kanon had been looking awfully triumphant, but now she’s pulling a face as if having swallowed a bitter pill.

“That means there are three options for the time being…”

“Oh, there it is!! Shion-san’s famous three fingers of――”

――Roll up your skirt!

“Kyaaa! Please forgive me!”

Seemingly having grown used to this punishment, Kanon squeals while looking somewhat happy.

“Next time I’ll have you take that pose in front of Saburou.”

“…I’m truly and utterly sorry.” Kanon shifts to a serious expression, apologizing.

“The first option is to invest 10 BP into 【Body】.”

“Ah, in the end, as always…”

“I guess I’ll call Saburou over.”

“I’ll refrain and stay obedient…so please forgive me…”

Doesn’t this bug understand the meaning behind learning ability? I pull myself together, continuing with my speech.

“The advantage of this option is the immediate effect. Since I’ll become stronger, it’ll directly lead to an increase of our overall combat power, and it’ll also boost the efficiency of future experience farming.”

“Certainly, right now the number of 【Body】 A holders is limited.”

“The second option is to level up to 29 and raise 【Creation】 to A. The merit is a drastic increase of the overall military prowess for the Aster Empire.”

“As far as I can tell from observation…there’s only two Demon Kings in Japan who have 【Creation】 and 【Alchemy】 at A-Rank!”

“The third option is to accumulate BP until level 30, and then raise 【Alchemy】 to S-Rank. The advantage here would be me very likely being the one and only person holding 【Alchemy】 S. Depending on the future combat powers, this seems to be the most efficient option, but…there is no guarantee that I’ll live to reach level 39.”

“Around the time you’d reach it, all Demon Kings, who can be described as strong, would have two stats at A-Rank…so it’d be fairly tough to get there.”

Kanon stated her own impressions about my three options.

“For the time being…I’ll put this decision on hold, I guess.”


In the first place, all options except for the one about 【Body】 are matters of the future. I’ll deal with it depending on the circumstances.

“Now then, about the main topic…I’d like to keep raising my level just like I’ve been doing, but what is your take on this, self-alleged strategist?”

“It’s going to be hard.”

“You think so? …Why?”

“Because of Toyama.” Kanon replies decisively.

“Right… If I don’t start taking some countermeasures soon, we won’t be in time.”

Currently only one Demon King is left alive in the Toyama Prefecture. He’s an advanced Demon King with his base located in Kurobe, but…the war situation heavily inclines towards the humans. At this rate, all Chaos forces will be gone from Toyama in the near future. As a matter of fact, if you look at the countrywide situation, prefectures liberated by humans and prefectures dominated by Demon Kings like Ishikawa have started to appear here and there.

Would the Toyama Prefecture calm down and remain within its boundaries if the humans liberated the entirety of Toyama? No, they’d very likely start advancing on any of the neighboring prefectures Ishikawa, Niigata, or Gifu. And the prefecture closest to Toyama City, the center of the prefecture, is Ishikawa. In other words, the Aster Empire.

In such a case, I’d end up fighting two formidable enemies, Kaoru of Komatsu and the Toyama humans.

As might be expected, I’d like to avoid such a situation.

“What would you do if you had to decide, Kanon?”

“I’d immediately destroy Kaoru!”

“I see. And why is that?”

“You can’t call fighting the humans of Toyama and Kaoru, a Demon King with 【Creation】 A, an overly smart plan.”

“You’ve got a point there.”

“Ugh…going by the flow of the conversation, I’ve got a bad feeling…” Kanon’s expression begins to darken due to my response after she’s been so confident moments ago.

“Kanon, can I ask you something else?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Assuming we defeat Kaoru…what comes afterwards?”

“Eh? The much-awaited war against the humans of Toyama!”

“A war against the humans of Toyama, huh…? It sure sounds like a reasonable course of events.”

“Right! Right!”

“The war against the humans of Toyama seems like it’d become intense, doesn’t it?”

“Undoubtedly…I think it’ll become a very harsh battle.”

“Are the humans of Toyama going to be our only enemies?”


“Or to be precise, don’t you think that the Demon Kings and humans of the Fukui Prefecture, which lies south of Komatsu, would carefully watch our war with the humans of Toyama?”


Kaoru isn’t weak by any means. However, I believe it’s possible for us to defeat him. The problem lies in what follows next.

The bigger a territory becomes…the higher the number of enemies neighboring its borders.

Would we be able to defend ourselves, if the Demon Kings or human heroes of Fukui were to invade my Domain in the midst of an all-out war against the humans of Toyama?

As far as my schedule goes, I planned to invade Toyama after boosting my military power by making 【Creation】 go up to A-Rank. However, the surrounding powers won’t move as I want them to.

I have several plans, but…I wonder which I should use?

I decided on our actions in the near future.




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