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2 hours and 18 minutes later.

“I kept you waiting.”

“I have also finished giving my prayers to the goddess.”

Yataro’s face is five times as imposing as usual.

“You ready? I’m going to push it, okay?”

I finished my preparations to start 《Random Creation》 by tapping around on my smartphone. All I have to do now is press the tab with 《Random Creation》 written on it.

I don’t really get what kind of preparations Yataro has to carry out, but this exchange between us has turned into a habit.

After deeply breathing in and out several times, Yataro yells, “…mm mm…it’s coming…this sensation is…!? ――Shion! Now! Pour your own soul into the tip of your finger!”

“Sure thing.”

Last time we had the same exchange, and it resulted in a goblin. Having said that, it’s my entire CP that goes down the drain. I pour my strength into my finger, even while knowing that it’s pointless.

“I’m going to press it, okay?”

“Yeah. Reach…my feelings…!”

With the room being as silent as death, I press my index finger on my smartphone’s display. A shining pentagram appears on the ground, and a small figure shows up from within the light.

This silhouette…it’s not a goblin, is it?

Once the light converges, a childish girl with a pair of wings on her back remains behind.

“Master? Nice to meet you! I’m looking forward to working for you!” The girl smiles sweetly, and greets me while bowing very deeply.

“Can you understand my words?”

“Yep! I understand Master’s words!”

Her understanding of my words ― Japanese ― means she’s a high-ranking subordinate, huh? I check my smartphone to confirm the information of the girl in front of me.

Race: Angel
Rank: D

Body: E
Mana: D

Special Abilities:

– Light Attribute Enhancement
– Light Magic (D)
→ Light Arrow
→ Heal
– Archery (D)

Angel…? It’s a type of subordinate I see for the first time. Her rank is D. Since it’s the same as a kobold, it’s fairly low.

Is angel the initial subordinate of Demon King (Fallen Angel) ― one of the unknown races?

“T-This is…a UR…my prayers have reached the goddess…”

Yataro is trembling all over with his expression being ecstatic.

UR…? No, that can’t be. Going by its rank, it’s D, right…?

I decided to call over Kanon in order to find out more about the details of angels.

“Kanon, do you know 『Angel』 as a race?”

“『Angel』, you say? I know the term, but…I don’t know a race of 『Angel』 among the monsters of this world.”

Looks like Kanon’s knowledge doesn’t hold any information about 『Angel』.

“Isn’t it an initial subordinate of Demon King (Fallen Angel)?”

“The initial subordinate of Demon King (Fallen Angel) is a devil species-like monster called 『Ukobach』.”

“That makes the girl over there a Unique subordinate then?”

“I’d think so.”

The rank of the girl in front of me is low, but she seems to be a Unique. If she’s a Unique subordinate, it’d be best to nurture her with great care, wouldn’t it?




“――!? Ye-…w-what is it!?”

Yataro comes to his senses after I call out to him for a second time.

“This girl’s race is 『Angel』. She’s a Unique subordinate like Setanta. Bring her up with great care. Right now she’s weak, but depending on her growth, I’ll assign her to invasion teams.”

“Leave it to me! I shall even bet my life on it…!”

“No, don’t bet your life…”

“I must! This girl is an UR sent to me by the goddess…! She has more than enough value for me to stake my life on her…! Accordingly, I have a single request, Shion.”

“What is it? If it’s equipment, I’ll prepare the best for her, okay?”

“I think that’s only natural…can’t you turn her into your bloodkin?” Yataro appeals to me with a serious look.


“Setanta…still has the name of his race attached to him, but…this girl’s race is 『Angel』. I think we should give her another name.”

“So you’re telling me to make her bloodkin just because of her name?”


It’s necessary to use my maximum CP to turn someone into a bloodkin. Since 『Angel』 can use Japanese, I feel like it’s nonsense to use all that CP for the sake of a name change.

“It’d also work to give her a name normally without expressly turning her into a bloodkin, wouldn’t it?”

“――!? Shion…milord, you’re a genius!”

I’m no genius. It’s just that Yataro has become senile.

“So, how are you going to name her?”

“Her name will influence her entire life…I can’t decide on one right away!”

“Okay, then tell me once you’ve decided.”

“Very well, I shall do so.”

This is how I obtained a new Unique subordinate.


Chapter 263 – Side Story: Sibling Bonds


Several days after the annihilation of the Kanezawa Liberation Army――

“Shion, it’s terrible!” Yataro rushes into my room with a pale face as I’m relaxing.

“What’s wrong?”

“Heroes…the heroes of Gifu have invaded!”

“The heroes of Gifu…? Don’t the people of Gifu have their hands full with the Thirteen Evil Stars member of Nagoya?”

“They should, but…”

I use my smartphone to confirm the situation of the sector that got invaded by Gifu’s heroes. The number of invaders is 12, following theory. Their equipment partially consists of B-Rank Unique items. Currently they’re in the middle of battle against a swarm of ghouls, but…

“I see… They’re definitely strong.”

Their teamwork and individual strength excels the invaders so far.

“What are we going to do? If we’re willing to take some losses, it’s possible to repel them, but…” Yataro asks for my instructions.

The losses mentioned by Yataro point to the items and subordinates I can mass produce. If they were strong enough to put my leaders at risk, he would have phrased it differently.

The problem might be him saying that it’s possible to repel them. If he’d said that it’s possible to intercept them, it’d be no problem. But, repelling them means we’d hand experience points and items to the invaders as presents.

If we allow the invaders to think that we’re a great target, my Domain is going to be looked down upon, resulting in even more invaders feeling motivated to attack it. Moreover, it’d suck since those invaders would be the people of Gifu.

That’s probably why Yataro has come to ask me for instructions.

“I’ll arrange the members of an interception team from my side.”

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you then.”

It’s still too early to take an aggressive stance towards the people of Gifu. I think it’d be best to carve the meaning of fear into their minds for now.

Using my phone, I check what my leaders are currently up to. Rina, Takaharu, Sarah, Hibiki, Chloe, Layla, Flora…all my leaders are out to earn experience points in Kaoru’s Domain. The only ones on standby are Kotetsu, Iron…and Saburou’s team…

Should I call back my leaders?

I brood while checking out the invaders visible on my smartphone.

I think it’ll be plenty if I go with Kotetsu, Saburou’s team…and Izayoi.

I summoned the members of the interception team to my room.



“――So, just as I’ve explained moments ago, we’re going to intercept the Gifu party.”

“Hooh…for you to not only send out my corps, but also borrow Izayoi-dono and Saburou’s corps…those humans must be quite skilled.”

“I shall become the spear of the vanguard, annihilating all enemies!”

“Shion-sama, Team J’s preparations are in perfect order!”

“Shion-sama, normally I am assigned to defense. I am terribly sorry for having allowed things to develop this far.”

Kotetsu, whom I’m assigning to defense for the very first time, smiles at me like a good-natured old man. Next to him, Cúchulainn leans forward, burning with fighting spirit. Saburou has adopted some cryptic pose together with his Team J, and Izayoi bows at me apologetically.

“Our objective this time is an overwhelming victory.”


“Make the might of the Aster Empire known to the people of Gifu!”



“Team J is going to let them experience the abyss of darkness!”

“Very well. All for the sake of our lord ― Shion-sama.”

――《Transfer B》!

I teleported together with my subordinates, whose morale had reached its climax, to intercept the humans.



After ten minutes of waiting at the transfer destination, we can hear the invaders talking as they’re audibly getting closer.

“I’ve been on my toes since he’s called a Thirteen Evil Star like Hayate, but he’s no big deal.”

“The small-fry is strong compared to normal Domains, but not to the extent of making it impossible to defeat them.”

“As expected of you, leader! Deliberately targeting Shion of the northwestern region was spot on!”

“Don’t get too elated. We haven’t defeated a kin yet.”

“Hah! Even if a kin shows up, I’ll get rid of them with a breeze!”

“I’m telling you to not get carele――”

――《Dark Lance》!

My carefully aimed lance of darkness penetrates the torso of the cocky invader.

“Yamadaaaaa! You okay!?”

“Fuck! Surprise attacks are unfair!”

“I-It’s alright! I can still save him! ――《Heal》!”

The invaders ready their weapons, cautiously scanning their vicinity.

“Oh, he’s still alive, huh? Izayoi, he seems to be eager to kill you with a breeze, you know? What are you going to do?”

“With all due respect, a worm like him is no opponent of mine. I shall get rid of him.”

“Defeat him with a breeze, okay? With a breeze.” I order Izayoi to kill the invader who made fun of us earlier.

“As you command, milord.”

“Saburou, how many of them can you defeat with your team?”

“If you order so, we shall consign all of them to oblivion.”

“If you do that, Kotetsu and I would have nothing to do, right? Defeat the nine rear guards in the center.” I instruct Saburou, and thus his Team J.

“Of course!”

“Kotetsu, can you take on the remaining opponent?”

“Let’s see…I guess it’d be a breeze. Cúu, can you do it?”

“If that is your order, Fatherly Teacher.” 1

Kotetsu reveals a ferocious smile while looking into Cúchulainn’s eyes.

This time the interception team consists of Izayoi, Kotetsu, Cúchulainn, Saburou, eight elites of Team J, and me. If each kills one, I’m left over according to calculation.

I take out my Growth Gun, and decide to remain a spectator while leveling my Growth Gun.

“――Obliterate them!”

My subordinates swoop down on the invaders.

“Shit! Everyone, get ready! We’ll defeat Demon King Shion ― one of the Thirteen Evil Stars with our own hands! ――《Tau”

As if I’d let you!

I shoot my Growth Gun, aiming for the middle forehead of the guy who seems to be the leader while he’s trying to control the aggro by clanking his shield.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, brat! I’ll take you on! ――《Sky Blade》!”

Kotetsu’s vacuum blade flicks away the leader’s shield.

“I shall have you five up your life with a breeze as ordered by Shion-sama!” Izayoi faithfully repeats my order, brandishing the spear at the human assigned to him.

“Disaster Zero ―― hero who’s fallen into darkness, display your strength to Shion-sama!”

“Uuuooooh! This sword is my power to protect the smiles of everyone! For the sake of protecting the lives of the residents…my comrades, I, Disaster Zero, shall take to the front!”

Hooh… So that’s the former Saburou wanted to have, huh? I suppose I’ll have him show me what he got.

While cooperating with his teammates, Saburou steadily gets rid of one annoying rear guard after the other.

10 minutes after the battle has started.

Six invaders still remain. The enemy leader still prevailing against Kotetsu stems from him being surprisingly tenacious, but the outcome is pretty clear.

Now then, I wonder who I’m going to let survive. It’s simple to annihilate all of them, but it’s necessary to let one return alive so as to spread what’s happened in my Domain. Which of them seems to have a high pride and a loose tongue so that he’d be good as an influencer.

Breeze-kun was an outstanding talent with great potential to become an influencer, but he’s already been changed into a mute corpse by Izayoi’s spear. That leader appears to be the vengeful type who would come back here while screaming something about revenge…

As I was worrying about this problem, an invader approached Cúchulainn, who had charged without checking his surroundings, from behind while brandishing his ax.


I ready my Growth Gun in a hurry, but I couldn’t fire it since Cúchulainn was standing in the line of fire.

Damn it…! He might look like an adult, but his bad habit of charging ahead too far is still the same as when he was a child!

“――《Fast Thrust》!”

He might not die, but…just when I’m watching Cúchulainn with a feeling of wanting to pray, Saburou turns into a gust of wind, and thrusts his rapier at the invader swinging his ax.

“Seta…Cúchulainn! There’s not just one enemy around! Don’t get careless with your surroundings!”

Having gallantly rescued Cúchulainn from his predicament, Saburou scolds Cúchulainn.

“O-Onii-cha…E-Elder Brother…!”

“Don’t make me repeat myself! If you’re going to act like a child who doesn’t understand the rules of combat, stay away from the battlefield! ――《Thousand Thrust》!”

Saburou unleashes a high-speed barrage of thrusts at the invader.

“Do you understand?”

“I-I am terribly sorry…”

Cúchulainn clearly feels depressed after getting overwhelmed by Saburou’s drive.

Afterwards, we mop up 11 invaders with Cúchulainn, who seems to have become completely obedient, and Saburou also playing a major role. I allow the last survivor to return home after threatening him plentifully.

“My deepest apologies…for earlier…” Cúchulainn apologizes to Saburou while looking dejected.

“Humph. You aren’t…my little brother anymore.”

“E-Elder Brother…”

“You’re now Kotetsu’s subordinate, right?”

“It is as you say…”

Cúchulainn is obviously sad after having been thrust away by Saburou.

“Cúchulainn, you have already graduated from me… Indeed! You have left my nest!”

“E-Elder Brother…”

“My cute little brother Seta has become independent, and I got a new little sister called Liliel…!”

“E-Elder Brother…?”

“Seta, no…Cúchulainn! You were a good little brother. An outstanding talent who might have opened a new door for me. But! I have gone back to the starting point! Good bye, little brother! And, hello little sister! With that said, Shion-sama, when are you going to assign Liliel-chan to my te――”

――《Fire Lance》!

I fire a fire lance at Saburou who blathers about some nonsense, and leave him behind right there.




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  1. I had him use fatherly master in a previous chapter, but since it means master as in teacher here, and not master as in lord, I’m switching it to teacher to avoid confusions.

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