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Chapter 203 – Nation’s Foundation Ceremony ①


Ten days after I reached level 19.

Ever since that day I’ve spent every day productively by cultivating my sacred treasures to a certain extent against monsters that have been invading from Toyama and humans, testing the new items that have become available, and creating the unique items to be awarded to my leaders. It’ll still take quite some time until I’ll be able to give the new items to subordinates other than my top brass, but…it’s not like I’ve got an endless supply of time to prepare myself.

I think it’s about time to get started…

What I should do first is―

I summon Yataro, Mrs. Tamura, Sousuke and Kanon to my room.

“I want to hold a ceremony, but how much time will be needed for the preparations?”

“Ceremony, you say?”

“It’s going to be a Nation’s Foundation Ceremony, or a celebration for the unification of the prefecture’s north…or maybe a booster party to raise morale for the upcoming battle against the humans of Kanezawa. Either way, it doesn’t matter what you call it. I just want to hold a ceremony.”

“Oh my? You’re fond of parties, Shion-sama?” Having heard my answer to Yataro, Mrs. Tamura throws another question at me.

“There’s no way I would, is there?”

I don’t need any food or sleep, and I register as a loner by nature. In short, I’m not really suited for any kind of party.

“If I had to make a guess, I’d say you hate such things. Right, Shion-san?” Kanon inclines her head to the side in doubt.

“Yeah, I dislike them, but if they have a meaning, then I should do them, correct?”

“A meaning?”

“The ceremony this time is going to have three goals: First, boosting my subordinates’ motivation. Second, boosting the sense of unity among the residents of the Aster Empire. And lastly, an awarding ceremony for my leaders.”

The last time I held an awarding ceremony, my plans got delayed because they all got drunk, but it definitely raised the motivation of my subordinates.

The next enemy are the humans ruling over the south of Kanezawa and Hakusan City. If it comes to humans as opponents, the battle will naturally develop into an all-out war. Therefore I wanted to award the unique items in a formal setting, and not just hand them over normally.

“So, what’s the reason you’ve called us?”

“I’d like to entrust the preparations to you four. And what I’d like to know precisely is how much time you’d need for that.”

Yataro and Kanon manage the interior of my Domain. If it comes to the residents, it’s proven to be most efficient to ask Mrs. Tamura and Sousuke.

“Are the monsters going to join as well ~ssu?”

“I’ll consult with Yataro, but it’s planned for all my subordinates except those needed for the Domain’s defense to participate.”

“That means it’s okay for all residents to participate as well?”


After answering Sousuke, I also give a positive reply to Mrs. Tamura’s confirmation.

“What about the budget?”

“Tell me if there are any goods you need. I’ll make up to 10,000 CP available for conversion. Ask Kanon about the CP exchange rate for items.”

As there exist many items I want to create, it really hurts to spend 10,000 CP on this, but I’ve decided to not be stingy on the necessary expenses.

“Wow! How generous of you!” Kanon’s eyes sparkle in response to my words.

“So, how much time are the preparations going to take?”

Once I confront the four with the same question again, they start to discuss amongst each other.

“It will delay the rise of the Aster Empire, but three days…if you can give us three days, we shall get everything ready.” Mrs. Tamura answers my question as their representative.

“Three days, huh…? Okay, please take care of it then.”

I entrusted the preparations for the ceremony to the four.



Three days later.

“Shion-sama, everything is ready.” Mrs. Tamura visits my room to make her report.

“Good job. Let’s start then.”

Together with Mrs. Tamura, I move to the 77th sector which has been set up as the venue of the ceremony. For the sake of this very ceremony, I’ve used 《Domain Creation》 on the 77th sector. The sector itself has a size of 5 km² per floor because it was acquired through a 《Reign》. The venue freely capitalizes on that size. Currently 111,682 residents belong to the Aster Empire.

In addition, there are several hundred humans who have surrendered but not become residents. While considering safety, we have moved those humans to another floor where they watch the event on a huge monitor provided by Tusk.

Furthermore, approximately 50,000 subordinates have joined the ceremony, excluding those absent for defense duty and the rats who continue to breed.

I climb on the stage erected in the venue, and survey the residents and subordinates spreading out in front of me like a carpet.

Hmm…that’s quite a lot of people.

A nervousness, different from the one during battle, rushes through my whole body. Right now I’m not the guy who’s loved isolation before becoming a Demon King. I’m a ruler reigning over more than 100,000 people. I dig up the information of 『How leaders hold their speeches』 which I looked up on the net before coming here.

“F-F-F-From now o-on we’re going to hold the foundation ceremony of the Aster Empile…hauu! Empire!” Kanon, who has high loner stats just like me and whom I’ve sent ahead as opener, grandly fumbles her words.

I sent her out first to hide my own embarrassment of stepping out in front of all those people by myself…is not the reason, but instead it’s because she can speak the languages of all residents and subordinates.

“W-W-Well thennn…Shion-san, y-you’re up!”


Isn’t that way fast? Going by schedule, my turn should come up a bit later…

Obviously running away, Kanon flies up to me, and passes me the 【Megaphone】. I brace myself and head to the center of the stage.

“I’m Shion of the Aster Empire. I’m deeply moved that I can celebrate the foundation of our nation together with all of my sub…friends tonight. It’s been around one month since the unification of the prefecture’s north, and the welcoming of many humans as residents. Let me ask all of you residents ― how do you feel about life in the Aster Empire?”

A cheering loud enough to make the atmosphere tremble wells up in response to my question.

“Thanks…Thank you!” I frantically lift my hand, restraining the ovations that seem to have no end.

I haven’t ordered the people to cheer or anything. As far as I can tell from the looks on the residents’ faces…it doesn’t seem like any of them feel obligated to applause here. In other words, the residents are happy with their life in our Aster Empire, I suppose.

Even though I’m confused by the sudden, unexpected cheering, I’m still relieved to see joy coloring their faces.

“It pleases me to see that you’re satisfied with your life here. Now then, there’s something important I want to tell all of you residents. Who do you have to thank for being able to lead a proper life right now? First, yourself. Those working at farming, those tolling away at factories…many residents are doing their very best to make your life in the Aster Empire as pleasant as possible. Please keep working for the sake of the Aster Empire…for the sake of enriching your own lives!”


The residents answer my speech with earth-shaking shouts.


Chapter 204 – Nation’s Foundation Ceremony ②


“In addition, there are others who have rendered great services to our cause. Yataro!”

“Yes, milord!” Yataro moves up next to me with a much more formal mannerism than usual.

“Yataro and many other subordinates are working every day for the defense of our Aster Empire. I’d like you to take notice of that fact that our nation remains safe thanks to their outstanding courage. I won’t tell everyone to take up arms. But I want you to vow that you’ll assist those defending our realm with the utmost respect.”

“I don’t deserve such praise. You have my deepest gratitude.” Yataro bows deeply while the residents and monsters applaud.

“Next I shall announce those who have rendered the biggest services as cornerstones of our Aster Empire’s growth!”

The residents and monsters fall silent upon my announcement.

“First, the ones who built the foundation of the Aster Empire as my oldest bloodkin ―― Chloe, Blue!”

“Yes, master!”


Chloe and Blue stand up and walk up to me.

“I shall award the A rank bow Failnaught to you, Chloe, and the A rank one-handed ax Ukonvasara to you, Blue!”

“I am humbled.”


“Next, the bloodkin who contributed to the expansion of our Domain ―― Layla, Red, Dakel, Flora, Kureha, and Iron!”

“Yes, master!” “Sure thing!” “Yes, milord!” “Okaaay.” “Yes, milord!” {Certainly}

The leaders approach me.

“I shall award the A rank whip Da God Whip to Layla, the A rank club Dagda to Red, the A rank bow Pinaka to Dakel, the A rank wand Thyrsos to Flora, the A rank bow Pashupatastra to Kureha, and the A rank shield Aegis to Iron!”

“I am humbled!” “Thank you very much.” “You have my deepest gratitude.” “Thankies~” “Thank you.” {Thanks}

“Next, the protectors of our Aster Empire ―― Yataro, Izayoi, and Saburou.”

“””Yes, milord!”””

“I shall award the A rank wand Gambanteinn to Yataro, the A rank spear Amenonuhoko to Izayoi, and the A rank sword Espada Ropera to Saburou.”

“””We’re humbled!”””

Seemingly having talked it over in advance, the defense members simultaneously answer in a clear and crisp voice.

“Next, those who have greatly contributed to the unification of the prefecture’s north ―― Takaharu, Sarah, Hibiki, Kaede, Setanta, Cain, and Abel.”

“Sure!” “Kay.” “Yes, master!” “Nn.” “Okaaay!” “Yes, milord!” “Very well.”

“I shall award the A rank knuckles Dragon Annihilation Fist to Takaharu, the A rank wand Aaron’s Rod to Sarah, the A rank knuckles Tiger Annihilation Fist to Hibiki, the A rank dagger Kogarasu-maru to Kaede, the A rank spear Vel to Setanta, the A rank sword Claíomh Solais to Cain, and the A rank shield Galahad to Abel.”

“Nishishi, one, two, and “””Thank you very much (Thank you!)(I’ve most humbly received your love, master!)””””

Sarah must have prepared this in advance after having watched the defense members pull it off, but…they aren’t in tune at all.

“Guys, you totally suck!”

With a sidelong glance at the fuming Sarah, Setanta calls out to me, “Shion-sama…may I?”

“What is it?”

“If possible…I’d like to have the spear you’ve been using.”

“My spear? …You mean this one?”

I take out Gáelbolg, my beloved partner until now.

“Yep! I’d be fine with that spear!”

“I don’t really mind, but the spear I gave you a moment ago is higher ranked, you know?”

“I don’t care! I’m okay…with the spear you have been favoring so far, Shion-sama!”

For a created subordinate, Setanta is unusually adamant about this. My current spears are the Growth Lance and the newly created A rank spear Brionac. I have some attachment to Gáelbolg, but I don’t plan to use it any longer.

“Very well, I shall award Gáelbolg to Setanta!”

Gáelbolg is a precious, unique item. Since I don’t intend to pass it to anyone besides bloodkin either, I decide to yield it to Setanta.

“Thank you! I’ll cherish it!” Setanta happily hugs Gáelbolg while smiling innocently.

“Oops, we got interrupted, but I’m now going to continue the awarding ceremony. Next, the one who has rendered the biggest service in the unification of the prefecture’s north by moving the hearts of many residents ―― Kotetsu.”

“Yes, Shion-sama!”

“I shall award the A rank katana Murasame to Kotetsu!”

“I’m most humbled! But, since I already have 『Sayama』…”

“This is a katana awarded for your distinguished service. Accept it.”


Even though Kotetsu turns it down once, I force Murasame on him.

“And last but not least, the one who contributed the most to the Aster Empire’s growth ―― Rina!”


Rina had invaded my Domain as hero at first, but she’s doubtlessly the main cause why I managed to expand my Domain in the early stages.

“I shall award the A rank sword Lævateinn to Rina!”

“I shall respectfully accept your kind reward.” Rina genuflects, accepting Lævateinn on her two extended hands.

“This finishes the awarding ceremony!”

The main event, the awarding ceremony, comes to an end with my declaration. Clapping and cheering surges across the venue for some time.

“Even harsher battles might await the Aster Empire in the future, but a peaceful time can be found at the end of those hardships! My dear subordinates and residents, unite your forces and contribute to the growth of this nation as one team!”


“Okay, let’s start the feasting. Forget all hardships for now, and enjoy the food!”

After finishing all I had to say, I got off the stage.



“Yaaay! You goin’ to drink, Shion-cchi?”

“As if… Who allowed this idiot to drink alcohol?”

“Ha ha ha! Who do ya think? Da answer is…me!”

Once I curse after getting bugged by a drunk Sarah, Takaharu laughs out loudly without any reservation.

“You filthy vermin! Don’t get close to Shion-sama!”

Seeing how I’m annoyed by their attitude, Chloe immediately drives the drunkards away.

“Chloe? Thanks, you were a big help.”

“It’s my duty to protect you, Shion-sama! Urging you to drink alcohol… How rude! Now then, Shion-sama…please feel free to suck my blood.” Chloe offers me her nape with a coquettish expression.

“…So you’re drunk as well, huh?”

“――!? A-Absolutely not…! I-I-I wouldn’t ever indulge in something like alcohol! Now, come on, Shion-sama…! Please take a hearty bite!”

“Chloe! You’re a disgrace!” Layla runs up to us after having noticed the unusual event.

“Layla, huh? Give Chloe some wate…huh? Wait!”

“Shion-sama, I fully sympathize with your feelings. Come, let’s go to a place where we can be alone… I won’t allow anyone to do something as disgraceful as having their blood sucked in front of the public.”

“…Go and drink some water together with Chloe.”

I tear Layla, who seems to be as drunk as Chloe, off me. Bloody hell, don’t I have any decent subordinates around me…?

“Yaaay! You’re doin’ great!”

“Yo! General! As expected of ya!”

“H-Hibiki…c-c-calm down…!”

I hear Sarah and Takaharu’s merry voices, and Rina’s bashful voice in some distance.

“I, Hibiki Shion, shall release all seals tonight…revealing a perfect undressing ~pyoon!”

At this point, the perverted rabbit has already placed his hands on his last piece of clothing, the deep crimson T-back, with his face blushing.

――Hibiki, put on your clothes!

“Wh-…!? T-This is…master’s new plan to make me wear clothes in front of the masses…? Don’t look…please dooooon’t look at me!”

For some reason Hibiki faints in agony while putting on his clothes.

The ceremony filled with laughter continued until the next morning even as I got dragged into various troubles by many of my heavily drunk leaders.



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