Chapter 201 – 202


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Chapter 201 – Sacred Treasure Cultivation



“What’s up?”

Takaharu speaks up while holding white cloths ― the Growth Knuckles in his hand.

“Wat ya gave me is a sacred treasure, right?”

“Yes. I awarded the Growth Knuckles to you, Takaharu.”

“Ya mean those scraps of cloth?” Takaharu looks at me full of distrust while pinching the precious sacred treasure between his fingers.

“It’s not a cloth…I think it’s a bandage.”

“I see…bandages, huh…? Wait, ain’t that another term for a cloth!?”

“Oh!! Taka-cchi, it looks like you’ve acquired the skill to retort at yourself?”

“Shut it! Sarah, dat thing in ya hand’s just a wood stick as well, isn’t it?”

“Argh! Now you’ve said it! You totally poked fun at a part that’s taboo!”

Takaharu and Sarah start to quarrel.

――Shut up!

“I’ll show you proof that those are sacred treasures. Say 『Store』, and then your weapon’s name.”

“――Store! ――Growth Sword!” Rina takes the initiative as an exemplary honor student, and puts my words into practice. “Eh?” Then she gets startled by her Growth Sword ― a wooden sword ― being suddenly sucked into her body.

“Next…try saying 『Summon』, followed by your weapon’s name.”

“――Summon! ――Growth Sword!”

Astonishment dyes Rina’s face as she witnesses the Growth Sword manifesting in her dominant hand.

“Handy, right?” I look at them triumphantly.

“Let’s see. Guess I’ll give this a whirl, too. ――Store! ――Growth Knuckles!”

The white cloths in Takaharu’s hands are sucked into his body.

“――Summon! ――Growth Knuckles!”

The pieces of cloth reappear, wrapping up Takaharu’s hands.

“…Ain’t that kinda plain?”

“Kyahahaha! Ridiculously plain! Look at me! Look! ――Summon! ――Growth Wand! Tadahh! A Growth Wand, in my hands, out of thin air!”

Sarah follows up on Takaharu who feels depressed. Does Sarah like Takaharu? Is it love? Springtime of youth? Even if they’re on bad terms, it’s obvious on a closer look that those two are messing around, which only gives me more trouble.

“Shion-sama, may I?”

“What is it?”

“This name…Growth Katana…is it okay for me to change it?”

“I don’t mind. Sacred treasures are bound to their owner. Do with it as you please, Kotetsu.”

“Okay, you have my thanks.”

It’s definitely a surprise for Kotetsu to be the one who brings up the name change first. He operates his smartphone, obviously unaccustomed to it.

“Summon! ――Sayama!”

Having finished the configuration, Kotetsu yells the new name of his Growth Katana ― Sayama.

“Hooh…so you used your own family name as its name?”

“Right now I’m Kotetsu Shion. So I thought about entrusting the Sayama family name to this katana.”


Kotetsu smiles gently while ascertaining the feel of Sayama in his hand.

“Now then, that’s all about toying around with the sacred treasures. Next up is a test run.”

“Test run…? This thing if rank F, right? I’ll be fine, and the same can be said for Shion and Sarah who can use magic, but…won’t it be kinda tough on Rina and Kotetsu?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take you along to my spare Domain.” I smile at Takaharu who’s considerate of his comrades for a change.



“We’ve arrived.”

I stand in front of our destination ― the entrance to my spare Domain.

“Hah? We’ve arrived, ya say…but we’re in Kanezawa, aren’t we?”

“Indeed. It’s right next to the first sector.”

“So there’re still Domains left that don’t belong to ya, Shion…?” Takaharu asks while looking flabbergasted.

While feeling satisfied that I could surprise him, I continued my explanation, “This Domain is ― my trump card.”

“Trump Card? How?” Rina tilts her head in confusion.

“What happens…if you steal a 【True Core】 after killing a Demon King?”

“――! A 【Pseudo-Peace】…”

“Correct. I’ve left this Domain alone to force a 【Pseudo-Peace】 if I encounter a worst-case scenario. Since it’s completely surrounded by my sectors, the humans can’t invade this place. The Demon King of that Domain is level 2, so he can’t go outside either. It’s that kind of Domain we’re talking about here.”

Come to think of it now, my decision back then has proven to be correct. If it’s the former, it’s possible to create it, but the latter ― finding a Demon King below level 2 ― is next to impossible nowadays.

“As a result of scouting this Domain several times, I’ve found out that the Demon King has been mass producing low-ranking monsters such as goblins and kobolds as he doesn’t know what to do with his free time.”

“I see. In short, the opponents for the test will be low-ranking enemies.” Kotetsu nods at my explanation, showing his comprehension.

“There’s one thing you need to be cautious of: Even if the Demon King shows up, don’t kill him, no matter what.”

The Demon King of this Domain is an endangered species in a certain sense. It’s necessary to shelter him carefully.

“Well then, let’s set out.”

“Sure!” “Okay!” “Kay.” “Understood.” “Affirmative.” “Roger.”

Together with my subordinates, I begin the invasion of a Domain with a Demon King who I’ve been keeping as a pet. Once we step into the Domain which looks like a cave…



At once we’re greeted by a big pack of watchdogs, err, wolves.

“Sarah! Refrain from using area-of-effect magic!”


Sarah’s sacred treasure is weak, but ― Sarah’s magic power is strong. If things go badly, it’s possible that she’ll completely wipe out all enemies with area-of-effect magic. Having grasped the idea behind my instruction, Sarah kills the approaching wolves one at a time with fire lances. I take out my Growth Gun, and pull the trigger after targeting a wolf.

“Yahoo! Time to rock da party!”

Takaharu gleefully leaps into the pack of approaching wolves, and goes ballistic like a mad dog. Rina and Kotetsu also defeat the wolves with their sacred treasures that merely look like rank F wooden weapons.

“Ha ha ha! Come, Mr. Wolf. The evil Mr. Rabbit is over here ~pyon! ――《Perfect Body》!”

Hibiki pulls off a completely unnecessary beastification. He draws many wolves to himself with his surreal appearance of only wearing a deep crimson T-back and wooden gauntlets. Kaede attacks the wolves swarming around Hibiki from behind.

The gun is fun, but I should cultivate my spear instead, I think. I set my target to one of the pitiable wolves crowding around the pervertHibiki, and brandish my Growth Lance.

The weapons are ranked F, but my subordinates and I are high level. There’s no reason for this to turn into a tough fight. Thus we repeatedly slaughter the monsters one-sidedly.


Chapter 202 – Demon King Tomio


Three hours after we started our sacred treasure test run in a Domain of a Demon King surrounded by my sectors. The enemy lineup has changed from wolves to goblins and then kobolds. I guess the Demon King here must have been fairly bored in the last two years…just the numbers of monsters are astounding.

“Oh?” Takaharu stops his rampage at the front line, raises his hands up to his chest, and looks at them.


The bandages coiled around his hands ― the Growth Knuckles, release a faint gleam. Once the light converges, iron knuckles become visible on Takaharu’s hands.

“Hahaha! Nice! This rocks! Fuckin’ awesome!” Takaharu laughs heartily, and punches a kobold in front of him with his new iron knuckles.

They’ve already evolved? That’s quite fast…

Next, Hibiki’s Growth Gauntlets evolve after he’s kept receiving enemy attacks. As if to follow his example, the sacred treasures of Rina and Kotetsu evolve as well.

Is the number of killed enemies the evolution condition? Or the number of attacks? Either way, only Sarah, Kaede and I haven’t experienced an evolution of our sacred treasures yet.

“Takaharu! Rina! Kotetsu! Refrain from attacking!”



“As you wish.”

Hearing my order, Takaharu snorts unhappily, whereas Rina and Kotetsu obey.

“Sarah! You’re allowed to use area-of-effect spells! Kaede…up your killing speed!”

“Kay! I’m on fire~♪ ――Fire Blast!”


Following my instructions, Sarah gleefully unleashes her magic while Kaede increases her attack speed.

“Master! I am…!”

“Get hit just like that!”

“…Oh thank you so much, Master!”

I leap at the front line while ignoring the agonizing pervert.

――《Early-Summer Rain Thrust》!

I stab a group of goblins to death in one swoop with a flurry of quick thrusts.

――《Crescent Moon Slash》!

Next I fire a shock wave at a pack of kobolds which has assembled in a slightly distant place. I blow away the group of goblins swarming me with a single sweep of my Growth Lance, and thrust the lance through the throat of a kobold.

I’m on a roll. Adrenaline is pumping through my whole body. If it’s monsters at the levels of goblins or kobolds…they won’t hurt me even if they hit me to some extent. I keep swinging my spear with heart and soul, completely throwing any defense to the wind.



The shout of an unfamiliar, male voice echoes through the cave. Once I turn my eyes towards him, I spot a muscular man with a trimmed hairstyle and a tank top who shoulders a battleaxe. Is he the local Demon King?

I turn my focus back on the prey in front of me ― a goblin, and continue wielding my spear.

“What are you dooooooing!?”

I keep brandishing my spear with the man’s screaming as BGM.

“Yaaay! My sacred treasure has leveled up!” Sarah’s cheering reaches my ears.

I keep swinging my spear while feeling impatient. Going by my pace, it should happen anytime now, but…


It’s here…! The wooden spear in my dominant hand casts a faint light. As the light converges, the Growth Lance evolves into an iron spear.

“Pheeew… Sorry for having made you wait.” I call out to the tank top man after wiping the sweat off my forehead.

“Who are you!? Who are you people!?” The man thrusts his battleaxe at me.

“Introduce yourself before asking others for their names. That’s basic manners, right?”

“Don’t fuck with meeee! You’ve rudely barged into my home, and slaughtered many of my dear friends! I’m going to find out the color of your bloooood!”

“Huh? It’s red. So, what’s your name?”

“It’s Tomioooooo.” The tank top man ― Tomio yells his own name.

Oh! Kaede’s sacred treasure has also evolved. Even as I’ve been talking with Tomio, she’s diligently continued to hunt down enemies, and now earned her just reward.

“Tomio, eh…? Sorry for intruding.” Having finished my business here, I lightly lift my hand, and retreat.

“The heck!? Waaaaaaiiit! Don’t you have anything to say after you’ve slaughtered my frieeeeeends!?”

“No, we got attacked, so it was legitimate self-defense, right?”

“Objectiooooon! I’ve watched you ever since you started with slaying Louga!”

“Louga? …You mean a wolf?”

“It’s not just Louga either…Kiba…Ryuk…all of them, everyone…you people…you people…!” Tomio glares at me with his hands trembling.

“If they’re are your precious pets, at least put a collar――”

“They weren’t my pets! They were my friends!”

Bah, what a major pain in the ass…I guess I’ll go back. I ignore the screaming Tomio, and try to withdraw…

“Giigii!” A single goblin starts to scream something.

“You heard him, didn’t you!? Bern also says that you’ve started attacking first!”



“Gii! Giigii!”

“As expected, you’re the ones at fault here, aren’t you!?!”

Tomio addresses the goblin with a goblin-like squeaking, and the goblin answers by squeaking at Tomio while frantically gesturing with its arms.

“Hee? You understand that guy’s language?”

“Of course I do! As if I wouldn’t understand my friend’s words!”

“No, no, usually you wouldn’t understand goblins…”

You can understand them if you’re someone like Kanon who’s raised her Knowledge, but…this guy is naturally talking in Goblin. Every day for two years, Tomio has prepared himself for invaders who would never come. And, getting very bored, he’s taught himself how to speak Goblin, I suppose…

“Okay, we’re going back then.”

I begin withdrawing while feeling by Tomio who can naturally talk in Goblin.


What a persistent guy…

“We should wait…? You sure? All of us here have enough power to kill all your little friends and you with ease. You’re telling us to wait while understanding that?”

“Shut up! You guys have――”

――《Dark Night Tempest》!

The raging storm of darkness rips countless goblins and kobolds apart.

“I’ll ask just one more time, okay? Is it really fine for you to tell us to wait?” I showered Tomio with my bloodlust.

“…” He remains silent, quivering all over his body.

“We’re going back.”

Without casting a single glance at the trembling Tomio, I leave his Domain together with my subordinates. After returning to my own Domain, I order Rina and the others, “Make sure to cultivate your sacred treasures whenever the situation allows for it,” and then break up our little party.

The sacred treasures have betrayed me drastically when it comes to the aspect of being immediately effective, but they’re extremely interesting when it comes to their potential.




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