Chapter 112 – 113

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Chapter 112 – vs Demon King Sarah ②


――《Flash Thrust》!
I swiftly thrust Gáelbolg at the dark brown elf ― Demon King Sarah.

“Uh-uh-uh-oh!?” (Sarah)

“As if I’d let you! ――《Parry》!”

However, before Gáelbolg can reach Sarah, it’s repelled by the dagger of a nearby elf.

“Sho-chan, thankies!” (Sarah)

Sarah thanks the elf, who parried with the dagger, in a casual manner, and vanishes into the back with splendid foot work.
Tsk! Her creating distance is a pain.

“Saburou! Defeat the surrounding elves with the werewolves!” (Shion)

“Guhehehe…ayes! Leave the elves to me!” (Saburou)

Saburou shows a vulgar smile, and looks at the elves as if licking them all over.

“Uwah…that’s like totally gross.” (Sarah)

“Listen up creep! We won’t let you get close to the princess!”

“Getting touched by that is like really dangerous! I will sterilize it with fire magic!” (Sarah)

Sarah draws away after seeing Saburou’s smile, and the surrounding elves ready their weapons in order to protect her.

“T-These lowlifes…they are treating me like a fool… Shion-sama!” (Saburou)

“What?” (Shion)

“In case I capture them alive, make them my subordinates by all means!” (Saburou)

While trembling in anger, Saburou makes a request full of selfish desires to me.


“Kill yourself in the unlikely event of losing!”

“We sure can’t yield to this even if it means death.”

“Wai-!? That DT is like totally trembling, tho!” (Sarah)

The invaders strengthen their will to resist upon Saburou’s words instead.
If I agree with him, it will boost the enemy’s will to resist, and if I reject his request, Saburou’s motivation will plummet. He threw quite a troublesome request at me.

“Show your value to me through ability.” (Shion)

“Affirmative! I shall become a gale and destroy those foolish people! ――《Fast Thrust》!” (Saburou)



Saburou approaches the resisting elves with an instantaneous speed, unleashing quick thrusts.

“――Wha-!? T-This guy…despite being a pervert…he’s strong!?”

An elf, who had his shoulder stabbed by Saburou’s thrust sword, reveals an anguished expression. The werewolf pack also attacks the elves, as if linking up with Saburou’s charge.
I focus my senses only on Sarah at the frontline that has turned into a melee. Pushing my way through the elves who are fighting the werewolves, I press upon Sarah.

“No thanks to close combat. ――《Wind Step》!” (Sarah)

Even as I close in on Sarah, she wraps her legs in wind, and escapes to the rear as if floating. Once she takes a certain distance, she swings down her wand and releases a spear clad in purple lightning ― 《Thunder Lance》 at me. I evade the thunder lance by stepping to the side. Sarah uses that opportunity to open up the distance even further.
Fuck! How annoying! ――《Dark Lance》!
I release a lance of darkness at Sarah in desperation.

“You’re gonna fight me with magic? Like for real? Nothin’ better than that. ――《Earth Shield》!”

The darkness spear is blocked by an earth wall that rose from the ground. Aiming for the chance of her sight being blocked by the earth wall, I kick off the ground, starting to run towards Sarah.
However, I’m hindered from getting closer by countless fire arrows that rain down on me.
――Dakel! Fire your arrows!
Losing my temper, I order Rina’s subordinate ― the dark high elf Dakel to give me cover fire from the rear.

“Eh? Wai-!? Interrupting a one on one? No way!” (Sarah)

An arrow fired by Dakel grazes Sarah’s cheek, causing her to send a look full of anger in Dakel’s direction.
She took her eyes off me! Not missing that instantaneous opportunity, I draw close to Sarah.
――《Flash Thrust》!

“Ouch, that hurts! It’s a pinch! Like dangerous for real!” (Sarah)

Gáelbolg’s blow has its trajectory diverted by the magic barrier cladding Sarah and finishes at tearing off a thin layer of her skin.
Finally I’m at a distance where I can seize her. I won’t let this good change slip away! ――《Early-Summer Rain Thrust》!
I cover Sarah in a storm of quick thrusts, but…

“Get looooooost!” (Sarah)

Even while exposed to the storm of thrusts, Sarah raises both hands into the air, and then slaps them down on the ground.
――A Fire Blast!?
The explosion echoing through the vicinity ruptures my ears, and my body gets burned by the blast.
I get away from the blast while rolling, and shower my whole body with a 【High Potion】 I had prepared by smashing it.

“Don’t be unreasonable…” (Shion)

“Hehe, don’t look down on me.” (Sarah)

Once the blast settles down, Sarah stands still while smiling.

“You’re stronger than I expected. What’s your level?”

“Hah? Asking a woman for her level, no way!” (Sarah)

“Huh!? I never heard anything about such common etiquette!” (Shion)

After exchanging some banter, I swoop down on Sarah once again.

“Buddy, you some kinda perv? That’s like, too much, okay?” (Sarah)

Sarah laughs as she ridicules me, and releases many wind blades.
――《Dark Storm》!
Even when I create a wind of darkness to counter the wind blades, some of the wind blades slip through…as Sarah appears to have a higher Mana stat. While bearing the pain caused by the wind blades, I come close to Sarah.

“Close combat is so not me! ――《Wind Step》!” (Sarah)

I swing down Gáelbolg with all my power, targeting Sarah, who is withdrawing to the rear with light steps.
――《Crescent Moon Slash!》

“Wai-!? Shockwaves from your spear? Like, could you not!? Kay thanks.”

The shockwave generated from Gáelbolg’s blade point chases Sarah as she retreats.

“Kyaa!?” (Sarah)


Cain loses his composure as he hears the screams of Sarah, who’s being blown away after getting caught by the shock wave.

“Looking away in the middle of a death match? I can’t recommend that.”

It’s impossible for Izayoi to miss the opportunity provided by Cain looking away. Izayoi unleashes a 《Dark Night Tempest》.

“P-Princess…uwaaaaahh!?” (Cain)

“K-Katsuuuuuun!?” (Sarah)

“””P-Princess! Cain-sama!”””

His agitation triggers a chain reaction, and now Sarah loses her composure at Cain’s scream. Once Saburou fires his 《Dark Night Tempest》 at the group of elves who are in turmoil, Yataro releases 《Fire Blast》 as a follow up to Saburou’s attack.
――Now! Surround them!
I give orders to all the living mails on standby in the back. They encircle Sarah’s party, who have all collapsed.
I’m sure Sarah still has some spare energy left. However, when it comes to her subordinates…

“Now then, it looks like the lives of your subordinates now rest in my hands.” (Shion)


Even as she lays on the ground, Sarah continues to send a hateful glare my way.


Chapter 113 – New Subordinate ①


“What are you going to do?” (Shion)

“…About what?” (Sarah)

“The lives of your subordinates, and your own future.” (Shion)

“Like, what do you even want me to tell you?” (Sarah)

Demon King Sarah asks unwillingly, while continuing to glower hatefully at me.

“Become my bloodkin.” (Shion)

“You’re tellin’ me to become your kin?” (Sarah)

《Surrender》 would be fine as well, but it would take time to have her prepare the 【True Core】. To turn an invader into a subordinate, it’s easiest to just have them become my bloodkin.

“What are you going to do? For every 10 seconds you delay your reply, that pervert over there will suck the blood of one of your subordinates.” (Shion)

“――Wh-!? You fuckin’ kidding me!? You’re a devil for real!” (Sarah)

“I’m no devil, you know. I’m a ruler ― a Demon King. Oh, it’s been 10 seconds. Saburou, I permit you to use 《Drain》.” (Shion)

“If it’s your order, Shion-sama… Then I, Darkness Dracul the Third, shall respectfully abide…Bon appetiiite!” (Saburou)

With his pervert powers at full throttle, Saburou latches onto the throat of a female elf.

“No, I don’t want this, nooooooooo!!”

The woman’s screams reverberate throughout the area.

“Hmm…delicious. Now then, the next spot――” (Saburou)

――Shut up!
Saburou has provided an effective threat, but any more perverted statements from him will very likely reduce their willingness to become my subordinates.

“So, what will it be? 10, 9, 8, 7…I forgot to mention it, but that guy likes men as well.” (Shion)

While counting down, I turn a cold look at the handsome elven knight.

“――Wha-!? I am――” (Saburou)

――Shut up!
I forcibly close Saburou’s mouth before he says something unnecessary.

“Oops, 3, 2――” (Shion)

“Got it. I understand!” (Sarah)

The countdown of terror escaping my mouth is stopped by Sarah’s words, which are close to being a scream.

“Hmm? What do you understand?” (Shion)

“…become kin. I’m gonna become your kin!” (Sarah)

The way she talks is still not fully to my liking. I could instigate Saburou once more, but I guess it’s not a good plan, since it would leave a lingering discomfort in our future relationship.

“I will become your bloodkin. But, can you listen to just one – one single request from me?” (Sarah)

“Request? Let’s hear it.” (Shion)

“Just spare me from ever becoming that guy’s…that pervert’s subordinate!” (Sarah)

Sarah sends a look full of hatred and scorn at that pervert ― Saburou.

“Got it. I promise.” (Shion)

It’s cheap as a condition. I readily consent to Sarah’s request.

“――Wha-!? What about your promise to me!?” (Saburou)

“I have no clue what you’re talking about. I don’t remember making you a promise.” (Shion)

“N-No way… you said, if I exhibited my powers, the elves would become my harem members――” (Saburou)

――Shut up!
I forcibly shut up Saburou, who has started talking about a promise I have no memory of.

“Keep your promise… Hurry up and make me your kin.” (Sarah)

Sarah goes down on one knee in front of me with her eyes closed and her chin raised.


“Come on! Do it quickly! Make it end within a second!” (Sarah)

“…What are you doing?” (Shion)

“What d’you mean? You’re going to turn me into your kin, right!? Hurry it up and get the 《Pledge》 done!” (Sarah)

Sarah keeps on talking quickly while blushing.

“Shion-sama. If I may, I will serve as examp――” (Saburou)

――《Fire Lance》!
I make the pervert, who was approaching with a smug face for some reason, shut up with a fire lance.

“The method to turn someone into a kin differs depending on the evolved race of the Demon King. Didn’t you know that?” (Shion)

“I-I did! I was just testing you!” (Sarah)

Sarah answers quickly, while looking confused.

“In my case it’s 《Contract》. Drink all of this. If you spill even a drop of it…” (Shion)

I offer the 【Blood Chalice】 to Sarah, and send a meaningful glance at Saburou, who was roasted to a crisp.

“I will! I’ll drink it! You can stop spurring on that pervert each and every single time!” (Sarah)

Sarah pours the 【Blood Chalice】 in her hands down her throat in one go with a resolved look. Matching the timing when Sarah drains all of it, I hold my hand above Sarah’s head, and silently cast.
Sarah is wrapped up by a faint light which then converges slowly.
With a sidelong glance at Sarah, who looks at her own hands and body as if to confirm the phenomenon taking place within her, I check the screen displayed on my smartphone.

Name: Sarah Shion
Race: Elemental Elf
Rank: B
LP: 20/120
Body: D
Knowledge: C
Mana: B

Elemental Strengthening
Archery (E)
Fire Magic (Advanced)
Water Magic (Advanced)
Ice Magic (Intermediate)
Wind Magic (Advanced)
Lightning Magic (Intermediate)
Earth Magic (Advanced)
Chant Omission
Wind Detection

Elf Lord x1
Sniper Elf x3
Elf x10
Dark Elf x5

Sarah was a strong enemy, but…I wonder why I’m disappointed when looking at her status screen? Very likely it’s because the D stands out, with only three stats being shown?
Or rather, this girl is…

“What? Staring at my face like this…” (Sarah)

“No, so you’re not a dark elf, eh?” (Shion)

“I don’t wanna hear that from you! I’m an Elemental Elf.” (Sarah)

“In that case, your skin’s color…” (Shion)

“Ha? No way! Someone like me is still srsly white!” (Sarah)

No, no matter how you think about it, you’re not white in any way. I unintentionally sigh while looking at the sullen Sarah.

“Shion-sama, as expected, she’s my…enemy after all. No! Sarah, who has become our comrade now, is a gal, isn’t she?” (Saburou)

Saburou is full of triumph with his nostrils swelling. Or rather, isn’t his recovery getting faster by the day? Did he acquire fire resistance by himself, despite being a Vampire species?

“Hah? I ain’t no gal! I’m a Demon King!” (Sarah)

“You’re no Demon King either, though.”

“Oh yeah, I guess I’m not… how lame.” (Sarah)

The tension of Sarah, who lost her position as Demon King, had clearly dropped.

“Well, I guess I will decide how to make use of you…no, your group, after discussing it with Yataro and the others.” (Shion)

“Is there any chance they will become my subordinates?” (Saburou)

“You’re telling me to break my promise?” (Shion)

“You promised me――” (Saburou)

“――《Fire――》” (Shion)

“Ha ha ha! It’s a joke! My chastity is already for Kanon-tan――” (Saburou)

“I wonder, won’t this person die in some ditch?” (Kanon)

“Oh!? A cute fairy! Yay, how kewl.” (Sarah)

Saburou’s words are interrupted by Kanon, who looks at him like a worthless bug. Seeing Kanon, Sarah closes in on her with sparkling eyes.
How to use Sarah’s group, eh?
If possible, I’d like them to join the invasion teams, but…should I incorporate them into an existing team, or should I have them form a third team following after Rina’s and Chloe’s teams?
I suppose I will have to spend some time putting our combat forces in order.
I decide to sort out my combat forces, while aiming to expand my influence even further.



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