Chapter 110 part 2 – 111

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“Yataro. Buy me five days. Keep the number of sacrificed subordinates to a minimum and arrange for them to arrive on the 12th floor on the fifth day.” (Shion)

『Fuo fuo, that’s yet another difficult request…however, I suppose I will work towards that goal if it’s your order.』

“I leave it to you.”

『In the event of me succeeding, grant me 《Rando――』

I cut the connection with Yataro, and give an order to Rina and the others.

“We are going to conquer this sector in less than four days! There’s no need to go out of our way to annihilate the enemy. The focus is on invasion speed!” (Shion)


We had originally intended to eliminate all enemies, for the sake of getting experience points, but we resumed the invasion after switching our policy to prioritizing invasion speed.



Four days later, at night.

――《Crescent Moon Slash》!
We secure the 【True Core】 after I slay the enemy kin protecting it. Having quickly concluded the invasion of this sector, I use 《Transfer》 to get to the deepest part of the first domain, where Yataro is waiting, together with Rina’s group.

“Oh!? You came back, huh?” (Yataro)

“It took less time than expected. So, how’s the situation?” (Shion)

“The target is currently in the middle of invading the 11th floor of the 42nd sector with 21 troops.” (Yataro)

I check the live stream of the 42nd sector on my smartphone.

“The enemy’s boss is a dark elf…?” (Shion)

“As far as I saw, yes…however, she’s much better at handling magic than Chloe-san.” (Yataro)

A Mana-specialized dark elf? It’s not like I know all the evolution options for elves after they become level 10, but…there was no choice besides dark elf for Mana-specialization?

“Rina, you okay to head out into battle again without a break?” (Shion)

“Right away?” (Rina)

“No, after twelve hours.” (Shion)

“No problem then.” (Rina)

When I check back with Rina, who has just finished a domain invasion, she gives me a reassuring reply.

“The route to the 42nd sector is…”

“It’s possible to get there with 《Transfer》 through the 40th sector, no?” (Yataro)

Currently we have set up 【Transfer Arrays】 allowing us to 《Transfer》 to all sectors. However, since a direct transfer would be a security issue for the first sector, the sectors are connected through safe sectors. At normal times, if the enemy were to invade the deepest floor, I would delete the 【Transfer Array】 with 【Domain Creation】 from the 40th sector. By doing this, I can ensure safety and user-friendliness.
This know-how is something I obtained from the forum over at 『Laplace』.

“Izayoi, Saburou…we’re going to welcome the enemy.” (Shion)

“Please leave it to me.” (Izayoi)

“I shall show my abyssal dread to you Shion-sama, Kanon-tan.”

The two vampires, who were on standby in the same room, reply with expressions overflowing with confidence.

“Yataro, move the main force to the 42nd sector.” (Shion)

“As you command.” Yataro bows his head respectfully.

“The objective is to capture the leader of the invaders ― the Demon King! If there are any other monsters that catch your eye, capture them alive, if possible! Well then…let’s get started.” (Shion)


Taking my subordinates, who are highly motivated, along, I transfer to the 42nd sector.


Chapter 111 – vs. Demon King Sarah ①


15 hours after we moved to the 42nd sector.

I have granted plenty of rest to Rina’s invasion team. Currently, I’m looking at the situation of the invaders reflected on my smartphone, along with Yataro and Kanon, analyzing their combat prowess.

“Assuming the invaders’ leader is a dark high elf, for argument’s sake…would they be able to use such a variety of spells?”

I had deployed a great variety of subordinates against the invaders to analyze their combat power, but ghouls were burned by fire, slimes were frozen by ice, wolf packs were hit by wide-ranged lightning attacks, and the flying giant bats were cut apart by wind blades.
I couldn’t consider the Demon King, who seemed to me to be a dark high elf, to be of the same racial species as Chloe at all.

“Well…dark high elves seem to be hybrids that can use bows and daggers while excelling at fire and darkness magic, but…” (Kanon)

Kanon answers my question with lacking confidence.

“What were the other possible evolution options for an Elf Demon King?” (Shion)

“Let’s see…according to my Knowledge and the information posted on 『Laplace』…an Elf Demon King, who reached level 10, can evolve into a 『High Elf』, the elves’ superior transposition, an 『Elemental Elf』 who excels at elemental magic, a 『Hunter Elf』 who excels at archery and dagger arts, an 『Elf Lord』 who can use magic swords according to rumors, and a 『Dark High Elf』, the counterpart of a high elf.” (Kanon)

“If that information is accurate, the invading Demon King must be an 『Elemental Elf』, right?” (Shion)

“That’s right…I think dark high elves heavily use darkness magic.” (Kanon)

Kanon and I tilt our heads to the side in confusion while confirming each other.

“Shion-sama! I might have found out about the enemy’s true identity.” (Saburou)

“Mmh? Tell us.” (Shion)

Saburou calls out to me while looking at the smartphone’s display from behind.

“Shion-sama, do you know of the women called gals?” (Saburou)


“Indeed. It’s a fashion…popular among a part of the young women. At a glance, they are existences incompatible with me, but once I tried to talk with them, they were unexpectedly nice, and that gap moe1――” (Saburou)

――Shut up!
The time left until we confront the invaders has decreased to three hours. During such a pressing period, we don’t have a single second to spare for listening to Saburou’s fetishes.

“Gross…” (Kanon)

“Sorry. Listening to Saburou was my mistake.” (Shion)

I frankly admit my fault to Kanon who has drawn back in disgust.

“――Wha-!? Y-You’re wrong! My faithfulness towards Kanon-tan――” (Saburou)

I make Saburou, who tries to spout further bullshit, shut up physically.
For the time being I carve the Demon King’s conflicting information, which we obtained from their battles and their outward appearance, into my mind, and get ready for battle.



Two hours later.

The invaders have reached the 12th floor. We have taken up camp in a cleared-up area adjacent to the 12th floor’s mountainside, lying in wait for the invaders.
The biggest advantage of the defending side is ― numbers.
In contrast to the invaders, we aren’t restricted on how many subordinates we deploy.
However, this Demon King can use wide-ranged magic. Even if we were to deploy a large army of ghouls, there’s a danger of them getting eradicated, if things go badly. This time we have deployed living mails, which wear armor excelling in defense against magic, centered around Yataro, Saburou, Izayoi, and me. In addition, we have deployed werewolves, which excel at mobility, behind the living mails, and giant bats to disturb magic casting in the rear. Rina’s group is waiting in the back as reinforcement in the worst case.
As far as I can see with my smartphone, the invaders will arrive at our location in around five minutes.
I tightly grasp Gáelbolg and wait for the Demon King, my first opponent above level 10 since Alyssa.
And then, 21 invaders appear from the passage in front of us.

“Eh!? Wai-! Like for real!?”

“Princess! Please fall back!”

The dark brown elf, who had been walking in front, sees us waiting for them, after having taken up position, and raises her voice in surprise. A handsome elf, who wears silver armor, readies his sword in order to protect the dark brown elf.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Shion. The ruler of this Domain.”

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! Demon King? What a bummer.”

… She’s a Demon King, right? Some of her words make no sense to me. Should I get dark elf language comprehension by using 《Drain》 on Chloe?

“I don’t like pointless strife. If you agree to become my subordinate, I promise to treat you fairly… What will it be?” (Shion)

“”My subordinate”…? Ahaha! Like for real. Don’t be unreasonable, seeing as we’re about to fight.”

The dark brown elf clearly rejects my offer while laughing cheerfully.

“I see. In that case…” (Shion)

――《Dark Night Tempest》!
A raging storm of darkness signals the start of the battle against the troops led by the dark brown elf.

“An attack all of a sudden…no way!”

“You guys! Protect the princess――”

“””――《Magic Shield》!”””

The magic barrier deployed by the elves around her blocks the storm of darkness.

“Whoa, what!? Although it was a multi-layered barrier…ain’t the magic of that silver-haired dude way dangerous!?”


“Ka-tsuun! Get rid of ’em!”

“Yes, milady!”

“Saaaya, Mii-kun, Sho-chan…all of you, get to it~”

Once a fire blast violently blows out of the wand in the dark brown elf’s hand, the elves behind her chant as if singing in a canon, repeatedly stacking up raging fire blasts on top of hers.
I had put on items with fire resistance just in case, but…far from neutralizing it, my skin is scalded as I hide behind a living mail.

“――《Wind Heal》! Are you okaaay?” (Kanon)

The healing wind cast by Kanon, who hid behind me, restores my burned skin.
My disadvantage is too big when it comes to an exchange of blows over a long range. I deploy the giant bats, aiming to disturb the enemy.

“I totally hate those~ I’m gonna kill ’em in a sec.”

No sooner than spotting the giant bats, she cuts up the wings of the bats with wind blades.

“Izayoi! Saburou! We will cut into the enemy line together with the werewolves!” (Shion)

“Yes, milord!” (Izayoi)

“Acknowledged.” (Saburou)


“Yataro, I leave the magic cover fire to you!” (Shion)

“On it.” (Yataro)

I charge towards the invaders with Yataro, Saburou, Izayoi, and the wolf pack.

“My name is Cain Sarah! I am Demon King Sarah-sama’s trusted confidant! I won’t let a single finger touch the princess! ――《Enchanted Fire》!”

A handsome elven knight clads his sword in fire, and stands in our way.

“Trusted confidant, you say…? Shion-sama, shall I take him on?” (Izayoi)

“Capture him alive if possible.”

“As thee command!” (Izayoi)

Seemingly triggered by the term trusted confidant, Izayoi turns a belligerent glare at the handsome elven knight ― Cain.

“My name is Izayoi Shion. I’m the trusted confidant of this world’s supreme ruler ― Demon King Shion-sama. I shall show you the abyss of darkness!”

Izayoi raises his charging speed by one level, advancing towards Cain.

“Guh…I was beaten to the punch, huh…?” (Saburou)

Saburou looks enviously at Izayoi.
While being protected by werewolves sacrificing their lives at times, and by Yataro’s magic barrier at other times, through the storm of raging magic, my spear lunges at the invaders.



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  1. Gap Moe is when a character does something completely contradictory to what their usual habits/personality/character/appearance dictates. See Urban dictionary for further info

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