Chapter 105 part – 106

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Well, whatever. It’s still a hundred times better than being registered under the name Shion. I enter the ID and password. Soon after, an information site, divided into various menus, is displayed on the screen.
I randomly click through the menus, skimming the available information.

“How useless.” (Shion)

The provided information is all meaningless.
It’s stuff like Demon Kings being able to evolve after reaching level 3, the evolution paths, information about the subordinates and Domain installations, which a Demon King (Human) can create, up to rank D, and the types of items that can be created up to rank D.
Lastly, I scan the usage directions for this site.
I see…
『Laplace』 isn’t an information site based on charity work. I have managed to grasp that it exists to satisfy selfish goals and desires.

『Saburou-sama, your current status is 『Visitor』. Each time you provide information, your rank on this site will increase. Please register over “here” first. After registering, your status will be upgraded to 『Bronze』, and a lot of beneficial information will become available to you.』

I tap the “here.”

『Please enter your race and the number of sectors you’re ruling. Once you finish this registration, your rank will go up to 『Bronze』, Saburou-sama. However, in the case that we discover your information to be false, it will be deemed as a hostile action, and your account will be blocked.』

Race and sectors, eh…? Nothing else is mentioned here, but the administrator of 『Laplace』 also knows our location.
Is he refraining from asking about levels due to a guilty conscience?
So I have to reveal my race and the sectors I control. If I had to enter my level too, I would definitely give up on registering with 『Laplace』. However, if it’s just my race and the number of sectors I control…and even if they grasp my location…I have long lost the power to hide, due to the humans frantically drawing up dungeon maps.
In other words, the downside of providing the requested information isn’t all that big. Having said that…

“Yataro, you were a 『Bronze』 member?” (Shion)

“No, I was a 『Silver』 member.” (Yataro)

“『Silver』 member? Precisely what information will I be able to access when becoming a 『Bronze』 member or a 『Silver』 member?” (Shion)

I will determine the value of the information disclosed by 『Laplace』 through its former member, Yataro.

“Let’s see… Once you become a 『Bronze』 member, a lot of information becomes available. The types of subordinates that can be created by the different races, and the kinds of items that can be created up to rank B. Also, as a special feature, they disclosed information about 《Surrender》.” (Yataro)

As far as I understand Yataro, the information available for a 『Bronze』 member is something I can get from Kanon without relying on 『Laplace』.

“And once you become a 『Silver』 member?” (Shion)

“The special feature for 『Silver』 members is the forum.” (Yataro)

“Forum?” (Shion)

“Correct. It becomes possible to use the forum that hosts various topics posted by Demon Kings. My recommendation is…『【Hello】 Random Creation part34 【Slime】』. Although, that thread was moving quickly, so I guess it’s around part38 by now.” (Yataro)

A forum where only Demon Kings can post. I don’t give a damn about Yataro’s recommendation, but it’s a chance to talk with fellow Demon Kings…

“What’s the compensation required to advance from 『Bronze』 to 『Silver』?” (Shion)

“The registration of your level and stats.” (Yataro)

“Are the levels and stats shown to all Demon Kings browsing 『Laplace』?”

“I don’t know about the 『Gold』 members, but 『Silver』 members didn’t have any means to access that information.” (Yataro)

“『Gold』 members? What’s the compensation required to become one?” (Shion)

“Information.” (Yataro)

“Information?” (Shion)

“Indeed. If you provide 10 pieces of information not known by the administrator of 『Laplace』, you will become a 『Gold』 member.” (Yataro)

What an annoying system…

“By the way, how many 『Gold』 members exist?” (Shion)

“That’s not public information, but according to the opinions on the forum, it’s suspected to be a number below ten.” (Yataro)

“How many topics does the forum have?” (Shion)

“Hmm…it had more than a hundred.” (Yataro)

“What’s the number of participating Demon Kings?” (Shion)

“Given that there are also Demon Kings who don’t post…I’m not sure, but it should be around 400 people.” (Yataro)

More than a hundred threads, and more than 400 Demon Kings, who are talking with each other…
The merit of information that can be obtained through interacting with other Demon Kings versus the demerit of exposing my own information. It makes me hesitate about my participation at 『Laplace』.


Chapter 106 – Laplace ③


If I’m going to participate in 『Laplace』 ― I should probably become a 『Silver』 member. Even if I were to join as a 『Bronze』 member, the merit I could gain from it would be nil.
However, the compensation I have to pay for becoming a 『Silver』 member is large. I need to disclose my level and my stats. In all probability, the administrator of 『Laplace』 is a Demon King. You could say he’s another opponent I’m going to fight sooner or later. If a hostile Demon King knows my race, level, and stats, it will be easy for them to work out countermeasures against me.
On the other hand, the merit I can obtain is the exchange with more than a hundred Demon Kings. It’s very likely that the information I can obtain from this will be important to an unfathomable extent.
Those controlling information control the world.
If information, which is treated as common knowledge among 『Silver』 members due to keeping in touch with each other, is unknown to just me, it will become very probable for me to be attacked in an inferior position. Also, even if an information war were to unfold with Demon Kings, who are in communication with each other, I won’t have any way to adopt countermeasures as an outsider.
The compensation to be presented, and the information that can be obtained. Now then, I wonder which of those has more of an impact?

“Yataro. Was there any important, concrete, information that you obtained on the forum?” (Shion)

“Let’s see…the information about SR subordinates was useful. I also wanted to get my hands on a dwarf smith, who can create B rank items, rather than a dwarf, who can only create items up to D rank.” (Yataro)

As expected, or rather, Yataro only talks about the forum discussions concerning 《Random Creation》 which he frequented regularly.

“Wait…dwarves can alchemize?”

I was about to ignore it as trivial information, but I couldn’t ignore what Yataro said.

“Yeah. There are no dwarves among your subordinates, Shion-sama?” (Yataro)

“None.” (Shion)

“I see. As long as you provide the material to dwarves, they can create items for you.” (Yataro)

“Materials?” (Shion)

“Yep. You just have to pass them some ingots, but if you want to be economical, items stolen from humans will do as well. If you steal an iron sword, they can melt it, and use it for another iron item.” (Yataro)

“Isn’t item creation one of the Demon Kings’ specialties…?” (Shion)

“It is. But, different from the Demon King’s…although it’s impossible for me right now…item creation, it’s impossible for them to do it with one click. Dwarves will create items by spending time crafting them, after you provide them with the proper equipment to do so.” Yataro thoroughly answers my question.

“Kanon, did you know that?” (Shion)

“No…I didn’t.” (Kanon)

I ask Kanon with her Knowledge B just in case, but she just lowers her face while looking sad.

“Incidentally, that information is on 『Laplace』?” (Shion)

“It has been mentioned there, yes. There was a lively discussion about the grade of completion in 『【In One Stroke】 Dwarf Comprehensive 【Put Your Soul Into It!】』 by the dwarf Demon Kings.” (Yataro)

“Grade of completion…?” (Shion)

“Later on, when I tried confirming with a dwarf who was my subordinate, it was simple. The items created by dwarves tend to have a higher degree of sharpness and sturdiness than the items created by Demon Kings.” (Yataro)

Even just listening to Yataro now shows that 『Laplace』 has been disclosing information unknown to me.

“Should I join?” (Shion)

“I will leave the decision to youuu.” (Kanon)

“As someone who had joined, I lost to you, Shion-sama. I won’t encourage or stop you.” (Yataro)

After mulling it over, I make up my mind to join 『Laplace』 in the end.



Using the smartphone which Kanon had originally used to log on, I register to become a 『Bronze』 member. Next I will put in the data to become a 『Silver』 member.
Considering it properly…how are they going to check whether my stats are true or false?
A warning stating, 『In the case that it’s detected that you provided false information, your account will be blocked immediately』, is shown in red letters on the display, but they can’t judge whether the ranks of my stats are correct, can they?

“How are they going to judge whether the stats I enter are authentic?” I unintentionally give voice to my doubt.

“A question email will be sent to you after you registered as a 『Silver』 member.” (Yataro)

“Question email?” (Shion)

“Yes. In my case, I was asked about the subordinates that can be created at Creation B, since that was my rank.” (Yataro)

“If you’re Body and Mana specialized like Saburou…what kind of question would you get?” (Shion)

“In case of Mana, you’d be asked about the spells you acquired…according to what I saw in the forum. I don’t have a clue about Body.” (Yataro)

“If all stats were to be C rank? Information below C rank can be checked even by 『Bronze』 members, right?” (Shion)

“Yeah…that was a hot topic for some time. In case you have no stat at B rank, it seems to be impossible to become a 『Silver』 member. On the forum there was a Demon King who wrote that they raised Creation to B in order to become a 『Silver』 member.” (Yataro)

I see. So they do examine you.
However, are there no holes in that examination?
I select the place to apply for becoming a 『Silver』 member, and enter my level and stats.

Level 11
Body E
Mana C
Knowledge B
Creation B
Alchemy B
BP 2

My actual stats are…

Level 11
Body B
Mana C
Knowledge E
Creation B
Alchemy B
BP 12

I fake the rank of 【Body】, and raise the rank of 【Knowledge】. While at it, I also hide the 10 BP obtained through the initial 『Special☆』.
With this, I look like a Demon King who leaves everything to his subordinates at first glance. Even if I fight, I appear to be a Mana-specialized Demon King. This should cause some confusion in the unlikely event that I have to fight against the administrator of 『Laplace』.
After waiting for five minutes, an email arrives on my smartphone.


Thank you very much for applying to become a Silver member. For caution’s sake, we will carry out an examination. We’d like you to answer the questions written below.

1. Please tell us the subraces you can evolve to after reaching level 10, for a race besides the vampire species.
2. Please tell us the most CP expensive subordinate among those you can create, except for dark elves.
3. Please tell us a unique item.
4. Lastly, did you recently make a Devil Demon King 《Surrender》?

The fourth question is outside the norm, isn’t it? For an on the fly question, it’s quite shameless.

“Kanon, tell me all the evolution options of a race besides fairy and vampire when they become level 10.” (Shion)

“Umm, in that case…it’s 『Elemental Elf』 and 『High Elf』 for the elf species.” (Kanon)

“Only two kinds?” (Shion)

“From what I know through my Knowledge, it’s just those two options.” (Kanon)

“By the way, is there a race where you know three or more options?” (Shion)

“None. I know two options at most per race. I don’t know even one option for the vampire species, the fallen angel species, and the dragon species.” (Kanon)

Then there’s no problem.
I enter the question’s answer into the email.

1. Elf species – Elemental Elf, High Elf.
2. Dhampir.
3. Dáinsleif
4. Yes.

Isn’t the fourth question uncalled-for? Since I have shown my sincerity by responding to it, I will ask a question of my own.
What’s the location of the Domain you’re ruling?

I reply while adding a few words to the details requested from me.
This time, I received an answer within less than a minute.


your application to become a Silver member has been approved. As a Silver member, you will be able to use the forum and browse more information. We sincerely advise you to be careful about handling personal information when using the forum.

Supreme ruler of Kanezawa ― Saburou-sama,

you are considered to be a thoughtful Demon King, excelling in resourcefulness. Even if I were to tell you my location, would someone like you be able to believe me? If you can believe my words, I’m not close to you. Please allow me to keep my answer at that.

I see. True, I wouldn’t believe them.
The administrator of 『Laplace』 has openly admitted that he knows my true identity.
I feel some kind of eeriness from the polite tone of the email.




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