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Chapter 104 – Laplace ①


“I see. In other words, you’re saying you intentionally lured humans into your Domain, so that you and your subordinates could improve yourselves, Shion-sama… It’s an idea that hadn’t occurred to me. Well, putting that aside, I have now internalized the subordinates and items you are able to create.” (Yataro)

Yataro nods his head repeatedly while he praises me.

“Yataro, how much CP do you need for the defense of your sectors?” (Shion)

“Hmm… Seeing as I am not paying for subordinate or item creation, 1000 CP will be plenty.” Yataro answers after pondering for a short while.

“Got it. Tell me the number and types of subordinates you will require later. In the future, just email me if you need more supplies or subordinates.” (Shion)

“Roger. However, I’m not used to running the domains labeled as 『Farms』 that you’ve come up with, Shion-sama. In the beginning I plan to run them using the system you already have in place.” (Yataro)

“Lastly, I will introduce you to the main subordinates defending the southern and northern sides of my Domain.” (Shion)

I summon Izayoi and Saburou through telepathic communication.

“As thou decreed, I have arrived, milord.” (Izayoi)

“Shion-sama. Upon your call…! Kanon-tan…haa…haa…” (Saburou)

As Izayoi and Saburou show up, Kanon immediately escapes behind me.
Kanon…don’t hide behind me. It will make the pervert look at me, won’t it…?

“Yataro, this is Izayoi. When it comes to indoor combat, he is almost as strong as I am.” (Shion)

“Thou must be jesting, Shion-sama. I am not even remotely close to thine level.” (Izayoi)

In response to my introduction, Izayoi bows deeply while smiling.

“Izayoi, this here is Yataro. He’s a former Demon King. Starting from tomorrow, he will be in charge of the Domain’s defenses.” (Shion)

“――! Thou are saying that thou will entrust the defenses to a newcomer all of a sudden!?” (Izayoi)

“Indeed. Do you have a problem with my plan?” (Shion)

“…None.” (Izayoi)

Once I coldly look at Izayoi, who had raised his voice, he immediately changes his attitude. I have noticed it recently, with Izayoi, Chloe, and Layla ― the religious fanatics trio, things proceed more smoothly when I just tell them that it’s my idea, rather than trying to logically reason things out.

“I’m a newcomer, but I’m counting on you.” (Yataro)

As might be expected of an experienced, older gentleman, he extends his hand towards Izayoi with a gentle smile. After glancing at my face, Izayoi grasps Yataro’s hand.

“This is…”

“Mine name is Darkne――” (Saburou)

――Shut up!

“He’s Saburou. Intelligence, sense, disposition, hobbies…all of these are a complete disappointment, but I will vouch for his strength. Also, he’s a former Demon King.” (Shion)

“I-I see… I-I’m counting on you…” (Yataro)

Yataro smiles stiffly.

“Shion-sama! May I?” Saburou lifts his voice.

“No, you may not, but what is it?” (Shion)

“It’s about assigning Yataro control of the defenses…what’s the reason behind this?” (Saburou)

“Yataro is familiar with running a Domain as a former Demon King. I plan to participate in invasions more often from now on. It’s a division of labor, so to speak.” (Shion)

“――! T-Then! Shion-sama, you have another excellent former Demon Ki――” (Saburou)

“Kanon is my search tool.” (Shion)

“K-Kanon-tan is an angel! Not her, another one! In front of you! This――” (Saburou)

――《Fire Lance》!

“Sorry, my magic went wild there. So, do you have any complaints about my idea?” (Shion)

“…None.” (Saburou)

Saburou answers with a trembling voice while smoldering and giving off a “well-done” aroma.

“Now then, that’s all about the subordinates. Are there any other matters of concern?” (Shion)

“With all due respect…what about Kaede?” (Yataro)

“I plan to use the shadow ogre ― Kaede not for defense, but another purpose.” (Shion)

“Investigation…is it?” (Yataro)

“Correct. While she’s at it, I will have her work on raising her level by joining invasion teams.” (Shion)

“…As you wish.” (Yataro)

The bond between Yataro and Kaede might be deeper than I imagined. Yataro’s face is somewhat tinged with sadness.

“Anything else?” (Shion)

“Is it…is it fine for me to request just one thing?” (Yataro)

“What is it?” (Shion)

Is he going to talk about…Kaede’s safety or something?

“It’s…about 《Random Creation》! Just once every two days is alright with me, so please give me 《Random Creation》!” (Yataro)

“Wut?” (Shion)

“As I said, I’d like to request 《Random Creation》.” (Yataro)

“Yataro, you can’t use 《Random Creation》, can you?”

“That’s right. That’s why…I’d like you to use 《Random Creation》 once every two days, you would be the one asking the goddess as I can’t roll myself, though” (Yataro)

I can’t comprehend what the geezer in front of me is talking about. Roll? Goddess? Ask?

“Umm, you…are asking me to use 《Random Creation》 once every two days?” (Shion)

“Indeed!” (Yataro)

“Why?” (Shion)

“《Random Creation》 plays a very big role in my defense strategy.” (Yataro)

“It’s true that there were a bunch of different monster races in your Domain, but…if there are any monsters you need, just ask the invasion teams to supply them, although it won’t be possible to get all types, of course.” (Shion)

“That’s not it! By myself! Surrendering my fate to the goddess of luck, you understand!?” (Yataro)

“Surrendering your fate to the goddess of luck…has nothing to do with defense, does it?” (Shion)

《Random Creation》 consumes a great amount of CP. It’s not something that can be used excessively without a clear reason to do so.

“In other words…how should I explain…I…I ― love gachaaaaa!” (Yataro)

I really don’t comprehend what the geezer in front of me is talking about. It might be better to reconsider the personnel in charge of my defense…
Even while I’m dumbfounded, he keeps prattling nonsense like “It’s my purpose in life…,” “In the few remaining years of my life…,” “Suuuuper Rare…”

“Umm, in short…you’re telling me to use 《Random Creation》 because you love gacha?” (Shion)

“Correct!” (Yataro)

“――Rejected!!” (Shion)

“N-No way…have mercyyyyy” (Yataro)

Afterwards, Yataro piled up argument after argument, and in the end, after running out of patience, I promised him I would use 《Random Creation》 once per month. To be honest, I have been using 《Random Creation》 more than once per month anyway. However, the goddess of luck simply hasn’t smiled upon me…So, although I made a promise with him, it’s not like it constituted an especially big loss to me.
After this ordeal, I discussed the reconstruction of the Domain with Kanon and Yataro, implementing changes as we went. I also deployed my subordinates and gave my Domain an overhaul.



13 hours of 《Pseudo-Peace》 left.
The job or reconstructing the Domain with someone like Yataro, who can actually participate in the process, was more fun than I had imagined. Whereas Kanon primarily provides information, as opposed to practical suggestions, Yataro has opinions and insights grounded in practical experience. He makes for a good partner.
The next matter I should tackle is gathering information from Yataro.
There are two things I need to ask: First, Kaede’s true identity ― however, I have already grasped the answer to that.

“Yataro, about Kaede’s true identity…is she a subordinate created through 《Random Creation》?” (Shion)

“That’s right. She’s a SSR.” (Yataro)

“I see. By the way, did you create any other SSR, besides Kaede?” (Shion)

“Kaede is the only SSR.” (Yataro)

Yataro has been possessed by the goddess of randomness. I guess he only managed to pull a SSR once. It looks like the drop rate is extremely low.
Anyway, that confirms Kaede’s true identity, and the reason why various types of monster were inhabiting Yataro’s Domain.
The next thing I should ask about――

“Yataro, what’s 『Laplace』?” (Shion)

I ask Yataro about the term I heard him mention many times over.
When suddenly…

“Eh!? I know of 『Laplace』 as weeell.” (Kanon)

For some reason, Kanon calls out to me with a smile plastered across her whole face, faster than Yataro can answer.


Chapter 105 – Laplace ②


“What? If you know about it…then hurry and speak up. What’s the point of a search tool that won’t tell you what you want to hear?” I look contemptuously at Kanon.

“W-Wait a minute… I just recently learned about 『Laplace』.” (Kanon)

“Recently? At Knowledge A…ah wait, that one still needed a good while, right?” (Shion)

“Yes, information about 『Laplace』isn’t included in Knowledge. Umm, Shion-san, do you remember the mysterious post we found before you invaded Yataro-san’s Domain?” (Kanon)

“The post addressed to an unspecified number of Demon Kings?” (Shion)

“That one! That’s 『Laplace』.” (Kanon)

That’s 『Laplace』? So 『Laplace』is the one who wrote that post?

“You knooow…I had planned to inform you once you finished gathering information from Yataro-san. 『Laplace』 is the name of a site.” (Kanon)

“Site?” (Shion)

“Yep. A reply to the email from three days ago has arrived. …This email contained the URL to 『Laplace』.” (Kanon)

“In short, 『Laplace』 is an information site for Demon Kings…and you obtained your knowledge about 《Surrender》 from there, Yataro?” (Shion)

I sort the information given to me in my head.

“That’s right.” (Yataro)

“You might call it an information site, but it has a slightly complicated system.” (Kanon)

Complicated system? Talking with Kanon doesn’t get me anywhere. I decided to directly browse 『Laplace』.
I try to access the URL I received from Kanon through my own smartphone.


An error message is displayed in red letters on the screen. I check the URL, but I haven’t made any mistakes in typing it in.

“Kanon, isn’t the URL wrong?” (Shion)

“Eh? It works…look.” (Kanon)

A screen requesting a login ID and a password is displayed on the smartphone held out to me by Kanon.

“Does that mean… this is the only device we can access the site with?”

“The possibility exists. As a test, let’s try my smartphone…” (Kanon)

Kanon operates her own smartphone.

“No luck. It shows the same error message as yours, Shion.” (Kanon)

“I guess it’s not possible to connect unless you use a device specified ― by the other side. Is the administrator of 『Laplace』 a Demon King specializing in network knowledge?” (Shion)

“Hmm. I can connect using my smartphone without difficulty.” (Yataro)

“Come to think of it, you can browse the site as well, can’t you Yataro?” (Shion)

“Shall I try to log in through my smartphone?” (Yataro)

“Go for it.”

Yataro skillfully operates his smartphone, attempting to log in to 『Laplace』.

“――!? Nuoo!? Wait…wait.” (Yataro)

“What’s wrong!?” (Shion)

I call out to Yataro, who has suddenly started to panic.

“An error… There’s an error message on my screen.” (Yataro)


“The error message is this…” (Yataro)

I peek at the screen of Yataro’s smartphone, which he holds out to me.

『Error. Detected invalid login based on location information. There has been another access from the same location within a time span of 24 hours. Yata-sama, your account has been locked while we investigate this issue.』

“Location information? They even know where each Demon King is logging in from?” (Shion)

“Quite careful, aren’t theeey?” (Kanon)

“Kanon, lend me a smartphone capable of accessing 『Laplace』.” (Shion)

I get a smartphone from Kanon.

“Tell me the login ID and the password.” (Shion)

“Okay. The login ID is…Shion-san, please don’t get angry.” (Kanon)

“? Is it a login ID that would upset me?” (Shion)

“Umm, you see…there’s a deep reason for this login ID…the login ID also serves as handle name…and I thought that it might be really dangerous to truthfully enter your real name…” (Kanon)

Kanon piles up excuses in a whisper.

“So? What is it?” (Shion)

“…rou.” (Kanon)

“? I didn’t catch that.” (Shion)

“…It’s Saburou.” (Kanon)

“…” (Shion)

“The password is dreamer1.” (Kanon)

Dreamer…dorima. A person who dreams. I guess it means dreamer. Guessing from the ID, she very likely wants to say that Saburou is a dreamer.

“In short, you’re saying I will be called Saburou on 『Laplace』?” (Shion)

“Would it have been better if I had registered it under Shion?” (Kanon)

“No…using an alias was definitely the way to go. But, Saburou…?” (Shion)

Do other screen names as embarrassing as this one exist? No wait, the name Saburou isn’t the problem. The problem is the person who ruined the name for me.




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